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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 8, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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good evening, i'm jr stone (justine) and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us. tony york was 35-years old. kron 4's gayle ong spoke with people close to the york family. she joins us live in santa clara with details.gayle. (gayle)i'm here at david's restaurant across the street from levi's stadium.the owners here didn't know tony but knew the york family and are sad to hear the sad news. 35-year-old tony york, who was the son of the san francisco forty niners owners,has died. his father is john york, the owner of the niners,his brother is jed york, the team's c-e-o.the family released this statement saturday..but no cause of death was given.the 35-year- old was perhaps best known for his philanthropy..and entrepreneurship in the bay area high-tech industry..
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frequently,they even invited him to their private suite to watch the niners games.
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karla gonsalez, victim's mother "all i know is he passed away with no there to tell him goodbye or to hold on"(justine) a family is begging for answers ... after learning hayward police shot their loved one multiple times. (justine) police say they were told 29-year old agustin (augustine) gonsalez had a knife in his hand. but after police fired their guns 13 times -- they later learned it was just a razor blade.(jr stone) kron4's michelle kingston spoke to the victim's family tonight -- who want to know why "augie" (aw-ghee) was killed and if there was another way this incident could've been handled. (mk)karla gonsalez, victim's mother"my son was 29 years old. he has two beautiful kids that are 10 and 8. he adored them. he was a hard worker. he was goofy. he always knew how to make people laugh."agustin
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gonsalez's family is wondering how they will get through his daughter's ninth birthday party ... and christmas ... without him.karla gonsalez, victim's mother"he knew how to brighten our room with a smile."last month -- police were called to oneill avenue ... where they say a man reported gonsalez was acting erratically with a knife outside his ex-girlfriend's home.three officers arrived and say gonsalez ignored their commands to drop his weapon. they fired their guns 13 times -- and then realized gonsalez was not holding a knife, but a razor blade.michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"29 year old agustin gonsalez was pronounced dead at a hospital hours after the incident."ben nisenbaum, attorney"it's hard to conceive any situation that three well trained police officers who have all gone through the police academy couldn't handle a man with a
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razor blade."gonsalez's family has hired ben nisenbaum as their attorney ... and plan to file a civil lawsuit against hayward police.frank canto, victim's uncle"there's so many other ways to handle this situation. they decided to use their gun instead and here we are. we just want a little justice for augie."agustin gonsalez, victim's father"we are just trying to get answers and wondering why it wasn't handled differently. we just feel that it could've been handled ... he was crying for help and why did it have to happen this way?"the hayward police department is conducting an internal investigation due to the use of force.we reached otu to police for comment -- but have not heard hayward michelle kingston kron 4 news (justine) a surfer died after rescuers pull him from the water at san francisco's ocean beach. (jrs) crews rushed the man to the hospital where we was pronounced dead friday afternoon. kron4's dan thorn has more on what happened and how the surf
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reacting. dan? (dan)fire crews say they tried to revive the unidentified surfer several times yesterday afternoon. surfers i spoke with today say this incident is why it's important to keep your eye on the reports and know when to get out. much calmer water for people looking to catch some waves saturday. ocean beach surfers say the day before was much rougher..sot: it was one of the first big winter swells of the season so waves were big damon caughell (call) and his buddy clayton roth say they come to this beach often.the news of someone dying after being pulled out of the waves friday is not something they ever want to hear about a fellow surfer sot: oh it's awful, its awful our prayers go out to the family that is dealing with this situatiothe beach. officials say the waves swelled to 10 feet on id. forec expecting the milder weekend to continue. local surfers say these unfortunate incidences show why safety in the water is paramount. sot: try to remember to be safe im here
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with a buddy, use the buddy system look out for eachother and if you every feel like you're in an uncomfortable position best to just get out of the water. (dan)emergency crews say they had to rescue at least 3 surfers over a 24 hour span. reporting at ocean beach dan thorn kron4 news. (justine) (justine)(justine)(justi taking a live look outside.... (jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . .
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. pleasant weather with seasonal temperatures and mostly clear skies should prevail through early sunday. lows will range in the 30s-40s tonight. daytime highs will remain seasonable with low to mid 60s on sunday. a weak storm will arrive sunday night into monday bringing the possibility of light rain, primarily from the bay area northward. rainfall amounts for the most part will be minimal, expect about a tenth or two for the north bay and less than a tenth elsewhere. a very weak system may bring minor rainfall mid week, while a pair of potentially wetter systems are possible beginning around next weekend. (justine) police arrested a serial window smasher wanted in smasher serial window arrested a police (justine) next weekend.
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(justine) police arrested a serial window smasher wanted in connection with up to á30á vandalism cases in san rafael. and, tonight, he remains behind bars in marin county. (jr stone) kron four's philippe djegal spoke with police and business owners about the case and how officers caught the suspect after several months of incidents. (philippe) from big corporations like fedex... to local businesses in san rafael like floortex design... broken windows remain boarded up. allegedly habitually smashed out by the same man over a span of several months -august.sgt. jus graham/srpd- "a lot of the initial surveillance video in the early months was of poor
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quality, or the suspect was too far away from the camera to make an identification." but sergeant justin graham says surveillance video from recent vandalism cases, helped narrow down a suspect to 47- year-old miguel angel parra of san rafael. he's believed to be the man in this video, seen early tuesday morning, riding on a bike passed floortex, and throwing a rock through the windowsgt. justin graham/srpd- "that was then forwarded to our foot beat downtown officers who were able to locate mr. parra, uh, detained him, and arrested him on two outstanding unrelated warrants by this week... the police department was investigating 30 similar vandalism cases... where the suspect had thrown a rock through the businesses window. and, after his arrest, parra admitted to investigators... that he was involved with at least 12 of those incidents.sgt. justin graham/srpd- "don't have any idea of what the motive was at this point." marin beverage outlet was also victimized this week. the owner says the window repair exceeded 13-hundred dollars. a floortex manager says their repairs will likely hit five thousand dollars. both leaders grateful the san rafael police department got their man.sgt. justin graham/srpd- "he's the only suspect at this point. we are looking into the other cases to see if there are maybe other suspects. obviously, he only admitted to 12 of them." so, he's facing 12 felony counts of vandalism. parra
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is due in court monday. and, at some point, it's possible the marin county district attorney's office could ask he undergo a mental health evaluation. in san rafael, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jrs) a warning for parents. why simply going to the dentist could put your chidlren at risk of opioid addiction. (justine) santacon is here! if you are looking for something to do tonight... throwing on a santa suit might be just what you need to spread some holiday cheer. we look and see if this years santas made the naughty or nice list.home a the camp fire. we follow one man who was allowed to come back only to find that if he plans to rebuild or move on.... https://www.ulala s/delta-iv-nrol-71(jrs) (j.r.)at any time now a space
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shuttle will be launched from vandenberg air force base. this is a live look in santa barbara county. united launch alliance is sending a delta four rocket up at 8:15 this evening. so any minute now. it is unclear if we will be able to see this launch from here in the bay area. this is the second delta four rocket to launch in the last four months from vandenberg. that last time one was launched it could be seen all across the bay area.
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(justine) fema trailers are here to help those displaced by the recent camp fire. these trailers will be set up at the rolling hills casino in corning in nearby tehama county. twelve
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spots have been opened up at the casino for these trailers. fema says no current guests at the casino's r-v park will be asked to leave to make room for the trailers. other trailers will be put at the glenn county fairgrounds and sacramento's cal expo. wildfire victims will be allowed to stay in the trailers for up to 18 months while a more permanent solution can be found. (justine) evacuation orders have been lifted for more parts of paradise.(jrs) that means survivors of the camp fire that devastated the town can return to what remains of their properties. reporter stephanie lin was with one homeowner who's trying to figure out what to do next. don mokler:"i've seen fires before, but i've never seen any fire as total as this."don mokler returns to the ruins of his paradise home.don mokler: "and there was another bedroom right here. oh i know what this is. it was a metal desk." the fourth visit for the who lived here for 20 years...the land now incinerated to ash and rubble. don mokler:"gone. everything
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is gone. and you can tell from looking at this. i can't even pick a penny out of this that isn't scorched and melted."now left with little else than a truck and his beloved dog, oreo.stephanie lin:"don doesn't plan to rebuild his home here but he does plan to move on with his life. after cleaning up what's left of his property, he plans to move elsewhere."don mokler:"what i'd really like is to have peace of mind that people know that this isn't over with. we're still out here with no home, no place to go."like thousands of others now homeless, don's path to a new home is paved with difficulty. don mokler:"we found one home we wanted to buy, we wanted to go into the process of purchasing it and somebody came along just minutes before us and offered 20-thousand dollars over the asking price." but as the saying goes, tough times never last.don mokler: "stay strong. hang in there, it's gotta get better, sure can't get any worse."but tough people, do.don mokler:"if anybody has a home out there they can sell me, i'm here."
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(jrs) the camp fire, which devastated paradise, burned more than 153-thousand acres and killed 85 people before being contained. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. .
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pleasant weather with seasonal temperatures and mostly clear skies should prevail through early sunday. lows will range in the 30s-40s tonight. daytime highs will remain seasonable with low to mid 60s on sunday. a weak storm will arrive sunday night into monday bringing the possibility of light rain, primarily from the bay area northward. rainfall amounts for the most part will be minimal, expect about a tenth or two for the north bay and less than a tenth elsewhere. a very weak system may bring minor rainfall mid week, while a pair of potentially wetter systems are possible beginning around next weekend. (jrs) it's common for teens and young adults getting
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their witheir young adults for and it's common (jrs) (jrs) swimmer supportstand because of a painful skin condition. the way her swim team ralied behind her... even if it put them at a disadvantage.
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(jrs) a teen swimmer in missouri got a big show of support from her teammates yesterday...(justine) ... all because of what state officials told her she could not do. reporter jeff bernthal explains. nat sound:the parkway south swim team yelling out the name of the one swimmer who inspirat furjes/mom:"i think she's a great example that you can still do things that you want to do even if you have li." ella furjes has a skin disorder that results in painful blisters, but swimming is a sport she can perform without pain.ella furjes/parkway south swimmer: "i mean its my favorite thing in the world, i don't know
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what else to do."it is, however, too painful for her to stand on the starting block, so ella dives on her knees.but was not allowed to compete that way because of state rules.instead she was told she could stand in the water to start.a clear disadvantage because everyone else could jump in.gwen furjes: "you know there have been some tears this week for sure .. but that is what is amazing about ella. it didn't stop her.. she's still here tonight and figuring out a different way."in a powerful display of support, her teammates all started in the water along with ella on thursday.ella furjes:"it was good, it was awesome i loved it... couldn't ask for anything more."and the cheering was loud.nat sound: ella furjes:'i don't really have a voice but i don't think anyone does. but yeah... it was awesome."after the meet, the family learned the state made a ruling on the school district's request to allow ella to start from her knees. she'll be allowed to start with one knee on the block, as long as she has one foot on the block as well.gwen furjes: "its a compromise. so guess that's how i feel, mixed emotions."one thing ella's mother is certain of, is just how proud she is of her
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daughter.gwen furjes:"every time i go to a swim meet i have to fight back tears .. and that's been for years and years now, many swim meets later but tonight was even more so." (jrs) a verdict has been reached. a judge ruled james fields is guilty of murder after he drove into a crowd at the "unite the right" rally in virginia. we have reaction from a woman who was hit and survived. (justine) a woman is arrested for allegedly drowning her twins. where police say she was right before it happened. (jrs) paris is under attack by protesters running the streets. famous monuments have closed and store fronts are borded up. now we hear from the protesters about what it will take for them to stop.
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(jrs) police detained more
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than 700 people in paris during a fourth weekend of demonstrations. more than 50 people were injured(justine) the protests have lead to a virtual lockdown of the city... shutting down famous landmarks like the eiffel tower and the louvre. kim hutcherson reports (nats)the city of lights... covered in smoke.(nats)french police launching tear gas into crowds of yellow-vest clad protesters.the riots confirming the fears of locals ....local resident: "we are a little bit nervous, especially because paris is a beautiful city"and tourists...russian tourist: "we are really afraid of what is going on because on the news it looks really, like it scares a lot"the movement, which began last month in response to the country's fuel price hikes, has evolved into a broader protest against president emmanuel macron's government.president trump blames the paris climate accord for the violence. earlier this week macron announced the tax hikes...
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meant to combat climate change... would be suspended and not go into effect next year as planned.(nats)the move did little to calm protesters. protester: people don't want to stop now because we just want the president to get out. i don't know. maybe the negotiations they are doing now will just stop the movement for a little while. now business owners are just hoping the damage will be owner: "we hope that the police will be here to get rid of hooligans, and we keep our fingers crossed that we will still be here monday morning."i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (justine) a mother of twin baby boys is accused of drowning them in a bathtub at a tulare motel.(jrs) reporter justin lum tells us this happened only moments after she had been kicked out of a woman's shelter. ten-month-old twin boys... mason murguia on the left... maddox murguia on the right... family members sharing this precious memory with us...they say each twin had their own special personality.but on thursday morning, tulare police say heather langdon
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drowned her twins in a bathtub at the virginia motor lodge. maria marez/witness: "she kept saying that 'i almost drowned them. i almost drowned by babies' and she was trying to help the babies. but i didn't know that they were already deceased."maria marez says she ran to room 24 when she heard langdon call for help...but it was too late."sad. real sad that i saw something like that."surveillance video from late wednesday night -- shows tulare police officers drop langdon off at the motel... along with the twins.sergeant jon hamlin says langdon had been staying at a nearby women's shelter but got kicked out.sgt. jon hamlin/tulare, ca: "officers arrived there and the shelter asked that she leave the for causing the disturbances."susan diaz stays right next door...she says she saw langdon later that night in a daze.susan diaz/lives next door: "she was just standing there looking around. she looked kind of worried like something was wrong." family members tell me langdon and her husband have been divorced for a few years...and they share three more sons, ages 14, 13 and five... neighbors still shaken by this
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tragedy."got to take it day by day and remember this day. december 6th for the rest of my life." (justine) residents of l-a's crenshaw district are demanding answers...after someone left graffiti on a beloved community mural. even worse -- the vandals drew images of swastikas.the mural was created 18 years ago and has never been damaged before. people discussed the incident with city leaders and law enforcement at a community meeting friday. some believe vandalism was carried out by a hate group, emboldened by the current political climate. the lead detective on the case says he has some evidence, but that they're also looking for witnesses to help them solve the crime. (justine) (justine) the artist who created
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that section of the mural said the vandalism did not last long -- people were out cleaning up the graffiti within hours. (justine) a man who drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters at a white nationalist rally in charlottesville, virginia will be sentenced on monday after been convicted of first-degree murder.(jrs) the jury rejected arguments by defense lawyers that james fields jr. had acted in self-defense. reporter kaylee hartung has reaction from those who survived. the self-professed neo-nazi who barreled his car into a crowd protesting a white nationalist rally in charlottesville, virginia was convicted friday of first-degree murder and all other charges brought against him. tanesha hudson, local activist, counterprotestor i thank every last one of those jurors for doing what they needed to do. they made the choice to express to the world, like, we don't stand for this type of hate. at all. a jury took just over seven hours of deliberation to find
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james alex fields jr guilty of heather heyer's murder, eight counts of malicious wounding and one count of failing to stop at an accident involving a death. he faces a possible life sentence of life in prison. through a week of testimony, prosecutors and defense attorneys focused on fields' intent. the commonwealth argued that fields was unprovoked and acted with the intent to harm counterprotestors when he idly watched the crowd before him, backed up his dodge challenger, then raced it down the street, reaching 28mph before crashing and fleeing the scene. the defense didn't deny he drove the car, but said he was in a state of panic and acted in self- defense. a jailhouse phone call from fields to his mother recorded in march was played in court. in it, fields said that he was defending himself from "a violent mob of terrorists." but those calls revealed more the most chilling pieces to me his mother, the way he called heather's mom susan an anti- white communist, called us all terrorists and said we were
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the enemy and it was no big deal heather died because she's the enemy that just told me everything i need to know about the kind of person he is. on august 12, 2017 burke and heather heyer were among those demonstrating against the "unite the right" rally as so-called alt-right activists, chanting racist slogans, some carrying guns and flags with swastikas and confederate emblems marched on this college town. fields drove more than 500 miles from ohio to participate. his attack turned an already bloody, violent and hate- filled day deadly. there was widespread anger and outrage al supremacists and nazis plain and simple go home you are not welcome, not wanted shame on you. then "i think there is blame on both sides" president trump's refusal to condemn the racist attack in its immediate aftermath,
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further inflammed the national conversation. just because he was found guilty this is not over. this is just the start to let people know don't think you can come here and do this type of thing and get away with it. we won't have it. (j.r.)at any time now a space shuttle will be launched from vandenberg air force base. this is a live look in santa barbara county. united launch alliance is launch alliance is sending a delta four rocket up at 8:15 this evening. so any minute now. it is unclear if we will be able to see this launch from here in the bay
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area. this is the second delta four rocket to launch in the last four months from vandenberg. that last time one was launched it all across the bay area. bay area. (justine) need a little holiday cheer? the city of san francisco is filled with santa's getting their fill today. we spoke with people about what brought them out to santa con this year.... and how police planned to keep everyone safe. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (jrs) a serial robber walks into an ice cream shop and holds a knife to one girls stomach, demanding money.... except this time someone decided to fight back. and we have it all on camera.
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are trying to identify a serial armed robber targeting fast food resturants.(jrs)
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the most recent robbery was at a baskin robbins... what the crook didn't count on was the ice cream worker fighting back. "we watched it after and i was like, oh my gosh, you fought him!"leslie was in front cleaning the coolers when the suspect walked into her south seattle baskin robbins store on november 25th."i'm like let me get behind the counter real quick so i can serve this customer and then as soon as i get to the counter, he grabs me by the apron and then holds his knife to my stomach and he says, open the register, give me all the money in it. and i looked down and i'm like whoa cause it's just like a huge knife at my stomach and i'm just like oh my god, we're being what the crook didn't un cool...telling the thief to calm soon as he opened the register, the thief drops the knife and lunges for the money."and so my coworker grabs his knife and kind of
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likes throws it at him...but then he turns around like he's gonna leave but then he comes back and tries to jump over the counter."as she calls 911, her coworker goes from ice cream slinger to dishing up 31 flavors of kung fu ... throwing punches and kicks...all while holding the suspect's knife...."he's very intent on getting that money. he doesn't care if the clerk has the knife or not."as the two continue to battle it out, the thief finally finally grabs a grand total of 6 bucks from the register before bolting out the door with the clerk hot on his heels."not the brightest robbery guy but he is dangerous."fortunately, neither employee was injured. police have the suspect's huge knife in evidence and they never advise taking on a robbery suspect, leslie is grateful she wasn't alone. "what do you think about your coworker jumping into action like that? that was amazing. his reaction was so quick." "detectives say this is just the latest in a series of robberies by this same suspect."here he is on october 29th covering his face in a baskin robbins store on elliott avenue demanding money...the victim said he showed her a gun stuck out of his days earlier, police say the same suspect hit a subway restaurant on
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25th avenue east... this time using a brown scarf to cover the lower part of his face. both of those victims were left in tears believing his threats to kill."it was definitely scary. i was pretty shaken after."so what did she say to her coworker after it was over?"i told him he was a hero and i bought him a cup and said your awesome! stay like that." next in sports....niners and raiders prep for their opponents tomorrow....also sharkies look for a win in arizona after dropping a heartbreaker to the dallas stars last night....coming up.... (justine) santa came early to san francisco. across the city santas were out and full of good cheer. we take a look at who made the nice list at today's santacon in just two minutes.
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(jrs) if you were out in the streets of san francisco today, you may have noticed the sea of santas all over. some standing...others struggling to stand due to intoxication.(justine) that's right, today is santacon - a day where thousands of people dress up like saint nic and go bar hopping. kron 4's sanaz tahernia hit the streets to see if people were being naughty or nice. it's that time of year again... when the drinks start flowing..."woooo santacon"and people start ho, ho, ho-ing. santacon 2018 is upon us and bars like the golden gate tap room in union square are preparing for the masses."ah today, last year was the biggest day of the year. so hopefully it's the same and even better."these santas woke up early this morning to put
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on their christmas best. i spoke to this santa at 8 o clock this morning."i'm really excited to get my group of friends together, we're all separated across the country a little bit, so getting everyone in one place, having a little bit of fun for the weekend, getting away from our jobs. it's just a great time." "i visited my nephew, he told me about this, we decided to come."and while it's a fun event for those participating, police say a lot more crime tends to happen on this day "the department will have additional resources on the streets today. the public can expect to see a visible police presence in shopping areas as well as areas popular for santacon."and a quick reminder to everyone - santa clause is still making his list and checking it twice..."are you naughty or nice?" "i'm naughty, obviously. i mean nice is fun but today i'm naughty. and i get way more interesting gifts that way."in san francisco, sanaz tahernia, kron 4 news
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(justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) rodriguez has our forecast. . pleasant weather with seasonal temperatures and
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mostly clear skies should prevail through early sunday. lows will range in the 30s-40s tonight. daytime highs will remain seasonable with low to mid 60s on sunday. a weak storm will arrive sunday night into monday bringing light rain primarily from the bay area northward. rainfall amounts for the most part will be minimal, expect about a tenth or two for the north bay and less than a tenth elsewhere. a very weak system may bring minor rainfall mid week, while a pair of potentially wetter systems are possible beginning around next weekend. the votes are in and the heisman award goes to kyler murray the oakland a's
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prospect. we learned of this news within learned of this prospect. we oakland a's murray the goes to kyler heisman award in and the the votes are next weekend. beginning around next weekend. the votes are in and the the votes are the votes are in and the heisman award goes to kyler murray the oakland a's prospect. we learned of this
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news within the last two hours. murray is oklahoma's star quarterback who is the first q-b to average 300 yards passing a game and 60 yards running a game. he had more than 4-thousand yards on the season to go along with 40 td's. he has said all along that he is going to play baseball next year. he signed a huge deal with the a's for four point six million dollars but could this change things? it certainly will be interesting to see. murray is 5 foot 10 and a half and weighs 190 pounds so he is smaller but nfl scouts say if he did go to the nfl he could be drafted in the first round. also some saying he could play both sports. a to be continued here but congrats to kyler murray on winning the heisman. if you plan on being out and about tomorrow beware. two nfl games happening here in the bay area. the raiders in oakland and the 49ers down
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in santa clara. we start with the 49ers. the red and gold will be going up against a denver broncos team that is 6 and 6 on the season. they still have a shot at making the playoffs are a game out of a wild card spot. this is the first time the broncos have played a regular season game at levi's stadium since they won super bowl 50 in santa clara. san francisco was officially knocked out of the playoffs last week. they are playing for pride at this point. maybe spoiler as well. kickoff set for 1:05 sunday afternoon. (j.r.) the oakland raiders have a very tough task tomorrow as they host the afc north conference leading pittsburgh steelers. just like the 49ers the raiders are also playing for pride. they are double digit underdogs in sunday's game but here is a glimmer of hope. something we always look for...especially this season. quarterback ben rothlisberger has not beat the raiders in oakland in the
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three games that he has played there. so there ya go. kickoff for this game set for 1:25 sunday it's a iconic college football match up that happens early year. army versus navy. 119th time this has happened. and here they come. the president flipped the coin for this one. army ranked 25th in the country. ---1st quarter.....kelvin hopkins jr. takes it in himself for the 10 yard up 7-0 early in the game.... ---4th quarter.....garret lewis at the 1 yard line for navy....falls in for the touchdown....but navy still trails army....10-7.... ---3 minutes left in the goes for it on 4th and 12.....kenneth brinson strips the ball away from zach recovers.... ---that would lead to a touchdown at the 1 yard line by kelvin hopkins jr.... extending army's lead 17-7.... ---army defeats navy....17-10....(j.r.)army extends their win streak to three games...and that is sports.
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the forty-niners return to the bay this week after back-to-back road losses...and are looking to rebound in the friendly confines of levi's stadium.only four games remain...this week the niners take on a denver broncos squad trying to keep their playoff hopes alive...we'll hear from coaches and players as we break down the matchup...and go inside one of the 49ers biggest off-the-field events of the year. it's all coming your way right now, on a brand new edition of the red and gold zone. welcome to week 14 on the welcome to week 14 on the red and gold zone, i'm kate rooney. the 49ers haven't seen the win column since week 9, and at 2-and-10 ...have now lost 10 or more games in a season for the 4th straight year. so the team is hoping for a little holiday magic to end the final four-game stretch on a high note. before we preview this week's matchup with the


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