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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 19, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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people waited to donate blood outside a hospital... following a mass shooting early friday at a high school in santa fe, texas. the gunman killed 10 people. and his motive is unknown. thanks for joining us, i'm justine waldman.(jrstone)and i'm jr stone. a 17-year- old student is charged in the massacre after allegedly walking into an art class at the school -- killing nine students, one teacher, and injuring many others. (justine) omar jimenez has more on how people are coping in the small town... which is just 13-thousand people, that is about the size of clayton here in the bay area. as much as it's a story filled with terrorit's ájust as much filled with a community coming together. congressman randy weber/ (r) 14th district tx: "this is a tough time.. we've got a hurting community.. we've got people who have lost loved ones... some of them students, some of them adults. we are gonna pull through it's
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a new day for those in santa fe, filled with blood drives for example.and remembering...t he 10 killed in this shooting. 17-year-old chris stonerememb ered by his sister as adventurous and as a protector. sabika sheikhan exchange student from pakistanbeing mourned deeply both here in the united states and in her native country.she was 17. cynthia tisdale was a substitute teacher and a mother who loved to help children. rome schubert á a matter of inches.rome schubert/student at santa fe high school: it went through the back of my head and came out right here. he says he now looks at life a little differently but that this isn't something and he hopes the community will overcome this tragedy.rome schubert/ student at santa fe high school: "i want everyone to lift up their spirits and it happened but we can't just sit here and mourn over it. that's exactly what he wants-- he wants us to mourn over it. the shooting suspect...a student at the currently being held in solitary confinement. authorities say he acted alone and according to a probable cause affidavit...áspared the
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people he liked. now the focus is on what's ahead.congressman randy weber (r) 14th district tx: "we will once again laugh, but it'll be a while. we'll get through this."in santa fe texas, i'm omar jimenez (justine)as the nation struggles with as the nation (justine)as the nation struggles with news of yet another school shooting - we turn to a uc berkeley school psychologist to learn more about what could trigger a teen to inflict such harm... (jrstone)kron 4's ella sogomonian met with doctor frank worrell, ella what did he have to say about the possible motivation for school shootings? we may never know unless there is a confession but dr. frank worrell explored a few factors that may push a teen to the edge.the santa fe high school shooter was identified as 17 year old student dimitrios pagourtzis.he's now charged with capital murder in the deaths of 10 enforcement say he also planned to kill himself. dr. worrell with uc berkeley says it's hard to pinpoint a motive in each individual case because there may be many ... ...and though we may never know for sure, he believes
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these deadly actions at the hands of a teen don't stem from more than depression. sot: frank worrell, professor of school psychology, uc berkeley// "but often times people have a sense of hopelessness, they're not necessarily depressed. but they dont think that there is hope in the future or that there is a chance to turn things around then tehy are more likely to choose a solution that is final. also, i think people who are hurting, you know the old saying about that their boss yells at them at work and they go home and kick the dog, this idea that lashing out creates a sense of release, and again that comes back to how do you actively engage with a problem how do you actively engage with anger?" dr. worrell suggests teaching social and emotional strength as part of general education to serve as a coping mechanism for struggling teens rather than converting schools into fortresses as we've seen in response to these shootings. tonight at 10 we'll hear from dr. worrell on how to move forward...from such a scarring we're seen it isn't
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just the santa fe high students or the immediate community there that is coping with the tragedy tonight...but bay area students who'e rallied for gun violence here in san francisco as in the newsroom ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (j.r.) tonight an update to a heartbreaking story we brought you this week. three of the girls who were injured in that nasty fremont car wreck have been released from the hospital. you may remember three people died in this crash. a friend of the family tells me that one of these four girls is still in the hospital. that girl is in the intense care unit as her family sits by her bedside. the other three here had cuts and bruises but were able to go home. this picture comes from the family's gofundme page. this is video of dang tran, the man who officers say is responsible for the crash. he was released from jail last night. the c-h-p says he was driving wrecklessly, speeding,
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and under the influence of marijuana when this crash happened last tuesday night. the district attorney has not yet filed charges. two kids were killed and 39 year old mother noelle johnson died. we spoke with one of johnson's friends this week.noelle's gonna be missed she was one of a kind truly a great mother and her girls meant everything to her and my heart goes out to chris he just lost his daughters and the love of his life. funeral arrangments for the three victims have not been announced. there are two go fund me pages. one for the johnson family and another for the limas family. both lost family members. both links are on our kron 4 web site. kron 4 dot com. (justine) tonight, police in fremont are looking for multiple suspects who are snatching gold chains.. right off womens necks.(jr) it's happening quite a bit too -
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six times this month. kron 4's gayle ong is live in fremont with details. gayle. the six incidents happened in broad daylight.fremont police say the suspects are specifically targeting female victims walking near elementary schools around pick-up time.. police believes two of those crimes are related.some cases were violent and caught on camera. in this home surveillence video, take a good look..a man pulls this woman to the ground, snatches her necklace and runs offit happened near an elementary school..another caught on camera a woman pumping gas on fremont blvd when this man walked towards her - looks around - then pulls her through the gas station, reaching down to grab her necklace and striking her on the face both women suffered serious injuriesfremont police say at least six women had their gold chain necklaces stolen this monthhere's the
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map of places that were reported to the copsthere are multiple suspects targeting south asian indian females a woman was robbed of her gold chain leaving this busy grocery store..another woman robbed at her home - after answering the door after she a private sales transaction through social mediawhat we know is when you talk to residents here in fremont, they don't want to see these thieves strike again. while there may be several suspects out there, police are advising residents to keep expensive jewelry at home and to be aware of your surroundings.anyone with information on these cases is asked to call fremont, gayle ong kron 4 news.
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(justine) new at 8. a man fell of a cliff at fort funston today, while trying to save his dog. it happened around 4 today. the man fell 50 to 60 feet. crews did not have to use ropes to rescue the man -- but they did have to call in animal control to get a handle on the large, protective dog the man was trying to rescue when he fell. the dog was uninjured. the man was slightly hurt. (jrstone) also new tonight at 8. the golden gate bridge is getting more expensive to cross. as of july 1st, the toll will increase by 25 cents. the hike means some drivers will pay up to 8 bucks to travel from marin county to san francisco. there could be even more hikes on the horizon... as the golden gate bridge district is facing a nearly $4 million dollar deficit this fiscal year.... and tolls are the main source of revenue for the district. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez has our forecast. . a deep marine layer will allow night and morning coastal low clouds to spread well inland the next few nights. overnight lows will be mild, widespread 40-50s. temperatures will be similar on sunday as well with highs in the 70s to low 80s inland and 50s to 60s at the coast. (jrstone)lace up your sneakers and get out your costumes! we are just hours costumes! we get out your sneakers and there yet?costumes out michelle any the morning. will start up in where the
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race embarcadero along the 60s at the coast. inland and 50s to 60s at the coast. (jrstone)lace up your sneakers and get out your costumes! we are just hours away from the 106th annual alaska airlines bay to breakers race here in san francisco.more than 50,000 people run this 12k every year and it will all happen tomorrow-- making it one of the largest races in the world. this is a map of the route...running all the way from the embarcadero to ocean -- those runners
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picked up their race packets and spoke to kron4's michelle kingston about the big day. she's live along the embarcadero where the race will start up in the morning. michelle any costumes out there yet? this is where this is where tens of thousands of runners will be gearing up in just 12 hours or so for the big race!this year's theme is focusing on originality. (mk)tk kelly, east bay "anything goes."joe lakeman, south bay"i have no expectations, but everyone tells me it's going to be crazy."we're just hours away from one of the largest running races in the world ... the 106th annual bay to breakers 12k kicks off at 8 in the morning on sunday.dr. doug yarris, san francisco"you get to see the sites and meet people from all over the world and everyone's upbeat so it's really a fun thing."this isn't dr. doug yarris' first bay to
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breakers -- he ran last year's race just weeks after triple bypass surgery.dr. doug yarris, san francisco"i ran it as a centipede, as a toothbrush one year and a tube of toothpaste another. it's something to do just to prove to myself that i'm healthy." and kenny crampton has been running this race since 1981. kenny crampton, pacifica"just kind of gives me a goal to keep it going, you know? i can't run forever."the race is a celebration of human spirit -- athleticism ... fun and determination.and it brings tens of thousands of people to san francisco year after year. sally seehafer, north carolina "just different groups of people having fun. everybody's being who they are and that's what they should be doing and that's san francisco and i have goosebumps!"it's a challenging course that runs from the bay to the pacific -- up hills and through golden gate park.but at the end of
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the run -- there is food, drink and music for everyone. dr. doug yarris, san francisco "just a mass of humanity." sally seehafer, north carolina "enjoyment and joy."tk kelly, east bay"i wish it was today!" san francisco police say you can sign up for text alerts to keep track of any emergencies or disruptions that may take place because of the can log on to to find out how to do that.and good luck to all of the runners!live in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news (jrstone) coming up.... unemployment in the golden state hits a new record low... we'll show you where rates are here in the bay area. (jw) and police asking for the public's help in catching a hit and run driver who left an east bay man in serious condition. (jrstone)and in case you missed the live stream of the royal wedding on our website this morning... we'll get you caught up... plus take you to a local watch party... that's after the break. (jrstone) it
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was a wedding fit for royalty. prince harry and meghan markle are married.(justine) the bride -- (justine) the bride -- wearing a tiara lent to her by the queen. her groom -- wiping away tears. camila bernal has more from windsor. after the kiss that sealed the deal. prince harry and meghan
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markle kept the party going... riding from the queen's reception to frogmore houseas part of the celebrations, the newly named duke and duchess of sussex and their 600 this non-traditional lemon curd and elderflower cake designed by friend of the bride claire ptak also breaking with tradition... this historic moment... meghan markle making most of the walk down the aisle alonea celebrity who's who witnessed the exchange of vows -- including the beckhams and the clooneys.thousands of others lined the streets to wish the couple wellmos: "you don't actually see the show because you're out here in the cold with no television... but what you do get is the atmosphere...."more than 250 members of the armed forces also lined the chapel to escort prince harry and meghan's carriage.corporal major daniel snoxell, household cavalry mounted regiment: "he means everything to me and to my men and i like to think it means a lot to him knowing full well that the soldiers on parade have either served with him or served with him in operations abroad or worked with him on training exercises."also taking an
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important role? princess charlotte and her brother prince george .. acting as bridesmaid and page boy respectively for their new aunt. .... everything planned to perfection-to give family, friends and the public an opportunity to be part of the fairytale. camila bernal, (justine) students at meghan markle's former high school spent their saturday morning watching the school's most famous alumnus... marry prince harry. dozens of students in their pajamas showed up at the immaculate heart gym in los feliz, as early as two in the morning to watch the wedding. many people in the bay area celebrated the occasion by attending watch parties as well. kron 4's sara stinson went to a british pub in san jose to catch the i- do's. reporter intro:
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nearly 200 people came to this pub to enjoy the royal wedding with woman came alone and left with a new group of friends.
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come down and just sit there with other people while watching. we want people to have an experience.>
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(jrstone)take a look at this - a fast-moving lava flow ... completely engulfing and burning a house. these are the latest dramatic pictures from hawaii's big island. u-s-g-s officials now say at least 40 homes in lower puna are under threat of a lava flow. eruptions from kilauea have increased, with several active fissures.more than 40
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homes have already been destroyed in the leilani estates and lamipuna gardens subdivisions. mandatory evacuation orders have been in place there for two weeks. (justine)coming up... it's just another reason for people to come to the bay marijuana tourism has some local businesses seeing green. (jrstone)and we have the latest on the condition of a man who was struck by a hit and run driver while he was riding his bicycle in the east bay.
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(justine)new at 8, a man in fremont remains in serious condition tonight just days after suffering injuries in a hit and run collision. it happened early tuesday morning along the stevenson boulevard 8-80 overpass. kron four's philippe djegal reports police are asking for the public's help to track down the driver. (philippe) a 25-year-old
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bicyclist fighting for his life -- was injuried in fremont at around five o'clock tuesday morning doing the same thing alberto garcia is doing here. riding in the bike lane headed westbound on stevenson boulevard.alberto garcia/bicyclist- "you always have to take precaution." fremont police say the cyclist was hit from behind by a driver entering the lane leading to the southbound interstate 8-80 on-ramp. investigators say the driver kept going after the collision. alberto garcia/bicyclist- "he should have stopped, at least. i mean, come on -- it was just an accident." police describe the car involved as a dark colored 2003 to 2007 toyota highlander... with significant damage to the front passenger side headlight and fog lamp.alberto garcia/bicyclist- "i almost got hit the other day as well, and i just, uh, you just gotta, you know, watch out for the, you gotta be defensive." james rich walks this area every saturday on his way into work. he says the city can take steps to make the roadway
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safer for both drivers and pedestrians.james rich/pedestrian- "they need to repaint all the lanes and everything in this area." police say the victim remains in serious coniditon at a trauma center. investigators are hoping someone out there with helpful knowledge in this case is willing to reach out to detectives working to solve this crime. in fremont, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jrstone) on the peninsula. a two alarm fire at a redwood city apartment complex has shut down surrounding roads... until further notice. part of the complex caught fire around 4 this afternoon. it took crews around an hour to get the upper hand on things. you can see the building suffered serious exterior damage. no word yet on any injuries or displacements. the cause of the fire is under investigation. (jrstone)an explosion that killed a woman in southern california this week has authorities digging into the past of the man she used to date.what they've found so far is frightening. (justine)and two people are in custody after officials
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made a horrifying discovery inside a sacramento storage unit. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse.
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♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. (jrstone) a horrifying
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discovery inside a storage unit in sacramento - a child's body. (justine) now two people are in custody, including the ex of the child's mother. sara zendehnam (zen-den-nam) has the story. voice of leyanie robinson, victim's mother: "i'm just really hurt and sad and mad." that's how this mom feels after learning the horrifying details of her 5-year-old daughter's death. callie had so much life to live... voice of leyanie robinson, victim's mother: "got compliments on how she's always smiling." ...but will never get the chance. her body was found in this sacramento storage unit tuesday evening.(no font) "it's a tragedy that this has occurred. we're cooperating with law enforcement 100 percent." this is her dad - tyler anderson, and his wife - averyauna anderson. the reno police department says little callie was severely neglected and died in their reno apartment sometime in the last two weeks. investigators say the couple rented a car, drove
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callie's body to sacramento, and put her in a storage unit. kevin ward, knows tyler anderson: "it's hard for me to believe that tyler would even do anything like this or even be involved in something like this. because he's really loved that little girl, but you don't know people behind closed doors."tyler is in the sacramento county jail awaiting transfer to the washoe county jail in reno, where he'll be charged with child neglect causing substantial bodily harm. averyauna is already in custody at the washoe county jail and charged with child neglect.voice of leyanie robinson, victim's mother: (unintelligible)leyanie robinson says her ex tyler had full custody of callie, but wishes her daughter could have been with her instead. voice of leyanie robinson, victim's mother: "yeah, she would definitely be still alive if she was with me." (jrstone) that was sara zendehnam (zen-den-nam) reporting. the exact cause of death has not yet been determined. (justine) the southern california man charged in connection to the blast that killed his ex-girlfriend... also lost his wife in a "mysterious case, " according to the corners office. the
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explosion on tuesday killed ildiko krajnyak. the bomb went off as she opened a package inside the day spa she owned with her ex-boyfriend stephen beal. beal's wife, christine, died in 2008. an official review then, found no signs of foul play, but noted chronic lead intoxication. people who know beal, say he would never hurt anyone. "he was nice... always have bbqs. boom!"(justine)(justine) that is what the package bomb sounded like from a security camera nearby. in the spa explosion, beal was charged with an unregistered destructive device. he is in custody now. investigators say they found improvised explosive devices and more than 100 pounds of explosives in his home. (jr stone) in bay area news-- unemployment rates fell
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below 3 percent in all but one of the nine counties in the bay area in april. according to the california employment development department... san mateo county has the lowest unemployment rate in the bay area at two- percent. it's followed by san francisco and marin county at 2.1 percent. solano county was the only county over 3 percent.... at 3 point 6 percent. the statewide unemployment rate also hit its lowest mark ever... at 4 point 2 percent. (justine) faculty at city college of san francisco will see a nine million dollar pay increase over the next three years. the board of trustees approved the new labor agreement yesterday. under the new contract, full and part time faculty members will get salary increases the next three years. the new agreement will bring the school's salaries more in line with other bay area community colleges. (jrstone) the bay area is already a tourist hot spot.... with millions of people
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flocking here every year, flooding the local economy with billions of dollars. but now with the legalization of recreational marijuana, new entrepreneurs are popping up trying to cash in on travelers looking to make a pot pilgrimage.(justine) kron 4's maureen kelly has an in-depth look ... at some companies which cater to those who are both sightseers, as well as stoners. it didn't take long for spliffs to get sparked on board the tour bus that picked up a group day trippers who signed up for cannabis tours excursion megan and andy are going to be your guides today, thank you for being on the wine and weed tour with cannabis tours. do you have a birthday here today happy birthday?is anybody else celebrating anything while the chauffer sits in the sealed off and then smoke free cab....the tour guides join in the party atmosphere, induldging in cannabis concentrates....., the owner of this denver based business has expanded the touring
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company into eight different locations where pot is legal to consume. we want to be able to continue to promote normalization because that's gonna help legalization have a nationwide, so having conversations about it and helping people realize cannabis is for everyone who is an adult it's not just a typical pot smoker stoner anymoremany on this tour did not want their faces shown....mostly because they worried about what would happen if their bosses saw what they were up to on vacation. this tour matches up cannabis with the bay area's other most popular crop when it comes to soaking up tourist stopping at oakland's magnolia dispensary to get advice about purching pot products....they then stop in at two different locations sip whites and reds.. after they've smoked their share of greennats the manager at the rigger's loft tasting room in richmond she was shocked at first at the idea of pairing up with a tour group specializing in stoners but now looks forward to when the cannabis tour bus pulls in.they are chill and i love it there some of the best customers that we have and while some drinkers believe it's not okay to mix grapes and turns out
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there is no similar rule for mixing grapes with grass. it's a process for growing them both very similar they're very complementary you just need to make sure they are of course as with anything in small doses and that you are hydrating those who came along on this pot pilgramge says it's a good mix.there's an elegance to it like i'm not just gonna go to the park and smoke i'm gonna go have a nice day drink some wine have some fun (butted bite)what it does it take to see how to add it excites the molecules to take it to a state in between a liquid and a gasnot all pot related excursions offered in the bay area are as smoke filled.this is a group are taking a behind the scenes look at jetty of the many different oakland businesses specializing in cannabis products. it's part of emerald farms tours seed to sale tour. in addition to checking out how cannabis oils are extracted from pot plants....they also walked thru a local nursery....and
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ended at the harborside learn about and purchase pot if so inclined..i like to tell my staff where that one of the premier dispensaries in the galaxy the tour operatros, who also give a cultural cannabis tour of san francisco say they are doing this to help be ambassadors for this brand new industry. in a way that brings tourism in that brings consumers into the industry and that really showcases and showcases this industry for what it is a great responsible step we've taken as a state in california to legalize cannabis and make it safer and more accessible for adults and out of the hands of kidsso wheter it's a mobile pot party....or a learning experience for erstwhile entreprenuers.....both tour companies say they plan to expand their operations as the califorinia cannabis continues to grow.maureen kelly kron4 news (justine) tune in tomorrow at 8 for part 2 of our two part series on pot tourism... where we examine what these "budding" enterprises could mean for the bay area economy.
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need the alcohol please .. ahhhh christmas in may let's look at bay to breakers of the past as we prepare for the future, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly > (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein (jstone) normally stanley
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roberts has to go looking for people behaving badly.... (waldman) but for the last decade -- there is one iconic event where people actually line up to parade past him... .. welcome to bay to breakers kim jong un reporting live uh by the porta potties were you urinating on the dmv building (no) that's against the law if you are new to san francisco, stanley, stanley permit me to introduce you to the largest moving street party west of the mississippiplease i need it i'm diabetic, here's the deal i need the beer, i need the beer. i need the alcohol we need the alcohol pleaseit's called bay to breakers and i have been following the shenanigans every since allow me to show you some of things i've captured if you been waiting for the 2009 people behaving badly bay to breakers
8:41 pm
edition wait no longer awwwww the race is also an alcohol free event this is 4 loco i'm sorry let me try that again, the race is suppose to be a booze free event and you're drinking 40's all say for the morning yea so you're kinda buzzed right now this guy was carrying a 25 dollar bottle of tito's handmade vodka, but not any more (is it open yea) pour it in my mouth but containers get pout it in my mouth (i wish i wish) go ahead go ahead pour it in my mouth poured outbut then there are these hey superman you love this tree huh? (god dammit) oh but i wasn't alone hey buddy (censored) can i see you id please (absolutely) do me a favor put it back inside zipper up c'mon kids play here apparently supermans kryptonite (this is a ticket for urinating in public) is a police ticket book) he how long you gonna pee for, get the (censored) out of here well that went well and yes that is considered assault but karma has a crazy way of sneaking up on you, you know why we're talking right oh he was video taping me peeing
8:42 pm
whey were you peeing bay to breakers is the gift that keeps on giving and i mean that in the nicest possible way i was racking my brain trying to figure out how to tell this story., let's start from here this sign, there always been a problem with public urination during this event this time the problem was outside the department of motor vehicles office on fell street where the porta potties are only a 100 feet away here one lady just finished her business and the crowd is yelling for here to cover her face but instead she gives them a thumbs up yup that's bay to breakers for you and now that weed is legal who knows what's next i'll see you.. at the race in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
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(justine) a restaurant that is celebrating a really big birthday... we'll take you to the party... after the break. (jr stone) (justine) most restaurants
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fail within months of opening. but some, defy the odds. like the place that claims they're the oldest german restaurant in the bay area. (jrstone) founded in 1893... and still going strong. tonight on dine and dish - vikki liviakis takes you to shrodeder's in san francisco... celebrating turning 125 tonight.
8:46 pm
you could say that shroeder's is the grand daddy of city restaurants... "schroeder's has always been a great memory place." with customers who've been coming for brews and brats for years. "but it's been hip-ified. they've hip-ified it has a more youthful look." "welcome to schroeder's." 125 years and going strong. "schroder's is turning 125 and we're celebrating." celebrating with a birthday brew-ha-ha. jan wiginton took over the venerable bavarian beer hall a few years ago and spruced it up. "this was one of the institutions that was worthy of saving and we wanted to set the plate for the next 125 years hopefully if not longer." sure, the menu is still german, with a lighter california touch. "some of the favorites like schnizel and sausages is one of our biggest sellers, you can still get a brat and beer at
8:47 pm
schroeders." this over- sized pretzel is a favorite. "giant pretzel. and what do you wash it down with. a few too beers. a few too many." there are vintage steins. murals. and endless beers on tap and of course craft beer. "and after eating a rather large sized pretzel you're going to get thirsty right? that's when the situation calls for a boot sized beer." for the birthday - shroeder's is offering a smaller slipper sized pilsner for a mere dollar 25. "cheap really good beer, we're also going to be having happy hour all day, you can try our tots - there's an homage to the traditional to the old shroeder's we're going to have meatballs." and like any good brew ha-ha - you'll want raise a hefty beer mug for a proper birthday toast. (jrstone) this was the scene tonight at the shroeder's brew-ha-ha 125th birthday bash... polka band "polka -licious" delighted the crowd. the event runs until 10 pm tonight... so if you hurry down, you might still be able
8:48 pm
to make it. . a deep marine layer will allow night and morning coastal low clouds to spread well inland the next few nights. overnight lows will be mild, widespread 40- 50s. temperatures will be similar on sunday as well with highs in the 70s to low 80s inland and 50s to 60s at the coast.
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(jr stone) (jr stone)
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(jr stone) after dropping the first two in boston lebron james and the cavs needed to win game three to stay alive in the series let's head over to cleveland. lebron is trying to reach his eighth straight trip to the n-b-a finals the king defending his kingdom. lebron throws it down drops 27 points... along with 12 assists and 5 rebounds cavs head into the break up by 20 in the fourth... lebron to larry nance junior for the alley oop cleveland overpowers boston cavs win 116-86 they look to even
8:51 pm
the series monday night (j.r.) we are inching our way closer to game three of the western conference finals to take place on sunday evening. not only did the warriors lose game two but they were blown out 127 to 105. the series is now tied at 1 but the warriors are home to play at oracle arena sunday. they have won 15 straight home playoff games there. a 16th win would set a record and put them above the 90, 91 bulls. (j.r.) the giants had lost three straight....trying to turn around their losing ways at at&t park.wind in san francisco was not a problem for this guy in mccovey cove. giants up 5 to 4 in the fifth. andrew mccutchen at the place....base hit...that's a beautiful shot. nobody close to it. two runs would score and mccutchen with a stand up double. giants up 7 to 4. brandon crawford at the plate and he says see ya to this ball. what a shot. nobody is going to get to
8:52 pm
that ball. a two run homer. giants go on to win 9 to 4. crawford was three of five on the day with four rbi's. athletics in toronto trying to win their third in a row against the blue jays. mid way things were not looking so good....gary urshela says good bye...that ball is gone...two run shot. few innings later....a's down 4....struggling to score any runs. stephen piscotty changes that...base run comes oakland. couple batters later chad pender says see yaaaa. a grand slam. that would put the a's up 5 to 4. they would go on to close out the game at that score. their third win in a row.
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(justine) some of the world's top cyclist were in the state capital this afternoon to finish the tour of california. on the men's side of the race... colombian cyclists dominated the rest of the competition. 21-year-old, to hin third american star, katie hall finished ahead of the pack in the women's race the bay area cyclist won her first world tour event... after losing the race by one second last year. katie hall:"oh my god it was so loud and i heard my name all around the course every lap. it was one of the coolest things about racing at home". (justine) hall says this is the biggest win of her career. the former cal bear cyclist turned pro in 2014 pro in 2014
8:57 pm
it's the story of our nation. john chiang's father came here with little money, but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare and affordable housing.
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john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future.
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♪ >> so we just got done with a briefing. several units are going to conduct a probation search into a potential commercial marijuana operation. we've identified the suspect who is likely the one in charge of the marijuana cultivation site. he is a nine-time


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