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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 28, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ >> tonight, is jlo ready to say i do for a fourth time to a-rod. >> why not take the next step? plus why anna faris has marriage on the brain and katy and orlando back in love. her strange new pet name nor bloom. >> then the beyonce biting mystery solved. we're getting answers. >> plus corey feldman stabbed. the '80s star bizarre not. >> and dawson's creek 20 years later. >> i was still a teenager. >> their reunion to they and "e.t.'s" siem on stime on set by were famous. >> this is "entertainment tonight."
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♪ >> has hollywood's biggest mystery been solved? of course i'm talking about who bit beyonce. we'll reveal the culprit in just minutes. the the world is waiting. >> exactly. we have a lot to reveal tonight. is jennifer lopez ready to say i do for the fourth time. >> listen, we just had our little one-year moment and we're really happy with that right now. >> a source tells "e.t." jlo and a-rod have talked about their future together and marriage. ♪ our source adds they compliment each other well. they're both driven business people with the same background. >> i think we are very alike in many ways and that's what makes it work. we're alike but i can't sing, dance or act. otherwise, we're twin. >> our source also points out quote their families are now blended. earlier this month jlo instagrammed this morning school run with her twins and alex's daughters. and check this out.
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♪ >> there's a baseball theme now for jlo's performance of "jenny from the block" at her vegas residency. the singer wears bedazzled yankee's cap and a-rod's number on her jersey. and it looks like she's not the only single dedicating music to her man. ♪ >> this next song is about being so loved. >> last night in tokyo katy perry apparently gave a shout out to orlando bloom. >> this is called "into me you see for bubby doo." >> well, it sounds kinda like bubba doo which is slang for one whom you adore and we're betting it's katy's new nickname for orlando who's also been spotted in tokyo and at katy's concert. from a rekindled romance to co-parenting goals. a source tells "e.t." anna faris and chris pratt are focused on supporting their 5-year-old son jack as he begins school. quote, they both went on school tours as a family and you would never know that anna and chris were not together. anna and chris split after eight
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years of marriage. she told dax shepherd's arm chair expert podcast she's now questioning the idea of marriage. >> i need to figure out what the purpose is. is it so other people respect your relationship more? for me i'm just not quite sure where it fits. >> feel you. another star who knows how to make co-parenting work is ben affle affleck. we learned he flies back and forth from hawaii to see his kids. look at him there kayaking. he's keeping his shirt on while kayaking. maybe he's trying to avoid more talk about the phoenix tattoo. meanwhile the debate rages over this question. who bit beyonce. the chomper may have been revealed. >> she started talking to that actress. it's going to be in these streets. >> tiffany did say what other
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stuff happened. since she bit her tongue, the bee hive is chewing out this ladies. first is this a clue from informant chrissy tiegen. >> why would anyone bite her? >> i think we've all done things under the influence. >> her speculation seemed to jive with what tiffany told gq. i was like did she bite you. yeah that blank. she's not like that all the time. that got us thinking. it had to be a party guest she's known a long time. here they are hanging out ten years ago. well, two sources confirmed the biter was sanaan. one source didn't think it was malicious or meant to be mean. we're told the bite was playful. even though she denied it on
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twitter she added if i did, it would have been a love bite. then there's this evidence, sanaan filmed herself at jay-z's concert at the night in question. tiffany haddish the bite culprit was someone who dated french. >> i don't know if i would call it dating. he's a great guy. >> sanaan always gets a pass with me because of love and basketball. >> listen. >> listen what happened to beyonce was nothing compared to what corey feldman claims happened to him. >> he claims he was stabbed while driving his home. he said quote a man opened my car door and stabbed me with something. please say prayers for us. corey's rep tells "e.t." he may have been stabbed with a
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syringe. corey beliefs this was a revenge attack and retribution for naming names in an alleged hollywood pedophile ring from the '80s. >> this guy who was working for my father who was molesting me turned me on to every drug i ever tried. >> the lapd said when they responded to the hospital there was no indication of a laceration to mr. feldman's abdomen. now heather lock larry. our source confirms she's out of rehab and sober and back in a relationship with her boyfriend. this comes after she was arrested and charged with four counts of battery on a peace officer. heisser is a convicted felon who served prison time for fraud and grand theft. our source says heather's daughter is not happy about the relationship. ava is hurt and angry that her mother is taking steps backwards. she's coping as she always does
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because she has no choice. it seems that tommy lee could be on the road to reconciliation with his 21-year-old son brandon. as "e.t." reported yesterday brandon and mom pamela anderson went out to dinner as a united front in hopes of getting tommy to drop the assault case against his son. brandon told tmz he wants to rebuild their relationship. >> i love my. i have just want him to be happy. >> tmz reports tommy saw that message and is considering dropping the charge. remember internet sensation jeremy meeks? it seems his rags to riches story has come full circle. "e.t." has confirmed his girlfriend is pregnant with their child. her family is worth an estimated $5.3 billion. >> i smell a new top shop
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campaign. >> let's move on. just 52 days until meghan and harry say i do. >> and in tonight's royal report we've got new details on the bridal party. >> yes, kev. we now know who meghan and harry will surround themselvith on their big day starting with the cutest ones of all. >> of course prince george and princess charlotte will be a big part of the royal wedding in a source confirms to "e.t." harry's adorable nephew and niece will act as page boy and flower girl. other possible flower girls include close friend benita litt's daughters who meghan has referred to as her fairy goddaughters. >> it'd be the adventure of a lifetime. >> we're told just like william and kate's wedding it's expected that meghan and harry will have a mix of children from their friends, relatives and staff. that includes emily henson, the little girl who got caught stealing harry's popcorn at the invictus games last year. her dad is a close friend. >> as for who meghan will entrust maid of honor duties to, her bff from northwestern university, tv producers lindsay roth is the front runner. meghan was her lady in waiting at her 2016 wedding. >> another possible attendant
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canadian stylist and close friend jessica mulroney who our source reveals is helping meghan with her dress and other elements of the wedding. >> meanwhile harry's got big brother william to stand by him as best man on his big day. we're told the groom to be has several close friends since childhood who all could serve as ushers. among them mark dyer who is like a second father to harry and acted as his mentor after diana's passing. >> but the royal wedding would not be complete without this man, marcus anderson who has been a close friend of the couple since their early courtship. we're told he could have a significant role in the ceremony. perhaps doing a reading. >> meghan's final season on "suits" premiers tonight. i'm so excited. i've been watching since the very beginning. >> coming up. >> i'll telling y'all it's banana pants. >> chrissy metz on her long road to fame. >> the movies and tv roles she
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was denied until finding "this is us" fame. >> and -- >> i didn't think i was going to come back to network tv
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>> oscar nominated stars in a food fight. ♪you've got a friend in me
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♪ >> we're totally not bigoted because we already came to terms with the fact that you were gay. >> i'm not gay. >> you know, gay people throughout history -- >> we're not talking about gay. >> i can tell you what roseanne is talking about, cam. >> those ratings. >> more than 18 million people watched the premiere episode. that's the highest rating for a comedy in two and a half years. >> tonight alex inc. starring zach braff's of scrubs fame. >> i didn't think i was going to come back to network tv. i loved the concept. i really related to it and i said i'm in. >> zach's new abc comedy "alex, inc." is the 42-year-old's first leading prime time role since "scrubs" went off the air in 2010. >> i need to see you in mr. bursky's room. >> are you flirting with me? >> "e.t." first met braff prior to the show's premiere in 2001. >> this is very surreal for me. this is very very new, but it's fun.
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i'm having a good time. >> by the end of the series braff was a household name and had worked behind the camera too. >> on "scrubs" i started just acting. by the end i was directing as well. i've been directing in the years since "scrubs" and really i just enjoy doing them all. >> and from buzz buzz and action >> ben, your girlfriend's calling. >> with this show, zach is also a director and executive producer. he plays the real life alex blumberg, a journalist who quits his successful job in radio to launch a podcast network. >> this podcast only works if you ignore the microphone and act like you normally act. >> hello governor i'm a british person. >> or do that. >> it's hard. it's challenging. so i have to kind of bounce back and forth between being a goofball and being the most responsible person. >> what a multi-talented guy. zach is not the only familiar
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face in this cast. >> still ahead -- >> the cast of "dawson's creek" then and now. the big stars who were nearly cast. >> is this thing on? >> then chrissy metz nearly broke before "this is us." >> that's not what i heard. >> her forgotten roles and the emmy winning show that got away. >> i was like this is funny. >> plus john cena in his outrageous new role. >> i spent the night with my pants off. >> i never once peeked. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> dawson, yeah i know. >> oh, the granddaughter from ny. you look different.
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>> it's about to go down, joey. and from the beginning we knew something was different about this crew from capeside. "dawson's creek" debuted 20 years ago this year. "e.t." of course was with this show from the very beginning as the cast celebrated their milestone with one epic tv reunion. >> i remember loving the script. i remember thinking everybody was amazing. i think we were just excited about being employed. >> no, i'm not getting a thing for you dawson. i've known you too long. >> so what's the problem? we're changing. >> especially when we first started. i was still a teenager and it was nice to read a script that felt like it expressed things that i was still trying to understand for myself. >> the "ew" reunion cover shoot too months of planning. the cast, then and now, got together about two weeks ago and shared show secrets like joshua jackson was originally eyed to play dawson before james van der beek. catherine heigl was one star who auditioned for michelle williams' role of jen and selma blair was the first choice to
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play katie holmes' joey. >> my name is katie holmes and i play joey potter. lusting after dawson and he's not even feeling the same way or catching on i think every girl can relate to that. >> oh, stop it. no. don't like it when you do it to you. >> "e.t." was on the set of "dawson's creek" back in 1997 before the show premiered and made them all stars. >> yeah, josh and i sharing an apartment right now and josh's dog, he's my third roommate. dog is fine. josh is the one i can't stand. >> is this thing on? hello. >> i won't tell about josh's tendency to moon. he really wants people to get a good look at that butt of his. >> the cast loves this meme of dawson doing the ugly cry. but josh told us he's not happy that all 128 episodes are streaming now. >> it's going to be very hard to have any authority in my own household if that's on the air. >> and to watch "entertainment weekly's" full dawson's creek" reunion go to
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>> the people who connected with it. that's been the coolest thing to see that it held for people. >> they called for sunset. see ya later "e.t." >> most importantly kev. team dawson or team casey. >> team i don'ty. >> i see you also a tv game changer, "this is us." chrissy metz will be the first to tell you she hit the jackpot of tv gigs, but her first on screen role she was rolling with a completely different entourage. >> i have one more question, mr. cameron, was the sinking on the ship an attempt to foreshadow the upcoming sinking of the tech market in 2000? >> chrissy's first credited role was movie theater counter girl back in 2005 on an episode of hbo's "entourage." and, yes, she's acting opposite oscar winning "titanic" director james cameron. >> i'm telling y'all it's banana >> she decided to give singing a
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try and audition for "american idol." >> and she decided to give it a try for us last night. the 37-year-old said she didn't advance on idol. >> i didn't want to make ridiculous tv. >> more missed parts included steve carell's 2008 spy movie >> the lead role in the lifetime series "drop dead diva" and an appearance on the melissa mccarthy comedy "mike and molly." >> then in 2014 she thought she finally had her big break, a five-episode run on "american horror story, freak show." >> nice to meet you. when she finally booked her break out role as kate on "this is us," she had just 81 cents in her bank account. >> krief gone through the difficult times of wanting to quick. i have to take a step back and
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just be grateful. >> that was one of my favorite interview. >> she's got momentum. someone else grateful for where he is, john cena. he's back on the big screen in his new comedy "blockers" and get ready folks, you're about to see a whole lot of cena uncensored. >> so what about a little chugging contest? >> bring it. >> i heard it took six hours to shoot. >> yeah, it was like an all night thing. >> six hours to shoot, six days to clean. >> this outrageous chugging contest has an r rated twist and john winds up with his shorts around his ankles. >> i knew exactly what i was getting into. i'm gonna spend the night with my pants off. >> he's fine with that. >> there i am standing with my bits in the wind. >> i never once peeked. >> there are those of us who have limits and then there are those who don't. >> no limits is what "blockers" is all about. in the comedy john, leslie mann and ike barinholtz play parents
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who discover that their daughters made a prom night pact to lose their virginity. >> i want to go to prom, get drunk, get potted up on weed and lose my virginity. >> we're gonna have the same first-time sex anniversary. >> we can go to dinner every year and commemorate it. >> ike and leslie, you guys are parents to two daughters each. so could you relate to your characters at all? >> yeah, a little bit. i mean, i track my kids on find my friends which is -- that's normal, right? >> i mean, it's normal for me. >> it's the new normal. >> i think it's normal. >> our girls are not thinking things through. i'm going to stop them. >> i'm in. >> cam, you tracking your kids. >> we all have the same cloud. >> no. are you tracking them. >> i'm tracking them. >> i get it. >> coming up -- snoop dogg's latest music milestonekron-4 ne eight:a chaotic scene in a san francisco neighborhood..after
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a driver runs down five people...killing one of them. tonight police say they have a suspect in tragedy on the california with six kids..believed to have all died when their car plunged off a 100-foot cliff.the bodies of three children...still missing the bay area police department who says they can barely keep their aging fleet of cars on the road. i'm steve aveson i'm vicki liviakis. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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♪ >> it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoa! "e.t." >> this is the best time of my life. >> oh, wow. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing that no one's seen? >> bigger, better and before everyone else. >> i love you. you love me. >> now "e.t." is everywhere you go. >> meghan, selfie. one, two, three. >> on instagram, facebook and twitter. >> what?
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>> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." >> travel consideration provided by -- >> you know snoop dogg is an o.g., original gangster for those of you who don't know. >> thanks. >> that's what makes his latest achievement a surprise. >> i don't even know if snoop knew he would top the gospel charts. >> yes, it's true. this is one of the songs of his first ever gospel album which debuted at number one. >> he said he was introduced by gospel music by his grandmother. >> she now at eight he whipped the
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car around and went full pedal to the metal carnage on a san francisco sidewalk witnesses decribe how a driver's anger turned deadly.whooshtragedy in mendocino as an suv plunges off a 100=foot cliff ...we have every indication to believe that all six children were in there.whooshvallejo police are hit with a wrongful death lawsuit in the killing of a black looks like murder to mewhooshand his teenage daughter says this man tried to lure her into his car. when police set the man free on bail ... the father did something.hat's off to the dad!


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