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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 6, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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channing tatum after his sblit still wearing his ring. with millions at stake could this get messy. >> i wanted to try things different this year. >> jen garner's knew outlook on love. kaley cuoco's marriage duty doubts? is matt damon moving down under? >> why john stay mos is more than ready to make a move to dad. >> we have a lapd. they're going shut down a couple of highways. >> the power of the rock. >> it could go down! >> this is "entertainment tonight." channing tatum and jenna
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dewan say nothing has changed about how much they love each other. but now comes the part that has turned many a divorce bitter -- splitting up the money. this as channing steps out for the first time since they announced their breakup. the newly-single dad carried his 4 1/2-half-year-old daughter everly at target yesterday. channing was still wearing his wedding ring. his ex, jenna, was also wearing hers earlier in the week, but don't take it as a sign that they could patch things up. a source tells "e.t." the couple tried hard to make their marriage work. in fact, channing has not been in production on any films for more than a year because he wanted to spend time with jenna and their daughter. >> i love my wife. that's the reason why i married her. >> channing did, however, fill in for jimmy kimmel in november. despite a tabloid report that channing's drinking was a reason for the split, his rep fired back today that the media is fabricating these stories and none of them are true. the big question now -- who gets what?
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>> when you look at channing tatum and his net worth, he earned more money than her. if they didn't and a prenup shl or post nup chul, things are going to get expensionive. >> channing is reportedly worth $50 million, mostly for his -- dewan's net worth is estimated at around $6 million. and here's what's interesting -- over the last few years while jenna and channing were trying to make things work, she focused more on her career. >> let's find out who's going through to the next round. >> she started hosting nbc's "world of dance" and guest-starred on cbs' "man with a plan." >> hey, why don't you come over tomorrow for game night? >> jenna also launched her own youtube channel, where she talked about making big changes this year. >> so this year i had intentions with really thinking outside the box, and i really wanted to just sort of embrace life and try things different this year.
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all things different. different things. another star couple who is still dealing with breakup drama is ben affleck and jennifer garner. they split nearly three years ago, but they have still not divorced yet. >> of course, ben is dating again with "saturday night liv"" producer lindsay shookus. but what about jennifer? we have exclusive new information about jen's love life. >> jen is an amazing catch. >> well, a source tells "e.t." garner wants the next person she dates to be in it for the long run. and while jen, quote, hasn't made dating a priority, she wants to be very selective when she does find the time to date because of the kids. we're told jen's focus is on career, including her next movie the thriller, "peppermint." and check her on the set of hbo's upcoming comedy "camping." quote, she's excited about working with lena dunham. >> we were geeking out about how excited we are to all be together. they have a ton of physical comedy for me to do. >> next, affleck's buddy hanging with another bro. damon hit the beach in byron bay, australia, with chris hemsworth for some surfing. their wives are there, too.
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the foursome is super tight. >> we convince them to come to australia and spend some time with us. >> matt recently debunked a report he was moving his family down under, and yesterday he still looked like a tourist, wearing a shirt to the beach. but if you have to stand next to thor, well, we totally get it. >> my wife doesn't like it when chris has the beefy body either. >> yeah. >> it's just too much. >> and finally, is kristen bell's hubby ruining her vibe? >> he was like, my wife's dancing with j-lo. that's so cool! >> today on "ellen," kristen said dax got in the middle of her lopez dance-a-thon at degeneres's 60th birthday. ♪ >> i'm freaking out. i'm like, i'm dancing with j-lo, i'm dancing with j-lo. i'm like hitting her butt. it's amazing. she didn't mind. it was consensual. but then my husband sees, and he came over, and he kind of [ bleep ] blocked me. >> no. >> sorry, he did. he came over and he comes up and we were like, no, man, no.
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>> i mean, who doesn't want to dance with j-lo? here's another star who's relationship is stronger than ever, dad-to-be john stamos. john expecting his first child with wife caitlin mchugh, and when i spoke to him last night, it's clear this is the happiest he's ever been. >> will i have to change diapers, you think? >> yes! >> is there some sort of gas ma -- is there something you can wear on your face? i'm already so emotional and so excited. i've been dreaming about our baby. i don't know what i would do if i wasn't having a baby right now. like, i've done everything anyone could ever -- i've had the most beautiful blessed life on the planet and the most -- you know, the most honest, real thing i could do, i haven't done. it was finding the right girl, obviously. caitlin is -- and she's so beautiful pregnant. she's so magical. i watch her, because she'll walk into a room and in 35 seconds to 50 seconds, she's won -- i mean, like, goggling over her. it takes me, you know, 20 minutes and some selfies. she's magical, and i can't wait
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for her to be a mother. >> john will be a first time dad at 54. caitlin, who's 31, is due this spring. is there anything you're nervous about? because it is a big life change. >> i'm not nervous at all. i have been not nervous about getting married. i s i knew it was the right thing. the only issue is what if the kid comes out doesn't like disneyland? doesn't like musical theater? >> john spent last night out in support of his buddy and "fuller house" costar bob saget, who directs and stars in the new film "benjamin." >> here's my question -- we all know john stamos stayed hot all these years. do you think he's going to fall apart when he has to get up for feedings at 6:00 a.m. and not be sleeping? like, could john stamos lose his hair at some point? >> he'll never lose his hair. ever. his hair will grow until the end of time. but the thing about him is he will have bags under his eyes, but he knows all the filters. so whatever you see on instagram or twitter, it doesn't matter. it's just -- he's gorgeous! >> he's going to be a great dad. it was to sweet.
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he was almost in tears talking about how excited he is. he has no idea what he's in store for. >> uncle jesse. keepin' to the dad theme, i was with dwayne "the rock" johnson for the world premiere of his action film "rampage" last night. his third daughter is due any day now, and "the rock" tells me he's ready to roll when the time comes. do you have an emergency plan? >> we do. >> so you're going to get out of here quickly if you need to. >> i have my security ready. we got exactly where we're going to go. we got the lapd. they're going to shut down a couple of highways, and we're going home. >> you have to evacuate chicago. >> he's just kidding of course. but there is the upcoming world tour to promote "rampage." girlfriend lauren hashian and their 2-year-old will be staying home then, too. >> well, we have plan "b"s all set. i'm ready to pivot at any time. >> she's okay with you going to shanghai? >> right now we're rolling the dice, but i'm ready to come back, believe me.
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the pilot is all ready to turn that plane around. >> we're gonna die! >> probably. >> i also got the lowdown on the baby's name. >> possibly tia but we've been >> thinking of another? >> yes. possibly tia. tia's on the board. >> dwayne isn't the only daddy doing red carpet duty. costar jeffrey dean morgan brought his 8-year-old, gus. >> is it your first premiere? >> yes. >> are you excited? >> i'm really excited. >> also exciting, a baby sister. jeffrey's wife hilarie burton just gave birth a month ago. >> it's our first night away from the little baby, so yeah, it's a big deal here. >> let me just say that it's unfair that she looks like that. she just had a baby. i want to know her secret. >> she's just a smoking" hot chick. >> speaking of smokin' hot, sofia vergara, joe manganiello's wife. enough said. >> dwayne's having a baby and jeffrey just had a baby. you getting some baby fever? >> are you looking for a scoop? no scoop on that front. >> imagine the beautiful babies from those two. you can imagine the action from the rock. nobody does it better. wait until you see him go up
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against the gigantic out of control beasts in "rampage." it's insane. and the movie is so good. >> what is it you do? >> i'm kind of the prince of england. >> how harry and meghan's romance began. we have new scenes at from the movie about the royals. a big bang theory sneak peek. why kaylley cuoco is bothered b her first marriage.
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seth roguen talked to us about the all-star lineup for
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i've been on a lot of blind dates, pretty much all of them bad. >> well, let's see if we can break that streak. >> so that's how it all began. at least according to the lifetime movie, "harry and meghan: a royal romance", airing may 13th. and this is pretty clever -- the network released two new trailers, one shows harry's point of view. the other shows meghan's. well, from he said/she said to she said/she said -- kathie lee and hoda are celebrating a major milestone.
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>> it's a toast to 10 years with my egyptian sun goddess. it doesn't get better than this. love you, baby girl. >> the dynamic duo of daytime toasting a decade, and kathie lee coming clean about how much wine they actually drink on air. >> we take a little sip once in a while. it's not what we do all day long every day. i don't know what people think but that's sort of what's out there. that's ridiculous. we are trained professionals, people, okay? >> okay, so it's 365 days times 10 years is 3,650 glasses. >> but we're only on monday through friday. >> yesterday was sort of a bonus celebration. hoda is still basking in the success of her number one selling children's book, "i've loved you since forever," which kelly clarkson turned into a song. hoda also revealed her list of "today" show lip locks involving her cohost. >> no, we are going start. it's important. tom sellec on the mouth. >> every 20 years. yup, yup. >> craig ferguson on the kisser. >> yeah. >> regis philbin. >> he kissed me. >> and reege was there for one of the craziest things to happen during a broadcast.
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>> hoda was off, and a bird that was in one of our segments went berserk and landed on my head! >> hey! >> regis and i acted like it was supposed to be there. went over to the window and was just waving to everybody with this bird on my head. that's what comes to mind. >> and nobody looked. >> nobody looked. it's new york. nobody cared. >> um, mine was probably when beyonce walked out, like as a surprise model. >> there's not another one? oh, my god! >> that was the everything moment. crazy, memorable, forever. yeah, mm-hmm, beyonce. still ahead right here -- >> only we are on tour with maks, peta and value. why things are getting real intimate on stage. then -- >> hi, "e.t." >> it's throwback jers-day with the cast of jersey shore. >> just wasn't agood decision. >> a big bang sneak peek.
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kaylee quo comake as major marriage decision. cloep lope
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i can't believe my best friend sided with sheldon. >> i can't believe my best friend is sheldon. i should have taken a gavel and shoved it right down his throat >> i would have gone the other way, but it would have gotten to his throat. >> penny and leonard are at odds with sheldon in that exclusive clip from tonight's "big bang theory." you don't want to mess with penny -- or kaley, for that matter. >> that is the truth. the woman wears her heart on her sleeve. her fiance karl cook knows that all too well, and while they prepare to say i do, kaley is revealing how her first marriage practically traumatized her. my ex ruined that word marriage for me. those are some strong words from kaley about her ex ryan sweeting. she filed for divorce in 2015 after 20 months of marriage. kaley tells "cosmopolitan"
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magazine ryan changed. quote, the person i ended up with was not the person i originally met. and that wasn't my fault, that was his. >> are you and mr. sweeting friends? did it end okay? everything ended the way it was supposed to, yeah. >> oh, okay. >> i'm not ashamed of anything that happened. i fall in love really hard. that person is it for me and i love hard, and when it's over, it's over. and some people make mistakes, and i wouldn't call it a mistake. it's just what happened in my life. >> kaley covered up her wedding date tattoo two months later, changing it to a moth. she captioned the instagram, note to self -- do not mark your body with any future wedding dates. >> we all go through really weird ups and downs. it's been rough, but things are going good. i'm in a much better place than i was. >> as for fiance karl cook, the 32-year-old "big bang theory" star admits she didn't think she'd ever get married again, adding, i had to go through a lot of things, but it brought me to karl. >> he is totally the guy.
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i think the common denominator is the horses. it just works for us. we just have this special bond. he's so real. i've never met a kinder human being. he's gentle and he's real and i'm completely in love with him. >> i love their love. >> we love them. >> indeed, we do. i'm feeling it. you want to talk love, "dancing with the stars" pro couple maks and peta are in love and heating things up on the road. >> you know it. only our brooke anderson joined them on their "confidential" dance tour, where it seems maks' brother val is enjoying adding more fuel to the family fire. ♪ it's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes ♪ >> this has got to be the sexiest dance of the show. one lucky fan getting to be a little handsy with maks. the most sentimental? when maks and peta recreate their wedding. ♪ we ride the highs and lows >> this show in particular tells your story -- your relationship, the ups, the downs, the breakup. >> it's very emotional.
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there's been a couple of times where i have cried on stage. this is very personal. this is on the inside. enter at your own risk. >> borderline oversharing, to be honest, at some points. like i don't know. this is super personal. ♪ put your filthy hands all over me ♪ >> to help prep for the show, maks, val and peta do a stretching and yoga routine. but behind the scenes, it's 15-month-old shai who's the real star. and he's giving val all the feels. in fact, value told us -- he's more excited to be a dad than a husband. sorry not sorry to his girlfriend jenna johnson. >> how about for you, uncle val, having baby shai here? >> it's been great. just makes it more cozy, more comfortable, more honest and more family-like. so it's been awesome. >> and you have your own baby so to speak. the little pup that looks -- i mean, she looks like a toy. >> i thought you were going to say, she looks like you. >> well, you know, they do start to look like their owners.
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>> also cute, so that's good. >> exactly. >> now maks, peta, and val will be in the middle of their tour when the all-athletes edition of "dancing with the stars" starts april 30th. we've just learned that figure skaters tonya harding and adam rippon will compete, as well as olympic snowboarder jamie anderson. >> i missed adam since the olympics. i need more one liners in my life. you know, that makes them part of an exclusive ballroom club that includes jersey shore's snooki and "the situation." blast from the past right? well, guess what? they're all back for a family vacation, and we're celebrating jers-day -- get it? by throwing it back to our time with the gtl crew. >> it's a show about the jersey shore. guido, guidette basically means we like to take care of ourselves, we like to look good. it's pretty much a compliment. >> our first "e.t." interview with the jersey shore cast was back in 2009. at the time, only three episodes had aired, and they were already a cultural phenomenon. >> two weeks ago nobody knew you, nobody cared. what's it like now?
1:53 am
>> i think we're changing the whole reality genre. >> we're not going anywhere. >> you should probably get used to these faces. >> did you just get highlights? nice frost. >> what, did you get a new face? >> nearly 10 years later, "e.t"" was on set in miami for "jersey shore: family reunion" which airs tonight on mtv. >> let's go back to the most iconic "jersey shore" moment of all time, the punch. >> get your [ bleep ] out of our faces. i remember this guy taking our shots, and i was getting annoyed that he was stealing our alcohol, so i stood up to him, and that's when i got punched. and i was like, cool. this is my life. why am i here? >> you want to hit me? you want to hit me? >> i always like to say i have no regrets, but, um, in italy somehow, someway i made a huge miscalculation and i head-butted the wall. >> stop! it just wasn't a good decision. i would never recommend any kind of -- anything like that ever again.
1:54 am
>> not a great decision. i feel like there might be more bad decisions made. instead of the situation, the cast is calling him the inspiration. mike remains positive in face of his sentencing. pleading guilty to tax evasion. >> coming up, why reese wither san antonio's career is in double jeper di?
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travel consideration provided by -- now on "e.t." -- >> you can't control everything. >> on we are with the "american idol" judges. their big plans for the top 24.
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>> that was the part of the show you will come in for, okay. >> plus -- >> are you ready? trading spaces! >> everything you need to know about trading spaces 2.0. tomorrow on "e.t." never thought i would be here in my whole life. >> winning a oscar is a big honor. but you really know you made it big when you become a jeopardy category. >> congratulations, reese wither spoon and congratulations the emily who ran the table. >> what is election, what is wild? what is sweet home, alabama. >> nobody was more thrilled than reese herself. he took a jab at one of the contestants saying you got to be quicker than that, daniel. >> the answer, what is cooler than cool. the question, when you have your own jeopardy category. >> that's right. good night everybody. >> bye.
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