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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 19, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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and it will complicate search and rescue efforts... here is what we know at this hour... today another two bodies were found... bringing the number of deaths to 79. 699 people are unaccounted for.... more than 15- thousand structures have been destroyed.... and more than 10-thousand of those are homes. the camp fire has burned more than 151-thousand acres. and is 70-percent contained. evacuation orders are still in effect ... and it'll be a while before families are let back in town....(pam) we have team coverage tonight... kron4's dan thorn is live in walnut creek ... where he explains the potential health problems of ash build- up and rain... kron4's alecia reid she is live in chico, where fire victims who are living in tents are being urged to find other places to stay .... but first, let's turn to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow on when the rain will come... lawrence karnow: hazy skies
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continue with partly cloudy skies today. the air quality has improved but is still unhealthy some areas. a storm off the coast will move toward california in the next 24 hours. the winds will begin to pick up out of the south by tomorrow afternoon. this will help to improve air quality. clouds and rain are then expected to move in late tuesday night and wednesday morning. showers will decrease by the evening. thanksgiving will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of a lingering shower early and then another storm moving in thursday night and friday to bring us another round of rain. highs will be in the 50s and 60s . (pam) (pam) evacuation orders
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are still in effect ... and it will be a while before families are let back in town. (ken) hundreds of people have flocked to evacuation centers. some are now at capacity.... kron 4's alecia reid she is live in chico where fire victims who are living in tents are being urged to find other places to stay.... alecia, what are their options? there are a number of tents lining the field behind walmart ... these people tell me their options are limited.. pkgeverything that was affiliated with me is gonefor many camp fire victims ... what's next is a big question. mike mason lost everything ... including his paradise home and business. for now, he's been living in a tent behind walmart. with rain on the way, he's now building higher ground so he'll make it through.i have my dog and he's a 16 yr old retired service animal. he's going through it with melike mike ... many here have the same concerns. a number of the evacuation
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centers are at capacity. and they don't want to let their pets out of sight.the generosity of walmart allowing us here and people coming together to clothe and feed us from everything we lost. i'll tell you it's been nothing but spectaculartoys r us is no longer taking donations ... while families try to find things they can use from generous neighbors. there are even more people stopping by to drop off blankets and food. it's freezing weather, especially when you dont have your house and the heating, it's just hard to adapt toin addition to the cold ... the expected downpour may cause health concerns. a rep from walmart tells us while they're happy to have been able to provide an immediate place of escape from the wildfire ... they understand that their parking lots are not a viable long-term housing solution.but many of these people tell me they have nowhere else to go ...the fact that they only have a 2 bedroom and there's not enough room so i'll be spending thanksgiving wherevermike mason plans on sticking it out for just a little bit longer. got phone call from fema today and they said within 5 days i'll get relief. with all these people thats fast. they're on itstandupwalmart is now working closely with the american red cross, the county and local organizations to see how they can best preserve the health and safety of the people impacted by the camp fire.reporting live from chico ... ar ... kron 4 news.
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(ken) kron4 and our parent company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by the 'camp fire'... the
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american red cross is accepting donations. you can check kron for details.. (ken) staying in butte county -- deputies arrested two people in connection with a burlary of a cal- fire fire station during the camp fire. robert de-palma and william erlbacher from concow were arrested on five felony counts ranging from car theft to looting. bail is set at 250-thousand dollars each. (pam) the rain this week is going to be a nice relief in terms of air quality.. but there is some important information you should know before the rain falls. all that ash and debris that has been building up on your car, might seem small but it could end up being costly. kron 4's dan thorn is live in walnut creek tonight ... with more on what you should do. dan? im sure there are plenty of people who are thrilled to hear about rain in the forecast this week. but auto experts are pointing out that you should get your car washed before the rain might be asking why? it's because of what can happen to the paint.
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a layer of ash and particles has been covering cars in the bay area for over a week..nats. auto experts recommend getting a wash ábeforeá the rain comes..sot: and possibly after the rain is gone just to make sure that acid water doesn't mix with the ash and create just a nasty you know goo on the clear coattaj turner with clear auto spa in walnut creek says that goo can be bad for the paint on your car..sot: it wouldn't chip away at the paint but it would eat at the paint..turner says people who don't drive their cars often are most at risk because while it's sitting their it's collecting a layer..nats..sot: if you're someone that doesn't get their car washed often i would say right now would be a good time to practice that bi-weekly washing. some people in walnut creek are getting a head start at the car wash.. sot: it was absolutely needed it was the last day driving with this car basically you can really see the ash coming down.. auto experts say getting ceramic coating for your car is probably the best option..especially as we get into the more rainy season. for people concerned about any flooding because the ground
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has been parched here in walnut creek..the walnut creek police department tweeted out information about getting sand bags..take fullscreen..sand and sandbags will be available tomorrow night at lancaster road across from the orchard lane--heather farm park community center parking lot, larkey park parking lot, howe homestead parking lot and rudgear lot. you do have to bring your own shovel. reporting in walnut creek dan thorn kron 4 news. (pam) while most local school districts are closed this week for fall break ... many universities were supposed to hold class today, but canceled them because of the poor air quality. san jose state university -- however -- was open, despite an online petition to close the schoool. kron4's michelle kingston was on campus with student reaction. (mk)jenessa ullugue, student "it's been kinda hard."xavier diaz, student"pretty gloomy in my opinion."chris yu, student
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"i heard a lot of students complaining about heachaches, migraines, coughs"more than 11- thousand signatures on an online petition to cancel classes at san jose state was not enough for the administration to shut down the school.students writing that their health matters and sharing concerns about the unhealthy air.monday on campus -- many students were seen wearing their masks, covering their faces.jenessa ullugue, student"i don't think it's a good decision because, i don't know, it hasn't really improved."last week -- san jose state closed on thursday and friday due to poor air quality ... but said conditions are improving which is why they opened on monday. as of 3 oclock monday afternoon -- the air quality in san jose was sitting at an unhealthy level of 162.charlie faas, vp of finance and administration at san jose state"i feel safer. i feel better about things. we are making sure we have masks that are available."charlie faas says they do plan to be open on tuesday as well. students will not have class wednesday due to thanksgiving break. charlie faas, vp of finance and administration at san jose
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state"tonight, tomorrow, we'll go through this. we feel safe to be on campus. is it the healthiest of air? it's not, but is it ok? absolutely. and we are not in the business of putting people in harm's way." michelle kingston, mkingstonnewswe're told a few san jose state university police officers were sent to chico to assist in the search and recovery san jose, michelle kingston, kron 4 news. (ken) and due to the unhealthy air quality -- the golden gate national recreation area... that includes alcatraz island, fort point national historic site, and muir woods national monument... will continue to suspend visitor operations through tomorrow. (ken) with the air quality being so bad here in the bay area -- breathing respirators have been hard to come by. downtown san francisco has been filled with people walking around without protective masks. for many, it's because couldn't find any. but stores are starting to restock... medical professionals advise you get an n95 or above respirator and make sure it fits tight around your face. if your not healthy check with your doctor before wearing one. also
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check with your pediatrician before putting one on your kids. even if you are an adult and in good health and wear the mask tightly around your face, medical professionals advise it is no substitute for staying inside when the air is unhealthy. (pam) a shooting at a chicago hospital has left four people dead -- a police officer, a doctor, a pharmaceutical assistant and the gunman..(ken) police say the victims included a woman the gunman was in a relationship with.andy rose has more on the investigation. eddie t. johnson, chicago police dept.// "the subject fired multiple shots at the officers before they could exit their squad car." terrifying moments at chicago's mercy hospital-- authorities say a man opesteven white, witness// "we see this guy out there military style shooting at the police... pow pow pow!"authorities say the 32-year old gunman fired multiple shots--killing a police officer and injuring at
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least two others.eddie t. johnson, chicago police dept.// "there was a verbal altercation occurring out on the parking lot between two individuals that knew each other."an eyewitness saw a person lying on the ground near the hospital's main entrance.steven white, witness// "everybody was terrified. women was crying we were in the emergency room thinking that somebody was gonna come in and kill us. " tense moments for both patients and hospital staff-- as authorities searched the hospital to make sure it was secure.police say the gunman was also shot.eddie t. johnson, chicago police dept.// "those officers that responded today saved a lot of lives. because this guy was just shooting up a poor woman who was jut getting out of the elevator had nothing to do with nothing and he shot her. why?"i'm andy rose reporting. we first told you about the mercy hospital shooting in chicago ... with a push alert on our mobile app. you can stay connected when breaking news happens.. by downloading it tonight. (ken) coming up -- a hunter finds himself in a dangerous situation dangling
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40 feet in the air. how crews responded to the situation.. after the break. (pam) a series of expected storms will shut down two yosemite park roads. what you need to know as you are planning your holiday travel - - when we come back. (ken) a fatal house fire in the east bay... takes the life of a teen and injures a firefighter. we talked with those who went to school with her... and what investigators know abot the cause so far. on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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and you find a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less ross has everyone covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. in the east bay tonight.. we are learning
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more about a teenager who died in a house fire... her family and community are mourning her death, while rallying to support one another.. four's terisa estacio talked to some of the people who knew the teen best. terisa estacio - the 16 year old went here to miramonte... friends are telling me she was a very kind person... well liked. although it is the thanksgiving break, the school offfered counseling services this morning... julie parks, principle, miramonte high school. we knew it would be tough because it would be a week before getting together so we contacted students and about 75 students came this morning... julie parks is the principle at miramonte high school, she talked with me about the death of one of their student... luca gero. julie parks, she was a lovely person, made a difference in the world. it was over the weekend, when a house fire clamied the life of the 16 year old... now a growing memorial out in front.. as fire fighters try to figure out what happened. luca was pronounced dead at her home... a teenage friend and an a adult male at the home at the time as well, they suffered burns and were taken .. they were taken to a burn center in san francsisco...her friends tell me that she was at home
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with a friend, and an exchange student was acting as a chaperone while her parents were away for the weekend. the fire department is investigating the cause... they have said the fire was so hot, intially crews couldnt go inside. one fire fighter was injured, but he has since been released. a gofund account set up for the family as the community is rallying to help them drunig this really tough time. (pam) time. really tough drunig this help them drunig this really tough time. (pam) the santa clara county
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coroner's office is working to identify a body that was found near san jose. police say, they were notified saturday afternoon of a possible body in the water, near the alviso marina. that location is not far from levi's stadium -- although it is yet not known if the body is connected to a missing 49er fan. 32-year-old ian powers left his seat during the game last monday... and never monday... and never returned. his car was found in the stadium parking lot that night. the coroner's office is expected to release the identity of the body soon. a live look outside on this monday night lawrence has the forecast.. rain fall..
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lawrence karnow: hazy skies continue with partly cloudy skies today. the air quality has improved but is still unhealthy in some areas. a storm off the coast will move toward california in the next 24 hours. the winds will begin to pick up out of the south by tomorrow afternoon. this will help to improve air quality. clouds and rain are then expected to move in late tuesday night and wednesday morning. showers will decrease by the evening. thanksgiving will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of a lingering shower early and then another storm moving in thursday night and friday to bring us another round of rain. highs will be in the 50s and 60s . (pam) a series of expected storms will shut down two yosemite park roads -- starting tomorrow. tioga
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road -- the eastern entry to the park ... will entry to the the eastern tioga road -- tomorrow.
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(ken) a series of expected storms will shut down two yosemite park roads -- starting tomorrow. tioga road -- the eastern entry to the park ... will shut down at 6 -tomorrow evening. and picturesque glacier point road will also be closed to vehicles. they are likely to remain closed through the thanksgiving weekend... and will only reopen as conditions permit. higher elevations in the park are expected to get at least a foot of snow this week. visitors are required to carry tire chains during winter months. after he fell backward and got stuck hanging upside down. firefighters say, the the tree in the pinckney recreation area.. where he slipped off the stand... and
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his feet got caught in the rigging. the hunter had not yet connected his safety harness to the tree when he fell back.. his feet, which were stuck, were the only thing preventing him from falling to the ground. rescue crews and medical staff kept him warm on the tree, while the team rigged a rope system to get him safely down to the ground. (ken) with heavy rain now in the forecast, there are fueling fears of mudslides... and we'll tell you how it can possibly effect rescue efforts (pam) and one of the country's largest car dealerships has unexpectedly shutdown... how many bay area locations were affected... after the break it's time for ultimate sleep number week on the
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new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. this week only, save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends cyber monday. in solono
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county, one of the country's largest car dealerships has unexpectedly shut down seven locations.(pam) last week, the momentum auto group closed five- dealerships in fairfield. and two in vallejo
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... leaving employees and customers in the dark. kron 4's charles clifford has details. well, momentum auto group which is based here in solano county is a fixture in fairfield and the company was recently listed as one of the top car dealerships in the county pulling in more than 500 million dollars in 2017. but now nearly all of momentums dealerships have closed and we don't know why. on monday, 7 momentum auto group dealerships in fairfield and vallejo remained dark with the doors locked. a sign on the kia dealship in vallejo read closed until further notice with not a word of explanation fairfield, the normally busling volkswagon, infiniti, nissan, hyundai, dodge chrysler, jeep and ram branches along auto mall parkway were a ghost town.sot we found a sign on the door that said closemark ligocki stopped by the infiniti dealership to have a tire problem on his car checked but found the place closed down.sot it was strange. we went to the infiniti side and the volkswagon side and nobody was around. just for why the dealerships have closed, that remains a bit of mystery. there have been reports that the owner of momentum may have been dealing with financial problems but specifics are
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hard to come by. its unclear if the dealerships will remain closed permanently or if they will reopen possibly under new management. we called momentum auto group on monday afternoon but were unable to reach anyone who could explain what's going on . we also contacted the citys of fairfield and vallejo, both of whom told kron 4 that they don't know why the dealerships have this point it's also unclear if employees at the 7 locations are now out of job just days before thanksgiving. it's also unknown if customers who were having their cars serviced will be able to retrieve their vehilces.mark, who lives in vallejo, says that the next closest service center that can work on his car is in walnut creek.sot40 minute drive vs 10 minutes finally, there are still two momentum auto dealerships open. one here in fairfield and one in san jose. in solano county, charles clifford kron 4 news. charles clifford kron 4 news. (ken) the colorado man convicted of killing his wife and two daughters was sentenced today. the judge's ruling... and how the victims' family reacted. (pam) a deadly officer- involved shooting in a quiet east bay neighborhood. now - the victim's family is
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taking action against officers. hear the accusations -- and the department's response. (lawrence)ten at ten
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a curse and a blessing for californians largest wildfire. rain is in the cards later this week,
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which will slow down the ongoing camp fire.(pam) but as nick watt reports, the rain could also create a new problem - mudslides. the list of those unaccounted for still nearly a thousand names long. the grim search for the dead goes on. voice of sheriff-coroner kory honea, butte county, ca:"the number of people who perished in the fire weights upon me. i have chosen not speculate as to high that number might be." one environmental group claiming a day of breathing this air is the equivalent to smoking several cigarettesand heavy rain now forecast, fueling fears of mudslides like those we saw in montecito california in january, after wildfire, then rain. heartache, school bus driver kevin mckay is one. kevin mckay, bus driver:"we started getting fire on both sides of the e rz, student:"there were fires left and right. everywhere you looked."mckay drove 5-hours through those flames. 22 kids and two teachers on board his smoke-filled bus. abbie davis,
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teacher:"kevin without even thinking about it took his shirt off and tore it into little pieces, to make filters for these kids to breathe."in southern california, the fire around malibu and calibasas that burned nearly 100,000 acres and took three lives, is now 91% contained. president trump visited california's fire zones saturday, pressing his much-maligned belief that forest management, not climate change, is the primary problem here. president trump/no name font needed:"i was with the president of finland, and he said, 'we have a much different, we're a forest nation.' and they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things, and they don't have any problem." finland's president saying sunday he can't ever recall mentioning raking to the president. online, finns widely mocking trump. reporting. the camp fire has burned 11 days now. (ken)
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officials are now saying it's only halfway done, it'll burn another 11 days before it's finally extinguished. lawrence karnow: hazy skies continue with partly cloudy skies today. the air quality has improved but is still unhealthy in some areas. a storm off the coast will move toward california in the next 24 hours. the winds will begin to pick up out of the south by tomorrow afternoon. this will help to improve air quality. clouds and rain are then expected to move in late tuesday night and wednesday morning. showers will decrease by the evening. thanksgiving will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of a lingering shower early and then another storm moving in thursday night and friday to bring us another round of rain. highs will be in the 50s and 60s . (ken) 50s and 60s .will be in the 50s and 60s .
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returning now to more news from the fire recovery effort in butte county. among the victims of the fire are the hundreds of displaced pets and other animals. kron four's rob fladeboe tells us how two south bay animal control officers pitched in to make a difference.
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santa clara county animal control officers jessica ibanez and and jeremy selbach just returned from butte county where they helped care for animals displaced by the camp fire. they knew just what to do jessica ibanez/animal control officer "....i offered hugs and everybody really appreciated that...."jeremy selbach/animal control officer "....everybody is up there trying to help. i saw a lot of hard working people. my part was taking in animals from an evacuation team or from an owner and tying to care for them..."selback and ibanez spent six days in a makeshift shelter at the airport in chico where some 800 displaced pets and other animals are being housed. some were hurt in the fire, others are still in shock and all are tired and hungry and in need of some love. jeremy selbach "....seeing the reaction from the dog and it's owner after being separated for several days brought tears..."jessica ibanez "...seeing people come in looking for their animals and helping to reunite them was really rewarding..."the two officers drew from their long experience here at the county shelter in san martin. in chico, they rolled up their sleeves to walk, feed and
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comfort these"other" fire victims and in some cases, were able to find their owners. jeremy selbach "....dogs and cats are stressed animals, they need their people, just like we need each other, so it was my job and my colleague jessica's job to make sure these animals were getting all the attention they need..." in san martin rob fladeboe kron4news (ken) there has been a vivid show of support for california wildfire victims -- all the way from greece. it comes from a house burned down in the summer wildfires thkilled more than 80 people. she and a group of friends calling themselves "the young people of mati" took a series of blvictims of the camp firholding signs that spell out "we feel
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you california." (ken)á kron4 and our parent company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by the 'camp fire'... the american red cross is accepting donations. you can check kron for details.. (pam) funeral services were held today for a man who died after being shot by police in danville.. on the morning of november 3rd.. . 33-year-old laudemer arboleda was laid to rest by his family today. white doves were released into the air following the funeral service. his family says... on the day he was killed, he was considering a move to danville, and was looking for housing when police got a call about a suspicious person. "we have not received any information from authorities about what actually happened on that day">sot but according to police - arboleda led police on a pursuit through town -- which ultimately ended when an officer opened fire -- investigators also say he steered toward an officer.
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contra costa county sheriff david livingston released this statement"this is a tragic case, yet once "this is a tragic case, yet once again john burris is reaching for his well-worn race about race. this is about a reckless person down and murder once all investigations are look forward to details with the public." (pam) arboleda's mother says, although her son suffered from mental illness, he was not a violent person attorney burris adds.. he had no burris adds.. attorney violent personwas not a illness, he from mental illness, he was not a violent person attorney burris adds.. he had no criminal history. (ken) a colorado man learned his sentence today after an agreement to plead guilty to murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters. the case gained national attention when shanann watts and the two girls went missing in mid- august and chris watts went in front of the cameras, asking for their safe return.
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kron4's camila bernal has this report. it's life in prison for chris watts, with no possibility for parole.judge marcelo kopcow / weld county district court: nothing less than a maximum sentence would be appropriate. the 33-year-old who pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant wife shanann, and their two young daughters, was sentenced monday in a colorado courtroom. the guilty plea came after prosecutors agreed to take the death penalty off the table, this with the approval of shanann's family.sandra rzucek / shanann watts' mother: i didn't want death for you because that's not my right. watt's parents also asking the court to spare his life. his mom then telling him, the family will always stand by him.cindy watts / chris watts' mother: we love you and we forgive you son.but the prosecution focusing on what happened in mid-august.michael rourke / weld county district attorney: the defendant strangled her to death with his own hands.they believe it took him two to four minutes to kill shanann, then his two daughters.michael rourke / weld county district attorney: the man seated to my right, smothered his daughters.they
10:38 pm
believe watts loaded the three bodies into his truck, then disposed of them in different places.prosecutors say he did this because he wanted a fresh start, a new relationship but also told the court they don't expect to ever get answers from watts, who kept his head down, and cried during the hearing.his attorney read a statement on his behalf,chris watts' attorney: he is sincerely sorry for all of this.i'm camila bernal reporting. (pam) president trump says , it will be up to his acting attorney general, matthew whitaker, to make decisions about special counsel robert mueller's investigation.(ken) in an internview yesterday (sunday) trump was asked if whitaker would try to limit the probe. as jim acosta reports, trump said he will not sit down face-to-face with the special counsel. natsot: trump welcoming christmas treewelcoming the national christmas tree to the white house, the president is
10:39 pm
warning special counsel robert mueller there is one gift he shouldn't count on - a sit- down interview with mr. trump in the russia investigation. trump:"i think we've wasted enough time on this witch hunt and the answer is probably. we're finished."and the president is far from finished from fights he's picking on a number of fronts.he's still battling back and forth with retired admiral william mcraven, who oversaw the mission to kill osama bin laden.trump:"he's a hilary clinton backer and an obama- backer and frankly."chris wallace/host, fox news sunday: "he was a navy seal 37 years." trump:"wouldn't it have been nice if we got osama bin laden a lot sooner than that, wouldn't it have been nice?" mcraven, who has been sharply critical of the president's rhetoric aimed at the news media in the past, fired back with a statement of his own, saying, quote, "i stand by my comment that the president's attack on the media is the greatest threat to our democracy in my lifetime."the president's criticism of the bin laden raid runs counter to statements he made at the time of the mission when he told politico:"i want to congratulate president obama and the men and women of the armed forces for a job well done."the president isn't holding back when it comes to his own team, openly criticizing homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. trump :"i want her to get much tougher and we will see what happens there but i want to be extremely tough."and white house chief of staff john kelly.trump:"look, we get along well. there are certain things i love what he does and
10:40 pm
certain things i don't like that he does."the president reserved his nastiest attack for house democrat adam schiff, whose name he intentionally misspelled. contrast that with the president's softer touch with saudi response to reports that the administration has the audio of the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi, a murder the cia says was ordered by crown prince mohammed bin salman, mr. trump says he to hear the tape.trump :"it's a suffering tape. it's a terrible tape. i've been fully briefed on it. there is no reason for me to hear it." (ken) that was jim acosta reporting.the state department says there is no final conclusion on who is responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. this, despite the c-i-a's
10:41 pm
assessment that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman "personally" ordered the killing last month. (ken) still ahead tonight -- despite the bay area's widespread housing crisis the economy has still been able to stay afloat. in tonight's in-depth report -- we take a look loan officers are keeping up with the housing demand. (sports) coming up in sports, if you like touchdowns, we have the highlights for your. a look from tonight's monday night madness at the l-a coliseum.
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we know that housing supply in the for several years now -- it has been a sellers market. but now the economy has stabilized and in many cases, excelled...(ken) people are still looking into buying homes. in-depth tonight... kron four's philippe djegal speaks with housing industry experts with a look at mortgages...
10:44 pm
and, whether or not buying a house is still affordable. contrary to popular belief...jason moon/real estate agents- "millenials are definitely buying homes." the american dream of owning a home is not dead...chris hudson/mortgage consultant- "it's alive, but we're having to get a little more creative in keeping it alive." the path to ownership just involves a few more hoops than it did just a decade ago... when borrowers who couldn't afford their loans were easily getting pre-approved before their homes lost tremendous value and were forced into foreclosure...kristine marr/senior loan officer- "consumers are afraid, um, a bit of the mortgags -- it's shrouded in mystery and it shouldn't be." in san francisco, where zillow says the median listing price for a home is more than 1.25 million dollars... there -- you might be priced out no matter what you make... but in the east bay -- let's say in concord...jason moon/real estate agent- "it's a spacious, two-bedroom two-bath house." real estate agent jason moon says depending on your level of income, your
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credit history and amount of cash available to cover the downpayment and closing costs... this 640-thousand dollar home could be yours. jason moon/real estate agent- "you want to know if they're buying a home with cash or with a loan. and, most of the time it is with a loan, um, regardless of what some people may say out there." moon partners with senior loan officers like kristine (chris- teen) marr with summit funding in walnut creek... to determine if the consumer qualifies for a mortgage.. and, if so, which type. marr says most people are still signing traditional 30- year-fixed rate mortgages... but that adjustable rate mortgages may fall more in line with the borrower's needs, especially here in the bay area... if the home buyer intends to move out within three to seven years. kristine marr/senior loan officer- "say two young professionals, straight out of school. i can qualify them straight out of school to buy a home, and i'll show them the options. i'll show them this is a 30-year fixed mortgage, but since you're buying a small home or a condo, you might want to look at a side by side comparison with a seven-one arm. it will be fixed for seven years. so, if
10:46 pm
you sell anytime before seven years, it will never adjust on you because you'll sell the home, the mortgage is gone -- paid off. and, you move to your next home." marr says the myth of needing 20-percent cash down to secure a mortgage and a home is just that -- a myth.kristine marr/senior loan officer- "you can go with three-percent down, or three- and-a-half percent down, or anything above that." you could also possibly qualify for downpayment assistance in the form of credit that can also be applied to closing costs. philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam/ken) (adlib housing)
10:47 pm
for you football fans that may have been thinking the primetime matchups have been just okay this year, the league did all of us a favor tonight. rams-chiefs-- a matchup that had a record over-under of 63.5-points...and they reached that total in less than three quarters. --we go to the l-a coliseum. this game moved from mexico city, due to awful field conditions. --we'll pick it up in the 4th, 3-minutes to go.. game is already 47-44 l-a. patrick mahomes crossing route to chris conley... touchdown k-c... and they take a 4-point lead. --next rams possession- jared goff...novato's own... on a rope to gerald everett, tip toes down the sideline. 40-yard strike now it's 54-51 l-a. --then in the final seconds, chiefs still had a chance... mahomes..escapes the pressure..airs it out trying to make a play. picked off by lamarcus joyner. --that'll do it... 54-51
10:48 pm
rams your final in the highest scoring monday night game of all time.. l-a improves to 10-and-1. now to the nfl this weekend, ---raiders- cardinals in the desert... a matchup that showed just how difficult it can be to win in this league --although the silver and black squeaked out the 23-21 victory on a last second field goal the moment being talked about today is what's going on between jon gruden and derek carr. --the coach and quarterback were seen going back and forth with each other after a bad series. . both parties involved maintain that there's no drama and it's all part of the game. "i don't have a no yelling sign on the sideline...things happen you know we get excited down there, i get excited when we get a first down... you know get excited when you work on something all week and it doesn't work out." "im surprised its the first time that they've caught us, its not the first time him and i been that way... um we are both very firery, both very competitive, minor disagreement on something. again its not the first time, i doubt it'll be the last time, but everything is good i promise. we hugged about it."
10:49 pm
the 49ers, back from the bye, but they technically scored a victory. oakland's win over the cardinals... now puts the niners in line for the top position in the draft. although they all have 2-and-8 records... san francisco gets the number one pick based on strength of schedule. but you know the team is not willing to tank the rest of the year for that spot... here's their mindset on approaching the final six games. "trying to get refreshed, you know the season hasn't been going the way that we want it too... so the bye week just gave us a chance to get away for a second and kinda just refresh ourselves, refocus, and get back after it." "not trying to have a lull like some teams do coming off a bye week so we're attacking this like we haven't had any time off and trying to get back into the swing of things." "we have a clear picture of what we're looking for in these next 6 weeks, you know we're looking for who we're gonna bring on this journey and into next season so everyone just gotta go out there and continue to progress."
10:50 pm
finally, in the world of college basketball, former warriors great chris mullin... coaching st. john's as they host cal in brooklyn --3 and 1/2 minutes left in the game... bears down 1... austin paris... drains the long 2-pointer... cal up 70-69... 17 points for the former bishop o'dowd star --minute to go... st. john's back up 1... shamorie ponds... nails the three from nba range... he had 32 points final... mullin and the red storm hangs on to win... 82-79... next up for cal... they host santa clara a week from today (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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if you have been waiting to see the rolling stones in concert, you are in luck...(ken) the iconic rock band announced a north american stadium tour that will start in april. 13 dates are on the calendar so far, but with several days between scheduled shows, new ones could be added.north american tour since 20-15. it's actually an extension of the band's world-wide "no filter" tour, which has played throughout europe for the past two years. jagger and company are also working on a new studio album.
10:54 pm
(ken) former president barack obama made a surprise appearance at michelle obama's book tour in washington saturday night. he showed up with a bouquet of flowers during the promotional event for his wife's memoir, "becoming." former white house adviser valerie jarrett moderated the event. mrs. obama talked about their life post-white house, and how they are taking a step back to reflect on what they accomplished. lawrence karnow: hazy skies continue with partly cloudy skies today. the air quality has improved but is still unhealthy in some areas. a storm off the coast will move toward california in the next 24 hours. the winds will begin to pick up out of the south by tomorrow afternoon. this will help to improve air quality. clouds and rain are then expected to move in late tuesday night and wednesday morning. showers will decrease by the evening. thanksgiving will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of a lingering shower early and then another storm moving in thursday night and friday to bring us another round of rain. highs will be in the 50s and 60s .
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in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. it's not anywhere. we can't bury mom without it. danielle, i told you, she's not being buried. come on, lawrence. pauline looked so peaceful when she passed. i only wish i could've gotten to her sooner. some things are still out of our hands, doctor. apparently. here you are, doctor. this is lawrence, my fiancé. how're you doing, doctor? janette's told me all about you. i didn't say they were thieves, but maybe they saw it when they picked my mother up. i just want to talk to them. please, she can't be buried without that ring.


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