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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 4, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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that's where we find kron 4's alecia reid tonight... she has the latest on the investigation.... .... this boy's injuries were so bad ... he was on life support. but he is now breathing on his own ... however he remains in critical condition.police say the 6 year old has significant trauma to the brain.and there is no way this was accidental. this investigation started the night before thanksgiving... when both the boys mother and her boyfriend of 6 months ..... brought the unconscious child to san leandro kaiser hospital. johnathan davis told hospital staff the child's mysterious head injury came about when he fell down a flight of stairs and bumped his head. however, doctors say his injuries are not consistent with a fall .... those injuries were so bad, the young boy had to be rushed to oakland childrens hospital where doctors performed emergency brain surgery. the child's mother was at work when he was hurt, but backs her boyfriend's story. after days of investigating .... and neither party cooperating with police ... davis was arrested and charged with felony assault on a child. police say there was a history of abuse between davis and the boy.the
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23 year old is being held without bail for allegedly abusing the 6 year old. sot - they're hoping the brain will recover. there was some significant trauma to the brain and bleeding. they had to go in and remove some of his skull to relieve the pressure.standupdavis has a 15 month old daughter from a previous relationship that also lived in the household with his girlfriend and her son. both children are now in protective custody.reporting live from oakland ... ar ... kron 4 news (pam) a 10-thousand dollar
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reward is being offered by police for information leading to the arrest of a man.. who they say ... shot another man in the back... (grant) it happened on foothill boulevard in oakland back in october. and today kron4's michelle kingston spoke with police about the case. (mk)it happened at 745 at night ... oakland police say a man was walking home from work on foothill boulevard ...when another man shot him several times in the back.officer joel hight, oakland police department"right now it does not look like this was a robbery or anything that went bad it looks much more like a targeted incident and we are just looking for again more cooperation from anybody who was out there at the time of the shooting."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"it is a busy intersection with a lot of businesses and people walking by. police hope somebody saw something and comes forward."officer joel hight, oakland police department"anybody who saw this shooting and can corroborate statements and video evidence that has been recovered, we are looking to strengthen the case so we can present a strong case to the district attorneys office." the suspect took off -- and police are still looking for him.they are offering a 10- thousand dollar reward for
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information. they say they have leads but no motive at this time.they are not identifying the victim.officer joel hight, oakland police department"due to the suspect still out there and we don't know if there could be any retaliation. we just want to make sure we safeguard his identity until it's safe to disclose his name and information."if you have any information -- contact oakland oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news (grant) another big story tonight... rain returns to the bay area.... here is a look at storm tracker 4 showing the latest storm bringing us on and off showers right now...(pam) and there is a chance of isolated thunderstorms. we have team coverage tonight.. as we track this latest storm.... kron-4's charles clifford is in marin county ... with conditions there... and kron4's j-r stone is live in san mateo ... where he seeing some sprinkles ...(grant)
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but first we start tonight with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence will the storm affect the morning commute? lawrence karnow: it was a cloudy and cool day with highs only in the 50s. doppler radar is picking up on some rain moving in now with more to come. low pressure will stay off the coast but it will spin up some showers and a few isolated thunderstorms. showers will be on and off through the night and tomorrow before slowing by tomorrow afternoon. it will will also be windy at times near the coast as the low moves south. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s. dry weather will return on thursday and into the weekend. rain is possible again at the beginning of next week. (grant) the wet weather is expected to weather is the wet (grant) next week.beginning of again at the is possible again at the beginning of next week. (grant) the wet (grant) (grant) the wet weather is
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expected to continue through the overnight hours. the rain started late this afternoon and has hit the peninsula as we take this live
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look at san mateo bridge... kron 4's j.r. stone is in san mateo this evening. j.r. what does the weather look like out there right now? (j.r.)grant it is cold and wet outside the rain is not coming down at this very moment. we are seeing a bit of a lull in the system. that being said the roadways are wet so you want to be careful.this afternoon i drove from san francisco to half moon bay and then to san mateo and it was raining for almost the entire time. it is wet and it is slick outside. i will say we've see a lot of off and on showers so as i listened to the scanner and checked on traffic reports i really didn't see a huge accidents when the rain started this afternoon. did hear of trees going down or anything of that nature. so while rain did start during the commute today it's impact was minimum compared to what we usually see during a storm system. everyone i talked with...excited to see and feel
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the rain.i like it i really like it...raini enjoy the's helping a lot... just soaking it up i think people are kinda excited about it after a long dry summer. (j.r.)now again, right now the rain is not falling but still very slick roads and it is still a bit as well. live in san mateo, j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(pam) our team coverage of the wet weather continues tonight... kron 4's charles clifford in marin county ... with a look at how people are preparing for the wet weather... over at goodman hardward store, the staff has been stocking up on rain supplies. things like rain boots, tarps and sandbags. the manager tells me they have had a run on rain gear and christmas decoriation.not far away, the mill valley sandbag pickup was quiet but it looked like a few bags hyad been scooped up. (pam) a reminder ... download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com .... to stay on top of this series of storms. there you will find full forecasts... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your neighborhood.. with the kron-4 app. download it tonight. (pam) scooped up.bags hyad been looked like a few bags hyad been scooped up.
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(pam) a reminder ... download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com .... to stay on top of this series of storms. there you will find full forecasts... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your neighborhood.. with the kron-4 app. download it tonight. and visit kron-4 dot com. ((grant))happening now.. the city of san jose is deciding whether to join forces with google on a huge development deal downtown. the city council will vote on whether to approve a land sale to google. it would be the site of a massive transit village and campus west village and campus west of highway 87. google is offering to pay more than 100- million dollars for city owned land surrounding diridon station. business leaders are hailing the development as a game changer. but
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critics... some of whom are on a hunger strike... worry that it will contribute to an already dire shortage of affordable housing. (pam) a major lawsuit has been filed against a north bay boys and girls club. it alleges the sonoma club failed to protect children from a coach who was sexually abusing them. (grant) and as kron four's terisa estacio reports .. an attorney representing the boys says, what has been uncovered.. is shocking.. dave ring, attorney "i represent four victims of the prepetrator kilgore, he worked for years at the boys and girls club and molested alot of boys." attorney dave ring discused with me the lawsuit filed tuesday on behalf of the young men he is representing... all victims of this man... paul dwayne kilgore... who is currently in prison serving a 150 year sentence for molesting boys he coached at the boys and girls club of sonoma valley. ring. "what is really shocking and outrageous is evidence we
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found with boys and girls club could have put an end to mr. kilgore many years ago. attorney ring says from the beginning of kilgore's employement at the center - there were alarming signs... ring. he took a sexual harassment test and failed and answered strangely. ring adds that on numerous occasions there were complaints against kilgore brought to the club's management, but they declined to remove kilgore. ring. he put kids in compromissed positions, having them undress, touching them. ring says he is asking for a jury trial and for an undisclosed amount of damages... kron four reached out to the boys and girls club of sonoma... they said in a statement that they helped cooperate with authorities in kilgore's conviction, in addition, quote the safety and protection of the chidlren we serve remains the number one priortiy of boys and girls clubs of sonoma valley. our organiztion is committed to the higest standards of integrity and ethical behavior... they continued could not comment directly to a pending lawsuit, terisa estacio kron four news. ((pam/ots)) a warning about a a warning ((pam/ots))
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news. kron four terisa estacio kron four news. ((pam/ots)) a warning about a possible text scam. san mateo county sheriff's say, the scam involves text messages claiming to be associated with the county's emergency alert notification system. the text messages come from someone claiming to be a deputy with the "san mateo county security system," saying authorities will be doing an annual inspection of businesses and residences.. and that may include needing access to their residence ((pam )) sheriff's
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officials say, they will never send out a message through the s-m-c alert system ... and people should call 9-1-1 if they have any doubts about who is at their door.. (grant) developing tonight... there is a plan in the works to fix the infamous sinking and leaning millennium tower in san francisco. kron4's maureen kelly talked with the structural engineer behind the new plan... who says, the leaning... can be reversed. plans for the estimated 100- million dollar fix are being submitted to the city today. here's an illustration of what it will look like.the structual engineer behind this design involves installing more than 50 concrete and steele piles 250 feet down to bedrock under the corner of the foundation that's sinking.
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it's referred to as underpinning that the engineer says is commonly used in construction.... what's unusual about this is the size of the building, very large and the capacity of the piles. each one of the piles is designed to resist 1,000,500 pounds of loadit's a solution that is expected not to only prevent the slow sink that's been happening....but also reverse it. by putting piles only on the north and west sides, we will allowed for continued additional minor settlements on the south and east sides which naturally happens with all buildings, and as it occurs we expect that some of the tilt that has occurred to the building in the past will actually come out of the building and allow it to become plumbut that could take as long as fifty years.this agreement was hammered out during mediation between the homeowners association and the luxury condo developer. those owners who've had to sell have taken a loss since this problem came to light and some critics say this expensive fix won't restore the building to it's former status. a realtor who says he sold a 13 million dollar penthouse unit after the problem was exposed's unlike any other building in san
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francisco. i do believe it's going to come back and it is disappointing that units that i've had to have treated during this time have done so to discount, to be expected but i think that discount is going to disappear after the building is structurally correctif the design for the fix is approved construction could start in the spring. one lane of traffic on both mission and fremont will likely be impacted...possibly as long as the year and a half it's projected to take until the job is complete.maureen kelly kron4 news. (grant) in national news tonight ... lawmakers were briefed today... on the grisly murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi. (pam) following a briefing with c-i-a director gina haspel, some top senators now say.. prince mohammed bin salman is clearly responsible for the saudi journalist's death. from our partner's at c-n-n... reporter jim acosta has the story. nat sound:after cia director gina haspel briefed a small group of senators on the killing of saudi journalist jamal republicans declared the
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evidence is crystal clear that the kingdom's crown prince mohammed bin salman is behind the gruesome murder.senator lindsey graham pointed to the killers' use of a bone saw to dismember khashoggi's body. sen. lindsey graham:"there's not a smoking gun, there's a smoking saw. you have to be willfully blind not to come to the conclusion that this was orchestrated and organized by people under the command of mbs and that he was intrinsically involved in the demise of mr. khashoggi."an open and shut case... said senator bob corker.sen. bob corker:"i have zero question in my mind that the crown prince, mbs, ordered the killing, monitored the killing, knew exactly what was happening, planned it in advance. if he was in front of a jury he would be convicted in 30 minutes, guilty.." another republican senator john kennedy was outraged the briefing was limited to a select number of lawmakers. sen. john kennedy:"my only point is that by the director choosing to meet with some, but not others, congratulations to her, she has pissed off everybody."the fury from fellow republicans stands in stark contrast with the white house.president trump:"maybe he did. maybe he didn't."where top officials including national security adviser john bolton are saying not so fast.john bolton: "secretary pompeo and secretary mattis both said,
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without qualification, they have read all the intelligence, as have i, and they didn't see anything that justified that conclusion. so you know, we will continue to look, additional evidence is always possible that will come up, and that's where it stands."the khashoggi case is hardly the only battle for the president who picked up some family support... after praising former adviser roger stone in the russia investigation.the president complimented stone in a tweet for saying: "i will never testify against trump."adding nice to know that some people still have "guts..."in response d-c attorney and husband of white house counselor kellyanne conway george conway tweeted the criminal code for witness tampering.that prompted a nasty tweet from the president's son... eric trump... who said: "of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect george conway shows toward his wife, her career, place of work, and everything she of work, and career, place the story.
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(pam) another big story tonight takes us live to washington... where president george h-w bush is lying in state. a steady stream of dignitaries and regular people are still coming in ... paying their final respects. the memorial service for the 41st president is tomorrow morning. president trump received an invitation, and will attend the service... the trumps and the bushs have famously clashed. george h-w bush, who was a staunch republican, voted for hillary clinton in 20-16. but the bush family is seeking to make this a moment of unity... a short but important break from the bitter partisan politics that seem to dominate washington. today ... they shared an embrace with president george w bush and his wife laura. president trump and his wife melania visiting the bush
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family at blair house... they had a private, 22- minute visit, which marked the first public interaction between trump and the bush family since the inauguration. . (grant) to honor the 41st president the federal government is shutting down some services for a day of mourning ... among the entities closing... the post office. (pam) kron4's ella sogomonian tell us what we can expect tomorrow. regular mail deliveries will be suspended by the u.s. postal service wednesday.their retail services and offices will also be closed after president donald trump declared december fifth as a national day of mourning.sot: "i think its appropriate to have a day of mourning for an ex president and he is a distinguished ex president and its appropriate to have this day."the day will be take to honor the late 41-st president george h w bush.those who heard about the closure rushed to the post office the day before to send out their important mail.sot: "so i needed some things to go out so here i am running to the post office to mail them."
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while procrastinators will just have to wait til thursday. sot: "i have been putting off some things for a couple of weeks that i was going to mail. and now they'll just have to be put it off a little longer i guess." along with post offices...wall street and some banks will also be security and federal offices across the nation will be closed.and the supreme court will postpone all arguments for the day as well as any votes in congress. you may still see the eagle fly by though... because...the u.s. postal service will still do limited package deliveries, to prevent interruption this busy holiday san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (grant)(grant) and kron-4 will carry the president's memorial service uninterrupted on the kron-4 morning news. it begins at 8-am on wednesday. 8-am on wednesday. (grant) coming up... a wild high speed chase caught on police dash cam... what prompted officers to act that forced them to use multiple
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tactics to get the driver in handcuffs. (pam) plus ... a warning tonight for parents ... a new study says .. a visit to the dentist could put your child at risk of opioid addiction.... (grant) up next...wall street took a big fall today... amid fading enthusiasm for the u-s - china trade truce. we'll have a recap of the day's trade and what day's trade and what analysts believe is the reason for the plundge... (lawrence) weather tease headphone music
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tonight... the dow dropped 799-points today -- as wall street's enthusiasm for the u-s-china trade-truce vanished. (pam) analysts blame the plunge ... on doubts over the trade truce, as well as concerns that u-s economic growth is slowing. from our partner's at c-n-n... alison kosik has a recap of the day's trading.. wall street took a big fall tuesday amid fading enthusiasm for the u-s - china trade truce.the dow jones industrial average plunged 799 points tuesday, its worst day in nearly two months.the nasdaq fell nearly four percent, while the s-and-p lost more than three percent.analysts blame the plunge on doubts over the trade uce, as well as concerns that u-s economic growth is was a bad day for banking stocks, as wells fargo, bank of america, citi group and morgan stanley all fell more than four percent.and fed-ex and u-p-s
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both lost more than six percent on concerns over amazon's plans to build up its air freight delivery service. (pam) ahead at (pam) ahead at nine ... you may want to check your fridge ... another five- million pounds of raw beef products have been recalled... details on the affected brands... (grant) plus... a firefighter reunites with the little girl he helped save while they were both on vacation in hawaii... how she
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got into trouble and why birthdays will never be the same. (pam) and up next-- a violent robbery caught on camera ... as a theif threatens and robs a gas station worker with a huge knife.... now police need your help to track her down..
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(pam) happening now of the east bay... police say, they need your help in identifying the woman holding the big knife you see in this video.... (pam) she is wanted in
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connection to robbery at a car wash.(grant) the video shows the moment the robber demands that the cashier open the safe.... kron4's haaziq madyun reports from concord. nats/survellance video
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investigators have a limited description of the person other than what he see in this video. if you think you know who this woman is concord police what like to hear from concord haaziq madyun kron4news (pam) a tragic story out of antioch ... where a three- year-old girl was hit and killed by a car in a parking lot. today, the contra costa county coroner's office identified the little girl... as angela nguyen from brentwood. it happened last night at the somersville towne center. police say, the little girl was run over by a car in front of the sears store..
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authorities have not said who she was with at the time... nor, the factors that led to the driver hitting her... (pam) police say, the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with them. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the incident. (grant) it is common for people getting wisdom teeth pulled ... to be prescribed a bottle of opioids ... but now new research from stanford university says, giving these drugs to teenagers and young adults increases their risk of becoming addicted. kron 4's dan kerman reports. opioids and wisdom teeth 120418 6 pkgsoti think it's alarming stanford researcher dr. alan schroeder is speaking of the result of his new study which found an increased chance of
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addiction and abuse for teenage and young adult dental patients perscribed opioids.sot dr. alan schroeder/stanford university school of medicine :12we found that 7% of the patients go on to continue to use opiod perscriptions and 6% were given a diagnosis relating to abuse.dr. schroeder says the study looked at 15-thousand 16 to 25 year old dental patients who were prescribed opiods in 2015. while the percentages may seem relatively low, the study's author says it's definitey a red flagsot in the context of how commonly wisdom teeth are extracted having 6-7% of the patients get opiods that translates to a lot who are having problems in this countryschroeder says dental professionals should take a hard look at the study before prescribing pain medicationsot trying tylenol or ibuprofin first and if pain is inmanageable then maybe a few doses of an opiod but 20 were given on average in our study and that's too many. standup dan kerman/stanford 1:20reserachers also say pulling wisdom teeth is like taking out tonsils, you just do it, but they say more research should be done to see if those extractions are warranted. at stanford, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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(pam) it has been a month since the camp fire tore through the town of paradise.. destroying homes and displacing thousands of families. however - some people refused to leave... brad weldon is one of those homeowners who refused to leave... the entire block he lives on was turned to ash.. except his house. he says he has been living off stored food, generator power, and water from his pool.brad weldon - never evacuated: "my mother taught me take care of things. be prepared. have food, have shelter, have water. take care of your stuff." people have been able to sneak in
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supplies to him , but it's not enough. he hopes that the evacuation orders in his area will be lifted soon. he also hopes his neighbors will return and rebuild. (grant) also in the wake of the camp fire... this gridley daycare facility is offering free childcare to people affected by the fire. the facility was originally closed but was reopened by the group - e-center. the daycare is fully staffed by licensed teachers who are normally on leave from october to april. the director says the daycare helps the affected families focus on rebuilding while their kids focus on moving forward. (pam) a grassroots volunteer group from san francisco.. visiting the texas- mexico border to deliver donations... and stand in solidarity for unaccompanied minors. (grant) tonight we are learning their donation efforts were denied but they are not giving up just yet reporter alfredo cuadros explains.
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they call themselves the bay area border relief they're a group that came from san francisco california to the rio grande valley specifically to mcallen and brownsville where they hold a protest outside of southwest key casa padre.we met with the group at the respite center in mcallen they say they're here as a direct response to the president's recent family separation policy. ááá lilli - bay area border reliefááá it is still happening. because it's not on the front page news anymore, i would say the collective conscious in our country has settled down because they think it's over with. áááalfredo cuadrosáááthis is the third time the group comes to the valley first june to donate clothes. then volunteering at the humanitarian respite center in mcallen in july. on december 1st they had a truck with donations gathered volunteers and attempted to deliver 15 hundreds bags to unaccompanied minors at the brownsville detention center their request denied as the organization does not take donations directly ááá lilli - bay area border reliefááá very disappointing that even something that simple to provide those children. we stood out there and we had our signs and we did a little walk around in solidarity with
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them. we just hope that those children felt the love from outside. áááalfredo cuadrosááá their efforts were not in vain they are working with the catholic charities of the rgv and the respite center in mcallen where the bags are handed out to the many asylum seekers that come by on a daily basis. sister norma pimentel says "it's a privilege" to have visitors "come together in response to care for families." when asked why brownsville california border is dealing with a humanitarian crisis of their this is where it all started "we came out here and found that the need was great and we just became a good partner with catholic charities. that's not to say that we won't be able to do things back in our own state." ááálilli áááour country is a country of immigrants. we all came from somewhere else. some people came here 200years ago, some people came here last week. no one is any better than anybody else. (grant) that was alfredo (lawrence bay reporting.cuadros alfredo that was alfredo cuadros reporting. (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) and coming up in sports, the discussion of a colin kaeprnick return gets new life today, but that conversation doesn't go
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starting tonight in the nfl-- another team floating the idea of signing colin kaepernick, but the former 49ers qb still waiting for a job. --with his quarterback situation in complete disarray, redskins head coach jay gruden was asked about the possibility of signing kap today. this after backup qb colt mccoy left yesterday's eagles game with a broken leg and is done for the year. --that leaves only mark the starter for now. --gruden said there have been talks about kaepernick, however, he says they'd have to teach a new offense...and quote-- 'there's not a lot of time to get a brand new quarterback and system installed in a couple of days.' it's worth noting, sanchez just signed with the
9:41 pm
team two weeks ago. big news in the college ranks today, ohio state head coach urban meyer announced he'll be retiring at the end of the season. the 54-year-old cited a number of factors led to his decision including--the suspension imposed on him earlier this year... and a number of health issues, such as a brain cyst that's caused chronic stress-related headaches. he's won three national championships in his career, one with the buckeyes and two at florida. the rose bowl on january 1st will be his final game...and he maintains this will be a permanent decision. offensive coordinator ryan day will take over as head coach. finally tonight, there's a chance the nba may be dominated by another lebron james in the next few years. , check this out from lebron james junior...also known as bronny. i --14-years-old and playing on the 8th grade team for crossroads school in santa monica.... in his first game, already showing how good he can be... dropped 27-points and even threw down a dunk. coming up on kron4 sports at 10,on kron4 sports at 10,
9:42 pm
the raiders...sign a veteran who's coming back home to the bay area. details ahead. until then,more news after the break.
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(grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us
9:45 pm
now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: it was a cloudy and cool day with highs only in the 50s. doppler radar is picking up on some rain moving in now with more to come. low pressure will stay off the coast but it will spin up some showers and a few isolated thunderstorms. showers will be on and off through the night and tomorrow before slowing by tomorrow afternoon. it will will also be windy at times near the coast as the low moves south. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s. dry weather will return on thursday and into the weekend. rain is possible again at the beginning of next week. (grant) a reminder ... download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com .... to stay on top of this series of storms. there you (grant) next week.beginning of again at the beginning of next week. (grant) a reminder ... download a reminder (grant)
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next week. (grant) a reminder ... download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com .... to stay on top of this latest storm.. there you will find full forecasts... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your neighborhood.. with the kron- 4 app. download it
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today. and visit kron-4 dot com. (pam) watch as a milwaukee man takes police on a wild chase ... all caught on dash cam footage. this chase began when police saw a pick up truck parked at a business... with a hose in the fuel tank that was overflowing. they believed he was stealing gas. when they turned on their lights... he sped away, spilling fuel. the driver jumps the median more than once... makes a u-turn, and takes off again... officers try a pit maneuver a few times. the suspect would not quit and revved his engine until he is forced out by police... bringing an end to a seven- mile chase. (pam) a missouri man used his security camera to scare off a thief from his house .... four- years ago a theif stole a t-v and some electronics. so he installed 'ring security cameras'.. in case anyone tried to steal his property again. and it looks like it worked ...he got a notification from his app as a
9:48 pm
man casually strolls up and almost swipes his newly delivered 34 -inch monitor. the homeowner hit an alarm button that sent the thief running. (grant) police in kentucky rescued some wandering goats from a dangerous highway ... and it was all thanks to a bag of fritos... louisville officers responded to reports of two goats walking along i-265... concerned for their safety, officers tried to coax them into their cruiser... but they wouldn't budge.. it wasn't until an officer put a bag of b-b-q fritos in the back seat that the goats obliged. officers posted the pictures to social media and included the hashtag #we-goat-your-back. (grant) it's a reunion that will tug at your heart strings... a los angeles firefighter reunites with the four-year-old girl ... whose life he saved .. while they were on vacation in hawaii.(pam) reporter lesley marin has the emotional reunion and the heroic back story.
9:49 pm
nat sound:hugs and tears, as an l-a firefighter reunites with the little girl he helped save.woman:"we are beyond blessed and grateful that heroes are among us."the hero in this story, firefighter and paramedic daniel harris.he was off-duty, on vacation in hawaii when four-year-old sophia nearly drowned in a hotel pool.daniel harris: "after about three to 4 minutes of trying to resuscitate her i could feel her heart beat."reporter: "who's daniel? what did daniel do?"sophia:"he saved me." thomas rouse:"daniel saved her and when i got my daughter back it became the best day of my life."little sophia made a quick recovery.her family flew in from hawaii today just to meet daniel.the two families bonded forever, through an unlikely situation.thomas rouse:"every birthday, there won't be any occasion like that that passes where i won't think about daniel."daniel harris:"it was heart dropping just to see her walking around. she is walking because of the efforts that i had that day." (pam)(pam) (pam) four your heath tonight... you may want to check your freezer... more beef has been recalled due to
9:50 pm
salmonella contamination. (grant)2 shot front land more than front land more than five-million pounds of non-intact raw beef products have been added to the initial recall from back in october. the impacted brands include kroger, cedar river farms, grass run farms and j-b-s generic. according to the u-s-d-a's food safety and inspection service... the recalled beef was produced and packed between july 26th and september 7th... and it was distributed nationwide. the c-d-c reports 246 people have gotten sick in 25 states since november 15th. there are no reported deaths. if you have any of the recalled beef -- you should throw it away or return it to the store you bought it from. (pam) higher rates of a-d-h-d diagnoses have been linked to babies born in a certain month in certain states. that's according to a study published in the new england journal of
9:51 pm
medicine. the study found that the month of august may not be the best month to give birth... because in many states- including california the cutoff to start kindergarten is a september first birthday... meaning kids born in august in these states are usually the youngest in their classrooms.. sometimes nearly a year younger than some classmates... which researchers say could be part of the problem.. they found that children born in august are more likely to be diagnosed and treated for a- d-h-d... health experts advise health experts advise parents to allow their children to mature properly before rushing them into the classroom... and make sure their physicians follow the right protocols to properly diagnose them for a-d-h-d. (grant) we've been honoring outstanding teachers in the bay area... tonight it's a 4th grade teacher in san francisco.. gloria carrillo teaches at claire lilienthal elementary... her principal calls her the most dedicated teacher she's ever come across in 20
9:52 pm
years...saying gloria is the first to arrive - every day by 6:30 am. and often one of the last teachers to leave. she's described as having high standards for her students - she believes in them - and does 'not' accept excuses. gloria is a leader on campus in many ways and this semester is supporting a student teacher in her d working closely with one of the new fourth grade teachers... she's there to help everybody.. if you know a teacher you'd like to nominate... just go to our website, kron four dot com. click on 'features' and then choose 'teacher of the week.'
9:53 pm
this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause.
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him. expert care for every new beginning. (pam) happening earlier
9:55 pm
tonight.... governor jerry brown inducted eight californians into the california hall of fame in sacramento. among those being honored -- former san francisco mayor ed lee. lee was honored posthumosly following his death while in office late last year. and one recipient we are especially proud of tonight .. iconic, award winning bay area journalist belva davis ... who worked many years here at kron four .. davis was the first woman of color to work as a television reporter on the west coast of the united states. governor brown says, all of the honorees have inspired californians with their "creativitiy and courage." (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(pam)
9:56 pm
but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour.ken wayne is here with kron 4 news at ten....ken? (ken) thank you grant and pam next at ten...slick roads out there tonightas another round of much-needed rain hits the bay area.a live look at the golden gate bridge. the morning commute is expected to be a wet one.we are live on the peninsula which is expected to get hit the hardest...and lawrence is back to tell us what the rest of the week will look like. plus... a disturbing story out of the east bay.a six year old child..clings to life, with a severe brain injury.his mother's boyfriend...charged with felony child police managed to make an arrest...days after the boy was hospitalized. and we are keeping eyes on a crucial vote by the san jose city council, to pave the way for the sale of land to google.but
9:57 pm
not everyone is happy about it. don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
(pam) the rain returns to the bay area tonight. and it is expected to continue through the morning commute.
10:00 pm
good evening i'm pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne. rain and slick roads could make for a dangerous ride tomorrow. so we want to get right to meterologist lawrence karnow for a look at what we can expect tonight and into tomorrow morning. (pam)


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