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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 1, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ "e.t." has the story of a very lucky girl ♪ and there is so much more ♪ the brady family always there for you to watch on tv ♪ ♪ the show that everyone grew up with, the bradys and "e.t." ♪ hello and welcome to the brady neighborhood. we are standing here with maureen mccormick. i'm losing my mind like nischelle is. >> we are so excited to be here for the first time in years, all the brady kids have come
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together and we are here to hang with them. here's the story -- the actors behind greg, marcia, jan, peter and cindy all came together today. >> how long has it been since all six of you kids have been together? >> they're saying 15 years, which to me seems like maybe 20, but it's been a really long time. >> how does it feel to see everybody again? >> like incredible. yeah. >> so good. >> it's surreal, but it's thrilling because i know how we are. we pick right up where we left off. we have always been really close. we get along far better than real families. of course, that's because we don't have to share one bathroom in real life. >> one thing i a notice is we fall right back into it like we always have. >> fortunately, we have remained
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friends all these years. >> what's behind the reunion? hgtv just broke gunshot wound on a project calls a very brady renovation. actually this was used for an outside shot, but they want to remodel the inside to match the tv. >> this is the first time you stepped through the door today. >> yeah. >> how did that happen? >> well, because we are on stage 5 at the paramount lot. we didn't know about this. we just saw an extoor your. >> today is the first day you go inside. >> yeah, i have been inside now for a couple of hours and it's cool. >> liter literally doesn't rese the set. >> at all. >> the six bedroom three bathroom property is just under 2,500 square feet. it was purchased in 1975 for
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$61,000 and this year it went on the market for $1.88 million. >> i want to buy this house. >> nsync's lance bass wanted to buy the house and turn it into a brady shrine, but hgtv outbid him. maureen wanted to own it. >> nobody could love it like i do. >> when we went upstairs on the show, we would flirt up there. it was our own brady time. >> really, do tell. >> well, i did any ways. >> the hgtv's biggest stars are here. the goal is to match the interior to what we saw an tv. >> how are you going change the house? >> this is a split story home. the brady bunch is two stories we are not going to change the outside, but the inside is going to have stairs. >> how is that possible? they haven't said what they plan
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to do with the house, but they plan to add 2,000 square feet by summer. >> hgtv filming a very brady renovation today. lance bass will be involved. it's 50 years since "the brady bunch" premiered. we are missing the quite a few members. >> it's old. >> it can be fixed up. >> what would robert and florence think of this today? >> i think they would be very proud of what we are doing here. >> they are all up there together and i think they're smiling down on us. three amazing people. >> all three are missed today. >> alice would want to be in the kitchen. >> mr. brady was an architect! >> this is kiz met. we are all brady all the time. we are flashing back to the favorite memories.
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football, anyone? >> my nose! >> plus, "e.t.'s" iconic time in the family. >> brady costumes showing up on halloween. stars did not disappoint. for chris pratt and ex anna faris, they had a modern family moment. there's chris and his girlfriend katherine schwarzenegger dressed as vikings they share a kiss. that's a treat. the trick? pulling it off just a few feet away from anna and her boyfriend. that ninja in the middle, that's 6-year-old jack. anna and chris support each other in their new relationships and want one another to be happy. halloween together was special, but many more holiday in the future will be spent like this. we can't wait for the christmas photos ♪ can't stop the feeling >> other families enjoying the
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spirit? justin, jess were lego family. here's mommy reese and her family of blood suckers. jessica alba and her family went with the animal onesie. can you guess this halloween couple? >> i told you i was to be really sweet. >> he's pretty. >> that's heidi klum and her 29-year-old boyfriend tom collins. it took them ten hours to get into the costumes. inside, the two even posed with shrek himself, mike meyers. >> i finally found my shrek. i always wanted to be fiona, but now i found somebody to do it with. i said hoda kotb won, but that
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might be it. look at pink and her family dressed up as "the greatest showman." willow sings. this is something hugh jackman says is his million dream ♪ every night i lie in bed the brightest colors fill my head ♪ >> the movie meant a lot to them. the fact that willow sang -- i teared up after i saw the video for the first time. >> hugh was loving every minute of the mother-daughter duet, but who would he sing with if he had the chance? we caught up with him at the premier of "the front runner." he plays gary, whose 1980 bid for the presidency was cut short
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do too an extramarital affair. >> i was a backpacker going around europe with a bunch of aussie mates. i don't remember anything about it. it's a-about starting conversations. there's no heroes. this movie is a fun ride. >> always a front-runner in our book, hugh recently celebrated his 50th birthday party with a big bang. >> it was the best party. honestly, it was amazing. >> i'm working on his 60th. >> those years will creep up on you at any time. you got to watch out. you know something about that. >> you have to feel 35. how would are you feel something. >> 29 and fine every day. >> still ahead -- ♪ stop looking and see >> sarah jessica parker sings. how she channels her past for her new role. what you never knew about her childhood struggles. plus -- >> still sexy.
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>> how 98 degrees plans to turn up the heat if they can make it through rehearsals. >> the older we get, the slower we learn. >> then, a very brady "e.t." continues. >> we are sharing our favorite moment osen set. >> "e.t." was on set for all the reunions and we have an epic throwback thursday. >> i stand in the set and juproposition 11 solvesich two issues.
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just announced "crazy rich first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11. here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c
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will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein. proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety.
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it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. oh my gosh. >> this is the most beautiful thing. >> keep this kid away from my daughter, that's for sure. >> could be in-laws some day. day. that's 6-month-old baby billy. john went as john travolta from "welcome back kotter." sarah jessica parker spent her halloween giving out candy. she keeps it real, especially when talking about her humble beginnings. >> was there a defining moment for you where you said, oh, this is success?
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this is fame? >> yes, i know exactly what it was -- i went to a nice grocery store and bought what i wanted instead of what i needed. i was like, i must feel confidence in my potential. >> i love that. >> the success and reported worth of $100 million is a big deal. as a child, she grew up on welfare and wore 99 cent dresses and got two pairs of shoes a year. struggling to survive is the new theme of her new movie. she plays a singer that gets devastating news. the cast includes renee zellweger, common, simon baker and there's a great makeout scene with this guy. >> i love your scene with taylor kinney. >> isn't he great in it? ♪ just see the call of a dream
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>> your voice is sweet. i could imagine your house is very nice, so you just walk around. >> it is musical. it's changing what we listen to. matthew loves kanye and the beegees and green campbell. >> still ahead, here from a very brady "e.t." >> oh, marcia, marcia, marcia. >> what you never knew about my most memorable brady moment. >> plus -- >> horrifying. >> onset memories the bradys will never forget. >> america, it's not what you expect. >> i don't think mike brady would have approved. then, "e.t.'s" 98 degrees exclusive. inside their new tour rehearsal. the band then and now. >> we have all gotten older. now our fans are just trying to find the bar closed captioning provided by --
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hike! >> hey you guys -- ow, my nose! >> one of the iconic episodes from "brady bunch" history, when marcia gets hit in the nose, ruining her date with doug simpson. when maureen joined us, i had to ask her all about it. when it comes to you and a story line, what does everyone think about? oh, know. >> that crazy football. >> you wouldn't. >> no, i wouldn't. >> just keeps getting bigger by the minute. >> what was your favorite episode? >>. ♪ wherever we go >> we had such a good time together. >> do you have a favorite memory of the show? >> i love the backyard scene in the very first episode that we
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did when tiger was chasing fluffy the cat. i told you boys to put that dog back in the car. mike's face. >> thank goodness you saved the cake. oh, mike! >> what do you think the most iconic moment was. >> the bad luck tiki. >> it's supposed to make terrible things happen. >> i was surfing and fell and wiped out. >> i lost your tiki statue. >> when bobby puts the entire box of soap in the laundry. mainly because i had to strip. >> the worst one was the shirley temple one. ♪ good ship lollipop
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>> would have been good if i was 7, but i was 12. >> even though the show end in the 1974, the bradys lived on in tv reunions and variety specials. you know "e.t." was there for what we like to call the '80s bradys. new hair do now. don't ask me how i created it at the time, but a lot of punkers have to now, so i'm in again. >> "e.t." was there for all the reunions, stage shows and tv movies. >> your attention, ladies and gentlemen. great to be together. i know she's going to look after me and i'm going look after her. >> in 1988 "a very brady christmas" the grownups came back to spend time with mom and dad. >> great to come back again. i love seeing everybody here. >> the family still exists after all these years. it's just like we never left. >> nice, that's it.
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>> whenever the bradys got back together, that iconic living room looks exactly the same. >> it's strange to be here in this living room. >> the original house has been created. you just stand in the set and i can feel all the memories rushing through. >> christopher knight had given up acting for a while. >> recently i decided to pull out of the industry. this is a nice reprieve from what i'm doing now, which is involving a computer sales area. >> float like a butter fly, sting like a bee. >> she said wherever she pent people recognized her at the family's housekeeper. >> i got recognized in australia, africa. that will clear your sinuses. >> this show has a life of it's own. it's part of americana. >> when the brady family
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celebrated the holidays we felt like we were right there. >> thinking back over the experiences we have shared it's been quite wonderful. >> we have another iconic moment to share with an icon. do you remember this? >> we wish you a merry christmas. ♪ >> it's strange being here without bob and florence and annie, but they're with us, i know it. for sure. >> how crazy is it that "e.t." was with you then and we are with you again. >> i love "e.t.." you're always here, and we love you. speaking of music and christmas time. i know you're a 98 degrees fan. they have an early christmas present for everyone. a new tour, and i was exclusively at the rehearsal. ♪ baby it's you and me >> seven hour days of rehearsal. >> you know 98 degrees. hour choreography is grueling. it's intense ♪ it's the hardest thing i've
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ever have to do ♪ >> the older we get, the slower we learn. we are rehearsing longer now. >> will there be christmas presents given out on the tour? >> the muse, is the gift that keeps on kbgiving. >> these guys will be performing 36 shows. ♪ you're my sunshine after the rain ♪ >> and christmas classics in their holiday album "let it snow". ♪ noel noel emts. >> this is your second christmas album. the first one was way back in the '90s. >> this cover is better. the first one, we look jaundiced. >> you're like, that thhahaha, s time. on the back, still sexy. >> what is the song when you're
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on tour that the fans go the craziest for? >> i think "i do" because it has a long lasting effect on peoples' lives. >> a lot of people made out with their boyfriends. ♪ i do cherish you >> how do you keep the '90s girls at bay? >> as we have gotten older now our fans are just trying to find the bar, which is interesting because that's usually where we are. >> they're like, we found them. >> drew and nick, you're daddies now, but you know what? daddies can be happy. >>. the tour kicks off tonight in winnipeg. they have their greatest hits album, called "the collection," out now. >> something's wrong with you. comingkron-4 news at eight: a wild chase ends in a gun battle near an east bay elementary school. why vallejo police chase a suspect into oakland. and new technology being implemented on the peninsula that could
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save lives. we'll take you inside the 9-1-1 call center using the tech to get to people faster. plus. new body cam video shows the moments before a deadly confrontation with police in oakland... i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- it's a "carpool karaoke" clash of the titans. >> do you really have to hear music? >> everything you didn't see from barbra streisand's ride with james corden. now "the brady bunch" debuted in 1969. that means that next year is the
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50th anniversary. what does that mean to you? >> ugh. it means party! time to party. 50 years. it's awesome. >> do you guys have any big plans to commemorate that big milestone? >> not yet, but i can't wait. >> you got to do something big. >> i think so. >> you have to. >> yeah. >> no at mare what happens we will be there and we'll also be here when this house is finished. what a great day has been. >> likewise. >> kevin frazier will never forget this, everybody. good night. forget this, everybody. good night. >> good night, guys. big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share
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to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, nancy pelosi & dianne feinstein vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you. learning about the gun battle
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involving vallejo police and a suspect they pursued to oakland.whooshget your hands off the gun police release body cam video of an officer=involved shooting in oakland last lawyer john burris says says it shows that the man they killed was not a threat.whoosh hey google! ... your workers aren't happy.that was the $90 million dollar straw that broke the camel's backworkers across the country walk out to protest the multimillion dollar payout to an executive fired for alleged sexual misconduct tonight...a police chase that started in the north bay and ended in the east bay... has left a man in the


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