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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 12, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight ellen ready to end ellen? >> i was tired in the first season. how did i keep going? >> why her talk show retirement could be sooner than you think. >> then our morning with kathy thr lee talking about her replacement. why she wanted to leave long ago and our flashback to when we first met her. >> we were going to keep it secret. plus only we're with a-rod and jlo for a big surprise. jenny from the block goes back to the bronx. >> then -- >> it's christmas. >> gwen reveals the real reason she hasn't married blake yet. >> and chris pratt in love and
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not afraid to sing about it. ♪ to keep me from getting to you babe ♪ >> this is "entertainment tonight." major tv news tonight. we have the first interview with kathie lee gifford since her stunning announcement she's leaving "the today show." >> let's get started with another day time shocker. now email lllen is talking abou walking away. >> i've gotten to the point in my life where i don't have to prove anything to anybody and i don't really care what anybody thinks. >> ellen tells "the new york times" she's considering ending her hugely successful talk show. her contract is up in 2020 and she's not sure she wants to extend it. so why leave after 15 years? well, in an article called "ellen degeneres is not as nice as you think," "the new york times" says the comedian is feeling boxed in by her talk show role. second, ellen's wife portia de rossi has been urging her to move on to other projects.
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there's the work load. ellen told "e.t." she was already feeling the talk show grind after the first season. >> it's tiring. i mean, it doesn't stop. it's every day and it's writing new monologue every day. >> what is your secret to keeping it so fresh? >> baking soda. we just leave an open box in the corner. >> the other big question, what would ellen do next? there's stand up for sure. the comedian who reported made $87 million returns to her comedy roots in her new netflix special "relatable" next tuesday. ellen's also famous for her voice work. >> oh my goodness. nemo, are you okay? >> ellen tells "the times" she'd love to do another movie and play, quote, someone unappealing. portia is suggesting she do radio or a podcast adding i don't see the end of her show as her career ending. >> ellen can do whatever ellen wants to do. >> exactly. >> she's got enough money for the rest of her life. if she wants to crawl in a hole, she'll be fine. >> she's in the perfect
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position. >> meanwhile we were the first to talk to kathie lee gifford about her exit from "the today show." >> hey, who's gonna fill your shoes? >> no one fills those shoes. >> you know what, whoever it is will be the most blessed person on earth. whoever hoda wants hoda gets. >> "e.t." was with kathie lee and hoda as they took their show on the road in manhattan. >> this is all about klg. >> not really. >> yes, it is. >> oh, you've won't even remember how to spell my name. >> her last day will be april 7th, but kathie lee revealed the original plan was to leave her post a year earlier. >> i went to our bosses and said i'm gonna do one more year with hoda woman. so that was the arrangement until we had some turmoil here in our midst. >> we found out early this evening, about our colleague matt lauer. >> and our friend. >> noah oppenheim came to me basically around said kathie, can you just stay? stay a little longer. >> as "e.t." reported jenna bush hager is now the leading contender to replace kathie lee.
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>> you deserve this. >> whomever ultimately gets the gig will have a mighty task to duplicate their tv chemistry. kathie lee told me what it's ke having that magic twice. >> regis and hoda. >> how great was it working for those two? >> you know what, how many people get lightning in a bottle two times in their life. when i retired from television, i thought i had done the best 15 years of television i could do with the amazing regis. and then to come back after eight years and be with hoda who, you know, was dateline hoda back then. >> she was. >> now she's happy hour hoda. whoo hoo! >> can think lee is the best. a little later we dive in the "e.t." archives. we have spent so much time with kathie lee, frank and their kids. we'll flashback when we first met kathie lee johnson. >> the "e.t." archives never disappoint. >> never. >> someone else who is the talk of new york right now,
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jennifer lopez and i'm not just talkin' about her fashion. we'll get to that. only "e.t." was there as jenny from the block dropped a second act surprise on her hometown. ♪ i'm still jenny from the block. >> we're in the bronx, bubby, this is where i used to go to the movies. >> hi. ♪ what you get is what you see >> we are doing one of our surprise screenings so they don't know we are here and all of us are here. >> i feel like they are going to go crazy. >> it's the bronx they might be like oh. >> really jennifer should be here. but she is here! >> even with arod just a few feet behind, this excited fan had the nerve to steal a kiss on the cheek from jlo and, yeah, she didn't mind. >> can we give it up for a-rod, please? he is always here supporting us. he is the best. he is the king. we are the bronx bombers. whoo! okay, guys, i'm gonna do a video. >> jlo's holding nothing back as she promotes her rom-com. she wore four outfits all in one
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day. style memo, wear white. check out this silk jumpsuit with a fur lined coat and on "the tonight show," the 49-year-old was sexy and sweet in a tutu as she gushed about her man. >> there's a meme of alex. >> is there? >> yeah. >> there's several memes of the two of us. >> he was kinda nerding out on you a little bit. >> he was. he's so cute. he loves this part of the dance. boom boom. he's like -- he gets excited. he's so supportive, so loving. he is one of these people who's like shine. just be the best. you know, some people try to dull you down or squish you down and he's so not like that. >> jlo's onscreen love milo ventimiglia made a surprise visit and played a nerve wracking game of "can you feel it." >> i'm gonna go hard and fast. ready. go. >> it's guacamole. >> it's guacamole. >> i feel you, jennifer.
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i love her. another couple on our engagement watch list, gwen stefani and blake shelton. but it's clear gwen isn't feeling the pressure. >> there is zero pressure. when there's a trauma the way that we had a trauma back in the day to get to a place where you find somebody that's your best friend, that you know you can depend on and trust and just go through life, i think that we're just trying to be in the moment as much as we can. ♪ you make it feel like christmas ♪ >> gwen gushed about blake on "the today show" and reveals hole -- he'll visit her during her vegas residency. so, when in the marriage capital of the world, blake, hint, hint. >> does that mean gwen's your forever? >> oh, i see what you -- you had to ask that, didn't you? next will we hear prattsenger wedding bells soon? >> yesterday was certainly all about family for the couple of six months. first chris and katherine took his son jack to a movie in l.a.
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pratt hung court side with her brother patrick at a clippers game and did the karaoke cam justice. ♪ ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you babe ♪ >> lip sync skills, solid. so's his relationship with katherine. but as for a proposal, a source tells "e.t." there just isn't a rush to take it to the next step right now and they have the full support of her family. ah, clearly. meanwhile in new york last night ben's bff hangs with his ex. >> i'll text you. >> matt damon spotted leaving dinner with affleck's former girlfriend lindsay shookus four months after their break up. so what's up with that? >> we're going back to work. >> i gotta go back to work. >> shookus is a producer for "snl" and damon's hosting this weekend. >> it's gonna be an awesome show. please tune in. it's the holiday show. >> if i were a betting woman, i think that angry brett kavanaugh is going to make a come banck. coming up -- >> nicole kidman rejected for the cutest reason.
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why her daughter said no thanks. >> sunday didn't want it. >> plus only we were there as john stamos' baby boy meets his "fuller house" family. >> i wanted to eat him. >> plus steve carell and leslie mann together
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john gosling opened up to "e.t." about his
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♪ nicole kidman won two emmys for acting and producing "big little lies." when she gave them to her two little girls, she didn't get the reaction she expected as nicole tells jimmy kimmel. >> i can put one on ur shelf sunday and one on your shelf faith and sunday didn't want it. so said i want to earn my own. oh, wow. i was like you go girl. >> i like that. >> i kind of like that. >> i'm not mad at her. let those girls get their own. >> or lend them to us. either way. john stamos is the proud papa of 8-month-old son billy. only we joined them on set when billy met his "fuller house" family for the first time. >> i was sort of nervous about it. this is an important moment. i've known these people for 30 years. i've talked about having kids and now, you know, i brought
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mine on. i got a little emotional. >> we all got to meet billy. >> yes, we get to see him today. >> finally. >> oh, my god. we gushed and ran over. >> i did not want to let him go. >> i did have a flash of them really little. i flashed to jodi, you know, when she was running around here like how do you roast a turkey? >> then how do you roast a turkey? >> i was like wow. it was sweet. >> like, yeah, i wanted to eat him. you can't give him back. he was just the perfect size. >> the thighs are so mushy and yummy. >> as you can tell we're like very excited aunties. >> this season those excited aunties will get to meet the newest member of the tanner clan. >> i'm poppin' the balloon. >> and live out a girl power fantasy. >> i mean, we have a charlie's angels episode. >> that was really fun. >> and pose. >> our moms were here for that. our parents come to every single taping. >> and of course the return of danny, joey, uncle jesse and aunt becky kept things interesting on set. >> yeah, everything takes longer to do when any of them are here except lori.
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it's just the jokes just keep coming and coming and coming and they're just like squirrel. they get distracted so easily. >> which we saw firsthand in our interview with john and his buddy josh peck who's guest starring. ♪ i don't want to fall asleep 'cause i'll miss you babe and i don't want to miss a thing ♪ >> how we got eight seasons of the original show done with us as children and the three of them as older children, i don't know how we managed to do that. >> a true accomplishment. >> yeah. >> i feel the same way about working with this guy right here. >> i never get distracted. >> season four of fuller house starts friday on netflix. >> coming up -- >> before hoda and before regis kathie lee had "e.t." >> he gave me this gorgeous ring. >> then christian bale's incredible transformation into dick cheney.
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>> i'm always happy to see a man have a longer time in hair and make up. >> and steve carell's amazing story about the day he said i do. >> i saw her coming down and i'll never forget it. >> closed captioning provided by -- you know when you're at ross
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. ♪ >> mariah carey. >> i love you so much. >> she's magical. ♪ >> we love big bird. >> oh, my god. >> how great was that. >> season five of lip sync battle will be unlike any other. it pre mimier january 17th. >> that was everything. meanwhile, mommy chrissy teigen's name has been thrown out there as a possible replacement for kathie lee. >> i started that and i'm on
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that train. and while we still have a couple months before she signs off for good, we want to take you back and celebrate when we first met kathie lee. >> we were gonna keep it secret for a while and all of a sudden he gave me the gorgeous ring and i said do i have to keep this a secret too? can i wear this thing and he said yes. >> in our 1986 very first "e.t." interview she was kathie lee johnson and was announcing her engagement to frank gifford who was 23 years her senior. >> when we visited them at home in 1990 they were expecting a baby boy. >> he said to me one time, honey, it's really probably better that it's a boy because of our age difference there's a good chance that i will outlive frank. i don't like to think about it. >> kathie lee would often bring son cody and daughter cassidy to work when she was regis philbin's co-host on "live." >> how's our little girl doing? >> for once we get a chance to get on "entertainment tonight," rege." >> motherhood has been kathie lee's passion and her kids are everything to her. in 1997 she told us about a
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horrific flight with her kids she thought was going do crash. >> this was about one to one and a half minutes of shear terror. i've never ever -- and i travel all the time -- been in an airplane that did what this airplane did. i thought at any moment it would go into a barrel roll. all i could think of was oh, my god my kids are on this plane. >> when she walked away from "live with regis and kathie lee" in 2000 after 15 years, frank and the kids were in the audience. she told us she loved every moment sharing her life with her family. >> you know, i've never faked anything all these years. if i'm moved to laugh, i laugh. if something moved me to cry, i cried. you never regret when you're human. you regret when you're phony and i haven't been that. >> i have never talked to one person who didn't say kathie lee gifford wasn't the realest person. >> she's real.
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other big news today, the screen actors guild award nominations. this is the show where actors honor each other. the cast of "this is us" is hopeling for a back to back win in the outstanding ensemble drama category. sterling k. brown a double nominee for "this is us" and "black panther." the super hero film also up for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture. >> this is a tough category. it also has the cast of "a star is born" and one of my favorites this year "crazy rich asians." we were with aquafina who announced the nominees early this morning. >> so cool. feels awesome. >> you guys turn up? >> oh, i'm gonna be super drunk, uncle. i'm gonna be drunk uncle, oh, yeah. >> can't wait for that. >> me either. >> the s.a.g. awards air live january 27th on tnt and tbs. "will and grace" star meghan mull lowly will host. >> you'll see "vice" stars christian bale and amy adams there. they nabbed two nominations in the leading actor and actress category. this comes on the heels of "vice's" six golden globe nominations. we got reaction from the cast
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last night at their hollywood premiere. >> it's lovely. it feels very excited, yeah. >> it's wonderful. >> oh, yeah, how about that. >> it was a well-earned celebration on the red carpet last night because playing these real life political figures meant some astonishing transformations for this cast. christian even gained pounds for his role as former vice president dick cheney. >> he had the lion share of the hair and make up and as a woman i'm always happy to see a man have a longer time in hair and make up than me. >> it was a long process with four hours every single day, but we -- we had time. >> there was a lot of prosthetics going on and to sit, misery loves company. so there's some early mornings to sit and have this all applied, but i think worthwhile. >> christian didn't get to meet the one time "veep" before telling his story, but he's pretty sure mr. cheney's tough enough to take it. >> i think he's tough and i think he's very thick skinned and i suspect he considers me to be considerably insignificant. i hear that he would enjoy dressing his dog up as lord as
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the sith. when he was called darth vader. so who knows. maybe he'll have an interest and take a look at it. we just saw steve carell and his wife nancy at that premiere but steve is also in another film "welcome to marwen" which marks his big screen reunion with his "40-year-old virgin" co-star leslie mann. >> you're cute. >> no. >> we fell in love with you guys together in "40-year-old virgin" she's throwing up in a car. >> and on me. >> and on you. >> her throwing up a pink yogurt on me. >> is that what that was? >> that's you. >> that's what sticks with you. >> that's literally. >> it's been 13 years since friends steve and leslie went on that wild messy ride. >> and it took -- we shot it over the course of like four days. it was a lot. i remember we had so much fun doing it. >> to be continued. >> now they're reunited in the emotional drama "welcome to marwen." steve plays mark hogancamp who in real life was the victim of a horrific assault. during his long recovery mark began creating his own imaginative world of toys. turning himself into an action figure. >> you know, everybody is dressed in these gray onesie and you're out with these sensors acting. >> what's it like for you to wear a onesie? >> it's fantastic. i kind of just wanted to live in it. >> leslie, janelle monae diane
7:54 pm
kruger and "game of thrones" gwendoline christie play mark's living dolls. >> we always have your back. >> they're his protectors. they're the person who found him left for dead. the people who nurse him back to health. >> is your wife your protector. >> but definitely. i remember when we were getting married and i was super nervous and we were getting married back in massachusetts and it's 105 degrees out and the church didn't have air conditioning. i was sweating buckets and i saw her coming down and i'll never forget it. i instantly stopped sweating and i was like, that person has my back. i was just -- i guess i never made this connection before with wanting to do this movie. when i saw her coming down, you know, the aisle to get married, i thought i'm so much more powerful now that she is part of my world. >> i mean, come on silver fox you make us want to cry all over the place here. man. coming up -- >> you gonna be all right? >> no. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: breaking news.., the raiders back out of a deal with the city of oakland.. to play at the colisuem next year. the move that the team says.. forced its hand, and where they may play next season. plus, the hunt is on tonight for the driver in a deadly hit and run. the new surveillance video that police hope will help them catch the suspect. and get ready for rain to roll into the forecast. our chief meteorologist will tell us when the first in a series of storms will hit the bay area. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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present made the nice list at the holiday party. also there martha stewart. she told us about her gift giving plans. >> well, i make a lot of products as you can imagine. this year i'm giving down vests that we made. >> how can i be down? about her appearance on wendy y williams where she admitted she tried now at eight ...stung by the
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city's lawsuit, the raiders pulltheir proposal to play in oakland next year, "is there any place or a chance you would go to las vegas one year early?" "options are open." (whoosh)the car that ran down and killed a san francisco woman early this morning ...
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surveillance video shows the driver stopping to look ... then speeding away.police hopw the images will lead them to the killer.(whoosh)and a suspected burglar tries to slip into an east bay restaurant ... and gets caught in the grease trap.we could see his high tops, a lower leg. he could not get out he's been there for two days. (pam) breaking news at 8 the raiders are pulling out of a lease proposal to play at the coliseum. and that means it is unclear if they will play in oakland next year. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore,(ken) and i'm ken wayne the announcement comes one day after the city announced it was suing the raiders and n-f- l. jason dumas joins us now to break down what this mean for the future of the team. we have no idea where the raiders are going to play next year.....>and i have a hunch that ths


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