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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(ken) democrats in ... the attorney general out ... and a reporter loses his credentials after the president loses his cool.(ken) no shortage of post=election drama in washington... or the bay area, good evening. i'm ken wayne. (pam) i'm pam moore .. thanks for joining us. karen caifa is live in washington to begin our coverage.. karen. president trump -- changing the topic from the democrats' midterm house victory.the president announcing via twitter wednesday afternoon that jeff sessions is out -- as attorney general.capitol hill democrats immediately
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worried - about what that means for special counsel robert mueller's investigation. sen chuck schumer/ -d- senate minority leader: it would create a constitutional crisis if this were a prelude to ending or greatly limiting the mueller investigation.the move -- not a surprise.the president has been at odds with his attorney general since sessions recused himself from the investigation into russian interference in the 20-16 election.the president bypassing deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and tapping matthew whitaker, sessions' chief of staff, as interim attorney general whitaker had been critical of the mueller probe before joining the doj, and will now oversee the investigation.the white house -- downplaying the concerns of democrats. kellyanne conway/adviser to the president: he's done a fabulous job and i think as a former u. s. attorney he understands all the business before the department of of the sessions firing came after a contentious news conference, in which trump talked up his
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party's midterm showing. president donald trump: incredible day. and last night the republican party defied history to expand our senate majority while significantly beating expectations in the house for the midterm year.the senate -- will have to confirm the eventual permanent attorney general washington, i'm karin caifa. but republicans -- holding on to the senate and ousting at least three democrats in red states in the process.a divided congress will now require a more bipartisan approach to legislating in order to avoid gridlock in washingtonpres. donald trump: "hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the american people.rep. nancy pelosi: we will strive for bipartisanship, we believe we have a responsibility to seek common groundthe new dynamic between the two parties on the hill and the white house, will now set the tone for the 20-20 presidential washington, i'm karin caifa. (pam) one thing not changing ... president
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trump's ongoing feud with the news media ... and c-n-n in partcular.the press credentials for c-n-n white house correspondent jim acosta were revoked late today after this fiery exchange.
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press secretary sarah sanders says, acosta put his hands on the female intern who tried to take his microphone, however, the video indicates the opposite. (ken) tension between white house reporters and presidents is nothing new. just about every president in recent history has had contentious encounters with the press.(pam) that includes c-b-s reporter dan rather facing off with richard nixon.(ken) and rebuttal longtime white house
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helen thomas question about war. (ken) california voters sent a clear message on election night that they're against rent control and proposition 10. more than 60-percent of voters say this ballot measure was not the answer to our state's housing crisis.(pam) so what is the answer? kron4's michelle kingston joins us live in the newsroom now.... with what both opponents and supporters of prop 10 are saying now. michelle? both sides say they want to work together ... they say that they both want to solve the housing crisis ...perhaps though just in different ways. (mk)jasmine martin, renter"the housing crisis is insane right now. a lot of people are going to the streets."jasmine martin and her brother victor say their landlord threatened to evict their family.jasmine martin, renter"we could no longer afford rent, right, so that's why we want to fight for other families that are going through the same thing and going through evictions unjust because they can no longer afford rents."together
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-- along with dozens of people in support of proposition 10 - - they watched as the controversial ballot measure was defeated on tuesday ... voters deciding against repealing the state's current law and leaving its limits on rent control intact.its failure at the ballot box is a blow to tenant activists but a win for the landlords who opposed it from the beginning. sid lakireddy, california rental housing association"it wasn't going to result in new housing or more affordable housing. it wasn't going to be a long term solution to the long term problem of the housing crisis in california." sid lakireddy says the proposition did demonstrate the urgency and the priority the housing crisis needs to take on legislator's agendasid lakireddy, california rental housing association"it's decades of policy that have brought us to this point in this crisis and all those decades of policies have to be unwound and looked at and studied."and prop 10 supporters ... agree on that. tanya love, prop 10 supporter "it lets our legislators know that this is an important issue for the whole state of california."victor martin, renter"this is more than a proposition. this is a movement and it's just the beginning of lots of things that will come in the future."
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the california rental housing association says it'll take many policy changes to fix our housing crisis and that this proposition was not the answer. live in the newsroom michelle kingston kron 4 news (ken) proposition c... the business tax aimed at helping homeless people in san francisco, was approved by voters. but, it looks like it's heading towards a legal battle. the annual tax would raise 300-million dollars that would go towards solving san francisco's homeless problem. it targets 26 businesses with annual earnings of 50-million dollars or more. san francisco mayor london breed was an opponent of prop c. she is now having conversations with both sides.. and discussing a possible legal challenge. mayor london breed/san francisco: "there is still able to use and we can't wait for prop c to go through the court system in order to act"
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(ken) right now -- the legal debate is centered on whether or not prop-c passed a two-thirds vote threshold. if opponents do challenge the measure in court, it will not stop the collection of tax revenue which is set to begin in 20-19. (ken) and election results are still coming in on kron-4 dot com. track hundreds of local races and the big national stories on our website. there you will find a special election section. and always stay connected with push alerts on our free mobile app. (pam) a weather alert to tell you about... fire danger is running high .... prompting a red flag warning for parts of the bay area tonight into friday.(ken) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the areas effected by this warning...lawrence lawrence karnow: fire danger will be running high tonight and into friday. winds could gust as high as 50 to 60 mph over the mountains. high pressure will bring sunny
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skies for the rest of the bay area. it will be clear, chilly and windy tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. it will be sunny and windy at times tomorrow with highs in the 70s even near the coast. a weak sea breeze will return for the weekend to cool temperatures near the coast and reduce fire danger. the weather pattern looks dry for the next 7 days.
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november is done.. but fire season continues to drag on. as we just talked about with lawrence... the national weather service says, the bay area will see yet another period of red flag conditions. (ken) p-g and e is also warning that high winds could force them to turn off power to potentially tens of thousands of customers. kron 4's charles clifford has details.. well, red flag conditions have returned to the bay area. the national weather service says that red flag conditions will begin at 10p wednesday and continue through 7 friday morning. that means conditions are ripe for wildfires. especially at elevations over 1000 feet. pge also says that because of the high winds, some customers should be prepared for their power to be turned off.sot looking at the data and are predicting extreme fire conditions.pge has notified about 70,000 customers that if the wind blows to hard, their power could be turned off.this is a decision of last resort. it's not a decision tha twe take lightly.pge is also warning customers that if the power is turned off, any loses incurred as a result of the outage will not be reimbursed
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by pge.sotat this time pge will not be paying claims for any costs from the public safety power shutoff.pge also says that if the power does go out, it can not be turned back on immediatly. it will take time to inspect the lines.sot you can't just turn the power back on. especially, if there's a tree or some sort of damage to the lines. again, the red flag warning runs from wednesday evening to friday napa county, charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) p-g-and-e says...
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it may temporarily turn off power in portions of the following communities... these are just three of the nine counties impacted. for a full list ... visit kron-4 dot com coming up at eight.. a historic night for women across the nation. how many women are headed for congress and how that could impact public policy. plus. a woman attacked at knifepoint in the east bay... now police are asking for your help to track down a suspect. and next. a dramatic rescue caught on camera... as firefighters pull a woman from a burning apartment in the south bay.
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(ken) a dramatic rescue caught on camera... as flames shoot out from a burning apartment building in san jose. the fire broke out around 9:00 this morning on menker avenue. in the video you can see firefighters rescuing magdalena espinoza and her dog from her 2nd floor apartment. they live in
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the unit next door to the apartment where the fire started. magdalena's daughter says the window was the only way her mom was able to get out. "....she opened the door and saw the flames coming toward her and then she closed the door and went into the bedroom and was looking for her dog and then the firefighters came with the ladder and took her down..."(ken) neighbors reported hearing an argument before the fire started. a man suspected of starting it is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. a second woman was also safely rescued and another man was significantly injured. 10 people and several pets were displaced. (pam) new details tonight in a shooting at a rehab center in san rafael. and they come out ... as formal murder charges are filed against the suspect in the case. kron 4's dan kerman reports.murder charges have been filed against this man devance reed in connection with monday's triple shooting at a san rafael detox center.
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reed has been charged with the murder of 52 year old nathan hill. he is also charged with the attempted murder of his girlfriend 30 year old brittany mccann, who is the mother of his child and 32 year old anthony masapit, an employee at the facility. both suffered life threatening injuries and remain in the icu at at marin general . family members say mccann had brought the suspect to the helen vine detox center to get help, but the two ended up in an argument and reed left only to come back and start shooting. in addition to the murder and attempted murder charges, reed is also accused of stealing mansapit's vehicle , reckless evasion of a peace officer and being a felon in possession of a firearm.standup dan kerman/san rafael 50-59the suspect is due to be arraigned here at the marin county courthouse thursday or friday. in san rafael, dan kerman kron 4 news.101/std (pam)(pam) now to our four zone forecast. dangerous conditions overnight in the bay area... prompting a
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red flag warning tonight.(ken) tonight.(ken)kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: fire danger will be running high tonight and into friday. winds could gust as high as 50 to 60 mph over the mountains. high pressure will bring sunny skies for the rest of the bay area. it will be clear, chilly and windy tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. it will be sunny and windy at times tomorrow with highs in the 70s even near the coast. a weak sea breeze will return for the weekend to cool temperatures near the coast and reduce fire danger. the weather pattern looks dry for the next 7 days. (pam) hundreds of rallys will hundreds of
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(pam) hundreds of rallys will take
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place across the country on thursday ... to protest the trump administration. and many are happening in the bay area as well... with large turnout numbers expected. kron 4's justine waldman tells us the message behind the demonstrations...
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pkgjeff sessions is now out as attorney general.making way for a new person to lead the justice department... matthew whitaker.sparking concerns the man leadning the investigation into russian election meddleing.. robert mueller will be fired.or that president trump might make other moves to dimission the russia investigation, in response, protests are planned through the country and the bay area.sot... he can't just shut down an investigation into his family and his friends steve rapport is planning the event at san francisco's civiv center.called protect the mueller starts at 5pm on far almost 7-thousand people have expressed interest in going to that rally.sot we need as many people there as possible, this is a watershed moment in american historya map on shows rally's happening across the nation.with bay area locations in alameda, berkeley, castro valley, livermore, palo alto, san rafael, santa clara and walnut creek to name just a few... justine waldman kron 4 news.
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new ahead at 8 the trump administration finalizing changes to obamacare rules on birth control. the regulation that will now go into effect. and next... more states pass marijuana measures... including one that de-criminalized the drug. and the giants introduce the man who will be in charge of the personnel moves to try to get them back to the top... but could mad-bum be sacrificed in the team makeover?... mark has that story... later in sports ((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... a doctor goes on a racist rant against a spanish- speaking patient... and the whole incident was caught on camera... tonight we hear from the patient's family who's alerting others about the doctor... and details on the other racist allegations against this cardiologist... that's coming up at nine...
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gubernatorial races weren't the only items on the midterm ballots. several states were added to the growing list of legal places to smoke marijuana. michigan voters approved a measure permitting people over 21-year-old to smoke pot. it also changes current related violations from crimes to civil infractions. missouri had three marijuana measures on the ballot. amendment two passed -- which allows doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to patients. utah voters also gave the nod to medical marijuana (ken) a record number of women will be a part of our government after last night's mideterms.(pam) both the u-s house and senate set new records for the number of women elected. washington correspondent alexandra limon reports on who they are.... and the impact they could have on policy. election night was historic for women -- around the country and across the political spectrum. nancy
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pelosi / democratic house leaderwomen led the way to victory with at least 30 new women coming to the congress. california's nancy pelosi will likely once again be speaker of the house...sylvia garcia / d-texas elect not only did we elect the first latina from texas, to represent texas in its entire historyvoters also elected the first two muslim and first two native american women to marsha blackburn will be the first woman to represent tenessee in the u.s. senate and republican congress woman kristi noem will become south dakota's first female governor. kristi noem / sd governor elect my mom is behind me and so is my mother in law sharon and they're probably the two most wonderful women you'd meet in your entire life.alexandra limon / washington correspondentmore than one hundred women will serve in the house of representatives and at least twenty three in the u-s senate. but that still isn't reflective of the u-s population which is 50 percent female.democratic leader pelosi says issues like health and childcare are important to 'everyone' but female lawmakers should to focus other things too.nancy pelosi / democratic house leader
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because we view every issue as a women's issue. we believe the national security of our country is a women's issue, economic secuirty.women also played a big role in flipping the house of representatives to democratic control -- with 59 percent of women voting for democrats according to cnn exit poll data. in washington alexandra limon. coming up at eight.. the jury is selected in the trial of infamous drug lord - el chapo... the request he made to a judge today. plus. the explosive plea deal made in the case of a father accused of killing his family. what he said to avoid the death penalty. and next. a violent assault in the east bay. how a woman fought off her attacker... and who police are looking for now. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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2017, california had the worst wildfire season on record. scientists say, our weather is becoming more extreme and we all have to be better prepared. that's why pg&e is adopting new and additional safety precautions to help us monitor and respond to dangerous weather. hi, i'm allison bagley, a meteorologist with pg&e's community wildfire safety program. we're working now, to enhance our weather forecasting capabilities, building a network of new weather stations to identify when and where
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extreme wildfire conditions may occur, so we can respond faster and better. we're installing cutting edge technology to provide real-time mapping and tracking of weather patterns. and we use this information in partnership with first responders and california's emergency response systems. to learn more about the community wildfire safety program and how you can help keep your home and community safe, visit (pam) hayward police are asking the public.... to take a close look at this man ... even though the picture is fuzzy.. they say, he allegedly attacked at woman at knifepoint friday morning. (pam) police say, the woman suffered a non life threatening injury in the attack.(ken) kron4's maureen kelly explains how the victim was able to fend off her attacker. when he attacked the lady he
8:30 pm
did threaten to kill her and that's when she was able to fight him offhayward police say the victim was walking here on the 25-thousand block of calaroga avenue just after 5 am friday morning when she was attacked by an adult male. he attacks here he's armed with a knife she's able to fight the man off she's even able to pepper spray him..she did sustain a non life threatening injury but she's going to be okaypolice were able to obtain surveillance camera video...this is a still frame showing the man as police say he runs away to his compact car parked a block away on kay avenue. they say at this point they don't know what the suspect's motive might have could've been something to do with sexual salt it could've been a robbery it could've been just to hurt the lady we're not a 100 percent positive on that but we're investigating all of those angleshayward pd has posted this image on their facebook page and are asking any one with any information about who this might be to give them a call. one 25 year resident of the block who didnt' want to appear on camera says this is first time she's ever heard of a crime like this happening here.. it's a really nice quiet neighborhood, like i said 25 years some of the older sure probably still original owners and we know each other by name is very unfortunate you would think you could be safe in your own neighborhoodpolice are continuing to look for more surveillance video and have reached out to other law enforcment agencies in the area to see if they are aware of any similar incidents. maureen kelly kron4 newss
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(ken) a jury has been selected in the federal case against joaquin guzman, known as "el chapo." a total of 12 jurors - a group that includes 5 men and 7 women - were chosen, as well as 6 alternates. given the defendant's violent history, jurors will remain anonymous - only identified by a number. today el chapo asked the judge whether he could hug his wife before opening statements next week. he's waiting for the judge's decision. guzman is facing charges of international drug trafficking, conspiring to murder rivals, gun charges and money laundering.
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(ken) a colorado man pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant wife and two daughters. this means christopher watts avoids the death penalty by admitting to the murders.(pam) you might remember... shanann watts and her daughters disappeared from their home in august. days later, their bodies were found on an oil site ... where her husband once worked. alex rose talked with neighbors who knew the family. pkg coming in and out of saratoga trail reminders of the horrors. "there's no more despicable crime."associated with this home."he's going to end up because he's sentenced to death or for the of his life." the news -- chris watts pleading guilty to nine counts in the murder of his pregnant wife and two daughters, confirming a dark suspicion."i believe that exonerates shanann all along i thought that she was innocent."we never had any doubt that he was guilty of the crime."many of the neighborhood glad this won't drag on through a trial, glad shanann's family was behind this decision."i believed in their family all
8:33 pm
along and i'm so happy for them and i admire them so much and i'm really glad they got their wish that there won't be a death penalty.""and i personally think that's an awful lot of time to think about what he just did."and hopefully give this neighborhood time to move on but never truly forget. (ken) that was alex rose reporting. watts will be sentenced november 19th. he is expected serve life without parole. (pam) 'motel six' will pay millions of dollars to settle a class action lawsuit ... it claimed the motel gave inrmioon latino guests.. to immigration and customs enforcement. the lawsuit said, several guests at two phoenix, arizona locations were arrested, after the hotel chain shared their personal information with ice. 'motel six' agreed to pay as much as 7- point-6 million dollars to people who were interrogated, placed in immigration- removal proceedings, and whose personal information was given to immigration. the
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district court must still approve the settlement agreement. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead... to the dangerous weather conditions lawrence karnow: fire danger will be running high tonight and into friday. winds could gust as high as 50 to 60 mph over the mountains. high pressure will bring sunny skies for the rest of the bay area. it will be clear, chilly and windy tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. it will be sunny and windy at times tomorrow with highs in the 70s even near the coast. a weak sea breeze will return for the weekend to cool temperatures near the coast and reduce fire danger. the weather pattern looks dry for the next 7 days. still ahead at 8 a close call for a couple inside their homem when a severe storm struck... say got them what they struck... next 7 days.dry for the next 7 days.
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still ahead at 8 a close call for a couple inside their home when a severe storm struck... what they say got them out alive. plus... the annual honor given this year to actor idris elba < geneva selsor/sixth grade student:" and at that moment i thought i was gonna die."> and next. frightening moments for yolegedly told them when he
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kidnapping charges. after police say he got on a school bus and tried to drive off with students.(pam) the students were on a field trip... when they made a stop for the restro.. that's when police say, 47- year old christopher martinez jumped on board. the driver tried to stop him... and the suspect even struggled with her. but she managed to set off an alarm ... alerting her homebase to call 9-1-1... and hide the keys from the suspect. eventually police arrived and the suspect surrendered. the whole ordeal was terrifying for the young students. selsor/sixth grade student:"he told us he was going to take us to the road to jesus, and at that moment i thought i was gonna die.">(pam) now district and where they park fo rest stops. (ken) two missouri daycare
8:40 pm
workers are facing charges over a so-called "fight club" video featuring three- and four-year old children. 28-year-old mickala guliford and 22-year-old tena daily face felony charges of endangering the welfare of a child, st louis county prosecutors say the two women directed at least six children to have fistfights. the charges are connected to a 35-minute video that emerged in 2016. it was reportedly recorded on an ipad by a ten- year-old who was worried about his little brother. (pam) a tennessee husband and wife are counting their blessings even though their home was destroyed by a severe storm. this is what remains of martin and wanda davidson's home in grundy county. the couple was there early tuesday morning.. when the roof caved in ...... knocking martin davidson into a bathtub. wanda davidson says her son called her to warn about the storm. just minutes after she left the family bedroom, the walls of the room collapsed. wanda davidson says if her son didn't call, she would not
8:41 pm
have survived the storm. the davidsons were able to get out of the home with just minor injuries. next at 8 the trump administration is finalizing changes to regulations on birth control... the new rule to go into effect. and just around the corner in sports, meet the new man in charge of making the giants...champi onship contenders once again.
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(pam) a pair of new rules may weaken the controversial contraceptive mandate... in the affordable care act the rules, first issued last year on an interim basis, were made official wednesday by the department of health and human services. those rules allow a number of employers, including non- profits and small businesses ... to stop offering contraceptives through their health insurance plan. that is if they object for religious or moral reasons. h-h-s says, the new rules should affect about 200 - employers who have such objections. and added, that government programs which provide free or subsidized contraceptive coverage to low-income women .. will continue. (ken) when it comes to treating cervical cancer there isn't a one size fits all approach. but the types of surgery available to individual patients can affect their chances of survival. reporter mary moloney has the details in today's health minute. cervical surgery might be
8:45 pm
quick to jump to the most minimally-invasive fact, nearly 60 percent of all hysterectomies performed today are done laproscopically or are robot-assisted.but two new studies published in the new england journal of medicine found those type of procedures may increase your likelihood of dying.the radical hysterectomy is a recommended treatment for patients with early-stage cervical involves the removal of a woman's uterus, cervix, and other reproductive organs.the first study analyzed this surgery performed both as an open operation and as a minimally-invasive procedure. it found that the minimally- invasive procedure had a 9.1 percent risk of death.the open procedure only had a 5.3 risk. a second study showed patients who underwent minimally- invasive surgeries were áfour times more likely to have cancer recurrence than those who had open surgeries.the researchers aren't quite sure why the minimally-invasive operation is more unsafe...but they think it may have something to do with the carbon dioxide gas blown into the stomach cavity during surgery in order to inflate it and help doctors see.if you had minimally-invasive surgery
8:46 pm
for cervical cancer over two years ago and have not had a recurrence, researchers say you probably shouldn't worry. fop today's health minute, i'm mary moloney. (pam) the girl scouts of the u-s-a is suing the boy scouts of america... for trademark infringement at issue is the new name of the boy scouts - the group for teens is changing the name to "scouts b-s-a," and is also welcoming girls. the girl scouts contend, the group does not have the right to use the words - "scouts" or "scouting." and they argue, the girl scouts brand will suffer. they also say, the boy scouts' name change is causing confusion -- leading some to think the girl scouts no longer exist as a separate entity. the lawsuit seeks monetary damages
8:47 pm
and a permanent injunction against trademark infringement. (pam) a family in el dorado county was able to escape a fire that burned through their home... killing several of their pets. (ken) and they credit one of their dogs for saving a 10- year-old boy who was asleep in his bed. the fire happened at a home in pollock pines on tuesday morning. the woman who lives there says she woke up to her husband yelling to get outside. that's when they noticed their son's balcony was on fire. when they went back in to get him-- they say their dog zoe was on top of the boy's face, protecting him from the smoke. "she said the whole room was filled with smoke, she couldn't see him because she didn't think my son was alive." "that's when she saw zoe sleeping over his face so he didn't get smoke."(ken) the 10-year-old was able to escape without injury... but unfortunately, zoe didnt make it out alive. a cat and two other dogs were also killed in the fire. officials say the cause is still under investigation.
8:48 pm
considering the giants have looked up to the dodgers in the division for the last few years, what better way to score a victory over their rival than take one of their top decision makers. a new chapter in giants history today...with the introduction of new president of baseball operations--farhan zaidi. the now-former dodgers exec met the media at 3rd-and-king this afternoon. the 41-year-old is thought of as one of the best executives and brightest minds in the sport... m-i-t graduate... went to cal for his doctorate in economics. his first job in baseball was working with billy beane in the a's front office. after 10-years, he built a reputation as a superb analytics exec, then went on to be the dodgers general manager. with the giants missing the postseason the last two years coupled with some bad records, zaidi's got some work in front of him, but here's his philosophy on what it will take to get back into contention. "front office executives in other sports shared with me about his head coach and something he'd say to his players when he walked
8:49 pm
into the locker room after a win. the last thing he would say before he walked out was humble and victory and as a competitor and someone who's been involved in professional sports that really just sends chills down my spine and i'm gonna kinda paraphrase that and adopt that here and use the phrase humble in process." process." we'll see who he decides to hire as general manager. one of the major talking points centered on what he's going to do with the roster...and how he'll approach it between analytics and scouting. an intriguing point that's been thrown around is the possibility of trading madison bumgarner... since he becomes a free agent next year and will court a lucrative contract. zaidi didnt' dive into talks on specific players, but was asked if he was told if anyone on the roster is considered untouchable. you don't really wanna throw the baby out with the bath water by kinda over indexing on how the injuries affected the teams performance. we wanna have maximum flexibility as an organization and make sure we're not missing any opportunities to get this thing moving in the right
8:50 pm
direction so there's certainly hasn't been any talks about restrictions or limitations in terms of doing what we think is right." now to a franchise, that's already made a bunch of roster changes. the oakland raiders. derek carr and the silver and black...practicing in alameda this afternoon. in terms of draft position for next year, the team is in a good place, but when it comes to performance for this season, not so much.. 1-and-7...four-game losing streak.. today-- carr...asked where does the team go moving forward as they have the worst record in football. "hopefully 16-0, my know it's hard man. you know i hate losing, i'm probably one of the most competitive people you'll ever meet. you've heard the style, i want to dunk on my nephews..i block my 2 year olds shot, i hate losing. i hate it with everything and i hate losing more than anything. and i work my tail off man to make sure that our city, our fans and our team our coaches and all that just enjoy winning. so man sitting here 1-7, it sucks..but nothing in me is gonna stop until i see the other side of it."
8:51 pm
finally finally finally tonight, some entertaining nba festivities to look forward to come all-star weekend. the league announced today that their new all-star draft will be televised. you may remember that last season was the debut of a new format in which team captains were able to make their selections, playground style. steph curry and lebron james were last year's captains... and james took kevin durant with his first overall selection.. so this time around, we'll get to see the en process...from players getting picked and others being snubbed.
8:52 pm
samsung unveils its new folding phone,. how it works.. and how much it could go for. (ken) samsung is samsung is set to launch
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
its new foldable phone! the 'infinity flex display' is part pocket-size flip phone... part tablet. the phone unfolds like a book to reveal a tablet-size screen inside. it's unclear whether the flexibility will have mass appeal, especially when the bendy devices are expected to cost more than $1,000. (pam) it is official ..... idris elba is people magazine's 2018 sexiest man alive. the 46-year-old british actor first turned heads in the h-b-o series "the wire." but he is also known for his roles in thor ... beasts of no nation... mollys game and star trek- beyond krall. when told about the honor, elba said, "it was a nice surprise, an
8:56 pm
ego boost for sure." elba is the 33-rd man to earn this title from people magazine.the first sexiest man alive was crowned in 1985 .....that was the 29-year-old mel gibson. last year's honoree was country singer blake shelton. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) thanks pam and ken... coming up on the kron 4 news at 9... extreme fire extreme fire danger in parts of the bay tonight. where p-g&e may pre-emptively shut down power. (vicki) plus... president trump effectively fires his attorney general the day after the democrats take control of the house of representatives. the out-cry tonight... afetr the white house has banned a long-time c-n-n reporter following a contentious exchange.(grant)
8:57 pm
keep it here, kron 4 news at 9 in prime time is coming up next.
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(grant)(grant) the first week of november is done.. but fire season continues to drag on... keeping cal fire and local firefighters on high alert....(grant)2 shot bam thanks for joining us, im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki liviakis... cal fire is beefing up its crews as it gets ready for strong winds.... firefighters were out battling a grass fire tonight off of crown court in castro valley.(grant) (grant) kron4's dan thorn joins us live now with
9:00 pm
more as the fire danger in the bay area remains high..dan? grant and vicki..that fire has since been put out by fire crews here in alameda county.. however, it's this kind of blaze that has cal fire wanting more crews out working for the next few days.. plumes of smoke seen billowing up from a hillside in castro valley..alameda county fire crews shot this video as the fire broke out near crown court..the 5 acre blaze was threatening three homes before being put out by several crews..none of those homes were damaged..we spoke with the residents off camera who were pleased with the quick response. one neighbor says kids are to blame..however, investigators have not released a cause..this fire comes on the heels of an announcement by cal fire to beef up their staffing over the next few days..low humidity and gusty winds forecasted by the national weather service have put the agency on high fire is urging people in the bay area to use extreme caution especially when in or near


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