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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 27, 2018 1:30am-2:01am PST

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♪ tonight mel b drops bombshell after bombshell. >> there's so much stuff out there about me. >> what she really thinks of victoria beckham, the hollywood "a" lister she calls the love of her life. >> why would i get into a spat like that. plus meghan and harry on the move. is a spat with william and kate to blame. >> i think the tension has continued. only i'm with aquaman and wonder woman. then everything we know about the any "lion king" including the music with beyonce and donald glover. >> i know the lyrics.
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don't worry. i was in fourth grade when this came out. >> this is "entertainment tonight". welcome everyone to london and the premiere of "aquaman." you guys have perfect timing. look who just hit the red carpet, jason momoa. keep it together niche. i'll be talking to him in just a second. but first, the big news here in britain, mel b dropping more bombshells and getting real about victoria beckham not joining the spice girls tour. >> honestly she said she doesn't want to go on tour. so you have to be respectful. >> is that annoying to the group? >> it's annoying to me because why not? but i mean she's got her reasons. >> what are her reasons? >> she's got her empire, her fashion line, her family and all of that kind of stuff. >> people could run that in her absence. >> stop it. >> mel b discussed posh on "good
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morning britain." and the singer dropped a bombshell from her new memoire "brutally honest." >> the great love of your life you say was eddie murphy. >> yes. >> he always will be. >> yeah. i've never really spoken about it before. >> it was love at first sight you say when you met him. >> yeah. >> we courted for quite sometime before -- do you wish you would stayed together? >> well, you can't say or wish or could have, should have, would have. it is what it is. >> yes, you can. >> well, i'm not gonna. it was like a love story that didn't have a happy perfect ending. at the end of the day we have a beautiful daughter, angel, who is 11 years old. she's actually with him while i'm here working. >> eddie actually refused to accept he was angel's father until it was confirmed by a court ordered dna test. mel b also talked about accusations that her exhusband steven belafonte abused her. but when a news anchor read his denial live on the air the singer became visibly annoyed. >> mr. belafonte has told us that there is new litigation planned. >> oh, god. i don't want to hear that. >> the allegations against him will be answered in full, which he denies. >> you shouldn't do the right of replay. he shouldn't have a platform. >> well, when he replies you can reply again.
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>> no. why would i? again would i want to get into a spat like that? >> unfortunately we have to whether we wanted to or not. >> i scored my own sit down with mel b. does she want to marry again? does she want eddie murphy back? i went there. yeah, i went there. you'll hear it all tomorrow. but right now some juicy royal news. is there tension between the fab four? >> harry and meghan are moving out of london's kensington palace and into this 10-bedroom country residence called frogmore cottage on the grounds of windsor castle. the move means they will no longer be neighbors to william and kate who live in a 20-room apartment at the palace. a royal source tells ethic there has been tension between the royal couples. but why? >> at the end of the day they don't have a lot in common. there's been a report of a bit of a rift. my source said the brothers
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looked ahead after the engagement announcement last year. harry privately felt and he told this to william that he didn't feel that william and kate were rolling out the red carpet. early on he did voice some concerns about how quickly the relationship with meghan was moving. >> "e.t." has also learned that meghan and kate have different interests and lead different lives, but the real reason for the move to the country is the royal baby to be. with their first child due in the spring, the duke and duchess of sussex just needed more space. they're currently living in nottingham cottage on the palace grounds which only has two bedrooms. >> meghan has set her sights on having a gym and yoga studio. >> the two couples will continue to work together on charity endeavors, but the two brothers are headed down very different paths. >> they are family and at the end of the day they'll work it
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out. it's all about comic book royalty in london and aquaman. this story also stars nicole kidman. >> i'm wearing a swim cap. >> jason's fish out of water moment might be his next gig. he'll be hosting "snl" next week. >> breaking news you're hosting in. >> bucket list. i wanted to be on "snl." i'm done. >> are you nervous? >> no i'm excited. >> could lisa come on and do a sketch. >> i would love it. >> >> meanwhile, back at home aquaman's fellow justice leaguer wonder woman, aka, gal gadot generated over $84 million at the holiday box office with "ralph breaks the internet." could it be because she sings a duet with sarah silverman in the animated sequel? ♪ i feel like my dreams are real ♪ ♪ no trace of a frown on your
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face ♪ >> i always practice without knowing what for, but it's been the first time i've ever sang in a movie and it's been great and i really liked it. >> the cast braved the cold weather to greet fans. >> the whole thing is girls shouldn't have to be uncomfortable to be in love and i'm in a dress. >> she's actually the one character i didn't work with in the studio because she was making a "wonder woman" film when we were recording. so i haven't met her yet. i'm hoping tonight. >> also we asked gal to give us something about "wonder woman, 1984" and she gave us two thumbs up. kevin, keltie, back to you in america. >> that's when you signed a rock solid nda and you can't say a word. >> it's all good. meanwhile, it's two thumbs up for chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger's relationship right now.
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>> yeah, two reasons, family and football. up first in tonight's know and tell, pratzenegger's first thanksgiving. >> what's a kennedy family holiday without flag football? chris witnessing their storied tradition in l.a. as he and the daughter of jfk's niece katherine schwarzenegger watched her brothers and friends from the sidelines with mom maria shriver. >> the couple together for five months has the full support of katherine's fam a source tells "e.t." maria feels they are a match made in heaven. next arod plays a thanksgiving trick on jlo. jennifer shocked when an invited mentalist seemingly turns her family dinner dead quiet. >> what? >> while it was just an epic prank lopez did have reason to believe. earlier alex appeared hypnotized unable to speak simple phrases like my love. >> i yummy you. i yummy you. >> this one should be easy to say for jlo's man of a year and a half, right?
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>> i yummy you. i yummy you. and finally blake and gwen trapped? >> you stuck, blake? >> this weekend stefani celebrated thanksgiving getting dirty with her boys and shelton at a bat cave near his oklahoma ranch. >> oh, my god. what's it like, blake? >> it took the mom of three some convincing to go in. >> you'll probably freak out if you get claustrophobic. >> i literally just had a panic attack. >> but eventually gwen did lower herself down to see several creatures. >> oh, it's not that bad. oh, my, god. >> 4-year-old son apollo emerged unharmed and very grateful. >> i survived! >> ain't no way. >> that's a deal breaker for me. i love you guys together, but it was a no. >> no. >> clearly it's always christmas for gwen and her boys. they already got christmas lights up at their house. coming up everyone's buzzing
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about the lion king's big roar. what until you hear what we know about simba's return. >> and -- >> "entertainment tonight." >> it's a spice girls flashback with 18-year-old mel b's audition tape. plus christmas with the legends. on set of their first holiday special. >> your favorite christmas memory growing up. >> oh, my gosh. but first "manifest" may be tv's number one new sci-fi thriller of the season, but having to get all emotional on camera hasn't stopped this cast from having a good time on set. >> we laugh way too much in very serious moments where you should not be laughing. we laugh. >> so if you don't laugh, well i think you'll just have to be put in a straight jacket. >> tonight's fall finale will bring fans a little closer to the truth about the passengers of flight 828 who mysteriously landed five years into the future. >> it's kind of this climatic
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episode where a lot of stuff (heavy rain) ♪ ♪ ♪
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disneyland living her best life and celebrating her 33rd birthday. the "big bang" star noting that it was nearly a year ago that her man karl cook popped the question, same place, same pose, same love, a year later. >> yep. >> kaley's actual birthday is this friday if you're getting her a gift. >> she's just getting ahead of it a bit, celebrating early. girl after my own heart. and i think, john legend and chrissy teigen getting a jump on the holidays with their first christmas special. ♪ wish you a merry christmas baby ♪ >> it's a house party at the legends'. so here is john and chrissy's christmas speed round. favorite dish that chrissy makes for the holidays. >> i love the new beef wellington we started doing that last year and it was amazing and it's gonna be a christmas tradition every year now. ♪ it's what christmas means to me my love ♪ >> friend and family including stevie wonder, kim kardashian and kris jenner, akwafina and derek hough are also part of "a legendary christmas with john and chrissy." >> favorite celebrity guest to carole with on this show. >> meghan trainor was a lot of
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fun. she brought extra sweaters and hats. ♪ and a partridge in a pear tree ♪ >> another guest, darren criss, both he and john won emmys this year, but in one category darren actually beat john. >> percentage chance that you and darren brought your emmys to christmas caroling. >> we did not, but we discussed how he beat me for an emmy. >> he's so nice. >> yeah he should have beat me. >> but you still go one. >> i know. it's all good. >> i said i was gonna kanye rush the stage if he didn't win. >> if darren didn't win. ♪ baby i hope santa brings you >> favorite christmas memory growing up? >> oh, my gosh, probably putting out the cookies for santa and then catching my dad in the act of eating them. >> gift that is on luna's christmas list this year. >> oh gosh. >> she doesn't even know what she wants. >> lip balm. she loves lip balm. >> ya, girl. >> that's what i want too. >> john also released his first
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christmas album and he's on tour in toronto. >> we also saw him at the thanksgiving day parade. he looked cold like us. >> still freezing. still ahead, the new lion king movie is already setting records. then how did mel b earn the name scary spice? inside the making of the iconic girl group. and tiffany haddish at war with rose byrne. only we're on the atlanta set of their laugh out loud comedy. closed captioning provided by --
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someone was so hype about this footage and they made an entire movie and nobody knew about it. >> only rihanna could do that. there's another movie featuring donald glover's voice that has everyone talking and me crying. disney's live action of the lion king and this is what we know. ♪ >> it was the first glimpse of simba in disney's "lion king" live action remake that got over 224 million clicks globally in 24 hours. that makes it disney's most watched trailer ever in a day the film doesn't even hit theaters until july of next year, but this is what "e.t." knows. first, the future queen nala will be played by the reigning queen bey. ♪ >> donald glover who plays simba told "e.t. what it was like singing alongside beyonce.
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>> it's a, you know, little intimidating from my point of view. like they're like here are the lyrics. i'm like i know the lyrics. don't worry. like, i was in fourth grade when it came out. >> the film will mirror the 1994 story. the trailer is a shot for shot remake of the film's opening sequence. ♪ >> seth ro again will bring his own spin to pump ba and he'll sing this song. >> it's amazing for many reasons. one i'm a big fan of the lion king. it's the most expensive movie i'll ever have anything to do with. overall it's surreal. it will be weird when it comes out. >> the animated movie was great. the play was unbelievable. this movie looks like it will change your life. it hits theaters july 19, 2019.
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>> you're the king! it's going to be a great summer. a month earlier the spice girls will kick off their reunion tour in the uk. with mel b's new book coming out we had to flashback to when we met scary spice. ♪ ♪ one of these girls is doing their own thing ♪ >> hi, we're the spice girls. we're gonna bring girl power to your station any time, any day, anywhere. so beware. >> what does a guy gotta do to become a spice man? >> don't try and control your woman. ♪ i really really wanna ziga, ziga ♪ >> it all started in 1994. 18-year-old melanie brown saw an ad for a new girl group and auditioned. ♪ i believe the children are our future ♪ ♪ team them well and let them lead the way ♪ >> but ever wonder where the nickname scary spice came from? apparently mel was being super loud at a photo shoot and tried to take over. a journalist gave her the iconic label. >> we're just doing our thing. if people like our music, that's great. ♪ i'm giving you everything >> but while they were all girl
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power for fans, mel confessed that behind the scenes at the timthey fought like cats and dogs. geri halliwell quit the band in 1998. >> there's rumors that carmen electra from "baywatch" wants to join the group. we haven't heard that one. ♪ stop right now thank you very much ♪ >> moving on, mel b took her in your face personality to "dancing with the stars." she and maks finished second and then she signed on to be a judge on "america's got talent." >> you look amazing. you've dropped 30 pounds. >> yeah. >> if you had to give me three things that helped you the most to get in the shape that you're in what would those three things be. >> sex, sex and more sex. >> okay. >> that interview happened in 2016. and for her tell-all "brutally honest" we now know mel was actually putting on a brave face. her marriage to steven belafonte was actually crumbling. >> 'cause i wanna be around for my kids. i wanna be a fit happy wife. >> plus she don't want me to leave her. 'cause there's some hot girls in l.a. >> they're not gonna air that. stop. >> now it's all about putting
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the past behind her and focusing on the reunion tour and being a working mom of three. >> best thing about mom. >> she's nice. >> she's cool. >> she's always there for you if you have a problem. >> that's my kids. yeah, i like that. >> a little mom props. >> let's head to georgia and brookenderson who is with a t trio of ladies who are spicy off and on screen. hey, keltie, i'm hangin' in atlanta today exclusively on the set of "limited partners" and these ladies are a total scream. salma hayek, rose byrne, tiffany haddish, rose and tiffany are in between takes right now. so i grabbed them for a couple quick questions. ladi ladies, i've been watching you. you are hilarious. >> i'm with my friend. it's great. we're having a great time. >> she's the best. >> we're sharing interesting stories. >> have you been able to witness
1:54 am
tiffany's twerk friday? >> yeah. she's twerking all the time. >> i twerk when i work. >> in the comedy they play best friends and business partners who end up at war with each other. off screen they formed a fast friendship. >> i like to have what i call potluck sundays and everybody comes over. they bring something and we play games. we had her first rap debut. watch out cardi. she's about to burn it up. >> i'm coming after you. >> ladies, thanks for your time. i appreciate it. keltie, kevin this is a tease. "limited partners" hits theaters next summer. >> i want to see brook do that tiffany dance. >> she can. she's got move. coming up nancy
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>> travel consideration provided by -- that is our very own nancy o'dell leading the hollywood
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christmas parade. she had the honor of serving as grand marshal. >> the tradition started in 1929 i think. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> we know the real reason nancy was there. >> she loves santa, but he's no eric es tra da. >> i had a massive crush on him growing up. the hair is here and everything. >> we gotcha, nance. it airs december 14th on the cw >> we gotcha, nance. it airs december 14th on the cw network. overwhelming air fresheners can send you running... so try febreze one. with no aerosols and no heavy perfumes. so you can spray and stay. febreze one. emreplenished,d, fortified. emerge everyday with emergen-c. packed with b vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges.
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