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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 29, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ news on demi lovato after her overdose. >> this is definitely a medical emergency. >> the 911 call. the failed intervention, the friends she pushed away. >> just tell us if she's okay. >> as demi's ex comes to her side, is rehab the answer? >> cravings creeping in. >> plus -- >> i hope you'll try to understand me. >> our night with roseanne after her first tv interview, firing back at her former co-stars. >> i think they lost a good friend. i didn't. >> then "e.t." behind the scenes with brad pitt. his new movie with leo and exclusive details on his time at home with the kids. plus how ryan reynolds got brad to be in deadpool 2.
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>> oh, wow. >> and tom cruise breaks news on his top gun sequel co-star. >> you'll see why she's perfect for it. >> plus the secret life of ashton kutcher? >> what is this office he claims to go in. >> why mila is questioning her hubby's after hours activities. >> not everything adds up. i'm like, what do you really do? >> this is "entertainment tonight." news on demi lovato after her hospitalization for an overdose. cameron mathison is off this weekend but keltie knight is here with me. >> troubled singer demi lovato has been so open about her struggles with sobriety. just last month she admitted she had fallen off the wagon. we have the latest after this we week's alarming developments. >> gather any medications if she's on any. >> authorities have released the 911 call from demi's home. the caller wanted praaramedics arrive quietly. >> no sirens right? >> i don't have control over that. sorry about that.
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♪ >> "e.t." has learned demi lovato's team staged an intervention for the sijer about a month ago, urging her to go to rehab. she rejected the plan and overdosed tuesday morning at her home in the hollywood hills. meantime, demi's ex wilmer valderrama went to visit the singer. that's his tesla being ushered through a special entrance. >> just tell us if she's okay, wilmer. ♪ >> multiple sources tell "e.t." that just hours before demi od.ed she attended a birthday party in west hollywood. we're told the party extended into the early hours of tuesday morning at demi's house. ♪ the lapd tells "e.t." that drug paraphernalia was found at demi's home, but it remains unclear who it belonged to and what type of drug or drugs demi may have been doing before she overdosed. the singer addressed rumors of a
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relapse head-on with the surprise release of the song "sober" last month. but a source tells us that people close to demi started to notice a shift in her personality months ago and could tell she wasn't behaving like the sober demi they've known for six years. >> the issue is really in the last six months and her starting to disengage slowly from recovery, and then obviously using to this extent. >> we just send you so much love, demi. we've got so much more on her as we look back at her troubled career. when did she first start using drugs, her battle with an eating disorder, and the moment her struggle turned suicidal. now let's talk about roseanne barr. eight weeks after she got fired and her show got canceled, she has given her first tv interview. >> listen, i -- i hate everyone equally. >> "e.t." was with the seemingly
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relaxed roseanne thursday at the end of her mea culpa mission in manhattan. during her onstage conversation with a friend, rabbi schmuley boteach, she did not mince words when talking about her former roseanne colleagues. >> i'm sorry that it wasn't important to them for any of them to call me. >> do you feel that they betrayed you? >> i think they lost a good friend. >> earlier in the day, she sat down with fox news' sean hannity. roseanne got candid about her mental health. >> you have said in the past that you suffer from multiple personality disorder. >> well, i don't suffer from it anymore. >> you don't? >> i enjoy it. >> you've had crazy moments. let's just be honest. >> you shouldn't call a mental health patient crazy. i take an antidepressant and a blood pressure pill, and then i take some more antidepressants. >> at one point she spoke
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directly to the target of her tweet, valerie jarrett. >> i'm so sorry that you thought that my tweet was racist because it wasn't. >> but ultimately roseanne couldn't stop herself from getting in one more personal b. >> she's got to get a new haircut. i mean seriously. she needs a new haircut. >> let's move on now. let's talk about brad pitt, all right? he has been spending time with his kids this week as he films in l.a. so does that mean he and angelina are finally getting somewhere with their custody battle? >> we have exclusive new reporting after papa pitt got down to business. >> hi, brad! >> that's brad pitt on hollywood boulevard, rocking double denim and a retro late 60s look. pitt is filming the movie once upon a time in hollywood alongside leonardo dicaprio. leo plays an actor in tv westerns and brad his stunt double. that's them shooting the scene in a cream colored cadillac and quentin tarantino directing. "e.t." has learned brad is
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focusing on more than acting. a source tells us the actor is balancing work with fatherhood. a judge's recent ruling is allowing the actor to be with his kids for an extended time without angelina ainvol's invol. per their agreement, angelina is only allowed to call the kids once per day at a time agreed upon in advance. brad has been with his kids at his los feel oez home. as for brad's relationship with angelina, the source claims they still don't get along at all. in fact, they can barely be in the same room. next, nick jonas and priyanka ready to wed after just two months? ♪ >> i love the idea of getting married. i totally want to get married at some point. >> that's what priyanka told "e.t." just six days before nick popped the question, reportedly during her birthday celebration last week. nick and priyanka's reps would not comment, but a source tells "e.t." quote, nick knew
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immediately she was the one. the way he is with priyanka is like nothing between him and any other girl he's dated. his family adores her. >> i'm someone who has been private about my personal life. but when it happens in a big way, i would want the world to know. now to some famous exes who just had some interesting near misses. it all went down at comic-con last weekend. this year, the stars included johnny depp and amber heard. >> avoiding a chance of a face to face encounter during this comic-con presentation. johnny appeared first at around 11:00 a.m. he remained in character for his brief two-minute monologue. >> amber heard! >> just over an hour later at around 12:20 p.m., ex-wife amber walks across the same stage for aquaman. she appeared upbeat and happy.
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outside she took time to sign autographs for fans. the comic-con appearance comes two years after their split first became public. the divorce included domestic violence allegations, which johnny has denied. now to some amicable exes at comic-con. >> hey! >> chris pratt hit the comic-con stage for lego movie 2 while his ex, anna faris was in town to promote her unqualified podcast. there was no sign of their 5-year-old son jack, but chris did pose with jason momoa's two kids. >> i notice they want to take a picture with one certain star. >> they're lego fans. >> congrats to eddie redmayne who stars in fantastic beasts sequel. >> how is that going? >> it's really good. >> he's cute. >> as i say, when we're
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traveling around the world, i've got to say when you're working with this cast, you better have eight nannies. we were traveling in the plane. >> also at comic-con, jamie lee curtis, who is also about getting hyped for halloween. >> what was important was that we meet a woman who has not been focused on anything but michael meyers for 40 years. >> jamie wears a wig in the newhall wean. at 59, she's thrilled to return to the role that launched her career 40 years ago. >> when i die, the headline will be "halloween actress dies," and i couldn't be more proud. >> on the street, john cena surprised fans by transporting himself into bumbleby, and he
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brought the mask to our interview. i returned the mask to john, and we were joined by the director, travis knight. >> the film is a story about the sweet connection that the character has with bumble bees. but it's still a transformers film. there's a lot of action within the film. >> on the way, tom cruise breaks news on his top gun sequel co-star as we flashback to cocktail 30 years later. and ryan reynolds tells "e.t." the real story behind how he got brad pitt and celine dion to join deadpool 2. >> that's kind of amazing. >> plus we're with mila kunis after telling all about her romance gone wrong with macaulay culkin. >> then bruce willis, look out. we're there as demi moore roasts her ex. we're there as demi moore roasts her ex. >> surprise! when it comes to strong bones, are you on the right path? we're there as demi moore roasts her ex. >> surprise! we have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture,
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sorry i'm late. i was rounding up all the gluten in the world and launching it into space where it can't not hurt us ever again. >> i love this guy. that is deadpool 2 with ryan reynolds. now, as many of you know, brad pitt actually makes a cameo in the sequel. >> when kevin and i were down at comic-con, ryan sat down with kev and gave us the real deal on how this all came to be. >> i need to know. >> don't call it a comeback. >> i was told all he wants is a cup of coffee. and i said, like a franchise or just one individual cup of coffee? and i was told one individual cup of coffee, which is really his way of saying, like, i'm doing it for nothing. and it was a told solid and the nicest thing. >> brad's cameo is a mute ant superhero vanisher only took seven minutes to film. the director was brad's stuntman in ocean's eleven and mr. and mrs. smith.
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>> taking one of the biggest movie stars in the world and giving him a role that is utterly worldleutte utterly wordless and invisible. >> celine dion, the same kind of deal? >> part of that, the song was beautiful and it kind of resonated for her. when she sings it, you know, you can't help but just have tears fire out of your face. >> if you're keeping up with ryan and his wife, bliake livel trolling each other on instagram, you may remember blake said this. anna kendrick is the hotter femaler version of my husband, so would it really count as cheating. you know i had to ask about that. anna kendrick says she feels like she gave you deadpool, so she should have your wife. >> i know a lot of guys that would be fine with that, but not me. access denied. >> nope. >> not happening. listen, while ryan bogarts blake, is ashton letting mila kunis having her time in the spotlight. >> we were with mrs. kutcher
7:15 pm
this week celebrating her new movie, the spy who dumped me. mila opened up big-time about ashton and also her famous ex. >> i had a horrible breakup. a horrible, horrible breakup. i was like [ bleep ]. i'll be the first to admit it. >> mila took the blame for her breakup with mccauley mcculkin. the couple dated for eight years. >> have you forgiven yourself? >> it's been so long. i feel like enough time has gone by, enough mutual friend, everybody kind of forgave everybody for what went down. >> mila never actually revealed what she did, but she had no problem admitting to dax shepherd on his forecast how she first hooked up with now husband ashton kutcher years after they starred on that 70s show. >> this very tall, very good-looking stat you'ure of a walked by. what a good looking -- he turns around and i was like, ooh. >> what happened to him? >>e was like oh.
7:16 pm
oh. i used to know.same little gurl then he decided to set me up on a blind date with someone else, and then he didn't show up. that was the night he and i hooked up. >> ashton was under the weather for the movie premiere, but i had to ask his wife this. what would you do tomorrow if tomorrow you woke up and found out that ashton was a spy? >> i feel like i knew it. i wouldn't put it past him. he's like, babe, i got to tell you something. okay. i totally believe it. i knew. i knew while we were filming. something's up. >> he also had multiple jobs. not everything adds up. what are you really doing? what is this office you claim to go to? >> there is a whole lot of funny wrapped up in that crew. now, their movie is out next weekend. but if you want to talk about comedy this weekend, well, look no further than bruce will isz. you won't be laughing with bruce. more like at him because the action star is the latest target of comedy central's roast. >> surprise! >> it's going to be a laugh
7:17 pm
fest. it's going to be so loud in there. >> bruce and demi were married for nearly 13 years, and are parents to three daughters who watched as she said this. >> i have to say our daughters are incredibly well adjusted considering two of them are half bruce willis. >> we know a lot more than we should about my dad. >> every christmas, right avenue -- after he would have the girls make him his special coffee with medicine, i mean he would come down the chimney in the wife beater t-shirt, waving that gun, saying, yippee-ki-yay [ bleep ]. >> back in 1985, willis got his g break on the tv series moonlighting. >> what are we going to do with all that money? >> his former leading lady, cybil shepherd was also there to throw some jabs. >> i've always loved bruce. when i walked in the room, my temperature went up ten degrees. coming up, we're celebrati 30 years since tom cruise shook
7:18 pm
things up in cocktail. plus -- >> tom cruise, everybody. >> tom breaks news on his top gun sequel co-star. >> you'll see why she's perfect for it. >> and -- ♪ here the story >> the iconic brady bunch house up for sale. will it be torn down, or is a pop star about to save it? plus what the brady kids told us about their tv home. >> the brady living room, there was that stairca
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♪ >> the blood will be on your hands. >> well, mr. tom cruise wrapped up his mission impossible tour this week. fallout's in theaters this weekend, and our carly steel caught up with tom at his final stop in the nation's capitol. and she also scored news about the top gun sequel's newest top gal. >> it was announced that jennifer connelly is joining the cast. what makes her perfect for the top gun world?
7:21 pm
>> she's a great actress obviously. i think when you see the film, you'll see why she's perfect for it. >> connelly is reportedly set to play a single mom who runs a local bar near the navy base where tom's character works. >> i'm maverick. >> we're working on top gun full time actually while i'm doing this. >> some of the movie's most dramatic scenes were shot in paris, and when tom wasn't filming filming, he was a tourist. >> you went to the eiffel tower. did you scale it, sneak in, or took the elevator. >> i took the elevator and walked up. not quite as dramatic. >> angela bassett is tom's high powered cia boss. >> what was your reaction when you got the call you're going to be part of it? >> i was like, oh, my god, really? are you kidding me? who? me? then i really started freaking out. >> playing his fellow agent-turned enemy, henry cavill. >> you have an incredible scene, the bathroom scene. what was it like making that
7:22 pm
scene? >> it was brutal actually. what was supposed to be four days of shooting, it ended up being four weeks. >> henry is single but told us having a girlfriend is not easy when he's globetrotting making movies. >> people are always trying to set me up on blind dates. >> really? >> it's tricky, though. i mean for anyone to kind of jump into this lifestyle, it's not easy. >> you have something i want. >> romancing tom is vanessa kirby, who is emmy mom nated for her work in the crown as princess margaret, queen elizabeth's sister. >> it was quite a moment. you like margaret too? it was really nice. >> you heard a lot of talk from tom about the top gun sequel. well, this weekend marks 30 years since another cruise classic, cocktail. didn't you love that movie? you know we just had to mix up an epic flashback. ♪
7:23 pm
>> it was a then 26-year-old tom's idea for all the bottle flipping to be adding to the bar tending scenes. he practiced the tricks two hours a day for a month to get them just right. >> i like to live like with -- >> did you know rob lowe, john travolta, tom hanks and charlie sheen were considered for the role of the ambitious bartender? ♪ you're addicted to love >> elizabeth shue, the gurl who steals tom's heart, her part was eyed by jennifer gray, sarah jessica parker, and darryl hannah. >> i'm not like all women. >> i'll give you that. >> he doesn't carry around any kind of star quality. as a person, he's very warm and supportive as an actor.
7:24 pm
we were in jamaica, which was wonderful. there weren't too many fans there that had seen top gun. >> after this, i'm going on to do rain man, and i feel i'm coming into my own right now and getting some really terrific roles. >> a little back story. cocktail came two years after tom shot top gun. ♪ oh, and shooting in jamaica wasn't a paradise for tom either. cruise got sick. in fact, he admitted in these love scenes at the water fall, you can see in certain shots tom's lips were purple. so 34 years and 34 films later, we still love cruise. what's his mantra for life? >> just do what you're doing. stay focused and just keep going. and just enjoy the ride. >> man, that movie takes me back. he looks so young, right? even though he doesn't age now. here is another blast from the past. it has been 44 years since we said bye-bye to the bradys. and now that iconic brady bunch house is up for sale.
7:25 pm
so before the most important piece of brady family history goes to the highest bidder, we're taking a tour inside. is it true that this house is the second most photographed house after the white house? ♪ here's the story >> i got an exclusive look inside the beloved tv home. here's the thing. it was only used as the exterior, and the inside looks way different than the tv version. the brady boys told us fans would ask them for details about the house even though the show was filmed on a stage at paramount studios. >> what happened at the top of the staircase? were the bedrooms up there? >> the bedrooms and a bathroom were on stage 5. because i kept going up the stairs looking. >> looking around? >> i couldn't find them. >> these are the questions we get. >> the north hollywood house looks just as groovy as it did when it was purchased back in 1973 for $61,000 back when the brady bunch was still on the air. check it out. wood paneling, plush carpet, and
7:26 pm
plenty of closet space for your bell bottoms. >> it's a living shrine. >> it was kelsey mcalester whitmer's grandmother's house, and she has fond memories of fans coming to visit. you were able to people watch a lot. >> we loved it. my grandma and i would sit at the kitchen table and see all these people come up. they were full of smiles and they put their arms around each other. they came from all over the world. >> how often did you hear outside ♪ here's the story >> absolutely. >> people come up and sing it all the time? >> absolutely. >> fans note the subtle differences between the home and the house on tv. there is no second floor window like on the tv show. it was added to the house for filming. exclusive broker ernie carswell points out another change kelsey's grandmother made for privacy. >> she decided she needed a little barrier, but she didn't want to enshroud the house because she realized people loved it. >> the three bedroom, three-bath property is just under 2,500
7:27 pm
square feet and is going for a hefty $1.885 million. the family selling is hoping it will go to someone who will preserve the property, but there's a lot of speculation it could be torn down. that's where the story takes a turn. >> i want to buy this house. >> lance bass has toured the beloved home, and he told off the block, the official big brother aftershow, he wants to turn it into a very brady shrine. >> i'm going to turn it into the tv house. i'm going to go back to the original, original house. >> carswell already has multiple offers on the place. he says the new owner will be getting a piece of tv history and something else. >> more love in their life and more smiles. >> there you go. >> you can't say the words, the brady bunch, without having a chuckle responded to you or a smile. >> marcia, marcia, marcia. >> it brings a smile to americans, and this is a time we need that. >> absolutely. straight ahead. >> i had a good childhood, but there were things that
7:28 pm
definitely interrupted it. >> the shocking truth about demi lovato's demons. it's not only drugs. her eating disorders, self-mutilation, and thoughts of suicide. then paul walker's lost home movies. what a new documentary reveals about his life. >> december 24th, 1986. closed captioning provided by --
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if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, nick jonas and priyanka chopra ready to wed after just two months. ♪ nick and priyanka's reps would not confirm engagement reports, but a source tells "e.t." quote, nick knew immediately she was the one. number four, beyonce's european vacay. the carters have been posting amazing piing pics of thur euro trip. that's rumi on the right. sir is a little more serious on the left.
7:32 pm
it's the first official close-up of the 13-month-olds since their birth announcement last july. why do beyonce and jay-z rarely post the twins? we're told they want to protect the image of their children. ♪ it looks like bee was feeling generous, posting more than 50 snaps of the vacay. we think these shots 6-year-old blue ivy's personality perfectly. #mood. ♪ number three, brad pitt balancing work and fatherhood. that's papa pitt filming on the set of his new movie, once upon a time in hollywood. it also stars leonardo dicaprio and is directed by quentin tarantino. we've also learned brad's kids visited him in l.a. for an extended time. a source tells "e.t." brad had been with his kids at his los felis home. number two, roseanne's first tv interview since her sitcom was canceled. she sat down with sean hannity and addressed the target of her
7:33 pm
racist tweet, valerie jarrett, directly. >> i'm sorry you thought my tweet was racist because it wasn't. plus i tell her she's got to get a new haircut. i mean seriously. >> and number one, demi lovato's overdose. the singer was transported from her home in the hollywood hills to cedars-sinai medical center tuesday morning. "e.t." has learned demi lovato's team staged an intervention for the singer about a month ago, urging her to go to rehab. she rejected the plan. meantime, demi's ex, wilmer valderrama went to visit the singer. that's his tesla being ushered through a special entrance. a source tells "e.t." wilmer was shattered by the overdose news and, quote, was aware demi was going through a difficult time because she was forthright with him when she relapsed but he did not anticipate this. go to "e.t." online for the latest. we know demi has been very open about her struggles, most of which have been plaguing her for
7:34 pm
most of her career. >> my first time doing coke, i was 17, working on disney channel. >> i just wanted to fit in, okay? >> i was scared because my mom told me your heart could just burst if you did it. but i did it anyways, and i loved it. >> it was 2008. demi was starring alongside the jonas brothers in disney's record breaking movie musical. it was one of three projects she'd taken on in her teens. she got her start at age 10 on barney and friends with selena gomez. >> getting to work with the iconic barney, the dinosaur, was pretty cool. >> but amidst the fun, demi had been dealing with years of bullying. at age 7, she was suicidal. >> bullying was a sensitive subject to me. it's something i went through. >> by age 9, lovato had developed an eating disorder. >> i was scared and i was
7:35 pm
looking up to these girls that were very, very thin. there was nobody really that set a positive example to say, hey, you know what, it's okay to have a healthy body and look normal and have curves. >> at age 16, demi released her first album, followed ten months later by a second and went on her first national tour. around this time, she started using drugs to self-medicate. but substance abuse and an eating disorder weren't the teen's only struggles. demi battled bipolar disorder and would even harm herself. >> whenever you're trying to battle your demons, you have to admit you have a problem first. >> at age 18, demi entered rehab for the first time. we talked to her last year at five years sober. >> i'm able to look at what i've done, and i do kind of like sit there and thk, wow, i'm so glad that i got sober and i'm able to help people. >> and in 2016, demi partnered with the treatment center that helped her with her struggles. now it seems like demi is the one who needs help again. >> we hope that she gets it.
7:36 pm
>> yes, we do. now to the new paul walker documentary with never before seen footage. >> how old are you now? >> 13. >> touching family home videos capture paul's happy-go-lucky youth, his teenage years, going to prom, and that infectious, toothy smile, lost on november 30th, 2013, in a high-speed crash. >> we were a very close, loving family. paul is a piece that's missing now. >> do you ever feel his presence? do you ever feel like he's around watching over you? >> absolutely. >> we've spoken with paul's alook alike siblings, caleb and cody and his father, paul sr., who shared home movies with "e.t." >> i need some money. >> i think he said, i need some money. >> they all appear in the documentary, i am paul walker. but now for the first time, we're hearing from ashley walker, reflecting on her big brother's need for speed. >> he liked to go fast. >> as soon as i was hold enough
7:37 pm
to hang on tight, i would be on the back of his big wheel with him going for the ride of my life. >> yay! >> several family members underscore how the star of the $5 billion fast and furious franchise never wanted to be an actor. >> he'd always say, i wanted to be a park ranger, make 28 grand a year and live in the wilderness. that's really what he wanted to do. >> the major loves in his life, helping others, surfing, and of course his daughter meadow, now 19. meadow is now carrying on her dad's legacy through the paul walker foundation, raising funds to protect ocean wildlife. >> i said, we got to start calling you st. paul, all the nice things you do. >> that was the last time you saw him alive? >> it's a great memory. next, we're with former dancing pro cheryl burke. her emotional reunion with her long lost sister. plus the i do details with matthew lawrence. >> then a fellow dancing pro
7:38 pm
body shamed we're with shawna burgess. could she leave the ballroom for good? >> do you think to yourself how many more years do i want to do this? >> and getting fit with a vitamin? >> brianna, the kardashians. >> what you should know before you try this hollywo craze. you know when you're at ross and you're like... hello. ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. welcome back, everyone. let's talk about "dancing with
7:41 pm
the stars" pro cheryl burke. she just reunited with her long lost sister. cheryl shared with me what it was like when they finally got back together after nearly 30 years. >> i was so nervous that day. the night before, i didn't sleep. >> i think we were both in shock. >> yeah, yeah. >> i don't think we stopped taking selfies for like an hour. >> same dad. >> different mom. >> we're just comparing. she goes, is my nose like yours? it's crazy how much we look alike and how much we sound alike. >> the reunion three weeks ago was a happy one. but when cheryl's little sister first reached out to her a few years ago, it was to tell her their dad had been in accident. cheryl didn't respond. >> i was at the height of like "dancing with the stars." people were like, hey, i'm your uncle. i'm your cousin. so you never really know. >> the next time they connected was after their father's passing in march. >> your dad passed away, and then did you reach out and say,
7:42 pm
hey -- >> she actually reached out to me again. she just wanted to say that she's here for me if i need anything. it was a really sweet text message, and right away i responded. >> the 34-year-old pro dancer has lots to celebrate now. she just got engaged to actor matthew lawrence. the couple rekindled their romance after a nine year break and of course ina was there at the engagement party to help celebrate. next up, wedding planning. >> i think we definitely want to do it this time next year. >> will you be glittery like princess bride? >> i don't want sequins, rhinestones. the only glitter is diamonds. now to another dancing pro. shawna burgess. the aussie has been a runner-up three times. she totally deserves to win one of these times. with success has come pain. sharna tells "e.t." online about the body shaming she's had to overcome. >> it took me a lot in hollywood to love the skin that i'm in, you know. it's a really difficult business
7:43 pm
to be in. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> through movement, through fitness and dance, i really learned to love my body. >> it's hard to imagine as a 33-year-old aussie dance pro with a killer physique could ever be body shamed. but sharna says being bullied at an early age really shook her confidence and took her a long time to get it back. how old were you when you were going through that? >> to be honest, my life in the dance industry. it happened as a teen. then it happened certainly seven years ago when i came to "dancing with the stars." you see one mean comment on twitter or on facebook, and then that sets you off. >> is that something you still get now even being on the show and looking as amazing as you do? >> in a sense it's gotten worse. the more people that see you, the more chance of someone saying something negative about you. i had to use the block button. >> now sharna is sharing her ballroom moves in a workout video incorporating basic dance
7:44 pm
steps with some hard core cardio for the total body by sharna experience. >> twist, twist. and again. you got this. >> the mirror ball is in my sights. >> yes, it is. >> how much weight would you see people lose on average doing dancing with the stars? >> it depends really what your goal is. but people can lose probably 50, 60 pounds. >> still to come, our backstage exclusive with boy george. candid on his struggle with sobriety. >> you're totally different now. >> plus celeb beauty secrets. tricks from the stars to lose those neck lines for under 100 bucks. and, hollywood's new fitness craze. claiming to burn fat and boost energy. >> rihanna, the kardashians. >> but is this iv treatment safe? >> that's ahead. but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which country singer once worked for garth brooks' merchandising department? was it faith hill, miranda
7:45 pm
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7:48 pm
being on the road now and this. >> he >> you've been very open about your sobriety. how many years now? >> over ten now. >> congratulations. >> i reached ten in march this year. >> how is touring different sober? >> oh, my god. you know, when i started culture club, i was 22. and we went from playing tiny clubs to playing stadiums like in a flash. i would say that it's taken me a long time to kind of feel comfortable onstage. ♪ do you really want to hurt me ♪ >> as the lead singer of culture club, boy george's fame has made him as much a target as a celebrity. >> i'm cynical. i'm not the person i was when i wrote them, so i never cast myself in that same role as kind of the victim. do you want to hurt me? >> wow. you're totally different now. >> yeah, i think in essence. or maybe that person is in there somewhere. but like under a lot of makeup
7:49 pm
and a lot of hats. >> boy george and culture club are touring with the b 52s. fame came just as fast for the athens georgia band. they were playing local gigs until they got a big break on "saturday night live" in 1980. >> can you believe it's been 40 years? >> uh, yes. >> has it been 80 years? ♪ >> kate pierson just turned 70 and the party has never really stopped. >> the music really came from that, from having fun. it came from the heart. >> the tour goes until october. culture club plays new songs from an upcoming album, but there is one artist boy george would love to work with. >> the weirdest one would be mia madonna. >> stop the presses. this time if something goes wrong, you take the fall. >> that is meghan markle, who always knows how to look good,
7:50 pm
and we're with her beauty mastermind. >> she says, ladies, you can make those neck wrinkles disappear. >> i first met meghan several years ago when she was getting ready to go on the show, suits. we kept the skin radiant, fresh, well moisturized and hydrated. meghan loved having her eyes pop a little bit. >> take one look at the 36-year-old duchess with her messy bun and boat neck dress lines and it's clear she does not struggle with those dreaded neck lines. >> it comes through this area. it's like there's no way to really hide a person's age or to soften it. >> spencer barnes, who creates looks for julianne hough and nina dobrev thinks he's developed a cure for this common trouble area. it's called the sculpting wand. angie harmon is a fan. >> a lot of people are rolling it across the jaw and down the neck area. also for the younger generation, we're seeing tech neck when people are on their phones or computers a lot. we're seeing early creasing on
7:51 pm
the neck. it's designed to address a lot of those area. >> so does the $89 gadget work? spencer swears by it, but here are some other ways to take care of your neck. when you pose, hold your head high like blake lively. it elongates. you can cover up the lines with makeup like rihanna. halle berry's secret is moisturizer. or you can go to the extreme and inject botox in the creases like 64-year-old christie brinkley. >> filler is fine in very small doses. no overhead lighting is a really good tip as well. >> yes, because we have all seen that lady with the 25-year-old face, and then the neck. >> always tells the tale. meanwhile, i feel like you'd say yes to just about anything, keltie. >> i really well. i'll try anything for the first tim time. some really big stars have tried this new procedure where you get intravenous vitamin injections, so guinea pig me, i went and
7:52 pm
gave it a try. miley, chrissy, and mark wahlberg have done it. >> what's in the iv doctor? >> vitamins. >> rihanna, the kardashians. celebs, like all of us are looking for the quick fix. one of our biggest sellers in hollywood is the hangover iv, full of electrolytes and hydration. >> dr. david gossland says he can create a custom iv cocktail for just about anything including jet lag, tension release, fat burning, anti-aging or even your daily dose of vitamins. >> what makes an iv drip better than taking an oral vitamin? >> 100% of whatever we put into your iv is going to go into your body. it's going to get absorbed into your cells and you're going to actually utilize those vitamins. >> according to the doctor, it takes 10 to 45 minutes and will set you back anywhere from $45 to $250. >> you can go anywhere with this.
7:53 pm
you can put it anywhere. i'll sit in traffic, put that in my cup holder. by the time i get home, the iv is done. >> not everyone is on board with the trend. dr. travis stork from the doctors calls it a little too good to be true because it's hard for your body to absorb such a high concentration of vitamins at once. >> there are absolute scenarios where an iv can help people to feel better. the thing i will say is you're getting fluids and people can be dehydrated after a big night of drinking. getting rehydrated can help you feel better. but for the great majority people, not necessary. if you're going to do it, talk to your doctor. >> so how did you feel? >> right after i felt the same amount of exhaustion on a normal day. but the next morning i woke up pretty glowy. i think there's something to it. >> i say just go for a roun or walk and you'll w
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
travel considerations provided by -- a few stars with birthdays this weekend. lori loughlin is 54. elizabeth berkeley, 46. and tim gunn is celebrating turning 65. now take a final look at your choices. which country singer once worked for garth brooks' merchandising
7:57 pm
department? that was martina mcbride, who is turning 52 this weekend. happy birthday. monday on "e.t." our backstage exclusive with luke bryan. how the idol judge is making country music history. then our surprise for mark wahlberg. >> what is it? >> plus fuller lashes without expensive extensions? >> i just got a lash lift. >> the beauty secret celebs love without the hollywood price tag. monday on "e.t." we are almost out of time. for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website at >> before we go, check out the new video featuring khaled. the soulful video for has racked up 79 million views. >> enjoy it. ride the wave and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ♪
7:58 pm
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