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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 17, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(pam) breaking news tonight at 8. a sacramento sheriff's deputy has been killed .... and another wounded, after exchanging gunfire with a suspect. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(jrs) and i'm j-r stone... ken wayne has the night off. the sheriff says 27 year old mark stas-yuk died from gunshot wounds. deputy julie rortson was shot in the arm but is expected to recover. officials say the two deputies were fired at immediatedly upon engaging the suspect. it happened outside an auto shop in rancho cordova. the deputies did not know the suspect who was armed when they arrived. they were responding to a
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disturbance at the pep boys someone else in the area was also hurt. officials say stas-yuk was a nearly five year veteran of the department. (pam) a big story we are tracking. the white house says, supreme court nominee judge kavanaugh looks forward to clearing his name.(jrs) christine blasey ford, a california professor says kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the early 80's, while they were at a party. ford and kavanaugh both say they're willing to testify to congress. (pam) c-n-n's jeff zeleny reports. president trump standing firmly behind supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. president donald trump:"he's an outstanding intellect, an outstanding judge, respected by everybody, never had even a little blemish on his record." he said he would be open to delaying the confirmation vote. president donald trump:"i want him to go in at the absolute highest level and i think to do that you have to go through this. if it takes a little delay, it takes a little delay. it shouldn't certainly be very much."but behind the scenes, cnn has learned, the president is furious and frustrated by what he suspects is an 11th hour attempt to smear his pick for the supreme
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court.a california professor, christine blasey ford, accusing kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her while they were teenagers in high school. kavanaugh calling it "a completely false allegation" yet his confirmation now hangs in the balance.kellyanne conway, one of the highest- ranking women in the white house, trying to set a tone of civility...kellyanne conway/counselor to the president:"but let me make very clear on behalf of the president with whom i've spoken at length about this // she should not be ignored or insulted. she should be heard." ...sending a message to others around the president, this moment is a serious came after the president's son, donald trump junior, mocked the accuser in this instagram post, citing judge kavanaugh's sexual assault letter found by dems:"will you be my girlfriend, yes, no? love bret."the president has been dismissive of other women who have come forward accusing him -- and other men -- of sexual misconduct -- including last year with alabama republican senate candidate roy moore.president donald trump:"he says it didn't happen. and you know you have to listen to him also. he says, 40 years ago, this did not happen."but less than two months before the midterm elections, where women voters and candidates are playing a critical role, the white house is treading lightly -- for now at least -- saying both kavanaugh and his accuser should be heard.
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heard.should be his accuser kavanaugh and saying both kavanaugh and his accuser should be heard. (jrs) the senate judiciary committee will hold a public meeting next monday with kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault when they were teens. (pam) new at 8.. students and parents at clayton valley charter high school in clayton, were put on alert this morning ..that's after a threat was found on social media. the threat was apparently made on twitter this past weekend, but the school did not find out about it until early this morning. kron 4's charles clifford was in clayton earlier today and has details. well, over the weekend someone on twitter said they wanted to shoot up the school. but it's not clear which school they were
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referring to, en so students here at clayton valley charter high school saw the tweet and were talking about it online. according to clayton valley charter high school staff, they became aware of the possible threat on monday morning and an email was sent to students, staff and parents by 9am. all classes and practices were held as schedueled but as a precaution, the school requested assistance from the concord police department and officers were on campus throughout the this point it's unclear who might have made the original threat or why.monday afternoon, parents waiting to pick up their kids were aware of the threat but not overly concerened.soti think it's today's problem that there's a lot of people who have access to social media and sometimes they spread things that probably shouldn't be spread and cause hysteria.sotmy daughter and i communicated and she asked me if i had read the email. i said yes and i said are you ok? she said yes and there are cops on campus so i feel fine.sotwhat should i do? take my son out of school? that's not the solution. we have to inform kids what's proper behavior online.finally, a simliar threat was made against pittsburg high school last week but police eventually determeind that the threat was not clayton, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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(jrs) also in the east bay. an overnight car- to-car shooting on i-580.... and the shooter is on the loose. kron4's haaziq madyun has the latest on the investigation from the c-h-p office in from the c-h-p office in castro valley... (pkg)sota fender bender turns into a hit and run and ends in a shooting on the 580-freeway in san leandro. california highway patrol officer bradley larsen says the incident began after a minor rear end collision on the hesperian blvd on ramp to southbound 238-freeway in san leandro "sot
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luckily no one in the victim's vehicle was injuredsotaccording to c-h-p officials between november 2015 and january 2018 there has been 144-freeway shootings.throughout the first seven months of this year there has been 13 freeway shootings. this is the second car to car shooting in 2018 in the area patrolled by c-h-p castro valley divisionsot sotsotc-h-p investigators say this appears to be an isolated incident brought on by the traffic accident between these two vehicles. anyone one with information can contact the c-h-p's castro valley castro valley haaziq madyun kron4news
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(jr stone) florence continuing to take a brutal toll on the southeast region of the country ... tornados in virginia killed one person today, adding to the storm's death toll. so far 31 people have died in the carolinas, many of them swept away by floodwaters over the weekend.(pam) north carolina is facing a mounting catastrophe.... as rivers rise to record as rivers rise to record levels. and as kron four's ryan o'donnell reports, that danger is not going away for quite a while... nat chopper "we are laurinburg north carolina where rescues are happening right now. homes are under water. streets are flooded and the creeks here are supposed to rise even more."nat truckrescue crews have been busy all through the weekend.anybody home?carrying
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people from their homes..... scared there's cars goin under. theres people freaking out saving drivers trapped in their cars."when she hit that water, she literally flew into the ditch, and that car disappeared into the woods." "and it just like pulled me in, i couldn't stop it. i had my foot on the brake but it didn't stop."in all more than one=thousand swift=water rescues, plus uncounted pets. couple dogs and there's a cat the death toll includes a baby crushed when a tree hit this home.and a toddler ripped from his mother's arms when she tried to escape in her car. (sheriff eddie cathey/union county sheriff's office) she was a stranger to this community, driving through this road that she did not know the rains derailed a freight train near charlotte ... washed out roads and left a big rig stranded police in fayetteville posted these pictures showing the cape fear river's rise in 24's not not expect to crest until later this week(gov roy cooper/(d) nc) "this storm's doesn't want to leave."some parts haven't seen worst floods yet. flood warnings have now expanded to include 10 states and nearly 30 million people - all facing what north carolina is experiencing now.(rep richard hudson/(r) north carolina) "they're saying 500 year flood levels...this is not a matter of hours and days, it's a matter of weeks and months and maybe even years to fully recover from this storm."
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(pam) turning now to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.(jrs) and lawrence where are seeing the rain from florence heading now? lawrence karnow: it was a nice start to the work week with mostly sunny skies and nice temperatures. highs today were in the 70s inland with 60s and a few 70s around the bay and 60s at the beaches. on the satellte you can see a low pressure trough along the west coast. it will keep temperatures down all across the state. highs around the bay area tomorrow will be in the 70s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast.. offshore winds will bring much warmer
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temperatures in the middle of the week. cooler weather will return next weekend. (pam) there is new hope for residents of a south bay homeless encampment... known as "hope village" the camp was taken down today... but put up again nearby. and now there is an ongoing effort to find a long- term location. the dozen or so homeless residents of "hope village" ... were evicted by 8- this morning. four hours later... they had moved out... and allowed to pitch their tents just down the street.. at the local s-e-i-u offices. now, county supervisor dave cortese says, they are looking for a more permanent solution.
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lease a site where we can put up an even better camp than hope village with the same people and the same organizing....">(pam) the county has offered to lease a parcel of city- owned land.. just north of the latest camp site. terms would include just one camp, with a limited number of residents for an 18-month test , to see if the model can be replicated. (jrs) a 10 year old girl is in critical condition tonight after being hit by a car in brentwood. police say it happened at balfour road and guise way. officials say the girl was in the crosswalk when she was hit. she was flown to u-c davis medical center. police say the driver is cooperating with them. and did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (pam) stanford university is dropping the name of a controversial 18-th century spanish priest named - junipero serra ... from two dormitories and its mailing address. serra was the founder of california's missions... and it is easy to spot his name on this stanford dorm... and on a
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stanford office building.. the biking and pedestrian promenade at the front of campus, is also named after him. but soon the name will vanish. the reason... is because of the mission system's treatment of native americans. serra street on serra street on campus...will retain its name coming up at eight.. cable cars are losing cash. a new audit reveals about 25 -percent of riders don't pay. why officials say that is actually an improvement. plus. an arrested border agent confesses to killing four people. who police say he targeted. and next. san francisco police taking a new approach to tackle crime at the city's u-n plaza. how they are using a mobile command center to crack down.
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san francisco , which is next to city hall and the civic center bart station, has long been a hotbed of criminal activity, mostly with drugs being sold, and drugs being used. (jrs) the san francisco police department is taking a new approach to cut down on the crime. kron 4's gabe slate joins us live from the newsroom to show us how..... that's right. san francisco police is going big trying to curb crime at un plazathey have parked their giant mobile command center van on the plazaand it's not moving until things get better.
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sound from - sfpd spokesperson officer robert rueca"we know the place is a hotspot for drug use and criminal activity " san francisco police stepped up patrol within 500 feet around u.n. plaza over the last year, and tracked all the criminal activity the numbers were high. 588 criminal or quality of life incidents resulting in 637 police bookings and citations. sound from - sfpd spokesperson officer robert rueca"drug dealing, drug use, as well as robberies " so they rolled in the big guns the police department has parked their giant mobile command center van on the plaza. sound from - sfpd spokesperson officer robert rueca"we use the command center as a resource for officers " sound from david declan - frequents un plaza / san francisco"a bit curious to see it here" david walks through un plaza often and was surprised to see the mobile command van parked there but david was happy law enforcement is taking safety seriously in the area. sound from david declan - frequents un plaza / san francisco"it's pretty safe but you get by the library and it gets sketchy " in sf gs kron 4 news.
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set for the mobile command center van to be moved out of there.for now there is no exit is parked indefinitely.... in the newsroom gabe slate kron 4 news. (pam) you will soon be getting a message on your phone from the president of the united states -- whether you are a supporter or not.
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fema is testing a new warning system. originally, the message was expected to be sent out this thursday... but fema has just delayed the message roll out until october 3rd. the goal is to alert americans to emergencies -- such as severe weather and missing children. most cell phone users will receive the alert. the message will be titled "presidential alert" .. but will indicate, it is only a test of the national wireless emergency alert system. (jr stone) a new audit in san francisco... finds that cable car conductors are failing to collect fares from nearly a quarter of their passengers. over the course of 12 auditors got on board three cable car lines at different times of the day. in the 100-trips they took... cable car conductors failed to collect cash fares or require proof of payment from the auditors 24 times... keep this in mind though...the number of fare evaders was more than double that in the previous audit last year.....
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officials expect this situation to continue to improve as they move to a cashless system.(sot) < a program we're asking people to pay ahead of time. paying to board to cable car at some of the turnaround areas, before they get on to the vehicle to so we're taking that transaction of clicking fair is it money out of the equation> those pre those pre the equation> those pre paid tickets will be able to be purchased at kiosks....the pilot program is expected to be launched by december.....and the cashless system finalized in 2019. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.o. kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: it was a nice start to the work week with mostly sunny skies and nice temperatures. highs today were in the 70s inland with 60s and a few 70s around the bay and 60s at the beaches. on the satellte you can see a low
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pressure trough along the west coast. it will keep temperatures down all across the state. highs around the bay area tomorrow will be in the 70s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast.. offshore winds will bring much warmer temperatures in the middle of the week. cooler weather will return next weekend.
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new ahead tonight at 8 two friends on a hunting trip..but only one made it out alive. now the survivor is recalling the vicious bear attack that killed his buddy. and next. space -x announces the person it will send on a private trip to around the moon. and coming up later in the show... raiders coach jon gruden is asked if he misses khalil mack... who shined tonight for the bears on national t-v... mark carpenter ahead with sports
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♪ announced the name of the person who will be the first private passenger on a trip
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around the moon.(pam) drum roll please... the passenger's name is yusaka maezawa .... he is a japanese billionaire. elon musk's space launch company said.. yusaka will fly to the moon aboard a new rocket called the b-f-r.. which is still in development. it is slated to make the trip in 20-23. the average distance from earth to the moon is about 237- thousand miles.237- thousand miles. noone has been there since an apollo mission in 19-72. (jrs) amazon is under fire for a scandal that involves its product reviews. the wall street journal reports ... some employees offered to delete negative postings for payment. the employees are also accused of trying to sell internal data. most of the interested buyers were independent merchants out of china. amazon is investigating. the company says it has a zero tolerance policy for such breaches. amazon sued almost a thousand people in 20-15 to crack down
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on fake reviews. (jrs) apple and other tech companies avoided a financial threat to the popularity of smartwatches and other wireless devices. they persuaded president trump to spare those products from tariffs levied on 200-billion in chinese goods. president trump's concenssion comes after apple sent a september 5-th letter to the u- s trade represenative. it urged the administration to shield its smart watches and wireless headphones...which contain parts from chinese suppliers. (pam) apple is rolling out a new operating system monday. it is called i-o-s- 12. the operating system is coming out before the launch of apple's new i-phone x-s. but, it is compatible with mobile generations as old as the 5-s. new features includes a screen time counter... to track how much you use your phone ... personalized emojis ... an app for physical measurements ... and an updated siri.
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coming up at eight.. police say, a border patrol agent has confessed to killing four people... who investigators think he was targeting. plus. a brazen home invasion was caught on the family is speaking out about their terrifying moments. and next. survivors of clergy abuse calling on california to take action against the catholic church.. what they want the attorney general to do. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration,
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electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. (jrs) victims of priest
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abuse are calling on the california attorney general to launch an investigation into the catholic church..(pam) capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was outside the attorney general's office in sacramento today.... and explains what prompted a demonstration there .
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(pam)(pam) connecticut, new york, new jersey, illinois, missouri, new mexico, oklahoma and wyoming have already opened inquiries. (jrs) new at 8. investigators are describing a u-s border patrol agent as a serial killer after one of his would-be victims escaped and alerted police of the crimes.
8:32 pm
authorities say the four women juan david ortiz confessed to killing were prostitutes. they were murdered in a two-week span in the laredo, texas area... near the us-mexico border. cnn's ed border. cnn's ed lavandera has more. tasked with protecting our borders juan david ortiz is now instead called a calculating serial killer by police.isidro r. "chilo" alaniz/webb county district attorney:"ortiz carried out these murders in a cold and callous way."ortiz, a 35-year old border patrol agent, is accused of shooting four women in the head.chief deputy federico garza/webb county sheriff's office:"i believe ortiz targeted all victims due to their profession and being vulnerable. in addition, all the victims were defenseless and at one point ortiz was able to gain their trust and then viciously shot them."the killings coming to light after a would-be fifth victim narrowly escaped...ed lavandera/cnn correspondent: "investigators say on friday night juan david ortiz showed up at this gas station with a woman named erika pena. pena told investigators that they were talking about a friend of hers named melissa who had been found dead a week earlier. that'shen she says the border patrol agent started acting weird. when
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they got to this gas station, ortiz, investigators say, pulled a gun on her and tried to keep pena from exiting the vehicle. pena told investigators that she ripped off her shirt and ran toward a state trooper who was gassing up his patrol car, for help." according to the arrest warrant affidavit -- two of the four killings took place in the hours after pena made her escape -but before police tracked him down in the parking garage of this hotel -- where they say he was hiding in the bed of a pickup truck.police say ortiz confessed to killing four people between september 3rd and the 15th.all the victims - - four women -- worked as prostitutes, according to investigators.found over the past two weeks - and authorities fear there could be more.chief deputy federico garza/webb county sheriff's office:"we will do a historical research of everywhere that he has been to see if we have a pattern of victims such as this, and we'll continue the investigation."as for ortiz he spent 10 years with customs and border protection -- rising up to an intelligence supervisor after spending time in the u-s navy.
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(jrs) ortiz is being held on two point five million dollars bond on several charges including four counts of murder. (jr stone) a scary scene at a home in sacramento county.(pam) police say, four robbers forced their way into the home... the incident happened august- second in rio linda. seven people were inside during the home invasion... including a 10- year-old girl and her mother. once the robbers broke in... authorites say, they tied up the victims ... and threatened to shoot them. no victims suffered major injuries. the suspects ransaked the home before police arrived... however, the suspects were caught on surveillance cameras. (sot) shaun hampton/sacramento county sheriff's department: "we're pretty sure that someone will recognize these folks as being from that community or closely
8:35 pm
associated with that community."(pam) no word if any arrests have been made tonight. (jrs) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead -last week of summer lawrence karnow: it was a nice start to the work week with mostly sunny skies and nice temperatures. highs today were in the 70s inland with 60s and a few 70s around the bay and 60s at the beaches. on the satellte you can see a low pressure trough along the west coast. it will keep temperatures down all across the state. highs around the bay area tomorrow will be in the 70s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast.. offshore winds will bring much warmer temperatures in the middle of the week. cooler weather will return next weekend. still ahead at 8 new research new at 8
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still ahead weekend.return next weather will return next weekend.
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still ahead at 8 new research suggests taking a daily aspirin may do more harm than good. plus. why arkansas police say, thieves are targeting the homes of grieving families.. and next. seven hurt at a circus show after a camel starts bucking people from its back. what may have caused the animal to be spooked. this is customizable streaming tv for your family. ...whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place - even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life. simple. easy. awesome.
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get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $34.99 a month for 12 months and customize by adding flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today. the pittsburgh shrine circus
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injured six children and one adult yesterday. the incident happened during intermission at p-p-g paints arena when guests are allowed to ride some of the animals. video shows the camel a woman hangs on its back. none of the injuries are life-threatening. the most serious of injuries was a child's broken arm. the animal apparently became spooked after one child spooked after one child threw a shovel at its feet. a vet checked the camel and said it's fine. (jrs) millions of people around the world do it according to researchers. they take a low- dose aspirin every day. but new research finds that regimen could do more harm than good, specifically in older adults. (pam) a trio of studies
8:41 pm
published in the new england journal of medicine ... look at the daily regimen.. the primary study was conducted among 20-thousand healthy people in the u-s and australia .... with a median age of 74. half were given 100- milligrams of aspirin per day.. the other half received a placebo. after nearly five- years... researchers did not observe a difference between the two groups when it came to "disability free" survival. but they did see a higher rate of bleeding among those who received the aspirin. a second study found... the risk of major hemorrhage significantly higher with aspirin, than the placebo. still.. researchers recommend talking with your doctor... before you stop taking any medication. next at 8 a man recalls a harrowing tale of survival after he and a friend were attacked by bears. just around the corner in sports, khalil mack...continues to make raiders fans miss him...what the all-pro did tonight once again in primetime.
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new at 8. a florida man is recovering... after he was attacked by a bear during a hunting trip. (jrs) his friend -- who was also the tour guide -- was killed in the attack. hadas brown spoke with the surviving man about the tragic incident.
8:45 pm
corey chubon/bear attack survivor:"when that bear did have me by the back of the leg, thinking to myself that this is it, this is my death, this is how i'm dying."two new friends, on a hunting trip. only one made it back alive. mark uptain was corey chubon's guide on the trip in wyoming. they caught an elk thursday evening -- and went back friday to pack it up.corey chubon/bear attack survivor: "we heard rocks tumble and all of a sudden we turn around and we see two giant grizzly bears, full charge, coming right at us."the first bear went for uptain -- clawing him. as chubon tried to load their pistol-- the second bear attacked him.corey chubon/bear attack survivor:"he swiped at me on my arm and then he went around behind me and grabbed the back of my ankle and he swung me by his jaws // i tried to throw the gun to mark. it didn't make it to him. the gun landed on the ground. somehow, the grizzly let me go and charged mark again and that's when i made the decision to just run for my life."rescuers air lifted chubon to the hospital in, he's back in new smyrna beach... still visibly wounded -- but able to walk. emotionally -- he's got a long recovery ahead.corey chubon/bear attack survivor: "the approach that he took in dealing with the bears probably saved my life."hadas brown/reporting:
8:46 pm
(pam) mark (pam) mark uptain.. who was killed by the bear.... leaves behind a wife and five children. (jrs) arkansas police are warning a community to beware after investigators revealed thieves are targeting grieving families. police believe the thieves are using obituaries to pick the homes they will target == thinking no one will be around. one family who became targets..spent thousands to hire a police detail to protect their home. so now officers there are recommending people have a friend or neighbor watch their family's home if there's been a death or if they leave home for a funeral. (pam) a four- year-old chicago girl named florence... is trying to help victims of
8:47 pm
hurricane florence. young florence wisniewski - also known as flo - has been hearing her name over and over the past few days. that is because of tropical storm florence.. which has left thousands of people in need of help. so four -year-old flo and her parents started a donation for storm victims. flo's preschool is collecting non- perishable items including food ... diapers and toiletries for victims of the storm. the little girl's parents also put out a donation box on their front porch. (mark) (mark) we are two games in to the jon gruden administration... and through both matchups, especially yesterday, you can't help but notice the absence of a dominant pass rush. another tough outing for the silver and black... as the raiders blew a 12-point lead late in the 2nd half.... and denver rallied for a 20-19 victory capped off by a brandon mcmanus field goal in the final seconds. this despite derek carr going
8:48 pm
29-for-32...and throwing for just shy of 300-yards. yet, case keenum had plenty of time to find his receivers... to find his receivers... and through two games the team only has two sacks. but this afternoon, gruden re- inforced he has no regrets trading all-pro pass rusher khalil mack. "there has got to be hindsight, 50-50, all that stuff. we would have loved to have him here and i'm not going to keeprehashing this. i would have loved to coached him, loved to have him herebut he's not here. somebody's got to step up. we got to keep building our football team and that's what we are going todo. hopefully, we see more from arden key. hopefully, we see more from pj hall when he gets healthy. hopefully, we prove that in the long term we did the right thing." < joe tessatore>"mack strips it! if there's a quarterback with the ball, he's gonna find him this year."this year." gonna find him the ball, he's quarterback with there's a "mack strips it! if tessatore> "mack strips it! if there's a quarterback with the ball, he's gonna find him this year." and that's exactly
8:49 pm
why gruden continues to be asked why they sent away khalil mack. number 52...with another remarkable performance tonight...against the seahawks. strip-sack to go along with 5 tackles... and a countless number of pressures. --fittingly, defense wins it for chicago.. hawks down 17-10 and driving in the 4th until prince amukamara takes it back the other way. bears win 24-17 to the 49ers, richard sherman summed up the afternoon perfectly. a win is a win, but it still feels like a loss. we almost saw a stunner sunday at levi's.. the 49ers led 30-13 in the fourth quarter... until detroit started putting up some points... matt stafford engineered a pair of touchdown drives to make it a 3-point game... and it seemed the lions were poised to steal a victory after jimmy garoppolo threw an interception. fortunately, the pick was nullified due to a penalty... and the niners squeak by for their first w of the season. "i had no idea, it's a miscommunication and had to go down there and, thankfully, there was a flag on it.""when
8:50 pm
you get a lead like that in the fourth quarter, what was it, 30-13, i was just telling our guys some things are out of your control, but usually when you get into that type of lead you can control the outcome of the game, and we allowed them to get back into it where it wasn't in our hands. you can't allow that to happen. we should've put them away earlier than that and we didn't." the 49ers... will now visit the red-hot chiefs in kansas city. the niners front office had said they were making calls for receiver josh gordon... and the browns were trying to get him to an nfc team. however, cleveland ended up sending their star wideout to the new england patriots for a 5th-round pick. this could go either way because gordon has the ability to be a number one receiver with big play ability... áhowever, he's only appeared in 41-games since 2012 due to repeated substance abuse problems. finally, coaching change for the san jose earthquakes. mikhael longer the manager of san jose...less than a year after first being hired. it's been a brutal season for the club... as
8:51 pm
they are 4-8-16...last in the western conference and the worst record in the entire league. assistant coach steve ralston... will take over his duties in the interim. next at 8, a utah couple set to get married... then evacuated days before their wedding. how volunteers helped make volunteers helped make their dream come true.
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a utah couple planned their dream wedding planned their dream wedding for months... but then the huge pole creek fire forced them to evacuate just ahead of their matt mcdonald reports: the local community came together to help the couple celebrate. a picture perfect couple...planning a picture perfect wedding.sterling peterson/g room:'i woke up yesterday morning and itús the day before iúm supposed to get married.'like every groom...sterling peterson was nervous.but no newlywed should be this nervous.sterling peterson/groom:'i was just worried, if my home was on fire.'the peterson home is in woodland the evacuation zone for the pole creek fire.itús where the wedding reception was supposed to be hosted.sterling peterson/groom:'our wedding decorations, our tablecloths, everything, theyúre still sitting at the house because we grabbed the most important stuff and that got left behind.'sarah peterson/ bride: 'i had like a couple mental table settings....they needed help.julie adamic/ volunteer'i started making phone calls and
8:55 pm
they started making phone calls and then they started making phone calls.'julie adamic doesnút really know the petersons...she just part of a small army who heard theyúre big day had become a big mess. kirsten rappleye/ volunteer'i posted it on twitter and i posted it on facebook and i think we had close to 500 responses by the end of the night.'the night...before the wedding.sterling peterson/groom:'it was 9:00 last night before we found out that we were going to get any help at all.'from the the the the decorations. strangers started showing up to make this day...memorable for the right reasons.julie adamic, volunteer'we canút do anything about the fire but maybe we can make somebodyús life a little easier.''mr. and mrs. peterson (cheering).' sarah peterson/ bride:'weúre just really really grateful. we canút even express just how thankful we are for everything they did for us.' (pam)(pam) (pam) (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news
8:56 pm
at 8.(jr) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this's what's coming up on kron 4 news at nine.the senate judiciary committee has postponed a preliminary vote on supreme court nominiee brett kavanaugh.this..after allegations of sexual abuse surface.the alleged victim, a professor here in the bay area. tonight a group showed up on the campus on uc berkeley to support the alleged victim.a live report is coming up. and.. heavy hearts tonight as a sacremento county sheriff's deputy is killed in the line of duty. the suspect is in custody.. details coming up at the top of the hour. ((2shot))((pam))plus... parents outraged after an online post threating violence at a bay area high school.why they say the district isn't doing enough.((jr))keep it
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((jr))enough. ((jr)) vo)) ((pam)) vo))((pam)) a
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preliminary vote to confirm supreme court nominee brett kavanugh.. will not happen this week as planned. good evening, i'm pam moore. ((jr))and i'm jr stone...once a sure bet to join the nation's high court, kavanaugh's future is now in limbo after a bay area woman came forward accusing him of sexual assault when they were teens. the senate judiciary committee announced late today, it will hold a public hearing monday with kavanaugh and doctor christine blasey ford.. his accuser. she is a professor at palo alto university.and tonight, a group converged on the u-c berkeley campus to show their support for the professor. kron 4's ali reid was there... she joins us live tonight, ali? in berkeley tonight .... the group "by any means necessary"
9:00 pm
held a rally in support of brett kavanaugh's accuser ... who happens to be a bay area professor. the group ..... made up of mostly college students ... stood on the u-c berkeley campus and spoke out against the supreme court nominee.kron 4's ali reid joins us live from cal tonight ... do they know the alleged victim? yvette felarca / bamn natl organizer the group does not know chstine blasey ford ... but they all stand with her, saying they can only imagine how much strength it took for her to speak out ... especially at a time like this. they are glad to hear the supreme court vote was postponed and that there was a delay in brett kavanaugh's confirmation. the group "by any means necessary" rallyied on the steps of sproul hall .... in support of ford, the woman accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of improper sexual behavior towards her 3 decades ago.this accusation comes weeks before the midterm elections.both kavanaugh and ford will testify on monday ... and although president trump stands by his supreme court nominee, protestors here say kavanaugh should not be appointed.the group says this case is so much more than what allegedly happened to the research psychologist... we


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