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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 18, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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represents 85 millennium tower condo owners"it's sort of astonishing that this could occur."a luxury tower that was supposed to be the best of the best ... is sinking.and not just a little ... but a lot! and now a proposal to fix the problem is worrying some of the owners buescher"it is designed to prevent the building from sinking any further than it already has and may in 5, 6 or 7 years from now mean that the building tilts less than it does today but this is something thats never been done before on a building of this size and magnitude."the proposal -- which could cost more than what it cost to build the tower itself -- calls for piles to be drilled into the bedrock to stabilize one side of the building and let the other continue to sink until it all straightens out. the problem is ... the tower has already sunk 17 inches ... and as you can see with this marble rolling on the floor ... it's tilting 14 inches to the west and 6 inches to the north and that movement hasn't what's to say this proposal will even work?
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buescher"if they start work tomorrow we won't know for several years what the outcome is and whether or not that will be something that will protect the building."michelle kingston, @mkingstonnews"we're told contractors are already working with the city to get permits for this proposal.if it pans out, it could take 2 to 5 years to far the lawsuits filed by the condo owners, their trial is scheduled for next year.we contacted the attorney representing the homeowners association, but never heard san francisco, michelle kingston, kron 4 news." (vicki) a violent four-vehicle collision this morning left one driver dead and three other drivers in the hospital with serious injuries. it happened around ten-30 here on doolitle drive near langley street in oakland. this stretch of highway is commonly used by commuters traveling to and from the city of alameda and the oakland airport. deputies with the alameda county sheriff's office were
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first on the scene, followed by first responders from oakland fire. rescuers had to use the jaws of life to get to the deceased driver. authorities say an illegal u-turn is among the preliminary causes that they are investigating.
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and androvich took off after hitting him. she was arrested about 15 minutes later in the richmond district...near 26th avenue and california street. androvich is now facing felony hit-and-run charges (grant) east bay police are searching for a man wanted in a murder. rchmond police say vernon dowell is the suspect in a deadly shooting last thursday. he is now wanted on a one million dollar warrant. police say the learned the victim got in an argument with another man before the shooting. no word on what led up to the argument. (vicki) a man who has spent almost a quarter century on death row is slated to be released tomorrow, after the state supreme court ruled the evidence to convict him was false. kron 4 's dan kerman has the story. sotfrom day 1 he has maintained his innocencehe is 68 year old vicente benevides , who has spent 24 years on death row at san quentin thursday he is expected to walk out the gates of the prison, a free man.sot michael hersek / habeas corpus resource center 15-22so many years later he has been found innocent of the charges for
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which he was convictedhis freedom comes after the state supreme court ruled his 1993 conviction for the sexual assault and murder of his girlfriend's 21 month old daughter was based on false evidence. sotthe evidence of sexual assault was false michael hersek is with the habeas corpus resource center which represented benevides. he says when medical experts re-reviewed all the evidence, from all the hospitals the child was taken to, they concluded injuries originally attributed to sexual assault, were due to medical procedures used to try and save her life an error which could have resulted in the exeuction of an innocent mansotbut for the hard work of the people here it is terrifying to imagine things could have played out differentlynow the district attorney in kern county has chosen not to retry beenvides meaning his life on death row will come to end, but not the one most were expecting.standup dan kerman/san quentin 130-140the hearing to release benevides is now scheduled for sometime thursday afternoon, he could walk of the prison anytime after that hearing is complete. outside san quentin, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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lawrence karnow: we enjoyed partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures today. highs were in the 50s and 60s. it is quiet on the doppler radar right now but that may change as another storm system approaches the coast. on the satellite image you can see a rather small low pressure system headed our way. we will see increasing clouds tonight with a chance of showers mainly near the coast. it appears that storm will skirt the coastline so we aren't expecting much rain inland. once it moves out we can expect a big warm up into the weekend. so tomorrow we will see partly cloudy skies with a slight chance of showers near
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the coast. highs will be a little warmer with 50s at the coast, 60s in the bay and a few low 70s inland. it will be mostly sunny and warmer on friday. other than patchy coastal fog this weekend we can expect sunshine and 80s in the valleys. temperatures will cool with increasing clouds on tuesday. (vicki) (vicki) today marked the 112th anniversary of the great san francisco earthquake and fire of 19-06. this is video of the ceremony at lotta's fountain in san francisco just after five this morning... the quake hit at 5:12 a-m.... and every year-- the only fire hydrant working in the area at the time-- is painted gold. it's because of that hydrant-- several structures were saved. there were 26-aftershocks
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and it took firefighters 74- hours to stop the fire caused by the earthquake. today's ceremony was dedicated it to late san francisco mayor ed lee... who past away in december... to this day, the great san franicsco quake ranks as one of the most signifigant earthquakes ever recorded. (vicki) that massive 7-point 9 quake was on the san andreas fault..... and now scientist are predicting that we are due for another big quake on the hayward fault in the east bay. we got a look at some of the major retrofit projects to buildings that sit right on top of the fault. cal's iconic memorial stadium is one of them.... it was almost completely rebuilt account for the fact that the hayward fault runs right thru the stadium. it recently underwent a 200 million dollar retrofit. including expansion joint, seismic dusters, and steel girders. the building was designed so fans can get out safely.... work has also been done to the historic hearst memorial mining building... a building which opened a year after the '06 quake to make it
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seismically safer.. cal officials say they have spent the the last 20 years and tens of millions of dollars projecting their faciilies or replacing them. (grant) it would be 30 times more powerful than the 2014 napa earthquake. it would cause ten times more damage than loma prieta in 1989. those assessments...c oming today...courtesy of a new report that imagines an even bigger quake -- or "a direct hit" on the hayward fault in the east bay. kron four's rob fladeboe has more - on what's being called the 'hay-wired scenario." (animation of hayward fault) the hayward fault., which stretches the length of the east bay, from san pablo bay through berkeley, oakland, haward fremont and milpitas is the most dangerous fault in the bay. the so called "haywired scenario" imagines a magnitude7-point-0 earthquake on the hayward fault centered south of oakland. ken hudnut/u.s.
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geological survey " the haywired scenario, 800 people die, 2,500 people will need to be rescued from heavily damaged buildings, another 22,000 people will be trapped in elevators, 152,000 households will be displaced..."(standup at central park) rob fladeboe/fremont "...i'm here at central park in fremont. the hayward fault cuts right through the middle of the park. that swale or hump you see behind me, that is actuallythe hayward fault pushing the ground up, which has created that hump, which is getting a little bit bigger all the time..."(cracks in the pavement/broken curbs)look at this. there are cracks all over the pavement here and the curbs around the parking lot are moving along with the fault below. inside the community center, there is an ever-widenng crack in the concrete floor. these signs that suggest there would also be widespread damage to infrastricture and underground utilities.ken hudnut/u.s. geological survey "...nobody should be surprised by an earthquake that strikes a direct hit, like 1906, you may not know this but 1994 and 1989 were not direct hits,
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even 1906 was slightly offshore, we're talking about worse, much worse because this will be a direct hit on the est bay urban corridor..." until that day, it's all but reducing risks.hoping to mitigate anticipated shortages of power and water. this animation showshow the san francisco p.u.c. is counting on retrofited water pipes to survive a big quake.steve richie/san francisco public (vicki) state officials have a message for bay area homeowners and renters. it's time to get earthquake insurance and get your home retrofitted before the next big earthquake.(grant)kron 4's gabe slate spoke with the california earthquake authority. sound from: glenn pomeroy - california earthquake authority "most homes out here are not prepared" glenn pomeroy, with the california earthquake authority, says a lot of californians do not understand earthquake insurance. sound from: glenn pomeroy - california earthquake authority "people think gov will bail them out"the only way to get earthquake coverage is to buy
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a separate policy. glenn pomeroy says because the california earthquake authority was created by the california legislature and is a non for profit insurance provider they offer safe reliable affordable policies. and not just for homeowners glenn says renters should have earthquake insurance also which can run as low as $150 a year.sound from: glenn pomeroy - california earthquake authority"it's very cheap and we know the big one is coming " glenn pomeroy says if you retrofit your house you save 20% on earthquake insurance. sound from: glenn pomeroy - california earthquake authority " if not retrofitted like pulling rug from under someone, so easy to retrofit for a few thousand dollars " not every home needs retrofitting. sound from: glenn pomeroy - california earthquake authority" it's just homes before 1979 that is really bad and need to be checked " in berkeley gabe slate kron 4 news
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(grant) and don't forget...we have a special earthquake section on there... you will find a map of the latest quakes to hit the bay area. we also have information on what you should do when an earthquake hits-- as well as what you should have in your earthquake kits at home and in the car. it's all on kron4-dot com. (vicki) coming up on kron4 news at nine... it's been little over a month since the hart family's s-u-v plunged off a mendocino county
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cliff... and tonight a family friend is speaking out about the ordeal... (grant) plus... a teen in the north plus... a teen in the north bay is helping a man on the other side of the world who lost his arm... by building him a prosthetic. you'll never believe how it's being built...that's coming up in a live report. (vicki) and after the break.. it is considered one of the biggest, if not the biggest pot parties that brings thousands of people to san francisco.... details on what make this 420 celebration fdifferent from years past and how city officials are preparing...
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celebration... and the big difference this year in the bay...recreational marijuana is legal. this annual cannabis celebration draws thousands of pro-pot-people to san francisco's golden gate park every year... but as kron4 justine waldman explains.... even though this event is technically 'not' sanctioned by the city, it's definitely involved. pkgthe smoke haze will again rise above hippy hill on 4/20 this years celebration is the first since the legalization recreational-cannabis in california. and it is expected to draw 15-thousand people to golden gate park.sot it is our favorite day...hahathere will be extra police in the park, as well as private security, and porta-pottiessan francisco laid down the ground rules for the unsanctioned holiday.... no tents, canopies or tables. no coolers larger than 9 by 12 - no barbecues or cooking equipment. no amplified sound equipment. no drones, no glass and absolutely no one under 18 years old and no violenceboard supervisor london breed/ san franciscosot "we will not allow anyone to use 4/20 as an excuse to damage our parks or our neighborhoods."nats this is a jointmarijuana sales are
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expected to be high on friday. as people stock up on buds. nats a lot of people still like to just roll up a joint.. traditional , exactly! at the apothecarium on lombard street the store has it all in stock."this is our big moment."extra staff will be working long hours to accommodate the, as a way to entice customers it will be offering special discounts.4/20 is the marijuana industries black friday."flower edibles vapor cartridges and we got a little bite of everything and we are going to take care of the public.."justine:supervisor breed said the holiday puts a stress police, muni and park resources. and the day after city staff picks up 10-thousand pounds of trash from parks.and at the apothecarium they expect lines here on they will open early on friday and stay open late as a way to maximize on the buzz of 4/20. live in san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news
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((vicki))new tonight at nine... a marin teen says he successfully built a prosethetic arm for a man in romania.((grant)) the 15-year-old built the arm using only his home computer and a 3d printer. ((dbl bx)) kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in marin county with that story. yeah, well new yeah, well new prostethic arms can be very expensive but this young man made a functioning arm in his bedroom and he
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wants to make more.nats 15-year-old jaden ramos started tinkering with 3d printers when he was in 6th grade.soti like that you can design something and in a few hours hold it in your physical hand.late last year jaden heard about a man in romania who had lost his right arm below the elbow. the mans family had posted a request online hoping to find someone to build them a prostetic arm. looking for a challenge, jaden reached out to the family.sot he sent me the dimensions for the hand and i started figuring out how i was going to build it for him.ramos downloaded a blueprint for a generic prosthetic arm off the internet and began tweaking the design with 3d modeling software. soti would edit the base model so it would fit the man hand.the arm had to be the right size and strong enough to endure the wear and tear of daily use. the hand also needed to open and close for grasping objects. after 3 months of tinkering, this was the finished product. it features bendable joints with rubber bands and springs acting as tendons. jaden boxed it up and shipped it off to romania.sotand a couple weeks later he sent me pictures and videos of his dad using it.the man could grab a pot with the arm, drink a coke, sweep the floor. . . even pick up a bucket. jaden was thrilled.sotit was awesome. i was jumping up and down. i was walking home with
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my friends and i started freaekin out. he got it and it's working perfectly.he says the biggest problem so far is finding people who need a prosthetic. he hopes by telling this story more people in need will reach out.sotit really feels good when your helping someone else.jaden says that after high school he might like to study marin county, charles clifford kron 4 news. (vicki) an east bay (vicki) an east bay student got the biggest surprise of her life when she became one of just 20 students in the country to get a special scholarship. samone
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anderson is a senior at kennedy high school in richmond. she received a scholarship this morning for 20-thousand dollars to any school of her choice from footlocker. her teachers says she works very hard and deserves every penny.dr. la rue moore/technology teacher: "she was voted as our class president here in class. so that meant she could help other students with their work because she always finished her work quickly, got it done and was a leader in our class." samone anderson/student: "this is probably the best feeling i've felt...this is bigger then when our team won the league championship this year. this was bigger than getting accepted into all the colleges. this is probably the most exciting moment i'd have to say of my life." life." samone wasn't told beforehand what today's pep rally announcement would be. samone plans on attending u-c-l-a. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the
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embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: we enjoyed partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures today. highs were in the 50s and 60s. it is quiet on the doppler radar right now but that may change as another storm system approaches the coast. on the satellite image you can small low pressure system headed will see increasing clouds tonight with a chance of showers mainly near the coast. it appears that storm will skirt the coastline so we aren't rain inland. once it moves out we can expect a big warm up into the weekend. so tomorrow we will see partly cloudy skies with a slight chance of showers near the coast. highs will be a little warmer with 50s at the coast, 60s in the bay and a few low 70s inland. it will be mostly warmer on friday. other than patchy coastal fog this weekend we can expect sunshine and 80s in the valleys. temperatures will cool with increasing clouds on tuesday.
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coming upi'm asking the police officers if they could stop having people cross the street in front of know what, i just happen to be in morgan hill were i know a few police officers i can relay this messages to i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (grant) after the break.... find out why you should be changing your credit cards more offten than you think...
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4 your money tonight... when was the last time you took a good look at the credit cards in your wallet?(grant)
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according to a new study -- your credit cards are probably older than you realize. which means you could be missing out on some major perks. mary moloney has the details in today's consumer watch. credit cards seem to stick around.according to a creditcards-dot-com report -- million people haven't switched their primary card in 10 yearsmatt schulz / senior industry analyst: "a 10- year-old credit card is kind of like a 10-year-old pair of pants or a jacket. it probably doesn't fit you that well anymore"49 million cardholders have never changed their primary credit card.if you want to switch -- matt schulz / senior industry analyst: "know thy self. so take the time to ask yourself a few questions. and the biggest ones are, what do you want to get from this card? and how do you plan to use it?"matt schulz / senior industry analyst: "before you sign up for that new card with the big sign-up bonus, make sure you can pay off that credit card when you get it. otherwise you are asking for some trouble."you can still take advantage of new card benefits -- even if you want to keep your old one. matt schulz / senior industry analyst: "talk to your current credit card issuer and say i love my card, but the interest rate is really high and i'm getting offered cards with a lot lower aprs, is there anything that you can do to work with me? and there's a good chance that they for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney
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(grant)topvo ahead at nine... we are learning new details about the southwest engine explosion... and tonight the u-s airline regulators ordered new inspections to prevent a simialr tragedy in the future. (vicki) plus... a fresno state professor under fire tonight for a series of comments she made after former first lady barbara bush passed away. what she said coming up... (grant) and after the break... tonight a family friend of the hart family-- who were killed when the family's s-u-v plunged off a mendocino county cliff... is speaking out... hear what she says had one of the mother's on edge... (vicki now at 9:30... the body
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of a sixth member of the hart family was identified yesterday. 12-year-old ciera hart died after her family's s-u-v plunged off a mendocino county cliff last month.(grant) reporter gabrielle karol talked to a friend of one of the mother's...who's still in complete shock. (("23:41 right now it feels like someone has told me a little half of a truth and now i'm even more confused knowing that than i was before)) nusheen bakhtiar describes the hart family home as one of
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love ... and laughter. she shared this video with me of devonte. (("hi nusheen ... thank you for the birthday ...."))in text messages however (text 6) ... jennifer said she was still coping with the trauma of being stalked, harassed and threatened .. after a photo went viral ... of devonte hugging a portland police officer at a 2014 protest.((6:57 their home was being vandalized, they had to change their phone, they were having death threats in their mailbox))police records suggest the hart family never sought help for these issues. in hindsight ... bakhtiar says the problems may have been more serious than she ever realized. still ... she doesn't believe the harts abused their children ... even though child protectives had gotten involved with the family in minnesota, oregon and washington. ((29:58 i want investigators to come out and prove they can prove that right? if a child had trauma, i want them to come out and say it wasn't true))bakhtiar says even if the intentional ... it doesn't mean that the harts weren't great mothers up to that point.((30:30 they were alone, scared desperate in pain. they didn't do it out of malice, i think they did what they did because there was no other option.)) (grant) that was gabrielle karol
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reporting. invesitgators determined the mother behind the wheel...jennifer hart... was legally drunk at the tim eof the crash... toxicology results concluded that hart's wife and several children had large amounts of a drug in their system that can cause drowsiness. (vicki) another big story we're tracking... the investigation into what went wrong when an engine exploded on a southwest airlines flight. and as investigators are working to figure out how the plane's window came out of the plane. we're learning more about how the victim died. philadelphia's medical examiner says jennifer riordan was killed when she was partially blown out of the plane. they say she died of blunt impact trauma to her head, neck and torso.
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meanwhile a federal investigator says a crack on the interior of a jet engine is what led to the failure that shot debris at the plane. one of the 24 blades in the engine fractured from metal fatigue. u-s airline regulators say they will order inspections on engine fan blades like the one involved in fatal failure. (grant) a fresno state professor is under fire for a series of tweets condemning former first lady barbara bush. (vicki) and those tweets were posted just an hour after her death was announced. reporter connie tran is at fresno state with the details... though it was a typical school day... for many fresno state students wednesday... security measures were ramped up... following a controversial tweet posted by english professor... "randa jarrar". the creative writing teacher... who has been with the univeristy since 2010... took to twitter tuesday night... calling former first lady barbara bush a quote "amazing racist".
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bush had died just hours before, at the age of 92. (01:59) please know that the university is taking this matter very seriously; and the incident is under review but jarrar's attack on bush didn't stop there. she used a profanity in the tweet. and posted a response that she was a "tenured" professor who makes 100-thousand a year and could quote "never be fired". president joseph castro says that's not necessarily true.(06:08) just because she's a tenure professor doesn't mean that she can do and say whatever she wishes; this is something that we will look at carefully within the collective bargaining agreement and our policies and make the best judgment possible jarrar also tweeted about bush saying quote: "i'm happy the witch is dead". castro called jarrar's tweets inappropriate and disrespectful.(nat break) jarrar is not currently teaching this semester... provost "lynnette zelezny" says "jarrar" had previously asked to take a leave of absence.(06:14) we do have codes of social media behavior; again; one of the things i want to point out here is that what we're most concerned about is we do represent as a univerisity values of respect for diversity
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(vicki) that was connie tran reporting... tonight we are learning when funeral services will be held for barbara bush. on friday-- the public is invited to pay their respects to the former first lady as she will lie in repose at saint martin's church in houston texas. then on saturday, the bush family will hold a private funeral and burial service. among the guests at the ceremony will be current first lady melania trump. former presidents barack obama and bill clinton and their wives also plan to attend funeral services for former first lady. (grant) california and the trump adminstration have come to an agreement... to send national guard troops to the u-s mexico border... today governor brown announced 400 national guard members will be mobilized to fight against gun and drug smugglers and human trafficking. this comes after a request from president
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trump...governor brown says the california national guard will not enforce immigration laws or participate in the construction of any new border barrier. (vicki) president trump acknowledging today that c-i-a director mike pompeo made a secret trip to north korea -- reportedly laying the groundwork for direct talks between kim jong un and president trump. reporter omar jimenez has the very latest from washington. president donald trump: we've had talks at the highest level. president trump confirming reports c.i.a. director mike pompeo met with kim jong un in north korea over easter weekend, saying "a good relationship was formed".this as part of the behind-the- scenes preparations for president trump and kim jong un's expected in-person meeting later in may or early june. it would be the first face-to-face encounter between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader. the news coming as a surprise to many members of congress.rep. adam kinzinger / -r- illinois / house foreign affairs committee: you want these
9:37 pm
kinds of meetings to happen before the president actually goes and meets. you want some of these things to be hammered out so that final negotiations can be put down because we're really at the 11th hour of diplomacy and if this fails i fear what comes next.for pompeo what comes next is a difficult road to senate confirmation to become the new secretary of state, with republicans and democrats on the foreign relations committee split as to whether revelations of this meeting help or hurt his case.sen. bob corker / -r- tennessee / chairman of the foreign relations committee: i like the fact that pompeo met with him. i want those people meeting with kim jong un or the people around him prior to the two leaders of the countries meeting together.the two top ranking democrats on the committee; however, oppose pompeo's confirmation, with sen. bob menendez citing the surprise of the pompeo - kim jong un sit-down, saying, he was not forthcoming in their private meeting and for, "someone who is the nominee to be secretary of state, when he speaks with committee leadership and is asked specific questions about north korea, to share some insights about such a visit."pompeo is spending wednesday meeting with senators ahead of his washington, i'm omar jimenez. (grant) still ahead... a big four
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legged critter got itself into a áátight situation after it somehow got itself locked inside an suv... we'll show you how deputies managed to get it out... (lawrence bay area weather) (mark sports tease) coming up, the warriors...head to san antonio hoping to close out the series. we'll check in with the champs. plus, an update from the shark tank as they aim to sweep in to round 2.
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round one of the warriors postseason run now moves to texas. here's a look at the team boarding their charter flight for san antonio this mormning.... and then they had an afternoon practice at the arena. game 3 is tomorrow night.. the team hopes to close out the spurs on sunday. winner of the series advances to face whoever comes out of the portland-new orleans series. the warriors have made it look easy in the first
9:41 pm
two games, but steve kerr is focused on controlling the tempo. (sot: kerr) "there's a few different ways to do that and you know 1 is to force some turnovers obviously and another is to make sure you rebound, keep them off the offensive glass and we gotta try to be disruptive defensively and we can't let them come down and just execute which i thought they did for most of game two." switching on over to the spurs--tragic news hit the franchise today as spurs head cach gregg popovich's wife... erin... has died. not many details have been released, however she was battling an illness for quite some time. the popovichs were married four decades and had two children popovich ran the spurs' practice today... no word on what his coaching plan are for tomorrow's game 3 or the remainder of the series this afternoon, the warriors offered their condolences. (wipe to sot: durant) "i don't even know what to say i mean that's ... man thats tough ... man. you get so much support from so many people that ... you would've never crossed paths with if it wasn't for basketball. just want pop to know that the whole nba family
9:42 pm
is supporting him and got his back through it all." finally, the period away from moving on to the 2nd round of the stanely cup playoffs. here's an update from the shark tank... sharks-ducks. marcus sorensen scored a 1st period goal... martin jones great again between the pipes... sharkies looking good... up 1-0... now in the 3rd. coming up in sports at 10, we'll have full highlights from san jose. plus, show you how the day shaped out for the giants and a's. i no wondering, "what if?" uncertainties of hep c. i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common
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type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. it's rare that people
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love seeing stanley roberts lurking with police officers during a crack-down.(vicki) but that's exactly what happened today with at least one man today in the south bay. .. you are looking at police and sheriff motorcycles officers from cities all around santa clara county, hitting the streets of morgan hill (sound of motorcycles) they are part of santa clara county allied enforcement and they target drivers behaving badly behinds the wheel like speeders where officers used lidar to determine the speed of drivers on various roads know for speeders .. and drivers thank you guys thank you, this road people are always speeding on this road they never stop.. the school zone down here they
9:46 pm
are usually doing like 50, 60 miles per hour thank you guys for coming out have a good day and residents you don't like it here in morgan hill? (i don't like you) why don't you like me you think about it just not this resident were tickled pink when they are caught speeding they either were pulled over or flagged down this driver was in the process of passing another driver hi officer butler with the los altos police department we are here on a joint task force they driver claimed she knew there was zero tolerance enforcement going on.we're coming into a school zone here and it's a posted 40 and you at 53 coming into it ... they also looked
9:47 pm
at drivers not stopping for school buses with the red lights activated did you see the school bus lights come on (no) you didn't see it we were behind you when you went around it do you know what you re suppose to do when they come on (stop) and you didn't why i didn't pay attention.. not paying attention to school buses can set you back in the range of 700 dollars and a point on your record officers also focused for another important issue, pedestrian safety .which was slightly missed by this driver i'm asking the police officers if they could stop having people cross the street in front of cars because earlier when i was driving a whole group of cars like 10 people and a old man like maybe 60 years probably not too old just randomly walks in front about 6 cars that are in a group and i had to slam on my breaks it doesn't seem appropriate oh yea . it was like that . oh look i've run out of time but i'll have more in a future edition of people behaving badly in morgan hill stanley roberts kron 4 news (grant) (grant) a man is recovering tonight after being punched in the face after he offered to buy beer for the person standing in line with him at a convience store. take a close look at this man -- he's accused of punching the victim... and causing him to lose consciousness. sacramento county sheriffús say the victim was unconscious for about 8 minutes. deputies say the suspect also took money from the victim's
9:48 pm
wallet and left with another man. (vicki) an east bay cafe says they were robbed at gunpoint saturday night. it's the second time in recent months the rawr coffee bar which is attached to the cat town shelter in oakland. the cat town cafe partners with the rawr coffee bar to let patrons play with kittens while having coffee. they say they were robbed saturday night by a man who came in and threatened employees...before getting away with cash. last month ...someone smashed the window of the cat shelter... sending the animals running as the burglar walked past to the cafe. that time the thief did not get away with anything. lawrence karnow: we enjoyed partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures today. highs were in the 50s and 60s. it is quiet on the doppler radar right now but that may change as another storm system approaches the coast. on the satellite image you can see a rather small low pressure system headed our way. we will see increasing clouds tonight with a chance of showers mainly near the coast. it appears that storm will skirt the coastline so we aren't expecting much rain inland. once it moves out we can expect a big warm up into the weekend. so tomorrow we will
9:49 pm
see partly cloudy skies with a slight chance of showers near the coast. highs will be a little warmer with 50s at the coast, 60s in the bay and a few low 70s inland. it will be mostly sunny and warmer on friday. other than patchy coastal fog this weekend we can expect sunshine and 80s in the valleys. temperatures will cool with increasing clouds on tuesday.
9:50 pm
(grant) new tonight at nine... sheriff deputies in colorado respond to a someone breaking into a family's s-u- v...and he wasn't going anywhere fast.(vicki) that suspect was huge bear who managed to lock itself inside the vehicle... reporter dan daru shows us how they managed to get it out... boulder county, colo. -- a bear broke into a vehicle and locked itself inside, the boulder county sheriff's office said.deputies were able to open the vehicle's door to safely let the bear out. the vehicle was damaged, but there were no injuries to the bear or people.the incident happened on conifer hill road on monday.the sheriff's office said bears are beginning to look for food in neighborhoods and offered several tips to avoid the animals."trust us, you don't want to have to deal with a 'hangry' bear," the sheriff's office said on facebook. (grant)(grant) that was dan daru
9:51 pm
reporting... this is a good reminder that wildlife is out and about this time of year and about this wildlife is out and about this time of year looking for food. (vicki) wildlife experts are advising people to not leave any food inside tents, and even cars because those big four legged critters are always looking for some kind of treat to snack on... (vicki) back here on the peninsula-- eight baby ducklings are recovering after being rescued from a storm drain in san mateo. (grant) the peninsula humane society
9:52 pm
says the baby ducks were found trapped in mud at the bottom of a concrete drainage ditch... right off of highway 101 on the poplar avenue exit. a driver found the ducklings and called the humane society. the ducklings will be released back into the wild once they are older and self-sufficient. (vicki) up next.. dramatic body camera video of officers stopping a suicidal teen from jumping off a bridge has just been released... and tonight the responding officers speak out about their heroic actions... fearless is a wild animal. crazy enough to believe it can change the world. fearless is resilient enough to suffer the slings and arrows - and come out stronger. fearless reads the rules, understands the limitations, listens to the naysayers - and then goes ahead and does it anyway.
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you know what we make. fearless makes us who we are. ♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit (vicki) several columbus,
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ohio police officers, are being called heroes for saving a teen from jumping off a bridge last month.(grant) body cam footage of the incident had just been released. and tonight reporter geoff redick spoke to two of those officers who are now being called heroes.. ofc. kenneth kropp:"i thought she was gone. honestly, i thought she was so close." officer kenneth kropp only knew two things as he raced toward greenlawn bridge the night of march 20th.his target was a 17-year-old, and she was ready to jump.kropp:"and then we saw, i believe, just her head and we could tell right away it was on the other side of the bridge, which was a bad sign."nat sound:reaching out to help, officer kropp and fellow officer anthony sebastiano got there first. ofc. anthony sebastiano: "thankfully we had four officers there. we were able to get enough leverage to get her back over the railing."nat sound:hannah thompson:"it shows me they care about their
9:56 pm
community."suicide prevention officer hannah thompson calls the video proof that whether it's a voice on a hotline or a cop on the street ...nat sound: ... there's always someone who cares.hannah thompson:"the police were there to get her to safety. it's really nice to be reminded that these are things that they're doing every day."sebastiano:"i took this job to help people, and that was obviously a great opportunity to help someone that was in need."for both officers, it's also personal. kropp:"when i'm heading to a run, regardless of what it is, i always think that's my brother, my sister, father. it's somebody. what if it was my child, you know?" (vicki) that was geoff redick reporting... also say they were blessed to be put in this situation and save a life...(grant) the national hotline to call if
9:57 pm
you or someone you know is thinking about suicide is on your screen: 1-800-273-8255. your screen: 1-800-273-8255. ((grant))that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...((vicki))but our primetime coverage continues...steve aveson is here with kron 4 news at ten. steve? ((steve))thank you grant and at ten...san francisco..gearing up for a huge 4-20 is the first time...since recreational sales became legal, and pot dispensaries are expecting long lines that day.what the city is keep people safe. plus new at ten....incredible video of a house exploding..just moments after authorities moments after authorities arrived.we'll tell you where it happened.((steve)) plus...a possible fix on the way for san francisco's millennium tower...but it's a costly one.we'll break it all down.don't go away...kron 4 news at ten starts right after the break.
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9:59 pm
its one of our favorite days here in sfbuttedhappy 420 san francisco, hippie hill. (steve) san francisco is taking a deep
10:00 pm
breath before the celebration of 4-20.for the first time.. adults can legally buy pot. thank you for joining us im steve aveson.(grant) and im grant lodes.. in for pam moore. more than 15-thousand-dollar people are expected to poor into golden gate park friday. but for locals, and even a handful of revelers...the big pot party has led to problems in the past.(steve) kron 4's justine waldman explains how the city, police and businesses are getting ready.. pkgthe smoke haze will again rise above hippy hill on 4/20 this years celebration is the first since the legalization recreational-cannabis in california. and it is expected to draw 15-thousand people to golden gate park.sot it is our favorite day...hahathere will be extra police in the park, as well as private security, and porta-pottiessan francisco laid down the ground rules for the unsanctioned


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