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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 25, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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hollywood parents give thanks for their kids. >> i wake up. diapers are changed. they change my diapers. >> george clooney talking about college. >> got to go to school at some point. i didn't. >> plus jessica simpson gets real about her pregnancy. her first fit since revealing baby news. >> stick the stomach out, pop out the hips, just waddle. >> i'm squeezing into whatever i can squeeze into. >> why carry underwood's
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pregnancy hasn't been so easy. >> power pink star's kid. >> you do it yourself. why impressed with me. >> plus ron howard and daughter reveal what you never knew about their famous family. >> in prepping for this interview did you google me? >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> clooney on his twins, jessica on her nithird baby, talking al about family this thanksgiving weekend. >> and we have celebs interviewing their moms and let's begin with very pregnant celebrity mother to be, jessica simpson telling all. >> i had baby fever but i didn't know that like, i really needed a thermometer.
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>> so how did we get here. we definitely always love to practice, we actually weren't practicing much so i don't understand. this might be a miracle baby. >> she was showing and glowing last month since baby three. will join maxwell drew and next year. >> kids are so excited. they ask me crazy questions i can't say on tv. how does the baby come out. i think i'm too honest and he's like i don't think we need to give out all that. >> cravings? with a girl i want pop tarts and cinnamon roles and gummy buries and cherries. >> bring it on. >> does your style change? do you wear sweat orz rock the heels a lot. >> this time i can't rock the heels, i don't know why, my feet
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grew with every pregnancy and i'm very sad to change my shoe size again. maxwell in this one will have all of the shoes from size seven to 8.5. >> i don't know, jess seems to be rocking those six inch heels pretty darn well. she uses frozen food to help with her swollen feet. one of the reasons the 38-year-old received fashion icon award at on sale gala. >> tonight you're honored as first ever fashion icon. >> i truly feel being iconic no matter if you are in sweats or a t-shirt or a gown it's always exuding the beauty that you feel within. >> what are your other pregnancy secrets. >> i go with the badle. immediately when i found out i was pregnant it's like stick the
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stomach out and just own the waddle that is my strut. >> even with baby three on the way she's not slowing down. she's expanded her $1 billion fashion empire into beauty and fragran fragrance. >> being southern girl i'm all by my make up. i know about those down days and sometimes we need a lash, something to get us going. ♪ >> jess is very hands on. the one person who gets the final say is six-year-old maxwell drew. >> she's very strong in her opinion. the other day i was trying to make her wear this gucci jacket i bought her. she's like no gucci. i was like what! you can't say that. >> she's just as excited for her baby sister on the way. no doubt they're they'll love playing dress up. we helped to get the wardrobe started with this. >> that's so sweet. i feel like she's this size
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right now. >> now to this star mom to be again, carry underwood. >> one of my favorites. we taked to her weeks after the announcement she and hubby mike fisher were expecting another baby kvm ♪ >> it's definitely different than the first time this one's a little harder on my body for some reason. i'm squeezing myself into what's dresses i can squeeze myself into it. >> the 35-year-old gave us baby update and explained why it's hard to prepare for the growing family. >> we have picked out a name but keeping it to ourselves right now. haven't bought anything yet. cribs and stuff for my son. we're about to move. i'll start buying stuff once we're there. would be pointless to buy it now
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and then move it. >> mike and isaiah and i are absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond. >> earlier this month she revealed she's having a boy. it happened at the cma awards as cohost brad paisley pushed. >> waylon or willie. >> that doesn't even make sense. >> come on. >> no. >> come on. >> oh, my gosh it's a willie. >> it was emotional night for carry who won female vocalist of the time and brought the audience to their feet with her breath taking performance. ♪ a source tells "e.t." this pregnancy represents a new beginning after quote a very challenging year. last november carry suffered a serious fall that required 40 stitches to her face.
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♪ >> the country star also made it clear she won't be taking a career break any time soon. her new album dropped in september and her cry 360 tour kicks off next may only few months after the birth. >> this has been a dream come true with album and baby news, all that stuff. we're just so excited and so glad you guys can share in it with us. >> we love that lady now to george clooney having a great time on the set of his project talking about his baby with amal exclusively to "e.t." >> i wake up, diapers are changed, they change my diapers. and then i actually make coffee for my wife and myself and we actually go to work. >> all in a day's work for super dad george clooney. >> when i was young and lively
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they put me in a suit. things have changed. >> when you see this it's going to look like new york. if i was going to go like this. >> only one of few of the commercial marshalls george speaks in. and he delivers. his queen game of tloens one time ruler, natalie. >> to save the kingdom what does thou desire. >> i've been waiting for some good, honorable knight. >> young. >> sorry, young. young. >> he's living his best life. thanks to this contract and sale of his tick illa brand he's highest paid actor 201 without starring in a single film.
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>> now i have to pay for these children i have. they got to go to school at some point, i hear. i didn't. >> i can see george's entire product it is up on >> on the way more star parents look exactly like you. eva longoria exclusive on her new baby boy and chrissy teigen dropping thanksgiving truth s about her hubby john legend. >> he's a aggressive cuddler. >> i got a little emotional. >> but first it was a family affair in the ball room for dancing with the stars conte contestant ziggler who's big sister maddie made a surprise appearance. who was featured in some of the videos. and mckenzie dedicated this one
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to her. >> she's my best friend biggest supporter. she's very jealous because she's always wanted to learn ball room and been on dancing with the stars. she's jealous, i like it because usually i'm the one jealous of her. so i like it a lot. her. so i like it a lot. ha, ha. how's your cough? i'm good. i took 12-hour mucinex and sent it far away. hey buddy, have you seen a nice woman with a cough? woahhh! mucinex dm releases fast and lasts 12-hours, not 4. send coughs far away all day. that grandpa's nose i can'is performing "flight of the bumblebee?" ♪ no, you goof. i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. nice. i know, right? ♪ [nose plays a jazzy saxophone tune]
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and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicis. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. >> welcome back everybody to our celebrity family special on this thanksgiving weekend. talking to star parents and eva longoria just joined the club. >> she's such a cute momma. clearly blessed with baby son santiago. >> what's he doing to melt your heart at this moment. >> he's laughing a lot now. for the first two months was a beautiful blob and now grabbing and reacting and touching my
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face. every stage is my favorite. >> eva is making sure to raise him right, she brings him to set, teaches him it's important to read and above all that you got to pay it forward. we were there as eva visited the athletic leadership school spreadinher message of girl power. >> no better way to teach them about it then to show them. that's what he's doing now. this is his stage. just sticking out his tongue. >> he looks exactly like. >> we sat in august with eva to talk about family comedy "dog days". >> he's such a dream. good baby knock on wood. so easy. so sweet. it's going way too fast. i'm like stop growing. he's going to be 18 and have a job soon and i've been with him day and night for seven weeks the best time of my life.
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this is the first time i've had make up on and he's like who you are. where's my mom. >> at the time she relied on her husband and friends for support. >> carry washington is basically my doula. >> what's the best piece of advice she's given you. >> to follow your own instincts. i have a baby nurse, my mom, my mother-in-law, she's like, you know, you have the best instinct. >> we also asked eva does it mean more babies in the future and she said let recover from this one and she'll let us know. okay. now i was also with this stylish new mom chrissy teigen gave birth to son myles in may and talking about beauty fails to beauty obsession to her picture-perfect marriage which i found out actually is perfect. ♪ >> from the outside looking in, you guys, just the funniest,
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cutest couple what would be surprised to learn about you guys. >> we sleep naked but you probably already knew that. >> i imagined it. not going to lie. >> maybe this will surprise you. he's like very crazy aggressive cuddler, wants to hold very hard. >> oh. >> and i get very hot. very hot. i'm like crawling to the side of the bed. >> "entertainment tonight" big headline, john is a crazy cuddler. >> sit back and buckle up and hold on, chrissy is confisting all. biggest regret she doesn't want to repeat. >> wow it's bad. i wish i could tell him how much is riding on the eyebrows rest of your life. >> you're going to put up some pictures. >> i'm mortified to just show you. >> as a mom she's ditching the hair extensions, who has time
7:16 pm
when you got school drop off. >> taking kid to school basically, big hat, my nub of a pony tail, i took all of the hair out i couldn't maintain it any more. i love a lid then you can slap on giant pair of sun glasses and nobody knows what's happening under there. >> is there a social media break in your future. >> no! i can't imagine. if twitter ends up like myspace i don't many what i will do. >> she did her crazy collection with becca cosmetics. check out mobile in the making. >> delicious vanilla icing. i order it a lot. >> you ordered if? >> yeah. you have to support yourself whose going to do it. >> up next it was bring your baby to work day and john stamos
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invited "e.t." along and what happened. and inside the mommy-daughter duet that will melt your heart. >> and who took over river dale before kelly ripa hit the
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>> welcome back to our star family special, we get to see holiday parents have a little take your sons and doubt aughte work day. >> it's a family affair. >> i love when you sing. >> so much fun when fuller brought this guy. >> what milestones lately. >> he's pooping a lot of and he smiles and laughs, oh, look.
7:20 pm
>> well, have mercy, baby billy is nearly eight months old already and one of the biggest milestones happened the day weer on the set when he met his fuller house family for the first time. >> this is important moment known them for 30 years and talked about kids and now get to have mine on. >> you just want to eat them, so yummy. >> so excited. >> all of a sudden you see it. you know. there's kimmy gibbler holding my baby. geeked out a little bit. i got a little emotional. >> we were with the cast when they shot this whole party was planned around a balloon that won't pop.
7:21 pm
>> i've done parties for less. >> they were with us a lot and helping out and wouldn't let me hold the baby. >> i love him. eat him up. >> you ever think billy could get into act sng. >> no. i would hope not. it's a hard life. lot of people gave us have mercy shirts and jesse and ripper stuff. >> john said his wife has baby fever and hoping to make billy a big brother soon, wants a baby girl. now pink's daughter willow caught in the recording studio and adorable footage we heard her belt out amazing dreams for the new sound track. ♪ i think of what the world could see ♪ ♪ vision of the one i see ♪ million dreams was all it's
7:22 pm
gonna take ♪ ♪ >> the look of pride from pink is second only to the way willow lovingly gazes at her mom turned singing coach. ♪ we may be right ♪ may be wrong ♪ but i want to bring you along. >> i grew up listening to answery aanswer anny and no one has done this for my heart since i was a little girl and for her to finally have something like this. >> how proud of your mommy are you. >> very. >> this precious mommy-daughter duo has been stealing our hearts for years. >> what did you think of mommy's performance today. >> it was good. >> like awesome good or kind of good. >> awesome good. >> hey i got an awesome. >> it's clear pink's priority is to cultivate willow's confidence and independence. >> she's not very impressed by me. which i like. right. can you do it yourself why would you be impressed.
7:23 pm
>> i think you're fun. >> why? >> because your fun, i'm glad i had you. >> i mean, it's basically her mini-me. >> it really is. >> what a little voice, just like momma. let's move on to this dead ringer. for a very good reason, this is kelly ripa's sun and joined on dad's "river dale" and we were on set. >> it's a bucket list for us. to have our son at least him play me. you know some of the crew here didn't know it was him and they're like, oh, my god, they really did a great job. he looks just like him. >> what's that, herb. >> they're fiddler rocks, new, just hit the street. >> this is the 21-year-old college student's first ever acting gig and yep he had to audition. >> how did you prepare for the
7:24 pm
role? did you watch scenes of your dad. >> i did, i did. i watched kind of the way he moves. i was searching for ticks or anything. >> you have a tick? >> you don't really. >> the episode played homage to the cult classic the breakfast club for good reason. >> will you not talk. >> while you're here today you will not talk. >> the same guest star as principal. it's been 33 years since breakfast club premiered and anthony was 16 at the time. >> i'm very, very fortunate i was able to start my career that way. >> as for the start of michael's acting career, he's on board with the and fan domi that will follow. >> someone else following in dad's famous footsteps wayne brady 15-year-old daughter miley, proud papa took his
7:25 pm
little girl on set. >> i feel like a giddy stage dad. it makes me want to cry. i had a couple near-tear moments. >> proud papa is an under statement, she followed his acting footsteps on a guest starring role on bold and beautiful. >> what's his sage advice to his only child. >> don't have to be famous just get really good. that's really good now in the day of social media. >> preach. >> here we are best seat of the car with the best date in the world. >> these two have a tight bond and love to perform together. ♪ >> i just love talent, when it happens to be in your house, hi to tape it and next thing you know we're talking about it and then we're on "bold and beautiful" pretty cool. >> but will they ever work together professionally. >> dressed up for halloween. >> stop putting my business out in the streets.
7:26 pm
one day for two of us to be on stage together or on camera, that's the dream, is if we could be on broadway together. >> straight ahead celebs and they're parents and melissa mccarthy's mom. >> for the record terrible advice. >> and super model kicked off the runway. >> they sent me home. >> and anthony anderson's mom at it again. how she took over his "e.t." interview. >> momma you -- momma! >> closed captioning provided by -- you're headed down the highway
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before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other sig of infection, liver or kidney problems, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant. common side effects include low red blood cell and low platelet counts, infections, tiredness, nausea, sore mouth, abnormalities in liver blood tests, diarrhea, hair thinning or loss, vomiting, rash, and loss of appetite. carla calls it her new normal because a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance. the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. >> welcome back to our star family special with celebs interviewing their moms. melissa mccarthy very thankful for her mom sandra because she was there to support her daughter even when melissa least
7:30 pm
expected it. >> when i said i'm not going to go back to college. i'm going to do stand up. my mom's like i think that's a good idea. for the record terrible advice but i love you said it. >> when melissa moved to nyc had $25 and in 24 hours later had first stand up gig and now made $18 million last year. >> i have a crazy mid-west earn work ethic i got from my mom and dad that worked really hard their whole lives and i watched that. >> the 48-year-old grew up on i farm in illinois and without mom would have quit acting. and her mom even paid her daughter's rent. >> you're the nicest human being i know. it's true. made of marzapan. >> they posted for picks and it's clear where melissa gets
7:31 pm
her carefree attitude from. >> what's the best part about getting older? >> my cat racks. >> how much less you worry about all of the silly stuff, don't you think? you really don't. >> what a nut. you see where she gets it from, right. melissa is all about family. her family appeared in life of the party. >> keep it in the family. now to a another star keeping in the family "blackish" is in season five but anthony telephone numb anderson also hosted game show this summer. with his momma. >> i like her, does she have a name? >> yes, bobby. drunk bobby. right. >> ha, ha. >> meet mama door is her true
7:32 pm
passion always been act and put her dreams on hold to raise anthony and this year living her best life as his side kick on "to tell the truth". >> which of the celebrities look most gullible. >> what is it will anthony and momma doris makes us all bust our side, laugh and be happy. those two together. like there's no delay button. there's no ethics of not coming to her room. >> anthony told me once he doesn't have a middle name is that true. >> yeah what the [ bleep ] about that. >> she's definitely not one to mince words but even can't deny anthony made amazing things happen for her. like the time she got to meet oprah. >> momma oprah wants to take a picture will you come out. >> honey i got to zbli.
7:33 pm
>> she does. >> did you guys go on a trip for your birthday. >> he took me to bahamas to see my love michael jordan. >> when you met him what did do you. >> [ bleep ]. >> miss doris i am not going to be the one to tell you you can't. she did tell me the biggest celebrity anthony has introduced her to is denzel. yeah, i like that. let's talk about this celeb and her mom, tyra and her mom, wrote a book "perfect is boring" which is the last thing these two will ever be. >> let's play a game fix it or flaunt it, cellulite. >> fix it. believe me if there was a procedure i'd do it. >> i think wrinkles are sign of wisdom. >> they confess all.
7:34 pm
44-year-old reveals she got a nose job and admits she was originally rejected by victorious secret because the glass many team struggled to do her hair. >> they sent me home. >> remember this iconic tv moment. >> tyra pork chop america's next top waddles. >> 160 pound tyra fighting back against the fat shamers. >> i have one thing to say to you, kiss my fat ass. >> i read in the book you wanted to do it over so you wouldn't cry. >> yes, i have a responsibility to be strong and noble to say kiss my fat ass and i fought any emotion and breaking and tears was weak. >> i met up with tyra and her mom to talk about their book "perfect is boring "and found out about soon to be sible for
7:35 pm
her three-year-old. >> don't let him defended . >> i wanted three. >> coming up, the real mr. and mrs. smith, will and tatea tell all while she calls the decision to get married horrible. >> it was strangling me. >> stars and celeb kids. break it down f "e.t." the questions that caught them off guard. >>t was really shocking.
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>> he shares crazy hollywood stories and mother-daughter confidential ever. >> what's the worse luck with a guy before zbldad. >> wow. >> okay more difficult dude than your dad. >> that's ahead but birthdays, which anchor man stars, the birthplace of the busy cat doll, yo with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you never know how your skin will look. and it can feel like no matter what you do, you're itching all the time. but even though you see and feel your eczema on the surface of your skin, an overly sensitive immune system deep within your skin might actually be causing your eczema. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema
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details at welcome back everybody to our special on this thanksgiving weekend. sometimes uncomfortable moments happen around the holiday dinner table but last month for will and jada smith were like no other. >> tears, bitterness, laid it all on the table literally. >> i just felt like my life had got constricted into this little box and it was strangling me basically. >> jada's an actress but she had two babies and had to be home to raise her babies while i got to do everything i wanted to do. i felt that money and winning made a good relationship. >> a stunningly candid conversation, jada opened up about the depression that came
7:47 pm
along with keeping up appearances mr. and mr. smith. >> did you ever feel jada was ungrateful? >> hell yeah i said i built this house for you. she said you built this house for you. i was like what you talking about jada. >> i didn't want people to feel a certain way about will. wasn't really anything he could do. >> i was failing mississippier . >> i was failing miserably but on the outside i was winning. >> everyone feels that way at some point. your husband fails at everything. >> nothing was off limit with this table talk. >> i was so upset i had to have a wedding. cried the whole way. >> and i was like -- hey. >> was like hey. >> she be all right. don't worry. >> the reason she was so upset her mom adrian pressured them to
7:48 pm
have a big zbleechevent. >> it was her wedding. she put the whole thing together. wouldn't let me have anything to do with. it was awful. she was not cooperative. i was like just get me through this. >> man the things we learn at the red table. let's move on to the howard family, movie legend ron howard and daughter, we know ron's a great director so did he pass that gene off to his daughter if their conversation is any indication, yeah. >> how did you prepare for this interview. >> right, right how did i prepare for this interview, well, if i recall i called you last night about 9:30 and told you what i thought you should ask me and i should ask you and followed with a bullet pointed e-mail. >> complete summation of your mo. you prepare. >> yes, i do. >> dad ron prepared also for the
7:49 pm
special "e.t." interview. >> did you get that when we went to bryce canyon. >> when your mom and sheryl and i were looking for names saw the red rock and go we'll go with bryce. >> and you both had red hair. would have been a problem if i didn't come out red head. >> i love the name bryce. >> it's a good thing bryce likes it. it's now synonymous with the jurassic world franchise. in sequel that hit theaters this summer audiences didn't get to see her in her infamous high heels. >> how happy were you to get the wardrobe change away from heels. >> i was so not down in the outfit at all. >> thought you liked it. >> loved it. >> you were bragging about running in heels. >> i exercise my ankles. i feel athletic. coming and doing this movie now one of the characters prepared to be on the island running from
7:50 pm
dinosaurs, it was so much easier. it was really shocking. i was like, this heel thing, there's like a handicap situation there. >> i could watch those two all day. no joke. now star mom with two doubters. leah thompson mother-daughter confidential about to get dishy and maybe a little bit unzbloxt wh comfortable. >> what's the worse luck you had with a guy beside dad a more difficult dude than your dad. >> leah unleashed and not holding back. thompson has been married to director howard d almost 30 years. once engaged to him during jaws. >> he was difficult. we were actors. we were young. your dad was a much more stable dude. >> this is the anniversary for
7:51 pm
just 3d. >> what do you remember most. >> i felt i acted more than i had. >> took me a while my first resume. >> and it worked. >> all three worked together in the drama of the year "spectacular men" and it is about two sisters journeys to find mr. right with a little motherly advice. >> you wrote a role for me as yo role for your mother as zoe. >> i came out of you. you housed me for so long in your stomach. you know my name. >> okay. so call it mommy-director brain but working together did inspire girl power emotion. >> you guys gave me the confidence. i think it's beautiful. >> beautiful and also a little too honest. >> what's your most vivid memory of being wild. >> well there was a whole streaking time in the 70s.
7:52 pm
>> cut, cut. >> leah your children don't want to visualize mom doing that. >> she was crazy. >> if i ever have to visualize mother doing that i'm taking off. >> no thankyou. >> well sophia vergarga shared details about being son to one of the most beautiful women in the world. >> what's it like growing up with a hot mom. >> all mothers are beautiful how about that. there you go. >> but your mom is on the sexiest women of the world list. >> in miami i went to catholic school and the priest would ask for autographs, my mom had calendars back then. he'd be like bring some for the staff. sure i done note what to think but okay. >> with current husband, you could call him a pretty cool
7:53 pm
step dad. >> do you ever feel like a third wheel. >> no, no, not at all. they're gross and couply and whatever. but like, i just don't hang out with them. >> actually he did follow in his mom's acting foot is it hes in the movie "destined to rise". >> i think i know what you're doing but i'm not sure. >> he's a cutie patooty but he has a gorgeous mom no wonder he looks the way he does. >> he even has a chihuahua an instagram star with over 8,000 followers. thought we could have a puppy play date with my dog. yeah didn't go so well. >> battle of egos. >> the dogs are growling at each other can it be over. we have to go. >> it's tough to be a dog mom
7:54 pm
and clearly he loves me so much. right.
7:55 pm
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7:57 pm
final look at your choices of which anchor man's garage was birthplace of the band. christina applegate celebrating turning 47 this weekend. happy birthday. >> monday on "e.t." we're in london with mel b, exclusive new details in her shocking tell all her dramatic past and spice girls future. >> there's lots of rumors out there. >> monday on "e.t." >> we're about out of time but more online before we go, music video "christmas every day d", f "winter in the air" featuring vocals from alum doolittle.
7:58 pm
>> have a good weekend everybody. bye-bye. ♪
7:59 pm
(jrs) just in time for the final stretch of the holiday weekend... ... a winter storm is bringing snow, wind, rain and flight delays and cancellations. if you were
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