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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 21, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight -- >> i feel so proud. meghan markle's royal baby fever. her first big speech. her mom by her side. what she said today to fuel the pregnancy rumors. >> just incredible. then, "e.t." with two "voice" coaches making headlines. >> it is like what? >> what. >> >> adam super bowl bound. kelly after her talk show announcement. and -- >> i have never felt to hungover in my life. >> oh, simon. simon's speech for carrie underwood. what brought to star to tears. plus, our exclusive and ryan gosling. >> it was very surreal. his epic first man space opportunities. just how scary did it get? and why kevin hart and wild
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animals don't mix. >> oh! this is "entertainment tonight." carrie underwood, adam levine, kelly clarkson. we are with the stars making headlines today. let's begin with meghan markle, because she just hosted her first palace party. >> yeah, meghan is palace official, isn't she? i love he brought her mama. it's the first time we have seen her in the uk since the wedding. >> they seem to have such a good relationship. every was -- how should i put it? expecting. >> here we go. >> working on this project for the past nine months has been a tremendous labor of love. >> and with those words, nine months and labor of love, we can't help but meghan was fully
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aware of the rumors that popped up when she wore this blue dress. the twitter sphere was full of humor. >> it's the duchess's first engagement, to launch a cook book. she stood up, delivered a flawless three-minute speech and her mother was there to support her. >> that look right there on prince harry's face is proof the honeymoon phase is so not over. how about that adorable moment? captioned, quote, when you have to flatten down the wife's hair on a windy day. >> they're close starting a family. my sources are saying there isn't a pregnancy just yet, but harry is protective of his wife, and nothing would make them happier than if they would start a family. >> it truly took a v to see this through. while they may have baby on the brain, in three and a half
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weeks they begin their first royal tour in australia. >> there will be a lot of attention on them as a couple, the chemistry between them and watching for a baby bump as well. >> can you imagine? everybody staring at your belly all the time to see if it looks a little bigger. >> well -- we'll leave that alone. the women here are going leave that alone. lets turn to "the voice." millions will have their eyes back on the show. it returns monday night. that's not the reason adam levine and kelly clarkson are in the news. maroon 5 is playing the super bowl and kelly's talk show just became official ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ♪ >> you know you're sitting next to the potential oprah winfrey? >> going fort oprah crown. >> don't let oprah find out. she will crush you. >> nbc just announced "the kelly
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clarkson show" will debut a year from now. >> if adam as you were you potential guest, what's the one question you would ask him? >> did you love touring with me? >> yes. >> i love touring together. ♪ >> kelly toured with maroon 5 and the band just booked a major gig. multiple sources tell "e.t." maroon 5 is scheduled to do to halftime show at the super bowl in february. as for adam and kelly, they join j-hud and blake on "the voice" on nbc. if i have to turn my coach, there's no contest. >> avril lavine is my celebrity crush. >> awkward! >> it's not awkward.
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>> i'm not kidding you. i'm being completely honest ♪ shoot for the stars >> i don't know what it's like. i'm like, okay, shut up. it's adam levine. >> it's the glasses. it's a mystery. >> keeping that show alive. he is fine. i just met his wife at an elevator in the an airport. by thbethatty, i'm sorry. >> the "america's got talent" shocker. nearly a million viewers tuned in to see shin limb take home the prize. >> i was gutted. >> leaving the competition -- michael ketterer! >> i was like, wow. michael is already leave something courtney is leaving already? >> it was a shocking finale that saw is elimination of the season's top two front-runners.
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14-year-old courtney hadwin and father of six michael ketterer ♪ he don't understand >> when one direction were on one of our shows they didn't win and went on to did well. ♪ beautiful >> howie shared a similar sentiment when talking about courtney. >> my hand are sweaty and my knees are weak. >> john travolta a runnerup from a talent contest. >> plenty of those. jennifer hudson. >> he's going to be fine. >> as for shin lim's magical winning moment, onl live with him >> has it sunk in? >> not really. kind of but it's still such a crazy moment. i'm so happy. i can't stop smiling. >> congratulations. back to simon, he came out to support carrie underwood at her hollywood walk of fame ceremony.
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>> the "idol" family are a tight knit bunk. an emotional carrie underwood feeling the love. >> i have been so blessed in my life to have so many people who have -- i'm crying. um, so many people who have believed in me. >> 13 years after becoming an american idol, carrie's stardom is officially part of history. supporting her today, hockey husband mike fisher and 3-year-old son someday someday. >> someday someday, michael, i love so much. you're the best thing we ever did. >> the little guy was loving the attention, happening it up between his mom and dad. >> carrie, who covered her bump in a red trench coat was accompanied by brad paz had i s >> i'm going apologize to carri. i have never felt to hungover in my life. >> oh, my god, there's a truth
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right there. here's a fun fact -- will smith doesn't actually have a star on the hollywood walk of fame. can you believe that? but last night he was the talk of the town as he returned to his hip-hop roots ♪ taking the h and o out of hollywood hollywood ♪ >> will's backup band in this little up and comer john mayer. it was little interest in another gig that was on the mind of paparazzi, a presidential bid in 2020. >> you would vote for me if i ran? >> i would. >> i'll be vice president. >> from one man in black to another, chris hemsworth who's shooting the spinoff, behind the scenes. >> where else would we come but natural addiction cafe? >> who's more excited about a food truck than this guy? you have to eat a lot to keep
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the muscles so exciting. >> we'll watch him do a food truck, wherever he wants to go. coming up -- blasted twisted and dragged. you won't believe how far ryan gosling went to become armstrong. plus -- >> you probably never had anyone this pregnant. >> the countdown to kate's first daughter. >> i took all the lipsticks and yieshs. she had a full face of makeup on. how far will the kardashians go to embarrass their mother? she's annoying already. >> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god.
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the best part about shooting with michael bay? a lot of people say the action. but for me it's the stillness, you know? the quiet moments. lost inside. those are the moments for me. >> okay, that's hilarious. he only got one take. that's got to be a pro right there.
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>> a pro! >> ryan reynolds shooting six underground. >> what's very exciting by the way, the times was super. our other favorite ryan, ryan gosling steps into the middle of the action playing astronaut neil armstrong. it was absolutely nuts on this set and only we can show you. >> three, two, one, go! >> it's hard to communicate just how dangerous and extreme the missions really were. >> ryan worked with the same nasa personnel that trained armstrong for his iconic walk on the moon, but before he was an astronaut, neil was a test pilot. the film reunited states ryan with his "la la land" director damien chazelle and claire foye as armstrong's wife janet. >> this isn't just another trip, neil. you aren't going work. >> ryan is kind hearted and generous and warm, to the point
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where i'm like, being janet in the scene and supposed to be angry with him, i'm just not. he seems really nice. >> it's beautiful. >> focusing on events leading up to the al poll low 11 mission it also focuses on armstrong's family life. >> armstrong's son is going see the film. if it gets the armstrong seal of proefl it will be more than i could have hoped for. >> also getting a prooefl from his two daughters who iz haved the set with wife eva mendez. >> they think pa by's an astronaut. we haven't told them yet. >> at one point, he was asked to stall the plane. he thought, this is a terrible idea. still ahead -- >> my kevin versus kevin fashion face-off. >> get a good look at ate. >> my dad had one just like
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that. >> whose side is tiffany haddish on? then -- >> i could go any second. >> kate hudson. why the "modern family" cast is getting royal closed captioning provided by -- [alarm clock]
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>> hey! >> dwayne doesn't always get the last laugh with kevin hart. kevin cohost at the tonight show and after he met up with our kevin. >> i'm sure you let him have it. >> i did! i met up with kevin hart and tiffany haddish for their film "night school." seems kevin was still traumatized. how was fallon? >> he brought out some things on me. animals. >> what animals don't you like? >> i don't like any of them. >> oh, no! tarantulas. oh, god! another falcon. everything people don't like was there. >> they didn't mess up your
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suit, did they? >> no, no. get a good look at it, though. >> my dad had one just like that. >> this one? >> yeah, he did. >> well, your dad was an amazing man. it's amazing he had that style and you have that style. kevin kt thes a fool on "night school." but on set-a boss, the first time producing for his production company. >> i threw everything in hoping people will respond. >> at urban new york film festal extra, kevin wasn't done giving me more. >> what are these pockets for? you are dressed for everything. rain, tennis, track. comfort. >> thaks, man. >> you look good! >> what do you think of kevin's suit? >> he looks like bagger vance. >> tell me about what you're wearing tonight. >> tonight i'm wearing a dress. >> by?
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sex affair. >> christian syria know. >> i didn't want to say it out loud. i wanted you to say it for me. >> christian syriano is doing big things. i'm going call my dad and tell him to bust out his suit. >> now to a fashionable mother-daughter duo, goldie hawn, kate hudson. they made their first visit to "ellen" today. kate nearly broke some baby news. >> when are you due? >> you never had anyone this pregnant on your show. >> really it looks like any minute now. >> could be. water could go at any minute. >> hang in there kate. she's expecting her first girl. >> i thought the last baby was going to be a girl so much that i did knit a pink blanket. boy, did i screw up.
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>> theaby is goldie's sixth grandchild. we watched kate grow up along her look alike mother. >> she is my daughter, but she's her own person. >> you're embarrassing her. >> kate was at the premier of her mop's first film, overboard. >> i like the part where my mom swallows a bug. >> goldie told us kate loved playing with makeup. >> she took the lipstick, did it like this, and put it back. they'd she had a full face of makeup on. the 27-year-old still has her groof. >> she was until stirrups. but she was dilating. i was really hungry. i came back with pizza. >> doritos. >> and doritos. >> bring the pizza and doritos. >> get your snacks and cocktails ready for jerry o'connell's
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bravo show "play by play." >> clearly he's not afraid to put himself and the rest of the male population on blast. only "e.t." was first on set. >> yo, what's up, "e.t."? get in here. welcome to bravo's "play by play" basement. this is like the submmithsonian democrat vote relics. we have one special we received and that would be aviva drescher's false leg. >> here, go ahead. go ahead, heather, okay? >> this is the actual leg. >> the set is all things "housewives." now he'll get to live and breathe his obsession, hosting a new democrat vote round table "play by play." >> what do we think of vicky giving gina divorce advice? >> why are all these women so mad at gina for having a good
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divorce. >> it's filmed in the same studio where andy once watched "watch what happens live". >> i have to tell everyone, team carol. >> i have to watch six hours of democrat vote. normally i would be home doing it with my wife. >> his wife rebecca romijn will be part of the show, skyping in from home. jerry's helping his status will score his exclusive invites. >> i want to go to the jackson-britney wedding. that william meghan markle wedding. >> clearly know his reality do you means, but step up your royal game. meghan married prince harry, not his brother. >> now, he got the message. the cost of "modern family" knows the difference. check this out. that's eric stonestreet dressed at meghan markle for an upcoping halloween accept sewed. kind of sorriry, but with the
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dress and at that, they're a lot alike. >> what's going on? >> you know, jesse tyler ferguson with his red hair is prince harry. kind of good there. eyebr eyebrows, the beard. >> eric, i can't ever you be see that. wow. all right, coming up, why the kardashian sisters are having fun at mom
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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let's go full diva. destroy that table. just destroy it. >> that was lisa rinna raging out on a new prank series executive produced by kim kardashian west, it's called are you kidding me? they have do everything that they tell them to, including mom kris. >> say, aren't i gorgeous? >> am i gorgeous or what? >> absolute will i. >> you don't have any alcohol in there, do you. >> i'm an alcoholic. >> oh, deer. >> she's annoyed already. >> oh, my god, yes, she's annoyed. >> this debuts on facebook watch on s
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