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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 11, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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tonight, confessions from the hollywood moms club. >> you're going to cry. i'm going cry. >> what brought carrie underwood and her mom to tears. >> kate hudson growing and showing. and jennifer lopez's list -- >> the ring. no pressure. "e.t." is in london and we are on the lookout for harry and meghan. >> plus our exclusive with the big bang pride. >> the wedding was not joyous. >> the real reason mayim beyoolic was not happy. >> steven tyler, why he's bashing the show today. our exclusive with rob and
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bryce dallas howard. >> i get to be a "e.t." reporter now. >> okay. >> when are you going hire me as an actress? >> well -- >> this is "entertainment tonight." the biggest wedding of the year is just nine days away. preparation already in full swing. so is our royal coverage. >> i know keltie has big news about meghan's walk down the aisle, right? >> it has do with the way meghan will recordedly honor prince harry's mother. i'll have the details for you in a moment. but right now, we are tracking some of our favorite star moms before mother's day, starting with jennifer lopez. j.lo took her mom to "the tonight show," where the focus quickly turned to a-rod, marriage talk, and her new single, "el anillo," which translates to -- >> the ring. the ring. >> yeah, like, the ring.
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like when am i going to get -- alex, are you watching? hello. >> no pressure. >> after a danceoff with fallon, j.lo headed to dinner at the polo lounge, where a-rod was waiting at the door. next, a-rod's ex, kate hudson. new images of the expectant mom out in malibu. kate looked happy and healthy showing off her baby bump at a photo shoot yesterday. the 39-year-old already has two boys. last month in this sweet instagram video she revealed she's having a girl with boyfriend danny fujikawa. her brother oliver hudson was there. he told us he's thrilled. >> my little daughter rio, she needs a cousin. >> and emotions were high for carrie underwood and her mom carol who had a sweet mother's day message to the singer after her accident nearly six months ago. >> oh, i'm a crier. >> you're going cry, then i'm going to cry. >> she's a great mom, a great daughter, a great mother, and a great person. >> carrie told the today show she broke her wrist and needed
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almost 50 stitches on her face after falling on a step outside her home. >> it was just kind of a freak accident. >> i feel like you look the same. i feel like you look the same. >> oh, thank you. every day i feel a little bit more back to normal. >> beautiful. that's the way she looks. carrie will be working on mother's day. she'll be the guest mentor on abc. another superstar singer, selena gomez, dropped a new single today called "back 2 you," and some are speculating it was inspired by justin bieber. ♪ if i could do it all again ♪ i know i'd go back to you >> with lyrics like that, the biebs speculation seems on point. ♪ everybody knows we got unfinished business ♪ ♪ what do you mean >> i have been super honest. what i've been working on is a lot of, like, personal things. i feel the best i've felt. >> facetiming with zane lowe for beats 1, selena spoke about working on new songs and herself. >> just sometimes it's hard. you know, you'll never really get over stuff. ♪ the heart wants
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what it wants ♪ >> her ex was spotted out solo at their church last night. the on-again/off-again relationship -- definitely off. but a source tells "e.t." there's no bad blood between her and justin. meanwhile, khloe's still with her man tristan despite his cheating scandal. the new mom, seen out with their baby daughter, celebrated true's 1-month birthday. >> true is one month old today. >> of course true's birthday also marks a month since news of tristan's infidelity broke. the nba star just gave his first interview to uninterrupted's road trippin' podcast. >> you done with kids? >> nah, i'm going to keep going. >> a kardashian source exclusively told "e.t." khloe wants that too, so could they both celebrate her first mother's day together? our source says khloe has no plans to leave tristan. the video proof of him with other women broke her heart, but he begged for another chance. >> is there any part of you that roots for khloe and tristan? >> on tomorrow's "live with kelly and ryan," sister kim speaks out. >> i'm always rooting for her. rooting for love. >> that's a great answer. >> as she should be. sisterhood. well, it'll definitely be a special mother's day for meghan markle. keltie back with us from london to tell us why.
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hi, keltie. >> yeah, nancy. we've learned meghan's mom doria already arrived in london to help her get ready for the big day. her father tom is actually expected to arrive here by the weekend. and what about the dress? well, that's coming along too. including a possible crowning homage to princess diana. and that starts off tonight's royal report. >> there are rumors that meghan will be wearing princess di's family tiara, which is the spencer tiara. she wore it when she was married and harry does have a close relationship with her family, so it's quite a possibility. >> it would be yet another tribute to harry's mother during the wedding. the palace already confirmed that diana's older sister lady jane fellowes will be doing a bible reading. best man william made a public appearance to open the london bridge train station. and a casually dressed queen elizabeth was all smiles while attending the windsor horse show. is the queen getting a special sneak preview of meghan's top secret wedding dress? it's being reported that as head
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of the church of england, harry's grandmother must approve the design to make sure it is appropriate for meghan wear in st. george's chapel. and the codesigner of princess di's wedding dress, david emanuel is revealing how hard it was to keep the press in the dark on tomorrow's fox special "meghan markle: an american princess." >> we deliberately put colored threads in our waste bins just to throw them off and deliberately put in a scrap of pink taffeta so, ahh, the press said, the wedding gown is going to be pink taffeta. >> and get this nancy and kevin, we actually saw the queen. not the actual one, but the hollywood one. dame helen mirren shooting her movie "the good liar" with sir ian mckellen. you never know what you're going to see here. >> thanks, keltie. okay, so we know meghan and harry's i dos are gonna be a big tv event, but just as big?
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well, how about the wedding on tonight's "big bang theory" >> finally, sheldon and amy are making it official, but for tv bride mayim bialik, she's personally feeling royal wedding fever. >> there's another big wedding happening, the royal wedding. >> there is something so fascinating about the notion of, like, modern day princes and princesses. and there's a queen. it freaks me out. there's a palace. everything gold. like, it's crazy. i'm super into it. >> and what do you think about a girl from southern california who's now going to be a princess? >> amazing. her freckles are amazing. everything's amazing. i don't know her, but i wish i could be like, how do you make that decision, like, to leave the life that you knew and become a princess? >> but tonight it's the "big bang" bride's turn to walk down the aisle as sheldon and amy finally tie the knot. >> wow! >> at the end of the day, was it joyous for you? >> at the end of the day, the wedding was not joyous. as an actor, you still have to remember your lines.
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my dress was really big and cumbersome. the bouquet is very heavy. when i got married in real life i didn't have a heavy bouquet. >> mayim's marriage ended in real -- 2012, but i found out her road to find love again took a strange turn. >> i'm in a very quiet long term relationship. >> oh. >> but i did try online dating once. >> and? how'd that go? >> terrible. >> why? >> really bad. >> did people immediately be like, i know who you are? >> i think that some people maybe thought it was like a joke. i'm assuming that's why i got so few swipes. >> i'm sure you would look at it and say, somebody put mayim bialik's picture here. >> i love how adorable she is about the whole wedding. all right, coming up -- >> spoil alert. >> mila kunis and kate mckinnon, secrets from their new comedy. >> then ron and bryce dallas
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howard, the face-off. >> the unusual way her family kept her in line when she was a kid. >> that was the only way to punish you. >> plus, jen garner a rap star? first, karamo brown shocked his boyfriend with a surprise party. >> >> but after watching this touching video from what ian thought were absent family and friends -- >> go ahead and turn around. love you! >> he turned around to find his mom carole standing right behind him and someone very special on one knee. >> will you marry me? >> how surprised were you in that moment? he pulled it off. >> i'm shocked, but i'm so happy and i'm so excited. >> to have me brothers here, you know, the fab five. it's amazing. this is it.
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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♪ very superstitious >> the peppermint club in hollywood was the place to be last night.
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stevie wonder performed, with jessie j and donald glover joining him on stage. angela bassett was there, so was kelly rowland, nick canon and jessie williams. he let the audience shout out which songs to play. it was an early birthday celebration for stevie who turns 68 on sunday. my wife was in there crying watching stevie. >> i know she did, because jasmine los stevie. best thing about last night, he hinted at upcoming concert dates. let's do that. kate mckinnon has jumped to the big screen with mila kunis. the bad mom is now a bad spy. >> how would i be as a spy? i'd be killed. >> i killed someone! i killed someone! >> stop yelling that! >> mila and kate's action-packed comedy "the spy who dumped me" was shot on location throughout europe. >> two totes bffs who get wrapped up in an international espionage adventure. and who doesn't want that? i know i do.
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>> we're playing everything as real as possible, so it's actually not that hard to keep a straight face. >> hold on! >> as long as you really believe there's five guys on motorcycles chasing you, shooting at you, and somehow you're able to get away. >> oh, my god. oh my god. aah! >> like, you just go with it. >> justin theroux is mila's ex with a dark secret. >> i know you're a spy. >> it's a long story. i'll explain everything. >> what's on your forehead? >> and yeah, that's "outlander" hunk sam heughan sharing a kiss with mila. but the real connection on this set, mila and kate's new found friendship. >> the first day, mila was wearing this amazing garment. >> it's when you were figuring out what your character was going wear, and i had a jumper and she liked my jumper, and i was like you like this? i literally just took it off and i was like, take it. >> i was so happy. >> we were off to the faces after that. >> what? you're the boss?
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and yet you have not sacrificed one ounce of femininity. >> that is the beyonce of the government. >> no higher praise than that. the be-on say of the government. still ahead -- >> totally inappropriate. >> stephen tyler holds nothing back. what he thinks about katy, luke and, lionel. >> would you go back? plus, ron howard gets put on the spot about his new "star wars" move by his daughter. >> why didn't you ask me to did a surprise cameo? closed captioning provided by --
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>> who are you, simon cowell? >> you got a problem with simon? >> no. speaking of "idol," former judge steven tyler is making it crystal clear how he feels about the reincarnation. >> "american idol." >> yeah. >> have you been watching? >> i have, and i will also be not politically correct again. i thought that what we had was very special. >> it was. >> that was [ bleep ] crazy good. sitting next to j.lo, i would say things that were totally inappropriate. and this side of me where she sat, black and blue. i don't see interplay between them now. >> suggesting the abc three are playing it too safe, tyler says he would consider shaking things up himself if asked. >> would you go back? >> yes. if it was right. and so would randy. i think randy got beat on being paid. i think he wasn't respected for what he was.
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he was the one -- yo, dawg and people would come in -- it would lighten them up. >> now this boston-proud rock icon has taken the ultimate risk -- moving to nashville to pursue a solo career in country. ♪ sweet biloxi >> his new documentary "steven tyler: out on a limb" follows that journey and performing on the road with the loving mary band. ♪ take it, take another little piece of my heart, baby ♪ >> so where did this hunger for country music come from? >> well, if you listen to the song "cryin'" -- ♪ ♪ there was a time when i was so brokenhearted, love wasn't much of a friend of mine ♪ -- that's very country. didn't i know this boy existed. oh, my hair looks so bad now. >> age hasn't slowed him down one bit. steven recently celebrated his 70th birthday. even he finds that hard to believe. >> 70 -- how does it feel?
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>> how does it feel, okay. i get to do what i love. i get to sing "dream on," and "walk this way," and when i sing that, i'm back to then. literally. i may have my eyes closed and doing this, but in my head, i'm there ♪ walk this way it feels like it was yesterday. i don't have a sense of time, >> none of us have a sense of time. >> how could you not love him? he's got so many classics. that new documentary, steventy her out on a limb will open the national film festival tonight. >> in two weeks, "star wars" fans you have something to get hyped about. "solo" hits theaters. in a "e.t." exclusive, bryce and ron howard are turning the tables on each other. >> wait, dad, sit up. you've got a little --
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>> oh, thanks. okay, good. good daughter. i appreciate that. thank you. >> she calls ron daddy-o even though he's a big-time director. bryce? well, like her dad she grew up on movie sets and spent time with ron behind the scenes as he called the shots on the "star wars" origin story "solo." >> i got a really good feeling about this. >> getting to be there and watch you directing, really i felt like just a wild amount of fun. you were like a teenager. >> i was having a blast when you visited the set and every day of shooting, it was one of those sort of pinch-me moments. >> alden who plays han solo. >> right, alden ehrenreich. he met harrison ford, and harrison told him, i hope you're not thinking of doing an imitation of me. and he said gratefully, nobody wants me to do that and i don't want to. his performance is fantastic along with donald glover and emilia clarke. it was realln young cast. now i get to be an "e.t." reporter now and i get to say, you visited a lot of my sets. do you have early memories of that? >> i remember "splash." i remember putting on the
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madison's tail. i remember that. i remember putting on, in "cocoon" the alien head, foamy head. when i would get grounded, i would be grounded from the set. like, mom knew -- >> that was the only way to punish you. >> everything else i was like, whatever. it's like, i'm taking everything out of your room. i don't care. for a year. fine. you can't go to the movie set tomorrow. no! it's my life! >> you look good. a little rough around the edges, but good. >> since when do you know how to fly? >> 190 years old. you look great! >> many of the "star wars" films have surprise cameos. is there anybody who's doing a surprise cameo in "solo"? >> it wouldn't be a surprise if i told you. not even you, daughter. not even you. >> so why didn't you ask me to make a surprise cameo in this film? >> you were busy? >> i was right there.
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i was right there, dad. >> i should have made you a stormtrooper. >> they are cute together. >> the cinematic brain power between those two. >> and they did a good job of interviewing. when we come back, here we go again. we have your exclusive first look at the it's time for sleep number's 'semi-annual sale'. the dual adjustability of the sleep number bed allows each of you to adjust to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support your sleep number setting... for your best... sleep... ever. in the morning, you'll discover the amazing effects the bed is having on your sleep quality... your sleepiq score. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during sleep number's semi-annual sale its' the lowest price ever on the queen c4 mattress, only $1099 - save $500. ends soon. visit for a store near you.
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow own "e.t." we are with rhea narcs secrets behind her painful met gala moment and her wedding gift for the royal couple? plus, kelly, beyonce, kristen -- >> ruins it every time. they won't do it again
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♪ i have a plan just in time for mother's day, there will be screenings across the country of "mamma mia." the sequel, "mamma mia! here we go again." >> we are going leave you with the first scene in the movie where we meet the younger versions of chris teen baranski. >> we thought "mamma mia! here we go again" with the song. we are in the graduation hall at oxford. >> it's a really great spring board into this scene of girl power. ♪ cholula hot sauce is teaming up with jack in the box for the cholula buttery jack.
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