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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 26, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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locally heavy rainfall, isolated thunderstorms and strong, gusty winds. a wind advisory may be needed from late wednesday night into thursday for a portion of the region. lingering showers will diminish thursday night into friday. total rainfall amounts from tuesday into friday look to range from 1 to 2 inches at lower elevations and from 3 to 6 inches in the coastal ranges. another quick moving system pushes through the bay area this weekend. more rainfall this week means the roads will be slick in many places across the bay area. the slippery conditions can be especially dangerous weekend. the bay area this pushes through the bay area this weekend. more rainfall this week means the roads will be slick in many places across the bay area. the slippery conditions can be especially dangerous along the freeways. kron4's dan thorn is live tonight with more on what police are saying about being prepared..dan? it's dry right now...but once the rain rolls in those roads can get dangerous and in some
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cases deadly..but police say it's mostly preventable if people plan ahead. if last week was any indication, rain can cause all sorts of problems for bay area drivers...just ask warriors star steph dash cam video shows his porsche taking a beating as rain fell along highway 24..sot: if you can leave ahead of time, plan ahead. officer baza with chp in oakland says when wet weather hits accidents can be preventable. if you prepare yourself..he says speed is often the biggest factor..sot: for some reason we like to drive faster when it's raining and i see it's kind of scary driving home. as for what you can do before you get behind the wheel...officer baza says to have a small checklist.. sot: check the tire pressure on your vehicles check your tires, make sure you leave with a full's also a good rule of thumb to have a spare tire. if you're
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traveling on the roads when 's raining it's important to keep an eye out for the shoulders..sot: especially on our freeways you're going to see an excess amount of water collect on the far left or far right lanes. nightime is also a big factor because it's more difficult see. police say to make sure your headlights are working and to have them on when you're using your windsheild wipers. reporting along i-80 in emeryville dan thorn kron4 news. (pam) you are taking a live look at s-f-o ... as a winter storm back east... is still causing delays tonight. at one point, more than
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10- million people across the midwest were under blizzard warnings. on sunday ... more than 15-hundred flights were cancelled. with delays to more than five- thousand. (pam) the ripple effect of delays and cancellations was felt here in the bay area as well. according to airport officials with s-f-o, monday evening there was 209 flights delayed and 19 cancellations.. the spokesperson says, delays from chicago... new york... and boston were weather related. one traveler who flew into san francisco from chicago said, there were hundreds of cancellations at o'hare airport.. she is glad they got out.. "we were lucky only delayed for 2.5 hours" s-f-o says snow storms are a big problem because they cause visibility and de-icing issues. (pam) you can stay connected on is storm with our kron-4 mobile app. there you will find full forecasts... and get push alerts about the weather in your neighborhood. it's all on the kron-4 mobile app
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concern in san mateo county tonight ...after a spike in home burglaries in one community-- and now police are searching for the suspects the thieves hit while many people were out enjoying the long holiday weekend... and now police are patrolling different neighborhoods in the area... to prevent it from happening again... kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from the hillsborough police department .... with some details on the investigation. these burglaries aren't just happening in one part of town ..... thieves have been targeting different neighborhoods throughout hillsborough..pkgthe culprits m-o ... breaking the glass of a rear sliding door or window to gain is pretty concerningin most cases, the homes that were targeted did not have security alarms installed or enabled. and each time, those families were not at home.residential burglaries increased between november 20th and the 24th ...due to this uptick in crime, police have increased their presence in both marked and unmarked vehicles throughout hillsborough.they have patrolled our areaauthorities say there is evidence that
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links some of the burglaries to the same suspects. all of those men wore hooded sweatshirts while committing their crimes.i spoke to one man whose home was burglarized a couple years ago. he has since installed alarmsit was nighttime and we heard the door open and footsteps coming in, but then the dog started barking and they left but then they took some stuff. standup police are currently processing images from footage they've a reminder they're strongly encouraging the use of burglar alarms and survellance systems.reporting live from hillsborough ... ar ... kron 4 news. tonight in san francisco... two people are in the hospital after the driver lost control of their
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car and crashed into an apartment building. in fact those two people had to be rescued. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live in san francisco. j.r. how are those two people doing this evening? (jr) they are in the hospital but in stable condition and expected to be okay after quite the afternoon. rescue crews forced to rip off a door as they saved the two people inside this car that crashed into a building and ended up in the basement.sot witnesses say the car was headed westbound on taraval street in the parkside neighborhood of san francisco around 4 in the afternoon. the driver hit another car, sped through an intersection, and crashed. sotofficers say it's unclear on what exactly went wrong. they weren't able to initially talk with those inside the car as they were rushed to the hospital. the driver is a woman in her 70's. the passenger a woman in her 50's. both are in stable condition and should alright. as for the building. it has nobeen red or yellow tagged. during our 6 p.m. live shot the owner of the building told us the foundation is intact.
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sot oc: heard a boom (jr) and so many people that i talked with heard that loud boom... a number of local firefighters are beginning to make their way back home to make their loud boom...heard that talked with people that i and so many (jr) and so many (jr) (jr) and so many people that i talked with heard that loud boom... (pam) loud boom... heard that boomsot oc: heard a intact. afternoon.quite the evening? news.... ar ... kron 4 news. (jr) (jr) and so many (jr) (pam) tonight... (pam) (pam) tonight... (ken ) (ken ) tonight... the death
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toll in the camp wildfire has risen to 88. after investigators determined human remains they thought belonged to two people .,...actually belonged to three. 203- people are still on a list of unaccounted for. meanwhile .. the fire is now 100-percent contained. the massive fire began the morning of november 8th, near the town of paradise .. it has since become the most destructive wildfire in california history. a number of local firefighters are beginning to make their way back home from butte county ... after spending days on the front line helping battle the camp fire. that wildfire is now contained ... and a majority of the search operations are also now complete. kron 4 had a chance to meet with some oakland firefighters who came home today. nat pack duration 2:32sot 1
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0:01 - 0:29cg in 0:14 dur 0:15 christopher landry, safety officer with california task force 4"we were up there for eight days. we were tasked with search and rescue of the burnt out area in the community of paradise and we did a primary and secondary search on all structures in the paradise area. our team completed 2,200 searches in our operational period. the crews worked relentless to ensure that every structure was thoroughly searched to give closure to those families that had lost so much."sot 2 0:30 - 0:51cg in 0:42 dur 0:09 tracey chin, battalion chief of oakland fire department"in this instance it was much more somber because it was in the context of finding individuals who were deceased, but in all essence cremated. they had met an unfortunate death to the wildfire. very, very different in that respect."sot 3 duration 0:52 - 1:51tracey chin "i think a lot of it for many of our members on the task force was to be able to bring closure to families who had loved ones who were missing and just want to know. i think at the end of the day everybody just wants to know if they are alive or not and have some part of them home with them. so that was the main focus of the mission and i believe we strived very hard to do that. emotions aside i think many of us tend to kind of put that on the back burner in order to accomplish the mission and the task at hand.
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i think after the event has occurred as far as our return home and spending time with our own families, i think that's when some of that will probably start to affect us. as i stated before, in the moment of the mission you really stay focused to get the job done because that's the expectation that people have of their first responders in their communities."sot4 duration 1:52 - 2:32tracey chin "so, i mean it's an incredible feeling for everybody to be able to come home and to go home and you're able to hug your loved ones and spend time with them and especially now around the holidays, i think it's an incredibly emotional kind of time. i think that's why most of us have up our thanksgiving to do this work because we knew how it impacts us and how people feel especially a lot of people in paradise and the butte county area. for them to be able to have that closure as well, they weren't able to spend thanksgiving with their loved ones, so it was very important for us to be able to help provide that closure." courtesiesall courtesy of oakland united search and rescue california task force 4 courtesy 1 in 0:32 dur 0:10 courtesy 2 in 1:15 dur 0:06 courtesy 3 in 2:00 dur 07
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(pam) and a related story .. lawsuits representing dozens of 'survivors' of the camp fire have already been filed. but today.. the first 'wrongful death' lawsuit was filed on behalf of two sisters who died in the blaze. bay area attorney mike danko accuses p-g-and-e of negligence ... in the deaths of barbara carlson and her sister, shirley haley. the lawsuit alleges a p- gand- e transmission line ... malfunctioned and ignited the camp fire .. and adds.. the utility had previous trouble
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with the line in a statement p-g-and- e did not react to the suit specifically... but says, safety is its top priority and that the cause of the fire has not been determined. a major port of entry into the u-s shut down. the chaos that erupted at the u-s mexico border as a group of migrants tried to cross. how the mayor of tijuana is responding... when we come back. (pam) plus -- thousands of people shopping on cyber monday .. and now all those packages will be delivered... what you can do to keep your packages safe from thieves... (ken) plus -- a vandal targets more than a dozen buildings in the east bay. leaving behind racial slurs.... hate messages.. and profanity.
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(ken) here in the bay area... workers at amazon's big warehouse in tracy... which it calls its fufillment center... are in overdrive tonight. amazon says, it is working to ship out 83- million packages worldwide by the end of today. the packages have to be single file... and you can see some of the packages starting to fall by the way side because they need to be lined up, before they can be scanned and loaded up ... on the way to their destinations. (ken) and as millions of people continue their holiday shopping online. a lot of packages are being delivered to the front doors of homes and business.(pam)
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unfortunatly, that also means thieves will be out looking for an easy score. kron 4's charles clifford explains what everyone can do to avoid having their items stolen. we've all seen videos like this one. a thief walks up to a home and steals a package. it happens all to often and far to few of these criminals get caught.but with online sales booming and home delievies increasing every year, the problem isn't going away anytime soon.sotso that christmas gift or hanukah gift, whatever gift you recieve. when that is from someone who may not lvie in the area and it's taken. that's personal.san mateo county supervisor david canepa is launching a public outreach effort to help people avoid getting their deliveries stolen.sotwe have seen it happen in the nine bay area counties. we want to make people aware. don't assume that if a package is delivered to your house your going to get it.canepa suggests that home shoppers insure their packages, if possible.arrange for an in-person delivery and request a signature confirmation. have packages delivered to your workplace or another secure location.sot if you do get a package maybe you can have it delieved to an amazon locker or the store where you purchased can also install a security camera to deter would be thieves or help law enforcement catch them after the the holiday season kicks off, canepa hopes that by taking some basic precautions fewer people will have their items taken.sotif you're away and you know what tools you have to prevent this, theres an easy solution.
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new easy solution.this, theres an easy solution. new easy solution. this, theres an easy solution. new video tonight surrounding the mysterious disappearance of retired bay area talk show host ray taliaferro ... he went missing on november 10th, but word did not go public until this past weekend..
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taliaferro, who is san francisco native, was last seen in paducah, kentucky .. he and his new wife had been looking at property in illinois, when he went missing. he was reportedly seen across the state line in kentucky at a pizza parlor and a church - which you see here .. talking with a church staffer. on november 16th, he was seen at a bank .. his rental car was recovered in the bank lot, but there has been no sign of him. his family says, the 79-year old is showing signs of the early 1970's he worked here at kron .. and started at kgo radio in 1977. (ken) tonight... police in the east bay are looking for help identifying a man suspected of going on a vandalism spree. these surveillance camera stills were released showing a man police believe is responsible police say more than 20 buildings in antioch were defaced with swastikas, racial slurs, and profanity. the first grafitti was spotted by an antioch resident leaving his church sunday morning after services. it was
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also spraypaint on cars in the city hall parking lot. more grafitti turned up the next day. anyone who recognizes him is asked to call police. a live look outside tonight... meterologist mabrisa meterologist mabrisa rodriguez has details. rain returns to the bay area on tuesday. light-moderate rain totals with this system on tuesday and tuesday night are forecast to range from 0.25-0.75" in the north bay, 0.10-0.25" for the rest of the san francisco bay area. more widespread rainfall likely wednesday into thursday. the midweek system will bring the potential for moderate to locally heavy rainfall, isolated thunderstorms and strong, gusty winds. a wind advisory may be needed from late wednesday night into thursday for a portion of the region. lingering showers will diminish thursday night into friday. total rainfall amounts from tuesday into friday look to range from 1 to 2 inches at lower elevations and from 3 to 6 inches in the coastal ranges. another quick moving system pushes through the bay area this weekend. (ken) dozens of migrants
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were dozens of (ken)
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(ken) arrested on both sides of a u.s.-mexico border crossing sunday. the u.s. deployed tear gas into mexico due to potentially violent migrant situation... and that has many people outraged.(pam) women and children were among the people tear- gassed... kron 4's grant lodes is here in the studio tonight... with details on this controversial move by the u-s border patrol.. and reaction from the tijuana mayor... grant? (grant) tear gas came into
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play after a protest on the southern border, as thousands of central american migrants seeking asylum in the u.s. hoped to enter the country through mexico. nearly five-hundred migrants rushed the border. border protection personnel confirmed its use of tear gas to disperse would-be crossers in response to agents being hit with rocks bottles.. u.s. officials arrested dozens and shut down the busiest port of entry along its mexico border... tijiuana's mayor is now responding to the situation in his city. despite photos and videos
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showing migrant families with young children running and screaming from a cloud of tear gas - president trump denied that federal agents along the border used it on women and children. but later today at an event in mississippi... he seemed to admit it happened.... but questioned why parents would have their kids in that situation, and notin that what was used was a quote: "very safe...and a very minor form of the tear gas itself" (pam) coming up -- as the latest mars lander reaches its final destination .... we'll check in with a local observatory .. keeping a close eye on every tense moment. (ken) and -- we now know who and what were behind a shoot- out with police in the south bay a few days ago. an update on the suspect and what police found.
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(touchdown confirmed 5 sec... laughter) (ken) nasa (ken) nasa engineers celebrated the culmination of the six month journey of the insight lander.... it's just the 8th space craft to ever reach the surface of mars.(ken) this mission differs from previous missions.... in that the project is focused on several key tasks, including studying "mars quakes". (pam) kron four's terisa estacio reports from chabot's space and science center in oakland. student, it was cool student, it took a lot of steps to land. nasa nats: "lander down" and with that another chapter in history for mars exploration begins. named the insight mission... this outer space robotic explorer is aptly named as it plans to gather key intelligence on the red planet... unlike other missions, insight will stay
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put in one position while it collects data. it contains several instruments to do so... including a seismometer, a heat flow and physical propertties pkacakge and an x band radio for precision dopple tracking. gerald meekgan, chabot "it is going to look atgerald mckeegan is an astromer with the chabot space and science center. meekegan. we are interested in a variety of issues, like water, where is it? the space and science center in oakland had a live stream of insight landing on mars, i caught up with some students from montessori school of fremont about watching it all.. rosalee gonzalez, student. it was really cool. roma agarwal, student. it was really neat... i liked watching it alot. insight is expected to be on the job for the next two years... another mars project is ithe works... as well, that one will be a rover with the goal to try and find life on the planet. in oakland, terisa etacio kron four news. news.
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(pam) the niners are commenting on the arrest and release of reuben foster. we will have their statements... when we come back. (lawrence)ten at ten (ken) the 49ers have cut star
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linebacker reuben foster because of domestic violence charges in florida. (pam) you may recall .. foster was accused of domestic violence last spring here in the bay area. .. and now he is accused again by the same woman but in florida. the charges in the spring were dropped .... but things have definitely changed as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now.. domestic violence charges against reuben foster were dropped last may after this woman, 28 year old elissa ennis, the same woman who is accusing him now, recanted her story but foster pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor weapons possession related to the case and what happened in florida might be grounds for
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new charges here says legal analyst steven clark.steven clark/legal analyst "....what the d.a. could do is this new event in tampa, florida could be the basis for a probation violation, where he could be sent to jail for up to one year because he is on probation..." in a statement, d.a. jeff rosen referenced the challenges of holding domestic violence abusers criminally accountable, saying quote, "...we are sad, though not surprised, and exploring the legal options...." again, steven clark.steven clark/legal analyst "....the d.a. could go back and revisit whether they want to re-charge mr foster for the events in los gatos, if ms ennis were to come across now and say here is why i said what i said on the stand initially and recant her recantation...." released by the 49ers after giving him a second chance, foster had no comment after posting bail in tampa. witnesses seeing foster push and slapennis. although her credibility could make it tough on florida prosecutors to prove their case says clark.sot steven clark/legal analyst "....because she has come across in court and said i have falsely accused people in the past and she did it in mr foster's preliminary hearing...."in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news (ken) about a gun battle that
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happened last friday in san jose... that caused many people to evacuate their homes. 31-year old mario caballero was arrested after that stand off between police. this is video of the stand- off on friday... but we're learning today... police were originally called out to the home twice on thursday but no-one was arrested. it wasn't until the call on friday when shots were fired. san jose police say caballero walked out of the house and shot at the officers. one returned fire, causing caballero to go in and barricade himself.
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chief eddie garcia / san jose police department: "merge deployed chemical agents into the residence and it successfully forced caballero to exit the second story window onto the roof. a police k-9 was used to take him into custody." 0:12 caballero was sent to the hospital with a gunshot wound and injuries because of the k-9. inside the home... chief garcia says they found two handguns, both of them reported stolen in burglaries. as is standard procedure, the officer who fired his gun is on paid administrative leave as this incident is investigated. ((pam)) berkeley police are still looking for the man who sexually assaulted a woman in her own home. it happened early sunday morning on blake street.police say, the man illegally entered the home just after six-in the morning, and sexually battered a woman inside. authorities say, another woman inside the home was not attacked.the suspect also stole several items from the home.if you have any information... you are asked to contact berkeley police. (pam) let's take a look outside right now... meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriquez joins us now with the four zone forecast. (pam) we've been tracking a rainstorm coming our way this week.(ken) mabrisa -- how much rain will we get? rain returns to the bay area on tuesday. light-moderate rain totals with this system on tuesday and tuesday night are forecast to range from 0.25-0.75" in the north bay, 0.10-0.25" for the rest of the san francisco bay area. more widespread rainfall likely wednesday into thursday. the midweek system wi bring the potential for moderate to locally heavy rainfall, isolated thunderstorms and stronggusty winds. a wind advisory may be needed from late wednesday night into thursday for a portion of the region. lingering showers will diminish thursday night into friday. total rainfall amounts from tuesday into friday look to range from 1 to 2 inches at lower elevations and from 3 to 6 inches in the coastal ranges. another quick moving system pushes through the bay area this weekend. (pam) (pam) it is going to take
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a lot more rain to help south bay reservoirs .. altogether they are only filled a little more than a quarter of what they can hold. the bay area did get some rain last week, but it was not enough to saturate the ground for any run off ... the calero reservoir is one of ten serving santa clara county , along with ground water sources that provide tap water for the community. right now, it stands at 35-point-9 -percent capacity... and altogether the reservoirs in the area are only at a 27 -percent average for capacity, but santa clara valley water district spokesperson marty grimes says.. it is nothing to worry about.
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year we do expect this time of year that our reservoirs are generally low because we do want to capture a lot of winter rain in those reservoirs."> grimes is grimes is also advising people to continue to conserve water. there is a state law that says you must turn off your irrigation systems when it rains and wait two days after it stops to turn them back on. (pam) two nooses were found on the grounds of the mississippi state capitol this morning-- along with signs referring to tuesday's senate special election.(ken) republican senator cindy hyde-smith faces former democratic congressman mike espy--in a senate race that's drawn attention to the state's history of racist violence. martin savidge reports. (nats)the race for mississippi's senate wasn't supposed to be close and it certainly wasn't supposed to be controversial.but republicans are now worried as new reporting reveals more and more about cindy hyde smith's
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past.she's supported at least two efforts to elevate mississippi's confederate history.cnn's k-file investigative team found she once co-sponsored a resolution that appeared to glorify the confederate cause.and according to the washington post, she backed a resolution in 2001 to re-name a mississippi highway after the president of the confederacy. this, as 2014 images emerge showing hyde smith posing in a confederate hat and holding a rifle.during they hyde smith's campaign she remarked she'd attend a public hanging if invited by a supporter.sen. cindy-hyde smith/ (r) mississippi"if he invited me to a public hanging, i'd be on the front row."and seemingly endorsed voter suppression on what she deemed to be liberal college campuses.sen. cindy-hyde smith/ (r) mississippi"so i think that's a great idea."she offered a partial apology for the public hanging remark.sen. cindy-hyde smith/ (r) mississippi"or anyone that was offended by my comments, i certainly apologize."but quickly added... sen. cindy-hyde smith/ (r) mississippi"i also recognize that this comment was twisted and it was a turned into a weapon to be used against me."
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it hasn't gone over well in a state that has a history of both.espy today: "someone told me that comment was the gift that keeps on giving." especially when her democratic opponent mike espy is african american.her opponent is using all this to his advantage in television ads.(nats) "so embarrassing she would be an embarrassment for mississippi." companies including walmart and major league baseball have requested refunds for their contributions to the hyde- smith campaign - a move espy suggests says she's bad for business.if he wins, espy would become mississippi's first african american senator since the end of the civil war. mike espy/ (d) senate candidate mississippi"i know i can't win only black votes. i tell everyone i need republicans, i need independents, i need people who have never voted before." but hyde-smith is hopeful a visit from president donald trump is a welcome distraction as she struggles to put a controversies behind her.pres. trump"i know she apologized and she misspoke, but i will tell you this, i've known her for a period of time now as a senator, she's been an excellent senator." (pam) there are calls tonight
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for a boycott against the san francisco giants... because of one of the owners' support of u-s senate candidate cindy hyde-smith.(ken) kron 4's haaziq madyun has more on the backlash the giants are feeling from all this. sotsotthe naacp and civil rights attorney john burris have joined together in calling for a boycott of the san francisco giants. this comes on the heels of learning that learning that one of the team's 30 owners, charles johnson, made a financial contribution to a mississippi politician, who while on the campiagn trail allegedly made racially insensitive comments about attending a public lynching
10:40 pm
black male?">burris says the comments are particularly troubling when viewed through the historic lens of the 1955 lynching of 14-year-old emmit tillsot giants president and ceo larry baer released a statement reading in part " the giants have more than 30 owners. just like our fans, they come from different backgrounds and have their own political views. many give to democratic causes, many to republican causes and some refrain from politics altogether. neither i nor anyone else at the giants can control who any of our owners support politically, just as we cannot and should not control whom any of our employees support politically." in san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news (pam) tesla's c-e- (pam)
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(pam) tesla's c-e-o elon musk admits .. his electric car company was just weeks away from going under.. earlier this year. musk says, tesla was facing a cash crunch, as it racked up about a billion dollars in debt obligations. the company was struggling to meet production targets for its model- three sedan. musk said, in an h-b-o interview sunday, that he practically moved into tesla's plant in fremont, california .. to put production back on track. the production targets were hit in june - and the company turned a profit last month for the first time since 2016. (pam) still ahead tonight -- a college marching band learns its rival's fight song.. in a show of sportsmanship... (ken) and -- we check up on tree orphaned bear cubs after i flew them to new homes. how they're doing... and when they'll be returned to the wild. (sports) coming up in
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sports, the warriors trailed by nearly 20-points in the 2nd half, and it only set the stage for an epic finish. another remarkable performance from the back to back champs.
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earlier this month, we took you along on a flight with some bears in the back of an airplane.(ken) now that the animals have settled into their new surroundings we wanted to check in to see how they're doing in tonight's in- depth report. natthese are the two bears we took to southern california last month... when they weighed about 20's how they look now... at about 65 pounds each.úmatt anderson/fund for animals146 the cubs are doing wonderfully. they're interacting with each other exactly as we'd hoped they would. 0150 they're eating well and they're exploring their habitat. 0153courtesy: humane society of the u.s.they were named mary and posa... because they were found in mariposa county... a brother
10:45 pm
and sister whose mother was hit and killed by a car.posa is the one with the white mark on his chest.after initially being taken to tahoe... it was decided they were too little to hibernate this winter without their mother... so i volunteered to fly them to the "fund for animals" sanctuary in san diego county where they can spend the winter soaking up the sun.this spring they'll be evaluated for release... and when the time is right will be returned to mariposa county.427 the inate behaviors will kick in, in terms of hunting particular food items, especially the fish when they're back in the wild. 433 after dropping off mary and posa last month... i picked up this bear named ojai to bring back to tahoe.he was all alone... and would be paired with another bear about the same age still sheltered in tahoe.denise upton/tahoe wildlife center2947 i think he was starved for a buddy because they just got together really fast. 2950now ojai and his new friend ponderosa are sleeping and playing together... and most important putting on weight.ojai is the one with the darker color fur. 22:2901 they're doing really well. they're getting fatter everyday. lots of fur. real fuzzy. 2905these bears now weigh almost 100 pounds... and will be big enough to hibernate.that will come within the next few weeks.2924 we give them big bales of straw and they make a big nest out of it and they just curl up and go to sleep. 2928the lake tahoe wildlife center has taken care of about a hundred bears over the last 18 years... some years a dozen or
10:46 pm
more... other years only a had 4 this also cares for just about ever other animal you can find in the forest... from chipmunks to bald eagles.but how they're cared for is about to change. nat driveconstruction has started on a much larger facility.26 acres off pioneer trail... a lot more room for everyone.tom ?/tahoe wildlife center1033 this new bear cage is ten times the size the current one. plus this will have an outside play area. 1040 so there is no limit. we can have 30 cubs in there. 1043 as more and more humans move into california's wildlands... there are bound to be more encounters with this summer a much larger facility will help care for those animals in need.1017 our purpose strictly is rehabilitation and release. get them back out into the wild where they belong. 1020
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both bear both bear sanctuaries say they will return the animals to the places where they were found... but want to make sure they're healthy and able to fend for themselves before being returned to the wild. (pam) (pam) now take a look at this -- this is video from washington state university right before the 20-18 apple cup game... kicked off in pullman, washington. the washington state cougars were up against the university of washington huskies ... and unfortunately, the washington husky band did not make it. a bus crash kept the college band from playing at the football game, so the cougar band learned and played their rival's fight song.
10:48 pm
they performed it during the pre-game activities. when the husky band learned of the gracious gesture, the husky band tweeted their gratitude... "thank you cougar band!" goes to show why there was no need to panic. last week-- the warriors dealing with drama on the roster... and their first four-game losing streak since steve kerr has been the head coach. now, it looks like steph curry is on his way back... and the champs are rolling again. --we go to oracle.. warriors hosting the magic. curry cleared to practice and there's a chance he plays later this week in toronto. --pick it up in the 2nd half, warriors were down by as many as 18... then, here's what jump started the rally. kevin durant chasedown block... on the other end, andre iguodala...pull up jumper is good --in the 4th, warriors within 5... durant top of the key...too easy. champs cut it to two.
10:49 pm
and you see draymond green loving what he's seeing. --later on, klay thompson getting into the mix.. catch and shoot... converts. and just like that, the warriors take the lead. --and this went back and forth.. thompson again... game tied at 107. klay...29-points on 6-of- 12 shooting from three. --in the final seconds, more excitement. warriors up 1... the top again...and there was no stopping this.. that's the over.. --warriors win 116-110... and durant with 49-points, 93-points in his last two games, the most in his career. up next, a five game road trip that starts in toronto now to a much more concerning topic-- reuben foster's time in santa clara is now officially over... the linebacker was arrested this weekend on charges of domestic violence. --foster is now reportedly back in the bay area...after being released on bond yesterday afternoon. --the incident happened saturday night at the team's hotel in tampa bay...and it involves elissa ennis, the
10:50 pm
same woman who accused him of domestic violence earlier this year before dropping the chargers. -this puts an end to his one-and-a-half year run with the niners... a time that saw him go through multiple off field issues..including substance abuse and weapons charges. --kyle shanahan on the decision to finally cut ties. "for that to come up for what did happen last year or earlier in this year, and then for what happened saturday with the same person at a team hotel, it's just hard to comprehend how you could put yourself in that situation again. i'm not okay with that regardless." the 49ers now in line for the number one pick. and the raiders...are still in the running. --the silver and black...drop to 2-and-9. - the ravens took advantage of big plays...scoring on special teams and defense. --ball control...also a significant factor...raiders had the ball for just about 8 minutes in the final two quarters. --jon gruden...after watching the film "we didn't have the ball very often in the
10:51 pm
second half, quite honestly. after the touchdown drive to make 20-17, i think we had a three-and-out. then when we got the ball back, we were down by 10. we didn't have many possessions in the second half. i think that would help, quite honestly. i have to do a better job, i'll just leave it at that." finally, monday night football...titans-texans. houston with a moment of silence pregame following the passing of team owner bob mcnair. of the hottest teams in the league right now... 2nd quarter-- backed up to the end zone... lamar miller changes it all on one play... 97-yards to the house. --34-17 your final...houston has won 8-in a row. (weather) coming up i'll have the
10:52 pm
seven day forecast.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
trump unveiled the decked halls of 1600 pennsylvania avenue in photos and a video on twitter.(pam) it is the
10:55 pm
second christmas at the white house for the trumps... and according to a press release the first lady designed the decorations. this year's theme is "american treasures." there are dozens of christmas trees on display... but as social media does iwthi everything.. it is paying close attention to the 40- red trees. the towering, berry red topiary - like trees... line the east wing hallway.... some on social media are making jokes.. accusing the first lady of having no taste, while others say, it is the classiest white house christmas they have seen. rain returns to the bay area on tuesday. light-moderate rain totals with this system on tuesday and tuesday night are forecast to range from 0.25-0.75" in the north bay, 0.10-0.25" for the rest of the san francisco bay area. more widespread rainfall likely wednesday into thursday. the midweek system will bring the potential for moderate to
10:56 pm
locally heavy rainfall, isolated thunderstorms and strong, gusty winds. a wind advisory may be needed from late wednesday night into thursday for a portion of the region. lingering showers will diminish thursday night into friday. total rainfall amounts from tuesday into friday look to range from 1 to 2 inches at lower elevations and from 3 to 6 inches in the coastal ranges. another quick moving system pushes through the bay area this weekend.
10:57 pm
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in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders a pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. i tried calling you last night. i was there. i'm a heavy sleeper. listen, you held the cash for the 50-50 raffle-- there should have been $240. you gave me $210. big deal. i miscounted. what is it, $20? $30, tommy. $40 minus ten. and you were late yesterday. five minutes. ten. since we're counting. it's getting worse. something going on? what, i'm the only one runs late?


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