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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 3, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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(robin) good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news. its mon decmber 3rd....2018im robin winston.lets start this morning with a check on weather and traffic. today's weather is nice and dry with temperatures in the 50's for daytime highs. rainfall returns tomorrow
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while temperatures remain similar. remain similar. temperatures while tomorrow returns rainfall daytime highs.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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( robin )breaking overnight --- the body of retired bay area talk show host ray taliaferro has been found. taliaferro's son -- raphael taliaferro has confirmed this to kron 4 news. you may remember we reported him missing just last week... however he was last scene on november 10th in, kentucky. ( robin )the padauch police department confirmed that they are working on a death investigation.the 79-year- old's body was found in a wooded area just a mile from
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where he was last seen.the san francisco native and his new wife had been looking at property in illinois, when he went missing. ( robin )he was reportedly seen across the state line in kentucky at a pizza parlor and a church which you see here, talking with a church staffer. on november 16th, he was seen at a bank. his rental car was recovered in the bank lot, but there has been no sign of him.his family says, the 79-year old was showing signs of the early 1970's he worked here at kron .. and started at kgo radio in 1977. ( robin )as we continue to reflect on ray taliaferro's life -- we want to remember some of the many accomplishmen ts.again -- taliaferro was a former k-g-o radio host on a late night monday through friday show.taliaferro's night-time talk show mostly featured discussions about political issues affecting
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california and the nation. outside of journalism -- he served as president of the san francisco arts commission, leukemia society and the san francisco chapter of the n-a-a-c-p. ( robin ) ray taliaferro's family released a statement sunday, it says: it is with great sadness that the taliaferro family has to announce the passing of ray taliaferro. his body was found in paducah, kentucky in a wooded area approximately a mile from where he was last seen. the family appreciates the support and help we received in our search for ray. this is a devastating ending to our search for him over these past weeks. the family is in the process of working with the police to learn the matters surrounding his death. at this time, we are processing this turn of events and ask for privacy as we work through our loss. ( robin )the the alameda county bomb squad is investigating a report of a suspicius object found in a costco parking lot in fremont last night.fremont police also responded to the scene.they say upon arrival, they were
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able to confirm the object suspicious in nature. the parking lot and business were blocked off and the alameda county bomb squad responded to further investigate. the incident was isolated to the property of costco and no additional evacuations were ordered. the business had already closed for the evening. ( robin ) people who live in some communities ravaged by the camp fire... were allowed back home sunday.residents from the town of magalia started to return at noon yesterday.and public access will start at noon today.the butte county sheriff's office said no traffic will be allowed into the town of paradise.and warned, the communities may have very limited services. ( robin )the number of missing people from the camp fire stands at 25.with 88 dead.the outpouring of support for the victims is really just beginning.sunday in livermore -- some local businesses donated a portion of their proceeds to a relief fund, directly benefitting those in
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need.kron4's michelle kingston takes us there. (mk)brook witherspoon, first street alehouse"we feel so blessed to live in this community and we know how special their community was to them and we want to do everything we can from us to give them back what they lost." it was a chilly sunday but the sun was out and so were the athletes ... punching bags and flowing through yoga poses all for a good cause -- raising money for the victims of the camp fire in northern california.dennis dumas, omni fight club"when it goes to a fire that is out in the wild land to being something that affects structures and people everything changes and that's where people like myself who have the ability and the resources to give back just have to spring into action and figure out what we can do." beer baron .. first street ale house ... omni fight club and joya yoga -- teaching fitness classes and handing out beers in downtown livermore while raising money.michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"the best part is 100-percent of the proceeds will go to the camp fire relief fund and the people who need it most."
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deanna hasni, joya yoga"their houses were burned. their homes were burned. their livelihoods, their routines everything was changed."many businesses downtown also donated 20-percent of their sales on sunday to the fund.. and they hope to raise close to 2o-thousand dollars for the camp fire victims.ian lyke, first street ale house"we can't imagine what those people went through and we want to do our best to get them ack on their feet and help them get settled back into a home again."in livermore michelle kingston kron 4 news ( robin )sunday marked two years since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. 36 people died when flames tore through the illegally converted warehouse. many gathered at a memorial to remember the lives lost last night.kron 4's gayle ong was there two years later.the pain still so raw.and too distraught to speak on mourners came to this memorial in oakland sunday remember and honor the 36 lives lost in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire.on
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december 2nd 20-16..a raging fire tore through the known as america's worst structural fire in more than a occured during an unpermitted electronic concert.the warehouse was also functioning illegally as a cluttered living space with safety violations.the building boarded and fenced a memorial site..with candles and flowers under a man made tree decorated with pictures, art and memories..most of the victims were young artists full of plans for the future. attorney mary alexander represents 13 families of the 36 who lost their loved ones. there is a civil case against the owners
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of the building, pg&e, those who were involved with putting on the event, and the master tenants who built the warehouse..alexander tells me the families hope that a civil suit will prompt change and improvements in building managementand to also position a safe place for artists to have another tragedy like this doesn't happen again.. ( robin n as for the two men that prosecutors say are responsible for the blaze derick almena and max harris are due in court today. ( robin )oakland mayor libby shaaf posted a tweet in honor of the victims in the deadly ghost ship fire.she tweeted in part: today, our community mourns the second anniversary of the ghost ship fire that claimed 36 beautiful lives. ( robin )and -- representative barbara lee tweeted: two years ago, our east bay community lost 36 beautiful lives in the tragic ghost ship fire. (robin) coming up on the kron 4 morning news ... a protest was held this weekend over the conditions in the
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migrant caravan on the u-s mexico border. (robin)and then, we take a look back on the life and career of former president george h-w bush, and all the plans to remember him taking place this week. (robin)but first... it was an emotional first night of hanukkah for the people of pittsburg, just a few weeks after the deadly mass shooting. (robin) and here's a live look the san mateo bridge. (ácommercialá) welcome back.
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checking in on your morning forecast. today's weather is nice and dry with temperatures in the 50's for daytime highs. rainfall returns tomorrow while temperatures remain
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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( robin )a man is jail after almost biting off another man's finger. police say the suspect, who appeared to be intoxicated started fighting people randomly in the north bay.kron4's dan thorn has more on the bizarre fight from petaluma. 34-year-old daniel yurkovich is in jail tonight--accused of trying to bite off another man's finger. petaluma police say the pacific grove native was fighting with people at this bar on petaluma boulevard north in petaluma. the saturday night fights began when police say yurkovich attacked a man and was viciously beating him. another man then jumped in to restrain yurkovich and that's when police say yurkovich chomped down on his ring finger--nearly taking it off..
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when officers arrived to arrest yurkovich, bar patrons told them he was acting odd before the attacks. they believe he was intoxicated. the victim with the badly injured finger was taken to a local hospital for treatment. the first man attacked was unable to be found when police arrived on scene. ( robin ) the jewish holiday of hanukkah officially started this weekend. the holiday is also known as the festival of lights. it commemorates the victory of the maccabees over the syrians. and the re-dedication of jerusalem's second temple. the holiday lasts 8 nights ... and each night is marked by the lighting of a menorah. the 2018 national menorah lighting at the white house took place sunday afternoon. ( robin ) a public menorah lighting was held outside a pittsburgh synagogue where 11 people were killed during a mass shooting in october. this comes five weeks after the october 27th massacre. synagogue officials say it will provide the community with an opportunity to honor
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the dead and mark hanukkah's theme of survival. authorities say suspected shooter robert bowers raged against jews during and after the shooting, which was the deadliest attack on the jewish community in the u.s. ( robin )bowers remains jailed without bail and has pleaded not guilty to numerous murder and hate crime charges. ( robin )and -- president donald trump sent a happy hanukkah message... he said "this week, jews around he world will celebrate the miracles of hanukkah. melania and i send our very bet wishes for a blessed and happy hanukkah!" ( robin ) alaska has been hit by more than a thousand aftershocks since friday's seven-point-oh magnitude earthquake.friday's big quake knocked out power, ripped open
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roads and splintered buildings near anchorage.despite damage to roads and buildings, no fatalities or serious injuries were reported.most of the smaller aftershock earthquakes that followed were not felt. the people living in anchorage are now examining the damage. ( robin )the u-s geological survey says the majority of these aftershocks have been a magnitude of two-point-five or weaker. anchorage's municipal manager says more than a dozen of the small quakes were higher than magnitude four and a handful were greater than magnitude five. (robin) still ahead on the kron four morning news... a local sit-in was held this weekend to protest the conditions migrants are being
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held in at the u-s mexico border. (robin) and here's a live look outside... at the golden gate bridge. the hollywood minute is coming up after the break.
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(robin) welcome back to the kron four morning news. women are making headlines in hollywood this morning. from topping the music charts to winning big at film awards. david daniel has the details in the hollywood minute.
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(nat-music) "one taught me love, one taught me patience..."it's good to be ariana grande. her highly- anticipated music video for "thank you, next" set a first-day record on you-tube with more than 50-million views... the song itself tops the billboard hot 100 for a third straight week... and spotify says grande has passed selena gomez as the service's most-streamed artist worldwide. "i hoped i might be employed here, by you, as something.""a monster for the children to play with, perhaps.""arrr!" "the favourite" was just that at the british independent film awards. the period absurdist drama scored a record 10 trophies at this year's ceremony in london, including best film, best actress for olivia colman, and best supporting actress for rachel weisz (vice). (nat-music) "money!" "one-point-two million."china is not crazy about "crazy rich asians." the rom-com set in singapore finally opened in china with just one-point-two million dollars. analysts are not surprised, considering the delayed debut -- it opened in
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the u-s in mid-august -- and after all, china has its own home-grown rom-coms. so why release it in china at all? producers hope to shoot at least part of the sequel, "china rich girlfriend," in shanghai. back in hollywood, i'm david daniel. (robin) and here's a live look outside... at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll be back with more of your kron 4 morning news after the break.
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(robin) welcome back. checking in on your morning forecast. today's weather is nice and dry with temperatures in the 50's for daytime highs. rainfall returns tomorrow
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while temperatures remain similar. no major hot spots. bay


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