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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  December 13, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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president trump:"let me just say, i don't think -- and i have to go check -- i don't think that even paid any money to that tabloid. okay? i don't think we made a payment to that tabloid."though it appears to be true trump didn't pay american media inc. federal prosecutors say trump directed the company to pay mcdougal to keep her from telling her story during the 20-16 campaign.the president had kinder words for another one-time friend, former national security adviser michael flynn.fired by trump and now cooperating with special counsel robert mueller's russia probe.while trump said flynn didn't lie ... president trump:"i have a feeling that maybe he is a tougher kind of guy then cohen. but they took a general that they say didn't lie, and they convinced them he did lie and he made some kind of a deal."that's precisely what flynn pleaded guilty to, lying to the f-b-i, and is now awaiting sentencing. (pam) (pam) (pam) a federal appeals court has blocked new rules by the trump administration... which would have allowed more employers .. to 'opt-out'
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of no-cost birth control. the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals upheld a preliminary injunction against the rules... the ruling is based on the claim that the changes were proposed, without required notice and public comment. under obamacare - most companies are required to cover birth control at no additional cost. the trump policy would allow more categories of employers to 'opt out' by claiming religious objections. (ken) in the east bay... students at diablo valley college saw a heavy police presence on campus today after a threat was made. kron 4's sara stinson checked in with students dealing with the threat hanging over them during finals.
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lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day with highs soaring well into the 60s under sunny skies. there was plenty of sunshine all the way to the coast. a few high clouds made for a beautiful sunset too. doppler radar is quiet now but that will soon change. on the satellite you can see a storm off the coast. we could see a few showers as early as tomorrow morning but the heavier. more rain is ready for the weekend. (pam) lots to talk about in the lots to talk (pam) lots to talk about in the
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sports world tonight...(ken) mark carpenter joins us in the studio. kevin durant said it kevin durant said it kevin durant said it best last night. the raptors aren't an up- and-coming team, they are here. --what an impressive showing from toronto... kawhi leonard
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out with a hip injury and they still ran through the back-to-back champs with a 20-point blowout. --warriors shot 23-percent from downtown.. and nearly 20-turnovers. --steph curry, klay thompson, and draymond green...held to 26-points. --this morning, curry offered his assessment. "not really, not really." turning now to the raiders-- they play this sunday in cincinnati, but all the talk right now centers on where this team will end up next year. the silver and black...practicing this week in the midst of several major off field headlines.. reggie mckenzie fired as gm... the city suing the franchise... and barring any resolution between the team and coliseum authority, the prospect that december 24th against the broncos... may be the raiders final game
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at the coliseum "it's always something everyday here, isn't it? i enjoy see you answering all these questions. i want to play in oakland. i'm real sensitive like you would expect. it's where i want to play. we'll see what happens." "that is crazy and to me that seems weird. it just seems different to even have to think that way because i've spent five years playing in this stadium. we've had people talking trash about it or whatever they want, but i love it. it's ours. it's been fun and the fact that it could be the last is crazy, but when that time comes, we will enjoy it." now to the 49ers, only three weeks remaining of the nick mullens show. san francisco has a chance for back-to-back wins...when they host the seahawks this weekend. through the last two games, mullens has thrown for nearly 750-yards... the first 49ers qb to throw for that much since joe montana in the 90s. earlier this
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week, mullens asked about drawing parallels with number 16. "that's a far- fetched way to connect me to joe montana. i guess sure, yeah it's cool. but, at the same time, i understand that stats don't matter, points do. the first time we played seattle, we did not score enough points. so, that will definitely be the emphasis." 3 keys for the niners sunday 3 keys for the 3 keys for the niners sunday mullens...averg agin more than 370 yards the last two games...maintain the production--tight end george kittle with a record performance last week...give us an encore--also, 3 49er turnovers last time they played the hawks..protect the ballyour mercedes benz keys to the game. still ahead.... space tourism takes a giant leap sky- ward..
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hundreds of people have already signed up... we'll tell you when they may be able to launch..
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good news if you want to take a trip into space. billionaire richard branson's company virgin galactic is now one step closer to its 14-year-old goal of sending tourists into space. today.. its supersonic plane journeyed into the upper levels of earth's atmosphere ... reaching space for the first time. the "v-s-s unity"
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hit a maximum altitude of 51- point- four miles... that's about a mile and a half past what the u-s government recognizes as the edge of space. the rocket- powered plane's flight means... the company could be just months away from taking its first load of tourists. the company says, roughly 600 people have reserved tickets costing between 200- and 250- thousand dollars. (pam) a question on a final exam ... is stirring up controversy at cal- state university at long beach. some say, the question is racist and had no place in a health science class. rachel kim has the story: --reporter pkg-as follows-- it's that time of year at cal state long beach.students have finals on their minds.but one student is questioning a question on his test: "which of the following gangs generally do the least graffiti? a - black, b - asian, c - hispanic, d - white."student mos: "its a weird question definitely." student mos: "i don't think that should be on any exam." the student posted a picture of the question on twitter and wrote "a taste of the kind of idiocy i've been dealing with in my health science education
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class. this is a question on my final exam..."he also wrote in red "when i tell you i hate my thursday night class, this is why."the student came across the question in a take-home final exam for a health science class meant for those studying to become middle and high school teachers.-nats-student mos: "i think it's inappropriate, i think that it doesn't make any sense why that should be a question on a test."the student reportedly said he doesn't remember going over anything about gangs in class and found the question's what other students on campus had to say. student mos: "if it's never been discussed, i'd be really curious why he though that would be appropriate to put on a test. even if it was discussed, there's no statistics or number backing the question up."student mos: "that's a very subjective question, i think."student mos: "no, i'm not offended, just confused."a university spokesperson sent us this statement: "we appreciate this situation being called to our attention and have begun an investigation. the campus takes these allegations seriously. we will provide additional information when we have reached a resolution." (pam) that was rachel kim reporting.
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so far, neither the student who posted the question, nor the instructor of the class.. has made any comment about the situation just ahead.. not the kind of record anyone wants for the nation.. gun death numbers soaring.. we have the latest numbers..
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(pam) despite a strong economy and a hot labor market, six in ten working americans say, they saw no salary increase in 20-18. that's according to a new survey from bank- rate-dot-com. the survey indicates, the percentage of u-s workers not seeing a pay boost... is up ten- points from 20-17, when 52- percent reported no salary increase. even so, only a quarter of employed americans ... said they will look for better paying jobs in the new year. lower- income households and older baby- boomers ... were the least likely group to see a pay increase .... or get a better- paying job in 20-18. (pam) in national news. a new resolution passed in the senate... urges the u.s. to withdraw its military support from the war in yemen... and it condemns the saudi leader for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi.
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kron 4's camila bernal reports. a new ceasefire was announced thursday for a critical port city in yemen -- giving humanitarian aid groups a window to send supplies to millions facing starvation.the deadly civil war in yemen has also caught the attention of lawmakers in washington in recent days.sen. dick durbin: "i believe that we've got to put an end to this humanitarian disaster."in the senate, a bipartisan resolution passed to end u.s. military support for the sai-led war -- which the u-n describes as the world's worst humanitarian crisis.sen. amy klobuchar: "this legislation includes provisions to suspend weapons sales to saudi arabia and impose mandatory sanctions on people involved in the death of mr. khashoggi."mitch mcconnell/ (r) senate majority leader: "it's a clear and unambiguous message about how we feel about what happened to this journalist."meanwhile in the house, republicans sidelined debate on u.s. involvement in the war for the rest of the year. but house lawmakers on both sides expressing concern over the saudi crown prince's involvement in khashoggi's murder.rep. tom reed: "based on my information and what i have come to the conclusion
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where the crown prince's involvement here is accurate. // but at the end of the day, accountability needs to be imposed and there are appropriate sanctions that can be deployed."lawmakers have limited time to debate what to do about yemen -- with just days left before a possible government washington, i'm camila bernal. (ken) in 2017, u-s gun deaths reached their highest level in almost 40 years a new analysis of data done by the c-d-c found that almost 40,000 people were killed by guns last year. that's the the highest number of deaths due to gun violence in 38 years. c-n-n replicated that analysis and found that the number of people killed by guns in 2017 represents a 10,000 person increase from 1999. c-d-c statisticians c-d-c statisticians confirmed with cnn on thursday that these numbers are correct. c-n-n's analysis also
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showed that 23,854 people died by suicide by guns in 2017, the highest number in 18 years (pam) a bizarre heist at a pet store in southern california.(ken) some thieves stuffed exotic baby birds worth thousands of dollars up their sleeves. reporter nicole comstock has the story. ats of birds chirpingit's an open concept pet storelori lister"people have give us bad comments like you need to lock your birds up."where all the birds are free to spread their wings and perch wherever they please.lori lister"i couldn't lock my birds up. i'd close my store down before i locked em up."but lori lister would sure like to corral this group of five people.she says two of the adults caught on camera inside pets-n-paradise purposefully distracted her employeelori lister"the man immediately got katie's attention and would not leave her alone."so another adult and two kids with themlori lister"they were pointing,
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grabbing, taking them up her sleeve, like this."could steal four of her young birds.the three parroletts and one stalla lory are valued at two thousand dollars.the riverside county sheriffs department says they're investigating this case as grand theft. nicole comstock "and the parrolettes that were taken are only 4-5 weeks old and they're still being bottle fed 4 times a day. so that's why the owners are so worried about them."lori lister"it wasn't a pack of bubble gum. this isn't a keychain. these are live animals."lister says she's worried the birds won't survive.she's worried about the kids she believes were used to commit the alleged crime.and now that business is out $2,000 she's worried about her family.lori lister"we spent our mortgage money buying those could have a christmas for our now...(crying)... it may not happen." (ken) that was nicole comstock reporting..the riverside county sheriff's department says they are investigating the case as grand theft. coming up ... a little boy who is blind and has other disabilities .. gets a special, touching visit with santa ... with santa ...
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youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend? or when you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. ... a texas family says, it
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has already captured the magic of christmas... thanks to the actions of an understanding and kind saint nick. reporter doug dunbar spoke with the grateful mother. "hello there, how are you?" it's the christmas tradition we all know."what do you want
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for christmas?""i want a truck."the man in red...the kids with their lists...and the picture."cheese!"but what you don't know about this visit, and this watauga that the most important memories were made bere the camera clicked."it was amazing to watch." six-year-old matthew foster is blind and misty wolf says when she told old saint nick..."santa put up his hand and said say no more."and
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that's when santa got down on to let matthew "see" santa, in misty wolf / mother:"having him feel all over his coat, the fuzz and the felt, the hat and my beard is there anything else you want to feel? and matthew said, your eyes that twinkle so he let him feel his eyes."and it didn't end there. "afterwards he said, have you ever felt a misty says áher eyes were opened that day, too. "it was like seeing matthew see santa."santa claus / met child with "he has never seen the world the way we have santa told us...every visit is special to him."you relate to the child and what the child needs."a moment when i was all teared up just to see him something that's, you know santa is the magic of "this is what christmas is about." about."christmas is "this is what christmas."the magic of christmas.""this is what christmas is about." lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day with highs soaring well into the 60s under sunny skies. there was plenty of sunshine all the way to the coast. a few high clouds made for a beautiful sunset too. doppler radar is quiet now but that will soon change. on the satellite you can see a storm off the coast. we could see a few showers as early as tomorrow morning but the heavier. more rain is ready for the weekend.
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that wraps up kron4 news at 6.we'll see you tonight at 8.... on your bay area's local
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shocking revelation. is taylor swift using facial recognition technology to hunt for stalkers at her concerts? then, sweeping changes for the miss universe pageant. the judges are all female. and is this victoria's secret angel mocking customers at a fast food place? plus, first lady melania on board an aircraft carrier. >> then why president trump just canceled a big white house christmas party. >> then, woman on trial. did she order her buddy from


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