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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 26, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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now at 10 -- a man allegedly runs over a woman with his car. she becomes pinned underneath. this all started after an argument inside a bar.(justine) good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm justine waldman. j.r. stone has the night off. kron four's philippe djegal reports from the scene of the crime in mountain view... where police are asking for witnesses to come forward. philippe) witnesses to the collision inside the sports page bar and grill parking lot in mountain view early saturday morning -- flipped this car on its side... to free the woman trapped beneath it. mariya mubarak/patron- "i'm pretty shocked because uh, this is quite a safe area." mountain view police say the driver got into an argument with the woman and
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another man inside the bar at around two o'clock in the morning. the business owner says the bar then closed. after walking out... police say the suspect jumped into his car and ran the man and woman he was arguing with over. the woman was stuck under the car before bystanders got involved. igor/patron- "yes, yes, i was suprised." investigators say the bystanders pulled the driver out of the car when he tried to drive off -- and beat him up. all three people involved were hospitalized. a reminder that although regular bar patrons say this area is typically safe and quiet... a fight can break out anywhere.mariya mubarak/patron- "just mind your own business, and you know, stay out of people's business." since most witnesses left before officers arrived... police are hoping anyone who saw what happened will reach out to investigators to get a better idea of how this started and why it escalated into an assault with a deadly weapon. the bar owner says this was an isolated incident and not a reflection of his establishment. in mountain view, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(justine) new at 10 -- a fire in santa rosa caused an estimated 25-thousand dollars in damage. it happened yesterday afternoon... firefighters afternoon... firefighters responded to report of a fire near victoria drive and darlyn way. fire crews got the blaze under control within 20 minutes...but the flames did cause structural damage to one- third of the building. firefighters said the fire was accidental and likely due to a malfunctioning refrigerator electrical cord. there were no reported injuries. (justine) setting off fireworks is illegal in california. and after a huge fire last night, we saw even the professionals can get it wrong. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the oakland coliseum where a fire erupted after an a's game. live a professional pyrotechnic show last night
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caused a fire to erupt just behind the coliseum last night around 10:40.vo today oakland fire investigators determined it was caused by embers and debris from fireworks launched after an a's game.although the fire department battalion chief calls this a freak accidents saying the coliseum has had years of successful fireworks shows...this just proves anything can happen when handling california is never out of fire season at this point so a lot of damage can be done. battalion chief james bowern, oakland fire department// "anytime you're lighting up fireworks it creates a small explosion you need to be careful but once again the fire department the police department has a zero tolerance for fireworks." according to calfire -
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depending on how much you've got - if you're caught with illegal fireworks you can be charged with a misdemeanor and if convicted be fined at between 500 and more than a thousand dollars or spend up to one year in county jail. (ella)so don't try this at in oakland ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) thousands of people celebrated memorial day weeekend by attending a flag ceremony at the golden gate cemetery in san bruno today. boy and girl scout troops decorate graves of fallen soliders. boy scout leader charles morgan is a vietnam veteran himself, he organized this years event. he says it's an honor to lead the troops this year to spend another day giving back to those who died defneding our country. there is over 110-
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thousand people buried at the golden gate national cemetery. it took several hours for troops to decorate the graves. (justine) on monday you can see all of the flags planted at the 77th annual memorial day observastion, it starts at 11am at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno.. rapid warming trend develops sunday afternoon through memorial day with inland highs into the 80s to lower 90s in the bay area. coastal cooling arrives by tuesday with more noted cooling trend inland by wednesday as next dry upper trough passes over the state.
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(justine) the warriors beat the rockets... 115 to 86. they were down at the half but roared back at roaracle in the 3rd and 4th quarters to force a decisive game 7. kron 4's hermela aregawi was there and talked to some relieved fans. it's a celebration..warriors come back strong in game 6 at the oracle... thrilling fans
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who were on the edge of their seats... as the dubs struggled to keep up in the first half and into the third quarter. kye dohrmann/warriors fanthe game was amazing. the energy was live in there. you know what i'm saying, we are about to win this. go to game 7 and take it, go to the championships. it was close in the beginning, little nervous, you know that first quarter didn't look too good. but half time we closed the gap, third quarter, we came alive. fourth quarter, we shut it down. fans came into the game hoping that the warriors would do well with the home court advantage.. and they were right.. they came back with what some people desrcribe as a surprise force.travis young/warriors fanit's a great game. came from southern california and wanted to have some fun with my lovely bride and the warriors just lled it. so first half they were really playing terribly and second half, they just turned it on and the rockets were no match (hermela aregawiso up
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next is game seven in houston on monday. there is no home court advantage for the warriors then. but fans are still feeling hopeful that they will take the championship home. reporting in oakland, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (justine) thank you hermela. we'll have more on the game coming up in sports. more than a thousand animal lovers chanted down the streets of san francisco today, protesting against animal abuse.(justine) kron 4's gayle ong was there today. she joins us live now..gayle. this is where the march started..a lot of these started..the march this is where the march started..a lot of these people are in town for an animal liberation conference in berkely.. organizers say the goal is to
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educate the public on why animal rights matter.. animal lovers from all over the world demonstrating togetherspeading the word about veganism and animal rightseva hamer organized this event - she says may be the biggest animal rights event in the bay area's history..
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want to improve my outreach. so that's why i came here."> moon stainton traveled from canada to participate 7 year old evan is a vegan..the demonstration remained peacefulbut they makehessage - to stop using h anals for any rpose but is an alternative non animal diet possible for everyone?these protesters certainly think so.. (gayle) the organizers of this event say they plan to push right to know legislation where companies who use animal products would have to disclose where the animals came from and the kind of conditions they were living in. live in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news.
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(justine) happening tomorrow... the 40th annual san francisco carnaval parade is set to kick off at 9- 30 in the morning. thousands of people fill the streets every year to watch more than 50 groups dance, sing and celebrate latin american and caribbean roots. the parade starts at the corner of 24th and bryant streets.... heading up mission street and ending at the corner of 15th and harrison street. the free two day event happens every memorial day weekend with multiple musical performances scheduled every day. (justine) relief has (justine) relief has arrived for bay area commuters in antioch...with todays official opening of a new bart extension. the hope is this will ease traffic on state highway 4. the extension will be serviced by eight d-m-u's or diesel multiple unit cars. each can hold up to 200 passengers.
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that's about twice the capacity of a traditional bart cars. (justine) coming up -- dramatic video of a woman driving her car after it caught fire... we'll tell you how she made it out alive... (justine) and -- one year after a young boy fell off a slide at a dublin waterpark... the slide has reopened. we hear from those who took the "emerald plunge" when we come back. (justine) plus -- one of richmond's most beloved restaurants is closing it's doors, we will tell you why.
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(justine) one year after a young boy was seriously injured at the wave waterpark in dublin - the park officially reopened the slide in question today. as kron4's michelle kingston explains -- the emerald plunge went through a number of tests and the city says it's now safe for riders. (mk)mike menacag, dublin"it's a blast. i like that falling feeling. you get the butterflies when you're going's exciting."the wave in dublin opened its doors for its second season on saturday ...kiin the pool -- splashing around -- and taking the "emerald unge" -- this slide opening for the first time on saturday since it was shut down last year after a 10 year old boy violently flung off the slide during its grand openingalex nouripour, dublin"the thrill when you go down. all the
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steepness. all your insides rush up."kids and adults rushing down the slide -- all getting out safely and with smilesben weiss-ishai, alamo "it actually wasn't that bad. it was just like scary."mike menacag, dublin"it's totally safe. one freak accident can't make you stay away from it so i feel fine."the young boy who fell last year suffered scrapes and bruises.the state investigated and found the water flow and water height settings were too high.the boy's parents dropped the lawsuit filed against the city and settled with the makers of the water slide.the city says the slide has been fixed ... and tested ... and is now safe for riders.shari jackman, city of dublin public information officer"it did put a damper on last season quite a bit but we feel really confident that the slides are safe now. we certainly wouldn't have opened the slides if we felt anyone would be in danger."ben weiss-ishai, alamo"my friends were saying go on it go on it and i said why not?"alex nouripour, dublin"it was just cool and awesome and achieving."the city shut down the slide right next to the plunge last year as well just as a precaution -- they say both slides are safe for
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everyone this season. in dublin michelle kingston kron 4 news (justine) new at ten.... a beloved east bay restaurant is closing it's doors this summer. salute e vita in richmond's marina bay will be closing its doors on july sixth. the owner, says she is closing the restaurant because of a landlord-tenant dispute. the immigrant turned business owner says she will be offering free meals on july fifth and sixth in exchange for donations to help her 40 employees who are losing their jobs. (justine) 4 your money tonight.... hormel foods is recalling more than 228- thousand pounds of canned pork and chicken products. the reason? they may be contaminated with pieces of metal. the recall affects 12 ounce metal cans of hormel "spam classic" with a best-by date of february 20-21 ... and 12-ounce metal cans of "hormel foods black label luncheon loaf"... also as a february 20-21 best-by date.
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anyone with the affected products are asked to either throw them out or bring them back to where they were bought. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. rapid warming trend develops sunday afternoon through memorial day with inland highs into the 80s to lower 90s in the bay area. coastal cooling arrives by tuesday with more noted cooling trend inland by wednesday as next dry upper trough passes over the state. (justine) startling video shows an orlando woman driving
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down the interstate... with flames shooting out of the engine. another woman was able to help her, before the entire vehicle caught fire. greg fox reports. greg fox caught fire.entire vehicle her, before the able to help woman was another of the engine.shooting out with flames interstate... down the woman driving orlando video shows an startling (justine) state. over the state.
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(justine) startling video shows an orlando woman driving down the interstate... with flames shooting out of the engine. another woman was able to help her, before the entire vehicle caught fire. greg fox reports. "get over! get over!"with flames shooting out from under this suv, the woman taking the cellphone video frantically tried to get the driver to
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pull over.seconds later the suv pulls over..."get away. get away from it!"and the 2012 kia sorento is engulfed in flames.the vehicle was totaled in a matter of minutes. meridith olinger shot the video and saved the other woman.meridith olinger/ warned other driver:"i mean i felt like i helped someone who really needed help that day." susan king, there on the left, was driving tyla kennedy's vehicle. susan told us 'i got out and suddenly the car was engulfed in flames. she saved my life. i'm incredibly grateful and she was my angel that day. it was surreal.' tyla kennedy, suv owner:"these are the picture of my dad that died recently." many of tyla's personal possessions were burned or destroyed. in the month since, tyla was shocked to find out her vehicle was under a safety recall, involving, an engine defect!did that cause her car to incinerate? she called kia and says customer service told her it had no valid address to send a recall notice. when she asked for a replacement vehicle, kia said no.tyla kennedy, suv owner:"i said hey what would be nice is a car to replace my vehicle that burnt while my best friend was driving it and
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nearly killed her. there's no compensation until i can prove that it was the recall that blew my engine up. i said, the fire shown on the video from the start of the car. i don't know how much proof you need that the engine caught fire." all three women are all three women are simply glad, no one was seriously hurt. (justine) that was greg fox reporting. all three they are simply glad, no one was seriously hurt. (justine) coming up -- south korea confirms they had 'productive talks' with north korea today... we will break down those topics discussed after the break. (justine) and -- a california congressman is under fire for comments he made at a meeting with realtors. why he says home owners shouldn't have to sell to gay or transgender people.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. (justine) a california
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congressman is under fire for comments he made at a meeting with realtors last week. orange county congressman dana rohrabacher says home owners shouldn't have to sell to gay or transgender people. he also reiterated why he believes home owners have a right to decide who to sell property to, even if it means to refusing to sell to gay and transgender people.
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can choose whatever lifestyle they want. but people who are religious and have strong convictions about some things that are moral and not moral, they should not be forced to do business with those who they think are involved with immoral acts."> l-g-b-t-q advocacy group "the human rights campaign" issued a statement calling tstatements "unconscionable." it also says he is out of touch with his constituents. the national association of realtors is no longer recommending that members send donations to rohrabacher's campaign (justine) in our world news coverage tonight -- in a surprise announcement, south korea confirms having quote 'productive talks' with north korea today. south korean president met with the leader of north korea on the northern side of the d-m-z. the leaders discussed how to get the singapore summit between the u-s and north korea back on track. two days ago, president trump
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canceled talks that had been scheduled for next month. he blamed kim jong un displays of 'anger' and 'hostility.' but the president has since reversed course, suggesting the summit could still happened june 12th. (justine) american josh holt and his wife thamy, both held in prison in venezuela for two years, are now on their way home. the couple were released overnight friday, and arrived in washington to reunite with family saturday night. they are also expected to be at the white house this (saturday) evening. holt is a former mormon missionary from utah. president trump and utah senator orrin hatch confirm holt's release. trump tweeted today: "good news about the release of the american hostage from venezuela. should be landing in d-c this evening." adding, "the great people of utah will be very happy!" (justine) coming up next -- lava continues to devaste hawaii. the latest on how homeowners are responding. (justine) and -- cal
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fire's warning to the east bay... and how you can protect your home this fire season. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(justine) fire season is here... and firefighters in the east bay want you to be prepared. kron 4's philippe djegal has the story from the oakland hills. the city of oakland is trying to get ahead of what is expected to be a very busy fire season. in the hills -- along skyline boulevard... crews are trimming, clearing weeds, dead grass and loose debris... minimizing the fire potential in this area. the east bay regional park district says homeowners should do the same on their properties. aileen thiele/ebrpd- "the results can be less fire, a greater preservation of homes, infrastructure and life." the 14 agencies that make up the hills emergency forum meeting along grizzly peak boulevard in oakland tuesday.
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a group that meets monthly to plan for disasters. a 20 acre fire -- possibly the result of arson -- broke out here last year. one that could have been a lot worse if the dry brush and vegetation in the area was neglected. vince crudele/oakland fire dept. "recently completed fuel management to thin the numbers of stems and reduce ground fuels and ebmud eucalyptus grooves on the eastside of grizzly peak boulevard below communication towers aided in our success." before a fire starts -- be familiar with your neighborhood's evacuation plans.dave brannigan/berkeley fire dept.- "you need to have a go kit in your car, by your door and be ready to go at a moments notice." also, be mindful of your surroundings at all times.dave gibson/battalion chief- "do not discard cigarettes on roadsides or in dry vegetation. one careless spark can burn all of us." and, that's exactly what all of these fire fighters are trying to avoid. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. (live)(live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero....
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(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. rapid warming trend develops rapid warming trend develops sunday afternoon through memorial day with inland highs into the 80s to lower 90s in the bay area. coastal cooling arrives by tuesday with more noted cooling trend inland by wednesday as next dry upper trough passes over the state.
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(justine) the kilauea eruption is forcing people on hawaii's big island to deal with lava bombs, toxic gas and giant cracks... one homeowner went to see his house, when red and orange fountains of lava started erupting just a few hundred feet away. the one way to his house is now scarred with jagged cracks. he says some people in the neighborhood patched the road enough to make it passable - at least for now. firefighters have been going door-to-door urging people to evacuate. the oozing lava has destroyed a total of 82 structures on hawaii's big island about 22-hundred acres have been covered in lava since the eruptions began may third.
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(justine) in florida -- governor rick scott is calling on people statewide to get prepared as the first serious storm of the atlantic serious storm of the atlantic hurricane season heads towards the gulf of mexico. scott has declared a state of emergency for áall of florida's 67 counties as sub-tropical storm alberto continues moving north. the national hurricane center says alberto will likely strengthen as it moves up the gulf this weekend ... up to eight inches of rain and tropical force winds are possible across the florida panhandle saturday night into sunday. (justine) this holiday weekend, you might have noticed a big jump in gas prices. in fact, the national average for gas is 31- percent higher than last memorial day weekend. several factors are in play.. including a gulf coast storm and sanctions against iran.
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memorial day weekend is also often the peak for gasoline prices as demand starts to wane through the summer and in the fall. an estimated 36- million people are hitting the road this weekend ... which means this could be one of the most expensive travel seasons in recent memory. (justine) coming up -- video has emerged of a passenger on a plane being taken away by the f-b-i. what triggered this dramatic confrontation. (justine) and -- a platform for video games is under fire after streaming a game titled "active shooter." how a mother in washington state is taking action against it.
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(justine) a video game depicting "active shooter" situations in school environments is getting international backlash. now a washington mother is
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fighting to stop the game from being published. reporter a-j janavel has the story. stephanie robinett/parent: "it turns my stomach it makes me sick to watch it."around noon on friday - stephanie robinett found out about the video game titled 'active shooter'the mother of three tells me she couldn't believe a game like this existsstephanie robinett/parent: "how could anyone think this is ok?" active shooter is set to be available for download on steam, a digital distribution platform for video games.steam is developed by the bellevue based company 'valve'valve itself did not create the game - but is providing the platform for people to access itstephanie robinett/parent: "it's not ok to do it in a school and any reasonable company should know that." robinitt says she canút just sit by and do nothingin about six hours - robinett got organized, creating a petition on the peition already has hundreds of
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signatures she says she only has one goalstephanie robinett/parent: "i want them to pull the game simple, just pull it." (justine) that was a-j janavel (jan-a-vell) reporting. the creator of the game has since addressed the negative backlash, saying he may remove the ability for users to play as the active shooter. instead focusing the game around law enforcement. (justine) new video has emerged of a pasnger who the f-b-i took into custody after he caused a scene on a flight wednesday. jason felix began yelling at a flight attendant who refused to serve him any more alcohol. passenger bill bolduc says he began recording the altercation because he was afraid it would escalate. he says felix used derogatory slurs toward the flight attendant and he can be heard on the video using profanity. he then got into a fight with a passenger sitting next to him. several other passengers helped break up that fight and subdue felix.
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after the american airlines flight landed in miami, officials boarded and escorted him off. felix is scheduled to appear in court tuesday. the flight originated in saint croix. coming upwhat happened, homie, i was trying to go left and the light turned yellow so i stoppedwait,you just stopped, why are you having a conversation with a san mateo county sheriff sergeant i'm going to have to look into this in the next edition of people behaving badly (justine) also -- kron four's mark carpenter has the highlights and reaction from game 6 ....coming up.
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before tonight, we saw a warriors team that was practically unrecognizable. no ball movement... lack of intensity... and no defense. that had some wondering if they were going to even make it to a game 7, but when it mattered most, we saw the return of true golden state championship basketball. --let's go to oracle--game 6. the warriors....know the stakes, a loss tonight and the season is over. --andre
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iguodala...out for a 3rd straight game with a knee injuury. --big loss for houston...chris paul out with a hamstring injury. -eric gordon started in his place...and brought the offense. made his first three shots to start a nightmarish first half for the warriors. --james harden...apparently found his jumpshot. hits a 3 to snap a drought of 22-straight misses from downtown. houston led by as many as 17. --warriors made a run in the 2nd. kevin durant...driving layup...get within 7. --but then houston had more answers. p-j tucker..2 more answers. p-j tucker..2 quick 3's. rockets went 11-of-22 from downtown..and were up 10 at the break. --out of the half, warriors went into lightning mode... klay thompson...12-points in the 3rd..and telling everyone they are not going home as golden state opened on an 11-0 run. --steph the place rocking... hits a 3 and turns around before seeing if it goes in.
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warriors outscored houston 33-15 in the 3rd. --then, came the daggers in the 4th. golden state goes up 12.... as klay hits another one from way back. --a few possessions later, curry...makes houston watch it. right in front of their bench. he finished with 29 points. 35- for thompson. they combined for 14-3s on the night. -- xx-xx your they force a game 7. this series will be decided in houston on monday. "i don't know if i was born for it, but i definitely worked my butt off. i mean i guess you can say i was born for it, i guess (laughs)". "klay was amazing tonight not just the 35 points and the 9 three's, but his defense. i mean the guy is a machine, you know he is just so fit physically. he seems to thrive in these situations, he was fantastic". "can't wait till tuesday". "monday"
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durant>"sorry, monday. who said tuesday"? "please don't miss a game (laughs)". -- time now to talk some giants-- --brandon crawford and the boys visiting the cubs. --top of the 4th--giants down 2-zip. crawford....deep and true...opposite hit that lands just over the ivy. and a fan keeps the ball, but throws in a decoy. game knotted at 2. ---then in the 5th, man on 2nd for brandon belt.. and belt slaps in a single to center. andrew mccutcheon comes home to give the giants a 4-3 lead. san francisco goes on to win 5-3... with game 3 of the series tmrw. --over at the coliseum... the swinging a's were honored before the game a mule representing charlie-o made an apperance... the a's used
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the mascot in the 60's and 70's during the a's transtion years from kansas city to oakland --the captain... sal bando threw out the first pitch to bob melvin helped the a's win three world series titles in the 70's -- bottom seventh... oakland up 1-nothing matt olson rakes one to deep center off jorge de la rosa... it almost hits the cameraman a's hit three home runs in the game -- daniel mengden had everything working against the snakes throws a complete game on 102 pitches... allows two hits and fans five a's win 3- nothing... they be looking for a series win on sunday (justine)(justine)(justine) ... police and our stanley roberts got together to remind drivers of the consequences... of not stopping for people in cross- walks. just give me a just give me a chance, i'm mostly a good driver (your mostly a good driver) (yea)
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give you a chance .. we've had a couple of people seriously injured here on the el camino real corridor pedestrians can be unpredictable very unpredictable... for example watch the two men crossing the street the one walking in the rear looks like he just received a text message and suddenly reverses direction two things are happening here.. first he is still in the crosswalk nats: ambiance and second not one of the drivers followed state law and yielded to him crossing the streetwho by the way works for san mateo county sheriff office where recently i showed you drivers getting pulled over not yielding to pedestrians i spoke to some of the drivers caught in an attempt to get there side of the story like the driver of this minivan im curious thou the truck and you went right
10:50 pm
behind the truck ( no i couldn't see) yea exactly you couldn't see so you went right behind him and if could have been somebody in front (i know) is that a possibility) but wasn't just yielding while trying to cross busy el camino real just outside the safeway the crosswalk was blocked but a pickup truck forcing pedestrians ( myself included to walk around) now so the driver gets hand flagged over by a traffic sergeantwhat happened, homie, i was trying to go left and the light turned yellow so i stopped you know i didn't want to keep going so i stopped at the light so technically, you can't cross the first line which is called the limit line until the intersection clearsso now the sergeant could go several directions with this let's listen in we talked about the limit line if you have a yellow light you are allowed to cross it as long as you do it cautiously the limit line is where you have to stop for a red light (which is the first one) which is the first one exactly . he was cited for blocking the crosswalkthe driver in the beginning asking for another chance when i tried to talk to her, i had the feeling she didn't know what she did wrong good morning (good morning) i'm with channel 4 how are you )good thank you) what happened i don't know that happened i turned right right i don't know that the officer is
10:51 pm
asking me did you see the pedestrian in the crosswalk . the sole reason while we're out here ma'am is to try to change driving behavior to the point where people won't have to think about complying with the law especially when it deals with pedestrians the fine in san mateo county for not yielding to a person in a crosswalk is court cost and a point on record in total is 34 tickets were issued in just 3 in millbrae roberts kron 4 (justine) police in oregon arrested a suspect who they believe hit three women on a sidewalk friday. 61-year-old greg porter is being charged with three counts of attempted murder. one victim is in critical condition, another is in serious condition, and the third woman's family is not releasing her condition. the vehicle used in the hit- and-run near portland state university was a 2005 mazda tribute s-u-v. a fourth person may have also been injured, but police believe that person left the scene before authorities arrived. the incident is still under investigation. (justine) still ahead
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tonight -- students washington d.c. get a field trip they'll never forget. how this one is meant to inspire them to set their own goals. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives.
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today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich, democrat for lieutenant governor. (justine) an elementary
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school teacher in washington d.c. wanted to inspire his students to go to college some day. so, he brought his students along to his graduation ceremony. his students sat in the audience, wearing graduation caps as well. as a first generation college student, alejandro dias-granados... also known as mr. dias... wanted to share this experience with his class and inspire them to set their own goals. the students got an extra perk for going to
10:56 pm
the graduation. they went to the national aquarium in baltimore after the ceremony.
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♪ >> so right now we are going to do a warrant service at a problem house. there's always a ton of people living out of there. there's always a ton of people on probation. there's always a ton of people on warrants. >> keep ur


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