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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 6, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the most hotly , your local election headquarters. >> the most hotly contested midterm election in modern memory. motors rewrite the political map. decisions today on everything from who will control congress to how much rent you pay and what to do about san francisco's homeless. we have comprehensive coverage tonight on races all around the
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country as well as in the bay area and we are closely watching the race for governor in california. >> one of the biggest reason the battle of control for congress. catherine heenan begins our coverage with a look of balance of power in the senate and u.s. house. >> reporter: polls have closed across the east coast by the results and some of the most closely watched races remain too close to call. some razor thin margins. democrats are moving closer to control of the u.s. house. 20 23 seats to do that and they seem to be well on the way gaining a few moments ago about 13 and as expected republicans have now been projected to keep control of the u.s. senate making that look easy. a few of the interesting and close races tonight in texas the numbers they were all over the place but, republican senator ted cruz is now projected as the winner. he will keep his job for another six years and that is despite a spirited campaign by
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democratic rival beto o'rourke for a little while a look like it might be an upset. before the senate race people looking governor rick scott holding a very slim lead over the incumbent. democratic u.s. senator bill nelson, the lead about a percent and that's about the automatic recount threshold of .5%. missouri and the showdown between democratic senator claire mccaskill and republican challenger josh hurley, mccaskill still appears to be in serious danger of losing her seat. that we waive maybe more of a blue ripple. you want to turn to our panel of guests for analysis on how the key races are pending out. >> political panel tonight so randy, we like you and the panel to weigh in on the outlook so far. >> let's start by introducing everybody. at the far end we have tom --
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the former state chair of the republican party, a former u.s. senate candidate and author of the divided era. in the middle we have karen breslow. she's a former he newsweek political writer and author of a new book with -- about homeland security. she has her own company future oil stories, your consultant is there and michael -- is the political analyst and former member of the board of supervisors and i am ready, mike company makes political ads and does media training. it's what everyone expected democrats take the house. if it stands as it is now the democrats have a fairly healthy margin in the house and republicans expand their lead in the senate. what did democrats do? >> did they impeach trump? >> the first thing they do is be electing nancy pelosi as the new speaker of the house,
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that's what i think is the first order of business. second will be putting together the key committees and you see lately a lot of people the key committees and you see lately a lot of people tempering remarks about nancy the race for governor in
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california is our other top story tonight.(ken) there are two top candidates facing off for the office. a democratic heavyweight faces a republican businessman who's never held elected office in the race for california governor. the contest between democratic lt. gov. gavin newsom and republican john cox will determine the future of the state's aggressive resistance to president donald trump.(pam) tonight, we have team coverage on the race for governor. kron-4's ashley za-val-a is live from san diego where john cox is holding his election party... newsom headquarters in los angeles. j.r.
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(pam) to the u-s senate race in california... where incumbent senator dianne feinstein faces a challenge from state senator kevin de leon.(ken) a victory wold keep the state's democratic political order intact... but a de leon win would be a stunning come from behind upset. kron-4's dan kerman is following this race closely and is live tonight at feinstein's election party..dan party..dan
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(pam) thank you j-r ... we will be thank you j- (pam) him. > (pam) thank you j-r ... we will be checking back throughout the night.(ken) let's now (ken) ashley zavala go to kron-4's
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let's now (ken) (pam) him. > (pam) you tell how many in the senate are like her. she is a good and maybe better -- (ken) let's now go to kron-4's ashley zavala
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at john cox's headquarters in san di ashley..what's the atmosphere like there?
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coming up at eight.. coming up at eight.. the race for mayor in oakland is on ... we are live at the election party for current mayor schaaf... who is hoping to hold on to her seat. plus. housing a hot topic on the ballot this election.
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on. yeah! (ken) california (ken)
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the results of some numbers still coming in. we have a proposition 10 if we can bring that up on the screen we will tell you what they are. the rent control measure that is on the proposition and right now with just 2% of the precincts reporting the know has a resounding lead over that yes vote 72% to 20% pansion of rent control ...
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as a solution to the state's housing crisis. kron-4's michelle kingston is following proposition- 10 tonight.. and joins us live from oakland... michelle? the no on prop 10 group is not hosting a watch party ..but the yes on prop 10 group is -- they are here at at red bay coffee in oakland.we've got food trucks and music and they are getting ready to watch the results come in. prop 10 is one of the most controversial ballot measures this election.and it's all about rent would repeal the current costa- hawkins rental housing act -- which prevents rent control on housing built after february 1,'s an interesting proposition because both men running for california governor -- gavin newsom and john cox -- are against it. opponents say prop 10 would make a bad problem worse.but supporters say it's a step in
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tanya love, prop 10 supporter "i feel it's very important that localities get an opportunity to use all the tools in their tool belt to create opportunities for renters to be able to protect renters so that we can stabilize our housing crisis." people i talked to here are really not sure which way this one is going to go ... and this point, it's up in the air if it'll pass or in oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news4 newskingston kron michelle live in oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news (pam) joining me now is our grant lodes ... who has been tracking all the state propositions.(grant) 11 state propositions are on the ballot this year. we'll start with prop four... which addresses how hospitals care for children. if it passes...the state could use
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1.5 billion dollars to build, expand and renovate children's hospitals. that money would be paid back over 35 years... at 80 million dollars a year. among the pediatric hospitals set to benefit if prop four passes... are a bunch connected to the u-c system including u-c-s-f, childrens hospital oakland, and stanford's lucile packard. the most money has been spent on prop eight. that's the measure that would regulate kidney dialysis >> the most money has been spent to proposition eight. that is the measure that would regulate kidney dialysis company. you're talking about $110 million that dialysis companies expect her to try to defeat proposition eight. is clinics would be capped. the clinics would have to treat patients regardless of how those patients are paying. dialysis companies may have to pay rebates - mostly
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to health insurance companies. now to proposition 11... which would require private sector ambulance company e-m- t' remain on duty while on meal and rest breaks. a no vote on prop 11 means that private ambulance companies will be governed by labor laws... meaning... based on a recent legal ruling... the companies would have to give their paramedics meal and rest breaks that cannot be interrupted by a 911 call. (pam) breaking news tonight c-n-n has just projected..that
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gavin newsom has won the california's governor race. (ken) (ken)(ken)(ken) (ken) the polls close at 8:00 then the data starts to get released as soon as the polls voters are deciding tonight on
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a measure that is billed as one possible solution to the homeless crisis.(pam) but it has people pretty divided on its merits ... it even touched off a big twitter war between some bay area tech giants.kron4's charles clifford.... live in san francisco tonight.... to break it all down. "one of the things i like best about prop c the medical profession and the people who are accountable are together all stake holders are the ones who deliver propsition c." coming up next at 8. a slew of bay area cities looking to tax cannabis businesses... we'll take a look at those measures. the tax on businesses in
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san francisco that make over $50 million annually in revenue. that money would result in about two and 50 to $300 million per year would be used to help separate cisco homeless population. things like housing, mental health services and other projects. there's a lot of people who support this and a lot of people opposed. state center scott wiener are opposed to proposition today but people like diane feinstein and jackie spear and salesforce ceo mark benioff are in favor of its. benioff in particular whose company would be tax says he's very much in favor of this. one of the things i like best about proposition c is it's been created by the most important homeless advocates and experts in our city. the medical professionals, the homeless ngos. they are the ones who fashioned it together and the people who are accountable are not just those people but a combination
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of those people plus city hall plus the mirror plus the board of supervisors that together all stakeholders are the ones at that ultimately administer and deliver opposition c. -- proposition c. back life again we are here at in the mission in san francisco waiting for the results to come in tonight. we will be back later this evening with an update and see how things are going. much more election coverage ahead. we will be right back. >> there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event. (ken) there are several
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measures on the ballot that focus on trying to ease the states housing crisis.(pam) kron4's ryan o'donnell joins us ... with a look at a few of m. there are several measures on the ballot that focus on trying to ease the state's housing crisis. >> this is a huge issue in california. we have looked at a few local
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and statewide. >> this is not a new problem for us but it is one that needs to be figured out and we have results right now for just two out of three i'm about to talk about. let's start with measure ot. the berkeley housing bonds, this is a yes or no vote would actually authorized the city to issue up to $135 million in bonds. this is different from prop two that you're seeing on your screen. of $235 million in bonds to help low income and working families with housing. this is at the cost at an estimated tax rate of $23 per $100,000 in assessed property value. this is a yes or no and as soon as we get results we will pass along. the other one we are following is measure v, dear affordable housing bond for san jose. with an estimated tax rate of eight cents per 1000 assessed
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property value. let's go to prop two, the one i mentioned i have results at least as of right now. prop two, this is known as the no place like home act. yes or no vote would otherwise the state he is revenue from an older proposition that passed years ago to help pay for $2 billion in revenue bonds for housing for homeless in need of mental health services. why don't you take a look early in the game 3% of the precincts reporting we have a long way to go but right now the yeses have it. we are following more housing measures and when i talked about here so if you want to see where they stand go to our website . still ahead tonight, the polls are closed in the golden state. gavin newsom has been projected the winner by cnn for governor and we are working to get reaction on the call. we will be right back with that and more. now at 8-30. to
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the race for california governor. a as we told you moments ago, cnn is declaring gavin newsom is the next governor of the state of california. not a big surprise but nonetheless, the projection did come through. are going to go live to los angeles shortly to hear from a reporter who was at the new some headquarters. >> a number of different networks have declared that gavin newsom will win. these numbers are only showing 3% of the vote that has been
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telling so far and in this case it shows cox is ahead. numbers are coming out and clearly gavin newsom has been declared the winner in california's governor's race. one tidbit that i did notice, he's the first democratic governor to succeed another democratic governor in california since 1887, that's according to one so if gavin newsom following in the heels of governor jerry brown who has been termed out after four terms. he had two terms and that was broken by a few more terms. we have some numbers coming in a projection on the u.s. senate race for california, the incumbent senator dianne feinstein is been declared the winner of the projected winner in california and this is not a surprise against her democratic opponent. this is when you have a two democrats topping the list for the u.s. senate and this go round dianne feinstein longtime
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incumbent, kevin -- feinstein declared the winter it is the winter. >> he's from los angeles and rather short political history chile compared to senator dianne feinstein but she is the line of the senate as far as california is concerned. she's been there a long time. >> she did take some hits during the cavendar hearing because she had the letter written by dr. christine in a four. there was a lot of contagious discussion about her holding onto that letter because dr. ford water ivc nonetheless it eventually came out. she took some hits for that as you said kevin de leon is considered the progressive. not a surprise feinstein one but nonetheless how do we move forward with this? >> reporter: we are going to talk about the governor's race. as you said gavin newsom has been declared the winner and one reason those numbers show cox up ahead as we speak is
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there no results in from los angeles, san francisco, alameda county had. with regard to gavin newsom even though he is likely to invite a white margin, california is obviously a blue state and even though he may have super majorities and the stated summary and state senate that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to get as much cooperation as jerry brown did. at least that is my thinking. i'm wondering, anyone else? >> i think gavin will be very bold. i think he wants to be president, it is very natural. i think he wants to be able to tell democrats across the country that i gave the nation the first universal healthcare. he led the country for the left on gay marriage. that's a feather in his cap and now he wants to provide a big legislative victory for them in
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his mind as well. he's going to have to outbid cory booker, outbid, harris, outbid any other democrat running. i expect him to be bold. expected to sign some major bill when it comes to healthcare. i expect him to get rid of prop 13 or at least campaign to do it. because he wants to be president and to be president you've got to have a big step forward in your career. >> i expect him to try to be bold. i am wondering whether the legislature will cooperate with him being bold. he is not as respected as jerry brown is and was even republicans recognized jerry brown as of the adult in the real. they don't consider gavin newsom the adult in the real. >> i've known gavin for quite a while century served on the board of supervisors together. i think that may be underestimating him a letter about. he has the ability to rise to the occasion and i think that's
8:36 pm
when you talk about and here a lot of talking about medicare the fact is he's the one who brought universal healthcare to san francisco when he was mayor. he has that to look at. whether he succeed or not will be a function really of what kind of staff does he surround himself with because he's someone who needs good staff. when you are lieutenant governor it is a different kind of ballgame but you are right, when you are governor and you need to work the legislature and worked to committees, when you are dealing with the lobbyist from all over the place coming after you, you need very good people inside to help you navigate whatever i just let him a jothat you want. as tom said, this is someone who has had his eye on the presidency since i knew him on the board of supervisors. >> since 2004 he's had his eyes on the presidency. >> i covered gavin newsom for newsweek and will be called the winter of love in 2004 and the confidence that he brought to
8:37 pm
what at the time was a major social engineering in marriage equality which is now pretty much accepted, but the supreme court. i think this is something to his talent and yes to his ambition, but california governors are ambitious. there's nothing wrong with that. i think the bigger question is can he turn -- can he make california a demonstration project for progressive and fiscally sound government? >> i have to interrupt you because nancy pelosi is speaking and i believe we are going to take her speech right now. volunteers in politics and women and men have mobilized in stark numbers who saw what -- congress was doing and refuse to stand still. every call he made, every door you not, every text you sent
8:38 pm
made the difference. between winning and losing and the selection. thanks to you we owned the ground. thanks to you tomorrow will be a new day in america. remember this feeling, know the power to win. in almost all congratulations to those that -- incredible candidates who have taken back to the house for the american people. let us salute all of our candidates. today is more than about democrats and republicans. it's about restoring the constitution checks and balances. to the trump administration. it's about stopping the gop and
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like mitch mcconnell's assault on medicare, medicaid, the affordable care act and the healthcare of 130 million americans living with pre- existing medical conditions. let's hear more for pre- existing medical conditions. it is about special interest free range over washington. more than anything it is about what a new democratic majority will mean in the lives of hard- working americans. that is what it's about. democrats pledge a congress that works for the people, for the people. lower the cost of healthcare by lowering the cost of prescription drugs. raise workers wages with strong economic growth by rebuilding the infrastructure of america. cleanup corruption to make washington work for all americans. we will take real very strong
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legislative action to legislate , to negotiate on the price control of prescription drugs. nancy pelosi from san francisco who appears to be on the threshold of becoming the next speaker of the house, position she held a number of years ago during the obama election in 2008. celebrating a victory by house democrats who have retaken the house, control of the house so she talked about checks and balances. obviously keeping an eye on what the president is doing in washington. chicago healthcare and infrastructure. she did not mention impeachment which a lot of the extreme left want to hear their
8:41 pm
leaders talk about. she is talking about healthcare and i think that gives us a sense of how she plans to move forward with the democrats in the house now that they have regained control. we will take a quick break and be right back with a lot more. republicans are
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projected to easily hang on to controlof the u.s. senate tonight.... and the u.s. house has be th welcome back. republicans projected to easily hang onto control of the u.s. senate tonight. >> and the u.s. house has been -- has the latest on that. we heard nancy pelosi talking about but the democrats in as many they have new power of course to challenge president donald trump in right now the democrats have gained control of 200 seven seas and could gain as many as 35 tonight, just 197 for the republicans and the sets up a divided congress until the 2020 elections. before the republicans again they will keep control of the senate, a result not
8:44 pm
unexpected. right now they have at least 50 seats more expected to come. the outcome representing a significant victory for the gop and the president and interesting places we have been following republican ron desantis he's been projected as the winner of the florida governors race. 18 democrat andrew gillum. this was a pretty nasty race. in georgia in the governors race there, stacey abrams up purely losing her bid to become the first ever african-american female to govern any state in the country. republican frying camp with a significant late. mike dewine who will keep the ohio governor's office in republican hands defeating richard cordray in a race that tested whether the right would draft that helped president trump when ohio by nine percentage points could last. the two were running to replace outgoing ohio governor john kasich. here is a look at some races in san mateo county. we will be right back.
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so you can keep on doing what you love. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. yeah! entrust your heart to entresto. ♪ the beat goes on. (ken) now to the race for
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governor. here's a look latest numbe taking another look at the race for california governor. here's a look at the latest numbers. gavin newsom is the projected winner that's according to cnn and a number of other networks. they're calling the race fairly early within about 15 or 20 minutes after the polls closed at 8:00 tonight. this and will be moving from the lieutenant governor's office to the governor's office and we want to check back in with our jr stone and do some headquarters for tonight in los angeles. they must be pretty happy there. >> reporter: it certainly is a happy crowd out he. i heard cheering a little while ago but i can only imagine the cheering will be that much louder and gavin newsom actually comes out to address the crowd. we are joined by -- the manager for gavin newsom.
8:49 pm
what are you doing now projected winner gavin newsom? >> i feel spectacular. this is a long time coming. not just for me but for gavin who has been in the race for 3.5 years but we know the hard work is still to come starting tomorrow. >> reporter: to talk about hard work and that's the case. i thought with numerous voters over the past couple of days and months, homelessness comes up. is there a plan in place. i know he talked about 3.5 million housing units, is that really going to happen? >> if gavin had anything to say about it it was why he ran for mayor of san francisco in 2003 to address the homelessness issue. he feels in a core, one of the reasons why he is in politics. having affordable housing is a strategy to get people off the streets. making the california dream real for people that means increasing wages and lowering the -- >> reporter: gavin made
8:50 pm
headlines when he came to san francisco with same-sex marriage echo will he make national headlines will be the housing crisis right now or will it be another area that he will be focused on? >> i think he's going -- one thing i like about gavin newsom is he is going to take on all the problems because if you're a family california you don't have the luxury of getting choosing. you have to pay for your own healthcare so he knows you have to take on all those problems at once but he's not afraid to take on big issues. it starts with the same-sex marriage which put him on the map but he provided universal healthcare when he was mayor of san francisco. he's done big things before and he will do it again. >> when is he coming out? >> in a couple minutes, i promise you. he's watching the results. >> reporter: thank you so much. we have entertainment coming about to take the state to address the whole situation on
8:51 pm
the projected winner. gavin newsom should be taking the stage sometime after that. back to you in the studio. thank you. as we have been telling you we have a panel of expert in our newsroom tonight. ready you are familiar everybody up there is familiar with gavin newsom. he's been around san francisco for a long time. red he has been around for a long time. if you don't mind we right now are passionate, anxious to talk about the prospect of impeachment or no impeachment. with the new democrat control of the house. we have been disagreeing while we were off the air. i will let you start, tom, since you feel the most strongly about this. >> i think it will be frustrating for the democrats to have the house because when you have the house without the senate and the presidency it is hard to deliver to your constituents. they will be able to expect there will be a lot of sugar
8:52 pm
politics. they can on the budgets and there will be a lot of concerning resolutions and try to shut down the government but i don't think it's going to be enough. i think whether it is tom stier or michael bloomberg or senators running for president, beto o'rourke got asked if he would impeach, who cares what he thinks. what's matter is who is running for president. i think the momentum will build up and frustration and very likely could push impeachment proceedings. >> if there's any lesson from the last 20 years about talks of impeachment and shutdown is that it can be a very dangerous game to play. and think about this. the last time you had a democratic house in republican president and senate was in 1980 with the reagan wave. or rake and found out and we don't know yet if trump will, was he had to govern with the democrats to get what he wanted. you wanted guns and tax cuts at the same time. i don't know what the president wants, he wants a wall and tax cuts and guns. impeachment is only going to be on the table i believe if
8:53 pm
robert mueller takes a fair. >> i have to interrupt you to make sure karen has time. >> the notion that democrats cannot tell the difference between being unpopular and having committed it is misdemeanors which is the standard for impeachment so yes, there will be some evidence that mueller will present perhaps in the next few weeks and i think that is really going to determine the strategy going forward. i don't think they would do it because there's nothing else to do. democrats have plenty to say in plenty to do in the house. without some kind of just a mad rush over a cliff. >> you have all these potential new committee chairs and the first thing they want to do is sharpening the subpoena pencils
8:54 pm
because for them it will be about getting accountability in government. >> one is i don't think the democrats want to repeat the same mistakes that republicans did with bill clinton. >> i think it depends what the evidence shows. >> we have to wrap. >> much more from our panel for analysis in the coming hour. >> you're looking at a live picture of dianne feinstein's area. re connected than the internet, us we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (pam) that wraps up kron 4
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news at 8.(ken) grant we are about to wrap up kron4 news at 8 . we told you gavin newsom has been chosen the governor. >> we heard from nancy pelosi who gave a speech in washington dc. she is likely to become the next speaker of the house. let's go to kron4 news at nine. three more hours to go over coverage. races are being called and we are tracking results. gavin newsom is expected to speak live and we will take you there live. senator dianne feinstein addressing her supporters and a big victory. this is a live shot from the
8:58 pm
feinstein camp headquarters plus all of california's house races. how will they go? >> a lot to talk about. stay right here.
8:59 pm
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kron4 news . your local election headquarters. a big night for california and the nation. the controversial trump presidency has energized voters on both sides of the aisle. 2018 is shaping up to be a record midterm election turnout. thanks for joining us. the outcomes of tonight's races which will determine control of congress stand to alter the course of the trump presidency. the sentiment against president trump is trickling down to the race for california governor. we are waiting a speech from senator dianne feinstein. she's expected to speak any moment that is alive shot. we are going to bring you that life ago her folks gathered their. dan kerman is there as well and he's been giving us updates throughout the night. when senator feinstein steps to the podium we will go


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