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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 3, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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now at 10 -- breaking news in the north bay tonight.. good evening --
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i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. san rafael police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. it happened around 6:00 at pickleweed park in san rafael's canal neighborhood. kron 4's alecia reid just got to the scene...she is live tonight with the latest. alecia? it's been 4 hours since that initial call came in about a possible shooting at this park .... and it's still a very active scene out here tonight. police have the entire park closed off .... as they continue to gather evidence. authories say around 6 o'clock officers arrived here at pickleweed park and found a young man dead inside a vehicle. immediately they noticed he had been shot at least once.witnesses saw a man running from the scene after hearing gunshots ring isn't clear what direction he ran, or if he was from this area.this is being investigated as a homicide. as of hour .... there is no suspect description.police are urging anyone who may have seen anything to give them a call.of course, you can remain
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anonymous.reporting live from san rafael ... ar ... kron 4 news. kron 4 news. lawrence karnow: clouds filled the skies today but rain is not far behind. a storm is slowly rotating off the coast. it will spin up showers from time to time the next few days. showers will generally be light but we could see a few heavier downpours. dry weather will return late on thursday and friday but more rain is expected next week.
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(pam) the body of president george h. w. bush arrived in washington, d.c earlier today ... the first stop this week... where he will be honored for his lifetime of service to the country. (ken)((take live)) here's a live look at the capitol rotunda tonight where people are still filing in to see the body of the late it lies in state.omar jimenez has the latest omar jimenez it lies in state.omar jimenez has the latest from the nation's capitol. tonight - president george
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h.w. bush is in washington d-c for the final time.natsthe 41st president lying in state at the u-s capitol for 41 hours - until wednesday morning.the public invited to pay their final respec. president trump and first lady melania - arrived at the capitol monday evening to say a final farewell.where hours earlier the vice president, house speaker and senate majority leader shared stories about the man who gave a lifetime of service to his country.rep paul ryan/-r- house speaker: his life was a hymn of honor. his legacy is grace perfected. his memory will belong to glory.sen. mitch mcconnell/-r- majority leader: "we stand with you in mourning, but also in gratitude. gratitude for lives well-lived and duties thoroughly fulfilled. gratitude that god gave this country george and barbara bush. and that reunited in the light of his grace."many offered personal stories of how the former president touched their vice president mike pence: i asked him to sign a picture of the could give my son. but little my surprise just in time for my son's winging there signed photograph but of course a letter. hand signed as 2018the ceremony concluded with a wreath laying.nats (pam) we will have more later in
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the newscast on president george h.w. bush from a bay area friend.. and kron-4 will carry the president's memorial service uninterrupted on the kron-4 morning news. it begins at 8-oclock on wednesday morning. (pam) bay area radio host and civil rights advocate ray taliaferro ... has been found dead in the woods of kentucky .. he had been missing since early november.. and the discovery follows a weeks - long search.. he was visiting that area with his wife ... and showed possible signs of dementia. tonight he is being remembered for a life of service, civil rights and his appreciation for the arts. kron 4's
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ella sogomonian has more.. (nats piano playing)ray taliaferro was a music lover who encouraged young people to embrace art. he worked at kron 4 news before heading to kgo newstalk am-810 where he worked for years as the first african american commentator in a major city. taliaferro took civil rights to heart as well serving at one point as president of the naacp san francisco chapter.(nats)he was honored by the national association of black journalists for his life's work in 2011.his long-time friend the current president of the naacp dr. amos brown calls him a selfless pioneer. sot: dr. amos brown, naacp sf president// "it's very rare to meet a person like ray who is humble approachable yet had so much going intellectually and spiritually."taliaferro was reported missing by his wife on november 10th in kentucky while on a trip. his body was found sunday afternoon in a wooded area.taliaferro is said to have shown signs of dementia.his son raphael taliaferro jr shared this is a devastating ending to our search for him over these past weeks the family is in the process of working with the police to learn the matters surrounding his the investigation continues taliaterro friends recognize
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him for his exemplary life. sot: dr. amos brown, naacp sf president// he was very much reflective strategic and courageous thise are noble virtues if you are going to be on the cutting edge of justice (nats that was a beautiful piece...") (ken) police in (ken) (ken) police in the
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south bay community of los altos say there have been more than a dozen car break in's and other thefts recently. los altos police say in all cases the thieves targeted unlocked vehicles. (pam) kron 4's dan thorn asked police about what people should do to protect their property. more than a dozen break-ins and thefts in just one night in los altos. police say all of the incidents had one thing in common--people left their car doors unlocked..sot: we are not immune to crime so that's why we always tell everyone to lock your belongings up and keep your belongings safeagent jessica vernon with the los altos police department says most of these crimes happened in neighborhoods all within a mile of each other including truman ave, elmhurst drive and oakhurst drive..sot: they
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probably hopped off of the freeway and said hey look let's hop in this town and see what we can get adding insult to injury--some people also left their electric garage door openers in their unlocked cars--making them even more vulnerable to theft..sot: you got to also take that garage door opener out because they will get into your garage and they can potentially get into house if you leave your door open as well. police say some other things to keep in mind include:-always locking your car doors-removing important personal belongings -and consider getting an alarm system if you don't have one. police say the city of los altos is often considered one of the safest cities in california--but criminals will take advantage no matter where you live. reporting in los altos dan thorn kron4 news.
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(pam) it has been two years since the the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. 36- people died ... when flames tore through the illegally converted warehouse.(ken) the trial for the ghost ship warehouse fire ... is set to start on april second. kron 4's grant lodes joins us live in to explain what's ahead... grant? (grant) this trial this trial has been delayed several times, but will now go before a retired alameda judge. derick almena and max harris each face 36- charges of involuntary manslaughter for their part in renting and organizing the oakland warehouse. the two men allegedly turned the warehouse, with few exits, into what critics call - a death trap of flammable clutter. attorney mary alexander is representing 13 families of the 36 who lost their loved ones.
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are for those who did this who built out this place and allowed it to happen will be held accountable, that there's justice, and that it doesn't happen again.">prosecutors prosecutors say almena rented the warehouse and illegally converted it into an entertainment venue and living and working quarters for artists. (grant) prosecutors say harris helped collect rent and organize music concerts in a warehouse permitted only to store items. (ken) wildfires dominated the conversation among state lawmakers today... on the opening day of the legislative session.(pam) it has been nearly a month since the camp fire started .. becoming the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. capitol bureau reporter ashley za-val-a shows us... how that fire is shaping the legislative agenda. ((pkg))((nats))((gavin newsom)) - a moment of silence california's governor-elect
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started the session with a moment of silence for fire victims..he reminded senators of their responsibility to the public.."our job each and every one of us, is to reconcile that we have agency, that we're not bystanders in this world. it's decisions."in her first speech as senate leader..toni atkins noted lawmakers will have to figure out how to move forward from the fires..((sen. toni atkins d-san diego)) "we can honor the victims and their sacrifices and so many of the sacrifices of our neighbors by taking proactive steps to prepare for and wherepossible prevent the next tragedy before it reaches our communities. we can't afford to ignore the extradordinary financial costs either."with p-g-and-e facing several lawsuits over its potential role in the camp fire... lawmakers like senator jerry hill plan to put the utility under the microscope this session((sen. jerry hill- d san mateo)) "the common thread in many of these fires and the destruction and loss of life is pg&e and we have to make sure they're doing their job and that their company is too big to succeed. maybe restructuring is necessary, maybe a change in leadership..something has got to give."((az standup: the legisltive session contnues january 7. tag))
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(ken) (ken) most families in the paradise area had already seen pictures of their homes. but seeing them in person, can be a lot tougher.(pam) still, they are finding hope in little things that did make it through the fire. reporter jessica mensch has more from threturning residents. natssorting through what's left natsof the place she used to call home.becky dresser / resident: "rougher than i thought it would be."this is the first time becky dresser has been allowed back into old magalia, to take a look at her house destroyed in the camp
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fire.becky dresser / resident: "i had actually been out of town. so i didn't even have a chance to save anything when the fire came through."now hoping to find any reminder of her old life.natsbecky dresser / resident: "i've been in the paradise area since i was four. so its not just losing my house. its losing my community."evacuation orders lifted today, in parts of magalia and concow.summer baker / resident: "out of my family, we lost three out of four homes."summer baker found her house still standing but her childhood home, just next door burned to the ground. summer baker / resident: "my dad built it. he was a contractor and he passed away in february. this 2-story custom log cabin. he's not here. i'm thankful he didn't have to go through this since it would have broken his heart."she says she's not ready to sift through the rubble.she'll have to do that in the coming days.summer baker / resident: "were just hoping that a lot of people come back and rebuild the town."while dresser tries to find comfort in what survived...nats "oh that's the angel."like this angel statue
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unscathed in the rubble.becky dresser / resident: "the first thought that came into my mind was, what did she have to watch?"dresser is an artist and is saving the rubble to use in her work.becky dresser / resident: "being an artist i know that i can maybe work that into something that will still give me that comfort of having something from my past." hoping to find some kind of beauty in all this pain.becky dresser / resident: "it's the loss of home." loss of home." (ááákenááá) some students are headed back to school after the deadly wildfires. schools in butte county have been closed since november 8th when flames spread through the area. on monday... about 32-
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thousand students were scheduled to return to class. several schools were damaged or destroyed, so some students were sent to alternate locations. officials hope to have a long-term solution ready by next month. a live look outside.. lawrence has the forecast.the forecast.lawrence has outside.. a live look by next month.solution ready long-term hope to have a officials locations.alternate were sent to some students destroyed, so damaged or schools were several schools were damaged or destroyed, so some students alternate locations.hope to have a long-term solution ready by next month. a live look outside.. lawrence has the forecast. lawrence karnow: clouds filled the skies today but rain is not far behind. a storm is slowly rotating off the coast. it will spin up showers from time to time the next few days. showers will generally be light but we could see a few heavier downpours. dry weather will return late on
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thursday and friday but more rain is expected next week. (ken)(ken)(ken) friends of (pam) still ahead tonight -- an officer is under fire after under fire officer is
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tonight -- an still ahead (pam) week. (pam) still ahead tonight -- an officer is under fire after cellphone video shows her hitting a teenager strapped to a stretcher. how the community is reacting ... when we come back.
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(ken) and -- fraternities and sororities are suing harvard university. details on the lawsuit... when we come back. we come back. this is a fight. not to the finish. we come back. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. (ken) indigenous leaders
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in a canadian town are calling for answers after cell phone video shows an officer hitting a teenager strapped to a stretcher. (pam) the officer is apparently hitting the 17 -year old while telling her not to spit. it is unknown what happened before this video. the teen is on the stretcher.. her arms are restrained.. she is from a first nation indigenous
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community. in a statement, indigenous leaders say, there was no justification for such a violent and callous treatment of a youth in a defenseless position. people in the area, which is north of thunder bay.. say.. this latest incident .... adds to the contentious relationship between law enforcement and the indigenous people who live in the area. an investigation is now underway .... looking into systemic racism in the police department. (ken) two fraternities and two sororities filed a lawsuit against harvard in boston federal court today. the lawsuit is over a 2016 rule that discourages students from joining single-gender clubs. the lawsuit says the rule discriminates against students based on their sex and spreads negative stereotypes. the 2016 rule was meant to curb secretive all-male groups that the school previously accused of having prejudice attitudes towards women. the university has yet to comment on the suit. (pam) coming up -- hayward
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police now responding... after a woman claims officers violently arrested her. the police side of the story.. as the department launches an internal investigation. (ken) and -- a violent weekend in the mission. how police are responding to the recent spike of crimes and why some say they are not suprised by it. (pam) and -- illegal stunts...fireworks...and blocked roads. neighbors say a dangerous sideshow was out of control on the weekend. and it's not the first time. (lawrence)ten at ten (ken) you're
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look at the capitol rotunda tonight where people are still filing in to see the body of the late it lies in state.(ken) we've been telling you about the services honoring the life and legacy of geroge h.w. bush. his body has been lying in state at the u-s capitol... with people still passing by to pay their respects in the early morning hours of the east coast. here in the bay area... friends of the late president are remembering him as a good, decent, hard working man. kron 4's j-r stone is live in palo alto...with that part of the story, jr? this is a picture showing the late george h.w. bush at camp david with michael boskin. the stanford professor that bush appointed as head of the president's council on economic advisors. boskin says it has been a tough few days.
10:27 pm
sotboskin was actually supposed to fly from the bay area to houston on wednesday this week to see the former president, the man he worked with so closely for four years and the man he stayed friends with until his death. instead boskin will be flying to washington d.c. on tuesday morning with good memories on his mind.sotboskin says that bush had friends everywhere and he stayed close with all of them through notes and letters. bill draper is a venture capitalist who, like george h.w. attended yale university and became longtime friends with bush.sotboskin says the former republican president had challenges with a house and senate that was overwhelmingly democratic. despite that he still managed to get things done as the administration whethered two financial crisis's. outside of the serious stuff though boskin says he'll never forget going fishing with george bush. sot oc: things of that sort
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(pam) an internal investigation is now underway
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after a hayward police officer used force against a woman last month.(pam) we first showed you the video on saturday ... carolina olvera says, she was thrown to the ground outside a seven- eleven store for no reason.(ken) tonight -- she and her attorney met with police officers and she's speaking only to kron 4's michelle kingston about the meeting. (mk)ánats from cell phone videoálast month -- hayward police surrounded a vehicle outside a seven eleven, ultimately arresting a passenger inside who was wanted for armed carjacking. but they also arrested 19 year old carolina olvera -- who says she still doesn't understand why she was thrown onto the hood of the car and then onto the guy jakub, hayward police department"i can tell you that at the end of the internal investigation, if there are any wrong doings that are discovered, our officers will be held accountable." lieutenant guy jakub with the hayward police department says olvera filed a formal complaint after she was put in jail for resisting arrest ... and now an internal investigation is underway -- they're reviewing body cam footage and talking to
10:31 pm
witnesses ... and met with olvera on monday.anne weills, olvera's attorney"it was a horrendous assault by a hayward police officer .. we don't understand why he did what he did. but there was some body cam evidence that we saw which show how violent he was."carolina olvera, hayward "i saw the footage. that's all i really wanted to see from the beginning and i saw that so i got that but ...anne weills, olvera's attorney"it's super traumatic. it's super violent. it is just it's sort of an obscenity for such a young woman to be treated like that and in these modern days, where the police theoretically should be under basically be more self conscious about the use of excessive force and there was no force needed at all in dealing with this matter and she got this horrible treatment and hopefully they will learn from that."michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsthe officers in the video are still working while being hayward michelle kingston kron 4 news (pam) (pam) happening now... one man is dead, and a 55- year
10:32 pm
old woman is in the hospital.. after an early morning shooting. it happened in san francisco's mission district on the 3000- block of 16th street. one man, who frequents this area, was not particularly surprised by the violence here .... but says ... he is tired of it it's awful i think it's a crying shame that these types of things are still happening around here. we've got to start working together to have to have things like this not happen so simple and so easily. (pam) the 55- year old female victim's condition has been reported as serious. the relationship between the two victims is unclear.. and at this time, there is no information released about possible suspects or motive. (ken) a big story we're following tonight out of the east bay... hundreds of people gathered for an illegal sideshow... and when it was over one person was seriously injured kron4's haaziq madyun shows us where it happened. a man is seriously injured after he either jumped or fell from this i-80 on ramp in crockett. it happened around
10:33 pm
midnight saturday. the california highway patrol were here breaking up a major sideshow at the timesot you can see the tire burnout marks covering pomona streetsot the sideshow happened right down the hill from dawn delise neighborhood and she says it is not the first timesotsot
10:34 pm
serious injuries as wellsot in crockett haaziq madyun kron4news lawrence karnow: clouds filled the skies today but rain is not far behind. a storm is slowly rotating off the coast. it will spin up showers from time to time the next few days. showers will generally be light but we could see a few heavier downpours. dry weather will return late on thursday and friday but more rain is expected next week. (pam) good news today for striking hotel workers in san francisco ... they have reached an agreement on a new contract.. that's after
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more than two months of walking the picket lines. 25-hundred marriot hotel workers will go back to workers will marriot hotel 25-hundred picket lines. week.expected next week. (pam) good news (pam) good news today for striking hotel workers in san francisco ... they have reached an agreement on a new contract.. that's after more than two months of walking the picket lines. 25-hundred marriot hotel workers will go back to work later this week. kron 4's charles clifford has details on the agreement... sotwe are local 2!monday evening, unite here local 2 announced that their membership had overwhelmingly
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approved a new contract with marroit hotels.sotthe vote was a 99.6 yes vote.while specifics on the new contract weren't available monday evening, union negotiators say they were very happy with the results.sotnicholas javier is a server at the marriot. he says the strike, which lasted more than two months, was a challenge but he believes the new contract is a good deal and he looks forward to getting back to work.sotsan francisco mayor london breed also expressed her satisfaction with the new contract, thanking both sides for making it happen. she said in a statement today that "in this time of rising inequality, it is crucial that ourworkers are able to earn a fair wage that allows them to live and support their families in theincreasingly expensive bay area. " a peninsula school district has announced the closure of 4 elementary schools next year to help deal with a $10 million dollar deficit. kron 4's gabe slate talked with parents ... who are upset they have to uproot their children to a different school. sound from parent of redwood city elementary student: "that's terrible" i spoke with parents of hawes elementary school kids who are upset that the school is closing next year closing next school is
10:37 pm
that the a different their children have to uproot are upset they parents ... who talked with gabe slate area. "expensive bay increasingly families in the support their them to live and support their families in the increasingly expensive bay area. " a peninsula school district has announced the closure of 4 elementary schools next year to help deal with a $10 million dollar deficit. kron 4's gabe slate talked with parents ... who are upset they have to uproot their children to a different school. sound from parent of redwood city elementary student: "that's terrible" i spoke with parents of hawes elementary
10:38 pm
school kids who are upset that the school is closing next year sound from parent of redwood city elementary student: "not good" hawes, orion, fair oaks, and adelante elementary schools are closing next year as the district battles with deficits. the kids will be merged into other schools. sound from parent of redwood city elementary student: "it's not good" flora graduated from hawes elementary a few years ago her family lives in the neighborhood.. she was here today to pick up her sister she is upset her sister won't have the close by neighborhood school experience she had. sound from parent of redwood city elementary student: "it's not good" redwood city school district concluded with declining enrollment that they can not sustain 16 schools with 7,500 students. the school district says they have lost close to 2,000 students in six years due to families moving out of the bay area due to the high cost of living and three charter schools that operate within their attendance zone. in redwood city gabe slate kron 4 news. (ken) in alaska....
10:39 pm
communities are still trying to recover after friday's destructive 7- magnitude earthquake...(pam)(pam) earthquake...magnitude destructive 7- after friday's to recover are still trying communities in alaska....(ken) (ken) in alaska.... communities are still trying to recover after friday's destructive 7- magnitude earthquake...(pam) and one anchorage school district is working around the clock -- to try and get students back to class after friday's earthquake.kalinda kindle has
10:40 pm
the story. nat pop: "going have students return to schools december 10th."taking a look at the aftermath.nat pop: "time and we want to do it right the best way the safe way."as crews step inside anchorage schools... such as bartlett high school where repairs and clean ups are underway.nat pop: "again, what we are trying to do is to get them through the phases."the district says each school is tagged green..amber or red for safety levels.nat pop: "before we can declare a school is safe or green if you will for reentry."//butted//"so the first is that the building is cleared of any debris or potential falling hazard but our operation staff. we don't want people doing into out buildings where there are things dangling form ceiling or there are large pools of standing water."//butted//"we really triage buildings that demonstrate some risk of structural compromise. that those are the first schools that we are going to have structural impacts assessment of the building to confirm." nat pop: "lastly they would have a functioning sprinkler system. and functioning fire alarms."asd says the focus is safety before getting students back into the classroom. (ken)(ken) (ken) that was kalinda
10:41 pm
kindle reporting. the school district said even if a school is not ready to open by december tenth ... alternative locations will be available. (ken) still ahead tonight -- a picture-perfect proposal turned into a gut-wrenching goof. how the n-y-p-d saved the day. (pam) and veganism could get the same legal protection as religion in the united kingdom. the legal case that sparked this hot debate... when we come back. (sports) coming up in sports, the warriors are still waiting for draymond green to make his return, but steph curry is back... and the champs were rolling tonight. highlights ahead.
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fast--she said yes... and then oh-no after the diamond engagement ring fell through a sidewalk grate.(ken) the newly engaged couple thought the ring was gone forever... and returned to the united kingdom without it.(pam) but as aundrea cline- thomas reports... new york city police came to the rescue.. this video shared by the nypd has gone shows a couple searching for the bride to be's engagement ring after it fell into a utility grate in times square.yann geoffrey, witness"the lady was (he's moving around imitating the movement) the guy was doing everything even pulled up gum and tried to put it down the hole over there."on friday night the couple- john and daniella- got engaged in
10:45 pm
central park.they eventually made their way to times square. the ring was a little big and it slipped off her finger. marcia monteiro, works nearby "a new york story, definitely a new york story. they're never going to forget this trip."that night detectives opened the grate and searched through piles of trash with no luck.the following morning the next shift of officers returned.detective joseph bucchignano, nypd"fortunately it was sitting on top of all of that stuff so it wasn't so hard to find, just a small object like that in the midst of all the garbage."detectives found the ring, but did not know who the owners were.they were long gone.that's why police turned to twitter and found the couple had returned home to the u-k.tom tarpapian, los angeles resident"christmas in new york dude. what else do you want? a new york miracle." in a tweet daniella, the bride to be, said "thank you again @nypdnews we will never forget how much effort you went to. love new york."for officers it was another day in the office. reporter question off-cam"are you expecting an invitation to the wedding?"detective joseph bucchignano, nypd"no, i am not. i'm not one for weddings so i wish them the best of
10:46 pm
luck and happiness and all that good stuff but i'll send them a card or something and leave it at that."john and daniella say officers will get a mention at the wedding, for a story they'll share for a lifetime. (ken) that was aundrea cline-thomas reporting. the future groom said he can't thank the officers enough--he hopes to return to new york and buy them a few cold beers. (pam) an angry dispute between an animal welfare charity and its former employee .... will be the first case in britain to decide whether ethical veganism is a "philosophical belief" ... and whether it should be afforded the same protections as religion.(ken) the former employee alleges he was fired this april by "the league against cruel sports" after he discovered that their pension fund was invested in companies involved in animal testing. here's what londoners had to say about the case.
10:47 pm
a philosophy i guess that implies that it's some kind of lifestyle or choice, which i don't think it should be."> (pam) the firm says, the employee who was fired .... was terminated for "gross misconduct," not for his ethical vegan beliefs. (ken) the holidays can be a baker's delight! all the treats that you look forward to throughout the year are plentiful during the season, but for those trying to be mindful of calories, reporter jeremy roth has some advice on how to navigate those party platters. don't you just love the holiday seasonit's the most wonderful time of the year when you're surrounded by friends, family, and food...all. the. food.and while that may be your favorite part of the holidays, for others, it can beone test of will power after another.if you're on a diet, or have certain food allergies, this time of year can feel like a mine field.but have no fear,
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with a little planning, you can sail right through.first, make sure you have a strategy. maybe eating at home before going to the party is the best way for you to avoid temptation.and practice how you're going to graciously decline your aunt's special casserole, no matter how thick she lays on the guilt.if you still want to partake, grab a plate, and fill it up once. that's it. this can help you avoid picking and snacking directly from serving dishes all night.another great way to make sure you can eat at an event is to simply bring your own dish. make something that falls in line with what you can have, and share it with the crowd.if all else fails, move yourself over to the dance floor. after all, it's hard to eat and dance to jingle the same time. i'm jeremy roth. it's not often we associate losing streaks with the warriors, but this was surprising. going into tonight, the champs had lost...6-road games in a row, yet, they took care of that real quick tonight. --warriors-hawks in atlanta.. steph curry...showed signs of rust when he came back against detroit. --early tonight, he was rolling...
10:49 pm
3-ball from the corner pocket... and it feels like it's going to be one of those nights. --later in the 1st-- warriors already up double digits.. curry again...pullup 3-ball. 26-13 champs, curry with 18 points in the first. finished with a game-high 30. --then end of the 1st half-- the other all-stars getting to work.. kevin of the key...always works. warriors up 24 at the break. --out of the locker room, klay thompson... from the top, off the screen... that's gonna drop.é warriors still cruising. klay ends the night with 27. -later in the 3rd, warriors on a break... off the turnover.. lob to durant for the alley oop in transition. 28 for kd...10 of 13 from the field.. --128-11 your final...warriors visit the cavs on wednesday. visit the cavs on wednesday. turning now to the nfl-- another weekend in which the 49ers and raiders, both maintain their pace for the top picks in the draft. starting with the silver and black...who made it interesting against the chiefs. entered the contest as double-digit home underdogs..against the team with the best record in the afc. raiders outscored kc 17-7 in the 4th...and made it a one-possession game with
10:50 pm
less than a minute to play. but four touchdown passes from patrick mahomes was just enough for the chiefs to seal a 40-33 win... kc goes to 10-and-2.. raiders fall to 2-and-10, just behind the niners for the number one selection in april. how does jon gruden feel about that? "no, we don't look ahead right now. we are looking at the pittsburgh steelers, that's all we are doing. i'm really proud of our team. we fought back yesterday and made it 33-30 in the fourth quarter. we gave kansas city too many mulligans. we fumbled the ball to them three times. we had a fourth-and-one called back, and we gave them first downs. we are not looking ahead to nothing except the pittsburgh steelers. i can assure you that, at least on our side of the building." and turning to the 49ers, who still can't find a way to win against seattle..have now lost 10-straight to the seahawks. the hawks in full control yesterday in a 43-16 rout. what's outgained seattle by more than 100 yards... but couldn't overcome 3-turnovers including a 98-yard-pick six to bobby wagner. this
10:51 pm
afternoon, kyle shanahan...aske d to evaluate his own performance "when you look at our record, and we're all extremely dissapointed in that. we always fell like we should win more games than we have. but i'm going to sit and come to work every single day and be the same person when we have a bad record as we do a good record. i think you can ask our players that and ask people who work with us and you guys can decide, but i don't really change i do as good as i can every single day and as long as i know that i can live with myself." now to now to monday night football--redskins-eagles in philly. --washington down to its 3rd string qb, mark sanchez... first play, is a handoff to adrian peterson... and ap is gone... the 33-year-old taking 90-yards to the end zone. the longest run of his career. redskins up 10-7. --but it was all eagles after that.. carson wentz...hits jordan matthews on the slant. wentz...300-plus through the air, 2-touchdowns. --philly wins 28-13, now 2nd in the nfc east
10:52 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. (ken) (ken) former first
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lady michelle obama is sharing advice for meghan, the duchess
10:55 pm
of sussex the british magazine-- good housekeeping-- published an interview with mrs.obama today. her biggest piece of advice to meghan--take some time, don't be in a hurry to do anything and pursue issues that stir her passions. obama is currently in europe promoting her new book, "becoming"--but canceled visits to paris and berlin to attend the funeral of former president george h-w bush wednesday. lawrence karnow: clouds filled the skies today but rain is not far behind. a storm is slowly rotating off the coast. it will spin up showers from time to time the next few days. showers will generally be light but we could see a few heavier downpours. dry weather will return late on thursday and friday but more rain is expected next week. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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