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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 19, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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tonight -- an america's got talent nightmare. the trapeze artist who narrowly plumbed to her death. her 2-year-old son watching. . we're with the couple today. how she survived the fall. plus, meghan markle's new family drama. why her half-sister is ranting against the royal now. we're on set with new addition katherine heigl full of first-day jitters then, all-new bieber/baldwin i do details. what we just learned about the wedding party plus the "mamma mia" men and the whole lot of spandex. why the struggle was so real with those skin-tight costumes.
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this is "entertainment tonight." the judges of america's got talent are used to having their breath taken away. but not like this. last night we witnessed the most frightening accident in the show's history >> my heart stopped. look at this woman, just falling to the ground. this is all during a trapeze accident with her husband. >> i spoke with the couple the find out how it all went so horribly wrong. you know, this was such a frightening moment. what went wrong that resulted in the fall. >> pushing the envelope, we're doing things that we haven't quite performed yet before. we never performed a fire. never performed the blindfold. then that specific drop we were doing, we were doing where she was higher up. and then i have to give her a verbal cue when to fall. >> i actually even really couldn't hear him.
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>> making it all the more gut-wrenching the fact that the couple's 2-year-old son was in the audience watching in the arms of his grandmother. mary, how is your little boy doing today in. >> he's doing really good. after the america's got talent audition, we're backstage. the medics came to check on me to make sure i was okay my mom, nobody knew if i was okay. my mom was relieved. >> this wasn't the first agt stunt gone wrong. there was this terrifying moment two years ago when a flaming arrow misfired. >> i was just hoping that he doesn't -- didn't get punctured. >> i was really worried. >> the contestant wasn't seriously injured. as for mary, she checked out fine. all right, the live shows
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are next month. how are you going to take it to the next level without scaring everyone to death in. >> we don't know yet. it will be surprise. definitely going to be good and just as exciting or more as our last one. >> on top all of this, he's legally blind. so everything is touch, feet and verbal cues. we'll be watching when they return. >> we sure will. tomorrow will mark two months since prince harry and meghan markle said i do, kev. but there is new family drama tonight. the duchess is getting blasted by her half-sister. but still, meghan remains grace under fire. yesterday, after the duke and duchess visited a nelson mandela exhibit, meghan's half-sister samantha markle ranted on twitter, quote, how about you pay tribute to your own father? enough is enough. act like a humanitarian, act like a woman. if our father dies, i'm holding you responsible, meg.
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today's is their father's 74th birthday. despite her markle family feud, meghan's royal relatives have embraced her, especially her new sister-in-law. >> if anyone can understand the difficulties and the challenges of marrying into the royal family, having been a commoner, having been a normal person up until then, of course it's kate. >> today, harry was out solo visiting injured rugby players. in their appearances together, meghan has performed her duties with elegance and grace. last week in ireland, she was both regal and showed off her sense of humor when a child pulled her hair. >> everyone that spoke to her said that she was charming, she was very sweet and she was very natural. >> meghan will be center stage again this fall when she and harry make an official visit to australia and new zealand, and the two are also expected at the next royal wedding. on friday, october 12th, harry's cousin princess eugenie will wed jack brooksbank. the daughter of prince andrew and his ex-wife sarah ferguson is close to harry.
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pre-megh pre-meghan, she used to set him up on blind dates with her friends. well, there is nothing that compares to royal wedding. but, oh, man, is it going to be a sight to see when justin bieber ties the knot with hailey baldwin and the first wedding details have just emerged. ♪ be each other's company >> meet, the bridesmaids. it's hailey's cousin, ireland baldwin. that's alec and kim basinger's girl. and then there's hailey's older sister alaia. that's news straight from kim, who spoke to "us weekly." ♪ what do you mean >> and what about bieber? well, we think his best man will be his dad jeremy. remember, the biebs was right there in his pink shorts when his pop said i do in february. ♪ i'm coming for ya >> just one week after their engagement, justin and hailey took a break from their wedding planning to go golfing. tmz has the photos of the pair in georgia. it's just their latest stop, remember they got engaged in the bahamas, went to new york and then miami.
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oh, and they don't travel light. check out their entourage. ♪ i'm the one >> the wedding guests list is bound to be big as well. usher is justin's mentor. justin's manager scooter braun will likely be there. he also reps ariana grande who would bring fiance pete davidson as her plus-one. as for hailey, one of her model bffs is kendall jenner. and let's not forget, the entire baldwin family. last night, while leaving dinner, uncle alec was asked how he feels about bieber joining the clan. >> one word to describe it all, one word, are you excited about bieber and hailey? >> before he could answer -- the waitress interrupted. see, alec forgot to pay his bill. >> let him sign the check. >> have a lovely evening. >> thank you. >> listen, another couple we're keeping a close eye on is katy perry and orlando bloom. their love seems to be sweeter the second time around.
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>> they finally got it together. but that doesn't mean everything in katie's life is perfect. in fact, katy has joined the growing list of high-profile stars who are opening up about their struggles with mental health. >> in a candid new interview with "vogue" australia said the response to last year's album led to a bout of situational depression. katy says quote. ♪ i will survive >> determine to rise above the pain, the 33-year-old spent the a week at a mental health retreat in she said, quote, there are lot of people who are self-medicating through vad dags in audiences, denial. withdrawal i did that for a long time. also speaking publicly about her battles,
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destiny's child's michelle williams told her fans on staingram. i recently sought help from a great team of health care professionals. >> i can only say about what it was for me. it is okay to talk about it, to go and get help for it. >> williams has been open with "e.t." in the past about struggling with depression. she said it came to a head during the peak of destiny's child fame. ♪ >> destiny's child has definitely been through a lot. but we are survivors. >> beyonce's mom tina and sister solange both posted messages of support for michelle. but don't expect to hear anything publicly from beyonce or kelly rowland. >> there's a loyalty thing where we don't talk about each other's personal things. and i know that they will do the same for me. those are three leaders are thicker than thieves. we have spent time with michelle and she won't say a word.
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>> the word i'm going say, good for you, michelle, there's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself coming up -- >> inside the stars' sexy summer vacation. >> amsterdam. >> from justin and jessica to nick and priyanka, the roman take getaways you got to see. want to look ten years younger for under a hundred bucks? beauty tricks from the stars to lose those necklines. and "snl" bloopers revealed. the hosts who couldn't hold it together. but first, denzel washington is celebrating a career first -- his first-ever big screen sequel. >> it's go time! >> the 63-year-old returns as a man seeking justice in "the equalizer 2" and the oscar winner had some life advice for his 22-year-old co-star ashton sanders. >> keep it simple, stupid, have you ever heard that one? >> from you. >> did i say it to you? >> yeah, keep it simple.
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>> i didn't say stupid. >> no, not stupid. but keep it simple. >> and denzel may have some box office competition from his son john david. the star of hbo's "ballers" is in black klansman" out next month. >> is it a bucket list moment to act together on the screen in. >> it's up to him. it's his world. when he started on "ballers," you know, you didn't see a lot of press. people didn't even know he was my son and we did that on purpose. our own kevin frazier
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♪ that's actually sarah jessica parker enjoying the sweet life vacationing with her family in portofino italy. sjp isn't the only star getting away this week. kicking off show and tell it's priyanka's birthday. it's cho-nas. nick with birthday girl priyanka kicked off the celebrations early last night with a dinner date at london hotspot. >> happy birthday. >> the lovebirds have been touring england ever since priyanka wrapped shooting "isn't it romantic" in new york. >> i'm going for a secret getaway. next, a working vacation for justin and jessica. >> are you fixing your hair? >> yeah.
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>> mr. and mrs. timberlake enjoyed a champagne toast on a little boat trip in the netherlands. >> amsterdam! >> no sign of son silas, and this dad is busy. justin's performing tonight in nearby belgium. meanwhile in italy, it's the smith. will, jada, their kids jaden and willow as well as will's son trey hit the amafli coast. posing for a group selfie with jada's publicist. will has been quiet the world traveler lately. he just wrapped gemini man in south america. he was also in russia for the world cup. and even swung by budapest where he took on drake's "in my feelings" challenge. and finally, a very brady vacation. >> are you going on vacation? >> costa rica. >> looks like gisele won that argument. tom brady's family did some horseback riding while living it up in costa rica. the patriots dad and supermodel mom also got in some pda on the beach. tom told me he relishes time away. >> when you do get the chance to go on vacations and to be with
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your family, things like that are a lot of fun to do. coming up -- oh, my gosh can i going to screw up this whole thing. >> replacing a royal. >> why katherine heigl freaked out on set. then -- >> meghan loved having her eyes pop. >> the tricks to looking ten years younger without surgery. plus "mamma mia" men in spandex. what made them the most uncomfortable and why the women couldn't stopwatching. >> where do you put your hands for heavens sake. closed captioning provided by --
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and softer, smoother, fashion ready underarms. from dove antiperspirants. ♪ ♪ something in the air that night ♪ you're singing "fernando." . cher singing the words also, you know what, she just announced she's going to release a full album of abba covers. no release date yet, but cher says she's putting her own spin on the classics. look at you. >> don't play with me. don' play with my emotions. >> you know, the original ""mamma mia" came out ten years ago today and making the sequel a decade later, well, it presented a unique challenge for the men who had to squeeze back into those spandex suits, as brooke anderson found out. >> i was told that all guys especially had a big time on set with the spandex and stuffing
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their pants. >> i should have paid to watch them because they were very much practical jokers. >> we had more laughs watching colin complaining about the spandex and having to move. >> so, we know the costumes in this musical sequel are amazing. just check out the platform boots. but remember, the end credits from the original movie? we're talking about the guys strutting their stuff in spandex. well, get ready, because they're doing it again and we hear slipping into the suits was just as terrifying this time as it was the last time. >> you know, we're all in the trailers at the same time just looking at this thing after ten years, which makes it more difficult to get into and we're all in there. we step out the same time and look at each other. >> they had no shame. it was just, i remember walking past their trailers and the boys were like staring at their
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outfit on the hangers. >> where do you put your hands, for heaven's sake. >> we were stuffing things down the front. >> the fruit bowl was empty. you know. >> i stuffed nothing down the front. >> i heard that -- maybe we should just move on. let's just keep going. the usa show "suits" returns tonight for season eight, minus one duchess, meghan markle, who but the hit series has added a familiar face, katherine heigl. and keltie knight was on the set in toronto when katherine "suited" up. >> who the hello are you? >> her name is sam wheeler. >> truth be told, alex, i prefer samantha. >> being a major "suits" fan walking through the halls and seeing like harvey specter's office for the first time? it's a little bit of a trip, right? >> it blew my mind.
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it blew my mind. i fully walked into -- we did some camera test in louis' office and i was like i'm in louis litt's office. >> katherine joins the cast as a sassy new partner at the firm, after meghan's character rachel was written off the show. and the 39-year-old is such a big fan of the legal drama, she actually asked the show's creator if he'd consider her for a part. >> do you need anybody? 'cause i'm available. and so it just kind of happened. >> three kids coming to toronto with you? how do you handle that. >> yes. i also raise my niece. there are four kids. it's as you. it's chaos. we're getting it tighter, better and down to a science. >> also joining the cast full time -- dule hill. he's now a series regular after guest starring last season. >> i'm here to tell you to back the hell off. >> that's not going happen. >> and while we know meghan won't be back on the show, we may not have seen the last of her former on-screen husband patrick j. adams. >> i find it very hard to
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believe that mike ross doesn't appear at least one more time on the show. >> i love that. >> i can't believe it. it's so exciting. sfwli think they can find a story line for him. meghan's time on "suits" she also looked so beautiful. you're about the man who had a hand in that. a beauty guru to the stars he can only make your neck wrinkles disappear. >> we kept the skin radiant, fresh, well moistureized. she loved having her eyes pop a little bit. >> take one look at the 36-year-old duchess, with her messy buns and boatneck dress lines and it's clear she does not struggle with those dreaded necklines. to this area, there's no way to really hide a person's age or to soften it.
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>> spencer barnes who creates looks for julianne hough and nina dobrev, thinks he's developed a cure for this common trouble area, it's called the sculpting wand. angie harmon is a fan. >> lot of people are rolling it across the jaw and also the for younger generation we're seeing a lot of this tech neck, people on their phones and on their computers a lot. we're seeing early creasing on the neck. >> so, does the $89 gadget work? spencer swears by it. but here are some other ways to take care of your neck. when you pose, hold your head high, like blake lively. it elongates. you can cover up the lines with makeup, like rihanna. halle berry's secret is moisturizer, or you can go to the extreme and inject botox in the creases, like 64-year-old christie brinkley. >> filler is fine as long as it's in the very small doses. no overhead lighting. is a really good tip as well. yeah, fillers look great.
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. saturday night live was on a roll last season. but so much the funniest moments never made air. >> no, we're talking a about the bloopers of course. it wasn't just the cast that kept messing up. take a look at this. bye, everybody. something coming out about me real soon. because i'm next. >> the rhythm of the fire. the rhythm of flame. >> you all know me. >> you don't know me, jean. >> that's sexy. >> this is not an fbi badge. >> no -- >> get out of the car, please. get out of the car. come on. >> probably confiscating it.
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