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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 7, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ >> tonight kate hudson's surprise pregnancy announcement. >> one, two, three. >> her third baby on the way. how she kept it a secret. >> plus prince harry and his future bride today. inside meghan's royal crash course and excuse live details on their post wedding plans. >> then -- >> she did the hard work. >> jay-z opens up about cheating in beyonce and who's the new brunette in brad pitt's life. >> plus murphy brown back together. >> then the rock opens up about his baby on the way. why he postponed his wedding and why he's breaking into song. ♪ >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody.
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thanks for joining us. it's been a busy week for star news. >> we have a surprise pregnancy to report in tonight's top story. >> one, two, three. >> kate hudson made the announcement this morning revealing it's a girl. how did she keep it secret? she's been mia on social. she explained the reason. it's the most signature first trimester of all my children. she adds we've been trying to keep this pregnancy under the radar. it's true. kate has been wearing loose fitting dresses lately. at her last public appearance there was no sign of a bump. >> would you like to have more children? >> absolutely. >> in the past kate told us she wants more kids to add to her two son. >> when i was pregnant with rider, i just started to bake. >> we were with kate inside her
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home last november wear she told us about her chemistry with her boyfriend. >> sex is an important part of a relationship. you have to nurture that. people goes isn't that cheesy taking a bath together, having champagne. no one of two things is going to happen. you'll set up the romantic vibe and either laugh your ass off or you're going to commit to it and it's going to be awesome. >> prince harry and meghan are less than two months away from saying i do, but they took a break from all the wedding planning to enjoy a little fun and games. the details are first up in tonight's royal report. >> prince harry and meghan markle looked like the perfect royal match today. meghan wore black boot-cut jeans and black heels. the couple both wore polo
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shirts. this is this 11th public event together. with just 43 days to go, a source tells "e.t." meghan has been studying binders with information on the commonwealth and the royal family, our source tells us, quote, she's a quick learning. >> and call this a kind of dress rehearsal for meghan. before her "suits" character leaves the show for good she'll tie the knot later this month on the season finale of "suits" with tv fiance patrick j. adams. >> meghan and i have been so close from the beginning of the show to finally get to that moment was really great. >> "e.t." spoke to adams and his wife troin bellisario at an event benefitting the anti-hunger charity, this bar saves lives. >> now what will you get them as a royal couple if you go to the wedding or not will you send like a toaster? >> we were trying to choose between like a blender or bread maker. you know something classy, like a good blender. >> i think she's really dig a roomba. >> like a vitamix, yeah. >> i bet they don't have one of those. >> fancy.
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she's gonna need a vitamix for sure. >> she's into health, ye. >> is there going to be a royal wedding party at your house. >> yes. she's very cute. >> actress kristen bell. i thought you might be having like a fascinator party. you seem like the kind of -- >> well, now that you mention it, i feel like i'd like any excuse for a party, a costume party. >> we'll see prince harry on the 11th when he launches the walking with the wounding. six veterans from the u.s. and england walk from coast to coast across america. ♪ >> all right let's move on to some couples' news. first beyonce and jay-z who's opening up on how the couple got past his cheating scandal. >> i have a beautiful wife who was understanding and who knew that i'm not the worst of what i've done and who did the hard work of going to therapy.
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we love each other. we really put in the work. >> jay-z was on david letterman's "my next guest needs no introduction." the 70-year-old host also addressed his own infidelity back in 2009, six months into his marriage with regina lasko. dave admitted to having affairs with co-workers. >> i did something that i had no business doing and i regret it and since then i have tried to acknowledge that mistake and be a better person. at the time the pain that i caused myself was the fear that i had blown up my family. it's as scared as i've ever been in my life. >> like you, i like to believe that we're in a better place today. i'm proud of the father and the husband that i am today because of all the work that was done. >> next up, these exes, brad pitt and jennifer aniston. jen was out yesterday, makeup free leaving a beverly hills salon in a rare outing less than
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three months after her split with justin theroux. but here's the question, is brad dating this woman, 42-year-old m.i.t. professor neri oxman? that's the rumor. since they've been spending time together, but here's what we know from our source. there is no romance, quote, they only have a professional relationship. the friendship is not surprising given that pitt is an architecture enthusiast and oxman is, well, an architect. >> it may be the new "american idol," but the pain of being sent home is still the same. 169 contestants made it to hollywood. now only 24 remain. i was on set for this sunday's show where a spot in the top 14 is on the line. >> lionel ritchie everybody. >> in this exclusive clip from sunday's show, lionel shows 'em how it's done. ♪ wife been -- i've been alone with you inside my mind ♪ >> how do you keep these kids' dreams alive when you gotta tell them no and send them home? >> we just turn them into lionel. >> you're going into the fire.
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>> it's awful. >> you got beautiful hair. don't need to flip it, but maybe once in a song. >> we remind them of our own personal journeys. even though it seems like some of us have made it overnight there's ten years of ups and downs of car repossessions, of overdraft fees, signed and dropped, of eating taco bell. i still eat taco bell. but it's like we let them know that this is an unusual experience and also we give them constructive criticism to take home. >> by the time we finish you've actually had a chance to sit in a couple of great master classes. >> first up in tonight's know and tell -- >> "murphy bwn." bergen, faith ford, joe regalbuto and grant shaud will all reprise their original
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roles, wh new comer jack mcdorman the original show made headlines posting quote coming to your neighborhood tv just in time. >> next nicole and meryl. she couldn't wait to post this picture. first day on the set with meryl and my darling boys. but was nicole's involvement with the death of meryl's son, will she be friend or foe. cardi b, >> the two-time grammy nominated rap superstar,. "invasion of privacy" first female artist to achieve a gold album on the first day of its release. >> i'm chadwick boseman. i'm hosting "snl" this week with cardi b.
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>> no, you're saying it like it's not a big deal. chadwick, "black panther," boseman is hosting "snl" with cardi b. do it again. you cardi, did you see that? i have just directed chadwick boseman. >> i know. we going to wakanda. >> still ahead confessions from two hollywood days. did john legend just chose a wild name for their baby boy and the rock let his future baby girls's name slip? >> might be the one. >> plus trading spaces back and bigger than ever. the major change for tv's original home maker show. >> no, i don't like it. >> first, don't make a sign. john krasinski directs his wife emily blunt in the thriller a quiet place. they play a married couple hiding their family from sound sensitive mother. >> my kids would not do well. >> this is really the idea for >> emily's powerful performance
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inspired the poster for john's movie. >> it was so sexy getting to see emily do her thing. >> did he say that? >> he did. >> sexy. >> "e.t." talked to australian actor jason clark about his ted kennedy
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>> thank you. thank you. >> so sweet. truly daddy's little girl john legend getting styling help from daughter luna. john and chrissy have another reason to celebrate. their upcoming arrival of their baby boy. >> little john legend. it's exciting. >> it's exciting because you never know what they're going to be like. we're excited to see how we're going to be as parents of two. >> chrissy is due in june and the couple is struggling to pick a name. >> maybe he'll be a little johnny. who knows? >> welcome. raise your hand if you're here for the first time. >> i met up with the singer in hollywood for his first soul cycle class. he created play list.
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on it his new song "a good night." >> right now we're listening to john legend's new song. ♪ i know it's going to be a good night ♪ >> i know it's going to be a good night, i think i just met my wife. who inspired that? >> i had friends who met their first immediately said i'm going to marry that woman. >> it wasn't that way when john and chrissy first met in 2007. >> we started dating right after that. i don't think we decided we were going to get married until later. i fell in love pretty quickly with her. ♪ baby it's you >> so we made it through barely. the new song is such a bop. i added it to my play lists. >> coming up -- >> it's about people showing you something you never seen before. >> our look at the new "trading
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spaces". >> then millions in jewels and designer luggage. who is auctioning off their designer pieces. >> dwayne johnson and his baby girl, the real reason he hasn't married her mom yet. >> closed captioning provided by -- cholula hot sauce is teaming up with jack in the box for the cholula buttery jack.
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made with delicious cholula hot sauce,ack. crispy jalapenos and pepper jack cheese on a signature bun. yep, this is my third one today. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. only at jack in the box. ♪ i see trees of green >> that is one of my all-time favorite moments in 21 years of interviewing celebrities. so i knew i was going to ask dwayne johnson to sing for me again when we sat down to talk about his new action movie "rampage." but first i wanted to hear about his rambunctious life at home with two daughters and a baby girl on the way. >> the hardest for me is realizing just being ten steps ahead especially when things are sideways and they start to feel if the temperature goes high a
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little bit because your instincts kick in, your daddy instincts. >> the new baby will be dwayne's second with fiance lauren hashian. the couple has been together for more than ten years. >> wedding plans any time soon? i know that you were going to get married in the spring. >> we were going to get married in the spring and we got pregnant and lauren felt like, well, you know, i don't know if mama wants to take pictures being pregnant in a wedding dress. so we're just going to wait and not quite sure when, but i know it's going to happen. >> so first comes baby, then comes marriage. they haven't yet settled on a name, but dwayne revealed that tia is one of two names on their short list. >> tia you said was an option, but you didn't give me the other one. >> naomie. >> oh, i like it. >> i was actually like, oh, my gosh really? what? >> you're like i would be so honored. >> with an e as well, right. >> with an e, yes. see that gentlemen at home, that's called brownie points. >> naomie with an e and the rock face off against mutating animals wreaking havoc on the streets of chicago in their new action adventure "rampages." >> george.
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>> we know how difficult it is to be an action hero, but it's pretty difficult to be a dad to three girls. which is harder? >> by far this is cake. and the idea of being a daddy to three girls varying in ages by the way 16, 2 1/2 and now an infant, yeah, a baby, but there is nothing better. >> and the rock has a secret weapon to calm his girls. >> this is a hawaiian lullaby i've sung to simone. i've sung to jasmine and i'm going to sing to baby tia. here we go. ♪ >> that means twinkle twinkle little star. >> ahhh. >> we all just fell in love with him even more. >> and did you realize that you just said baby tia? >> wow. see that it come out natural. might be be the one. >> could you love him anymore? this is why he's a big movie star. "rampage" hits theaters next
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friday. before fixer up and flip or flop there was trading spacings. now it's back. tomorrow on tlc. page davis brought the whole designing crew with her. they followed one simple rule, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> are you ready? >> ready. >> yes. >> here we go. take your keys and go for it. >> the most exciting thing about this reboot is that it's not very different. you can expect the old show that you know and love. >> oh, my god. what? >> after nearly a ten-year hiatus the rules are the same, but the budget is bigger. >> two rooms, two days and $2,000 each. >> trading spacing first aired in 2,000 running for eight seasons. back then the budget was 1,000 bucks. designers were forced to get
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creative. >> it's about people showing you something you've never seen before. >> unhappy home owns brought us some of the most memorable moments. >> i hate brown. >> i told you. >> you can expect more drama this time around. >> any time you give up control there's going to be that chance. i think that's what so people want to see. they want to see what's going to happen. >> i can't believe it. >> boy, she's not happy. >> in addition to the eight original designers there are five new faces. like last time the home owners don't get to pick who they work with. >> there has never been another trading spaces. we're on a budget. we're on a timeframe. we're realistic and we're pretty fun. >> let's do this. >> oh, damn. here we go. >> well in addition to the new cast members there will be guest designers popping up.
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up episode will feature nate and jeremiah. >> i love "trading spaces." i'm so glad it's back. meanwhile no bigger space than the home of hollywood legend zsa zsa gabor. i was invited exclusively inside her bel air mansion to view her most darling possessions now on sale to the highest bidder. >> i'm a simple person. >> these are some of zsa zsa's je jewels. very extravagant. >> you don't say. >> one special piece is the necklace. >> long before my rariah carey d darling. she was using darling. >> thousands of personal items from zsa zsa's house are going on the auction block. everything from the hungarian born actress' passports to her phone book.
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zsa zsa's personal collection of louis vuitton luggage i'm kind of coveting, but if you're looking for something a little more showy, how about this gold plated 1927 grand piano once played by frank sinatra. >> this piano also appeared in "behind the candelabra" and "argo." michael douglas tickled the ivories if you will. >> some of the filming was done in the house here. >> zsa zsa's husband prince vonn anhalt will be moving out of the home he shared with his wife for over three decades. two years after her death he says it's time to finally move on. >> she wanted me to sell it. so i'm going to fulfill her wish. >> zsa zsa's auction is open to the public april 14th. up next why the sexy stars of out landing can't keep a straight face.
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>> travel consideration provided by --
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>> filming has begun on season four of ""outlander"". >> i'm sure we'll see a lot more of what makes this show so hot. sometimes on the set things get more silly than sexy and only we have the proof. >> perhaps i prefer to believe we're doomed to the presidency. >> says the man who lives in a brothel. i don't know the rest of the line. >> you can see the rest of the bloopers on "e.t." >>
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