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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 30, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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now at 8.nats rattling roomscollapsed roads. and shattered glass.a trail of destruction left behind by a seven point oh earthquake in anchorage alaska... a data breach at marriott exposes information of hundreds of millions of people the unique information the hackers got this time. two days.34-thousand dollars. why an east bay police department is standing by the decision to film lip-syncing video. images of chaos .. coming out of anchorage, alaska tonight. where a massive 7-point-0 earthquake rocked the city.
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the quake so strong it tore apart some major roads... and triggered a tsunami warning for several frantic hours. (ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne (pam) and i'm pam moore. we have team coverage tonight on that earthquake. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will explain why this quake was so destructive. and charles clifford talked with quake experts about the temblor.(ken) but first grant lodes is here with dramatic video of the damage. (grant) right now thousands of people are without power... and heat... and there are more than two dozen reports of water main breaks because of the quake... causing extensive flooding. check out this new drone video showing an off ramp at minnesota drive in anchorage. the asphalt... crasked, buckeled... the extensive damage creating small canyons as one car is stranded on a remaining piece of level roadway. talk about terrifying to be on the road in that car when the quake hit.
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repair crews out...assessing the samage there... meanwhile, in an anchorage courthouse... (grant) this is the nesbett courthouse in anchorage. people hid under tables and attorneys jumped under their desks.the earthquake caused paintings to swing on the walls and pieces of the ceiling to drop to the floor.the building was reportedly evacuated after the powerful shaking stopped.== at nearby diamond high school... students ran out... leaving ceiling tiles on the ground... damage to the computer lab.== and tense times at providence alaska medical center in anchorage. their er remains open... one woman was home when it hit and talked to our partners at cnn. (grant) affiliate ktva's newsroom
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unclear when people will be allowed back in that building... and many others that are in shambles tonight. today's earthquake is of great interest to geologists here in the bay area. the u-s-g-s .. based in menlo park ... has been monitoring what's happening in alaska. earlier today, kron 4's charles clifford visited the u-s-g-s. he joins us live now with details. charles. . . well, the usgs says that
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earthquakes are very common in alaksa. there are thousands every year and big ones like what happened today are not uncommon.. according to the us geological survey, friday's magnitude 7.0 quake stuck around 829 in the morning about 25 miles below anchorage alaska.soteveryone got an alert here that there was a large earthquake in alaska.within moments of the quake hitting, experts at the usgs, including geophyscist brian kilgore, began monitoring the situation . sot some damage.kilgore says that earthquakes of this size are fairly common in alaska.sot there have been something like 15 6.0 or larger earthquakes in the last 100 years. including the great alask earthquake in 1964but this quake is somewhat unusual. kilgore says that this part of alaksa is near a subduction zone, where one tectonic plate slides under another. subduction zones are prone to earthquakes, but friday's quake appears to have originated somewhere else. sot it didn't happen in the subduction zone. where the pacific plate goes under the north american plate. it happened in the plate.moving forward, kilgore says the people living near anchorage can expect aftershocks. maybe
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a lot of them and that they could go on for awhile.sotyes, there is always the chance of aftershocks. there have been aftershocks. there also a small chance of another aftershock of 7.0 or larger. they should expect aftershocks for weeks, months, year. usgs says this is a reminder, that this sort of quake could happen here and it's a good opportunity to make sure you have an emergency kit at home and an emergency plan in case a big quake hits. in san mateo county, charles clifford kron 4 san mateo county, charles clifford kron 4 news. (ken) we want to bring in chief meteorologist lawrence karnow..(pam) lawrence why was this quake so strong? lawrence karnow: skies parted
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today but it remained cool. highs were in the 50s and low 60s. tonight will be cold with clouds moving in late. showers are possible after midnight. rain will likely continue into tomorrow morning before becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. it will be cool tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on sunday but more rain is expected by tuesday and wednesday of next week.
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our coverage continues at kron-4 dot com. there you will find dramatic video and pictures out of alaska. plus, find out why alaska is at greater risk for quakes.. and actually has more large quakes than all other states combined. and you can check our interactive earthquake map a sex scandal has shaken the livermore police department. an officer is accused of having sex with a woman .. while on-duty. kron 4's justine waldman reports on the allegations... and the police chief's outrage. justine standupwhen victim came forward with the allegation in october, the accused livermore police officer went on paid leave.but he has now resigned.and a criminal investigation is now underway.sources tell kron 4 news the accused officer is monty ownbey.seen here in this facebook photo from his swearing-in ceremony.the allegation is... in june he went to the victims home after she called the police department for helpand then officer ownbey persuaded her
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to engage in a series of sexual encounters.but the police department would not go into detail.saying the department failed in its mission to "serve with honor and protect with purpose"... the police chief expressed his anger in the allegations in a video statement.... sot chief michael harris /livermore police department"i do not have to wait for the results of an investigation to make this very clear - any report of inappropriate conduct on the part of a police officer is something i take extremely seriously. we simply cannot tolerate any conduct that diminishes the trust our community places in us." officer ownbey is also seen here while working as an officer in modesto.according to his linkedin page..he worked at livermore police for 4 years.and before that as a modesto police officer and a stanislaus county deputy sheriff.justine standupthe victims name and age are not being released.the alameda county district attorney now has the case.and is reviewing it to determine if any criminal charges will be filed. in livermore justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(ken) the c-h-p is looking into a case involving the "driver assist" feature in a tesla. at 3:30 this morning a silver tesla was doing about 70 miles per hour on highway 101 in redwood city but the driver did not respond when officers tried to pull him over. after failing to get the driver's attention, officers theorized the tesla's driver-assist feature was engaged.< ".....the units came up in front of the vehicle and basically started slowing down, assuming the driver assist feature might be in use... at the moment.">(ken) moment.">(ken) officers finally woke the driver from his slumber and the tesla was pulled over in palo alto. he underwent a field sobriety test, which officers say he failed. even though the driver assist feature may have activated... the chp says the person behind the wheel is ultimatley responsible.
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up to 500- million people. that is how many people were hit in the latest major data breach revealed today ... by the major hotel chain -marriott. the breach took place over four years... and exposed some unique information. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate joins us live from outside a marriott hotel in san bruno... with more on how this latest hack happened. wehear about these data breaches almost every week so it's easy to be desensitized and not pay attention to this news todaybutthe cyber security expert i spoke with says this one is a big deal and people do need to take action to protect their identity. sound from ian sherr / cyber security expert, cnet "thisis one of biggest in history" ian sherr is cnet's resident cyber
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security expert, he says if you have stayed, in recent years, at a starwood hotel which includes, marriotts, westins, shertons, st. regis, and a hand full of other smaller hotel chains then there is a good chance you could beaffected by this breach. marriottsays, the starwood guest reservation system has been hacked, in a breach dating back to 2014.for 327 million people, the exposed information includes names, phone numbers,email addresses, passport numbers and dates of birth.formillions of others, credit card numbers and card expiration dates were potentially compromised. this kind of information could be used to steal your identity a soundfrom ian sherr / cyber security expert, cnet "frustrating,closer to home, the info they got is serious" marriottsays they were alerted to this breach on september 8th, launched an investigation, and learned the extent of it and how it
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affected customers on november 19th. iansherr says that's when they should made this public. soundfrom ian sherr / cyber security expert, cnet "we are all just waiting around and could have known earlier" marriotthas set up a website where people can go to find out if they were affected by this breach, they also said they are going to email those affected. comingup at kron 4 news at 8 i'll tell you how you can protect yourself from this data breach and others are likely to happen in the near future insf gabe slate kron 4 news kron 4 news coming up at eight..
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stunning new numbers about the amount of pollution california wildfires have released into the air. plus. a robber stopped in his tracks by an off-duty police officer. what he did to take down a suspect. and next... an east bay police department spends tens of thousands of dollars.. to make a lip -syncing video. where that money came from.
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we have seen law
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enforcement take on the lip- sync challenge across the bay area ... and apparently those challenges can cost a pretty penny... it wasn't tax payer money in this case... but tonight we're learning the concord police department spent 35 thousand dollars for its video released this week. kron 4's ella sogomonian met with the police chief who stands by the decision. sot: ella sogomonian // "im standing at todos santos plaza where a portion of that lip sync challenge video was filmed by the police department with a local non profit although they spent tens of thousands of dollars and some might find that totally absurd the department is standing by that saying it was an important way to create a better working relationship with specifically the latino community as well as use it as a sort of recruitment." (nats: music)concord police say they filmed a lip sync challenge using the tune bailando for a day and a half after they were invited to do so by a local private adverstising company out of san francisco to film the elaborate production and officers overtime funded by asset forfeiture money.sot: chief guy swanger, concord police department// "in otherwords drug dealers monies that we seized so it wasnt public money that was used it was money that goes for a specific purpose and we are limited on how we spend it we
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cant just grab cash and give it to a community based organization."chief swanger says they instead have to spend that money on a police the department chose this video as a campaign to include their prevalent latino community and show them not to fear police given the current political climate.he also considers the video as a valuable recruitment tactic. sot: chief guy swanger, concord police department// "the difficulties with this national rhetoric towards immigrants specifically latinos it is difficult to recruit in our largest communit here in concord this was our attempt to reach into that community to show they want to be part of our teamthat we are just as diverse as you are."a mexican immigrant who calls concord home tells kron 4 he's been disappointed feeling dismissed when calling on their police for help and would have liked to see the money spent another way.he says...sot: hector frias torres, concord resident// "i think it would have been better to have them use it in a different type of cultural event to unite the more confidance in the force." while another resident who is a former concord paramedic that has participated in a lip sync challenge himself believes the video served its purpose...sot: jim maddox, concord resident// "usually when we see them they are somebody over theyre doing their job but they are also doing their job so its good to see the humanside of police officers."...and he doesnt
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mind because the public didn't fund it.sot: jim maddox, concord resident// "as long as its not tax payer money but even that i think it did a lot to get them out there inthe forefront to be able to see whats actually going on and i saw a little bit of the video i though and i thoguht it was well done it looked real good." the company who produced the video ad infintium did not get back to us on the break down for the cost of their services.their website lists many other government agencies they've worked with including the california department of health services.sot: ella sogomonian // "no one from city council got back to us on how they mightfeel about how the money was spent. for comparison we reached out o san mateo county sheriffs department who said their lip sync challenge was pretty low budget they had officers volunteer their time and their own public relations person film and edit on her work time on salary. in concord ella sogomonian kron 4 news." (ken) (ken)(ken) u-s interior
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secretary ryan zinke says emissions released by california wildfires this year equals one year of pollution by electricity. zinke cited figures from the u-s-g-s. he says fires released roughly the equivalent of 68 million tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide. that's more than 15 percent of all emissions produced by california in a year. a climate scientist at u-c-l-a says the figure is strikingly high and likely a record.and likely a record. now to our four zone forecast... taking a live look outside at s-f-o. kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is
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lawrence karnow: skies parted today but it remained cool. highs were in the 50s and low 60s. tonight will be cold with clouds moving in late. showers are possible after midnight. rain will likely continue into tomorrow morning before becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. it will be cool tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on sunday but more rain is expected by tuesday and wednesday of next week.
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for the first time we're seeing the interrogation video of convicted killer chris watts. how police say they knew he was lying about the murders of his wife and two children. plus... the extreme measures an apartment complex is going to .... to track down dog owners who leave pet waste behind.
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the raiders face the chiefs this sunday... and one of kansas city's star players has been cut from the team after the release of a troubling video. details ahead. ((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... heroic efforts by first responders who pulled a man from his suv after it slammed into a school bus.and it was all caught on you can see...that vehicle caught on fire.more of this dramatic video and an update on the driver's condition..tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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an off duty bay area police officer stopped an armed robbery in progress. it was one of several robberies that took place this morning in vallejo.(pam) one of the incidents was caught on video... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story.
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you are looking at surveillance video of a robbery that took place around 7:30am friday at this chevron gas station on springs road in vallejo. this incident is one of three armed robberies in vallejo that took place in the same vicenity within a 90-minute time frame. about a half an hour before incident occurred officers responded to a man armed with a knife involved in a robbery in the 2300 block of springs road. the suspect ran into the vallejo charter school forcing it to be locked down for about an hour until police located the suspect and arrested the suspect. then at 8amsotthat woman was witness here at the ihaw-ihaw restaurant in the springstowne center where another armed robbery happenedsotlittle did the gunman know an off-duty officer was there having breakfast, wrestled the suspect to the ground and detained him until vallejo police arrivedsot
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nicdao/ihaw-ihaw employee: "he is a bart police officer"> vallejo police say they are conducting follow up investigations to see if the robberies are connected sot one vallejo charter school parent summed it up this waysotin vallejo haaziq madyun kron4news coming up at eight.. a dallas police officer... indicted for murder in what's called a mistaken apartment shooting. the strong words the victim's mother had for the former officer. plus. trade deals at stake for the united states at the g-20 summit. how the president could resolve a major dispute with china. and next. a massive earthquake hits
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alaska... causing major damage. the dramatic video.. coming out of anchorage.
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a terrifying day in anchorage, alaska.. that's because of the powerful
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earthquake that hit near the city early today..(ken) there are no reports yet of deaths or serious injuries, but recovery from the quake is still early. there is plenty of dramatic video from when the quake struck.(pam) c-n-n's brian todd shows us. natsviolent shaking ... debris falls from the ceiling ... terrified people dive under desks.natsthis video - from a t-v reporter inside a sixth-floor office of the nesbitt courthouse in downtown anchorage-- shows the earthquake lasted several seconds. natsinside this home, a horrified mother grabs her children. she heads toward the door ... then hugs them.a passenger in this vehicle took this video of an off-ramp that collapsed - an s-u-v stuck in the middle of the damage.the earthquake - which measured 7- point-zero - struck at about 8:30 a-m local time, an homes, buildings and other infrastructure across anchorage.widespread power outages are this security video, you can see what appear to be several
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transformers blowing-up in the ted stevens international airport, planes were directed not to land ... a ground-stop was ordered ... a control tower was temporarily evacuated.a brief tsunami warning was issued ... then canceled.but a local seismologist says the shaking was felt, up to 400 miles away. people who've lived in alaska for decades - and are used to this threat - described this as a severe event.voice of kristin dossett, felt earthquake near anchorage: "i have been here 37 years, and that was the most violent earthquake i have ever felt. it was absolutely terrifying." at the most intense moments of the crisis, many alaskans were hard-pressed to get information on it.t-v and radio stations were knocked off the air.nats: "there are tvs on the ground. you can see this right here, a tv on the ground. all of these are tvs and computers. this is a camera."a government seismologist spoke of the frequency and intensity of earthquakes in alaska - part of the so-called "rim of fire" in the pacific region.voice of gavin hayes, research seismologist, usgs: "earthquakes this close to anchorage are obviously not very frequent. but it's a plate boundary. it's a massive subduction zone. and so big earthquakes are fairly common in this region. we saw a massive 9.2 earthquake in 1964."employees at one
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restaurant in anchorage, turned into instant first- responders when the shaking started.voice of gabrielle black, alaska cafe employee: "all my co-workers were yelling 'get under the tables, get under the tables and be safe.' i'm still shaking. you can probably hear it in my voice. i'm just scared it's going to happen again." (pam) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now.(ken) and (ken) and lawrence.. alaska is still seeing aftershocks at this hour lawrence karnow: skies parted today but it remained cool. highs were in the 50s and low 60s. tonight will be cold with clouds moving in late. showers are possible after midnight. rain will likely continue into
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tomorrow morning before becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. it will be cool tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on sunday but more rain is expected by tuesday and wednesday of next week. (ken) a dallas police officer has been indicted on has been police officer a dallas (ken) (ken)
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has been indicted on murder charges -- after the fatal shooting of a man inside his
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own apartment. amber guyger was arrested in september after botham jean was killed at an apartment complex where they both lived. she claimed she mistook jean for an intruder after she entered his apartment thinking it was her home. the shooting sparked days of protests and a lawsuit filed by jean's parents. allison jean, botham jean's mother: i am indeed satisfied with the indictments of murder ...because i truly believe that she inflicted tremendous evil on my son.(ken) guyger was fired from her job on the dallas police force after the shooting. (pam) president trump is attending the g-20 summit in buenos aires, argentina .... and 'trcenter... as several h- stakes meetings are on the agenda.(ken) steve nannes details the big moments so far on the president's trip. president trump rubbing elbows with world leaders in
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argentina.kicking off a whirlwind two days at the g-20 summit - where trade deals and tensions are on tap.on the agenda - meetings with a half-dozen world leaders - including sit downs with turkey, south korea and japan. but one sit down that will not take place -- the planned meeting between trump and russian president vladimir putin.trump abruptly canceled the meeting earlier this week over growing russian-ukrainian tensions.pres donald trump: ukraine. we don't like what happened-- and hopefully they'll be able to settle it out soon, because we look forward to meeting with president meeting that is scheduled to take place -- trump's dinner on saturday with chinese president xi jinping -- which could lead to major developments on trade. pres donald trump: we're working very hard if we could make a deal that would be very good. .. there's some good signs we'll see what happens.the u-s and china have been engaged in a war of words over trade for better part of the past year. meanwhile - the future of trade in north america appears to have new an early friday ceremony - president trump along with his mexican and canadian counterparts signed a new deal that replaces the north american free trade agreementpres donald trump: "a truly groundbreaking achievement." the united-states-mexico- canada agreement -- or the u-s-m-c-a -still needs congressional approval in washington - where its fate remains washington i'm steve nannes reporting.
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(ken) u.s. officials say the number of active-duty troops on the border with mexico will drop from 5,600 to about 4,000 and their deployment will extend through the end of january. officials say the department of homeland security requested additional military support today. president trump deployed the troops to the border in response to a caravan of migrants walking to the u.s. from central america. critics called the deployment a political stunt before the midterm elections. (pam) the justice department awarded nearly 17- million dollars... to support victims of the mass shooting last year in las vegas. the d-o-j's - office for victims of crime- awarded the money to help the survivors. the money will be available for all victims of
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the incident, including ticket holders, concert staff, vendors, witnesses, law enforcement personnel, and other first responders. the shooting took place in 2017 during a country music festival. 58 people were killed... and hundreds of others were injured. still ahead at 8.. an apartment complex goes to extreme measures to make sure pet owners clean up after their dogs. if they don't.... the pricey. plus. with seconds to spare... firefighters race to rescue a family... as a fire consumes their home. and next. a man accused of posing as a doctor and offering a variety of treatments.. what tipped off a patient that something was wrong.
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police in wisconsin are investigating a man who they say, posed as a doctor.. and even prescribed medication. (ken) the alleged fake practice was treating chronic pain conditions and mental health disorders. and offered everything from counseling to electric muscle stimulation. police say, kyle grant larsen posed as dr. kyle ellis. but one patient became suspicious and called police when learning the office did not accept health insurance. and only took cash. now police are not only looking into how larsen prescribed
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medications.. but if there are other victims out there. (pam) new tonight. a minnesota apartment complex has made it its mission ... to nail dog owners who leave behind their pet's waste. fixty- six dogs live at this complex in duluth... and all of them are subject to a d-n-a sample. that sample can be used to identify the dog... if the owner leaves behind the pet's mess. and the penalty is pricey. the first fine is 350- dollars. and it only escalates from there. the second fine is 450- dollars and if you get caught a third time.. you might be looking for a new place to live. next at 8 and new tonight police release the polygraph results of convicted killer chris watts. the answers they knew he was lying about. and ahead in sports, big news tonight in the nfl... as a disturbing video leads to the release of chiefs running back kareem hunt. details coming up.
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(pam) new tonight at 8. colorado police are releasing video... in a murder case that made naof chris watts murders of his wife and two daughters. now we're seeing the failed polygraph test which played a major ro co murders. weld county officials put out this video. it was taken after watts'
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pregnant wife and children went missing... but at the time he claimed he didn't know what happened to them. (pam) watts was (pam)my kids."> (pam) watts was asked three questions during his polygraph, including whether he physically caused his wife shanann to disappear. he said "no", but the test indicated he was lying. later, investigators got him to confess that he killed his pregnant wife and his two young daughters, bella and celeste. earlier this month, watts was sentenced to 'five' life sentences without the possibility of parole. (ááákenááá) caught on police body cam -- a dramatic rescue from a house fire in texas-- what made this unique was it was a real team effort.
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(ááápamááá) sheriff deputies and neighbors worked side by side ... to save a family trapped inside the burning home. reporter maryann martinez reports. "just drag her out, come on. come on, let's get her out. okay, we need you to move, sir. come on jeff, come on!" desperate attempts to save the leonard family from their weatherford home as it burned. the mom, sarah, thought only to save her six kids including, a six-week-old baby. lori mcdaniels, grandmother: "claw with her hands through the wall because she couldn't lift herself and go out the window because she had been breathing so much smoke she was just weak."sheriff body cam video shows it took neighbors and law enforcement working together to rescue the children.natsot/bodycam:"oh i got a kid! got a kid, come on. pass me the kid! pass me the kid!"the parker county sheriff's department says one neighbor in particular bought them some time, eric judd.he used an ipad as a flash light to go back in the home and look for sarah.eric judd, rescuer:"she had her ten- year-old like in her belly, in her lap passed out holding her."he says he found two kids under a bed when he spotted four feet.eric judd, rescuer:
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"after we pulled out the second kid, the ten-year-old, the roof collapsed 30 seconds later."lori mcdaniels, grandmother:"he's a gift from god. i just am so glad that he was over here and would wake up and come over here in his underwear and save my daughter and kids."maryann martinez, reporting/standup bridge:"an electrical fire in the kitchen is likely the cause, says the parker county fire marshal. the family says they didn't have insurance and have nothing."lori mcdaniels, grandmother:"we don't have anything but we have each other."all eight are in the hospital.they must first heal their bodies and then try to rebuild their lives. (pam) three of the victims from that fire are being treated at a burn unit. (pam) in one kansas family... three members all share the same birthday.(ken) meet the lawhons ... november 30th is a special day for them because adam, his dad, and his grandma all share the same birthday. adam's mom says she
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strategically picked that day to have him to keep with tradition. today adam will celebrate turning 4, his dad turning forty, and his grandma turning sixty-four. happy birthday to each of them. new tonight at nine... a fed- ex driver is getting props on social media... for a thoughtful act.what he did.. after strong winds blew down an american flag... and why it was so important to him. that's tonight at nine. raiders host the chiefs this sunday in oakland, but team executives in kansas city are dealing with much more than x's and o's right now. a day that started with the release of a video that shows star running back kareem hunt hitting a woman... ends with him being kicked off the team. the chiefs taking action in regard to a disturbing video published on tmz this morning. --security footage that captures hunt...shoving and kicking a woman at a cleveland hotel. --this incident
8:50 pm
happened back in february, but no arrests were made or charges filed. --but within hours of the video coming out, the chiefs cut him... in a statement, they said they knew about the incident and it was under investigation... even spoke with hunt directly, but they've since found out he lied to them about what happened... which led to his release. hunt gave a statement to espn saying 'i want to apologize for my actions. i deeply regret what i did. i hope to move on from this.' today in alameda--jon gruden didn't want to address the video, kept it strictly to football. sunday's game is a meeting of opposite ends of the spectrum. kansas city is red hot at 9- record in the afc, while the raiders are 2-and-9...the worst mark in the league. chiefs...led by patrick mahomes who leads the nfl with 37-touchdowns. it's a reunion of sorts for gruden and chiefs head coach andy reid... who worked together on the green bay ckers coach gruden on his former colleague. "it was kind of the brat pack, mariucci, me and reid together a lot. holmgren beat us up. he beat me up the most. andy was his pet. andy was a line coach at missouri. mariucci was the hotshot
8:51 pm
quarterback guy from cal. andy became the tight end coach and really learned the entire offense. how to block plays. how to protect plays. how to throw the ball. he slowly, but surely moved up. became brett favre's quarterback coach. he got everything he deserved because he earned everything. he really has. he's phenomenal, a great person. switching over to the 49ers-- kyle shanahan's club heading up to seattle this weekend...visiting the seahawks. nick mullens making the start once he plays his first game at century link. differing from past matchups, the seattle defense isn't the top item on the scouting report since the legion of boom is no longer intact. but, russell wilson is still there...and he gives a lot to prepare for. 25-touchdowns to only 5-picks...knows how to protect the football and also make plays off-schedule. coach shanahan with his scouting report. extends some plays. if you extend plays as a quarterb down and pe will be wide open and guys can't cover forever. he's been doing that year after year to every team. he gives them a very good chance to win for that talent that he has. we have to contain him and if he
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gives us an opportunity of a turnover, we've got to come down with it and we've got to make sure we put some points on the board on offense." 3-keys for the 49ers this sunday... off the bat, last week was rough for nick mullens with 2-turnovers, and 18-for-32 from the field ...get him comfortable early. also, the hawks d...allows more than 120-rushing yards per game...establish matt breida and the run attack. --finally, wilson is a genius at making plays...keep those to a minimum your mercedes-benz keys to the game now to the college ranks-- the big game happening tomorrow afternoon in berkeley... after the matchup was postponed earlier in the month due to smoke from the butte county fires. it's the 121st edition of the showdown... cal looking to end an 8-game losing streak against the team from the farm.
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both schools have already locked up winning seasons this year... and will be going to bowl games. finally tonight, even though it was in a losing effort, the warriors and raptors gave us a matchup that felt like a playoff game... because of plays such as this. "they're over the limit too. they should wait. kd , 3!!! they didn't foul! they didn't foul! and he hit a three in their face!!!!" what a performance what a performance from kd last night in toronto... hits that fadeaway corner 3 in the final seconds of regulation to send the warriors into overtime. durant..with a season high 51- points...his 3rd straight game putting up at least 40. unfortunately, golden state couldn't stop turning the ball over in the extra period..falling to the raptors by 3. but, good news is steph curry is set to return tomorrow night...and draymond green should be back back soon. you know when you're at ross
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and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less.
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everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. ((nats))2..1...cheers it is beginning to
8:56 pm
look a lot like christmas! hundreds of people showed up for the annual jack london square tree lighting ceremony in oakland. the 55-foot mount shasta fir tree... is decked out with 5- thousand lights.. and 600 ornaments. there was live music and entertainment... including the east bay's world- famous danicing christmas trees. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) thank you pam and ken...pam and ken...
8:57 pm
anchorage alaska.anchorage alaska. we take a look at the damage and ask an expert what you should do if a quake hits right here in the bay area.(vicki) plus concord controversy. the police department spends 34 thousand dollars filming a lip sync challenge. where they say they got the money and why they are standing by the decision to use it for the video.(grant) and we are just now getting reports george h w bush has died at the age of 94. we will have more on his life and how the 41st united states president died.(vicki) stick around kron4 news at 9 starts right after this.
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8:59 pm
(grant) (grant) a terrifying day in and around anchorage- alaska-- after a powerful 7- point-0 magnitude earthquake
9:00 pm
rocked the region. the quake triggered a tsunami warning, severely damaging buildlings and causing major roads to crumble... and now the u-s-g-s predicts up to a thousand aftershocks will be felt over the next 24 hours.... (grant) thanks for joing us, im grant lodes... (vicki) and im vicki we have two big storeis tonight... there are no reports of there are tonight...big storeis tonight... there are no reports of deaths or serious injuries-- but recovery from the quake is still early... f reporter brian todd shows us the dramatic video from when natsviolent shaking ... debris falls from the


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