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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 19, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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(jrs) we're hearing stories of survival after the friday shooting at santa fe high school in texas. ten people died there friday and ten others injured. 16-year-old rome schubert shot in the doctors say the ugh his head cleanly. it could have left him a quadriplegic. (jrs) good evening i'm j.r. stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. an intense investigation continues at a texas high school. a 17-year-old student is charged in the massacre after allegedly walking into an art class at the school. omar jimenez
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is in santa fe, texas with the very latest. as much as it's a story filled with terrorit's ájust as much filled with a community coming together. congressman randy weber/ (r) 14th district tx: "this is a tough time.. we've got a hurting community.. we've got people who have lost loved ones... some of them students, some of them adults. we are gonna pull through it's a new day for those in santa fe, filled with blood drives for example.and remembering...t he 10 killed in this shooting. 17-year-old chris stonerememb ered by his sister as adventurous and as a protector. sabika sheikhan exchange student from pakistanbeing mourned deeply both here in the united states and in her native country.she was 17. cynthia tisdale was a substitute teacher and a mother who loved to help children. rome schubert á a matter of inches.rome schubert/student
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at santa fe high school: it went through the back of my head and came out right here. he says he now looks at life a little differently but that this isn't something and he hopes the community will overcome this tragedy.rome schubert/ student at santa fe high school: "i want everyone to lift up their spirits and it happened but we can't just sit here and mourn over it. that's exactly what he wants-- he wants us to mourn over it. the shooting suspect...a currently being held in solitary confinement. authorities say he acted alone and according to a probable cause affidavit...áspared the people he liked. now the focus is on what's ahead.congressman randy weber (r) 14th district tx: "we will once again laugh, but it'll be a while. we'll get through this." (jrs) that was omar jimenez isn't just the santa fe high students that are having to cope with the tragedy tonight...the loss and even anger is felt nationwide.. (justine)yes we saw that as bay area students rallied against gun violence in san francisco last night in response to the shooting... tonight kron 4's ella sogomonian met with a u-c berkeley professor of school psychology on how to move
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forward...and is live in the newsroom for us... coping with such trauma can be one of this biggest challenges following a mass shooting so we turned to dr. frank worrell about how students may feel going back to a classroom traditionally thought of as a safe space. friday morning students across the united states woke up to news that another shooter claimed lives in a school...this time in santa fe, texas. bay area student activists took the san francisco city hall that same night to voice their outrage that classrooms are increasingly becoming crime scenes.sot: frank worrell, professor of school psychology, uc berkeley// "it increases their sense of anxiety and they lose their sense of security. schools used to be a place where you were very safe even for kids who had problems at home they could go to school and have a sense of security and that's going away.uc berkeley professor of school psychology dr. frank worrell explains it may prove difficult for students immediately impacted by the shooting to continue their studies in light of the
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tragedy.sot: frank worrell, professor of school psychology, uc berkeley// "this incident is going to certainly have an impact on their ability to be successful in those endeavors so we may need to create more space for them to do those kinds of things either at a different school site, at home, but recognizing that there is trauma and this is not just malingering."dr. worrell suggests teaching social and emotional strength as part of general education to serve as a coping mechanism for struggling teens rather than converting schools into prison-like environments with metal detectors as we've seen in response to these shootings. sot: frank worrell, professor of school psychology, uc berkeley// "this is less an issue about making the school a fortress but deciding that guns in fact have a certain place in society that it's way too prominent in our society and showing that there are other ways an individual deals with one he has conflict with." dr. worrell says these horrifying events can have long term impacts for those affected so it's important for counselors to revisit students or teachers who may need emotional support even a year or two after a school shooting. live in the newsroom
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ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) tonight, police in fremont are looking for multiple suspects who are boldly snatching gold chains.. right off womens necks. just this month, this type of crime has happened 6 times. kron 4's gayle ong is live in fremont with details. gayle. the six incidents happened in broad daylight.fremont police say the suspects are specifically targeting female victims walking near elementary schools around pick-up time.. police believes two of those crimes are related.some cases were violent and caught on camera.
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in this home surveillence video, a woman knocked down to the ground as a man snatches her necklace and runs offit happened near an elementary school..the suspects are targeting women walking their kids to school word is spreading in this quiet fremont neighborhoodanother incident caught on camera a woman pumping gas on fremont blvd when this man walked looks around - then pulls her through the gas station, reaching down to grab her necklace and striking her on the face both women suffered serious injuriesfremont police say at least six women had their gold chain necklaces stolen this monthhere's the map of places that were reported to the copsthere are multiple suspects targeting south asian indian females a woman was robbed of her gold chain leaving this busy grocery store..another woman robbed at her home - after answering the door after she a private sales transaction through social mediawhat we know is when you talk to residents here in fremont, they don't want to see these thieves strike again.
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anybody in the area that comes in fremont. usually it's just the same people so that's why it's kind of scary to hear this news that it's happening here."> while there may be several suspects out there, police are advising residents to keep expensive jewelry at home and to be aware of your surroundings.anyone with information on these cases is asked to call police.lve in fremont, gayle ong kron 4 news. (j.r.) tonight an update to a heartbreaking story we brought you this week. were in in that nasty fremont car wreck have been released from the hospital. you may remember three people also died in this crash. a friend of the family tells me that one of these four girls is still in the hospital. that girl is in the intensive care unit as her family sits by her bedside. the other three had cuts and bruises but were able
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to go home. this picture comes from the family's gofundme page. this is video of dang tran, the man who officers say is responsible for the crash. he was released from jail last night. the c-h-p says he was driving wrecklessly, speeding, and under the influence of marijuana when this crash happened last tuesday night. the district attorney has not yet filed charges. two kids were killed and 39 year old mother noelle johnson died. we spoke with one of johnson's friends this week.noelle's gonna be missed she was one of a kind truly a great mother and her girls meant everything to her and my heart goes out to chris he just lost his daughters and the love of his life. funeral arrangments for the three victims have not been announced. there are two go fund me pages. one for the johnson family and another for the limas faly. both lost site. kron 4 dot com.tonight -- firef
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investat discovery bay. eon authorities say the fire was started in the garage. however -- the cause of the fire is staying in fremont -- a 25-year-old his life after after being hit whin headed westbound on stevenson boulevard.(justine) fremont police say the cyclist was hit from behind by a driver entering the lane leading to the southbound interstate 8-80 on-ramp. investigators say the driver kept going after the collision. alberto garcia says he was almost hit using the bike lane. (justine) police say the victim remains
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in serious coniditon at a trauma center. investigators are hoping someone with helpful information will come forward. a deep marine layer will allow night and morning coastal sprea the next few nights. overnight lows will be mild, widespread 40-50s. temperatures will be similar on sunday as well with highs in the 70s to low 80s inland and 50s to 60s at the coast. (jrs) lace up your sneakers and get out your costumes! we are just hours away from the 106th annual alaska airlines bay to breakers race here in san francisco.(justine) more than 50-thousands of people run this 12-k every
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year and it will all happen tomorrow-- making it one of the largest races in the world. today -- those runners picked up their race packets and spoke to kron4's michelle kingston about the big day. (mk)tk kelly, east bay "anything goes."joe lakeman, south bay"i have no expectations, but everyone tells me it's going to be crazy."we're just hours away from one of the largest running races in the world ... the 106th annual bay to breakers 12k kicks off at 8 in the morning on sunday.dr. doug to see the sites and meet people from all over the world and everyone's upbeat so it's really a fun thing."this isn't dr. doug yarris' first bay to breakers -- he ran last year's race just weeks after triple bypass surgery.dr. doug yarris, san francisco"i ran it as a centipede, as a toothbrush one year and a tube of toothpaste another. it's something to do just to prove to myself that i'm healthy." and kenny crampton has been running this race since 1981.
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kenny crampton, pacifica"just kind of gives me a goal to keep it going, you know? i can't run forever."celebration -- athleticism ... determination.and it brings tens of thousands of people to san francisco year after year. sally seehafer, north carolina "just different groups of people having fun. everybody's being who they are and that's what they should be doing and that's san francisco and i have goosebumps!"it's a challenging course that runs from the bay to the pacific -- up hills and through golden gate park.but at the end of the run -- there is food, drink and music for everyone. dr. doug yarris, san francisco "just a mass of humanity." sally seehafer, north carolina "enjoyment and joy."tk kelly, east bay"i wish it was today!" in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news (jrs) coming up -- it's video stirring up a conversation. a california candidate confronting a transgender woman after she used the restroom... the story
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behind it all right after the break. (justine) plus -- where you can see 30 foot masterpiece, coming up ! (jrs) and in case you missed the live stream of the royal wedding on our website this morning... we'll get you caught up... plus take you to a local watch party... that's after the break. there's only one word for the all new
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together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort. (jrs) prince harry and
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meghan markle are married. saturday night they hosted an exclusive reception for 200 guests.(justine) the duke and duchess of sussex, as they are known now... will not immediately go on a honeymoon. kristen holmes has more from windsor. hours after the "i do's"... prince harry and meghan markle kept the party going... riding from the queen's reception to frogmore houseas part of the celebrations the newly named duke and duchess of sussex and their 600 guests enjoyed this non-traditional lemon curd and elderflower cake designed by friend of the bride claire ptak also breaking with tradition... this historic moment... meghan markle making most of the walk down the aisle alonethe american actress now has a new title -- duchess of sussex.a celebrity who's who witnescling the beckhams and the clooneys. couple well mos: "you don't actually see thshow because you're out here in the cold with no television. but what you do get is the atmosphere...."more
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than 250 members of the armed forces also lined the chapel to escort prince harry and meghan's carriage.major tom seccomb/ life guard for the household cavalry: "he means everything to me and to my men and i like to think it means a lot to him knowing full well that the soldiers on parade have either served with him or served with him in operations abroad or worked with him on training exercises."also taking an important role? princess charlotte and her brother prince george .. who were part of their wedding party (justine) students at meghan markle's former high school spent their saturday morning watching the school's most famous graduate... marry prince harry. dozens of students in their pajamas showed up at the immaculate heart gym in los feliz, as early as two in the morning to watch the wedding. many people in the bay area many people in the bay area celebrated the occasion by attending watch parties as well. kron 4's sara
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stinson went to a british pub in san jose to catch the i- do's. reporter intro: pub to enjoy the royal wedding one woman came alone and left with a new group of friends.
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and meaghan markle. a co-owner of the pub is from britain - he likes to throw these watch parties every royal wedding - so people can watch and enjoy together!
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meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. a deep marine a deep marine layer will allow night and morning coastal low clouds to spread well inland the next few nights. overnight lows will be mild, widespread 40-50s. temperatures will be similar on sunday as well with highs in the 70s to low 80s inland and 50s to 60s at the coast.
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(justine) (justine) coming up --
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first lady melania trump returns to the white house... the status on her recovery right after the break. (jrs) still ahead -- a horrifying discovery inside a
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storage unit in sacramento - a child's body... what's ahead for the parents of the child... coming up.
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only $1099 - save $500. ends soon. visit for a store near you. (justine) it's a facebook video that's drawn a lot of reaction. that video - posted by a california candidate for congress - also moved a restaurant chain to
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respond. jazmina saavedra live streamed this encounter at a denny's restaurant, when she says a transgender person was using the women's restroom. saavedra is running for the 44th congressional district. the video has been viewed by thousands of people. a program manager for the trans wellness center says she was in shock.
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bill that requires single-stall toilets be designated as gender-neutral. (jrs) first lady melania trump returned home to the white house saturday morning. recovering at walter reed national kidney embolization monday. lady's communication director says the first lady is in "high spirits." her office says she had been experiencing an issue with her kidney that was described as benign. (jrs) president trump received quite a bit of backlash online for his tweet about that today. instead of refering to melania with an a, he spelled her name with an e at the end..which would read melanie. it has since been fixed. the president said... "great to have our incredible first lady back home in the white house. melania is feeling and doing
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really well. thank you for all of your prayers and best (justine) a wiscons win her against breast cancer.harvard university want to know more about that diet. kathy bero learned she had inflammatory breast cancer in 2005. and that's when she learn about anti-angiogenic foods. they essentially block the creation of blood vessels so cancer can't easily spread. examples include organic vegetables such as purple potatoes, carrots and leeks. today, more than 12 years after her first diagnosis, bero is cancer-free and is a cancer coach. (justine) coming up -- a horrifying discovery found in a sacramento storage unit... details on that investigation coming up. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(jrs) it was a horrifying discovery inside a storage unit in sacramento - a child's body. (justine) now two people are in custody, including the ex of the child's mother. sara zendehnam has the story. voice of leyanie robinson, victim's mother: "i'm just really hurt and sad and mad."that's how this mom feels after learning the horrifying details of her 5-year-old daughter's death. callie had so much life to live... voice of leyanie robinson, victim's mother: "got compliments on how she's always smiling."...but will never get the chance. her body was found in this sacramento storage unit tuesday evening.(no font) "it's a tragedy that this has 100 percent." this is her dad - tyler anderson, and his wife - averyauna anderson. the reno police department says little callie was severely neglected and died in their reno apartment sometime in the last two weeks. investigators say
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the couple rented a car, drove callie's body to sacramento, and put her in a storage unit. kevin ward, knows tyler anderson: "it's hard for me to believe that tyler would even do anything like this or even be involved in something like this. because he's really loved that little girl, but you don't know people behind closed doors."tyler is in the sacramento county jail awaiting transfer to the washoe county jail in reno, where he'll be charged with child neglect causing substantial bodily harm. averyauna is already in custody at the washoe county jail and charged with child neglect.voice of leyanie robinson, victim's mother: (unintelligible)leyanie robinson says her ex tyler had full custody of callie, but wishes her daughter could have been with her voice of leyanie victim's mother: definitely be still alive if she was with me." (justine) that was sara zendehnam reporting. leyanie robinson says her ex tyler had full custody of callie, but wishes her daughter wishes her daughter wishes her daughter could have been with her instead. (jrs) in the north bay-- police arrested a high-risk sex offender and arsonist in petaluma. gilbert solis, who lives in san francisco, was booked into the sonoma
10:32 pm
county jail friday night. officers were called to an apartment complex just past ten p-m... on a report that solis was harrasing residents and smoking in the lobby. after checking their records... police discovered he never registered as a sex and arson offender. (justine) in the south bay-- officers arrested a man for stalking a home in san jose friday. hector leanos junior was booked into the santa clara county jail on suspicion of trespassing, prowling and peeking. willow glen residents told police their video survalliance camera caught the suspect looking into a bedroom window and walking down a driveway earlier this month. police also say the man is also dealing with domestic violence charges... unrelated this case. .... (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero....
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(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. a deep marine layer will allow night and morning coastal low clouds to spread well inland the next few nights. overnight lows will be mild, widespread 40- 50s. temperatures will be similar on sunday as well with highs in the 70s to low 80s inland and 50s to 60s at the coast.
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(jrs) in the east bay -- the bay area mural festival came to a close today at jack london square. this 40 mural can be found at the martin luther king junior way. muralists alise and jack eastgate worked on this 30 foot blue whale mural for the past week. overall, nine murals sprang up around oakland's jack london district in a partnership with the bay area mural festival and visit oakland. master muralists mentored the city's youth and helped them paint the murals. this was the first time the city has hosted the festival. (justine) faculty at city college of san francisco will see a nine million dollar pay increase over the next three
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years. the board of trustees approved the new labor agreement yesterday. under the new contract, full and part time faculty members will get salary increases the next three years. the new agreement will bring the school's salaries more in line with other bay area community colleges. (jrs) coming up -- a stance on the controversial gun control debate or store policy? why costco rejected a northern california gun shop donation coming up.. (jrs) and -- a black bear caught taking a visit to the post office...we'll at happened.
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(jrs)a california gun shop is searching for answers ...after several costco stores returned their charity donations and refused to hang banners promoting the business. (justine) doug johnson reports from sacramento.
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at many costco locations, local businesses can donate to the children's miracle network, a non-profit which funds treatment for children in hospitals.for just 500 dollars, businesses that donate get to hang a banner ad inside costco.for sacramento black rifle, it seemed like "it kind of twofold. we're donand getting some advertising at a local costco."sacramento black rifle store manager nate woodward says the store and their sister store, sparks black rifle in nevada,had their banner up at costco for a few years.but this year, everything changed.nate woodward:"citrus heights actually told us that it was against their guidelines and they did not want to have the banner up in their store anymore."it was a similar situation at the sparks store. nate woodward:"after a week, they said we do not want the banner up anymore, somebody complained."see, black rifle's logo features an image of an a-r-15.that's what was on the banner.woodward says both costcos refunded the 500
10:41 pm
dollar payments, and he shrugged it off.but then something strange happened. nate woodward:"roseville costco came into the store and actually solicited us. two representatives from the company came in, said we want your banner in our store, we'll put in front and center. citrus heights situation was isolated to them, it's not for the company."again woodward saw it as a a charity, get good advertising. so once again, he cut a check for 500 dollars.doug johnson: "but before that banner could even go up in the roseville store, woodward said he got a letter from costco's regional office of a complete refund and no explanation for why he was getting it."nate woodward: "the ar-15 is our logo and they knew that when they came into our store and solicited us. so it wasn't a secret. that's what all of the banners look like"woodward believes costco has just gotten too ange the logo anytime soon?"doug johnson:"never." (justine) that was doug johnson reporting... woodward says he believes costco has just gotten too many complaints about the logo. (jr stone)(jr stone) (jr stone) after dropping
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the first two in boston lebron james and the cavs desperatly trying for a win on saturday. we head to cleveland. lebron is
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trying to reach his eighth straight trip to the n-b-a finals the king defending his kingdom. lebron throws it down drops 27 points... along with 12 assists and 5 rebounds cavs head into the break up by 20 in the fourth... lebron to larry nance junior for the alley oop cleveland overpowers boston cavs win 116-86 they look to even the series monday night (j.r.) we are inching our way closer to game three of the western conference finals to take place on sunday evening. not only did the warriors lose game two but they were blown out 127 to 105. the series is now tied at 1 but the warriors are home to play at oracle arena sunday. they have won 15 straight home playoff games there. a 16th win would set a record and put them above the 90, 91 bulls. (j.r.) the giants had lost three straight....trying to turn around their losing ways at at&t park on saturday.wind
10:46 pm
in san francisco was not a problem for this guy in mccovey cove. giants up 5 to 4 in the fifth. andrew mccutchen at the place....base hit...that's a beautiful shot. nobody close to it. two runs would score and mccutchen with a stand up double. giants up 7 to 4. brandon crawford at the plate and he says see ya to this ball. what a shot. nobody is going to get to that ball. a two run homer. giants go on to win 9 to 4. crawford was three of five on the day with four rbi's. athletics in toronto saturday trying to win their third in a row against the blue jays. mid way things were not looking so good....gary urshela says good bye...that ball is gone...two run shot. few innings later....a's down 4....struggling to score any runs. stephen piscotty changes that...base run comes oakland. couple
10:47 pm
batters later chad pender says see yaaaa. a grand slam. that would put the a's up 5 to 4. they would go on to close out the game at that score. their third win in a row. in just four hours, 132 tickets were traffic in morgan hill. aexplains, of the tickets were easily avoidable. .. in a perfect world all drivers would yield to pedestrians in marked and unmarked crosswalk. and we would all be happy in front of all these police officers it seemed kind of weird (alright thank you) it seemed kinda like that was meant to happen and the police officers don't tell anything to this man who runs out in the middle of the street in front of 10 moving cars that are going 40 miles an hour that really dangerous (yea you're right is dangerous) and non of the fricken police officers say anything that's
10:48 pm
really messed up making me slam on my breaks in the middle of the morning. but as you can see we don't live in a perfect world . that being said , drivers were tested in morgan hill so what happens is the cones are set up because this is 35 miles per hour zone so that the distance it should take .it was pass of fail .. if you followed state law and yielded to the person in the crosswalk you were allowed to pass . however he's not going to stop he didn't stop if you fail you get to have a chat with an officer participating in this enforcement event, in this case it's an officer from lapd the reason i pulled you over because pedestrian violation now you happened.. the drivers side diderian (yes i di what happened? (i saw him stop so i thought if he stopped i should go)over in downtown morgan hill the same test was being administered at an intersection so notorious people crossing wave flags when crossing some people
10:49 pm
passed and some people sound of trafficfailed so a chat with a gilroy police officer is mandatory (what i do) did you see the pedestrian crossing in the crosswalkthe lane when you went through the crosswalkmy turn did you not see the pedestrian in the guess i was seeing cops on both sides of the road so i think my eyes were pulled to them and what's the important part of driving . being aware of pedestrians and what did you not do? i wasn't aware this driver was going so fast he came with inches of hitting the police decoy . in this pass or fail test, if you fail people can die i'm on my way to my 10 am class and there is an old man crossing the street 60 years old, no police officers want to say a thg.but on my breaks ..if you are thinking she was upset because she got a ticket nope she was inconvenienced because someone was in the crosswalk in morgan
10:50 pm
hill stanley roberts kron 4 news (jrs) now take a look at this! a black bear wandered into a post office in colorado thursday night. and got stuck inside. as you can see -- it made quite a mess before wildlife officials had to euthanize the animal. it wasn't the first time he had gotten into trouble and therefore he had to be put down. (justine) coming up next -- video you do not want to miss tonight... fast-moving lava covering home on hawaii's big island... we'll also have an update on how many other homes have been destroyed by the eruptions.
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10:53 pm
take a look at this - a fast-moving lava flow ... completely engulfing and burning a house. these are the latest dramatic pictures from hawaii's big island. u-s-g-s officials
10:54 pm
now say at least 40 homes in lower puna are under threat of a lava flow. eruptions from kilauea have increased, with at least five fissures active on friday. lava flows on friday overtook two more homes. that adds to the more than 40 homes destroyed in the leilani estates and lamipuna gardens subdivisions. mandatory evacuation orders have been in place there for two weeks. (justined) and stay tuned right after our newscast for the kron four hoop session. mark carpenter has a look at the golden state warriors and other local bay area basketball programs. it all tips off tonight at 11.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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we deserved, so they kicked out butts. no other way to say it."( mark ) two games in houston, two drastically different results. the warriors go from blowing kisses to the fans in the opener to letting the rockets soar from downtown. we'll analyze the series so far, and look ahead to a pivotal game 3 in oakland. announcer says: "rebound tipped by thompson, knocked away by brown, here comes rozier and throws it down!" and while the champs are in prime shape to play into june, it doesn't look like that's in the works for lebron james. how the depleted celtics are erasing the prospects of warriors-cavs part 4.stephen curry says:"he was a great mentor when it came to understanding


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