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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 19, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ tonight, mel b tells all about her suicide attempt. >> i go into intricate details. >> the spice girl's new book bombshell from her daily cocaine habit to hermesy split with baby daddy eddie murphy. plus, more trouble for heather locklear.
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her medical emergency this weekend. then inside mandy moore's surprise wedding with her "this is us" castmates. >> like a slightly more elevated house party. and we nick's $14,000 wedding wish list. the registry items you won't believe. then inside the star-studded benefit for wildfire victims. >> thank you so much for coming. >> as lady gaga supports firefighters through fashion. plus, meryl streep as mary poppins' cousin. >> i play a cray cray crazy character. >> oh, my god. >> our exclusive look behind the scenes of the sequel. >> are you ready? >> ready. >> this is "entertainment tonight." right now mel b is in spice girl heaven. so excited about the reunion tour. now she's telling all about the darkest moment in her life, the day she tried to end it all.
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she said she swallowed pill after pill after pill to end it all. the details are heart breaking, but mel b says she saw no other way out of a tumultuous marriage. >> i was in prison basically within my marriage. >> mel b is opening up about her frightening suicide attempt. the startling details come from her new book "brutally honest" excerpt of which appear today in the "sun" newspaper in london. according to excerpts, the singer tried to kill herself after taking 200 aspirins. mel writes, a man who after ten years of marriage now had a library of sex tapes that could, as we both well knew, ruin my career and destroy my family. according to the excerpt mel also received several bruises after throwing herself against the jammed bathroom door as she tried to get herself to a hospital. the singer suffered kidney and liver damage. the sad drama was playing out while mel was a judge during the 2014 finals of uk "x factor." sharon osborne worked on the same crew. >> >> she was in hospital and she came back for the final day and
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she had a black eye and bruising everywhere, but she made the final. >> also mel b says she snorted cocaine to deal with her husband steven belafonte. they divorced in august. the singer who kicks off a reunion tour with the spice girls next year also writes about her ex eddie murphy. >> we lived in two different worlds. >> that's mel b auditioning actresses to narrate "brutally honest" out november 27th. the singer is dyslexic so the audio book's producer audible held a casting call to select a narrater. >> eddie made me happier than any man i'd ever met. when i got pregnant with angel, we would jump around his bathroom laughing and crying, i never felt so loved. so why did it go to spectacularly wrong? >> that was a question we were all asking. we have updates on an
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incident with heather locklear. sheriffs were called and the star has been placed on a psychiatric hold. meanwhile keltie joins us. she has star wedding news. >> we love a celebrity wedding. on "this is us" the show has so much emotion. simply put, the bride was pretty in pink. "e.t." confirmed mandy and musician taylor goldsmith became husband and wife during an intimate ceremony sunday. her make-up artist posted, then deleted these stunning portraits. mandy wore a delicate pink rodarte gown. the design featured a tiered skirt and ruffled bodice with flower accents. >> i'm not looking to have a royal wedding. it will be smaller and quieter. >> the ceremony took place in the backyard of the couple's hollywood home.
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check out the gorgeous floral arrangements. "this is us" co-star chrissy metz attended with her new boyfriend, composer hal rosenfeld. susan kalechi watson and minka kelly were also spotted outside. it's reported that milo ventimiglia and sterling k. brown also attended with his wife. >> taylor is such a great guy. they're so beautiful together. i couldn't be happier for her. >> this is the second marriage for mandy who was previously married to singer ryan adams. last year she told "e.t." the i do details in the works. >> we want to have like a friend officiate. i want to do it at our home, like do it very privately. just make it feel like us and a slightly more elevated house party or something. nothing fancy. >> i love this so much. i got married in the backyard too, mandy. we're the same. not at all. who is next to tie the knot. we expect priyanka chopra and nick jonas. you will not expect the bride to
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have a ridge industry. from roller blades to a record player and a doggy rain coat. the future mrs. jonas is sharing all her obsessions in a $14,000 registry. the most expensive item a $2,700 tv, the cheapest, a table tennis. >> this is such a wonderful new step in my life. meanwhile, hailey baldwin -- excuse me -- hailey bieber is embracing married life. this weekend the 21-year-old made it instagram official changing her name from baldwin to bieber. ♪ baby it's no brainer >> >> and the biebs is clearly feeling his wife posting this
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snap and then commenting on her photo you're just too much and you turn me on. ♪ i'm coming for ya and finally there's no drama between channing tatum and ex jenna dewan and his new flame jessie j. ♪ oh oh oh >> the british singer took to social media to address comparisons between her and jenna saying she is so disappointed and embarrassed. she's a woman that supports all women. jenna was quick to respond saying she has nothing but respect. jenna couldn't help but smile while holding hands with her man and they shared a passionate kiss. there's nothing like brand new love. >> never gets old. >> never gets old, that's what kevin say. the other big news has been the california wildfires. it's been inspiring to see the way celebrities have been
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helping. stars like jamie foxx and gerard butler, whose home was destroyed during the woolsey fire, held one star-studded benefit in malibu. ♪ that we look upon >> featuring performances by robin thicke who lost his malibu home in the wildfire. >> it's just devastating but coming back here there's a lot of hope. >> and jamie who was forced to flee -- >> we had to evacuate. ♪ >> over 200 people including cindy crawford and rande gerber, pierce brosnan and courtney cox attended the benefit. "e.t.'s" learned it was held at the malibu home of gerard butler's girlfriend morgan. gerard's home which used to look like this and now looks like this spoke to the crowd. >> what a turn out. thank you so much for coming. no amount is too big. no amount is too small. >> together with sean penn, butler helped raise $1.5 million for fire victims putting the event together in just three days. >> i know you've all kind of had to pull a rabbit out of a hat to
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make it here last minute. >> the woolsey fire is over 90% contained. it's claimed three lives, destroyed 1,500 structures, damaged another 341 and full containment is expected by thanksgiving. ♪ where do you think you're going ♪ >> that may be welcome news for lady gaga who just told "variety" she still hasn't been able to return home after evacuating. on saturday gaga donned a full firefighter's suit and visited first responders in hollywood expressing her gratitude and saying i am going to do more, do what i can. >> i truly believe she will. >> absolutely believe she will. let's stick with georgia, she was giving glam in that black valentino gown at the governor's awards last night, but she wasn't the only star holding fashion court. >> you look so amazing. >> pink was the color of the night.
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nicole kidman led the pretty in pink pack with her hand-ambassadored rodarte gown. we love the ruffle details just as much as we love amy adams' embroidered heart on her flowing pink schiaperelli number. >> so beautiful. you're so sweet. >> emma stone's custom black louis vuitton just like laura dern's sequinned off the shoulders look,. simply white was the color for melissa mccarthy in a double breasted pant suit. the stars were all decked out where icon cicely tyson was presented with an honorary oscar. her de her dear friend oprah was there. >> oprah thank you. >> emily blunt was glittering in a gold embroidered ensemble phe husband. >> congratulations cicely tyson.
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we've got more with emily blunt. >> our exclusive look on the magical set of "mary poppins returns." >> it was just so exciting. then garth brooks remembers his humble beginnings. you've won't believe where he played his first show. >> it takes me right back there to it. and kurt russell's santa clause transformation. >> this is the role you were born to play. >> how his new movie became a
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the palm spring international film festival announced it will present
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♪ look at that picture. kurt russell and goldie hawn's family christmas came together. three generations got together for the premiere of kurt's new netflix movie "the christmas chronicles." look at kurt rocking that hair. he can pull it off. and even the movie is a bit of a family affair because kurt stars with his son oliver. >> santa claus live and in person one night only. >> kurt is santa and oliver is the dad of two kids who help. ol' st. nick save christmas. >> i was very committed to getting the right look, but i knew that would be growing the beard and we colored my hair which i still have, but, yes, i wanted him to look right.
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>> kurt, goldie and the russell/hudson clan minus new mama kate and her kids were on the red carpet. kurt once played a mall santa claus for his son wyatt because the santa on duty had left. >> i looked at the costume. it was a really good costume, really good beard. i was hidden behind it really well. so i didn't think. i didn't think wyatt would pick up on me being mall santa and the kids would be staring, staring, staring and as they get up to me their eyes just drop down. so there is this kind of -- you know it's a little frightening. >> let's get this party started. >> when the russell and hudson family gets together for christmas just like the movie, there's a bit of mayhem. >> it's a grand holiday for us. i mean the number one holiday and it's true tradition and we do not want to break that tradition. this is real you know. >> whyus drawing me look that
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big? >> everybody talking about christmas. we gotta do thanksgiving. still ahead -- ♪ thunder rolls >> our garth brooks exclusive. never before told stories from his iconic concerts. >> were you really that nervous? >> scared to death. then -- ♪ 525,600 minutes >> one of the most popular musicals of all times comes to tv. >> i'm stoked. >> only we're with the new "rent" cast. and "mary poppins" returns. emi emily blunt, meryl streep and the incredible scene that shut down buckingham palace. >> i don't think there's anything else like it out there. >> close captioning provided by --
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. tomorrow on "e.t." -- ♪ let's go girls >> get ready for shania twain's "e.t." take over. >> i love it. >> should blake be worried about shan shania's coaching skills? >> yes. here's somebody else who can really sing, emily blunt.
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we can't wait to see mary poppins returns. now only "e.t." takes you behind the scene. >> this is a film that is completely uncynical and is as my husband calls it, like a joy bomb. >> you don't have a lot of cgi. i think we barely had any green screen other than the animation sequence and people are on wires. >> the role of mary poppins was written especially for emily. lin-manuel is her sidekick. meryl streep plays her cousin. >> i play a cray cray crazy character.
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>> hey, kids, you wanna learn how to do a pratful? and before anyone could blink meryl streep was vertical and th tt everyone thought omg what's happened and she said i learned that at the yale school of drama. >> emily and lin practiced eight weeks for this sequence. the incredible scene that shut down buckingham palace. >> i don't think there's anything else like it out there. >> my family tradition is we go to the movie on christmas day. >> after you eat or before you eat? >> after. i still get popcorn. this movie, though, i'm there. >> get your ticket now. meanwhile tomorrow is a big day for garth brooks. his follow up book "the anthology part three live" hits stores and only nancy o'dell was with garth before his big concert at notre dame stadium to talk about it.
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♪ you stand outside the fire >> the first stage i ever mcdon blue grass group. it's about the people that come to see you. the thing you remember most is the attitude they bring. ♪ the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes ♪ playing in front of a central park audience of nearly 1 million. >> i loved the photos of you being ghost white right before you walk out on to central park. were you really that nervous? >> scared to death. so we're walking to the stage, right. you hear a guy going all right we've gotten seven minutes until live tv -- >> scared to death right now. the guy that always launches me
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on stage, he looks at me and he goes you all right, boss? >> nancy spoke with garth just before he took the stage for the first-ever concert at notre dame football stadium and an audience of 86,000. >> it's fun with our group. it doesn't take long to turn from a concert to a party. the greatest gift i could do for you is to take you up there and stand right there and just go now explain it. how do you explain it? it's almost like you can fly. ♪ 'cause i got friends in low places ♪ >> it's all about game day and >> and you're the quarterback. >> god help us all. >> nancy o'dell needs to play quarterback. have you ever seen her throw a football. >> the concert airs on cbs december 2nd. and coming in january, get ready for the next big tv musical "rent." the ground-breaking musical about struggling artists in new york city in the late '90s turns
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20 this year and we were exclusively with vanessa hudgens and the new cast for their very colorful photo shoot. >> i think that it's so exciting to be able to bring the show to an audience that hasn't seen it before. >> only "e.t." can show you the amazing photo session. "rent" is one of the most popular broadway shows of all time. vanessa is taking on the role of the saucy temptress maureen who was played by indina menzel in both the stage and movie version. ♪ take me baby or leave >> "dancing with the stars" champ jordan fisher plays the role of mark, the documentary film maker with dreams of making it big. >> "rent" is the show that made me want to pursue this. it's important that we approach it from a new perspective and fresh eyes and we will be able to do that. >> we all remember vanessa from "high school musical" and "grease live" where she previously worked with jordan. >> you get one opportunity to do it and that's it's. you've can't call cut. you can't say hold up let's do it again.
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♪ 525,600 minutes >> our message is to measure your life in love and the love you give and the love you allow yourself to receive. >> you always kind of come home to musical theater. why is that? >> it's home. >> yeah. >> i grew up doing musicals and that's what feels the best. >> i am so excited. this airs sunday january 27th live on fox. the day before my birthday. >> it's like a birthday gift to you. >> thank you world. (pam) coming up next on kron4 news at five. high school students in orinda are mourning the death of a classmate. what we know about the house fire that left the sixteen year old girl dead. (ken) then - with nearly a thousand people still missing in the butte county rain will complicate the search and recovery effort... and trac quality..we'll break down who should ánotá be wearing respirator masks.. i'm ken
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wayne(pam) and i'm pam moore kron4 news at eightis next.
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>> travel consideration provided by -- every dog has his day. today belonged to snoop. he got a star on the walk of fame. >> it ain't nothing but a g thing baby. he was honored for his music career. dr. dre was on hand, quincy jones and jimmy kimmel. >> to see people i admire come here to show me love and respect, it's a beautiful feeling. i'm on cloud nine. >> do you know he got his name from his mama because she
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now at eight ... high pressure starting to break down ... rain on trackkron four meteorologist lawrence karnow on when the rain will arrive whooshthe weather change a miixed blessing in butte county ... forcing some evacuees to find new shelter and hampering the search for victims."it will definitely present another hurdle to the operation,whoosha gunman takes a terrible toll at a chicago hospital.shooting at the police pow pow pow like he knew what he was doin (pam) as


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