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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 9, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ brad and angelina's divorce drama. worse than ever. angie's new accusations tonight and why friends are siding with pitt. plus, justin bieber gets a makeover. we've got to proof he's in full blown wedding mode. >> no crying! why macauley culkin walked away from millions and turned down the "big bang theory" three times. the "this is us" new scoop. the major change the show is it the new "this is us." r buts >> oh, my god, sit really?
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brad and angelina's divorce drama has escalated into a new war of word nearly two years after angelina filed for divorce. >> it started when angelina accused brad of not paying meaningful child support. brad said he paid for a house and house bills. that lit a fire and angelina let brad know it. angelina fires back through her attorney, claiming brad was asked to pay for a new home for brad and the kid and instead loaned angelina money for which he is charging her interest on a payment plan. angelina will honor that loan. a loan is not child spourkt and to represent it as such -- angelina gave up a year and a half of work to be in the children and is only now going back to work to pay off the house she needed to buy because brad kept the family home.
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>> angelina does not need child support from brad. >> christopher melcher, who does not represent either party, believes there is another issue at play -- >> we are seeing gamesmanship by the media from angelina's side making it look like brad is a dead beat dad to take away from what he'sen and excused of, an alienlating mom hrjts shortly after they tied the not in 2013, they went to work on a project together. >> it's not a honeymoon. >> angie directed brad in "by the sea." that's when it became clear there were problems in the marriage. quote, she gave him a hard time at the shoot. it was an uncomfortable time for zblerch how is it to get married, then go off on this --
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>> a couple on the drink of disaster. >> yeah, how crazy was that? ? it was good. really good. a good time. we came out stronger on the other end. >> welsh we have all this back and forth going on right now, and to top it off, brad and angelina's custody agreement says angelina must bring the kids back to l.a. to see the kid this weekend. >> let's talk justin bieber now. 24 hour after his public breakdown, the biebs is making a change and it's all caught on camera. demanding some pda from the love bird, the paparazzi caught justin behind the wheel yesterday, but it's hailey that seems in charge of the relationship, getting into full wedding mode. earlier hailey looked on as future groom got in some preweding grooming at cutler. the stylist said he only had a
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trim because he wanted to keep it long. >> she seems to be keeping her man healthy before the i dos, hitting up a fresh juice hot spot. hailey, who attending the same church as the beebs has him studying up. check out the book bieber is clutching -- "the meaning of marriage: facing the complexities of commitment with the wisdom of god." provides tips on how to have a successful union. as fans swarmed his apartment building justin took time to take pics. just a few years ago he proclaimed i'm done take pictures. not now. he tried to explain his a meshl breakdown. >> you got g real if you don't bad days. >> it's true. i think it's definitely a plus. >> you like it? >> i do. >> i kind of think it looks like his father-in-law, soon to be,
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stephen baldwin's slicked back '09s look. hailey loved his locks back then. speaking of throwbacks, "will & grace" is bringing back a must-seet favorite. >> our crossover dreams are coming true. up next, grace's new friend? >> grace gets a boyfriend. boom! you're going to be so excited. >>@can now uncover the identity of grace's friend with benefits. >> i'll be at the bottom of the dating barrel now. >> david schwimmer will have a recurring role at debra messing's love interest. it comes out on abc. now to macauley culkin's missed millions? >> they pursued me for the "big bang theory." i said, i'm cool. they came back at me again. i'm like, no, again, flatters, so, like, no. >> appearing on joe roguen's
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podcast the 47-year-old said sitcoms just aren't for him. >> i would have hundreds of millions of dollars. at the same time i would be bashing my head against a mall. kristen bell hits jimmy fallon's stage to talk about wet finger tip phobia which she treats with diving gloves. >> i would call it a very serious undiagnosed yet to be discovered medical condition. when they're wet it's like, i'll puke. >> kristen helped record a brand new "frozen" inspired lull by. ♪ do you want to build a snowman ♪ too bad! your parents are exhausted! go sleep! >> that was the real one. there's another one you can count on to keep it real. beyonce. her "vogue" cover is proof of that. the historic moment isn't lost
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on kelly rowland. >> i know you're proud of her. >> definitely. when we see women of color on magazine covers but they're gracing "vogue" -- of course "vogue" is pop culture driven. this is what beauty is -- i'm extremely excited for young girls of clr olor to see that a understand and know you are beautiful ♪ say my name >> queen bey had creative input on her photo spread. >> she didn't realize it was about her, it was about everyone else. it speaks -- we know who beyonce is. kelly was at the premier of "blackkklansman," starring denzel washington's son. you ready for this tonight? >> there's excitement in the air. >> he plays a detective trying
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to infiltrate the klan. we have a fan question for you. >> is there a role that you always wanted to play that you never would tell your father about? >> still ain't going tell him. ain't going tell you either. might get back to him. >> okay, then what's the most denzel or pauletta thing about you? >> continuing to express love and care, give hugs, stuff like that. >> he gives it honest. his mom and dad are great actors. >> he sounds like denzel. >> doesn't he, a little bit? the movie, nancy, fantastic. >> good to hear. still ahead -- lance bass's dreams of making over the brady. how he could still and involved in the iconic property's future. then it's been 15 years since his infamous "sex and the city" episode. how the women of new york held it against ron livingston in
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♪ check out cher, turning back the clock with a little abba she dropped a track on twitter today. don't get shy now. go ahead, this is your song. >> i love this song, but it's like my call -- ♪ give me, give me, give me your man after midnight ♪ . now you got me hyped. >> cher is getting her fans hyped. her new album covers the songs. it will hit on september 28th. the "brady bunch" house really made an impression on lance bass. he put a bid on it, but he didn't get it. it didn't go to right way. the new owners, hgtv may have
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found the solution that will make everybody happy sources tell "e.t." the brass at hgtv have reached out to lance bass about working on the iconic "brady bunch" house. as we r reported it was only th exterior of the house that was shot for the series. the interior looks nothing like the house and was shot on a hollywood sound stage. >> i'm going turn it into the tv house. >> lance said his original plan was to gut the house and make it look lake the "brady bunch" set inside. hgtv told lance consider yourself fshlly part of the hgtv world. >> another pop star put her house on the market. selena gomez $3 million. it's in montserrat texas. >> i am from texas. >> growing up now, she can
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afford a movie theaterer, game room, and pool. >> another bestie is definitely hanging on to her home. >> welcome to my home. >> she showed her 7,000 square foot natural home to architecture digest. lily played frostbyte and after it premiered, taylor made moon men. >> my award. very proud of it. never thought i would get one in my life. >> she's so down to earth. she's just a good woman and a good mama. >> and a good wife. you know who her husband is? she's married to kings leon front man. you know what his favorite room is in the house? the kitchen. this is how "this is us" star justin hartley spend his
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i didn't bring this to new york. it's very soft, has a nice dip. we are grilling kebabs. what kind of kebab does he like? she says, why are you wearing my shirt? ryan talking at his fashion fail on the "tonight show" last night. if that happened on "sex and the city" his girl may have broken up with him. >> and written it on a post-it. >> i can't. >> someone who knows all about that, ron livingston, jack berger. as we found out, all these years later, ron is still feeling the heat. >> it's the 20th anniversary of the series. >> oh, many i god, is it really? >> when you look back at the post-it breakup -- >> berger broke up with me on a post-it. i'm sorry, i can't, don't hate
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me. >> at least it was a hand delivered post-it. now it's a text or a slight. >> is that how women looked at you? >> yes. new york was a no-fly zone for months. office space had post-its too. i should have a deal with 3-m. i don't know why that hasn't happened yet. >> he works in "sex and the city" and is now in "a million little things." people wonder if it's the next "this is us." >> friendship is being able to have the hard conversations and listen. it's a million different little things. >> a lot of people are comparing it to "this is us." >> i like being compared to a successful series. i have a five and a 2-year-old, so i don't goat watch a lot of television. but yeah, i think it's a similar bu both shows dea after jack's death we all questioned why. ron's character commits suicide.
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>> do you have any idea why he did this? >> he was a then business call for a really long time. >> he made a call right after that, to you. >> the emotional music and fl flashbacks, "a million little things" also deals with things. like "this is us," what holds it all together is love. >> the show is about friendship. how we rely and depend on each other b but also secrets. >> i truly believe everything happens for a reason. the challenge in life is to find that reason. >> "a million little things." all right, well, baa back to "this is us." we have new details on season three. for justin hartley, the weight of the world is on his shoulders. literally. he's pushing the limits in the gym. captioning this insta video, weighted vest and chains on thi. no doubt
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those shirtless scenes when "this is us" returns. >> last scene we saw was you going vietnam. >> right. he's refacing his father's foot steps a little bit, trying to find clues and get information on things he doesn't quite know about. >> yesterday in a meeting with tv critics, "this is us" producers revealed flashbacks to jack serving in the vietnam war will be in season three. a new role of nicky pearson has been cast but producers aren't revealing who won the role. >> i need to know. >> we do need the know. "this is us" returns september 25th. yes, in all its beauty, right? >> somebody over here -- >> you know all those. when it comes to the hollywood stars, stars can have
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bizarre requests. >> superbizarre. as lauren zima found out, there is a go-to doctor that will help them do it. >> doctor diamond you are the go-to doctor for the kardashians, chrissy tiegen. >> katy perry and her mom post in the sheet masks. >> it's a collagen infusion. >> did katy perry ever sing to isn't it true. >> yeah. i can't say, but last night we took care of a huge star. as i injected her she was singing at the top of her lungs because she injections. kim and kourtney get a prp. >> we use my own blood and inject it into my skin. >> we have a private elevator. many times -- early mornings.
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we did it at 2:00 a.m. other celebrity devotees. >> blood. putting it on my skin and pressing it into my skin. >> one procedure that's a favorite of the famous, facial scul sculpting. he injects ill iffer. he says patients usually start botox at age 30. >> it can prevent forehead creases from forming. >> what if you don't have 4,500 bucks to spare or don't want to go under the five? >> the one conundrum we have is the skin nest people tend to age the fastest in the face and the heaviest people tend to look good in the face but still, avoid smoking, sun, stay hydrated. >> you know what he said? eat. >> hallelujah. thank you, dr. diamond.
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>> and drink water. >> water? >> give me a bottle of vodka. >> j-rod's italian hold day gets next on kron-4 news at eight: dramatic images of a massive wildfire dangerously close to homes in southern california. here in the bay area... senator kamala harris got an up close look at the mendocino complex fire which is still burning out of control tonight. plus...breaking news.a homicide investigation underway in castro valley.we are live at the scene with the very latest.and a heads up for parents..find out which back to school items have a high level of toxic chemicals. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is ne
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trm on "e.t." our one-on-one with six-time emmy winner carol burn it. >> where do you keep them? >> i have a shrine. >> who's still on her costar bucket list? tomorrow on "e.t.." ♪ well, the birthday celebrations continue for j-lo while on vacation with her man. >> earlier they enjoyed a boat ride, did fruit shopping. clearly a-rod is hungry because he even took a bite out of jennifer. >> the icing on the cake, it happened when jennifer took over the restaurant with an impromptu performance of her hit "let's get loud." >> whoa! ♪ "let's get loud lets get loud".
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ouch. $3 munchie mash-ups, from jack in the box. (ken)(ken) people are urged to evacuate from the path of an arson- caused wildfire in southern california. the holy fire is exploding tonight. it's now at more than 9- thousand acres(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. the holy fire is among at least a dozen major wildfires in california. kristen holmes is live in riverside county... where homes are being threatened tonight. kristen? jonathan valencia / lake elsinore resident: they're working hard, working after hours, you know taking care of businesscalifornia residents are grateful for the efforts of the more than 13,000 firefighters on the front lines of california's


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