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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 30, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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p.m. local time tonight. his death comes about eight months after the death of his wife, barbara bush. his spokesperson says bush passed away in houston at the age of 94. c-n-n's anderson cooper takes a look at his life and legacy. george herbert walker bush was born in milton, massachusetts on june 12th, 19-24... the son of a future u-s senator . he married barbara pierce... they had six children. two would follow his footsteps into public life.nat sound:"i george walker bush, do solemnly swear."in 2001 his eldest son, texas governor george walker bush, became the 43rd president...the first since john quincy adams to follow his father into the white house.nat sound:"i'm now about to help me god, so help me god." his second son, jeb bush, served two terms as florida governor and in 2016 unsuccessfully ran for the republican presidential nomination.after earning a degree at yale-- the elder bush moved his family to texas-- where une in the oil b there,become elected to two terms as a he u-s
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senate. his disappointment didn't last long. bush:"we view this item sse possible turning point in the history of the united nations."his political profile was high enough that president nixon appointed him u-s ambassador to the united nations.later, he became chairman of the republican national committee. president ford sent him to china to head up the u-s liaison office, as part of a new initiative in u-s chinese relations. and in 19-75, bush came home to become director of the c-i-a.a job associates said he truly loved. he left that job when democrat jimmy carter became president.. and soon became a player in national republican politics. bush ran against ronald reagan in the 1980 g-o-p primaries, winning some, but eventually withdrawing when it became clear he wouldn't be the nominee.but reagan believed the texas oilman could help him win-over the party's moderates... and named him as his running mate. as vice president, bush spent a lot of time on the road...he was reagan's hier apparent in 19-88... bush:"i want a kinder and gentler nation, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky"he also made a campaign promise that would come back to haunt him.
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bush:"read my lips... no new taxes." his selection of a running mate, bush: "my choice for the vice presidency... is senator dan quayle of indiana."but voters supported the ticket. bush:"so help me god."as the nation's 41st president, bush's focus returned to international affairs.he presided over the collapse of communism in the former soviet union... and the end of the cold war.he ordered u-s troops into latin america to capture panamanian dictator manuel noreiga. bush:"the responsibility for sending someone's son and today daughter into harm's way rests on the shoulders of the president, so it is the most difficult decision."he would order u.s. troops into combat again... allied with dozens of other countries to free kuwait from iraqi dictator saddam hussein's aggression. the first gulf war didn't last long. in less than six weeks-- the iraqis were booted from kuwait. but saddam hussein remained in power... and held a grudge. years later... a car bombing plot hatched in iraq targeted mister bush during a visit to kuwait.bush:"if you've got to have security, if i have to have it with the secret service, i've got the best there is, and we will continue to be careful."the united states retaliated with
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a missile attack against iraq's intelligence headquarters.but the man behind the plot would not be captured for another decade-- when the second president bush ordered a u.s. invasion of"ladies and gentlemen... we got him."at home, president bush was hammered by critics for compromising with congress on tax increases--- and breaking his no-new-taxes promises.bush: "well it was a mistake to go along with the democratic tax increase... and i admit it. " in a three way battle with bill clinton and ross perot-- he lost.he lived long enough to see his son accomplish what he did not, win a second term in the white house. nat sound: "so help me help me god...congratulations."at his son's request, he also -- briefly-- re-entered the public spotlight.bush:"in the aftermath of the devastating tsunami."he joined with former president bill clinton to help raise money for victims of the 2004 earthquake and tsunamis in asia.the two reunited in late 2005 to help the victims of hurricane katrina. as a young navy pilot, bush's plane was shot down and he had to bail out over the pacific. as a far older man, he would jump from planes again: to celebrate his 80th, 85th, and 90th birthdays.bush:"it feels good, there's an exhilaration.
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it just because you're an old guydon't have to sit around drooling in the corner. get out and do something, get out and enjoy life."it was a life that brought george herbert walker bush back to the white house in 2011 to receive the nation's highest civilian no presidential medal of freedom.obama:"those of you who know him, this is a gentleman. inspiring citizens to become "points of light" in service to others. his life is a testament that public service is a noble calling."at this beloved wife barbara's funeral, president bush posed for a photo with the other surviving former presidents. the years had taken their toll on his body.but his dignity and resolve shined through, part of a graceful final act in a life of public service. bush:"i do not fear what is ahead, for our problems are large, but our heart is larger. our challenges are great, but our will is greater."
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(pam) tonight we have political
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podcast host - longtime political reporter - randy shandobil .. on the phone live with us right now.(ken) randy.. (ken) (ken)
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((ken)) we continue to follow breaking news tonight... former president george hw bush has died.((pam)) the family just releasing a statement in the past half hour former president george w bush made the announcment in the last says ... jeb, neil, marvin, doro and i are saddended to announce, that after 94 remarkable years, our dad has went on to say the entire bush family is deeply grateful for 41's life and love for the compassion of those who have cared and prayed for dad, and for the condolences of our friends and fellow citizens. president bush was the 41st president of the united states. he served from 1989 to
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1993...he was 94 years old. stay with kron 4 news for continuing coverage of this breaking story. (pam) we just (pam) story. (pam) we just received a statement into the newsroom from president donald j. trump and first lady melania trump .. on the passing of former president george h.w. bush...he says... " melania and i join with a grieving nation .. to mourn the loss of former president george h.w. bush, who passed away .. through his essential authenticity, disarming wit, and unwavering commitment to faith, family, and country, president bush inspired generations of his fellow americans to public service-to be, in his words, "a thousand points of light" illuminating the greatness, hope, and opportunity of america to the can read the entire statement up on our kron 4 website. (ken) former president obama tweeted out america has
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lost a patriot and and humble servant in george herbert walker bush. while our hearts are heavy today, they are also filled with gratitude. our thoughts are with the entire bush family tonight - and all who were inspired by george and barbara's example. (pam)our governor elect gavin newsom just released this statement saying..."president george h.w. bush, and his wife barbara, exemplified public service through decency, civility and honor. he represented the best of the greatest generation, serving his country in battle and then, as a civilian, answering duty's call anew.after his presidency, he was a voice for unity and civic engagement... the united states of america has lost a bright civic light tonight, and jennifer and i send the bush family and the nation our sincere condolences." (pam) now our other top story tonight -- a massive 7- point-0 magnitude earthquake
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struck anchorage, alaska today -- damaging buildings, destroying roads and cutting utilities. the quake triggered a tsunami warning, severely damaging buildings and causing major roads to crumble...(pam) and now, the u-s-g-s predicts up to a thousand aftershocks will be felt over the next 24- hours....(ken) it's disaster that hits close to home in the bay area... karin caifa has the latest. natsfrightening images of chaos and confusion -- continue to pour out of anchorage, alaska tonight. voice of gabrielle black/resident: it was absolutely terrifying.a massive 7.0 earthquake rocked the city friday morning ...nats sending people scurrying for cover in their homes, at school and work...nats: 'holy smokes'shattering parts of major roads...... and triggering a tsunami warning for several frantic hours. voice of mayor ethan berkowitz: it was very loud when it came. and very clear that this was something bigger than what we normally experience.the anchorage police department reported major damage to infrastructure across the city- and there are widespread power outages reported.the state's governor issued a disaster declaration - and president trump tweeted the federal government will quote 'spare no expense'.sen lisa murkowski.-r- alaska:
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the impact is very real, the impact is very hard and it will require apparently a great deal of recovery and efforts.aftershocks were felt immediately following the quake... including one registering a 5.7 magnitude. dr. lucy jones/ seismologist: "people in anchorage should expect to be feeling aftershocks for most of today, and potentially for a lot longer time... people should be expecting to feel some level of aftershocks for a few years." officials are now working to assess the damage - repair roads and make sure everyone is accounted for. anchorage schools are closed through tuesday.i'm karin caifa, reporting. with the earthquake damaging a number of buildings and roads in alaska... tonight we are learning more about what could happen here in the bay
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area with a quake of that size... and how the san francisco department of emergency management prepares.. kron4's dan thorn is live in the city tonight with more from emergency officials...dan? emergency management officials like to consider these earthquakes in other areas-- teachable moments for people in the bay area. they say the best way to be prepared is to be connected.. for emergency officials in san francisco...friday's earthquake in alaska is a good way to remind people to take action..sot: having a go bag of supplies comfort items even a list of prescriptions glasses if you got kids.. kristin hogan with the deparment of emergency management says preparing yourself is for
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the d-e-m--when an earthquake strikes in alaska or along the coast they prepare for a possible tsunami risk..sot: we would need to make sure everyone here lives in an inundation zone knows they live in an inundation zone also if we have to evacuate that they're ready to go..a brief tsunami warning was issued in alaska this morning... then canceled.the department considers the response to earthquakes as a partnership..the more you're ready..the better emergency responders can help you..steps to prepare yourself include having supplies in your home such as food for at least 3 days..having an emergency plan and access to emergency information...sot: the ability for our residents to be okay at home makes a big difference city wide with regards to our job of getting things back to normal in regards to restoring critical lifelines and infrastructure. emergency officials do have a system that allows them to send text messages and emails--it's called alert sf.. you can text your zip code to 888-777 to receive real time emergency information or you can sign up at alert sf dot org. reporting in san francisco dan thorn kron4 news
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continues at kron-4 dot com. there you will find dramatic video and pictures out of alaska. plus, find out why alaska is at greater risk for quakes.. and actually has more large quakes than all other states combined. and you can check our interactive earthquake map
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(ken) one of four california men accused of violently attacking counter- protesters at a white nationalist rally in virginia last year has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to riot.(pam) cole evan white entered the guilty plea today in u.s. district court .... he
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admitted to traveling across the country to commit acts of violence at the torch- lit march at the university of virginia and the 'unite the right' rally. white is a former employee of top dog.. in berkeley. his job there ended after the riot in virginia. white faces a maximum penalty of five -years in prison ... and a $250,000 fine at his sentencing... which has not yet been scheduled.. (ken) an east bay police officer is accused of having sex with a woman .. while he was on-duty. sources tell kron 4 news, the accused officer is monty ownbey... from the livermore police department. he has worked for the livermore department for 4- years. the victim claims, in june, the officer came to her house, after she called the department for help. then says, officer ownbey persuaded her to engage in a series of sexual encounters. the department would not go into detail. however, the police chief did express his anger about the allegations... in a video statement posted online. chief michael harris /livermore police department"any report
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of inappropriate conduct on the part of a police officer is something i take extremely seriously. we simply cannot tolerate any conduct that diminishes the trust our community places in us." when the victim came forward with the allegations in october, the officer went on paid leave. he has since resigned. the alameda county district attorney's office is reviewing the case... to determine if any charges should be filed. pam) the justice department awarded nearly 17- million dollars to support victims of the mass shooting last year in las vegas. the d-o- j's 'office for victims of crime' awarded the funding to help survivors. the money will be available for all victims of the incident, including ticket holders, concert staff, vendors, witnesses, law enforcement personnel and other first responders. the shooting took place in 2017 during a country music festival.58- people were killed and hundreds were injured. (ken) coming up --
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several local robberies ... happening close together .. allegedly by different suspects.. in at least one case, an off duty officer just happened to be nearby... now the question - is there a connection? (pam) plus -- new hope for a nurse deported from the bay area. how she may be able to reunite with her family... after being sent to mexico. (lawrence)ten at ten
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continuing to track breaking news.former president george h.w. bush has died at the age of 94.((pam)) a family spokesman says... the elder bush died shortly after 10 p.m. friday, about eight months after the death of his wife, barbara bush. george bush saw his popularity swell with the united states' success in the gulf war in 1991, only to watch it evaporate in a brief, but deep recession. the republican was defeated in his bid for a second term by democrat bill clinton.((ken)) bush had also been a world war ii pilot, texas congressman, cia director and ronald reagan's vice president. in a statement tonight...the family says quote "the entire bush family is deeply grateful for 41's life and love for the compassion of those who have cared and prayed for dad, and for the condolences of our friends and fellow citizens." (pam) kellyanne conway -
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who works for president trump... just tweeted out heartfelt sympathy and deep condolences to the entire bush family on the passing of our 41st president, george h. w. bush. he devoted his life to his family and his country. thank you, sir.' (ken) apple's tim cook released the following statement regarding the passing of h.w. bush...."we have lost a great american. service defined president george h.w. bush's life, and he taught all of us about leadership, sacrifice and decency. we send our deepest sympathies to the bush family." (ken) other news now.. an off duty bay area police officer stopped an armed robbery in progress. it was one of several robberies that took place this morning in vallejo.(pam) one of the incidents was caught on video... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. you are looking at surveillance video of a bbery that took place around 7:30am friday at this chevron gas station on springs road in vallejo. this incident is one of three armed robberies in vallejo that took place in the same vicenity within a 90-minute time frame. about a
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half an hour before incident occurred officers responded to a man armed with a knife involved in a robbery in the 2300 block of springs road. the suspect ran into the vallejo charter school forcing it to be locked down for about an hour until police located the suspect and arrested the suspect. then at 8amsotthat woman was witness here at the ihaw-ihaw restaurant in the springstowne center where another armed robbery happenedsotlittle did the gunman know an off-duty officer was there having breakfast, wrestled the suspect to the ground and detained him until vallejo police arrivedsot vallejo police say they are conducting follow up investigations to see if the robberies are connected sot one vallejo charter school parent summed it up this waysot in vallejo haaziq madyun kron4news
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lawrence karnow: skies parted today but it remained cool. highs were in the 50s and low 60s. tonight will be cold with clouds moving in late. showers are midnight. rain will likely continue into tomorrow morning fore becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. it will be cool
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tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on sunday but more rain is expected by tuesday and wednesday of next week.
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(ken) the president is at the g-20 summit in argentina.. the president trump overseas.(pam) as the president mingles with other world leaders, the
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recaps the president's day in buenos aires. natspresident trump on the world stage today at the g-20 summit in argentina...nats ...but still furious and fixated on the russia investigation.the president insisting again today, it's not why he canceled a meeting here with vladimir putin - still blaming that on russia's aggression against ukraine. reporters: "(inaudible)." president donald trump: "we don't like what happened. we're not happy about it, nobody is. hopefully they'll be able to settle it out soon, so we look forward to meeting with president putin."but the optics and timing of a one-on-one putin meeting not ideal for the white house,as trump becomes the central figure into whether his campaign conspired with the russian government in the 2016 campaign.the president started his day here in buenos aires defending his business dealings with russia on twitter ... as "very legal & very cool."later, the white house released a statement blasting the investigation again as a "russian witch hunt hoax," but going on to acknowledge:"it probably does undermine our relationship with russia."as world leaders gathered for a meeting, the president four seats away from saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman ...who the c-i-a or
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of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi.the president has repeatedly contradicted that, a white house official said the president and crown prince "exchanged pleasantries."asked about what, the president shrugged.president donald trump: "we had no discussion. we had no discussion. we might, but we had none."the president only a few steps behind, as the saudi leader and russian president had a warm encounter - all smiles and a long handshake.the white house hoped a signing ceremony for the new u-s, mexico and canada trade agreement would be the high point of the day. president donald trump: "battles sometimes make great friendships."but a frosty relationship with canadian prime minister justin trudeau - over steel and aluminum tariffs - made clear that deep tensions remain with the key u-s ally. (ken) thousands of migrants are camping out in a
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makeshift shelter in tijuana. many of them waiting to enter the united states to seek asylum.(pam) but as they wait.. conditions are deteriorating due to cold and rainy weather ..(pam) our grant lodes joins us here in the studio ... to explain more on what these migrants are experiencing.. grant? (grant) many of these families seeking assylum say they are hungry... wet... and cold. but at least one mother says she's willing to stay in mexico as long as it takes if it gurantees her and her children will have a better future, away from the gangs. the border fence is just feet away from this make shift shelter where the migrants are staying. families say they're still being affected by gang violence. hector torres says he was beaten with a baseball bat by gang members in's part of the reason why he says he wants a future in the us... and it's why he put up a us flag on top
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of his family's tent. < "i feel affliced because i can't enter and at the same time i feel happiness because i am so close"> human rights groups describe conditions inside this makeshift shelter where migrants are waiting as squalid and unsanitary. (grant)(grant) meanwhile, mexican officials are planning to open a second shelter to hold at least 3,000 people. (grant)(grant) also important to note -- the department of homeland security has asked the pentagon to troop deployments along the u-s mexico border. currently, the deployment is (pam) brighter news for a family in oakland ... while their father still has to stay in mexico.. their mother is coming home. as we told you last night ... maria mendoza- sanchez was deported last year... and was hoping to get a waiver .... allowing her to get a visa to return. (ken) this morning she got
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the good news. kron 4's dan kerman has the details. sottheir mom will be back home soonthat's the news maria mendoza-sanchez's 4 kids woke up to friday morning when she called to tell them u.s. immigration officials had approved a waiver allowing her to get an h1b visa and return to the u.s. legallysot mendoza- sanchez/deported nurse returning to u.s. :15i was very happy, i was surprised myself, i didnt expect it to be that fast but i am very thankful and i will home with the kids verysoon and back to work. maria crossed into the u.s. illegally in the mid 90's, went to college and eventually became an oncology nurse at highland hospital. it was a year ago august when she and her husband were deported to mexico due to more stringent trump administration immigration policies.sot camiel becker/maria's immigration attorney :49trumps policies are overly harsh dont give officers discreation and as a result we see families separated and people who need to be here being force to leave these policies need to be revisted and questioned. maria will go to the u.s. embassy in mexico city on
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monday to get her visa... and is looking forward to being back with her kids in time for chirstmassoti really wasnt expecting to be with them in time for the holidays but it coudlnt be a better present ever being with the kids is what i want the most and i am very grateful to everybody who made this a reality.standup dan kerman/ 140maria's attorney cautions not to celebrate until that visa is in her passport. that should happen monday.. she to the u.s. the second week of december. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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-- vandals target a black panther mural in los angeles. how the community is responding... when we come back. (pam) and -- a dallas police officer ... indicted for murder, in what's called a mistaken apartment shooting. the strong words the victim's mother had for the former officer. (sports) just ahead in sports, a shocking video leads to the release of kansas city running back kareem hunt. we'll have the details on that, and also, kyle shanahan breaks down what he expects to see from that seattle offense.
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youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend? or when you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. (ken) a dallas police
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officer has been indicted on murder charges -- after the fatal shooting of a man inside his own apartment. today's court records showed amber guyger had a manslaughter and murder charge a clerk with the dallas county court confirmed the murder charge is the one prosecutors are moving forward on.
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guyger was arrested in september after botham jean was killed at an apartment complex where they both lived. she claimed she mistook jean for an intruder after entered his apartment thinking it was her home. the shooting sparked days of protests and a lawsuit filed by jean's parents. guyger was fired from her job on the dallas police force after the shooting. (pam) a southern california community is outraged .... after an iconic mural is happened on a main strip in los angeles... and was discovered thursday.(ken) the neighborhood got together and cleaned the vandalism quickly...... but as hermela aregawi reports... the pain of the action remains.
10:45 pm
nat sound"it's an absolute disgrace. we will not tolerate in our community."residents describe it as chilling...they woke up to swastikas spray-painted on the faces of prominent black panther members on this iconic community mural.artist ink one created the image nearly 20 years ago.enkone "ink one"/mural artist"this wall has always just been a very important part of this community. it hit me dearly in the heart, you know, a chill came over me, you know, frustration, pain. i was devastated."long-time residents said they were hurt and shocked.aja barr/resident "i find it to be pretty deplorable that something would to that. especially on a mural that basically exemplifies black excellence. so to see someone painting a swastika over that is very disturbing."local leaders came together quickly.. and the symbols were cleaned up within hours after they were discovered.larry earl jr./resident"we don't want the kids seeing this when they come out of school from crenshaw high school. the community really reacted in a way of coming together. we need to do something about this."gregory everett/mural curator"i'm the son of black panther. it's devastating that something like this would happen in the last -- what we
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consider the last black community."but residents say.. they won't accept the message. mos/no name given"hatred is simply not the way. no. we're not having this." (pam) that was hermela aregawi reporting. los angeles police said, they are looking for surveillance footage that may have captured the incident. (ken) the college basketball postseason is still a few months off... but work has already started to prepare for the big n-c-double-a tournaments. (pam) the wood used to build the courts for the final four tournaments ... come from a native american tribe in wisconsin. before sending off the wood, a dedication ceremony was held at the meno-minee indian high school. students and tribal leaders gathered to pray and perform the traditional dance. they say, the lumber from their forest is a sacred part of their tribe... and they are honored to be a part of the n-c-double-a tournaments.
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basketball basketball fans can see the wood in those courts - beginning in mid-march. raiders host the chiefs today-- the kansas city sponse this video published this morning. --security footage obtained by tmz captures hunt...shoving and kicking a woman at a cleveland hotel. --this incident happened back in february, but no arrests were made or charges filed. --but within hours of the video coming out, the chiefs cut him... in a statement, they said they knew about the
10:48 pm
incident and it was under investigation... even spoke with hunt directly, but they've since found out he lied to them about what happened... which led to his release. hunt gave a statement to espn saying 'i want to apologize for my actions. i deeply regret what i did. i hope to move on from this.' today in alameda--jon gruden didn't want to address the video, kept it strictly to football. sunday's game is a meeting of opposite ends of the spectrum. kansas city is red hot at 9- record in the afc, while the raiders are 2-and-9...the worst mark in the league. chiefs...led by patrick mahomes who leads the nfl with 37-touchdowns. it's a reunion of sorts for gruden and chiefs head coach andy reid... who worked together on the green bay packers staff in the 1990s. coach gruden on his former colleague. "it was kind of the brat pack, mariucci, me and reid together a lot. holmgren beat us up. he beat me up the most. andy was his pet. andy was a line coach at missouri. mariucci was the hotshot quarterback guy from cal. andy became the tight end coach and entire offense. how to block protect plays. how to throw the ball. he slowly, but surely moved up. became brett favre's quarterback everything he because he earned really has. he's phenomenal, a great person.
10:49 pm
3 keys for the raiders this sunday... first off, do something to first off, do something to stop that k-c offense led by mahomes. -- tyreek the big play threat..he's known to always get past the defense. --finally, derek carr has been taking a ton of hits..keep him upright and let him work your mercedez-benz keys to the game. switching over to the 49ers-- kyle shanahan's club heading up to seattle this weekend...visiting the seahawks. nick mullens making the start once he plays his first game at century link. differing from past matchups, the seattle defense isn't the top item on the scouting report since the legion of boom is no longer intact. but, russell wilson is still there...and he gives a lot to prepare for. 25-touchdowns to only 5-picks...knows how to protect the football and also make plays off-schedule. coach shanahan with more. " he can get out finally in (weather) (weather) coming up i'll
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have the seven day forecast.
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lawrence karnow: skies parted today but it remained cool. highs were in the 50s and low 60s. tonight will be cold with clouds moving in late. showers are possible after midnight. rain will likely continue into tomorrow morning before becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. it will be cool tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on sunday but more rain is expected by tuesday and wednesday of next week.
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