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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 13, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight ... there's no room for hate right now, there's notin the east bay two teenagers killed, three injured in a crash blamed on underage drinking.tonight a mother who lost her son says the driver deserved mercy. whooshnatas fire bears down on an animal shelter in vacaville ... police officers risk their lives to rescue dozens of trapped dogs and cats. definitely the right thing to dowhooshthis is like jail time for life details tonight on the bizarre theft of an airliner in seattle ... by a man who said he learned to fly playing video games. (ken) new details tonight on the car accident over the weekend ... that left two teenagers dead and three others injured. (ken)
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thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. all five of the teens were really close friends -- and their families are holding on to each other during this difficult time. (ken)kron4's michelle kingston spoke to one of the victim's mothers today and has new information about where the teens were the night of the accident. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"she told us the teens were at a club in san francisco -- an 18 and over club -- called city nights. their car veered off the 680 ramp and landed here -- 100 feet down -- in walnut creek ... changing their lives forever."kimberlea oloruntoba, dakarai's mother"he walked into the world feet first."for the first time -- we are hearing from the mother of one of the two victim's of the tragic deadly car accident that happened in walnut creek over the weekend.kimberlea oloruntoba, dakarai's mother "he just gave his heart. he'd give you the shirt off of his back."kimberlea oloruntoba is talking about her son -- dakarai fagorala ... he was
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one of five teens in the car traveling home to antioch from a night out with of the other teenagers in the car -- 18 year old john walizada -- was also killed.. the three teenaged girls are in the hospital -- fighting for their lives.kimberlea oloruntoba, dakarai's mother "we didn't know our kids were going to go to san francisco. because the answer would've been a straight no across the board."according to dakarai's mother -- the teens were at city nights -- a club in san francisco.ramya ramey -- was behind the wheel ... and lost control on 680 ... the car coming over the ramp and landing 100 feet down.based on chp's initial investigation -- she was arrested on dui and manslaughter charges ... but has been released into the hospital's custody as she receives treatment.her family yesterday how close they all were to each other.ramondo ramey, the driver's father "they all grew up together. they just graduated. all had plans. they weren't bad kids. they were just being kids." dakarai's mother is asking everyone to forgive the driver -- to forgive ramey --all made the decision to get in the car to go home ..kimberlea oloruntoba, dakarai's mother "we hold no ill feelings, no hate, no anger. we frogive the driver of the car. we ask that everyone else wrap their arms around these kids because we lost two sons but there are
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five kids whose lives changed because of this ... so i'm just begging and pleading, love on her, love on her and the other kids."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews "dakarai's family is putting together a celebration of life that will be held at his high school that he just graduated from, deer valley, in antioch. that will take place on sunday from 6 to 7 and is open to anyone who wants to attend. in walnut creek michelle kingston kron4 news." ( pam) ( pam) breaking news to tell you about in the mendocino complex firefight. we are learning tonight... a firefighter has been killed battling the flames. we do not yet know exactly how
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the firefighter died... nor the person's identity. meanwhile, progress is being made against california's largest fire in history. the ranch fire has now burned more than 300- thousand acres. it is 59- percent contained. and the river fire is now 100- percent contained. it burned 48- thousand acres. the fires have burned 146- homes... and they are still threatening about 1 thousand structures. (ken) over the weekend firefighters made significant progress on a wildfire burning in southern california. the holy fire is now 52 percent contained up from just 10 percent on friday. it has burned more than 22- thousand acres. nearly half of the 21- thousand people under mandatory evacuation were able to return home. (ken) video has been released of a daring animal rescue mission pulled off friday evening by police, when the nelson fire threatened the solano county spca, animal shelter. kron 4's gabe
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slate shows us the video and he talked with police who shared what the adrenaline fueled experience was like. nat sound of police rescue body cam footage from vacaville police officers shows how intense it was when officers rushed to evacuate the dogs and cats inside the solano county spca animal shelter friday evening as the nelson fire threated to burn it down. sound from mark donaldson - lieutenant vacaville police "putting dogs cats in crates in patrol cars to save them and take them to a nearby makeshift shelter" mark donaldson, with vacaville police, says the fire department was busy trying to save the spca building. his police department was the only agency that could assist spca workers to get the animals out. sound from mark donaldson - lieutenant vacaville police "you just do what you have to do" vacaville police department set up a temporary shelter in a nearby grocery store parking lot and that's when something special happened members of community started showing up to help. sound from mark donaldson - lieutenant vacaville police "people started adopting animals right there on site"
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the fire department fought off the nelson fire, the spca shelter was saved, thanks to the vacaville police department no amimals were lost or injured.. the nelson fire was soon after contained.. a happy ending all around. in vacaville gabe slate kron 4 news (ken) another big story we're tracking tonight: the suspected golden state killer... is now kron 4 news gabe slate kron 4 news (ken) another big story we're tracking tonight: the suspected golden state killer... is now facing a longer list of charges. our grant lodes is here with details on why joseph deangelo's legal trouble is growing. (grant) the new murder charge against deangelo - filed in tulare county -
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brings the number of victims in his alleged murder spree to 13... investigators believe deangelo is the man behind roughly one hundredhome burglaries in visalia - between april 19-74 and december 19-75. they also say he's the man who shot and killed college professorclaude snelling during a home invasion in 1975. snelling had discovered a man trying to kidnap his 16-year-old daughter...and was shot as he rushed over to save her. deangelo worked as a police officer in nearby exeter at the time. authorities say they have enough information from witnesses and details from the crime scenes to make the connection to the visalia ransacker case.. the 72-year-old has previously been charged with 12 killings throughout the state and is suspected of dozens of rapes in the 1970's across the bay area and california. (pam) in the east bay. an oakland police officer, responding to a call, is in the hospital tonight... after being involved in a traffic accident. and that officer remains in
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critical condition. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. sot
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with officers, met with family and we are very sensitive to the incident and want to insure everyone is taken care of."the injured officer was taken to a local hospital and remains listed in critical oakland haaziq madyun kron4 news (ken) a new development in the ghost ship fire trial after a plea deal was tossed out in court last friday. derick almena's lawyer now plans on asking to move the trial saying his client cannot get a fair trial in alameda county. almena publicly admitted his guilt when a plea deal was reached. his lawyer will ask to move the trial to another county. almena previously agreed to serve nine years in prison
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after 36 people were killed when a massive fire broke out inside the warehouse back in 20-16. (ken) today marks the first day of service as the much anticipated new transbay terminal started operations. (pam) in celebration of this major landmark for the bay ... officials hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony.(pam) the first a-c transit bus arrived at the terminal just before six -this morning. officials say, at least 37 a-c transit buses will be going through the terminal daily. the two- point- two billion dollar project will help alleviate traffic and create a faster commute for riders. the transit center took eight- years to build. officials say, it will be about 10 years before riders can board high- speed rail and cal-train at the center. (ken) the search is on for a missing berkeley man who fell from a waterfall in southern oregon. (ken) 23-year-old brian lewinstein was taking a photo before he plummeted down an embankment yesterday. the douglas county sheriff's office released this picture of rescue efforts. they say
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lewinstein crossed a safey fence to snap a photo. the accident happened at toketee (toke-uh-tee) falls ...that's about 60 miles east of roseburg. coming up at eight.. a somber moment in sacramento ... as people pay tribute to a fallen c-h-p officer. we're learning more about how an airline worker was able to take off in a stolen plane. plus new audio from the chaotic moments and next. an investigation reveals, google records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to. this is not a bed.
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it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts. so you wake up ready to train for that marathon. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday. (pam) social media privacy
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concerns are being raised once again.. this time it is revealed that google may be tracking people with out their knowledge.(ken) in a new investigation the associated press found that google is still keeping tabs on users, even though they may have chosen not to share their location. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san francisco with
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details and reaction from google users. charles. . well, this news could potentially apply to billions of people aroudn the world who use android and apple smartphones. in a new investigation, the associated press found that even if a user chooses not to be tracked by google, the tech giant can still record their gathering information from its many applications, such as google maps, it's search engine and weather app, google can keep a record of a user's whereabouts even if that user chose not to share their location in their smartphone privacy option. google says in a it's privacy policy that they work hard to protect users information. but, they also collect data to improve services and and provide personalized services, including content and ads. sot in san francisco on monday, users we talked to were not happy about google tracking them without their knowledge but they also weren't really that surprised.sotsotsot now a us senator and
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represenative have both called for an investigation into google's privacy policy's in san francisco, charles clifford kron4 news. (ken) a california highway
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patrol officer killed in the line of duty was honored with a bell toll ceremony in west sacramento monday. (bell rings) (ken) motorcycle officer kirk griess (griss) had pulled over an s-u-v for a traffic stop friday when he was hit by a pickup truck. the s-u-v driver was also killed -- and the truck driver was hospitalized. the truck driver was being questioned by police and there's no word yet on what led up to the accident or whether he'll be charged. griess, a marine corps veteran, worked for the highway patrol for 19 years. he leaves behind a wife, two adult daughters, and a teenage son. (pam) south san francisco police are searching for two suspects in a robbery of an i-phone ten. police say, last thursday, a man met up with a potential buyer of the phone... after advertising the sale on a social media app. the suspects then grabbed the phone from the victim... and fled in a silver s-u-v.. as they drove away... the victim grabbed onto the door, and was dragged several feet
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before letting go. (pam) in santa clara county... officials will be fogging for mosquitoes. that's because they detected west nile virus in mosquitoes in sections of santa clara and sunnyvale. the fogging is scheduled for this wednesday night at 11 p-m. this is a map officials put out of the area affected. the fogging should take a few hours. today, notices about the treatment were placed in the neighborhoods where it will be happening. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled around the bay area today as high pressure finally weakened. the monsoon returned to the sierra. doppler radar is tracking more showers over the sierra. highs today were in the 80s inland with cool
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fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see an area of low pressure approaching the bay area. that will help to keep temperatures down he next couple of days. highs tomorrow will be in the 80s inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. temperatures will begin to get hot again inland around friday and into early next weekend. new ahead at 8 why police say t a pi intentionally crashed a plane into this home. plus. road rage turns deadly on interstate five ... when two men are killed after a fight. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a bit later in this
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broadcast. how are the a's and giants doing tonight. and also, hey, this being my last week, i'm not gonna miss an opportunity to talk about myself. we'll go into the vault and show you some old stuff. hairline was a little better. later in this broadcast." broadcast." after a are killed ... when two interstate five weekend.early next friday and into inland around friday and into early next weekend. weekend. early next friday and into inland around get hot again inland around friday and into
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early next weekend. new ahead at 8 why police say a pilot intentionally crashed a plane into this home. plus. road rage turns deadly on interstate five ... when two men are killed after a fight.
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((gary sports tease))"coming up a bit later in this broadcast. how are the a's and giants doing tonight. and also, hey, this being my last week, i'm not gonna miss an opportunity to talk about myself. we'll go into the vault and show you some old stuff. hairline was a little better. later in this broadcast."
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new at 8, police have identified two men killed in a deadly road rage fight on interstate five. they say, 37- year old jose rodriguez carrasco allegedly chased and beat 39- year old jason dyke... after their cars collided early sunday morning. shirin rajaee talked to a witness to the violence. shaken by what she saw.. one witness who didn't wish to be i phone... she says she was driving to work early sunday
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morning when she noticed traffic was stopped on i-5. 00:15 i look over to my right and theres a body in the middle lane, at that point i panicked and was trying to protect the body with my car, so other vehicles back of me wouldn't run him overit was just before 4am when two cars crashed on the northbound lanes of i-5... and according to chp both drivers stopped near del paso road and began to fightthat blunt object according to the witness was a bat--she says while one of the drivers was on the ground.. the other was using a bat to hit car windows 00:33 he was hitting windows that were driving by him, and he started to walk by 00:47 he started walking to my no choice to drive off because it was coming at me with a batsay that one of the men was killed in the fight due to blunt trauma the second driver was apparently struck and killed by a motorist. (pam) the investigation resulted in an hours- long shutdown of all northbound lanes of interstate- 5 near sacramento. (ken) california cities are objecting to a proposed change in state regulation that they say would allow unchecked home marijuana deliveries. the california cities says the change would undermine local authority in places that have banned pot sales. however cannabis co
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sees it differently. it says the change would clarify what has always been the case: that a licensed pot delivery can be made to any jurisdiction in the state. (pam) apple may soon have some company in the átrillion dollar club. amazon is reportedly worth 940- billion dollars. shares of amazon rose two- percent today--- to hit a new all- time high. the stock only needs to go up another 7-percent for the company to top a átrillion dollar market valuation. so far this year -- amazon shares are up a whopping 65-percent. experts are predicting that amazon's sales will surge to 265-billion dollars this year. coming up at eight.. a baltimore police officer caught on camera repeatedly punching a man.. now that man's lawyer says, the officer has a history of antagonizing the same man. plus.. president trump lashes out at former white house staffer omarosa...after what she released to the public. and next,. new audio from the moments
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after a plane was ief meteorolo ur day forecast. details are ri
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"i've got a lot of people that care about me, and uhh... it's gonna disappoint them to hear that i did this."(ken) a bizarre flight of fancy that caused a scare and ended in
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death .... tonight we are learning more about airline gro off unhindered.(pam) 29- year old richard russell took the turboprop airliner from sea=tac airport near seattle, put it through acrobatic loops... before crashing into a wooded island 30- miles away.(ken) russell died in the crash. officials say he managed to evade strict security measures. security protocols were handled securely at the airport /// it was an aberration.that aberration allowed russell ... a ground worker handling baggage ... to climb into the cockpit of a 76=passenger airliner, flip all the right switches to start the engines, taxi onto the runway and take off.... all air traffic controllers could do is keep other planes out of his way. "there's a ground stop no one is departing right now.//they are working out an issue close to our air space."jet natthe oregon air national guard scrambled a pair of f-15 fighters to monitor russell as he threw the plane into acrobatic loops and rolls. "hey, pilot guy! can this thing do a back-flip you think?" /// think i'm going to try and do a barrel roll. and if that goes good, i think i'm going to nose first people on the ground thought they were watching a practice run for an air show. all of a sudden, the pilot pulls the stick back and he went into a complete loop.
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and, i though 'my god! he's going to stall this thing and crash.' he controlled, leveled back off. and he was probably, i'm going to guess, maybe no less than 100 feet or so above the water and he was coming straight toward me. and i thought my god, i gotta get ready to run. if he doesn't know what he's doing, he's going to kill somebody." "man i am sorry about this, hope i didn't ruin your day.from the cockpit, russell apologized for disrupting air traffic.... and worried about the consequences. "this is like jail time for life huh?"ignoring pleas to land, he sent the plane into a line of 100=foot pines ... after radioing his own obituuary."just a broken guy. got a few screws loose, i guess. never really knew it, until now." (ken) (ken) a baltimore police
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officer, caught on camera beating a man has resigned. (pam) the interim police commissioner says: he has "zero tolerance" for the behavior displayed in the video. here's andy rose with more. a baltimore police officer has resigned...after a video surfaced saturday that shows him beating a black man. nats (ya know what... you cant touch me...)the cellphone video shows dashawn mcgrier screaming at the officer. that's when the officer is seen throwing punches and continues hitting mcgrier for the next 12 a press conference monday, the interim baltimore police commissioner addressed the video.sot gary tuggle, interim commissioner baltimore police"the repeated head-strikes, strikes toward the head are disturbing." mcgrier's lawyer's not the first time the two men had crossed paths.sot warren brown, attorney for dashawn grier"in one occasion this officer, former officer, officer williams was hassling some young folks and my client had the nerve to suggest that
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the young folks talk to their parents about the way this officer is treating them and from that po directed his ire toward my client." police say no complaint was ever filed about previous encounters between the two.the baltimore police department has been scrutinized in the past for controversial uses of force against black this case: the officer who resigned after beating mcgrier is black. so is another officer who did little to intervene.that officer is on administrative leave pending an investigation. i'm andy rose reporting. (ken) president trump is lashing out at former white house adviser omarosa manigault newman. calling her "wacky omarosa" and saying she has been fired for the last time. manigault newman who authored a book about the president called "unhinged" just released audio recordings she made. including one of her firing by chief of staff
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john kelly in the situation room. in a series of tweets the president wrote "she was vicious, but not smart." he also said that kelly called her a "loser and nothing but problems" (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled around the bay area today as high pressure finally weakened. the monsoon returned to the sierra. doppler radar is tracking more showers over the sierra. highs today were in the 80s inland with cool fog and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see an area of low pressure approaching the bay area. that will help to keep temperatures down he next couple of days. highs tomorrow will be in the 80s inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. temperatures will begin to get hot again inland around friday and into early next weekend.
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still ahead at 8 a man who shot and killed a father over a parking space weekend.early next friday and into early next weekend.
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still ahead at 8 a man who shot and killed a father over a parking space dispute...will now face charges. plus. it was routine check of his car ... but almost gave one man a heart attack. what he found under the hood. and next. a woman accused of shoplifting is
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staples- is apologizing ... after a manager at a florida store accused a pregnant woman of shoplifting. a police officer questioned the woman at the store... and ... the expectant mother felt compelled to lift up her shirt to prove she really was pregnant. reporter stephanie tinoco has more.(pkg) expectant mother/expectant mother: "being pregnant is already high-risk and having to deal with that? that's just additional stress that i don't need."a back to school shopping nightmare during check out.sherell bates/expectant mother (reads list receipt off cam): "... hand sanitizer ..." sherell bates/expectant mother: "mid- transaction, a police officer who may, who was already monitoring the store approached me and insisted that he wanted to speak with me."sherell bates says a police officer asked her if she was shoplifting from this
8:39 pm
pineville staples. sherell bates/expectant mother: "and, he asked what was under my shirt. initially, i thought he was joking, so my response first was 'twins'. i'm pregnant 34 weeks with twins." she's in fact pregnant.sherell bates/expectant mother: "i'm having a boy and a girl."but bates says the officer didn't believe her the first time and asked her again.sherell bates/expectant mother: "at that point, to, to avoid him asking me again, i actually lifted my shirt just a little bit just to expose my belly, just so he can see that, no, it's just ... i'm just a regular pregnant person buying school supplies."sherell bates/expectant mother (reads list receipt off cam): "... notebooks ..." pineville police says a staples manager approached the officer and asked him to speak with bates ... because the manager believed bates may have been 'concealing merchandise'. sherell bates/expectant mother: "when i confronted her about what happened, she admitted that, 'you know, in the past we've had a lot of people putting school supplies or merchandise in their clothes and hiding, so i asked the officer to, to reach out to you.'"sherell bates/expectant mother: "you pretty much jumped the gun without any type of evidence except for my stomach is large, and that's not fair, and no mom should have to go through that."
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(pam) that was stephanie tinoco reporting. staples says, the issue was resolved quickly and the manager involved, apologized... and refunded the cost of bates' transaction due to the inconvenience. bates say, she is considering legal action. (ken) on the east coast... this is incredible video showing cars being tossed around in a river like toys in little falls, new jersey. thunderstorms plagued the area over the weekend and brought at least five-inches of rain. cars like these were submerged, some even swept away. one tow company owner says more than a dozen vehicles were removed from the water by sunday morning. in sports... we have updates on the giants and a's... and we take a look back on the career of our sports director gary radnich... whois calling it a career here at kron after this week... you don't want to miss this... coming up... next at police say a man died after intentionally crashing a
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plane into his own home. why he did it baby boomers,
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here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. authorities say a pilot
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crashed a plane into his own home in utah -- in an attempted murder suicide. the pilot -- 47-year-old duane youd -- died in the crash.
8:44 pm
his wife and her young son were home at the time -- but were able to get out unharmed. police say it happened the day after he was arrested for domestic abuse. police say youd was arrested sunday night, released on bail later that night and went home to get some of his things and then left. then about 2:30 a-m he crashed a plane into his home after taking off from spanish fork airport. police say there have been previous domestic violence incidents at the home... and youd was arrested in april for criminal mischief. (ken) a man involved in a "stand your ground" shooting case in florida will now face manslaughter charges.(pam) family members of the victim say, they are pleased with the charges. 47- year old michael drejka confronted markeis mcglocktons' girlfriend.... as she sat in her car... because she was parked in a handicap space. she says, drejka was cursing at her. video then shows mcglockton exit a convenience store and shove drejka to the ground. seconds later... the suspect pulled out a gun and shot
8:45 pm
mcglockton as he backed away. today, police revealed new information about the suspect's past. they say, drejka had threatened three other drivers previously. and that in two of those incidents, he pointed a gun at drivers. he is now facing a manslaughter charge... and is being held on 100-thousand- dollars bond. (ken) what started out to be a normal check under the hood, turned into one florida man nightmare.(ken) joe reed discovered a 40-inch boa constrictor sitting on top of his car enhgine. this is an image of the red tail boa. both police and reed say they do not know how the snake crept it's way in the car. the snake appeared to be healthy and was not harmed. police say the snake was most likely someone's pet.
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giants at the dodgers... madison bungarner versus klayton kershaw... right now... (wipe to a's score) as for the a's... they have a big series with the mariners... that score right now... it's my last week here at kron and we are running a number of vignettes number of are running a number of vignettes looking back... enjoy enjoylooking back... vignettes looking back... enjoy
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tiger woods' charge yesterday at the pga championship garnered... as you'd expect... huge ratings... yesterday drew the highest final-round coverage for the major in nine years. cbs sports said that sunday's round at bellerive drew a rating of 6.1 and share of 14 - up 69 percent from last year... ratings represent the percentage of all homes with televisions all homes with percentage of represent the percentage of all homes with televisions tuned to a program. shares represent the percentage of all homes with tvs in use at the time. woods won the most recent of his 14 major championships at the 2008 u.s. open.
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next at 8. a four year old boy being credited with saving his grandma's life... what he did when she
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stopped breathing. (pam) (pam) this is not a bed.
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it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts. so you wake up ready to train for that marathon. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday. a four-year-old
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boy in new hampshire is being praised for springing into action to call 911 when his grandmother stopped breathing. fallon clarke/mother:"i got there and the police was like 'your son saved your mom's life.' we've practiced in the past. you know, i try and talk to him about emergencies and strangers, so he knows what 911 stands for." while max's mom was at work... he was home with his grandmother, nana, when she had a medical emergency. and the typically shy four-year-old did it all... called nine-one-one...put the dog away... answered the door for first responders... and even gave them his grandma's inhaler. his nana is currently in the hospital...being treated for pneumonia. max has been dubbed a hero...he even received a special 'superman' certificate from first responders. (pam) that wraps up kron 4
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news at 8.(ken) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this monday. grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))thank you pam and at nine..we continue to track breaking news.within the past fire announed a firefighter was killed battling the mendocino complex is the first fatality from this fire which has burned 350 thousand acres.the latest..coming up at the top of the new tonight at nine....a local retired pilot weighs in on how a man managed to steal a plane at sea-tac airport, fly it for over an hour..before crashing to his death on an island in puget sound.standby for a live report.((grant))plus...a new murder charge for the suspected golden state killer the crime-spree now linked to joseph deagelo.((vicki))keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break
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that i did this.">(grant) federal investigators are trying to figure out how a seattle airport employee stole - and crashed a commercial plane. and tonight new audio released by air traffic controllers reveals the frantic moments before the plane went down.(grant) thanks for joining us, i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki livakis... the man has been identified as 29-year-old richard russell... he died in the crash... he was an airport ground worker and had ááno pilot training.. (grant) from our partner's at c-n-n reporter kyung lah has more on the air traffic controllers audio tapes... atc:"the dash 8 on runway 1-6 center, say your call sign." "who's the dash 8 holdinnt?"new a big problem rolling down the taxiwaya ground controller repeatedly tries and fails to make contact with a rogue r 400.atc:"i'm not even talking to him.""he came flying out of the cargo area from delta.""you need to call and scramble now.""yeah, we are."that's the


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