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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 9, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight .... classes cancelled ... parents warned of violent threats,yeah i'm scaredwhat we are learning about the flood of disturbing emails send to bay area schools today.whooshgun! blam blamthe death of an unarmed sacramento man could bring new restrictions on police use of force.tonight police chiefs from across the state are warning of that officers lives may be engangered.whooshhe filled up his tank ... and got taken for a ride.multiple 100 dollar withdrawals from my account credit card skimmers are targeting east bay gas stations.whooshand a middle school racked by violence ... parents blame online fight clubs "kids are picking fights just to be videotaped and posted on social media." (steve) now at 8. threats
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of violence forced all schools in emeryville to close today and those threats were sent to several bay area school districts. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. (pam) and i'm pam moore. now... the f--b--i is getting involved. kron-4's dan kerman joins us live from emeryville with more on the threat .... and where those threats came from. dan? no school monday at eccl which houses students attending elementary school middle school and high school in emeryville the decision to close came sunday after a threat came in by email.sot capt. oliver collins/emeryvi lle police 12-20it was an email that went to a district employee last night saying that there were threats of shooting at the school today parents received their first round on robo calls sunday
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night and another monday morning informing them of the decision to close the school. sot samantha gans/parent 28-36 yes it worries me, i mean what is going to happen when they are there are school and this happens, what if somebody is able to get in the schoolby monday morning emeryville police determined eccl was not the only school district to receive this threat there were others in the bay area sot not just bay area but across the state and across the nation emeryville police say "this threat is a hoax generated out of a dare within an overseas on-line gaming community to see who could generate the most school evacuations in the uk and the usa."sotit's just really sad, it's sad, it's the times we living in
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(pam) new tonight at 8. california lawmakers are proposing a dramatic change in how police officers can use deadly force.(steve) this comes just weeks after the fatal police shooting of stephon clark -- the 22 year old father of two -- in sacramento. today -- the state's police chiefs association said, the bill is concerning.(pam) kron4 reporter michelle kingston is in fairfield with more. (mk)ánatsá"911- what's the location of your emergency?" this is the 911 call made that led to the series of events that eventually led to the death of stephon clark.ánatsá "whatcha gonna do? shoot him?" the father's death caused outrage among residents who took to the streets to demand police be held accountable. officers thought clark was holding a gun. but only a cell phone -- no weapon -- was found near his body. an independent autopsy found he
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was shot eight times in his grandmother's backyard. california lawmakers are now proposing a bill that would replace the current "reasonable force" rule with a stricter "necessary force" would authorize officers use deadly force "only when it is necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily injury or death."chief david swing, president of california police chiefs association"we find ourselves dumbfounded that legislation of this magnitude was introduced without consulting law enforcement stakeholders." the california police chiefs association is concerned about the repercussions of this change for public safety.chief diana bishop, san rafael police "i'm extremely concerned about my officers ability to protect anyone in my community from the risk of grave injury or death." lawmakers say the legislation would raise the standard for legal review, in hindsight, of an officer's decision to use force. the police chiefs association says officers would have to second guess their decisions and wait to pursue -- putting communities at greater risk.chief ron lawrence, first vice president of california police chiefs association"we don't know who is armed with a weapon, a
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firearm, a knife, an explosive, a baseball bat, a brick or a rock. we are trained to take precautions at every single call. and while tragic, the use of force and the use of deadly force are at times a necessary reality of police work."stephon clark's family stands with lawmakers wanting to make california the first state to significantly restrict when officers can open fire.michelle kingston, @mkingstonnewslawmakers say police shot and killed 162 people in california last year. only half were armed with guns. in fairfield, michelle kingston, kron 4 news. (steve) the recent rains resulted in a few minor mud and rockslides but despite that crews are making progress on a big back-log of repairs to storm-ravaged roads in the santa cruz montains. schulties road, near the summit, was closed for a time on friday after a new slide added to the woes caused by another, larger slide left
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over from last winter. despite that, relatively light seasonal rains in the mountains have allowed crews to work through the winter months, although there is still a long ways to go. < we made a lot of progress so far there's a lot of work to get some of the progress underway, but we've done about 20 million in work so far, but it's going to take several years until things get back to normal."> highway 17, highway 35, soquel-san jose road and other major routes have been made a priority. but there are still as many as 200less traveled roads suffering from slides, slip-oits and other storm-related damage. (pam) turning now to our four zone forecast.(steve) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us ..and lawrence how much rain did that storm bring us? lawrence karnow: temperatures soared in the 70s in many parts of the bay area today. it was well above the average with even a few record highs. the clouds have started to
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move in again as another storm remains poised off the coastline. it is dry on the doppler radar now but that will likely change tomorrow. it doesn't look anything like our last storm but there is a chance of a few light showers. on the satellite you can see the storm to our west. the skies will become mostly cloudy tonight with lows in the upper 40s and low 50s. the storm will move through in the middle of the day and afternoon and will bring a few raindrops to the bay area. highs will be mainly in the 60s. another storm moves in on late wednesday to bring some cold showers and even a few snow flakes to our higher peaks early thursday and warmer expected on friday. it will partly cloudy next weekend. (pam) a motorcycle sideshow that moved through oakland on sunday... ended with arrests, after police vehicles were vandalized. (steve)kron 4's gabe slate spoke with witnesses in the west oakland neighborhood who were surprised to see the spectacle in their normally
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quiet community. sound from hamza johnson / witness"scary for me" 11 year old hamza johnson saw something he has never seen before when he was walking home on around 4pm sunday near the intersection of telegraph avenue and claremont avenue in oakland sound from hamza johnson / witness"motorcycles everywhere, doing wheelies, i was really scared" about 60 to 70 people took place in a motorcycle and atv sideshow that worked it's way from fruitvale to oakland police say.. 911 dispatch received several calls from concerned residents from all across the oakland area. the sideshow settled at telegraph and claremont where the bikers started circling and taunting police witnesses said some of the sideshow participants were kicking police cars. daniel blair/witness when i came through the intersection, they had about 10 police cars shutting down all of claremont street right there and as i drove through they were arresting one guy. he had a pickup truck with two motorcycles in the back, strapped in.oakland police say two of their vehicles were vandalized during the sideshow. oakland police made three arrests two for vandalism and one for resisting arrest. witnesses say they saw the rest of sideshow crew ride toward berkeley but it's
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unclear where they landed.i spoke with people around the neighborhood.. most of them learned about this incident from me people in this community were surprised that this took place here in their normally quiet safe neighborhood sound from people in the neighborhood - "it's never happened here / it doesn't happen here like east oakland" in oakland gabe slate kron 4 news (steve) this week marks a major milestone.... and deadline.... in the northbay. it's the sixth month anniversary of the firestorm that ripped through... destroying thousands of homes. (pam) plus, all debris is supposed to be cleaned up.... as of today. as kron four's terisa
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estacio reports, progress has been made, but not everyone in the county is following the rules. (terisa estacio reporting) here in sonoma county - most homes wiped out by the fires are gone... crews have come in and cleared away the hazardous debris. april 9th was the deadline imposed by the county and city of santa rosa to remove damaged structures for those who opted out of the government sponsored clean up program. that includes commmercial properties as well. this is paul lowenthal - asst fire marshall to explain why it was necessary to put out a deadline, and what will happen to those who choice not to clean up. paul lowenthal, asst fire marshall santa rosa. "of the 450 in the city most of complied. it is important because the fires left hazardous materials and not fair to those wanting to rebuild. we can look to the courts for assistance if the properties including commerical don't act. there are 9 homes and 2 commerical properties that are not cleaned up yet. (estacio reporting) this is one of the homes in the coffee party neighborhood that is still not cleaned up... you can see the garage, a stove, dishwasher... lots of other household items that still remain on site. again, april 9th was the deadline, and the asst fire marshall says they will start
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working with the courts to get people into compliance for the good of all as this area moves toward rebuilding. in santa rosa, terisa estacio kron four news. coming up at eight.. a serial burglary ring busted ... their loot allegedly worth millions of dollars. and police news. kron four terisa estacio kron four news. coming up at eight.. a serial burglary ring busted ... their loot allegedly worth millions of dollars. and police believe more members of this ring are still out there. plus. the east bay city where thieves are targeting
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you at the pump. and next. we talk to the man who tackled and disarmed a suspect accused of stabbing people at bart.
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that is what bart police are calling the man who disarmed and tackled a suspect.... a suspect... who is accused of stabbing two people at the coliseum station on saturday afternoon.(steve) as kron 4's maureen kelly reports... police say it could have been much worse if that brave man from oakland did not step in to help.(pkg here's a mug shot of the suspect 32 year old robert dolph who police say got on the train at civic center. witnesses say he could be seen muttering to himself sometimes shouting things out. at one point turning his attention to a brother and sister in their early 50's and late 60's on that same oakland bound train. the victim's exited at colesium all
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happened right here near the fare gates when police say the suspect began his unprovoked attack, stabbing and slashing the two victims.david harris says he was about to get on the train to san francisco when he heard a woman screaming and turned to see the attack underway.right when i first got up and grab him he just dad the male victim in the head and when i first looked over he was stabbing the woman multiple times it was horrifying the oakland landscaper says he didn't have time to be afraid, he just reacted. and i just ran over and took control of his wrists got the knife away from him and brought him to the ground four of his fingers were cut up as he grabbed the knife. he says he's not a hero....just lucky because the situation could have gone another way. he was way stronger than me that was a parent right off the bat just try to get control of him sitting on him bart police say in all four bystanders jumped in to help subdue the suspect....including aurturo gomez you see in the maroon shirt helping an officer get dolph into cuffs. here was blood there's a lot of blood i just tried to help out i didn't want to hurt nobody else the bart police chief
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says these days people are more likely to pull out their phones and start filming....he credits david harris with saving the life of the two victims.police say dolph confessed to his involvement in the crime. he's is being held at the santa rita jail in dublin. he's is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow morning. maureen kelly kron4 news. (steve) an accused sexual off the streets. police say this man assaulted women in palo alto and oakland in recent months. grant lodes is here with the new details. (grant) eduardo chavarria-diaz has been booked in connection with the sexual assault of a teenage girl. the most recent attack is said to have happened late last month in palo alto... near the intersection of arastra- dero and deer creek roads. police say the suspect pulled the victim off the path, put a gun to her head and sexually assaulted her. after investigating, police say the same man was involved
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in a similar situation that occurred in oakland last month. and the arrest was made...without the help of a suspect sketch. palo alto police capt zach perron: "sketches are one of those difficult things. you're not certain if the victims are going to complete the sketch or work with the sketch artist and in this particular case the young lady was not able to do that and that is not unusual at all. we really want to compliment her for her fortitude and going through what is so unimaginable" so unimaginable"(grant) police would not say how they tracked down the supect in richmond...and their not revealing if dna evidence was used. (pam) two separate kidnappings were reported in san francisco's mission district early yesterday morning. the first one happened about 1 -a-m... at 20th and shotwell streets. police say, two men and two women dragged a 19-year old girl inside their car... but officers say, she was able to escape. no arrests were made. the second incident happered at about 3- a-m at 19th and capp streets...
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police say, three suspects, two men and a woman, approached a 17-year-old girl ..the men demanded she get in the car... the victim noticed one man had a gun... she got in.. they drove off. that victim also managed to escape. (steve) jewelry, guns, cash and credit cards. all among the 3 million dollars in property stolen by those accused of being in a serial burglary ring. and as kron-4's haaziq madyun reports... investigators are still looking for more burglars. sotsan francisco police lt. greg mceachern is showing home sureveillance video of members of a burglary crew that has been targeting residents in the bay view, ingleside and taraval districts. he says this burglary crew is just one of many targeting these areas sot
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mceachern/san francisco police department: the burglaries occurred in both occupied and unoccupied residences">these are the faces of ten burglary suspects allegedly connected to a series of buglaries who have been arrested over the past five months by sfpd's newly formed burglary task force called the general crimes unitsotthese are photos of some of the property recovered.sot sfpd's burglary unit has identified twenty additional burglary suspects connected to several different burglary crews that officers are seeking to arrest. lt. mceachern says their work is just beginningsot at sfpd headquarters in san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news
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now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: temperatures soared in the 70s in many
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parts of the bay area today. it was well above the average with even a few record highs. the clouds have started to move in again as another storm remains poised off the coastline. it is dry on the doppler radar now but that will likely change tomorrow. it doesn't look anything like our last storm but there is a chance of a few light showers. on the satellite you can see the storm to our west. the skies will become mostly cloudy tonight with lows in the upper 40s and low 50s. the storm will move through in the middle of the day and afternoon and will bring a few raindrops to the bay area. highs will be mainly in the 60s. another storm moves in on late wednesday to bring some cold showers and even a few our higher peaks early thursday morning. dry and
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warmer weather is expected on friday. it will be cooler and partly cloudy next weekend. new ahead at 8 police in texas investigate a possible hate crime after a muslim woman is attacked by a man with a knife.. plus. what facebook c-e-o mark zuckerberg is expected to say before congress.. as users begin to be notified on whether they were affected by the data scandal. ((gary sports tease)) ((steve))
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((steve))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... ...tonight at nine (steve) as facebook c-e-o mark
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zuckerberg prepares to go before congress tomorrow and the next day. facebook is set to begin notifying users if their data was swept up in the cambridge analytica scandal. the 87 million users who might have had their data shared were supposed to get a detailed message on their news feeds. in
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prepared remarks released ahead of wednesday's hosue hearing...zuckerberg said the company has notified all users affected. zuckerberg will also apologize for his company's role in the scandal. (steve) hundreds more national guard troops are heading to the u-s mexico border. and thousands are still on the way.(pam) today, in arizona alone ... 225 national guards are being sent to the u -s mexico border. and in texas --- 250 members are being deployed. those are just two of several states offering to send troops. president trump ordered the military to secure the border, until his promised border wall is built. both presidents bush and obama sent troops to the border during their terms, though the moves were criticized as costly and of limited effectiveness. coming up at eight.. a major ruling on equal pay for women....what an appeals court just said about salaries between men and women. plus. an outraged parent talking about what she says is
8:27 pm
an online fight club between middle schoolers...and culture of violence in colorado. and next. thieves targeting drivers at the pump in the east bay... the city seeing a spike in credit card skimming. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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(pam) police in moraga are warning people about a major increase in credit card
8:30 pm
fraud... all leading back to the gas pump. (steve) kron-4's sara stinson shows us how thieves are getting your information and one way you can avoid it. out: "at least once a year." trt: still working on...ánatsá (soundbite: joe sterling, moraga resident: "the second time i got an alert that someone had taken multiple 100 dollar withdrawals from my account so that was pretty suspicious.")now joe sterling says he knows exactly what to do the next time it happens. (soundbite joe sterling: "don't freak out, because there is nothing you can do. just call your card company, get your cards canceled and move on."the moraga police chief, jon king has seen an uptick in credit card skimming cases.he says there are a variety of different ways these thieves are stealing your information.(soundbite: jon king, moraga police chief: "sometimes somebody will try to put something on the exterior of the card reader, but that's going to be loose or they may have gotten inside and attached an electronic device."king says typically the stolen credit card information is used within the
8:31 pm
bay area, but recent cases have been a bit more complex. (soundbite jon king : "the information is being used almost a month later and almost exclusively in southern california. so what can happen is these skimmers are collecting this information and selling it to somebody else.")gas station attendants have been working closely with moraga police.(soundbite jon king: "most vendors are taking precautions.")(soundbite: jonathan soto, chevron gas attendant: "a security system where whenever they try to open it then this whole thing goes out so they can't really get any gas or steal any information out of the credit cards like that."customers can also take their own precautions. (soundbite jon king: "double check your monthly statements because in this era of we are often going so quickly we often forget to do that and you may see some fraudulent charges and you need to get ahold of your credit card company right away.")a routine everyone is advised to get in the habit of as this could happen at any pump, anywhere.(soundbite joe sterling: "this day in age it's almost something you have to deal with at least once a year.") (steve)(steve) moraga police have been checking every gas station to see if there are any skimmers on pumps around town. but if
8:32 pm
you really want to play it safe, you can pay inside the gas station with your card. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: temperatures soared in the 70s in many parts of the bay area today. it was well above the average with even a few record highs. the clouds have started to move in again as another storm remains poised off the coastline. it is dry on the doppler radar now but that will likely change tomorrow. it doesn't look anything like our last storm but there is a chance of a few light showers. on the satellite you can see the storm to our west. the skies will become mostly cloudy tonight with lows in the upper 40s and low 50s. the storm will move through in the middle of the day and
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afternoon and will bring a few raindrops to the bay area. highs will be mainly in the 60s. another storm moves in on late wednesday to bring some cold showers and even a few snow flakes to our higher peaks early thursday morning. dry and warmer weather is expected on friday. it will be cooler and partly cloudy next weekend.
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(pam) the f-b-i raided the office of president trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen early today. cohen's attorney, stephen ryan, says, agents seized privileged communications between cohen and his clients. ryan also said, the raid stemmed partially.. from a referral by the office of special counsel robert mueller. cohen is a confidant of president trump's... he admitted to paying 130- thousand dollars to porn actress stormy daniels. the president called the raids a "witch hunt". (pam) now an update on a lawsuit before the federal appeals court ... on an equal pay ruling. an eleven judge panel ruled unanimously in favor of a fresno county school employee. she said she was paid less than her male counterparts for the same work... based on her previous salary. now, the fresno county school superintendent plans to
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appeal to the u-s supreme court. the ruling said those differences were based on discrimination in the job market. but in a statement, the superintendent said, the policy of his office for determining salaries did not discriminate on the basis of gender. (pam) a tennessee man wanted in a double homicide has apparently killed himself in mississippi.(steve) casey lawhorn shot his mother and a close frind to death ... then posted a graphic description on facebook.(pam) as kron four's grant lodes reports, police discovered the bodies after a call from the killer himself. "he is calling in and saying at the john ross road location about three hours ago he killed two people and is threatening to kill himself." the 911 call sent police to lawhorn's home in suburban chattanooga.they found the bodies of his mother, vi, and his friend avery gaines.both had been shot in the head.a few hours later lawhorn turned to social media to describe what he called the "technical details": a stolen 22 caliber long rifle ... a mother's
8:36 pm
screams ."movies," he wrote, "really don't do justice to how true terror sounds."he added, "what i did is unforgivable" and said he planned to take his own life. lawhorn apparently posted his description on the road.he stole a ford focus from one of his victims, and fled broke down in the town of vossburg, mississippi.local sheriff's deputies found the empty car parked on the shoulder of interstate fifty=nine.. they waited for daylight to conduct a search. "this morning i instructed one of my deputies with the dog to come back and check the wooded area along the interstate where his vehicle was. according to my deputy the dog alerted at a fence. he put the dog up, went back to the area and found the deceased." (steve) lawhorn's body was about 100 yards from the abandoned car. still ahead still ahead at 8 a proposal to tackle misconduct in the medical
8:37 pm
field. what the plan would force some doctors to do. plus. child advocates are going after youtube ....over what they say the company does to kids. and next... concerned parents speaking out about an online fight club discovered among middle schoolers in colorado. schoolers in
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that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. (pam) parents in colorado are concerned about what some say is a culture of violence at a local middle school. it started with a viral video of a savage, on-campus fight .... between two students. (steve) now some worry that the problem may go deeper than just that one incident. ashley michels reports. as difficult as this video is to watch... parents tell us the district's response was even more shocking.anonymous speaker: "i was in shock seeing that it was said as an isolated incident."this mom -
8:40 pm
who asked us to hide her face and name - says fights at englewood middle school happen all the time.anonymous speaker: "kids are picking fights just to be videotaped and posted on social media." sites like instagram - facebook and twitter... where students have started what's being called an online fight club.anonymous speaker: "school is supposed to be a safe place to send our kids and just seems that it's not these days."initially englewood schools insisted the fight was a one-time a letter to parents over the weekend though the superintendent now says 'we have since become aware that videos of fights at the englewood campus are being housed on pages and referred to as 'fight clubs' or 'englewood fights'. but in a separate statement to fox-31 a district spokesperson wrote 'the idea that any incidents are connected is false.' anonymous speaker: "i think they all are connected just due to the culture at the school."a culture of violence. and she says her 12-year-old son is also a victim.anonymous speaker: "he not only suffered a concussion but bruising of both eyes. he suffering ptsd right now and still having serious problems with headaches."that was a month ago and she says nothing has changed since.anonymous speaker: "i ultimately think there just needs to be more security and more monitoring and i'm not blaming it all on schools. honestly parenting you as parents need to step up too and monitor your kids social media accounts."
8:41 pm
(pam) the district was planning to boost security at the school in question .. officials are also planning additional training for staff ... on how to handle fights between students. (steve) at least one olympian is backing legislation that would make california the first state to require doctors to tell patients if they are on probation gold medalist jordan wieber says it could help protect women from abuse. local state senator jerry hill says roughly 120 doctors are placed on probation every year. for infractions such as sexual misconduct or medical errors. patients can find that information if they know where to look. but the new proposal would require doctors to tell the patient. (pam) in sports. the oakland raiders held voluntary
8:42 pm
workouts today...however their best defensive player...khalil mack...was a no-show.(steve) kim smith is in for gary radnich tonight...she has that...and all the sports...after the break. next at 8 a woman wearing a hijab says a man yelling slurs attacked her with a knife. what she says happened just before the encounter.
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(pam) authorities in harris county, texas, are investigating a possible hate crime.(steve) a woman who says she does not want to be named -- wearing a hijab said a man yelling anti-muslim slurs attacked her with a knife. this houston er nurse says a man in a red truck nearly hit her car. that's when she says the caucasian man got out of the truck and began using racial slurs. the nurse says she tried getting back into her car but not before the man pulled out a knife. she says the man and his passenger took off. the houston chapter of the council on american-islamic relations has offered a 5-thousand
8:46 pm
dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspects. (pam) a coalition of child advocates and consumer groups .. is asking the federal trade commission to investigate youtube... for allegedly violating the privacy of children online. they say, it's done by collecting childrens' data... and targeting ads to them. youtube... which is part of google... has responded saying, protecting children and families has always been a top priority. tonight, we spoke to someone with one of the groups filing the complaint who stresses, something needs to be done. (pam) if you would like to
8:47 pm
watch the full interview on the youtube policy... we have posted it at kron-4 dot com. khalil mack is still waiting for the raiders to show him the money... so he was a no show for the start of organized team activities... but it's really not that big of a deal for mack to be around right now... these first few days of otas are simply just workouts.. some time in the weight room... and they're voluntary... mack is a pretty humble guy considering he is one of the best
8:48 pm
defenders in the league.. he's just waiting on his he's just waiting on his pay day... and he deserves it.. he's on the last part of his rookie deal where the raiders utilized his fifth year option... the extension is inevitable.. manadatory minicamp starts in june.. so mack isn't required to join the team until then... i wouldn't expect to see him any time soon... and it's probably for the best... hold your ground khalil and wait for that as for someone else who has been waiting around for a new deal... former niner safety eric reid.. we talke about this story a few weeks ago whether teams were hesitant about reid because of his protests or was it more about his dropoff in his play on the field...teams are interested in reid... namely the bengals.. reports say reid is scheduled to visit cincinatti.. reid told the media that his agent was in talks but no deals were looming at the start of free agency...looks like things are starting to perculate now... the giants have been rolling lately, 22 runs in the last 4 games... the offensive production has been coming...
8:49 pm
but it hasn't come early on in games . and tonight is the same story.. giants on the road in arizona... the score is 2 to nothing the 6th inning. we''ll have full highlights later tonight... the race in the west is a tight one down to the finish... it's hard to keep up with it, so many different matter who it is... the warriors have it is... the warriors have to get past warriors have to get past round one and the top priority is to get and stay healthy... that's the only way they're going to get through any seven game series... we haven't seen the warriors four all stars play together since right out of the all star break... and we might not see curry join the group for a few more games... --so whoever they play... the warriors know they need to improve on the defensive end of the floor and come out with energy... we can't judge based off these last few games.. playoff basketball is always a different picture..###
8:50 pm
got guys who knows exactly what we got to do when coach puts a game plan together. > it's playoff time for the sharks....seems like they've had some postseason type games down the final stretch... the sharks are the three seed heading into round one against the anaheim ducks on the road...the puck drops on thursday... and the sharks have a good mix of players with plenty of postseason experience to their young star... evander kane.. playing in his first ever playoff game in 9 seasons...the sharks are 11-5- and 1 with kane.. he can definitely be an x factor for the sharks... and here is the first round schedule... games 1 and 2 in anaheim thuirsday and saturday... then back to the shark tank for game 3 monday and game 4 wednesday... then back to wednesday... then back to anaheim for game 5 if necessary so when it's baseball season, nba and nhl playoffs that typically means it's spring time right?? but mother nature
8:51 pm
has been so unpredictable ... and in chicago.. you never know, when you can still get snow.. even in april... the chicago cubs had to cancel their opener ... but the crazy thing just a few miles on the soutside.. the white sox played... a fun task for the groundskeeper ... dealing with 2 inches of snow..the cubs seemed to still have some fun in the snow despite being cancelled.. mean while some fans decided to travel south and check out the sox... next at eight -- next time you engage in a debate on twitter... you may want to ask yourself, who you are really dealing with... we'll tell you why -- coming up. tonight at 9 what are the rules for riding one of these, um i'm actually not sure there are a lot of people, not sure of the rules for the motorized scooters placed all over the bay area , i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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8:53 pm
i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. (steve) a study by pew
8:54 pm
research found that the twitter-verse is rampant with robots!(pam) they are also known as automated accounts or "bots" - not human beings... and they can post content and interact with others.. researchers
8:55 pm
examined more than 1-million tweets during the summer of 2017. they found that of all tweeted links to popular websites, 66-percent were most likely shared by these automated bots. researchers say, their findings do not evaluate whether links were shared by "good" or "bad" bots... nor if the bots are controlled outside of the united states. (steve) u.s. airlines are improving in many areas except for one. that's getting you to your destination on time. but they are losing fewer bags and complaints are down. airlines are also bumping fewer cording to the transportation department. one researcher says the industry is improving, but many travelers are still frustrated by delays and surprises in the ticketing process. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))thank you pam and
8:56 pm at nine...scary moments for a delivery driver after she is carjacked in the middle of the suspect is in custody..after allegedly trying to steal another car while trying to get away from the police.the bizarre in a live rain is gone, but there is a big mess left behind at a busy bay area beach.where last week's storm ravaged this parking lot...and what's being done to clean it up.((grant))plus a kron 4 exclusive.the bay area family..grieving tonight after their loved one was hit by a car...and left for dead.that still on the loose. we'll hear from the victim's loved ones.((vicki))keep it here...kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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please keep your shoes on! stop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so?
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feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy. ..... (grant) a woman
8:59 pm
delivering food in the east bay... carjacked and assaulted... and tonight police say they are looking for more suspects.(grant) good evening i'm grant lodes. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. the carjacking happened early this morning near walnut and cedar streets in north berkeley... although a normally peaceful area-- neighbors say violent crime has spiked in recent years. (grant) kron4 's ella sogomonian is live at the berkeley police department with the story that is new tonight at nine... ella, how is the victim doing and were police able to find her car? police say she was assaulted by the theif but walked away with minor injuries so she'll be okay. with the help of a chp helicopter and oakland police they found her car and arrested one suspect involved. this tranquil north berkeley neighborhood transformed into a crime scene within seconds monday morning, when just after 6 a woman delivering food told police a dark sedan pulled up next to her.she said a man got out, dragged her out of her car, then assaulted her then took off in the black lexus suv headed north on
9:00 pm
walnut street.sot: michael steinbaugh, north berkeley resident// "that's very unusual especially with all the college kids going to school around that time too." another resident whose neighbor also had their car stolen on the same street last summer reacted to the latest incident off camera. sot: neighbor, // "that gets your attention, because the need to be awake at that time in the morning and alert is not usually...that's not when you would expect to be mugged or...that's unfortunate i feel bad for her. it's probably a one off."by 9:30 berkeley police dispatch got a hold of a california highway patrol helicopter who spotted the stolen car a few miles away. sot: sgt. andrew frankel, berkeley police department// "their air unit was flying over golden gate fields a few hours later, saw what they believed to be the suspect vehicle. probably moved in to get a better look. and at that point it probably became clear to the suspects that they were being watched." the driver took off into oakland getting into another car then crashed into a chp vehicle.a woman police say was working with the thief was then arrested as she tried to run away. tag police are still


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