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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 11, 2018 7:00pm-7:59pm PST

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♪ brad and angelina's custody drama, so bad it's going to trial. >> then, chris pratt and anna faris's divorce pact. the unusual agreement the exes just made. >> plus -- ♪ if you wanna be my lover >> inside the spice girls reunion tour without victoria beckham. >> we've been there, we've done that, and we've moved on. >> we'll tell you the real reason posh is skipping out. >> maybe next time. then, oprah's favorite things is here. >> oh, my gosh, it's so good. >> why is gayle king at holiday odds with lady o? and carrie underwood, hope you're watching. >> hey, babe, i've got something special for you tonight. >> only we're with her husband. his very special song surprise.
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♪ >> plus -- ♪ the story of a family that you all know and adore ♪ ♪ ♪ always there for you to watch ♪ ♪ that everyone grew up with >> oh, boy, brad and angelina are back in the news again. their bitter custody battle could be headed to trial. >> indeed a trial date has been set. and the latest tops this weekend's couples news. december 4th is the day brad and angelina will head to trial. "e.t." obtained the court documents which state a location has not been set. and angelina and brad may be able to appear via telephone since the trial involves six minor children, the courtroom will likely be closed to the public. a source tells "e.t." both parties are working together to trial. now to chris pratt and anna faris.
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their divorce was officially finalized wednesday. "e.t." has obtained court documents which reveal chris and anna agree to live within five miles of each other until 2025, when 6-year-old jack finishes sixth grade. "e.t." also has knew about jennifer garner's sizzling romance. >> very confident this is an argument that would work out perfectly. >> reporter: that's jen's new man of a few months, ceo john miller. a source tells "e.t." it's the first real relationship she's had since her marriage and ben is actually very supportive. since affleck completed rehab just over 30 days ago we've seen him and garner together frequently with their kids. we're told they are jen's main focus as well as making sure ben stays on the straight and narrow. now to reconnected couple katy and orlando. perry's talking about bloom's amazing physique. >> we see orlando on instagram. the man works out. >> orlando is like -- >> he looks good. >> i mean, he's always trying to
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get me to hike, yoga, eat vegan. i'm like -- >> i'll hike to taco bell with you. >> i sure will. extra meat, extra onions. >> katy doesn't often speak about her man, but you can tell this girl's in love. >> i think when you're attracted to someone it's kind of opposites attract, and so i'm looking for that balance and maybe he's looking for that, you know, multitasker. i'm such a multitasker. >> let's get to the spice girls. this is your favorite part of the show. they are making waves because they are getting back together. they need an extra spice girl. they need an extra spice girl. >> we've been hearing for so long the ladies are going to reunite, but now we know they're doing it and they're cashing in big-time by going on tour. but like you said, they need another one. posh isn't doing it. and we know why victoria beckham is staying out. ♪ la, la, la >> the spice girls announced
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their uk stadium tour in a video monday. ♪ la, la, la, la, la, la, la noticeably absent, victoria beckham. so where's posh? well, a source tells "e.t." that victoria isn't taking part in the 2019 reunion tour because "she has a family to look after and a business to run." victoria has four kids with husband david beckham, but we should point out that all of the spice girls are moms. >> we've all got children. so it's very hard because we are mummies and we don't like leaving them for too long. >> reporter: in fact, geri halliwell had a son just last year. meanwhile, the spice girls got right to work. on wednesday they promoted their uk reunion tour on a london radio station. >> which spice girl needs the money the most? >> me because i'm divorc b., wh ordered to pay her ex hundreds of thousands of dollars in
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spousal support and legal fees, seemed to regret the joke immediately. >> i actually don't need the money because i'm actually quite rich. i'm just doing it because i love you ladies. >> so how much is it? ♪ i'll tell you what i want what i really really want ♪ according to one report the four spice girls will make $3.2 million each for their six shows. even more if the 2019 tour is extended. >> it's going to be a celebration. everybody's welcome. every boy and every girl. ♪ every boy and every girl >> and what about the shows themselves? are you going to be recording anything new? >> we're recording an album. >> victoria is reportedly still going to make bank on this tour because she owns some of the spice girls, the marketing and music. >> we go from the spice girls to the man of the hour. this week idris elba was named "people's" sexiest man alive for -- are you okay? >> i'm good.
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>> you get to stand to one of the sexiest men alive. >> we have industry reaction as well as some other sexy guys. not .this who made the big issue. >> i'm idris elba. and i am the sexiest man alive. >> idris might be laughing, but we are all in. "people" dropped some sexy details. idris sleeps naked. he has ten tattoos. >> i have a star and inside that star is meant to be a lion's face. it's faded now. >> this is the 33rd sexiest man alive. we've been campaigning for him for years. i'm really him hold the crown this year. >> sorry, wedding planning. hence adley cooper was named the sexiest triple threat after proving he can sing, direct, and act in "a star is born." sterling k. brown wins sexiest
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tv dad but he gives props to his tv brother. >> justin hartley is like a superhuman being. he can run like 50 miles an hour. you see, he's worked out with chains. i just like do really well on the treadmill. you know what i'm saying? >> but you know what makes a guy really irresistible? when he's got a four-legged best friend. >> porky here. and waldo picasso jonas. >> nick jonas . >> joe jonas adopted his huskies to impress his fiance sophie turner. >> they come on tour with us a lot. the band feels like these dogs are theirs as well. >> the furf "people" magazine including go because he had naturally does downward and upward dog. yeah, i know it's corny. i get it. >> you've got to love what idris's fiance post bd his
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people cover. she said, "that's my hubby. hashtag yeah. chocolate for the win." >> that was a little extra. i don't know if she quite did that. >> "people's" sexiest man alive to some of the hottest female eye candy around. >> we're talking about the models hitting the pink carpet for this year's victoria's secret fashion show. ♪ >> he is a special person, that guy. he's such a workout junkie. he's so full of energy. sometimes i'm like i can't do this anymore. he's like you can. >> looks like adam levine's been model behati prinsloo's personal trainer getting her ready for this runway. the 30-year-old just had her second child nine months ago. >> after kids you almost feel stronger. you want to do it more. you wa. i'm just so proud that i h at h. i could cry. >> oopd m will be in the audience cheering on his angel. but the tables will be turned when maroon 5 perform at the
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super bowl halftime show in february. >> i'm his number one fan. wherever he is i'm there. >> shawn mendes among the performers as the models finish getting glam. kendall jenner got some early practice with her sisters when they got lingerie and wings as halloween costumes. and it seems bella and gigi hadid have been preparing to be angels since they were kids. mom yolanda posted this shot from 18 years ago. >> bella is such a blessing for me as a friend and a sister. >> reporter: and for adriana lima this show is very special. her 6 and 8-year-old girls will be watching. >> i felt like more beautiful after i gave birth to my two daughters. i hope i will make them happy. >> the show is always so much fun. the victoria's secret fashion show will air december 2nd on abc. backstreet back and they're hitting the road. >> only on "e.t." then our. heic epic brady bunch reunion.
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how matthew mcconaughey almost became the king of the world. and which iconic reese role did christina applegate pass on? >> and -- ♪ right now she's probably saying i'm done ♪ >> carrie underwood's husband comes to "e.t." with a big surprise. comes to "e.t." with a big surprise. heard about eucrisa for mild-to-moderate eczema? comes to "e.t." with a big surprise. it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the leg of this little guy? the arm of an arm wrestler? the face of a fairy? eucrisa is a prescription eczema ointment for ages 2 and up. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin. and it's steroid-free. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa.
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prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium; serious infections, which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. are you on the path to stronger bones? if you're not sure. ask your doctor about prolia®. ♪ i dug my key into the side >> that is carrie underwood's hit "before he cheats." a break-up anthem. but in real life she and hubby mike fisher have been married for eight years. and while she's also expecting shall i p "e.t." surprise. >> oh, it's a surprise. this week mike fisher came to "e.t." with a parody of "before he cheats." and i talked to him. he premiered it right here. ♪ right now she's probably saying i'm done ♪ ♪ and he's thinking that he's going to get lucky ♪ >> mike and his buddy austin join us now. from nashville.
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mike, i'm sure your wife is watching this. what do you want to tell her? because i think her mind's going to be blown. >> believe it or not, i think most people know she's not a hunting fan. so i think she wanted to be able to plead the fifth and then be surprised. we just wanted to have fun with it. we wanted to obviously showcase my vocal talent. ♪ right now he's probably out drinking with a corn-fed doe and he's probably getting frisky. >> did you get permission from the artist who recorded the song? ♪ right now he's probably slow dancing -- >> carrie didn't write the song. thank goodness. she might not have approved it. >> i think she'll think he's a pretty good singer. >> maybe next time he'll think before he cheats ♪ >> for those of us who aren't hunters can you explain what is bleat? >> a doe will make a bleating sound in mating season. it's called a bleat.
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>> carrie said it's an odd match between you two because she's a vegan, she loves animals, meanwhile you're a hunter. >> well, opposites attract. and my wife is the best. she puts up with my hunting. she loves me. >> how's carrie doing? i know you've got a baby on the way. she's prepping for a tour eventually. there's a lot going on in your life. how's she feeling? >> she's doing great. we just actually recently moved. so we've been packing and getting settled in our new house. >> is there a message you guys want to send to carrie asking for forgiveness? >> i hear it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. no, i think she'll have a laugh with it. she's got a good sense of humor. she's funny. and hopefully she'll be okay with it. >> i'm sure carrie loved it. >> loved it? >> loved it. >> she's not a hunter. she probably was amused. >> did i say congrats again on the new company? you can see the video on you guys knocked it out of theb. >> you did a good job. let's talk about this couple.
7:15 pm
j. lo and a-rod. he knocks tout of the park. the couple of the year are going strong. and to witness their love is j. lo's world dance colleague derek hough. he dished a ton about his boss. >> what is it like for you when your boss is on the cover of insta? like there's my boss, and then you open it up and she's just wearing a green cape. >> it's not that i'm used to it, but i don't -- i expect nothing different from her really. you know what i mean? but i have to say i'm getting some inside scoop sitting next to her the way she takes photos. fascinating. >> reporter: as for the secret to j. lo's perfect locks, even her hair extensions arrive in style. check out this video derek shared from the set of "world of dance" where they started >> we have white chairs this season. you don't even know. it's so funny because the first day jennifer came in and she goes, we need white chairs. oh, my gosh.
7:16 pm
it changed the whole feel. the whole vibe. i know why you're j. lo now. >> derek's doing some experimenting with his own look, growing out his facial hair for the month of november to support the cause close to his heart. >> movember is an az mag organization that has raised so much and donated so much money for the cause, basically for men's -- for cancer but also what people might not realize is it's for mental health. you can go to and learn how you can get involved more. >> right now the 33-year-old is preparing to go on his first ever solo tour, but he's still a little bummed about missing one of the year's biggest sporting events and he blames j. lo. >> and he asked her, do you think a-rod could give me some world series tickets? and she without even blinking said no. i just saw a-rod the other day. he said oh, by the way, i totally had tickets for you if you wanted to come. i'm like come on, j. come on, j. >> up next our "voice" exclusive. how blake and kelly are taking their sibling rivalry to the next level. >> he's so annoying.
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>> plus, big stars and the roles that got away. matthew mcconaughey's "titanic" fail. and the movie that j-law and emma stone fought over. >> you're so much better than me. >> you suck. >> our exclusive with mark consuelos and his real-life son taking over (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas, and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now during sleep number's veterans day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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welcome back, everybody. let's talk about "the voice." coaches blake shelton and kelly clarkson have really taken their rivalry to the next level. >> kelly and i have gone up against each other many, many times this season. >> you know i wanted her. >> i want her worse than you do. >> no, you do not! >> blake, he'll try to push my buttons because he knows how upset i get. >> shut your face. >> in one corner country star blake and in the other his "voice" foe pop queen kelly. >> he's like that big brother that gives you nookies. it's so annoying. >> i'll sit here and talk about the fact i won the show six
7:20 pm
times. >> not last year when i arrived. i won. >> kelly did win last season. but there's a new queen in town. >> now who's the queen, kelly? now who's the queen? >> you look pretty. >> seeing kelly and blake fight this season was really nice because it was just like i get? time off from dealing with him. >> i'm really glad i'm not sitting by him next season. >> did you request not to sit by me? is that what happened? >> mm-hmm. >> coach adam may have found some relief from this loving rivalry but now it's jennifer hudson who finds herself stuck right in the middle of their w blake. >> you only had him for one season. >> they have a love-hate relationship. blake and kelly one second are like brother and sister. then the next second they're like cats and dogs fighting. >> i don't know who they're going to be when they turn around. so sometimes i don't bother to. baby girl just going to sit back and watch. >> now let's talk about this kelly. ripa. she is headed to "riverdale" posting this sexy shot on set.
7:21 pm
>> her man mark consuelos stars on the cw series. and get this, she will play his mistress. they're spicing things up. you like that? >> i love it. but it's a family affair on the show because their son michael just made his acting debut and only leanne aguilera was on the set. >> it's a bucket list for us as parents to have him play me. some of the crew here didn't know it was him and they're like, oh, my god, they really did well casting. like wow, they did a great job, he looks just like him. >> they're new. >> this is the 21-year-old college student's first ever acting gig. and yep, he had to audition. michael played the high school version of his villainous dad in this week's flashback episode. >> how did you prepare for the role? did you watch scenes of your dad? >> i did. i watched kind of the way he moves. i was searching for ticks or anything i -- >> do i?
7:22 pm
>> you don't really. >> the episode also paid homage to the cult classic "the breakfast club." and for good reason. >> you may not talk. while you're here today you will not talk. >> anthony michael hall guest-starred as the principal. >> now i'm like an old guy. >> cool. >> it's been 33 years since "the breakfast club" premiered. anthony was just 16 at the time. >> i'm very fortunate i was able to start my career that way. >> as for the start of michael's acting career, he's on board so much.fandom that may follow. >> he's going to finish college -- couldn't imagine anyone else playing. leonardo dicaprio as jack in "titanic." the best, right? but what if it was matthew mcconaughey instead? i know. well, the oscar winner just spoke out about that bombshell and joined the list of stars with roles that got away. >> i auditioned with kate
7:23 pm
winslet-h a good audition, walked away pretty confident i had it. i didn't get it. >> it mie have been a titanic loss for matthew in 1997 but with 47 films in his own right he's pretty philosophical about it. >> in hindsight i say whatever the move would have been would have been the right one. but still doing what i'm doing. >> matthew made that reveal on the hollywood reporter's awards chatter podcast. but this town's full of roles that got away. for instance, could you imagine "legally blonde" without reese witherspoon? >> the script came along my way and it was just after i finished "married." and it was a blond. i got scared. i got scared of kind of repeating myself. what a stupid move that was, right? >> you know what, reese deserved that. she did a much better job than i ever could. >> beyonce could have been the feather duster in disney's live action "beauty and the beast." but turned it down because it wasn't a big enough role. worked out. she's nala in the upcoming "the
7:24 pm
lion king." and john krasinski was almost captain america until chris evans showed up. >> how do you feel? >> and while we love milo ventimiglia as jack on "this is us" the role could have gone to oliver hudson. >> i was supposed to have a chemistry read but i was scheduled for a fishing trip. >> and even besties can end up fighting it out for a part. >> i didn't get it. >> straight ahead, oprah's favorite things is here! >> oh, my gosh. it's so good. >> so why is gayle king at holiday odds with lady o? >> i actually don't like that role. >> and our leann rimes exclusive. a surprising story about the day she met her husband. >> i was 14 at the time. >> nutcracker! >> "elf" turns 15. we're with will ferrell sharing stories you never, never knew. >> i did all my own stunt food eating. >> but first -- ♪
7:25 pm
>> "for king and country" is topping the charts with their latest album "burn the ship." the christian pop brother duo debuted number one on billboard's top christian album charts and number 7 on the overall billboard 200 charts. >> when you see those charts come out and the different things, you're just grateful people give you a job we enjoy like this and we get to have conversations with you today. >> the brothers feature their wives on the song "pioneer." ♪ let's be pioneers >> my wife is kind of the old cliche, the wind beneath my wings. >> them supporting us and us supporting them as well. it's kind of paramount in importance for king and country. closed captioning provided by --
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7:29 pm
location has not been set, and angelina and brad may be able to appear via telephone. since the trial involves their six minor children the courtroom will likely be closed to the public. at the heart of the bitter divorce battle is custody. angelina had asked for sole physical custody. brad wants joint custody. number 4, chris pratt and anna faris's divorce pact. it may be one of the most civil splits ever. "e.t." has obtained new court documents that reveal chris and anna agree to live within five miles of each other until 2025, when 6-year-old jack finishes sixth grade. chris and anna did have a prenup and waived their right to spousal and child support. instead they will maintain a joint bank account for jack's monthly expenses. number 3, ariana grande's mishap on ellen. ♪ t married ♪ >> mentioning her ex-fiance in "thank you, next" while dressed in bridal white and surrounded by wedding reception decor. ariana was sending a message just 23 days after they called
7:30 pm
off their i dos. grande and her girls even gave us first wives club vibes. but then this happened. ♪ all my oh, my gosh. >> no worries there, the 25-year-old quickly recovered. a demi lovato update. the singer left rehab after 90 days. she was spotted leaving a cafe and heading to a meeting nearby. >> a source tells "e.t." demi's home and sober living facility. and she has a sober coach. and number one, the spice girls out promoting their uk reunion tour. >> which spice girl needs the money the most? >> me because i'm divorced! >> i love her honesty. i love that. >> posh is skipping the tour. the remaining four spice girls will reportedly make $3.2 million each for their six shows. even more, if the 2019 tour is extended. go to for the
7:31 pm
latest. also in the news this week oprah winfrey. she released her annual favorite things, and we were with her bff and o magazine editor at large gayle king running through this year's coveted items. >> oh, my gosh. ooh! >> she put her feet in here. and you can honestly hear squeals of delight. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. oh. >> looks like christmas came early for oprah with this almost $200 foot massager. it's on her list of favorite things, which is bigger than ever this year. 107 oprah tested and approved gift ideas. >> this is a kneeling pad for the very serious gardeners. she's very serious about gardening. she picked that out. can't you see oprah and i sit around doing arts and crafts? i cannot. but the children in your house will really like this. when you first hear of it people will go why?
7:32 pm
but for anyone who has an iphone or blackberry it's great that your hands are warm but you can still use your fingers. oprah's a very big texter. >> this year's list is budget conscious with 50 items under 50 bucks. >> we're very mindful of price range. sometimes people knock us occasionally and say listen, listen, "oprah" magazine, we don't have oprah's money. none ever us have oprah's money, including all of us that work at "oprah" magazine. >> the most expensive item on the list? this electric bike for just under $1700. and even though it takes antire holiday gift guide, oprah won't be getting any presents from her bff. >> a couple years ago oprah imposed a we don't need to exchange presents rule. i actually don't like that rule. but she goes all of of us sitting here we don't need a present. she's actually right about that. but everybody likes to open a present. >> anything oprah does i just consume. i just consume. tequila is my favorite tequila too. >> did you get me something for christmas? ? yeah, it's coming. it's in the mail. >> sticking with the christmas
7:33 pm
theme can you believe it's been 15 years since the holiday classic comedy "elf" with will ferrell came out? >> i love it. and to celebrate aet "e.t." is going down memory lane with some of our best behind-the-scenes moments. >> best park of making the movie "elf." >> getting to wear yellow tights for 75 days of shooting. >> go away! >> son of a nutcracker! >> those tights are a timeless look. and papa elf bob newhart predicted the film would become a holiday tradition. >> i think it's just going to show like every christmas. >> i think there's something i probably should tell you. >> it just makes you feel good. >> very first day of filming was in the lincoln tunnel. in the elf suit. people really didn't look at me twice. >> people really didn't actually react that much. because we were in new york and you know, nobody really cared. >> elf marked the first leading
7:34 pm
film role for will ferrell and zoe deschanel who dyed her hair blond for the role. >> i hate being blond. i'm sorry, blonds, but i really don't like being blond. >> their iconic scene together is their duet in the shower. ♪ the neighbors might say ♪ it's bad out there >> both of them really sing in the film but zooey says their chemistry together was pure movie magic. ♪ i wish i knew how was singing from me. so a lot of this the water's not actually running and i'm just singing my songs. you know, that's movies. >> another on-set secret -- >> i did all my own stunt food eating. you see in the movie. >> spaghetti with maple syrup, chocolate syrup, pop tarts and m&ms.
7:35 pm
>> the scene actually had to be shot twice because apparently will couldn't keep it down the first time. >> it's nasty at first but then it's an acquired taste. >> it makes my stomach hurt just looking at it. also helping us stay in the holiday spirit is singer leann rimes. she stars in a hallmark movie that will definitely warm your heart. it's called "it's christmas eve." and keltie nielth hit the set with leann, who has a special place in her heart for december 24th. >> whats best christmas gift you ever received? >> i got engaged on >> that's okay. >> that's a good one. >> leann and the love of her life got engaged two years after they first met, or so they thought. turns out they really met long that at a fan appreciation event. >> well, we don't remember meeting each other. >> you don't? >> no. but there is a photo of it clearly and it is odd. we both are like, wait. i think he was 23. i was 14 at the time. he was doing "young and the restless." he found that right after we
7:36 pm
worked together he -- >> now married seven years leann is the happy stepmom to eddie's two kids and her new movie "it's christmas eve" is all about a blended family just like her's. >> eve. and you are? >> abby's father. >> their teacher. >> she's also written some original holiday songs for the ' which they make a huge cuban feast. then come home. and i will be -- i don't know. i love doing that stuff. >> by the way, our exclusive "brady bunch" reunion. >> we are standing here with maureen mccormick. i am losing my mind like michelle is. the kids share their favorite memories from the set. >> i can feel all the memories kind of rushing through. >> what you never knew about my
7:37 pm
most memorable brady moment. >> plus,
7:38 pm
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welcome back, everybody. now, as things start to get chilly across the country, we have got to change up our beauty routine to better skin care. but you don't need expensive products. and to prove it we have teamed up with for some vip steals. >> oh, and we are winning today because you can get everything you see right here on
7:40 pm and here comes my little personal -- >> i'm here. >> how are you? >> to let us in on all this week's products. amy, i'm ready for this. this weather takes a toll on your skin. help us out. >> i got you, girl. and i want to see that megawatt smile today. this is the nuva glow 24 karat gold anti-aging retinal facial cream and bee venom serum. >> love. >> it comes with the anti-aging facial cream and bee venom serum infused with 24 karat gold. which they say has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. >> i have this thing where i start pounding my face and i have fun, i like wiping it in. anything with gold. >> gold is fit for a queen. and we have seaweed as high as $512. it's worth it. but with us it's $29 for a 94% savings. there's that smile.
7:41 pm
there it is. everybody's trying to get that perfect brow. they really frame the face. it's so important. >> well, it lifts everything. it's like an instant face-lift when you have a good brow. >> the eyes are the window to the soul. let's show them off. this is the velvet 3-d brow glide. this is amazing. it comes in shades from blond to chocolate. i am wearing dark blond. right? it's good. now, this applicator has both a sponge tape for press sxigs it has this applicator right there for taming those stray hairs. this is specially formulated to thicken and condition all in one. if you're trying to grow your brows out this will help. >> pull the curtain back a little bit. i get my hair and makeup done every single day. and they do my brows. this thing i have one i travel with, one like this. phenomenal. >> it works wonders. >> phenomenal. >> this is a semi-permanent formula that will stay on until you decide to take it off.
7:42 pm
you can go swimming and come out and -- we have seen these as high as $48. but today we have it for 22 bucks. 54% savings. >> and this is a whole lot of usage in this one little -- it looks small but i know you'll get a lot of use. >> it will last you. >> i have something i need for my outfit. >> swarovski crystal statement necklace. as you can see it's a gorgeous necklace. 14 karat filled necklace encustomered with swar skofsky crystals. available in gold, white gold and rose gold. it has ten genuine freshwater pearls. this is a great statement necklace. you can double it up and wrap it a little bit tighter. you can dress up a beautiful outfit like yours or wear it which apair of jeans. >> white t-shirt, jeans, and this. >> you're done. out the door. as we know, the pearls can get very expensive and these are beautiful pearls. this can go as $650.
7:43 pm
and here you can get it for 39 bucks. better than 94% savings. keep it. it's yours. now, when you want town find after a long day how bay little aromatherapy? this is the aromatherapy diffuser. six essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, sweet orange. doesn't that smell amazing? >> it does. >> and tea tree. this is a two in one ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser and humidifier. it has seven ambient light settings. it's switching through the colors. it also has two intensity levels, dim or bright. >> this smells phenomenal. i wish you guys could smell it. >> smell-o-vision. one day we'll have it. but if you're having a holiday party your guests will arrive to the beautiful scent. it's very calming. >> and you've got a whole spa going on. >> creating that at home. >> i love it.
7:44 pm
>> see these as high as $199. but here it's just 34 bucks. one oil alone can cost that. >> i want it for every room in the house. >> i love that idea. that is an 83% savings. >> you can shop all of our vip steals at still to come, a very brady "e.t." >> i was like horrified. >> on set memories the brady kids will never, ever forget. >> america. it's not what you expect. >> i don't think mike brady would have approved. right? >> then only we're in vegas with the backstreet boys before they hit the road on their new world tour. that's the news. but first this week in the birthdays, which actress was in the quick and the dead? birthdays, which actress was in the quick and the dead? wass why shop marshalls? because... their prices will thrill you. whoo-hoo! the brands will surprise you. mwah! and every trip feels like an instant victory.
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no question about it. talk to your doctor about chantix. no question about it. you're going to do your thing. and no period is gonna slow you down! with tampax, you get protection that moves with you for total comfort. choose pearl for your chill, pocket for your moves, and active for your hustle. do your thing with tampax. ♪ backstreet's back all right backstreet's back. >> all right. >> you were dying to do that. they just released a new song on friday, "chances." it's the second single off their upcoming album "dna." and next year they're hitting the road on the dna world tour. >> keltie knight was with the guys as they made their big announcement at planet hollywood in las vegas. ♪ 'cause they're back >> backstreet boys, we've been around forever. we're just getting started,
7:48 pm
ladies. the world tour is in may of next year. the 10th album comes out january 25th. >> we took our time making this record. we wanted it to be the best it could be. hopefully 12 singles strong would be nice. ♪ breaking my heart >> so a world tour and brand new music. i mean, quit playing games with my heart. ♪ ♪ once in a lifeind-the-scenes look at the making of the music video. >> the song itself is souper deep but it's backstreet boys being backstreet boys. >> what are the chances we'd be here after 25 years? >> hold on. >> i'll drop the mike. ♪ i want it that way ♪ tell me why >> on this world tour you are in great shape because you've been doing this residency for a year. do we even have to train?
7:49 pm
>> well, once we go home for the holidays we're going to eat holiday food and we're going to be with our kids and eat candy. if you pretend that you're 22 or 25, your body, you can trick yourself. it just hurts when you get up the next day. >> the newest american leg of their tour kicks off on july 11th. how'd this -- all six kids from the "brady bunch" reunited at a home here in l.a. that was their family home on tv. >> they're all grown up here. and we spent the day last week with the bradys at their home sweet home. >> here's the story. the actors behind greg, marsha, peter, jan, bobby and cindy all came together. how long has it been, though, since all six of you kids have been together? >> they're saying 15 years. to me it seems like maybe it was
7:50 pm
20. but it's been a really, really long time. >> how does it feel to see everybody again? >> it's a dream. like incredible. >> i love it. >> it's surreal. but it's thrilling because i know how we are. we pick right up where we left off. we've always been really close. we get along far better than real families. because that's because we don't have to share one bathroom in real life. >> one thing i noticed is we just fall right back into it like we always have. >> fortunately, we've all remains friends throughout all of these years. >> what's behind the reunion? hgtv broke ground on its upcoming project called "a very brady renovation." actually, this l.a. area home was just used for the show's exteriorshot. but get this, the network wants to remodel the inside to look like it did on tv. >> this is the first time you ever stepped foot through that
7:51 pm
door today. >> yeah. >> how did that happen? >> honestly -- well, because we were on stage 5 at the paramount lot. we didn't really even know about this. we just saw an exterior that was on every episode. >> the whole back yard should be on here, which it is. >> it doesn't relate. want to buy it house. >> 'n sync's lance bass wanted to buy it and turn it into a very brady shrine. but hgtv outbid him, paying 3.5 million. marsha herself wanted to own it. >> i feel like no one could love it the way i could just because of the memories and -- >> when we would go upstairs on the show we would all huddle. we'd like flirt up there and -- our own brady time. >> really? >> yeah. >> do tell. >> well, i did anyway. >> hgtv's biggest stars were w network's goal is to match the interior with what we saw on tv. >> i don't know how they're going to make this look like our
7:52 pm
set. >> how are you going to change this house? >> this is a split-level home. the brady bunch house is a two story home. >> we're not going to change the look of the outside but inside it will twob story with stairs. >> the network hasn't said what they'll do with the house once it's complete but it plans to add 2,000 square feet to the home's orangeiginal floor plan summer. lance bass will be involved. the program will air in september 2019. next year also marks 50 years since the braid why bunch a few brady famil >> it's old. it will be fixed up. >> the house smells fine. >> i do wonder what would robert and florence think of this today? >> i think they'd be very proud of what we're doing here. >> they're all p there together and i just think they're smiling down on us. three amazing people. >> and the iconic house back a lot of memories. >> hey, you guys. >> oh, no!
7:53 pm
>> when it comes to you and a storyline what does everybody think about? >> oh, no! >> that crazy football. >> you wouldn't. >> no, i would never. >> it's getting bigger by the minute. >> what was your favorite episode? >> i loved doing "wherever we go" with florence. >> we're going to go through it together ♪ >> it was so much fun for me and we had such a great time together. >> when bobby puts the entire box of laundry soap into the washing machine. mainly because i had to strip basically naked to be in that scene and i was like horrified. >> the worst one was the shirley temple one. ♪ on the good ship lollipop >> that was really embarrassing. it would have been really cute when i was 7. but i was 12. and going "i feel so stupid." >> it really was one of my favorite days of all time.
7:54 pm
>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of
7:55 pm
the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
7:56 pm
. travel considerations provided by -- stars celebrating birthdays this weekend, ellen pompeo is 49. tracy morgan is 50. and demi moore is turning 56. now, take a final look at your choices. which actor was cast in "the
7:57 pm
quick and the dead" because sharon stone reduced her salary to star with him? that was leonardo dicaprio, who is celebrating his 44th birthday this weekend. monday on "e.t." -- our michael j. fox exclusive. >> how is your health today? >> at the moment kind of -- >> monday on "e.t." >> we are almost out of time for this weekend but for all the late breaking holiday news go to our website, >> before we go check out the video from country stars old dominion for their song "life is sweet." we were on set for a look at the ocean in malibu. you'd never know it but the guys were actually fogd in for much of the day. >> but they made it work, didn't te? enjoy the video and the rest your weekend, everybody. >> bye-bye. ♪
7:58 pm
♪ ♪ life is short ♪ make it sweet ♪ life is short ♪ make it sweet
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