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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 7, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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♪ tonight -- ♪ >> beyonce gets real about her weight struggles. complications from the twins' birth and why she's in no rush to shed her post-baby pound. >> i don't really care about that anymore. plus, scooters, inside chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger's fun flirty weekend. a and, oops is right. britney's concert fail. plus the surprising way she spends her millions. and eva longoria's first interview after baby how little santiago is already taking after his mom.
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>> what was that? this is "entertainment tonight." well, if you had any doubt that chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger with a thing, but the couple is coming clean. we have the proof. that these two are all-in that silly, giddy, new love. >> what's the face for? i'm loving the cuteness. it's beautiful. let's talk love on top beyonce has done it again. she might want to change her alter-ego, sasha fierce, to mama fierce, because she is unleashing her body positivity for all to hear. ♪ who run the world girls who run the world girls ♪ >> "i have a little mommy pouch and i'm in no rush to get rid of it," with those 16 words, beyonce shut down all the recent pregnancy rumors and made us feel a little more okay with our own bodies. ♪ i woke up like this >> the 36-year-old mom of three says, quote, to this day my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller.
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sure, she'll go into "beast zone" to that six-pack back one day but, bey says, right now, my tummy are meant to be. saying she stripped away the wigs, hair extensions, and used very little makeup, "vogue's" september issue cover girl tells all, in her own words. beyonce reveals she was 218 pounds the day she gave birth to twins rumi and sir. that was caused by swelling due to toxemia which is sudden rise in blood pressure. and being on bedrest for over a month. she had an emergency c-section and then went into survival mode. as for queen bey's secret to dropping weight? she reportedly lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks, she says, by going vegan, giving up coffee, alcohol and fruit drinks. ♪ we be all night >> as for her body after babies, beyonce says with pride, i enjoyed my fuller curves. my kids and husband did, too.
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♪ baby love me lights out speaking of her hubby jay z beyonce said she was a total soldier when she was going through the birth of the twins. she saw a different perspective of him and they seem to be stronger than they have ever been. >> now the same could say about hollywood's latest power couple, chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger. uh, how you doing? >> that would be the ear-to-ear grins on prattzenegger realizing their pda is on full display. our "e.t." source confirms they are now a, quote, serious couple. sunday, they spent the entire day together, starting with church. the two were smiling with friends before hopping into chris' silver tesla. the next stop? a free vacuum at the car wash. later in beverly hills, the two were spotted kissing at the swanky montage hotel. the day ended with scoers and dinner at the home of the woman who set them up -- katherine's
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mom maria shriver. her brother patrick posted this instagram story from inside. >> no, thank you. >> here's another sign that things have gotten serious saturday, katherine spent some solo time with chris' 5-year-old son jack. chris and his ex, anna faris, are amicable co-parents, with our source adding, quote, jack being alone with katherine is normal, and they, respect that each other are in serious relationships. very nice to see the two of them getting together through co-parenting after breakup. meanwhile, britney spears and kevin federline are still trying to work out child support, especially now that we know how much she made last -- spent last year, the girl went big. this, as britney had an "oops" moment while on tour in the uk. >> what's up brighton pride? >> that's brit, caught on a hot mike, asking where she was while taking the stage saturday in brighton, england. the mom to two seemed to be laughing it off the next day in berlin with her kids, just as their dad went to court to get more child support.
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♪ you want a piece of me >> a hearing's been requested for next thursday. brit's ex wants 40 grand a month. kfed already gets 20,000 from spears, that's only a fraction of her expenses. a detailed financial records reveals. the docs also reveal her yearly expenses more than $384,000 on meals as well as items from low-cost retailers like walmart she pays dad jamie $128,000 as year as her conservator. >> i definitely have said no to people. >> divorce attorney laura wasser is on britney's payroll, too. she also reps angelina jolie in her battle with ex, brad pitt, but a new report claimed wasser wanted out because angie was too hostile, allegedly screaming and fueled with anger. jolie's spokesperson tells e.t. the lawyer "is not quitting." wasser's told us in the past she has dealt with difficult clients. >> i can kind of spot the crazy.
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so, if i say to somebody, this is how i see your case playing out and they go, oh, no. i will usually say, i don't know that we're a good fit. >> a source familiar with angie's case tells "e.t." there has been a change. quote, new experts have been brought on. the source describes it as a "new phase" of the divorce proceedings. now brad and angie do continue to co-parent their six children. they're with angie with full time. they're getting to see their dad more this summer thanks to their revised custody agreement. both are due back in court on this matter next week. meanwhile demi lovato is officially in rehab. a source tells e.t. that demi's family and team decided that the best situation for demi's sobriety was for her to check into an inpatient facility. it's her second stint in rehab, she first went when she was 18 years old. >> sometimes i just look back and i'm just grateful to be alive. ♪ give me the truth >> yesterday, the singer broke her silence about her overdose, writing, i want to thank god for keeping me alive and well.
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adding, i will keep fighting. meanwhile, demi's ex, wilmer valderrama, made his first public appearance since demi's o.d. the actor attended a charity event saturday night. he did not address demi's overdose, but he did visit her almost every day while she was in the hospital. the two dated for six years before calling it quits in 2016. >> i think my heart's always with wilmer. >> as for her decision to go to rehab, a source tells e.t., quote, it took a long hospital stay and time to detox for demi to get some clarity. everyone is breathing a huge sigh of relief. >> because demi has gone through such a destructive relapse, her going into a treatment center would be positive so she can deal with all the emotions and feelings that the relapse has created for her to become more emotionally stable. >> she needs to take her time
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and the support system is critical at this stage. let's talk about meghan markle, living that royal life. on saturday, she celebrated her first birthday as a duchess. made quite the style statement in the process. meghan! >> the duchess celebrated her 37th, wearing a $328 color block dress from the canadian brand, club monaco. her sky-high aquazurra stiletto the actually cost more than double the price of her dress. she and harry attended the wedding of his longtime paul charlie van straubenzee to videographer daisy jenks. the prince rushed into the church by himself. he was in the wedding party so maybe he had some duties to attend to. but meghan had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. her lacy dark bra peeked out but she even made that look stylish. and it seems meghan's family feud continues. our royal source says she remains upset with her father for giving interviews to the press about her. this weekend, her half-sister samantha markle posted angry twitter rants, comparing meghan
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to a disney villainess tweeting, quote, okay, so cruella de ville is retreating, lol. let me know how that works out for you. in another she said, any father out there knows this is wrong, snap out of it witchy poo. "witchy poo" was a character in the 1970's children show h.r. puffenstuff. meanwhile, meghan is looking forward to some royal r&r with harry's family at balmoral castle in scotland. william, kate and the kids are also expected to spend some vacation time at the queen's 50,000-acre estate. apparently, they barbecue and they hike. they're so normal. >> they fly coach. they flew coach to nice earlier. >> short flights. >> okay, good point. all right, coming up -- can dice bergen's emotional murphy brown return. >> we all burst into tears. >> i hear the first episode there's big guest. >> i still can't get over it. plus, the end of the big bang theory. new questions about the show's future and what the cast is saying about it.
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♪ you guys have been renewed through season 12, how much longer can you see it going? >> i can't envision one way or the other. >> we think 12 will be it. >> if we're lucky enough to work something out where we go past that, i would be thrilled. >> yeah, well, luck definitely on their side. yeah, great news for the fans of "the big bang theory," season 12 may not be their last. cbs is officially in preliminary discussions for a season 13. >> so, there's no slowing the big bang. a little different for fans of murphy brown, they took a 20-year break. they're back this fall. i sat down with its star candice bergen and her grownup tv son jack mcdormand, and they told me, it's coming back with a bang. >> murphy is not a timid show. and we're certainly not starting out timidly that's for sure. avery has become a television journalist like his mother.
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in our first episode we are both on television programs that are trying to outdo each other on ratings. >> they find a very different home for his journalism. >> they shot one episode of their 13-show order so far. right out the gate, murphy brown goes head to head with her conservative son, so, this cast isn't pulling any political punches. >> the second episode deals with the white house briefing room. >> will it be the current white house briefing room? >> oh, you bet. >> of course, it will. >> will we see some of those folks? >> the episode is called i and then there's a heart with a line through it, huckabee. >> just like the original series, expect to see the famous guest stars. i hear the first episode that there's a big guest. >> yeah. >> i'm just going to say a name just for fun -- hillary clinton. >> hmm. >> okay. anyone out there that'sour ultimate get to be on this --
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>> for me, bk bk. it could happen. >> oh, man please. >> they plan to tackle lots of topics on the show including the me too episode. that episode is fittingly called murphy 2. still ahead here -- eva longoria just weeks after baby. the famous mom she's getting advice from and is she ready for number two in. then, katy perry's celine surprise. inside the divas' epic day together. and the passing of a beloved tv icon. the ups and downs of the facts of life star charlotte rae. >> life was overwhelming. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ how hard it is to leave him to do this? >> it's been so hard to leave him. i've been with him 24 hours a day since he was born and so to leave him for four hours is crazy. >> eva longoria baston, looking amazing in a white blazer dress, at the premiere of her new comedy "dog days" yesterday. it was her first red carpet since she welcomed santiago in june. so, what is life really like for her raising a newborn? before the premiere, i sat down with eva who is clearly in the midst of baby bliss. >> he's a dream and he's such a good baby. i knock on wood.
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he's just been so easy, so sweet. it's going way too fast already. like, i'm like stop growing hp he's going to be like 18 and have a job soon. he's 7 weeks old. and i've been with him day and night not working for seven weeks and it's been the best seven weeks of my life. i just miss him so much. it's the first time i have had hair and makeup in seven weeks and i was breastfeeding him this morning and i think he was like, who are you? where's my mom? >> eva is fully embracing her new role as a mama. she says she's been relying on husband jose baston for support and her friends. >> kerry washington's basically my doula. >> what's the best piece of advice kerry has given you? >> to follow your own instincts. yeah, you know, i have a baby nurse, i have my mom. i have my mother-in-law and she's like, you know, you have the best instinct. >> eva got some practice playing a new mom in "dog days." she and her husband adopt a little girl, who bonds with a dog. >> this dog has made us a family. >> can we keep her? >> when i was filming this movie i was pregnant.
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i just found out i was pregnant. >> wow. >> and i was so tired. so playing a mom and i was actually making a baby was interesting and fun. nobody knew and like my jeans wouldn't button and i was like, i hope the camera doesn't see this. >> i also asked eva, does this mean more babies in future? i don't know why i asked that because i hated that question. she said, let me recover from this one and then i'll let you know. in other words, too soon to tell. >> she didn't say no. jason mraz seems to have it all. keltie knight was invited exclusively inside his home. i hear this place has a special name. >> the m-ranch. >> the m-ranch. ♪ i want you to have it all >> do you feel like you have it all? >> i do. >> really? >> absolutely. i get overwhelmed.
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♪ i won't worry my life away >> he invited e. exclusively to the accept center of his world. it's a sprawling creative compound outside san diego. it even has a fully operational avocado farm. and he shot scenes for the song off his first track called "know." during our day on the farm jason performed an intimate concert. ♪ if you believe if anything can happen ♪ >> the private show will be included in a film about making his new album having it all. it will premiere tomorrow. >> it's a movie kind of about one song. ♪ ♪ >> and also, how that one song music video was made through a collaborative experience with two nonprofits in richmond, virginia, which is my hometown. ♪ i want you to have it all
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>> if the wine is flowing like water i have to find out who turned on the tap. >> who didn't love mrs. garrett? we all grew up watching legendary tv actress, charlotte rae on "facts of life," and before that "diff'rent strokes," the beloved actress passed away over the weekend. but what a life she led. as tonight, we remember our moments with everyone's favorite house mom. >> what happened to the go get 'em, give them heck, take it to the streets, was that you? >> no, i think that was the doobie brothers. >> i'm from milwaukee. i'm a small town girl and here i am, and it's all glamorous and all the fans are screaming "mrs. garrett" over there, and it's >> as the mother figure, she helped the girls face some serious issues. this body-shaming episode first aired in 1980. >> >> you don't think of a girl as
1:54 am
a ten if she weighs a ton. >> you're not a number you're a girl. >> but charlotte told us years later that ironically, the young actresses experienced their own body shaming on set. >> how much pressure did the producers put on the girls to keep a certain weight? >> the more they tried to pressure them and weigh them and threaten them the more they would eat. >> behind the zeens, charlotte told us she had her own serious issues to deal with. >> it was a lot of struggle, a lot of joy, a lot of love. but a lot of -- a lot of challenges. >> those included a bout with pancreatic cancer which she beat and alcoholism which she also beat. >> i'm so grateful i'm sober for 41 years. what can i say, i'm a very grateful camper. >> along the way, charlotte garnered a couple of emmy nods. >> my girls on the show gave me a plaque with the big emmy, that said, cream rises to the top. >> we won. >> yeah, people loved her.
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she was kind, she was wise and she was charitablcharitable. straight ahead -- katy perry's teenage dream fulfilled. when you have a baby
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that's celine dion showing off her runway walk. >> she's a queen. strut it. >> yes, she is. katy perry and backstage at her concert in australia. >> celine holding court there and katy was so excited. she posted her pre-celine day, inside celine's dressing room filled with flowers. to the sound of "my heart will go on" of course. >> they had an epic photo shoot. celine captured it a california girl and a girl from quebec meet in australia. >> katy wrote, celine showed me how to do the famous chest slap and i did it to her while singing firework and i became a firework. >> we like to do the chest bump like that. >> katy all-in. everybody gets excited when you see celine. she's really the queen of canada
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i'm telling you. >> see you all later. >> bye. it's going to be so fun. ♪ ♪ she might not know what her passion is yet. but you're passionate about helping her find it. feed her passion. where there's jif, there's love.™ ♪ if you want to ♪ have a good time. ♪ just give me a call. ♪ don't. stop. me. now. ♪ (because i'm having a good time.) ♪ don't. stop. me. now. ♪ (yes i'm having a good time.) ♪ i don't want to stop at all.
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