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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 7, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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.. one day after midterm elections.(pam) good evening i'm good evening -- i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. soon after that news conference the president later fired a top cabinet member. the potential fate of special counsel robert mueller's probe -- alarming democrats, who have to wait until january to take control of the house. karin caifa (prono: kay-fuh) reports from washington. president trump -- changing the topic from the democrats' midterm house victory.the president announcing via twitter wednesday afternoon that jeff sessions is out -- as attorney general.capitol hill democrats immediately worried - about what that means for special counsel robert mueller's investigation. sen chuck schumer/ -d- senate minority leader: it would create a constitutional crisis if this were a prelude to ending or greatly limiting the mueller investigation.the move -- not a surprise.the president has been at odds with his attorney general since sessions recused himself from the investigation into russian interference in the 20-16 election.the president bypassing deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and tapping matthew whitaker, sessions' chief of staff, as interim attorney general
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whitaker had been critical of the mueller probe before joining the doj, and will now oversee the investigation.the white house -- downplaying the concerns of democrats. kellyanne conway/adviser to the president: he's done a fabulous job and i think as a former u. s. attorney he understands all the business before the department of of the sessions firing came after a contentious news conference, in which trump talked up his party's midterm showing. president donald trump: incredible day. and last night the republican party defied history to expand our senate majority while significantly beating expectations in the house for the midterm year.the senate -- will have to confirm the eventual permanent attorney general washington, i'm karin caifa. (ken) one thing not changing ... president trump's ongoing feud with the news media ... and c-n-n in partcular.(pam) the press credentials for c-n-n white house correspondent jim acosta were
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revoked late today .... after his fiery exchange with the president. our grant lodes joins us live in the studio ... to comb through what happened... grant? (grant)news conference that left even veteran trump watchers astonished ...... taken aback by the back and forth with reporters. the most confrontational moment came when cnn's jim acosta held onto the mic, and a mini tug of war with a white house intern ensued.white house of war with a and a mini tug of war with a white house intern ensued. trump: "honestly i think you should let me run the country. you run cnn and if you did it well your ratings would--"acosta: "let me ask you if i may ask a question mr. president if i may ask one more question."trump: "that's enough."acosta: "pardon me ma'am. on the russia investigation are you concerned that you may have." trump: "i'm not concerned about anything with the russia investigation because it's a hoax. that's enough put down the mic."acosta: "mr. president are you worried about indictments coming down in this investigation?"trump: "cnn should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working for cnn. nbc's peter nbc's peter alexander defended acosta just
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after the exchange. tension between white house reporters and presidents is nothing new. (grant) just about every president in recent history has had contentious encounters with the press. that includes c-b-s reporter dan rather facing off with richard nixon. and and president george w
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bush's encounters with longtime white house correspondent helen thomas about the iraq war. (ken) following the midterm elections, anti-trump rallies and protests were held in certain parts of the country today. one was held on the steps of san francisco city hall.
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alecia reid is here in the studio tonight... what message do these demonstrators want to convey? this was one of 14 rallies across the country ... their goal is to get enough people behind their cause, to eventually overthrow the current administration.pkghe needs to be stopped and thats why these people are protesting on the steps of city hall.people need to wake up and see what's going on in this country. we're being divided. they're saying we're not being divided but we are the group "refuse fascim" is demanding ... the trump/pence regime must go. we need a powerful mass movement of non violent of millions of people to remove this regime.there's no other good resolution to this crisis which threatens the planet, the environment and the peoplethey called for a rally immediately after the midterm elections, believing there are still votes that will never be counted.right now there are all these states with voter suppression so we cant say we have a fair electionstanding up for a number of causes ... including womens reproductive rights ... the group says they will continue peaceful, non violent protests until the current administration is overthrown.
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he's acting like a wannabe dictator and hes unhinged. im here for a number of reasons but i care about this country and i care about whats happeningthe group will be holding another rally on saturday at the embarcadero center near the ferry building. ken ... (ken) the first (ken) ken ...building.the ferry center near embarcadero the on saturday at another rally be holding the group will happening the group will be holding another rally on saturdaatadero. (ken) the first week of november is done.. but fire season continues to drag on. the national weather service says, the bay area will see yet another period of red flag conditions. p-g
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and e is also warning that high winds could force it to turn off power to potentially tens of thousands of customers. kron 4's charles clifford has details. well, red flag conditions have returned to the bay area. the national weather service says that red flag conditions will begin at 10p wednesday and continue through 7 friday morning. that means conditions are ripe for wildfires. especially at elevations over 1000 feet. pge also says that because of the high winds, some customers should be prepared for their power to be turned off.sotour meteorologist have been looking at the data and are predicting extreme fire conditions.pge has notified about 70,000 customers that if the wind blows to hard, their power could be turned off.this is a decision of last resort. it's not a decision tha twe take lightly.pge is also warning customers that if the power is turned off, any loses incurred as a result of the outage will not be reimbursed by pge.sotat this time pge will not be paying claims for any costs from the public safety power shutoff.pge also says that if the power does go out, it can not be turned back on immediatly. it will take time to inspect the lines.sot you can't just turn the power back on. especially, if there's a tree or some sort of damage to the lines. again, the red flag warning runs from wednesday evening to
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friday napa county, charles clifford kron 4 news. lawrence karnow: fire danger in gust as high as 50 to 60 mph over the mountains. high pressure will bring sunny skies for the rest of the bay area. it will be clear, chilly and windy tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. it will be sunny and windy at times tomorrow with highs in the 70s even near the coast. a weak sea breeze will return for the
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weekend to cool temperatures near the coast and reduce fire danger. the weather pattern looks dry for the next 7 days. (ken)(ken) (ken) cal fire is beefing up its crews as it gets ready for those winds.... firefighters were out battling a grass fire tonight off of crown court in castro valley. kron4's dan thorn joins us live now with more as the fire danger in the bay area remains
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high.. dan? since been put out by fire crews here in alameda county..however, it's this kind of blaze that has cal fire wanting more crews out working for the next few days.. scenes like this are prompting cal fire to increase their crews..smoke is seen here billowing on a hillside near crown court in castro valley the 5 acre blaze was threatening three homes before being put out by several crews..none of those homes were camera residents told us they were pleased with the quick neighbor says she blames kids for playing with fire..however, investigators have not released a fire is urging people in the
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bay area to use extreme caution as they're beefing up their crews over the next few days..low humidity and gusty winds forecasted by the national weather service have put the agency on high alert.. last year's tragic fires should serve as stark be vigilant says cal fire ken pimlott in a news release..the chief also says it's important to follow evacuation orders as soon as you learn about them. cal fire does have some cal fire does cal fire does have some safety tips for people to keep in mind..such as not mowing or trimming your grass on dry windy days.securing your tow chains because dragging chains can cause sparks.and to report any suspicious activities relating to wildfire starts. reporting live in sunol dan thorn kron4 news. front of the bus yelling and saying i'm gonna take you on the road to christ.">(pam) coming up -- a california school field trip took a dangerous turn after a man tried to hijack the school bus... details on what the bus
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driver did to protect her students. (pam) plus .. a woman attacked with a knife ... and the suspect is still on the loose... where it happened and how the suspect managed to get away. (ken) and up next it's been 40 years since the mass suicide at jonestown... tonight we hear from a former member who left guyana moments before the deaths.... you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
10:13 pm find your new fall look at an "oh, yeah" price. check this out. that's yes for less. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. forty- years since the tragic deaths of more than 900- people in a jungle in south
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america. they all belonged to a religious group known as "the peoples temple," led by the charismatic bay area preacher - jim jones.(ken) it was a collective suicide... some say outright murder. jones started his following in the bay area. kron 4's gayle ong was at a presentation tonight in memory of the 40th anniversary of "jonestown.".she joins us live in san francisco with details. gayle. the jonestown massacre is the single greatest loss of american civilian lives before 9-11.speakers tonight discussed the moments and movements during that time in the of them a survivor. on november 18 th, 19-78,more than nine hundred people died in a jungle in guyana.a remote part of south america.the hundreds of people were members to a religious group known as the peoples temple, led by jim jones, a preacher described as charismatic.
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at the time, many of jones' followers willingly ingested a poison-laced punch, while others were forced to shoot themselves, the event described as a collective suicide -- known as the jonestown massacre.yulanda williams is one of the survivorsspeaking at the california historical society in san francisco wednesday night,williams says she started following jones when he had a church in ukiah in mendocino county.she was 11 years old at the time, at one point, the peoples temple was headquarted in san francisco until jones eventually moved his followers to guyana.. williams left the peoples temple group when she was 21. she thanks her family for getting her out of the jungle. as she was not at the massacre williams says she lives to make those lives lost worth meaning and value. williams is a lieutenant with the san francisco police department.she tells me she
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would not change her life as these events led her to work for in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news (pam) hayward police say.... they have a surveillance camera image ... which shows a man who grabbed a woman at knifepoint and threatened to kill her. the victim was
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able to fight off her attacker .... kron4's maureen kelly explains how. (maureen)hayward police say the attack happened a little after 5 am friday morning as the victim was walking here on the 25-thousand block of calaroga avenue. they say she was grabbed by a man armed with a knife who said he was going to kill her. she was able to fight him off, spraying him with pepper spray good for her for standing up for herself and doing what she needed to do to survive and get thru ithayward police lt. guy jakubs says the victim attackpolice were tain surveill video...this is a still frame showing the man as police say he runs away to his compact car parked a block away on kay avenue. they say at this point they don't know what the suspect's motive might have could've been something to do with sexual salt it could've been a robbery it could've been just to hurt the lady we're not a 100 percent positive on that but we're investigating all of those angleshayward pd has posted this image on their facebook page and are asking any one with any information about who this might be to give them a call. one 25 year resident of the block who didnt' want to appear on camera says this is first time
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she's ever heard of a crime like this happening here. you would think you could be safe in your own neighborhoodpolice are continuing to look for more surveillance video and have reached out to other law enforcment agencies in the area to see if they are aware of any similar incidents. maureen kelly kron4 newss let's take a live look outside let's take a live look outside lawrence has the forecast which includes a red flag warning lawrence karnow: fire danger will be running high tonight and into friday. winds could gust as high as
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over the mountains. high pressure will bring sunny skies for the rest of the bay tomorrow with highs in the 70s even near the coast. a weak sea breeze will return for the weekend to cool temperatures near the coast and reduce fire danger. the weather pattern looks dry for the next 7 days.
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(pam) still ahead -- a school field trip took a dangerous turn ... after a man tried to hijack the bus ... details on what the school bus driver did to protect her students. (ken) the jury is selected in the trial of infamous drug lord - el chapo... the request he made to a request he made to a judge today. years of drought, millions of dead trees, extreme winds, and leading scientists say there will be even more dangerous fires in the years ahead. our weather is becoming more extreme, and we all need to work together to keep our neighborhoods safe. i'm lisa veliz waweru from pg&e. at pg&e, we are accelerating our forest management work in high fire-threat areas,
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removing dead trees, trimming branches and creating 12-foot safety clearances around power lines. we are implementing additional safety measures, including a 24-hour wildfire safety operation center, new early warning weather stations, and stronger power lines in high fire-threat areas. and we want to make sure you know what steps you can take, like cutting back vegetation around your home, having the right emergency plan, and signing up for safety alerts. for more information on how to keep you and your neighborhood safe, visit hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers,
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and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. police in fresno arrested a man for allegedly trying to take over a school bus during a field trip. students on for their life. the class was on a field trip to calvin crest ... near oakhurst monday, when they made what's being called an emergency stop in south fresno. a teacher escorted two students to the restroom at a gas station.the driver stayed behind with the 41- students on board.the bus
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door was open. that's when police say, 47-year-old christopher martinez, jumped on board. the driver tried to stop him. police say, the driver struggled with the man and was able to hide the keys .. the bus driver also set off an alarm that alerted her homebase to call 9-1-1... and that's when police took the suspect into custody. the district sent out a letter about the incident to parents. (ken) a jury has been selected in the federal case against joaquin guzman, known as "el chapo." a total of 12 jurors - a group that includes 5 men and 7 women - were chosen, as well as 6 alternates. the selection process had some interesting moments - one prospective juror was dismissed after asking for the drug lord's autograph, another said ordered named for "el chapo" at a local deli and a michael
10:25 pm
jackson impersonator was let go because he feared he could be identified through his job. and then on wednesday - el chapo asked the judge whether he could hug his wife before opening statements next week. he's waiting for the judge's decision. guzman is facing charges of international drug trafficking, conspiring to murder rivals, gun charges and money laundering. (pam) many rallies planned to take place across the country on thursday some were held today ... all to protest the trump administration. we'll take you to one in the bay area ... when we come back. (ken) and -- san francisco's proposition-c was approved by voters in yesterday's midterm elections. how the money raised by the tax measure could end up in limbo.. also ahead ... he was mayor of san francisco and speaker of the california assembly.. but what is bay area political powerhouse willie brown up to nowadays ... the first of a up later ton (lawrence)ten at ten
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rallies will take place across the country on thursday ... to protest the trump administration.(pam) and many are happening in the bay area as well ... with large turnout numbers expected. kron 4's justine waldman tells us.. the message behind the demonstrations... pkgjeff sessions is now out as
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attorney general.making way for a new person to lead the justice department... matthew whitaker.sparking concerns the man leadning the investigation into russian election meddleing.. robert mueller will be fired.or that president trump might make other moves to dimission the russia investigation, in response, protests are planned through the country and the bay area.sot... he can't just shut down an investigation into his family and his friends steve rapport is planning the event at san francisco's civiv center.called protect the mueller starts at 5pm on far almost 7-thousand people have expressed interest in going to that rally.sot we need as many people there as moment in american historya d map on shows rally's happening across the nation.with bay area locations in alameda, berkeley, castro valley, livermore, palo alto, san rafael, santa clara and walnut creek to name just a few... justine waldman kron 4 news. (ken) san francisco's proposition-c... the business proposition-c... francisco's san (ken) news.waldman kron 4 waldman kro. (ken) san francisco's
10:30 pm
proposition-c... the business tax aimed at helping homeless people in the city ... was approved by the voters by a large margin. but as kron4's haaziq madyun reports... revenue raised by the tax measure could end up in limbo... because the opponents want to mount a legal battle. (pkg)an infusion of 300-million-dollars in business tax revenue appears to be headed toward solving san francisco's homeless problem now that voters approved proposition c. the tax funding homeless services targets 26 san francisco businesses with annual earnings over 50-million dollars sot san francisco billionaire marc benioff is a strong supporter of prop csotthat sentiment is not shared by every company
10:31 pm
in the city. although mayor london breed was among those opposed to the tax measure, she says her role now is bringing both sides togethersot
10:32 pm
the political heat, the former mayor and speaker of the california assembly ... still grabs attention, even though he has been out of office for years. i wanted to find out what his life is like today .. without the demands, the controversies and the political headlines.. i tagged along when he was doing some of his favorite things .. starting with his famous penchant for clothes. to say willie brown is a clothes horse / - is an understatement... "look at the caps""i collect everything.. jewelry.. watches, rings.. i collect everything"everything also includes art .. bowls ... and more. he loves to shop. his favorite san francisco store - wilkes bashford .. named for this best friend who passed away.. there are photographs here of the two of them together .. everywhere.."we became instant friends .. he became like a brother"ever the charmer, "hello mayor brown.. hey baby how are you" he is surrounded by memories and friends here .. "i believe you're in there"
10:33 pm
this is mineola when we went to get train to stop""i have this hat" from his admittedly humble start in that small texas town of mineola .. he styles kiton and brioni and laughs that growing up, this was not the case."in those days you put stuff on layaway cause you couldn't afford to pay full price. sometimes by the time you finished paying for it.. you had outgrown it -laughter." friendships have always been important to him .. and now he has more time to nurture them - especially at his regular friday afternoon lunch spot - le central .. while two of his closest friends - wilkes and herb caen - have passed on .. he has recruited others ... "one thing the six of us dined every friday.. still a reality with only 2 of original group still here.. other friends added'... and now holds court with new friends. " they're more important than ever. "i really treasure relationships. i respect relationships and i want people to always know and remember me in a favorable way" a man who is accustomed to being driven ... now loves to walk the streets of san francisco "my walking is great therapy-
10:34 pm
eliminates the need id ever have for psychiatric service .. because im so well treated on the street " there's also more time for his other favorite thing.. "if ive got two hours no matter where i am i walk into a movie theater anywhere in the city. i see all the moves if i can i would do a movie everyday" more than 30 years in the state assembly.. 15 as speaker and two terms as mayor of san franicisco, willie brown is known as the quintessential power broker. q- after all those years you dont miss elective politics? "i dont have to do any of that.. it took me a while to get over the absence of power.. but within a very short period of time, i have survived" (smile) tomorrow night at ten ... the family side of this san francisco icon ... i talk with willie brown's four children willie brown's ... i talk with francisco icon of this san the family side night at ten ... tomorrow (smile)have survived" period of time, i a very short period of time, i have survived" (smile)
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tomorrow night at ten ... the family side of this san francisco icon ... i talk with willie brown's four children .. lawrence karnow: fire danger will be st as high as 50 to 60
10:36 pm
over the mountains. high pressure will bring sunny skies for the rest of the bay area. it will be clear, chilly and windy tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. it will be sunny and windy at times tomorrow with highs in the 70s even near the coast. a weak sea breeze will return for the weekend to cool temperatures near the coast and reduce fire danger. the weather pattern looks dry for the next 7 days. (ken) shooting at a rehab center in
10:37 pm
san rafael. the father of a woman who was injured in the shooting-- says she was trying to get her yfriend help with drug addiction when he shot her. the shooting happened monday morning at the helen vine recovery center. brittany mccann's father says 37-year-old davance reed went on a shooting spree
10:38 pm
instead of checking into the center. he says his daughter and reed got into an argument... and reed later came back and started shooting. an employee was also injured, and another man was killed. reed was later arrested after an unrelated police chase in cotati. (pam) south bay firefighters made a dramatic rescue this morning ... as flames shot from a burning apartment building in san jose. (ken) kron four's rob fladeboe talked with one of two women who climbed down a ladder to safety. (woman rescued from fire)this dramatic cell phone video shows firefighters rescuing magdalena espinoza and her dog from her 2nd floor apartment to escape the smoke and flames pouring from the apartment right next door.magdalena espinoza/rescued from fire (speaking spanish)speaking through her daughter, espinoza said the window was the only way out.milagros gusman/rescued woman's daughter "...she is diabetic and was very scared, it was dark and she couldn't see for the smoke and that's when the firefighters came in...."nelda moran/shot video of fire "...i just arrived at the right time and i saw the lady get rescued and i saw her dog and i caught her dog..."the
10:39 pm
fire department says a second woman was also safely rescued whle a make resident of the burning apartment was hospitalized with significant injuries. a man suspected of starting the fire is reportedly under psychiatric evaluation. neighbors said they heard an angry commotion before the fire started. jacqueline seles/neighbor "....we heard a man and woman arguing and then there was an explosion and someone yelling that he was burned and that's when i saw the fire...."ten people and several animals were displaced by the fire. arson investigatorswere on scene for much of the day. nelda moran magdalena espinoza says she has never been so scared. magdalena espinoza/rescued from fire "....she opened the door and saw the flames coming toward her and then she closed the door and went into the bedroom and was looking for her dog and then the firefighters came with the ladder and took her down..."
10:40 pm
(ken) still ahead -- a california doctor is in trouble after he's accused of criticizing his patient for speaking spanish. (pam) plus -- the explosive plea deal made in the case of a father accused of killing his family. what he said, to avoid the death penalty. (sports) coming up in sports, hear from the former dodgers exec now in charge of running the giants.
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pleaded guilty tuesday to killing his pregnant wife and two daughters. christopher watts will avoid the death penalty by admitting to the murders. (pam) shanann watts and her daughters -- bella and celeste -- disappeared from their home in august. days later their bodies were found on an oil site, where the defendant once worked. alex rose talked with neighbors who knew the family. coming in and out of saratoga trail reminders of the horrors."there's no more despicable crime."associated with this home."he's going to end up because he's sentenced to death or for the rest of his life."neighbors relieved by the news -- chris watts pleading guilty to nine counts in the murder of his pregnant wife and two dark suspicion."i believe that exonerates shanann all along i thought that she was innocent."we never had any doubt that he was guilty of the crime."many of the neighborhood glad this won't drag on through a trial,
10:44 pm
glad shanann's family was behind this decision."i believed in their family all along and i'm so happy for them and i admire them so much and i'm really glad they got their wish that there won't be a death penalty.""and i personally think that's an awful lot of time to think about what he just did."and hopefully give this neighborhood time to move on but never truly forget. (ken) that was alex rose reporting. watts will be sentenced november 19th. he is expected serve life without parole. (pam) a number of students... parents... and school administrators are standing behind a was caught on punching a student in the face. this shocking cell phone video shows 64- year old marston riley... punching a student in the face... in front of a classroom full of students. since the video went viral, there has been mixed reaction among parents and students. you can hear the 14 -year old calling
10:45 pm
riley - derogatory names... referring to him as quote "bro," using the n-word and other racial slurs. then he throws a basketball at the teacher. some said the teacher went too far... others are saying they do not blame mr. riley. "i just want to know if he's ok." natsot/reporter"if he's ok."natsot/student"yeah." natsot/reporter"you're concerned about mr. riley." natsot/student"yes." natsot/reporter"how about the student?"natsot/student"the student? i don't really care about him." "i would've done the same thing." natsot/reporter"really?" natsot/mother"yes." (pam) "yes." (pam) a go fund me page has been created to support mr. riley to help him with legal fees. (ken) a daughter is speaking out against a doctor who she says berated her mother for not speaking english. it happened inside san bernardino's pulse cardiology clinic. video captures a heated argument between the physician -- paul ryan and his patient's family. the daughter posted the video on facebook... and it generated numerous comments and criticism by other people claiming similar experiences with the doctor.
10:46 pm
(ken) pulse cardiology issued a statement saying it is investigating and ryan is currently not seeing patients at its clinics. it also says it employs staff members who are fluent in several languages including spanish. (pam) for your health tonight... four kinds of duncan hines cake mix.. have been recalled...(ken) and it's all over possible salmonella contamination. conagra brands voluntarily issued the recall. the fda says the cake mix sample matched one linked to five cases of salmonella illnesses. several people fell sick after they ate the cake mix... salmonella illness usually lasts about four to seven days and most individuals recover without treatment. as part of the ongoing investigation into the salmonella outbreak, the f-d-a is inspecting the conagra facility where the cake mixes were produced.
10:47 pm
(ken) right now--- only 8 ingredients are required by law to be listed as an allergen on packaged food labels. but now, the f-d-a is taking a major step towards adding one more to that list-- sesame. the tiny seed is causing big concerns. sesame is sometimes listed as "natural flavors" or "spices." but the f-d-a wants to change that-- saying that although sesame allergies are rare, they can be deadly. according to the agency, sesame allergies affect about 300-thousand americans. while that's a tiny percentage of the u-s population -- the f-d-a says it's on par with allergies to soy and fish. the agency is still gathering information from nutritionists, allergy experts, and other while the giants have been missing the playoffs, the dodgers have been busy winning the division and going to the
10:48 pm
world series. so larry baer and the front office have found a way to try and put an end to that.. convincing one of la's top execs to turn in the dodger blue and come back to the bay area. farhan zaidi...introduced this afternoon as the giants president of baseball operations. the 41-year- old is thought of as one of the best executives and brightest minds in the sport... m-i-t graduate... went to cal for his doctorate in economics. his first job in baseball was working with billy beane in the a's front office. after 10- years, he built a reputation as a superb analytics exec, philosophy on what it will take to get back into contention. "front office executives in other sports shared with me about his head coach and something he'd say to his players when he walked into the locker room after a win. the last thing he would say before he walked out was humble and victory and as a competitor and someone who's been involved in professional sports that really just sends chills down my spine and i'm gonna kinda paraphrase that and adopt that here and use the phrase humble in process."
10:49 pm
we'll see who he decides to hire as general manager. a major talking points centered on what he's going to do with the roster... and the possibility of trading madison bumgarner... since he becomes a free agent next year and will court a lucrative contract. zaidi didnt' dive into talks onc players, but was asked if he was told if anyone on the roster is considered untouchable. you don't really wanna throw the baby out with the bath water by kinda over indexing on how the injuries affected the teams performance. we wanna have maximum flexibility as an organization and make sure we're not missing any opportunities to get this thing moving in the right direction so there's certainly hasn't been any talks about restrictions or limitations in terms of doing what we think is right."
10:50 pm
now to a franchise going through it's own changes. the oakland raiders. derek carr and the silver and black...practicing in alameda this afternoon. in terms of draft position for next year, the team is in a good place, but when it comes to performance for this season, not so much.. 1-and-7...four-game losing streak.. today-- carr...asked where does the team go moving forward as they have the worst record in football. "hopefully 16-0, my know it's hard man. you know i hate losing, i'm probably one of the most competitive people you'll ever meet. you've heard the style, i want to dunk on my nephews..i block my 2 year olds shot, i hate losing. i hate it with everything and i hate losing more than anything. and i work my tail off man to make sure that our city, our fans and our team our coaches and all that just enjoy winning. so man sitting here 1-7, it sucks..but nothing in me is gonna stop until i see the other side of it." finally tonight, we finally finally tonight, we could see some good-hearted drama at nba all-star weekend
10:51 pm
reports came out that the nba all-star draft will be televised. you may remember that last season was the debut of a new format in which team captains were able to make their selections, playground style. steph curry and lebron james were last year's captains... and james took kevin durant with his first overall selection.. so this time around, we'll get to see the reactions to the entire process...from players getting picked and others being snubbed. (weather)(weather) coming up you know when you're at ross
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. running high danger will be running high tonight and into friday. winds could gust as high as 50 to 60 mph over the mountains. the rest of the bay area. it will be clear, chilly and windy tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. it will be sunny and windy at times tomorrow with highs in the 70s even near the coast. a weak sea breeze will
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return for the weekend to cool temperatures near the coast and reduce fire danger. the weather pattern looks dry for the next 7 days.
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i'm natalie morales. and i'm craig melvin. and this is dateline on mynetworktv.
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ve: to try to solve this murder, we were going to set a trap for three people, and i wasn't sure if it was gonna work or not. it had to be perfect. craig melvin (voiceover): he was a family man who didn't seem to have an enemy in the world, right up until the night he was murdered. daron wyatt: there was evidence of a violent struggle between jack and his killer. craig melvin (voiceover): someone was keeping secrets and police thought they knew who. their tone was just scary. craig melvin (voiceover): they thought they knew the motive too, but-- matter of proving it is a different story. craig melvin (voiceover): until someone found the perfect bait. could they set the perfect trap? patty dove: these people might literally get away with murder.


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