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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 3, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight ... two children ... struck by a car ... the driver reverses ... and drives away, tonight san jose police want your help in finding himwhoosh maximum enforcement on the labor day weekend ... one=thousand arrest as the highway patrol enforces a day crackdown on drunk and distracted drivers.whoosh the former forty niner quarterback took a stand by taking a knee. tonight colina kaepernick has a new platform ... and a major new endorsement. new new tonight at eight... shocking video of a car running a stop sign... then slamming into two children in san jose. and to make matters worse... the driver backs up, then
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takes off.((pam on camera)) now police are looking for the person responsible. good evening, i'm pam moore. ((ken))and i'm ken wayne.the good news is the children are o-k.kron4's michelle kingston was in the neighborhood today where people say they are hoping this video will help police find the driver. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"this is where it happened -- the corner of cottle road and el molino way. the driver, not stopping at this stop sign, hits two kids on their bikes and doesn't get out of the car to see if they're ok.. instead he drives off."surveillance video captures the moment a white honda civic drives through a stop sign just as two kids on bikes are crossing the street.. the driver hits them and stops but not to check on them .. just to back up in order to turn left and drive away. wallace cardozo, neighbor"the leaving part is really disturbing"wallace cardozo's surveillance camera caught the entire incident wallace cardozo, neighbor"it's not a good feeling at all, especially two young kids coming home from school like that."he says the 12 year old girl and 13 year old boy suffered injuries but are doing okay -- one with a broken arm, the other with a
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concussion.both of them were wearing helmets.tom lebherz, neighbor"i see a lot of it happen on that corner and this corner with cars not stopping or speeding through a right hand turn or left hand turn there and coming up in here and doing a hollywood stop. they jsut kind of look and go." police say three people were inside the car. it happened last monday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon ... and police are still looking for the driver.neighbors here say people speed here all the time. tom lebherz, neighbor"it didn't surprise me at all because that's the way kids are today. they think they are not going to get caught. they think there's nothing wrong." if you recognize the car or have any information about the accident, contact police san jose, michelle kingston, kron 4 news. ((ken mon vo))there are only ((ken mon vo))((ken mon vo)) ((ken mon vo))there are only a
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few hours left in the labor day weekend but out on the roadways the california highway patrol is still running extra officers as part for it's maximum enforcement period. in just the past three days, c-h-p has reported more than a dozen deaths and nearly one thousand d-u-i arrests statewide. ((chuck in mon))kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight at the bay bridge toll plaza with details. charles. . . well, across california millions of people are travelling this holiday weekend and as with all major holidays, the highway patrol has every available officer on duty watching for problems. during the first 6 hours of the holiday weekend, chp says that in their jurisdiction 6 people were killed and 307 dui arrests were made by sunday morning, 10 drivers are 2 pedestrians had died and chp had made 685 dui arrest. by
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late sunday evening, 17 people had been killed, incuding a motorcyclist and dui arrest had jumped 969.this year's maximum enforecment period comes at the highway patrol is also working to stop distracted driving. an effort given added urgency by recent august, chp officer kirk griess and another man were killed along i-80 in fairfield after being hit by the driver of a truck who was allegedly distracted. that driver is now facing two counts of what's being called the i-80 challenge, the c-h-p, along with highway patrol in nevada are focusing on stopping distracted driving along 80 between the bay area and utah over an 8 day period. meanwhile, the labor day weekend maximum enforcement period ends at 11:59 monday evening. in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. ((ken/ots))breaking news... a growing fire in placer county forced the evacuation of forced the placer county growing fire in kron 4 news. ((ken/ots))breaking news... a growing fire in placer county
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forced the evacuation of several is being called the north fire, and it is burning in the tahoe national forest...near the north fold campground.this is south of interstate 80 and east of blue far the fire has spread to 200 acres, but that number is expected to grow.the placer county sheriff's office is telling people to avoid the area of emigrant gap..they say there is heavy traffic in both directions as people try to get out of the area.we will stay on top of this story and bring you any updates. (ken) turning now to our four zone forecast.(pam) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with a look at labor day weekend. lawrence karnow: low clouds slowly pulled back to the coast but temperatures were all running below the average. highs today were in the 70s inland with 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see a lot of clouds moving across the state but not much in the way of rain. we are
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headed toward the holiday weekend and the weather pattern looks warmer. high pressure will build and bring some temperatures near 90 over the holiday weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s at the coast, 70s to low 80s around the bay and low to mid 80s inland. we will see a few more passing clouds on saturday before becoming mostly sunny on sunday and monday and into next week. lawrence week.into next week. lawrence karnow: a tropical storm is moving across florida and could become a hurricane before coming gulf. the air quality suffered today but should begin to improve over the next couple of days. high pressure will weaken a little allowing for a cool sea breeze and better air quality. highs will be in the 80s and low 90s inland tomorrow with 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be cooler through midweek before beginning to warm again. ((pam)) new details on how a woman was able to escape from a moving ambulance... and jump into traffic. she was then hit and killed by a
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car on the connector ramp from southbound -680 to westbound- 580 in dublin. it happened around 7:30- this morning. investigators say, the woman got out of her restraints -- overpowered a paramedic... and jumped out as the ambulance was coming to a stop. police say, the patient was being taken from valley care hospital in pleasanton ... to the john george psychiatric hospital in san leandro. her identity has not yet been released. ((triplebox vo))((ken)) security at apple stores is under the microscope tonight.. after yet another robbery.this is video of two incidents last week ... one in walnut creek, the other in santa rosa.((pam)) and now apple is hit again... thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. kron 4's gabe slate tells us where it happened ... this time. this is what is tempting snatch and run thieves in the bay area a thousand dollar iphone just sitting here a few feet away from the front door with not much in the way apple stores have unarmed security guards that do not engage physically they are
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there as a visual deterrent and to act as witnesses. the iphones and ipads had no security ropes attached to them at the burlingame apple stor the laptops did have a security rope but a very flimsy one.. easy to rip out.. over the last two weeks across the bay area, similar thefts, involving small groups of hooded individuals took place in apple stores in santa rosa, corte madera, emeryville, walnut creek, and now the latest one on sunday at 1130am in burlingame.burlingame police said 4 men ran into the store grabbed $50,000 worth of gadgets and jumped into a grey volvo getaway car. burlingame police say all these apple store burglaries may be connected, they are investigating it that way, but they are not saying at this time that it's the same people doing the crimes. stand up - you may be wondering if apple has some technology they can put in these devices that would render them useless if they were stolen from the store like a bank teller would be color dye and bank robbers well i looked into it. the devices stolen from an apple store would be wiped remotely from the find my iphone feature, and marked as stolen, so if anyone tried to activate them with cell service, it would not work. but, when selling the stolen goods through craigslist or ebay, the people on the buying end would not know they have been marked as stolen. and an iphone or ipad is still desirable even without cell service. they work on wifi. apple said they do not comment on security issues and referred us to local authorities.if apple has some secret technology they could use to curb the snatch and run thieves they are not telling us at this time. one thing is as clear as their all glass store fronts... as long as
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apple keeps the friendly walk in and play store set up without armed guards or some other deterrent these stores will likely continue to be easy targets for burlingame gs kron 4 news. ( pam) another big story tonight: a whole new round of fame, praise, criticism and controversy is coming colin kaepernick's way. (ken ) the former 49ers quarterback, turned social now at the center of a new nike campaign. our grant lodes is here to show us what it says...and how people are reacting. (grant) colin kaepernick has been named the face of nike's 30th anniversary "just do it" campaign. kap tweeted this picture today. the new campaign message, is quote: "believe in
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something. even if it means sacrificing everything." it's been two years now since the man who led the niners to the super bowl...started kneeling before games, during national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice. the turlock native has been a free agent for more than a year now...and he remais unemployed. kaepernick filed a grievance against the n-f-l, claiming teams are colluding to deny him a job. last week, an arbitrator ruled there was enough evidence to send the collusion case to trial. now that the ad is out...some people on social media are applauding kap and now nike, for prominently featuring a man fighting for equal rights for all people in this country. but, some people argue that kap led a movement to disrespect the flag and anthem, are they are burning their nikes. we have a poll on the kron4 facebook page... we're asking you if the new ad makes you more
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of less likely to buy nike products. we'd love for you to weigh in...we'll have the results tonight on kron4 news at nine. coming up at eight.. a young girl on her way home from school down and robbed for her her neighbors are helping her get back on her, president trump spends labor day attacking his attorney general.his twitter tirade coming up. but first, a bay area institution closes its doors for the last time.we will take to the final day at playland .. the one not at the beach
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((2shot))((ken))in the east bay.. a musuem dedicated to the memory of playland at the beach, the long closed san francisco amusement park, hosted visitors for the last time today.((pam)) kron4's maureen kelly explains that the spot called playland -- which was not at the beach, is actually shutting the doors ... for a reason, very similar to the one that closed down the original amusement park .. hahahahalaughing sal is getting the last kids and kids at heart play old fashioned penny arcade games, skee ball and pinball....playland not at the beach got it's name because this 7500 square feet of memorabilla is located in el cerrito......far from san francisco's ocean beach where the original playland stood from 1913 to 1972. this collection of circus and amusement park mementos has
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been at this location for 10 years....but is now shutting down for a very similar reason that brought the original playland to a close. they came down for condos we're coming down for apartments so history is just repeating itselffrank biafore who goes by the title fabulous fun facilator says the building was purchased a year and half ago and is due to be torn down to make way for 50 units. but he says he bears no ill will to the new owners. it made me incredibly happy when i came into my life, it gave me 18 or 20 years of incredible experiences that will always be a part of me, i'm not sad i'm grateful for all the people that of been here all the lifeways touched all the people who touched our lives both repeat customers and first timers who weren't even alive during when the original playland was open say they are sad to see this place go. i didn't know about this place unfortunately until now, so i heard was closing and i wanted to come and check it out before was gone forever it's a good place i think would be cool if they could keep it open longer i'm very sad to lose this place as i was sad
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and 72 when they took play them downthe public will be able to preserve their own peace of playland at the beach magic because all the memorabilia inside playland not at the beach will be going up for auction on saturday, september 15 maureen kelly kron four news ((pam/me 3 vo)) a strong show of support ((pam/me 3 vo)) a strong show of support today from organized labor. the south bay labor council's annual labor day picnic.... featured the music of the late woodie guthrie, plenty of barbecue... and a reminder, that as the labor movement in america goes, so goes the middle class.. while unemployment is at an 18- year low, the labor council says, wages are stagnant, particulary among unionized workers, especially in the private sector.. where union membership has fallen to roughly 11- percent. a recent gallup poll found.... 62-percent of americans now support labor unions. (pam) today in san francisco ... hundreds of people marched
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to protest hotel worker contracts this labor day... it led to 75- people being arrested. according to "unite here" .. thousands of marriott employees in san francisco and across the country .. have been working without contracts for weeks. they are asking for job security and workplace safety... and are threatening to strike. police say, those arrested today face misdemeanor charges of failing to obey a police officer. ((ken/landing vo))president trump spent this labor day once again attacking his attorney general over the indictments of two republican lawmakers, one of from california.cnn's jeff zeleny reports. summer may be over at the white house but the same storm clouds are gathering as president trump heads into the fall.tonight, the president lashing out again at attorney general jeff sessions... but this time, over the justice department's recent indictments of two republican congressmen."two easy wins now in doubt because there is not enough time. good job jeff," the president said on twitter.
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he's referring to chris collins of new york, indicted on insider trader charges -- and duncan hunter of california, accused of stealing a quarter-of-a- million dollars from campaign's an extraordinary statement... not only for the president to weigh in on specific cases, but also suggesting the justice department should overlook criminal allegations for political reasons.on a day traditionally seen as the kickoff for the fall campaign, the president had no public events on his schedule, but tweeted:"our country is doing better than ever before with unemployment setting record lows" democrats like joe biden provided the opposing view while marching on labor day.joe biden/former vice president:"we're in a fight for the soul of america."with the midterm elections only two months away, the president is hitting the road again this week heading to montana, north and south dakota and he's still threatening to intervene in the russia investigation as part of his ongoing feud with his own justice department.president donald trump:"i will get involved, and i'll get in there, if i have to."the president also increasingly isolated from most loyal supporters as words from the funeral services of senator john mccain still echo. mccain/john mccain's daughter: "the america of john mccain has no need to be made great again because america was always great."as meghan mccain spoke, applause filled the washington national cathedral, where the president's daughter, ivanka trump and son-in-law jared kushner, were
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seated.while president trump's name was never spoken, a critique of his tribal brand of politics was a notable w bush/former president"john's voice will always come as a whisper over our shoulder: we are better than this. america is better than this."barack obama/former president"it's a politics that pretends to be brave and tough, but in fact is born of fear. john called on us to be bigger than that."hours after the service, a trump tweet served as a quiet rebuttal: "make america great again." now to our great again." now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.
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kron-4's chief kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: a tropical storm is moving across florida and could become a hurricane before coming onshore in the gulf. the air quality suffered today but should begin to improve over the next couple of days. high pressure will weaken a little allowing for a cool sea breeze and better air quality. highs will be in the 80s and low 90s inland tomorrow with 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be cooler through midweek before beginning to warm again. new ahead at 8a three year old german shepard...stole police release a picture of the person they're looking for. warm again.beginning to before beginning to warm again.
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new ahead at 8a three year old german shepard...stole police release a picture of the person they're looking shots fired outside an ice cube concert in california.the argument that forced police to take action the oakland raiders are moving on without their best player....and the 49ers will also be without one of their weapons on offense... we're getting you ready for week 1 of the regular season.... as we check in with both teams coming up in sports..
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((pam/ots)) a shooting that injured eight people at an apartment complex ... may be gang- related.. according to police in southern california. it happened last night in san bernardino.police say, the victims were seven adults and a 17 year-old, who was critically wounded. authorities say, the shooting started when someone opened fire on a group of people playing a dice game. we are told some of those at the game, fired back.police say at this point, the victims are not cooperating with detectives. authorities identified a man they say was shot by deputies after he fired a gun into a crowd outside an ice cube concert.the san diego county sheriff's deparment says 22 year-old daniel elizarraras was shot last night during an argument after he was told there were no more tickets available to the concert at the fairgrounds in del mar.he is now listed in stable one else was hurt.the concert took place as planned. a tragic end to a harvest festival parade in colorado.officials say, a boy was struck by a float and
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killed during the parade in windsor. the incident happened while he was participating in the festivities. there's no word on his name or age.but officials say, the boy was rushed to the hospital after the incident, where he died. the rest of the parade was canceled.. after the boy was struck. coming up at eight..the new neil armstrong bio-pic "first man" .... is already getting oscar buzz.find out why some conservatives are upset about a key moment .. they say was left out. plus..the gulf coast is braced for tropical storm gordon... as the powerful systems moves closer to the beaches of mississippi.and a bay area teen... robbed while on her way home from her school.way home from school. now her neighbors are stepping up to make sure she gets back... what she lost. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. ((pam)) an outpouring of support for an east bay girl... who was the victim of a crime.((ken)) she was riding her bike home from her first week of school when she was run down in a car by thieves who stole her kron 4's ella sogomonian explains, neighbors rushed to help, donating school supplies so she can go back to class tomorrow. 4 year old kasseipoia o'melay just transitioned from being home schooled to willard middle school in berkeley. growing up in a family with a passion for cycling...on
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friday she rode her bike home from her first week of school... down russell street through this bike boulevard when suddenly a car got too close for comfort.sot: kassiopeia o'melay, victim// "i thought maybe they lived here and were getting close to me to come through. but then the front passenger window rolled down an arm reached out picked up the backpack and the car hit by bike and drove off really quickly."kasseipoia was hit by the car and robbed of her backpack filled with school supplies an ipod, and epipens for her bee allergy. sot: kassiopeia o'melay, victim// "nothing of real value at all just stuff that was really important to me." fortunately she was wearing her helmet...but suffered from cuts and hurt her arm. neighbors on wheeler street rushed out to help the young girl and called police.sot: karl o'melay, father// "he said are you the parent of kassiopeia and my wife gets this special look on her face when she's terrified and i was there and it was like time stopped until he said she was okay."kassiopeia is recovering...but her bike is now the reality of what happened sinks in...she remains focused on the outpour of support from her community that have donated school supplies in time for her second week of class.sot: kassiopeia o'melay, victim// "its been pretty well at first i was freaked out about little things like my things homework but people have been really supportive i got my stuff replaced so quickly and its really been amazing."sot: karl o'melay, father// "were lucky nothing worse came of it and its both ends of the spectrum you see one side of ciety which is
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the lowest part and all the support she's gotten."police have yet to identify at least two involved. ((pam)) ((pam)) new tonight at eight.. fairfield police have released pictes of a dog they say was stolen. this is 3 year- old nala, a german sheperd.police say, she escaped from her backyard on saturday ... and walked to a neaby convenience store. that's when authorities say, a woman loaded the dog into her car.. and took off.
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we are told nala was wearing her identification tag... with her owner's name and number at the time she was stolen. if you recognize nala.. or the woman in this photo ... fairfield police would like to hear from you. (ken) a major story in the gulf coast tonight:louisiana in a state of emergency ... marinas evacuated in misssissippi schools closed in alabama ... tropical storm gordon is making a beeline for land ... and getting stronger by the hour. natsouth florida has already felt the impact ... rain gear and umbrellas not much protection as wind and rain pounded miami's south beachnat gordon is expected to reach hurricane strength before making landfall on the gulf coast tomorrow a hurricane warning is in effect from louisiana to the florida border ... residents warned to expect 70 mile per hour winds, five or more inches of rain and a storm surge of two to four feet. at the entrance to mobile bay in alabama ... dark clouds greeted beachgoers on dauphin of the island just reopened after being damaged by hurricane nate last october.the island's mayor said today was not a day for relaxation."we've already
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sent messages out to residents and visitors to get them in the mode of preparing and moving trash cans, vehicles to higher grounds, securing boats, those types of things." in gulfport and biloxi, mississippi, boat owners were ordered to evacuate marinas. schools will not open tomorrow. mississipi's governor met with disaster officials at an emergency center giant video displays monitored gordon's path ... people on the coast told to be ready to evacuate, all those things that we preach and teach throughout those blue sky days. we're getting close to where you may have to implement them."at louisiana's emergency operations center a clock counted down the hours to the hurricane's fury ... residents filled their cars with sandbags ... and secured their homes.get six inches of rain in mississippi, im gonnal ook for water to get to be about a foot under my housenew orleans' mayor says her city is prepared.gordon will primarily be a rain event with the potential of high winds throughout the city and storm surge in areas outside of the levee protection system. public safety is our absolute first priority.
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(ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: a tropical storm is moving across florida and could become a hurricane before coming onshore in the gulf. the air quality suffered today but should begin to improve over the next couple of days. high pressure will weaken a little allowing for a cool sea breeze and better air quality. highs will be in the 80s and low 90s inland tomorrow with 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be cooler through midweek before
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beginning to warm again.
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still ahead at 8new information on the woman seen swinging a car jack at a greyhound bus, and nearly running over the driver. but first.. a disturbing new report ...showing dangerous levels of lead at several military bases across the country. what the defense department is doing to combat the problem. it's time for the 'biggest sale of the year' on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, all beds are on sale.
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it's the last chance to save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends labor day. new tonight at eight...
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senators are demanding answers from the army... regarding reports of dangerous lead levels at u.s. military bases. ((ken))lawmakers worry it's putting the lives of servicemembers and their families at washington d.c. correspondent brie jackson reports defense secretary james mattis says the military is taking the matter seriously and working to fix the problem. brie jackson/ d.c. correspondenta recent report shed light on possible lead problems on military bases nationwide.perdue: we take this very seriouslysenator david perdue says reports of dangerous lead levels at military bases in georgia and other states are a serious
8:40 pm
concern.we want a plan to make sure this goes away and is taken this letter perdue and other senators demand details about the problem.the lawmakers are concerned that the lead contamination in and around military housing could be putting military families health..and even lives at risk, in addition, officials want to make sure the army has a plan to clean up the lead...and provide medical treatment... lawmakers say they also want to know if legislative action is hold contractors accountable. military leaders say it's a top priority...and truly a matter of national security... part of the way we make a more lethal force is to make sure troops aren't worried about their families back at home secretary of defense james mattis says military bases are dealing with similar challenges including contaminated water....mattis: you've seen us work to correct those and i have absolute faith that the army is working to correct this quicklybrie: army officials say they plan to monitor lead levels and determine what actions are needed to keep soldiers and their families safe. in washington, brie jackson. brie jackson.
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(pam) in sports... raiders players talk about the loss of khalil mack... while the all-pro practices for the first time with his new team... (ken) and the a's are closing the gap for the top wild card spot in the american has the highlights... and all the sports... coming up next at 8new details on this viral video showing a woman attacking a greyhound bus, and nearly running over the driver.the charges she now faces.
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((ken))new tonight at eight... washington d-c police say they have identified a woman seen on video smashing a bus- windshield with a car-jack. ((pam)) the video also shows the woman trying to run-down the bus driver who was trying to keep her from getting away.brad bell reports. natsthe cellphone video capturing the very definition of road rage.this woman not saying a expression on her face.attacking a greyhound bus.the video now going viral. nats"ooh my god, oh no oh my god.""woah, that's crazy."it gets even more wild when the woman tries to get away.the driver of the greyhound bus blocking her is hit.the man taking the video runs out to try and stop the attack.nats: "no leave him alone! leave him alone."25-year-old juan blanco says it all began at about 6 last night when the woman tried to squeeze in front of
8:45 pm
the bus in traffic on bladensburg road just south of new york avenue.she and the bus driver exchanging words, the woman stopping, grabbing first a baseball bat then her car's jack as weapons.juan blanco/ took bus attack video: "she tried to get in, get in the bus."watch what happens next.the woman in the audi trying to leave.the bus driver determined to keep her on- scene repeatedly jumps on her hood until this... listen to the motor revving the bus driver like a scene from a movie holding on, then rolling off as the woman tears away. natsjuan blanco/ took bus attack video:"in my 25 years i've never seen something like this it's just in incredible." the greyhound driver seemingly with a slight smile gathers himself to his feet, suffering only a skinned elbow.police say they know who jack- swinging woman is and charges are pending and thanks to juan blanco they'll have plenty of evidence.
8:46 pm
((pam)) ((pam)) that was brad bell reporting.d-c police say, the woman was actually the person responsible for the accident. they say, she passed the bus illegally, and because of that.. her car was hit by the bus. new video tonight - showing a dangerous police chase - after a woman fled from officers with a baby in the back seat of her vehicle. this happened back in june - but investigators in texas just released the video. after running over a spike strip, the woman crashed into another vehicle. she got the baby out of the back seat and tried to car-jack another
8:47 pm
ride. state troopers closed in before the woman could get away. she was arrested on charges including evading arrest and endangering a child. officials say, she had a felony warrant out for her arrest.. before this incident. child protective services took custody of the baby. happening tomorrow... confirmation hearings for president trump's pick for the supreme court brett kavanaugh are set to begin.he is expected to face a grilling from senators about his views on everything from abortion rights democrats plan to cast the conservative judge as untrustworthy, pointing to e- mails they say show he played a larger role in controversial issues during president bush's war on terrorism than he let on in his testimony over a decade ago.despite that, republicans are confident kavanaugh will be confirmed, cementing a solid conservative majority the hearing is expected to last three to four days. ((ken/ots))google has refused to send any of its top executives to appear before u-s congress wednesday to
8:48 pm
discuss the role of google, facebook and twitter in protecting the integrity of the mid-term electionsfacebook coo sheryl sandberg and twitter ceo jack dorsey have agreed to attend.the hearing comes one week after president donald trump said google facebook and twitter were treating conservatives very unfairly and were quote trying to silence a very large part of the country. white house economic adviser larry kudlow said last week that the administration would look into possibly regulating google after the president alleged google was suppressing pro trump information in its search results. the a's continue to surge ahead in the wild card race... a real opportunity in front of them this week as they are closing the gap with the yankees for that first wild card spot... packed house of 40,546 at the coliseum this afternoon... bottom of the
8:49 pm
2nd...tied 3-3... matt chapman... base hit to left- center... and it's going all the way to the wall... marcus semien is all the way home from 1st base... a's lead 4-3... bottom 5th... now 5-3 a's... mark canha... the bellarmine high school and cal product... crushes a.j. cole's pitch to left... it is gone for a solo home run... 6-3 a's... canha's 16th homer of the season... top 8... the yankees with the tying run at the plate... but jeurys familia gets gary sanchez swinging to end the inning ..blake treinan got his 38th save in the 9th... final... 6-3 a's... oakland now trails the yankees by only 3 1/2 games for the first wild card spot... they are 6 games up on seattle for the 2nd wild card... and 2 1/2 games behind the astros in the a-l west... (wipe to giants) giants fans still supporting their team... even on the road in colorado... this one gets a foul ball to boot... top 8th... 7-7 tie... chris shaw... his 4th
8:50 pm
game in the majors... and the rookie comes up big... solo home run... the first of his career... following an alan hanson homer that tied the game... giants in front 8-7... and his mom... she loves it!... but a half inning later... noel cuevas... goes up the middle off tony watson... two runs score... 9-8 rockies... and that was the final score... giants drop 8 games back of the rockies and dodgers in the n-l west### it's not the feeling you want walking into the facility for the first week of the regular season and not having your best player there... the raiders certainly not happy about approaching week 1... without khalil mack...the team traded the all pro defensive end to the chicago bears... and here he is today at his first practice with chicago... the raiders say they tried their best to secure mack on a new deal but the 2 parties couldn't come to's a big loss, but it worked out well for mack -- who is now the highest paid defensive player in the nfl with the bears.... and the raiders are left figuring out how to move forward without one of their most important pieces ... defensive end fadol brown will
8:51 pm
step into the big shoes... (sot) " it's weird because we planned everything. when we first came in we planned the next 10 to 15 years of our life sitting there at the same lockers. i think that's the weirdest part. it's a little bit of a different chapter now. we both have kind of the same goals. i just don't want him to win the super bowl."
8:52 pm
now it's up to matt breida who's coming back from a concussion.. and alfred morris who was brought in because of the slew of injuries this preseason...mckinnon seemed to be in good spirits when the media got a chance to chat with him today... "this game probably meant a lot more to me than maybe anybody else, just going against my former team and stuff like that. so when it happened i felt that initial thought, like, damn, i'm not going to have a week to get my knee right. it was probably the worst feeling, and then once they told me what the injury was, they just kind of confirmed it. for me it's just about keeping a positive mind set, and making sure i still bring energy in this locker room and to th guys around me. so that's what i'm going to do." going to do." up next... the bio-pic about astronaut neil armstrong isn't even out yet, and many people are
8:53 pm
already blasting the movie for leaving an important piece of history out.we'll explain. ♪ well well well, what have we here? a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls... and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! (laughter) the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! (laughter)
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for sharp lines every time, frog it! some anger by several lawmakers over the movie "first man"the upcoming neil armstrong bio-pic premiered at the venice film festival this week.but some conservatives got upset when it leaked out that the iconic scene of neil armstrong planting the u-s flag on the moon isn't in the movie. in an interview with
8:56 pm
the los angeles times, the film's director says he's "surprised" by the controversy because there are several historic moments he opted to leave out of the ryan gosling also defended the movie saying armstrong's moon walk "transcended countries and borders," and that armstrong was humble, shifting "the focus from himself to the 400-thousand people who made the mission possible." ((pam))'the incredibles two' passed a major milestone this became the first animated film to earn more than 600-million dollars in domestic box office sales. globally, the film has raked in just over one-point-one-six billion dollars.that makes it the second highest-grossing animated film ever, next to disney's "frozen."two other live-action disney films also crossed the 600-million-dollar domestic mark this year:those films were "black panther" and "avengers: infinity war." (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9.
8:57 pm
(grant) thanks pam and ken.. next at nine... the labor day weekend is wrapping up... but the c-h-p still has extra officers out on the roads as part of its maximum enforcement period... and the dangerous weekend hit a little too close to home for on efamily who was hit by a drunk driver-- and the arest was caught on camera.. details coming up in a live rport..(vicki) plus...a father killed right in front of his own home... tonight how the community is coming together to remember him-- as they call for justice since the gunman is still out there... we're live in sanjose with that story... (grant) and a growing fire in placer county forcing the evacuation of several campgrounds...the latest on containment efforts...(vicki) don't go away kron4 news at nine in primetime is next.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
(grant) a man shot and killed right in front of his own
9:00 pm
home, with his family and two young children inside.... and now the family and community is calling for justice as police are still looking for the suspects... (grant) thanks for joining us, im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki livakis.... it happened at a home on raymond avenue in sa jose... tonight, the community held a candlelight vigil for the slain man ... kron 4's ali reid joins us live from police headquarters tonight ... what's the latest on the investigation? the community banded together tonight remembering the man that did everything for his family.he and his wife moved into the home soon after she was pregnant with their first child.eight years later, he was gunned down right in front of that very home.28 year old frankie santos jr. was out with friends on saturday celebrating the 49er draft nightfall they were back at his raymond avenue home... family members tell me just just after 1-30 sunday morning, traged


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