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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 22, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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after 27 years, authorities arrested 58-year-old roy waller.. he is accused of raping, torturing and robbing at least ten women over a fifteen year span. kron 4's gayle ong spoke with one of his alleged victims tonight she joins us live in petaluma with more on what she said. gayle. she is showing her face and telling her story to empower other women.. nicole earnest-payte is speaking out about what she says roy waller did to her 27 years ago..on june 22nd 19-91, earnest-payte says waller entered her rohnert park home..and sexually assaulted her..back then she was 21 years old.. friday, authorities arrested
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58-year-old roy waller waller is accused of raping, torturing and robbing at least ten women over a fifteen year span. he was living in benecia and working at u-c berkely.. earnest-payte is telling her story to empower other victims of sexual assaultnow a wife and mother, settled in petaluma, she is living proof her life did not get destroyed.. roy waller is due in sacramento court on monday. earnest-payte says she'll be there -- and hopes to attend the following court in petaluma, gayle ong kron 4 news
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staff she 'accepts' the request to speak to the panel next week about the alleged incident. a tentative agreement has been reached for the committee to hear testimony from her on thursday. other terms of the public hearing will be negotiated sunday. ford alleges kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party when they were teens. kavanaugh denies the allegations and is expected to testify next week about the claims. (jrs) meanwhile in the white house....combat won out over caution. after nearly a week of restrain....presi dent trump took to twitter to question the credibility of christine blasey ford... his tweet-storm prompted widespread backlash...namely from survivors of sexual assault.... who responded to the president's tweet's sogomonian spoke with kron-4's survivors of tonight and joins us live from hayward..ella. trump's tweet questions the
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seriousness of ford's allegation by asking if it was so bad why hadn't she gone to authorities when it happened? i met with a woman tonight who reflects on that remark and surviving sexual assault. erica thompson tells me it took her more than 20 years to admit not only to others but to herself that she had been sexually assaulted... she explains burying the memory was a defense mechanism.sot: erica thompson, sexual assault survivor// "for many years i created this belief or this illusion that it never happened knowing full well that it did it's one of our psyche's amazing abilities to protect ourselves."coming forward for thompson took decades just as it has for professor christine blasey ford who is accused supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh of violating her
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when they were teens drinking at a accusation president donald trump addressed in a tweet friday questioning if the attack on ford was as bad as she says charges would have been immediately filed by local law enforcement.sot: "we have to fight for him and not worry about the other side"sot: " what is your reaction to what he said about the alleged victim?"sot: erica thompson, sexual assault survivor// " outrage...complete outrage to be honest. i'm not really sure what that means, if it was as bad as she says i dont know where that statement comes from i'm confused as to the barometer that's being used to judge what rapes are bad or what rapes are not as bad or a mediocre level of rape it just doesn't make sense to me." about 7 years ago thompson turned to vanessa russell with her non profit love never fails for help...russell says she's disappointed by the president's remarks and would have liked to see more compassion expressed for the alleged victim.sot: vanessa russell, love never fails// "reallt just reveals a lack of understanding of this kind of crime and this kind of allegation. we know that victims often take a long while to come forward especially when they're younger they may be suffering from low self esteem denial and a great deal of shame." russell admits the timing of the accusation may be seen as a suspicious political move, but stresses the importance of supporting a survivor, and honoring the judicial process ...for which kavanaugh will be a powerful figure if he becomes the next supreme court
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justice of the united states. russell says russell says she hopes the senate will provide proper support for ford during the proceedings and ensure she doesn't come under in hayward ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (jrs) this big story continues online at kron4 dot com. there we have reaction from both sides... as well as reactions from president trump and democratic leader nancy pelosi. there is also a fundraiser for the alleged victim... all that on kron4 dot com. (jr stone) taking a live look outside.... at san
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cisco's embarcadero... what a beautiful night. and it is officially fall. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has look at the first days of autumn. . . expect a slightly deeper marine layer overnight which should mean less fog sunday morning but perhaps more drizzle along the coast. mostly sunny skies and seasonable temperatures are on tap for the second half of the weekend. most inland areas will be back in the 70s, a few interior tracking widespread areas. high pressure builds sunday night through most of next week. this will bring a noted warming trend with fire weather concerns for the north bay hills early in the week. temperatures may
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cool again by friday as an upper trough moves inland. (j.r.) scary scene in santa rosa last night as a teenager was stabbed during a fight at a football game. it happened during a montgomery high school football game. a female teenager confronted at least two other female teens in the crowd and tried to assault them. there was a fight. the girl who initiated the confrontation walked away but realized that she had been stabbed short time later. her injuries are serious but non life threatening. no arrests have been made but santa rosa police are looking for additional information that could help them in catching the person who did this. there is a 25-hundred dollar reward being given for that information as well.
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(jrs) the diocese of san jose held it's first of three listening sessions today in palo alto for victims of sexual abuse to come forward and for others to voice their concerns. we were not able to record video inside - but kron 4's sara stinson sat in on the session and has details on what was said at our lady of rosary hall.
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until he reported it in the 90's. it wasn't until 2002 when the priest was held responsible.another woman came forward saying she too was molested by a priest when she was nine years old.after each victim told their story - everyone applauded them for their courage.other church members spoke out in frustration saying there is a lot of mistrust and the church some even said they're on the verge of losing faith in the church altogether.bishop mcgrath said there is a great need to restorm moral authority within the catholic church.and he hopes people are not losing faith in jesus himself, but in the institution. the diocese of san jose recently announced it will release the names of all priests who have been credibly accused of abusing children by mid october.
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(j.r.) tonight good news to report for a 5 year old santa rosa girl and her family. a judge has ruled that the girl is allowed to use her cannabis drug on campus to treat her seizures. earlier this year we introduced you to brooke adams who has a rare form of epilepsy called dravet syndrome. brooke's mother made me aware of the situation right after it came down on friday. the marijuana drug known as t-h-c oil is given to
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her as an emergency treatment for her seizures that she randomly gets. the rincon valley union school district in santa rosa origionally sought to ban the drug from school grounds, saying it violates federal law. her family fought it. saying that brooke's seizures last two to three hours without thc oil used to treat it. with that oil they last two to three minutes. a judge first gave brooke's family a temporary order to allow her thc oil treatment and now has issued this permanent ruling. brooke has a nurse and that nurse is required to administer her the medicine if she gets a seizure at school. (jrs) coming up at 8. it may be fall...but fire season is far why cal fire not taking any chances with fires...and issuing evacuations as early as possible. plus. it's called the white shark cafe...and it's in the middle of the ocean. why so many great whites like to hang out there... and next.
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in a matter of minutes her dog was stolen now the heartbroken owner says she believes the theft of her dog is part of a bigger crime ring.
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(jrs) new at 8. the owner of a soon to be therapy dog is pleading for the public's help in finding her. the maltipoo by the name of
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paloma.. was stolen out of a car on wednesday... near orizaba and randolph street in san francisco.. that's where we find kron 4's hermela aregawi who spoke exclusively with paloma's owner..hermela, what's the latest? (hermela aregawi)these flyers asking for paloma to be returned are all over the city. her owner tells me.. earlier this week.. her boyfriend briefly left the maltipoo in the car along with his dog.. and when he came out, paloma was gone. yu-ting chen and her one year old maltipoo ripped a part in just moments..on wednesday around 5 oclock in the evening.. chen's boyfriend parked his car in front of this store.. and left paloma and his older and bigger lab in the car.yu-ting chen/dog stolenbecause it was unusually hot that day, he left the windows down for them. and it was just supposed to be a quick go and grab a drink come back out kind of thing. by the time he came back, she was gone. he couldn't tell me this over he phone so when i got home that night, she usually
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runs up to the door and greets me but when she did like, my heart just sank. paloma was in the process of being trained as therapy dog.... so chen .. who teaches fifth grade at a school in east oakland would often bring her to class. yu-ting chen/dog stolenand i noticed how well she works with students especially with students with special learning needs and students who have experienced a lot of trauma. for students with a lot of trauma, they get triggered really easily and a lot of times, they will elope or they'll scream things out uncontrollably and i noticed that those students particularly when she sits down with them, their focus on her and her playfulness kind of calms down and they demonstrate a level of compassion i've never seen. it draws out that sense of compassion from for chen... paloma is more than just her dog.. but also acts as a source of comfort for her students...
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(jrs) in marin -- authorities didn't think twice after they sent out evacuation orders due to the "irving fire" that broke out last week. it only took one hour from when the fire broke out to tell people to evacuate immediately. cal fire officials say you can blame the population boom that's creating extra traffic. another factor is the drought... which has ripened the vegetation into wildfire fuel... and the amount of people moving out into rural areas where they have to drive more to get places. (jrs) cal fire wants people
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cal fire (jrs)it.">its not worth it.">(jrs) cal fire wants people to know we are entering the most dangerous time of the fire season and when they call for evacuations you should take it seriously (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. expect a slightly deeper marine expect a slightly deeper marine layer overnight which should mean less fog sunday morning but perhaps more drizzle along the coast. mostly sunny skies and seasonable temperatures are on tap for the second half of the weekend. most inland areas will be back in the 70s, a few interior areas will remain in
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widespread 60s along the coast and bayside areas. high pressure builds sunday night through most of next week. this will bring a noted warming trend with fire weather concerns for the north bay hills early in the week. temperatures may cool again by friday as an upper trough moves inland. (jr) (jr) new at eight... new at (jr) moves inland.
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(jr) new at eight... for the first time in five years... the research vessel falkor (f-al-core) has returned to san francisco... this just months after conducting a world-renowed study and dive of a mysterious part of the pacific ocean called the "white shark kro djegal toured the boat today before it's next expedition. (philippe) a rare treat in san francisco -- five years in the making. ocked outside the exploratorium at pier 15 along the embarcadero... the non- profit "schmidt ocean institute's" research vessel
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"falkor" (ff-al-core)... attracting the attention and interest of science and ocean enthusiasts young and older. nats/jason rodriguez- "it actually makes a pretty good seal. we actually have to fill it with water before we go in. (guest) or, it would get crushed. (jason) they would implode." among the technological treasures associated with the ship -- the remotely operated vehicle "subastian"... capable of diving to the extreme depth of 45-hundred meters... and, in late april, played a pivitol role in exploring the so-called "white shark cafe." located off the coast of baja california in the pacific ocean. capturing these 4-k ultra high definition pictures of animals and organisms living too deep for satelittes to see. controlled topside by experienced rov supervisors like jason rodriguezjason rodriguez/rov supervisor- "we were doing live dna testing out there and we were taking water samples, and they could on the fly, test and see if there were any, any animals around us. and, they were finding great white sharks, maco sharks, salmon sharks that had been in our area within minutes that we took a sample." scientists have long wondered why sharks migrate and sometimes hang out in that part of the sea. and, because of the information gathered by vessel falkor and rov subastian... researchers believe an abundance of deep sea food
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could be the reason.carlie wiener/schmidt ocean institute- "we're the only science vessel that has a high performance computing system, which allows people to do their science in real-time, look at their data at sea. not wait until they get back to the shore." a little more than three months left in the year... and, the vessel has completed almost 10 expeditions in 20-18. it's taking off soon from the bay area to study hydrothermal vents along the california borderlands.jason rodriguez/rov supervisor- "for people to come and see it and be able to talk about it and how proud we are of what she can do and what we do with her -- it feels really, really good." and, it's not too late to come check out the ship... public tours will continue through sunday afternoon. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jrs) (jrs)
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(jrs) new ahead at 8. she looks six months pregnant....but isn't what doctors discovered and why she had to get major surgery immediately. and next. a violent exchange breaks out after class... how a school resource officer ended up in the middle of the fight. ♪
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when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines
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and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely, so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. (jrs) new tonight at 8. a scuffle between a school cop and a student gets out of hand in southern california. a teen slammed the officer....who later pulled out his gun, the violent exchange was caught on camera. nicole comstock has reaction from witnesses. ááánats of car door openingááá a driver gets out of his car
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to recordas a student tackles a cop to the ground.ááánats of screamingáááclass had just let out friday, when this school resource officer started to break up a fight near campus. he was soon swarmed with students - and it appears some of them tried to wrestle another student away from him. leyva "that's when i just ran in their and told everybody to back off."substitute teacher daniel leyva says he knew he needed to take actionwhen he saw one of those students snatch the officer's baton away from him.leyva "yeah, i took it off of his hand cause he pulled it off of him and he was trying to hide it but i just grabbed it off of him." and one student is shedding some lit in the first placeshe says us during the original fight between students - she witnessed a boy hitting a girl in the face.student "the security guard said you don't touch a woman, you're gonna be arrested. and that's when the student was pushing the security guard."she says the officer then tried to subdue the studentstudent "but he wouldn't go down so he got his baton and hit him in the leg."
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that was also caught on camera , just moments before the tackle.toward the end of the scuffle you can see the officer getting punched in the face.pepper spray was then used to disperse some of the students.student "yeah i breathed it in and got a little bit."leyva "i think it's a lack of respect for authority."the school district might agree.they sent out a message to parents explaining how the officer was assaulted and telling them to talk to their kids about following police orders. (jrs) the school district later sent out a message to parents of the students involved...asking them to have a discussion about what happened with their kids. (jrs) coming up at 8. relief for victims more than a week after gas explosions rocked massachusetts. the help thousands of residents got today. plus. the storm is gone...but the danger rising and still threatening parts of the carolinas. and next. he was once on a reality t-v dating show... now he's being called a
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rapist by police. why officials fear there could be hundreds of victims. this is customizable streaming tv for your family.
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...whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place - even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life. simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $34.99 a month for 12 months and customize by adding flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today. a california doctor who
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once appeared on a reality tv dating show is facing accusations that he and his girlfriend drugged and raped at least two women. police believe there are more victims out there. sara sidner has the story. sara sidner/los angeles: "surgeon grant william robicheaux show seemed like a real catch when he went on a reality tv dating show."-nats show-but in reality police say he's a rapist with potentially hundreds of victims.he and his girlfriend cerissa riley have been arrested.tony rackauckas/orange county district attorney: "we believe the defendants used their good looks and charm to lower the inhibitions of their potential prey."riley and robicheaux are accused of drugging other
8:31 pm
womewith roofies- the date rape drug- in bars, and sometimes using anesthesia to render women unconscious.and then bringing those women to their apartment ... and raping them.attorneys for riley and robicheaux say they did nothing criminal and the sexual activity was consensual. shawn holley/suspect's attorney: "if the police and the district attorney's office was so concerned about these allegations, one would think that grant and cerissa would have been arrested long ago." but police say video evidence shows otherwise.tony rackauckas/orange county district attorney: "a lot of those women on those videos look they are not able to consent they look past that point some appear to be unconscious."sara sidner/los angeles: "the couple is also charged with buying with the intent to sell cocaine and with possession of lsd and ecstasy, as well as ghb, the date rape drug they were apparently using."lauren hayden says she met the doctor on tinder.and he attacked her lauren hayden/victim: took me he kept trying to rip off my top and i kept trying to just put it back on.//like, he's a monster."after news of his
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arrest she contacted police. sara sidner/los angeles: "investigators say, in 2016, they found out about the couple's crimes when a woman regained consciousness and began screaming in the apartment.but it wasn't until 2018 that police arrested the why the delay?sara sidner/los angeles: "police say they simply didn't have enough evidence. but they do now. they obtained a search warrant. and they say that investigators found 1000 or so videos on dr. robicheaux's phone that show him having sex and sometimes him and his girlfriend having sex with women in various stages of consciousness."but it wasn't until 2018 that they arrested the why the delay? police say they didn't have enough evidence until now to do so.-nats question-lauren hayden/victim: "absolutely not. one victim is one victim too many."one of dr robicheaux's patients is shocked byarrest:no font provided "he's a great doctor yeah, he works on my shoulders. and really like i cannot believe it's true."sara sidner/los angeles: "but investigators expect there are many, many more victims out there in places the couple frequented -- from black rock desert, nevada to palm springs, california. police
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are asking anyone who believes they are a victim of dr. robicheaux or his girlfriend to call them. sara sidner cnn los angeles. (jrs) more than a week after gas explosions and fires rocked massachusetts' neighborhoods. hotplates are now being distributed to residents left without power since it happened. the national guard started handing out thousands of hotplates to residents today. it's part of a massive relief effort in lawrence, andover and north andover.hotplates are distributed. as well as 24-thousand space heaters for warmth. the september 13 person.,..injured some 25 others and damaged or destroyed dozens of homes and
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stopped -- but the floodwaters continue to rise. hurricane florence passed through the carolinas a week ago, but now runoff from high- elevation areas are threatening low-lying parts of the carolina coast. kim hutcherson explains. gov. roy cooper/north carolina: "the storm itself is gone, but its treacherous floodwaters remain."a week after hurricane florence made landfall --the carolinas are still reeling from devastating flooding.the sunny skies are misleading --the rain may have stopped, but in south carolina, authorities say some areas may see floodwaters rise even higher.chief phillip l. hendrick, jr./conway fire: "just because the waters not in their house today doesn't mean it's not going to get in their house, and if they had any plans to leave, today would be the day."low-lying areas -- like conway, south carolina -- are in a precarious situation as floodwaters recede from higher
8:35 pm
elevations.adam emrick/conway city administrator: "every drop of water that fell in north carolina runs down our river behind me... that floods our river."in longs, south carolina, the u.s. coast guard is helping evacuate residents threatened by the post-storm runoff.adam emrick/conway city administrator: "no matter what the sky is looking like, the floods are coming."a safety zone has been set up on the waccamaw river to protect the barrier separating the river from a toxic ash pond.the stability of coal ash basins are a concern in north carolina too.floodwaters already breached a barrier near an electrical plant, pushing chemical byproducts into the cape fear river.i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (jr stone) taking a live look outside.... at the golden gate bridge. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. expect a slightly deeper
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marine layer overnight which should mean less fog sunday morning but perhaps more drizzle along the coast. mostly sunny skies and seasonable temperatures are on tap for the second half of the weekend. most inland areas will be back in the 70s, a few interior areas will remain in the 80s. tracking widespread 60s along the coast and bayside areas. high pressure builds sunday night through most of next week. this will bring a noted warming trend with fire weather concerns for the north bay hills early in the week. temperatures may cool again by friday as an upper trough moves inland.
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(jrs) still ahead at 8. this pair of toddlers may have their differences...but there's one thing they can agree on... we'll show you what the the two are so excited about. and next. dozens of pet deaths over a span of 10 years. how petsmart is responding to a new report about their grooming services.
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a new report out of new jersey that says since 2008...47 dogs have died across the u.s. during grooming or within days of it.. all at petsmart. n-j dot com's numbers are based on reports by petsmart customers in 14 states.
8:41 pm
the news outlet says the count is not definitive because there is little public accounting of such deaths. petsmart says any claim of a "systemic problem" is "false and fabricated". the outlet says a lack of data and transparency have prevented a full understanding of what is happening. (jrs) the familiar sound of a garbage truck... it may elicit a feeling of dread... but the sight and sound of those trucks can only be described as a moment of pure joy for a pair of toddlers.(jrs) forty five trucks drive through tucson neighborhoods every day, but it only takes áoneá -- to make átheir day. their parents say caleb and james are two peas in a pod. and love to watch in awe of
8:42 pm
the truck's tricks. (jrs) still ahead at 8. stitching safety vests and military uniforms....all to perfection. what's more amazing...most of the works are blind and next. after five years of suffering .... a mother undergoes major surgery what doctors found inside...was startling.
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about to meet a tennessee woman who in a few hours. but it's not from any miracle diet or exercise -- she had a massive cyst removed from her abdomen. emily luxen has the story. ashley walden/patient"i'm still just amazed and shocked."
8:45 pm
ashley walden says she feels lucky to be alive after major surgery.the procedure came after 5 years of suffering. ashley walden/patient"i was having a lot of pain, a lot of discomfort, i just knew something wasn't right."her doctor at the time diagnosed her with a benign ovarian cyst. but the pain continued, and ashley started gaining weight. ashley walden/patient"i ended up in the emergency room one night because i was hurting so bad i couldn't move. that is when they did some tests and found the cyst had hit a growth spurt."now ashley looked 6 months pregnant.dr. shana dowell an obgyn at vanderbilt center for women's health at northcrest told her she needed surgery immediately. dr. shana dowell/obstetricia n-gynecologist"she was walking down the hallway, toward the exam room and she could barely walk."after backing out of surgery twice due to nerves, ashley finally let dr. dowell operate on her at northcrest medical center in springfield. what she found inside her was startling.dr. shana dowell/obstetricia n-gynecologist"it went from her liver down to her bladder." last week, dr. dowell successfully removed a 20 pound cyst from her stomach --
8:46 pm
a procedure ashley says changed her life.ashley walden/patient"i'm very grateful that she was actually able to get it out and i'm here today for my kids, and that's because of her."dr. shana dowell/obstetricia n-gynecologist"i didn't do anything for her that was so spectacular, i just took care of her."ashley says she regrets not taking steps to end the pain sooner and wants others to learn from her mistake.ashley walden/patient "it's not worth it, putting your health off, its not worth it, because one day it might be too late."now ashley is focused on recovering, and living a healthy life.ashley walden/patient"she's done what she can do, now i've got to do what i can do. i've just got to get back to 100% now for my kids' sake." (jr) (jr) here in the west we are multi cultural ... from food, to the arts, to traditions ... and faith. this week we celebrate hispanic heritage... with stories hidden in our history.
8:47 pm
tonight we go to new mexico.. where a religion plays an important role in the hispanic community.. and a church based legend that's too beautiful to ignore. among the world-renowned legends in new mexico is the loretto chapel in santa fe. richard lindsley ÷ curator, loretto chapel museum says :"it gives me great pleasure to talk about this to anyone who comes to visit us. "the chapel, which was built in 1878, was in dire need of a staircase above the choir loft. after 9 days of prayer, a mysterious carpenter looking for work. months later, a grand spiral staircase was built and its carpenter had disappeared. legend has it, it was the patron saint of carpentry, joseph himself that answered the sisters' prayers.richard lindsley ÷ curator, loretto chapel museum says: " i believe that it was definitely the work of divine providence. and somewhere there another st. joseph was
8:48 pm
involved. as for the details, i will find out the other side." in an age of skepticism, new mexico remain a state of faith. "no other explanation is you have faith. have faith, explanation will chad brummett reporting we are celebrating hispanic heritage tonight on kron 4.... we have a special program that will air at 11 p- m... we hope you will join us for that show. the giants have just seven games left --- have just seven the giants the giants have just seven games left --- but hey who's counting?.....>we all know it's been a brutal season --- so most fans are probably welcoming the off- season.....>earlier today, they continued their series with the cardinals.....> we pick things up in the top of the 7th... 2-1 st.louis....and armais garcia finds the gap in shallow left center field....hunter pence and and chris hanson both score...and san francisco takes the 3-2 lead....> what has become a theme to the giants season....they blow that's 4-2 when yadier molina juist unloads on one....his 19th homer of the season ties the game....> extra innings now....tyler
8:49 pm
o'niell says lets go home....walk off homer to hand the giants their third straight loss....they wrap up the series tomorrow afternoon.....> and while the giants have had a year to forget....the a's seem poised for a playoff run.....>tonight they are hosting the twins......> it's.....tied at the 8th inning.we will have highlights tonight on the news at 10......> the 7th ranked stanford cardinals are undefeated on the young season but tonight they had their toughest test yet....>a trip to eugene to take on the 20th ranked oregon ducks....> ...2nd quarter: 14-zip oregon and when it's a 50-50 jump ball...expect j.j arcega whiteside to comeyard to pass from k.j costello. score 14-7 oregon. still 2nd quarter the cardinal struggled early offensively.... but the defense kept them in the game...bad snap by oregon..and joey alfieri...the score could have been 31-7...instead it's 14-21...cardinal lurking.3rd
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quarter: and here comes bryce love...the heisman hopefully hits the corner...gone...22 yards for the td....21-24 oregon.however 4th quarter...oregon says this is our house...cyrus habibi-likio... with the 1 yard touchdown...possibly putting the dagger in stanfords chances.but with seconds left.... stanford nails the 32 yard field goal....and we are going to overtime folks.overtime: and kj costello..... finds colby parkinson for the 23 yard touchdown...stanford wins!!!! final: 38-31 cardinal.cardinal. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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when you include xfinity mobile with your internet. click, call or visit a store today. (jrs) new at 8. sewing, ironing, and stitching at an industrial level is work most people would find difficult under any circumstances -- but try doing it with your eyes closed. it's a challenge most of the workforce at an upstate new york manufacturing facility undertake every day. trishna begam has more like a well oiled machine, skilled workers are the back bone of this albany manufacturing facility.natsot: "we can not have errors or mistakes."at the front of the assembly line sits a skilled seamstress.diane hubbard, couldn't see herself doing anything else.diane hubbard / seamstress: "i like to sew. that's the thing. i enjoy it." as her nimble fingers work quickly around the needle... diane is able to produce 100 safety vests a daynatsot: "are you afraid your fingers are going to get too close to the needle?" "no."but this is no ordinary factory.take a closer look.the fabric of this workforce... is mostly the blind.diane: "when you learn you just get used to it."with no sight ... diane is able to feel her way through each ... perfect ...stitch.diane: "we don't think its amazing ...
8:55 pm
its a job we get paid for."the only thing helping her is a small piece of (anchor) we have breaking news...(anchor) we now want to send things over to ....
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the 49ers pulled off their first win of the season..escaping the mouth of the detroit, it's time to hit the road again.. 2 straight games away from levi's stadium... and the schedule gets even tougher this week.. the kansas city chiefs and their offensive machine is rolling...can the niners defense handle the test... will the offense find consistency..buckle up.. it's time to enter the red and gold's week 3 , and this train is just getting rolling... i'm your host kim smith... the 49ers barely escaped a close one last sunday... they went from missed opportunities in week 1 to lions...we almost saw a stunner sunday afternoon at levi's.. the 49ers led 30-13 in the fourth quarter... until


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