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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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good evening and thanks for joining us. i am justine waldman. kron four's philippe djegal reports from the scene of the crime in mountain view... where police are asking for witnesses to come forward. (philippe) witnesses to the collision inside the sports page bar and grill parking lot in mountain view early saturday morning -- flipped this car on its side... to free the woman trapped beneath it. mariya mubarak/patron- "i'm pretty shocked because uh, this is quite a safe area." mountain view police say the driver got into an argument with the woman and another man inside the bar at around two o'clock in the morning. the business owner says the bar then closed. after walking out... police say the suspect jumped into his car and ran the man and woman he was arguing with over. the woman was stuck under the car before bystanders got involved.igor/patron- "yes, yes, i was suprised." investigators say the bystanders pulled the driver out of the car when he tried to drive off -- and beat him up. all three people involved were hospitalized. a reminder that although regular bar patrons say this area is typically safe and quiet... a fight can break
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out anywhere.mariya mubarak/patron- "just mind your own business, and you know, stay out of people's business." since most witnesses left before officers arrived... police are hoping anyone who saw what happened will reach out to investigators to get a better idea of how this started and why it escalated into an assault with a deadly weapon. the bar owner says this was an isolated incident and not a reflection of his establishment. in mountain view, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) today was opening day for the wave waterpark in dublin. and a much smoother start than last year. when a boy was seriously injured on a ride. the 10-year old was ejected from the slide onto the concrete. and now the emerald plunge , is up and running for opening weekend. kron4's michelle kingston is live there for us and michelle -- were people hesitant to go down the emerald plunge today? yes -- it was actually pretty
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warm here and sunny pretty warm here and sunny by about 2 oclock and kids and adults took the plunge .. and they all said they felt safe. (mk)mike menacag, dublin"it's a blast. i like that falling feeling. you get the butterflies when you're going down. it's exciting."the wave in dublin opened its doors for its second season on saturday swimming in the pool -- splashing around -- and taking the "emerald plunge" -- this slide opening for the first time on saturday since it was shut down last year after a 10 year old boy violently flung off the slide during its grand openingalex nouripour, dublin"the thrill when you go down. all the steepness. all your insides rush up."kids and adults rushing down the slide -- all getting out safely and with smilesben weiss-ishai, alamo "it actually wasn't that bad. it was just like scary."mike menacag, dublin"it's totally safe. one freak accident can't make you stay away from it so i feel fine."the young boy who fell last year suffered scrapes and bruises.the state
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investigated and found the water flow and water height settings were too high.the boy's parents dropped the lawsuit filed against the city and settled with the makers of the water slide.the city says the slide has been fixed ... and tested ... and is now safe for riders.shari jackman, city of dublin public information officer"it did put a damper on last season quite a bit but we feel really confident that the slides are safe now. we certainly wouldn't have opened the slides if we felt anyone would be in danger."ben weiss-ishai, alamo"my friends were saying go on it go on it and i said why not?"alex nouripour, dublin"it was just cool and awesome and achieving." the city shut down the slide right next to the emerald plunge last year just as a precaution.both slides are back up and running in dublin michelle kingston kron 4 news (justine) new tonight at 8. the gates of the bottle rock music festival in napa had to be closed temporarily this afternoon while police searched for a robbery suspect.
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it happened at about 4 pm. police say the robbery occurred just outside city limits. they say they chased the suspect near the third street entrance to the festival -- where the took the suspect into custody. the gates were closed as a precaution, but are now back open. (justine) happening now. relief has arrived for bay area commuters in antioch...with todays official opening of a new bart extension. the hope is this will ease traffic on state highway 4. the extension will be serviced by eight d-m-u's or diesel multiple unit cars. each can hold up to 200 passengers. that's about twice the capacity of a traditional bart cars. also, no trains will run between the pleasant hill and concord bart stations this memorial day weekend, though a free bus bridge is available. this is for maintenance work to be done. (justine)this memorial day weekend fire fighters remind
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the public it is illegal to set off fireworks...just last night a pyrotechnic show after the oakland a's game set off a huge fire on the san andro side...a reminder that even the professionals can ip up...kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the coliseum in oakland tonight with details. live a fire erupted behind the coliseum as about 14 pallets of bulk roofing material ignited last night around 10:40.vo today oakland fire investigators determined it was caused by embers and debris from commercial grade fireworks launched after an a's game.although the fire department battalion chief calls this a freak accidents saying the coliseum has had
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years of successful fireworks shows...this just proves anything can happen when handling explosive so don't try this at home. sot: battalion chief james bowern, oakland fire department// "well the biggest thing is california we're never really out of what is perceived as fire season anymore. so anytime we're launching fire into the air there's the probability of starting possibly a vegetation fire a wildland fire or landing on the roof of your neighbors house or catching your own personal house on fire."he went on to say oakland specifically has a zero tolerance policy for any sort of fireworks even the simpler kind that stay grounded.according to calfire - depending on how much you've got - if you're caught with illegal fireworks you can be charged with a misdemeanor and if convicted be fined at between 500 and more than a thousand dollars or spend up to one year in county jail.tag so find another way to celebrate this memorial weekend.
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(justine) this holiday weekend, you might have noticed a big jump in gas prices. in fact, the national average for gas is 31- percent higher than last memorial day weekend. several factors are in play.. including a gulf coast storm and sanctions against iran. memorial day weekend is also often the peak for gasoline prices as demand starts to wane through the summer and in the fall. an estimated 36- million people are hitting the road this weekend ... which means this could be one of the most expensive travel seasons in recent memory. (justine) taking a live look outside.... meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast.
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rapid warming trend develops sunday afternoon through memorial day with inland highs into the 80s to lower 90s in the bay area. coastal cooling arrives by tuesday with more noted cooling trend inland by wednesday as next dry upper trough passes over the state. (justine) the kilauea eruption is forcing people on hawaii's big island to deal with lava bombs, toxic gas and giant bombs, toxic with lava
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(justine) the kilauea eruption is forcing people on hawaii's big island to deal with lava bombs, toxic gas and giant cracks... one homeowner went to see his house, when red and orange fountains of lava started erupting just a few hundred feet away. every day, steve gebbie heads into leilani estates to check on the house he built by hand. only one way to his place remains. but this road is now scarred with jagged cracks. back then, he thought his home would be gone by now. "a little numb. at this point we're kind of numb. it's been three weeks. the heart breaks
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slowly."(justine) firefighters have been going door-to-door urging people to evacuate. the oozing lava has destroyed a total of 82 structures on hawaii's big island about 22-ndred acres have been covered in lava since eruptions began may 3rd. (justine) in world news. irish voters have overwhelmingly backed a referendum to legalized abortions in the country. hundreds gathered outside of dublin castle - cheering when the "yes" vote was announced. the eighth amendment was added to ireland's constitution in 1983. it effectively banned abortion in ireland unless there was a substantial risk to the mother's life. more than 66-percent of voters wanted an end to the ban.
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(justine) ireland's leading anti-abortion groups says the abortion referendum result is a "tragedy of historic proportions." (justine) astronaut alan bean, the fourth man to walk on the moon, has died. bean's family says he died saturday in houston after suddenly getting sick while traveling two weeks ago. bean flew into space two times - in 1969 and 1973. he logged more than 69 days in space, including 31 hours and 31 minutes on the moon's surface. alan bean was 86-years old. (justine)coming up... a possible case of mistaken identity... in a california immigration arrest.why one lawyer says the wrong man is behind bars tonight. plus, we'll tell you why the makers of some popular pork and chicken products are recalling thousands of cans tonight. and why thousands of people marched in the streets of san francisco today. we
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have a live report on what they're asking for, coming up.
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(justine) more than a thousand animal lovers chanted down the streets of san francisco today, protesting against animal abuse. kron 4's gayle ong was there today. she joins us live now..gayle.
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this is where the march this is where this is where the march started..a lot of these people are in town for an animal liberation conference in berkely..organizers say the goal is to educate the public on why animal rights matter.. animal lovers from all over the world demonstrating togetherspeading the word about veganism and animal rightseva hamer organized this event - she says may be the biggest animal rights event in the bay area's
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history.. moon stainton traveled from canada to participate 7 year old evan is a vegan..the demonstration remained peacefulhowever they blocked city streets to help make their voices heardtheir message - to stop using animals for any purpose the organizers of this event say they plan to push right to know legislationwhere companies who use animal products would have to disclose where the animals came from and the kind of conditions they were living in. live in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news.
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new tonight at 8.a major food recall to tell you about. hormel foods is recalling more than 228-thousand pounds of canned pork and chicken products. the reason? they may be contaminated with pieces of metal. the recall affects 12 ounce metal cans of hormel "spam classic" with a best-by date of february 20-21 ... and 12- ounce metal cans of "hormel foods black label luncheon loaf"... also as a february 20- 21 best-by date. anyone with the affected products are asked to either throw them out or bring them back to where they were bought. (justine) more national news...people along the gulf coast are getting ready for whatever subtropical storm alberto brings next week. county officials in sarasota florida gave sandbags to any residents who wanted them at three locations today. the national hurricane center says alberto will bring heavy rains and possible flooding to
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florida and other parts of the southeast in the coming days. florida governor rick scott has issued a state of emergency for all of the state's 67 counties ahead of alberto. (justine) (justine)joining us now is meteoroligst mabrisa rodriguez. rapid warming trend develops sunday afternoon through memorial day with inland highs into the 80s
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to lower 90s in the bay area. coastal cooling arrives by tuesday with more noted cooling trend inland by wednesday as next dry upper trough passes over the state. state.
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(justine) a surprise face-to-face meeting at the demilitarized zone. after a week of mixed messages from
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the white house about a june 12th summit with north korea... the south korean president met with the north korean leader today. james dinan has the latest on the diplomatic back-and-forth. a secret, emergency meeting at the demilitarized zone...south korean president moon jae-in met with north korean leader kim jong un for two hours on saturday.the two leaders discussed how to keep a summit with the united states on track --following a week of diplomatic flip-flops from the trump administration.president donald trump: "i have decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore on june 12th"trump explained his decision to cancel the meeting in a letter on thursday... citing hostile comments from north korean officials and concern about their commitment to denuclearization.north korea trump a few hours later, saying in part that they're willing to meet with the us at "any time and in any way"the next day, on friday -- trump hinted that the summit was still on the table -- tweeting about "productive talks."white
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house press secretary sarah sanders said the administration will be prepared for a meeting on june 12sarah sanders/white house press secretary: "the president wants to have a meeting if it can provide real results. that's what he's said all along, it'll be great for the world." despite the last few days of mixed messages -- a group of white house officials are heading to singapore this weekend to prepare for the summit.michael naftali: "the most important thing is that our country -- the united states -- not mess it up. that our president, becasue he wants some cheap political win, pushes the two sides too far, too fast."i'm james dinan reporting. (justy) election day is right around the corner. and voters will decided on building affordable housing for teachers. we will look at measure j. and how kids helped honor soliders at a memorial day celebration this morning.
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(justine) thousands of people started this memorial day weekend by attending a flag ceremony at the golden gate cemetery in san bruno. kron 4's sara stinson tells us.... boy and girl scout troops placed american flags on the graves of soldiers. reporter intro:("you can see behind me just some of the hundreds of boy scouts and girl scouts planting these flags at each grave all to honor our fallen veterans this memorial weekend.")"it's something you have to do to honor the veterans who protected your country.")the day started with a flag ceremony before each boy and girl scout began their quest to decorate each veterans grave.natsthe garrison flag was raised above everyone who attended. natsboy scout leader charles morgan is a vietnam veteran himself, he organized this years event.("i've been here awhile ahhaha.")he's been involved with this memorial weekend event since 19-82.he says it's an honor to lead the troops this year to spend
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another day giving back to those who died in the line of duty. ("because our veterans gave us all of this everything we have so we need to honor them and give to them whether they can hear us or not.") there is over 110-thousand people buried at the golden gate national cemetery. it took several hours for troops to decorate each veterans. ("each flag has to be put down a certain distance away from the grave and all in uniform and in line.")("i planted 100 myself and my troop planed at least 1,000.")by noon - every soldier at this cemetery was honored with the very flag they fought to protect.("to honor the people who have given their lives to give us what we experience everday in our regular life.")reporter tag: ("and on monday you can see all of these flags planted at the 77th annual memorial day observastion, it starts at
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11am, here at the golden gate national cemetery. in san bruno, sara stinson, kron 4 news.### (justine) kron 4 is kron 4 is your local election headquaters.... a proposed measure in san mateo county would provide affordable housing for educators. measure j is on the june ballot. in order to pass, it requires a 55-percent super majority vote. the president of the board of trustees says the jefferson union high school district is the lowest paying in the county... a recent survey showed 20-percent of their staff say they will have to move in the next five years because of the cost of living. we spoke to a man who says he is against the measure. (justine) if measure j passes... the housing will be built in daly city at the former parking lot
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at serramonte high school. educators will be able to live in the units for up to 7 to 10 years. (justine) next on kron 4 news at 8... what the oldest surviving pearl harbor veteran remembers about the sacrifices his fellow veterans made. and what it was like for him to meet president trump at the white house. jeans can be expensive! how much these vintage levi's just sold for at an auction. it's the story of our nation. john chiang's father came here with little money, but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo
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when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future. (justine) immigration
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officials arrested jose bello-reyes and his brother oscar in california tuesday. officials say the men are in the country illegally and members of a street gang. but jose bello's lawyer says ice has made a horrible mistake and his client is a college student who just has a name similar to the man they meant to arrest.
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(justine) protesters from bakersfield college held a rally wednesday in support of bello. his lawyer claims he has no criminal history and is a daca recipient whose status has recently lapsed. eaton is demanding ice issue an apology and release bello immediately. he is currently being held in an ice detention facility with his brother. (justine) the oldest surviving pearl harbor veteran is talking about his memories of that horrific day. ray chavez, who is one-hundred and six years old. he says thoughts about his military service and the attack... never go away. dianne gallagher reports. nat: "a day which will live in
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infamy." will live in infamy." a day that still plays out in the mind of ray chavez.76 years later.ray chavez/ wwii veteran:"i saw all the ships on fire, a terrible smoke screen, all through the harbor and covering the ships."at 106 years old, chavez is the oldest surviving pearl harbor veteran.ray chavez/ wwii veteran:"it never goes away, what you see and learn. that way i remember, then i forget...then i remember again."remembering, it's what brings chavez to washington d-c this weekend. although he did meet president donald trump at the white house...ray chavez/ wwii veteran:"i looked forward to it because i didn't vote for him- i enjoyed meeting him. they had me right next to him when we were
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seated."chavez traveled across country, from san diego to d- c, stopping in kansas to refuel and meet with fellow veterans to attend the 150th memorial day ceremony at arlington national cemetery. he and his family are the guests of defense secretary james mattis.but the navy veteran says- but the navy james mattis.but the navy veteran says- more than all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding his visit, his focus is on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. it's the act of remembering that is most important this holiday weekend.ray chavez/ wwii veteran:"national remembrance day- because its very important that the younger generations know and learn the meaning of war."vice president mike pence spent part of his friday at the taps good grief camp with a younger generation
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that knows the consequences of war all too well.all of these children have all lost a loved one who served in the armed forces--vice president pence: "a room full of heroes."spend part of their memorial day here iarlington tional cemetery remembering their faths, mothers, sters and brothers, veterans of wars in iraq, afghanistan and post- 9/11 conflicts.ray chavez/ wwii veteran: "i would do it again if i was called to active duty, but chances are they'll never call me."ray chavez hopes he can honor the memory of those he served with. ray chavez/ wwii veteran:"i never will forget them. i met some real fine young men."and the sacrifice of the men and women who came after as well. dianne gallagher, cnn atlanta. (justine) the warriors beat the rockets... 115 to 86. they were down at the half but roared back at roaracle in the 3rd and 4th quarters to force a decisive
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game 7. we will have mark carpenter with us shortly to go over highlights from the game. and a live report from our kim smith with reaction from the players... all coming up in sports in about 10 minutes. but now, kron 4's hermela aregawi is live outside of oracle area... she's been talking to some relieved fans. hermela? (hermela aregawi )it was a close game .. with houston leading up until the last few minutes of the third quarter. that's when the warriors took the lead finishing out the third quarter with a seven point lead. we spoke to fans as they were coming in. they were excited. they were feeling good about the dubs chances here.. even though everyone admits the rockets put up a good challenge. but fans were hopign that the home game advantage would give a win here in game six. and let's take a listen
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(justine) (justine) a vintage pair of jeans made in san francisco just sold for nearly 100- thousand dollars. the 125-year-old levi blue jeans sold to a buyer in southeast asia. the jeans were originally purchased in 18-93. the denim was produced in new hampshire and then manufactured by levi's in san francisco. the price puts the jeans near record territory. a pair of 5-0-1 jeans from the 1880's sold for 60-grand while another pair sold for six figures. coming upyou walk quite a bit around here, yea we walk about 5 miles that's a lot of miles
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yea you gotta stay healthy here this is san francisco and during his five miles he's noticed something missing which could be a huge safety problem what is it? i'll show you in the next edition of people behaving badly also coming up... why the fbi had to remove this passenger behaving badly from his flight. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on...
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(justine) in one san francisco neighborhood.. parts of the sidewalks are missing. stanley roberts went to find out why. when walking around san francisco you might want to watch your step, no, i'm not talking about doggie land mines i don't think the city know this is going on i don't think people have an ideal this is going onthis is antonio vargas he lives in the mission district of san francisco he and his wife noticed this, many of the cast iron vents have gone missing this is how easy you can just
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take it we walked around the mission district and noticed dozens of caps gone however the ones which are screwed down are intact well except for this one but many are missing so the the question is what's happening to them apparently back in the 80 a similar problem popped up they use them for hot plates or trivits put them on the kitchen table like out you hot pots on it hmm trivets so you think they are doing it again or they are just stealing them for metal that could be too so i headed over to the nearest metal recycling they said nope they absolutely would not accept cast iron vents this is more than just a missing metal issue this is a safety issue . how you say if a little kid walks down the street or a dog or a lady in high heals your snap your ankle and break a leg easy if you wear heels is that a problem yeah i'll fall on my face (i don't want you to fall on your face) no, that not a not a good idea know the city of san francisco has had issues with auto burglaries...and package thefts in fact this sign attest to the problem and of
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course recycling theft, to the point we now have to lock up our trash and we already know metal theft is nothing new.the water meters before they put the cement ones here, the use to be a metal old plate sais san francisco, city and county i didn't know that (they use to steal those too) that was the thingso if you are snagging them to use as hot plates, do me a favor put them back i don't understand i don't get it why are they stealing them they are taking these and what are do they do with them ust when you think you heard it allin san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news (justine) speaking of people behaving badly. new video has emerged of a passenger who the f-b-i took into custody after he caused a scene on a flight wednesday. jason felix began yelling at a flight attendant who refused to serve him any more alcohol. passengers say felix used derogatory slurs toward the flight attendant and he can be heard on the video using profanity. he allegedly then got into a
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fight with a passenger sitting next to him. several other passengers helped break up that fight and subdue felix. after the american airlines flight landed in miami, officials boarded and escorted him off. felix is scheduled to appear in court tuesday. still ahead if you're feeling a bit patriotic this memorial day..but don't feel like grilling... we'll show you one place in the city that can fire up your patriotism... (justine) also -- we have a live report from oracle arena. kron four's mark carpenter has the highlights and reaction from game 6 ....coming up.
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(justine) memorial day weekend is upon us. and for many ... that means b-b-q's, picnics and parades. tonight on dine and dish - vikki liviakis
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shows you another patriotic option... the patriot house gastropub in san francisco. like a flashback to 1776... patrons here - dine under the watchful eyes of our founding fathers. patriot house gastropub is tucked away in san francisco's embarcadero two. between big screen tv's - patriotic paintings hang on the wall. you can order up dishes like - george washington's fish stew. fish and chips. fried chicken sandwich. a lighter salad or this hearty pot roast. after a healthy amount of patriot pot roast you're going to want to wash it down with grant's elixer, as in ulysses s... and this cocktail named for a more obscure former president. yeah, taft. the president? all that. so who's behind this restaurant with a patriotic theme? why the four browne sisters - from ireland. leona, danielle, marissa and natalie. it's
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a family operation - including neices and nephews. and julie. q: she's not named after a president. no! ha ha. she will be the first woman president. in san francisco, vicki liviakis, after watching games 4 and 5, it's understandable why some would have their doubts about this warriors team, but through all that, we knew they would not lose an elimination game at home. --let's go to oracle-- the warriors....know the stakes, a loss tonight and the season is over. --andre
8:47 pm
iguodala...out for a 3rd straight game with a knee injuury. --big loss for houston...chris paul out with a hamstring injury. -eric gordon started in his place...and brought the offense. made his first three shots to start a nightmarish first half for the warriors. --james harden...apparently found his jumpshot. hits a 3 to snap a drought of 22-straight misses from downtown. houston led by as many as 17. --warriors made a run in the 2nd. kevin durant...driving layup...get within 7. --but then houston had more answers. p-j tucker..2 quick 3's. rockets went 11-of-22 from downtown..and were up 10 at the break. --out of the half, warriors went into lightning mode... klay thompson...12-points in the 3rd..and telling everyone they are not going home as golden state opened on an 11-0 run. --steph the place rocking... hits
8:48 pm
a 3 and turns around before seeing if it goes in. warriors outscored houston 33-15 in the 3rd. --then, came the daggers in the 4th. golden state goes up 12.... as klay hits another one from way back. --a few back. --a few possessions later, curry...makes houston watch it. right in front of their bench. he finished with 29 points. 35- for thompson. they combined for 14-3s on the night. -- xx-xx your they force a game 7. this series will be decided in houston on monday. we now bring in kron4 sports reporter kim smith who is live at oracle. kim, this was the epitome of a tale of two halves. how would you describe seeing that run unfold at the start of the 3rd?
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-- ---- time now to talk some
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giants-- --brandon crawford and the boys visiting the cubs. --top of the 4th--giants down 2-zip. crawford....deep and true...opposite hit that lands just over the ivy. and a fan keeps the ball, but throws in a decoy. game knotted at 2. ---then in the h, man on 2nd for brandon belt.. and belt slaps in a single to center. andrew mccutcheon comes home to give the giants a 4-3 lead. san francisco goes on to win 5-3... with game 3 of the series tmrw. --over at the coliseum... the swinging a's were honored before the game a mule representing charlie-o made an apperance... the a's used the mascot in the 60's and 70's during the a's transtion years from kansas city to oakland --the captain... sal bando threw out the first pitch to bob melvin helped the a's win three world series titles in the 70's -- bottom seventh... oakland up 1-nothing matt
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olson rakes one to deep center off jorge de la rosa... it almost hits the cameraman a's hit three home runs in the game -- daniel mengden had everything working against the snakes throws a complete game on 102 pitches... allows two hits and fans five a's win 3- nothing... they be looking for a series win on sunday i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. rapid warming trend develops
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sunday afternoon through memorial day with inland highs into the 80s to lower 90s in the bay area. coastal cooling arrives by tuesday with more noted cooling trend inland by wednesday as next dry upper trough passes over the state.
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♪ ♪ >> coming up on "countdown to indy," we'll take you inside the andretti autosports shop, get trips from a pro on the best way to get amazing racing photos. find out what brought al unser out of retirement. and unearth some unique indianapolis 500 track history. all that and more coming up on "countdown to indy." hello, everyone. i'm anthony calhoun alongside race analyst derek daly. and we are steps away from the entrance indianapolis 500 at the construction site for the wilshaw building going up in the new legends plaza here in the speedway. >> it's designed by loftus robinson, an indianapolis-based development company. it's going to have 150 rooms in a hotel, 19 luxury apartments, and 14,000 square feet for


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