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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 21, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ tonight, "e.t." in new york city behind the scenes at the freezing thanksgiving day parade. >> how the historic chill could shut down one of the parade's biggest traditions. then welcome to brad pitt's
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backyard playground. >> we want to make it a family affair, the kids running in and out. >> from a bouncy castle to a tree house to a full skate park. how he's prepping for more time with the kids just before his new bitter custody battle with angelina. plus, a shocking "a" list split. the hollywood couple breaking up after 21 years of marriage. then -- ♪ dance dance dance >> katy, taylor, gaga, jlo, beyonce. they're all rich, but whose made the most this year? and before taking over the box office, the stars of "ralph breaks the internet" are blowing our minds. >> i get all minus from twitter and "entertainment tonight" obviously. this is "entertainment tonight." hello welcome to new york city the site of the 92nd annual thanksgiving day parade. winter's not coming. it's here. tomorrow's parade could be the coldest in its history. >> we're so excited to host the parade for cbs. temperatures will be in the 20s with the windchill in single
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digits. >> the world famous balloons could be grounded because of the gusts. it will be chilly. >> it's going to be an amazing day. so many people are traveling into the city, locals and tourists. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. let's talk about the big chill between brad pitt and angelina jolie. but last night brad was all business in china. brad looked dashing, rocking a james bond look in beijing. but it was a work night. the 54-year-old actor is one of the celeb faces of swiss watch maker breitling and he helped the brand celebrate its entry into china. a source tells "e.t." brad is expected back in l.a. today and according to his custody arrangement the single father of six will be allowed to spend time with his kids over the holiday weekend. and, boy, is his backyard ready for visitors. in fact, it looks like a kids' carnival. check out all of the fun upgrades, skate park, swings,
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lots of pool toys, a bouncy castle, slide and that's a tree house back there. the kid-friendly backyard is a stark contrast to angelina's picture perfect well-manicured los feliz estate. jolie was spotted out over the weekend with the kids taking vivienne, knox and shiloh to lunch and watching vivienne at karate practice. keep in mind, while all this plays out, brad and anjelina's custody trial is now just 13 days away. it's set for december 4th. a source tells "e.t" both parties are working together to try and reach an out of court settlement and avoid an actual trial. at the heart of the bitter divorce battle is custody. angelina had asked for sole physical custody. brad wants joint custody. >> at this point you hope the two of them can work this out. there is a brand new split making big news here in new york today. it's a bit of a shocker. robert deniro could be single again at the age of 75.
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after 21 years of marriage and two children together, "e.t." has learned that robert de niro it quits. the couple tied the knot in 1997 after dating for ten years. the fiercely private couple's last red carpet together was in june at the tony awards. this past monday in manhattan deniro waved to fans and hit the carpet with leonardo dicaprio, harvey keitel and jonah hill at the moma tribute to director martin scorsese. now to demi lovato's social media split. she just cut ties on instagram with three past confidants. forming tour mate nick jonas, one-time collaborator iggy azalea and ex best friend from childhood selena gomez. ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry >> so what's going on here? well, demi recently completed in-patient treatment after a near fatal overdose in july. a source tells "e.t" that demi just wants to stay away from negativity and quote, focus on herself and avoid any difficult relationships. ♪ i'm sorry i'm not sober anymore ♪ in june when demi publicly admitted she wasn't sober, but before the overdose, iggy told "e.t." she knew about the relapse.
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>> i had known about it as a close friend so i had really wanted for her to be the one to tell people. i really want her to like own it and she did. >> our source says demi who was photographed yesterday leaving an l.a. gym quote keeps saying how fortunate she feels to be alive and considers each sober day a huge accomplishment. >> what's important is whatever it takes for her to maintain her sobriety. whatever she has to do she has to do. meanwhile back tonic jonas he and fiance priyanka chopra will be spending their first holiday together. i assume it will include video games. here's a picture of them together. i just love them together. someone else i love. nischelle turner back in hollywood with news of another california girl. hey, nischelle. >> yes.
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katy perry leads the girl power pack on forbes list for the highest paid songstress of 2018 and here's why. >> i got -- i got -- i got paid. >> yeah, a reported $20 million. but forbes says the "idol" judge made $83 million in 12 months mostly from her witness tour and remember perry's olive-branch make up with former enemy taylor? ♪ are you ready for it >> she follows swiftly behind katy earning $80 million, partly from her album "reputation." taylor wrapped her tour tonight in tokyo. queen b. on the run, all year with hubby jay-z is forbes's number three highest paid female artist with $60 million. beyonce bested pink's $52 million and rounding out the top five? this $50 million lady. ♪ we're far from the shallow now ♪ >> 2018 will forever be known as the year a star was born. the film with bradley cooper was a little box office monster earning more than $342 million and critical acclaim for gaga in her first movie role. >> i'm just extremely humbled
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and grateful. >> next month, the superstar hits vegas for her residency at park mgm. jlo played her cards right with her residency. the 49-year-old is number six on the forbes list with $47 million. but which singer just topped vegas staples celine and britney? triple threat rihanna didn't tour this year, but work, work, work, work worked her way to $75 million in earnings from "oceans eight" to her fenty beauty and savage lingerie lines. >> look at that big grin on your face. >> thooor -- the sisters are dog it for themselves. speaking of strong females get ready for some disney princesses and one "wreck it ralph" to dominate the thanksgiving box office. the sequel is projected to make over $70 million this holiday weekend. i sat down with the cast including disney newbie taraji p. henson. >> holy cow.
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look at all this stuff! >> john c. reilly and sarah silverman are back as ralph and vanellope who dive into the worldwide web and meet yess. >> i'm talking tumbler, instagram, machineable pied pipers. >> i wanted to know how addicted to the web the stars are so we played a little round of breaks the internet speed round. >> when was the last time you googled yourself? >> probably back when i first got started when i didn't have a lot going on. i was like did they catch this? what about this interview and now i don't want to google myself. >> i can't believe i don't have the game anymore. >> what's the website you go to the most? >> well, twitter probably. i get all my news from twitter and "entertainment tonight". >> ah i love that. >> the reason i'm here is because i heard a little tumor -- uh rumor. i heard a rumor. >> what's the craziest thing of yours that you've heard or saw being sold on ebay? >> i don't think there's much. people are not selling locks of john c. reilly's hair. you know, like, i'm not one of the beatles or something.
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>> it's like looking into my soul. >> so which one of these moments in the last couple of years do you actually think broke the internet? i'm going to give you three choices, kim kardashian's butt on the cover of "paper" magazine -- >> we've seen it enough. >> -- prince harry's and meghan markle's first wedding kiss photo coming out of the show -- >> probably that. >> -- or beyonce dropping the "lemonade" album and videos to go with it. >> probably that. probably. probably beyonce drop because she was the first artist to ever do that and it clearly broke the internet. ♪ they don't love you like i love you ♪ >> she broke the internet. she broke the super bowl. beyonce breaking up stuff y'all in a good way. >> just wrecking it. okay. that was corny. coming up -- >> i think i'm a pretty loveable guy. >> listen up, ladies. "creed" michael b. jordan reveals what he's looking for in the perfect girlfriend. plus, how meghan markle's not letting her pregnancy step on her style. and the biggest vampire movie of all time turns 10. we've got fun facts even twi-hards never knew about the franchise. but first, mahershala ali's new movie "green book" could earn him another oscar and is
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being honored at the palm springs international film festival in january. >> some guy called offer here a doctor. he's looking for a driver. you interested? >> i'm not a medical doctor. i'm a musician. >> set in the deep south in the 1960s and based on a true story mahershala plays a world class pianist. viggo mortensen co-stars as his tough guy driver. >> oh, i'm gonna get grease on my blankie. >> i think it should be a reminder of the capacity of our communities to really recognize the humanity of other people. >> it's a movie that five years, ten years from now, it's gonna hold up.
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nance o'dell and kevin frazier are sharing their tips for working moms and dads.
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♪ look at meghan markle bringing some thanksgiving spirit to london. that's the same kitchen she hooked up with on a best-selling cookbook for charity. >> the most impressive part of meghan's visit? check it out? still rockin' heels. speaking of rockin' hailee steinfeld is a double threat
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singer and actress and she's putting both skills to use on her new movie "bumblebee" as cameron mathison found out when "e.t." was on set. >> music can help you say what you're feeling. try this. ♪ >> any opportunities for you to maybe singing in this film? maybe a bit of "pitch perfect." >> yeah, i guess you never know. if not, maybe hailee has a part in it. >> yeah, hailee sings on "the bumblebee" movie soundtrack, the song's called "back to life." ♪ and you're bringing me back to life ♪ >> my character charlie is a total bad ass. she's edgy and cool and she kind of pushes the envelope a little bit. >> i should have never left you. >> "e.t." was on set of the "transformers" original story which takes place back in the '80s. john cena also stars as the mysterious government agent. >> there's a door in my way. >> blow it up. >> take it down. fight back.
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>> hailee wasn't even born in the '80s. >> yeah. >> a little depressing for me thinking about that. >> it is for me too. >> i was negative seven. >> you were negative seven? you were negative seven in the '80s? >> but the hardest thing for 21-year-old hailee? knowing most of the special effects would be added later. >> what's that like for you as an actress to be working opposite nothing? >> yeah, basically nothing. my imagination has been getting a real work out on this movie, but it's been amazing. >> sounds good, thanks. >> speaking of amazing, it will be amazing here on the streets behind us during the thanksgiving parade tomorrow. you can watch it on cbs. more on the parade coming up. still ahead -- >> it's so tough to live a regular life and keep that type of physique. >> we sit down with michael b. jordan. he looks like this but -- >> is he a good kisser. >> you're the first person to
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ask me that. >> plus only we're on set of dirty john. then twilight turns 10. our flashback with the cast. ♪ >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> have you ever hooked via direct messages? >> yes, i have. i have. i have. i'm human. i'm human. >> apparently it does go down in the dm. michael b. jordan dropped that little gem on "ellen" yesterday and when i sat down with the "creed two" star i had to dig a little deeper on the romance front. women around the world will kill me if i don't ask. what will it take to sweep you off your feet. >> equally passionate about something that they care about, you know, a sense of humor, you know, all the things, the checklist.
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>> but you're an aquaria, right? >> i am. >> so you're hard to love. i think i'm pretty loveable guy actually, but i am a complicated person. i don't know. someone who could challenge me at the same time, gorgeous, beautiful, all the other good stuff. >> yeah we know you guys are visual. >> i'll confess we ladies are pretty visual too and in "creed two" michael does not disappoint. >> you're leaner. what was your body fat? >> i was under 5% for sure but i'm not sure. it's almost impossible to walk around in real life like that. it's so tough to live a regular life or any type of life and keep that type of physique. >> it's time, kid. >> what else to look out for, a reunion 33 years in the making. sly stallone face-to-face with "rocky four's" dolph lundgren and his exwife brigitte nielsen. >> how did y'all make that happen? >> i don't know. it was sly pulling in favors. those guys on screen together, those guys off screen together is magic. it's gold. >> i'll beat him. >> you better. >> also gold, the love story between michael and tessa
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thompson. >> is he a good kisser? >> oh, goodness. do you know what, you are the first person to ask me that. i get a lot of questions about his body, his physique, but not about his kissing skills. you know what, i cannot deny or confirm. >> i'm going to err on the side of confirmation. when you see the movie, you'll see what i'm talking about. well, you can expect a lot of kissing and a few other crazy things to go down between connie britton and eric bana in their new true crime series "dirty john" and only "e.t." online's lauren zima was on set. >> i'm debra. >> i'm john. >> hi. >> you look gorgeous. >> i was just blown away and just hooked by the story and the characters. >> were you looking in there? how dare you. >> were you watching me? >> maybe. >> i don't know who he really is. >> it's a story like no other. >> in "dirty john" a successful interior designer falls for a handsome doctor, but things take a dark turn when she discovers his past. >> threats, harassment,
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intimidation. >> they all say it's you. what kind of person does that? >> this scripted series based on a true story that was first documented in a popular podcast last year. >> i couldn't believe it. as i was listening to it, i was so intrigued by the turn of events and the things that happen towards the end. >> i've spoken to debra quite a bit, who is the character i play, debra newall, and it's been really, really helpful to get to talk to her. >> so he's a doctor and a nurse or he's just not a doctor? >> you're working with connie britton who's got that hair. she's known for it. >> i've touched it actually. >> you've touched hair? wow, eric. >> i get a couple scenes i get in hands in there. >> john makes me feel so special. >> eric told me he got to touch the hair. >> well, yes, he did. he seemed real thrilled about it. >> still, eric says working with connie was a definite bucket list moment. as for who's on connie's co-star wish list? >> eric bana, check it.
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did it. >> i certainly am thankful for that. let's get back to "e.t.'s" own thanksgiving duo, not the turkey, the did yuo in new york. i feel you guys. it's cold here, around the high 60s. >> listen, you know who loves all this cold weather? vampires. >> and ten years ago today "twilight" introduced us to the most romantic one of all time, edward cullen. but twi-hards aren't the only ones feeling extra grateful today. the film's stars are too. >> certain memories will be close to you forever. so it will never be normal to say something was that long ago. >> say it. >> vampire. >> the whole ride's been really great. i've just been incredibly lucky in my career and my life. i'm really appreciative of everything. >> are you afraid? >> no. >> five films, $3.3 billion. a decade later the "twilight"
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saga is still the highest grossing teen romance series and "e.t." was there from the start. >> when you get teenage girls on your side, they are very loyal. obsessively loyal. >> i think the fans feel a real personal connection to it. i think it's just really passionate. >> kristen was 17 when she landed the role of bella, a high schooler who falls in love with a vampire. robert was 21 and their director warned him about developing feelings for his underage co-star. >> did you feel that chemistry from the first day? did you know he was your vampire? >> yes. no, there was really no other -- there was really no other choice. >> i want you always. >> in 2009 fans freaked out when the pair started dating off screen. they were together almost four years until kristen admitted to cheating. ♪ as for some on-set secrets, robert later revealed he was almost fired from the film for trying to make edward's character too serious. and despite pulling in big bucks at the box office, the production was on a tight budget. >> we had a lot of stunts
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because we didn't have a lot of money for big special effects. we have had to pull it off for real. >> you better hold on tight spider monkey. >> who needs special effects it was perfect the way it was. bad news for those twi-hards holding out hope for another book. author stephanie meyer said she's over it and that for her it's quote not a happy place to be. sorry. >> some of that might have to do you with the fact that her net worth is a reported $125 million. she's good. when we come back the big stars joining us for par kron-4 news at eight: the first in a series of storms .... making its way through the bay area. the rain picking up at this hour ... we are tracking the november storm... and how long it will last. and wet roads making for a messy holiday travelers coped with the difficult commute...on the roads at the
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airport. plus. if you're headed to the sierra for the holidays..there's a winter storm warning in effect i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. at eight -- is next. on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. >> travel consideration provided by -- the stage is set. we are ready for the big day tomorrow. we will be coming at you live tomorrow on cbs starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> and we'll be in good company. with "fbi" star sela ward stopping by. >> also joe regalbuto from "murphy brown" and "madam secretary's" erich bergen. we will all be huddled together trying to stay warm. but you can be nice and toasty
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on your couch. now at eight ... it's good ...
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a blessing from god ... it's good! ... i think it's wonderful and we need more of itprayers are answered as the first storm of the season scrubs our air and douses the risk of wildfires,whooshthe wet roads making turning the holiday getaway into a nightmare.seen way to many single vehicle spinoutswhoosh and up in butte county, the search for victims of the camp fire turns into a race against the elements. (ken) now at 8. rain creating hazardous conditions on bay area roads.. as people look to getaway for the thanksgiving holiday. showers came down for most of the afternoon commute.... (pam) take a look at the radar showing where there is rain at this hour..


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