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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 9, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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taylor. >> this means so much to me. >> what we learned about katy's motives. is swift reigniting at feud. zpljt bad blood the ballroom. have she was banned from skating for a reason. then jada comes clean to will smith's ex-wife. >> i probably should have fell back. >> you think? >> the real talk that left them in tears. >> and our property brothers exclusive from san francisco. drew dishes i do details and breaks baby news? >> did you just announce to world we're having win ises? on the next "e.t." this is "entertainment tonight." taylor swift versus katy perry. these two have been going at each other for years. is their bad blood finally over? >> here's the thing, nancy. as one taylor feud ends, she goes on stage and reignites another. let's get to that in a second. let's start with katy's surprise
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peace offering. ♪ now we got bad blood >> i just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch. this means so much to me. >> i am ready to let it go. >> katy had it all. the olive gramplg was clever. the handwritten note made it genuine. it said, hi, old friend. i have been doing reflikting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us. i want to year the air. i'm keeply sorry. >> women together, not divided. none of this petty brp blp. >> say it. say i, sister. say it. say it. >> women together will heal the world. >> you said it. >> we now? because katy and orlando are back on? or because they just met the pope and katy feels inlightened. katy was dressed as an angel at the met gala. a source tells us katy put a lot
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of thought in the apology.she t kind note in hopes taylor would see how much she cared about putting this behind them. she want os set a good example of women. >> i want to be an example of kindness, passion, love, forgive and forget. ♪ taylor taylor >> forgive and forget doesn't apply when it cops to kim kardashian. taylor referenced kim's taped tweets. >> some really low times. and if someone uses name calling to bully you on social media, that doesn't have to defeat you. it can strengthen you instead. ♪ ready for it >> okay. >> well, while she was on stage, kim yuz in new york. >> some people were upset that the theme of this year was the catholic influence on fashion.
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look who joked about rihanna's headpiece. the archbishop of new york. >> she gave it back to me this morning. >> oh, really. >> i was teasing my auxiliaries who were teasing me. i said, you should not complain. she's volunteered to do some confirmations. >> cardinal dolan told the catholic channel he was not offended by the over-the-top catholic-themed fashion. >> it would be a sin not wear it. >> and andy cohen tackled this burning question on "what what happens live." >> i'm curious who you saw get the most drunk at the met gala afterparty last night. >> george, how many tequila shots did you have tonight? >> i'm going start now. >> george quloclooney? >> that's the one. >> meanwhile, j. lo tried to dodge the paparazzi. >> it's a great night.
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superglamorous. it's like being cinderella for a night. speaking of cinderella moments, we're still buzzing about kerry washington's met gala look. she was a golden goddess in ralph lauren on the red carpet. we caught up to her last night as she co-chaired a gala. >> i love the met ball. i love museums. i love honestly that the met gala, we e get to wander around the museum and see incredible exhibits every year. it's the fanciest date night we have ever year. >> we're going next year, cam. the gala raised more than there are 13 million for the costume institute. meanwhile, we're halfway through this year's "dancing with the stars" athletes flp is drama. >> oh, man, is there ever in adam rippon throwing shade at tonya harding. >> i was shocked. >> here imcomes. making no apologies for it. >> how does today's skaters feel about the fact that tonya harding is on the show. >> it think there's conflict.
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because maybe they don't feel that we should be celebrating somebody who did help or knew of an attack of a competitor of hers. >> why? >> she was banned from skating for a reason. and, it wasn't taken away from her. >> and that is why the always unfiltered "dancing with the stars" fan favorite tells us he is on team nancy kerrigan. >> you know what, don't judge a book by its trailer. [ screaming ] >> rippon said he did gain sympathy for her personal life after seeing the film, "i, tonya." >> it's a dratization. but she had a rough upbringing. she was surrounded herself with really bad people. but i think that right now, it's nice to see that she has a moment. ♪ >> love her. hate her. she got chased by bear.
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she looked awesome. is have she has the support of allison janney. last night, margot robbie said she hopes to follow suit. >> i just got back yesterday. she texed. are you going to come watch? sure. >> she wouldn't be the first person on "dancing with the stars" to show a different side of herself. >> no, no. let's get bahhing to margot for a second. she's a supportive friend and co-star. she's also a good boss. >> i have learned a lot about you this ebbing. >> oh. okay. >> first thing i learned is you give good tea service at 4:00 a.m. on set. >> i'm always making a cup of tea. >> you want one? >> she's literally serving tea. she got up. got a tray of drinks. >> and the second thing. you put mike myers' wife on her back in a drinking game. >> she challenged my wife to a
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drinking contest. >> i gotta ask, who won? >> oh, my gosh. margot did. she wiped the floor with us. >> so cute. there is drinking on the the job. it was a good time. imminent death. >> her good time in the tlirl "terminal" might have something to do with her co-star mike myers. he would like to reprise one of his iconic roles. >> i would love to do a movie there dr. evil's perspective. dr. evil one, austin powers 4. >> we could start the campaign. >> i like coming here. >> that's a good one. i would want ♪ wayne's world party time excellent ♪ >> can we get dr. evil back and bring beyonce back, too. i'm going to do my best to keep up. i'm a runner. >> how meghan markle is shedding before the wedding. her go-to workout with harry. then, jada pinkett smith's shocking confession. dating will while he was still
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married. >> i didn't understand divorce. >> you're living in a house i picked out. you said, it's my house now. but first, an "e.t." exclusive. the stars of fox's "the four" battle for stardom gear up for season two in full gam mour mode. >> never know what is going to happen. unpredictable. tense. you have the fergie, our fearless leader. >> yes. killing it. >> i think we know who the leader is. >> it will be a fresh start for the show, which did not replace charlie walk. he left last season amid allegations of past sexual harassment, which he denied. megan trarn has the undeniable bride-to-be glow. she's engaged to "spy kids"'ser daryl sabara. >> my fiance is my savior.
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♪ we were there this morning as meghan markle joined husband-to-be prince harry at
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madame tussaud's new york. >> this was a replica of the dress she wore to the queen's christmas function. >> here's the quig request. do you like london or new york better? >> they both look realistic. i think meghan looks the most realistic. >> i like the real-life version. that's the one i'm going for. spl she look like your wife. all right. well. re-creating the the dust is one thing. how does he stay so fresh and fit in real life? here's how. >> i definitely try to eat as clean as possible. fish and vej jis. i'm also a foodi e. on the weekends, all bets are off. >> she loves burgers. she loves fries. she's a big fan of italian food. she's a california girl at heart. she loves mexican food. >> but to get back on track. >> five things i always have in
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my fridge. hub news. carrot. a green juice. almond milk. and chi ax seed pudding. i make it every week. is there she's said to be 5'7", 14 pounds. and a size 4. >> i love running. but i think, i think you have to find a workout routine that really speaks to you beyond trying to get goals for your body. >> she loves her yoga. she starts most morningings with a yoga ritual. that's rubbed off on prince harry. he likes to start his day with a green juice right now. just like meghan. >> back in 2013, meghan gave her fitness tips to behar formerly of shape maug zeen. >> i have known meghan markle since my college days. when the cameras are off, she's very charming. very humble. she's the real deal. >> and what is the one meghan must have you can pick up at any
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grocery stow? >> i have been using a lot of coconut owl. on my skin the. hi hair. as a conditioner. and to cook with. >> coconut oil just went flying off the the shelves. >> are they ready for meghan? >> they're ready. >> i can't wait. still ahead -- >> it was fighting words. >> jada pinkett smith gets real with will's ex. the emotional interview you have to see. >> we all come here with our burdens. three, two, one. >> bore versus brother many the kich snn our exclusive with the hgtv due yo letting a big secret slip. >> you said what? closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i want you to check out will
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smith and his son, jaden, working on their dance moves in colombia. will is there shooting his new movie, gemmy man. i don't know what he's doing. meanwhile, back at home, will's wife, jada pinkett smith is making news with her facebook show, red table talk. in the first episode, she sits down with will's ex, sheree. among the revelations, she says she regrets dating will while he was still married. >> i didn't understand divorce. i probably should have fell back. >> you think? >> did that seem scary at first? >> it was scary. it's the first time shere rks and i have actually sat down to talk about it. and it was -- >> shere rks and will were married and had a son together, trey. before the divorce was finali d finalized, jada and will started
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dating. >> you did that and that's done. >> oh, you thought it was done? >> right. thereto's where i was wrong. >> yes, yes. >> we talk about our journey. how it started. how rough it was. >> in their early days living together, shere rks tried to call trey and jada answered. >> it was fighting words. >> it was fighting words. >> and you hung up on me. >> oh, girl! >> i called back. i happened to say, quote, [ bleep ] you are living in a house i picked out. you said, it's my house now. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> whoo! i want you to know, will smith let me have it. >> that is trey's mother. and, that's just not your place. >> on facebook watches red table talk, jada says both women later bonded raising trey together from when he was just 2. >> he said, i really liked her,
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mom. >> oh, my gosh. >> thank you. for loving my baby. >> and trey, now 25, still brings them together. >> some of the stuff he has to deal with. >> we can relate because of trey. >> my son could not have a better -- >> thank you, rae. >> no, thank you. >> i had to pause it calm of times. i was getting teary-eyed. you'll get to experience a side of jada you have never seen before. check them out. from the smiths to the scots. the "property brothers" drew and jonathan. >> my good buddies. keltie was with them in san francisco. they shot "brother versus brother." drew was pulling double i-do duty. >> look what is going on. tell me about the wedding of
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your dreams. >> drew-zilla. he's doing everything. >> it will be a skillet. a scottish tux. i'll be wearing it the traditional way. >> naked. i can't wait. >> when are we going have building the nursery of your dreams snmts that's great idea. maybe it's baby versus baby. >> we have to train them to be the next property brothers. >> did you just announce to the world you're having twins? >> yeah, i hope so. >> on the next "e.t." give us time. we have to bet those twins. zpl the destination wedding is happening in europe. >> are you worried? >> three key words for his wedding. no fly zone. >> will you be filming it? would you ever do reality show? >> me and linda? the drew-dashians. i don't know what you would call
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it. i'm not a drama kind of person. >> oh, i love drama. you said what? >> san francisco bay, here we come. >> this is going to be bigger and badder than ever before. >> i coo k see the fare if your eyes. >> season six of one of hgtv's highest rated shows premiers mare 23rd. we tested out the twins fierceness in irl. in real life. >> we're going have a sundae making competition. three, two, one. go, go, go, go, go, go. >> get out of here. >> it's got creativity. flavor. >> if that was a tinder profile, i would have already swiped the wrong way. >> i need everyone to clap for who you think should win. drew. who thinks it is classic indulgence, jonathan. >> yeah! >> i think it was equal. come on. twin magic.
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clearly drew and jonathan know a thing or two about home renovation. there are ways to transform you home in a hollywood one. chic, glam, sophisticated. we have been invited into some incredible celebrity digs. we're always looking for ways to get the a-list look. we teamed up with with home goods for creative inspiration. >> when i'm in new york, i always try to find the time to go exploring and get inspired by the fabulous city. lucky for us, home goods has made the skyline brighter. very classy. hello. i love it. >> they give us tons of great design ideas. it was time to go shopping. >> i had come to home goods. i'm ready to find. what? i had no idea i needed that. this is like very boho california cool. peefrt for my fixer upper. i love this so much. it looks so expensive. you won't believe it. under $40.
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my place is going look amazing. i have to idea how i'm going get it all home. i'm going to do my best. >> why does keltie always get to go shopping. >> home goods. i got a phew home. i need ya. >> have you seen my office? coming up, who is the oscar winner doubling down on her award-worthy dress. not mad at you. next on kron-4 news at eight: heavy hearts tonight.. as an easy bay community mourns the loss of a 15 year-old who drowned in his high school swimming pool a vigil.. happening right now in his honor.we'll take you there long time bay area bus driver in big trouble with the law, accused of packing a pistol while driving his route.why he claims he had no other choice. and we have dramatic video of a kayaker's close encounter...with a great white shark! i'm ken i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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promo considerations provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> you have a little -- oh. >> oh, thanks. >> only we're with roond bryce dallas howard. >> now i get to be an "e.t."
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reporter. >> turn the tables. and the father-daughter drama. >> when are you going the hire me as an actress? cate blanchett made sure that the red carpet had a relikeling program. she looked exquisite in a ball gown by giorgio armani prive. have she says too many garments are thrown away when they should be cherished and reworn for a lifetime. i have never seen you in the same dress. >> that's because we have a clever thing of cutting off a sleeve and making it a one-sleeve dress. >> i just rock the same tux over and owe again. make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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they'd tell you to go to ross. because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. now at 8. a community in mourning after a student drowns at an east bay school
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tonight a vigil remembering the 15 year old. why city officials say police should not have been called. a kayaker goes ends up in the water....and unaware of the danger lurking nearby. we talk to him about the close encounter. (ken) tonight in the east bay .... a vigil is being held for a teenager who drowned in his school's swimming pool yesterday.(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne (pam) and i'm pam moore. grief counselors have been on hand during school hours ... and this evening, the community is coming together to rembe


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