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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 13, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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and killed a woman living in a home along the 900 block of valparaiso ave. sot: it's always peaceful and quite here and it was very unusual ne-gar parravi says she run along this avenue everynight.. wednesday night she was forced to change routes when she saw the police lights...sot: everyday that i go it's always nice and quiet other than the usual traffic and i noticed everything was blocked they had like 10 police cars..and the police stopped me from running and made me go the other way around the block. menlo park is well known as being a low crime area..crime stats of the city show a murder has not happened here since 2012..police tell kron4 news, the suspect also has priors..wolke was wanted in connection to a 2014 prowling and drug charge out of santa clara county. at the time of this report the san mateo county coroners office has not released the name or age of the victim. other than idetifying the victim--police are right now looking into how this woman and the suspect were connected. reporting in menlo park dan thorn kron 4 news.
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(vicki) another big story tonight... across the country... bomb threats were sent to dozens of locations áánationwide.. but authorities say it appears to be a hoax. locally, the city of san francisco received nearly two dozen bomb threats today. and as kron4's justine waldman explains.... police stationed all the locations -- until they were determined to be safe. bomb sniffing dogs were on the hunt for explosives... after threats demanding bitcoin payment came to almost 20 business in the san francisco by email thursday morning."the types of businesses effected by these bombs threats range from offices, financial institutions, a parking garage, some bio and tech corporations"the threats focused on the financial district -- and in fisherman's location... the san
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francisco fire credit union in laurel heights...evacuated, shortly after reading the threatening email... glenn gortney / credit union vice president sot credit union "they had planted an explosive device on site and they were demanding paymentbecause of its proximity, as a precautions the jewish community center across the street evacuated about 500 people who were inside.sot jcc generally we are able to evacuate in less than 5 minutes several hours later, all the locations were determined to be safe.police did not find any bombs. authorities say the threats appear to be a hoax. and the sfpd special investigations unit is now working with other agency's across the county to determine who sent the email.."no we are not going into special about the emails that is to protect the investigation and to prevent copycats ..." (vicki) we first told you about
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this wave of threats on our mobile app... we sent a push alert just before 12 noon. stay connected on breaking news with push alerts from kron-4. download the app tonight (grant) the raiders need a home for next season - which is one year ábefore the team makes its move to las vegas. and now one alameda county supervisor is saying... regardless of what happens to the silver and black in 20- 19... the county wants out of the sports business. supervisor nate miley is essentially saying there are more pressing issues than touchdowns and homeruns. and now that raiders have pulled the 2019 lease extension off the table because the city sued... things are moving quickly...
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and the raiders might be moving our of alameda county more quickly than we thought three days ago. and for supervisor miley, who also chairs the oakland alameda county coliseum joint powers authority.... that's okay. (grant) (grant) alameda county is taking a neutral position on the lawsuit between the city of oakland and the raiders. and supervisor miley says he wishes las vegas well,,, though he's not sure they realize what they're getting into when they start doing business with the raiders and the nfl. (vicki) it's not a new idea but the raiders might consider a plan that would put their final season across the bay in santa clara.(grant)2
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shot closeup kron four's rob fladeboe has been talking with fans about the prospect of the raiders and 49ers sharing levi's stadium. unless they can mend fences with oakland and stay at the coliseum for one last season before heading to las vegas, a logical option would be levi's stadium here in santa clara. it was designed to accommodate two nfl teams but 49ers booster club president lisa santillan thinks it's a bad idea.lisa santillan/49ers booster club president "...unfortunately i dont think the average 49ers fan would appreciate sharing levi's stadium with any team but especially the raiders...."at san jose's world sports memorabelia meantime, where many a raiders fan shops, there is little love for the two teanms sharing levi's stadium saysco-owner santos hernandez.santos hernandez/world sports memorabelia " would be tough to share given the feelings between the two teams and because levi's stadium is all set up for the 49ers....the faithful..."in a statement, executive director of the stadium authority deanna santanna said she has not been approached by either the 49ers or raiders to discuss the option of a second team at levi's. 49ers spokesman bob lange siad that if the nfl would like to explore the matter, the 49ers would be willing to speak. the lease agreement with santa clara details how such an arrangement might work in terms of rent, public safety
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and other costs if things get serious. but it's clear levi's stadium, with the red and gold everywhere, is 49er territory and raider nation might not be all that welcome here, even for one season.lisa santillan/49ers boosterclub president "....we've always had the battle of the bay and im sure they feel the same way about stay on your side of the bay and we'll stay on ours..." rob fladeboe/santa clara "...and then theres the matter of how stadim neighbors would feel about nine more games here. i spent some time talking with neighbor at the post office on laffayette street and two comments stand out. one man said he is a fan of both teams, bring is on he said. while another neighbor said that would be nine games too many in santa clara rob fladboe kron4news (vicki) a lot of (vicki)(vicki) (vicki) a lot of concern in the
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south bay tonight, one long time business is facing some major changes.the changes would come in the form of redevelopment... pushing out small, long time businesses... kron 4's gayle ong is live in santa clara with the details, gayle? i'm here at david's banques pri location - right next to levi's stadium.the city has big plans for this area -- a new urban center full of shops, more retail, workspaces..but that would mean city council will seize this property by eminent domain.the folks who've been here from the start want to stay.
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david's: "we should not be eliminated, that decision is not fair to us or the community.">that's how david ebrahimi feels about eminent domain proceedings issued by the city of santa could be used through build things like shops, hotels and offices. the city council voted tuesday night on the proceedings..that would affect businesses on 5131 stars and stripes drive, right across the street from levi's stadium.ebrahimi owns davids banquet - and has been serving the community for 31 years.he's not against the project, he just wants to be a part of it.
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it's become one of the most valuable areas in silicon valley, they just want to take it away and leave us out of the project.">still a possibility of david's being snatched up by the city,it's not just the memories for this family, but the future,their son michael.. the ebrahimis are hoping the city will reconsider and at least include them in this project,the city says they've been working with the lease holders here for more than six months to resolve this matter. hopefully a settlement will be achieved in santa clara, gayle ong kron 4 news.
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(vicki) it was a warm, sunny beautiful day across the bay... but another round of rain is headed to the bay area...(grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence when will we see the rain? lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day with highs soaring well into the 60s under sunny skies. there was plenty of sunshine all the way to the coast. a few high clouds made for a beautiful sunset too. doppler radar is quiet now but that will soon change. on the satellite you can see a storm off the coast. we could see a few showers as early as tomorrow morning but the heavier. more rain is ready for the weekend.
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weekend. ready for the more rain is ready for the
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weekend. (grant) (grant)(grant) in world news tonight... the man suspected of killing three people in a christmas market attack in strasbourg, france, is dead. he was identified as charif chekatt. police had been looking for the 29 year old since tuesday night's mass shooting...which also left 13 wounded. today, they were attempting to arrest the suspect...when they say he turned around and opened fire on them. police responded...killing chekatt. (grant) a woman accused of being a russian spy... pleaded guilty today to engaging in conspiracy against the united states. 30-year-old maria
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butina's conspiracy involved acting as an illegal foreign agent... so she could bolster russian interests. authorities say she worked to infiltrate republican political circles through groups like the n-r-a. butina confessed to acting under the direction of a russian official. her goal, according to the prosecutor, was to quote "establish unofficial lines of communication with americans having power and influence over u-s politics." she faces up to five years in prison and will likely be deported once she's out. (vicki) in national news tonight... president trump repeatedly tried to distance himself from the case against his former attorney michael cohen-- who's headed to prison. from our partners at c- n-n, reporter jim acosta explains that the president says the man some people called his "fixer" is responsible for his own actions. (nats) "everybody in?" president trump... who once bragged he only hires the best people... is now admitting in the case of his former
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attorney michael cohen... sometimes mistakes are made. trump"i liked him. and he was a lawyer. because of that, i did it. you know what? in retrospect, i made a mistake." (nats)in an interview with fox... the president claimed federal prosecutors in new york were out to embarrass him... by forcing cohen to admit he paid hush money to a porn star and a playboy playmate to cover up mr. trump's affairs just before the 2016 election..trump "because what he did was all unrelated to me, except for the two campaign finance charges that are not criminal and shouldn't have been on there. they put that on to embarrass me. they put those two charges on to embarrass me. they aren't criminal charges."but that's not true, as the payments... cohen said mr. trump directed him to make... were found to be crimes.even the parent company, the national enquirer, admitted in the case that it was also part of the hush money scheme.the president seemed to have an answer for that one too... insisting it was cohen's job not to break the law.trump"let me tell you -- i never directed him to do anything wrong. whatever he did come he did on his own. he's a lawyer. a lawyer who represented a client that is supposed to do the right thing. that's what you pay them a lot of money." yet, even as the president said he relied on cohen to stay out of hot water... he mocked his former fixer's legal skills.trump"he did very
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low level work. he was more public relations than he did law, but -- you see them on television, he was okay on television."the president tends to downplay the roles of his former aides... who find themselves in legal jeopardy. consider what he tweeted about his now-convicted foreign policy adviser george papadopolous: "few people knew the young, low level volunteer named george, who has already proven to be a liar."and don't forget how the president referred to his former campaign chairman paul manafort... now a convicted felon.trump/ june 2018"you know, paul manafort worked for me for a very short period of time."but the president is now coming to the defense of his former national security adviser michael flynn... who's asking for no prison time.. in his legal saga.trump"they took a general that they said didn't lie, and they convinced him that he did lie. and he made some kind of a deal. and now they are recommending no time."but that's not exactly true... flynn pleaded guilty in federal court to lying to federal investigators about his contacts with the russians during the transition period in late 2016.yet, the president repeated that claim later in the day.trump"well the fbi said michael flynn, a general and a great person - they said he didn't lie. mueller said, 'well, maybe he did' and now they're all having a big dispute."the president was spreading other falsehoods... away from the russia investigation... claiming once again... that mexico will somehow pay for a border wall... tweeting:"i often stated, "one way or the other, mexico is going to pay for the wall. this has never changed. our new deal with mexico (and so much better than the old, very costly & anti-usa nafta deal, that just by the money we save, mexico is paying for the wall!"democrats are saying.. hold on.rep nancy pelosi/ (d) minority leader"what money is he talking about? it just doesn't measure up." (vicki) the president also the (vicki) the president also
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claiming today he's making progress in his search for a new chief of staff... telling
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reporters he's down to five candidates. a source close to the white house says the outgoing chief of staff, john kelly, is confiding to friends... that he's relieved to be leaving his post. (grant) the justice department is asking the supreme court to let the transgender military ban to immediately go into effect. the trump administration already has a pending request for the supreme court to bypass the lower courts... and take up a case concerning the ban. but now, in a brief filed today, the solicitor general is asking the court to allow the policy if it declines the case this term. under normal circumstances, the supreme court does not take-up an issue before it has made its way through the lower courts. president trump's policy specifies that individuals without a special gender condition can only serve according to the sex they were assigned at birth. (grant) back here locally... more problems tonight at an east bay school... you may recall on monday, we told you about how heaters were not working, and
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children were complaining about how cold thier classrooms were.. .(vicki) well now it seems, the heat is on... but that is causing another problem entirely. kron four's terisa estacio went to the school to investigate... the heat is back on at treeview elementary school - about 80 percent of classrooms now have heat... but now, the principle sent out a note to families about how the system is overheating floor tiles causing asbestos tiles to be exposed. grand parent. well yes, that is troubling, i had no idea. parent. it has always been one thing or another at the school. dion ramos, school spokesperson. the tiles are not harmful. the districts spokesperson met with me on thursday to explain what happened and how they are addresssing the issue. ramos, we had maintence people come in and they are sealing up the floors. the children who's classroom was effected were put into temporary protables while crews worked. ramos. it is safe now and they will be back in on friday classes. as far as getting all of the
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classrooms with heat.. that too is on the list. ramos. yes. it is an older school, and we are trying to get that tackled as well. on monday, a parent reached out to kron four news alerting us that some classrooms had been without heat for several weeks. in hayward, terisa estacio kron four news. (grant) it's the holidays and the
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perfect time for giveaways. today two dozen under-served children were awarded with a j-c penny shopping spree at the tanforan mall.(vicki) the big surprise of their day ... they got to spend time with celebrity chef, tv-host, restauranteur, and steph curry's wife .... ayesha. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from san francisco tonight with highlights...ale cia? what a day for these children. they knew they won a shopping spree, but had no idea they were also about to shop with a celebrity.pkgput this in your basketthis holiday ... seexcite children shop for themselves, and their loved ones.i'm getting myself stuff and my mom it took a while for afiya shaikh to figure out what to get. the celebrity chef and mom took time to help the
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young girl fill her know on tv people arent usually what they seem to be. but then i met her and she was so sweet and nice. she doesnt even seem like a celebrity to me.i feel so grateful to be able to lend a helping hand and be able to do thiseach of the 25 children got $100 gift cards. and with a specal discount, could spend up to 150.we wanna stretch those dollars for themthe heartwarming event left the james denman middle-schoolers all's a dream come true. i feel like i;m a really lucky personi've always wanted to meet the curry's so it was like a dream come truethis is awesome this giving spree is thanks to partnership between j-c penny, ayesha curry, and no kid hungry charity.this is a blessing. it's amazingstandup in addition to their shopping spree, each child took home cookware and comforter sets from ayesha's home collection. reporting live from san francisco ... ar .... kron 4 news.
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(grant) coming up... the small community of rio linda is fired up as the high school football team gets ready for its first ever title game... we'll tell you how the knights are preparing for the state championship this weekend... (vicki) plus... mavericks surf contest organizers are deciding whether or not the big wave competition will happen next week in half moon bay... hear why this year's contest will be different from the rest and make history.. (grant) and up next the clock is ticking to get your holiday shopping done in time for christmas... after the break we'll break down the holiday shipping deadlines with different carriers... (lawrence) weather tease
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in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day. see how little it costs to get covered. visit today. (vicki) 4 your money
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tonight... we're coming up on the middle of december and holiday shipping deadlines are fast approaching.(grant) and with more and more shopping done online, it means the amount of packages being shipped keeps growing... and that puts a big strain on the delivery systems of the major shippers, from fedex to u-p-s and the post office. so one way to make sure your holiday gifts arrive on time is to be aware of the shipping deadlines... monday, december 17th is the last day to ship via fedex ground and fedex home delivery. and december 21st is the deadline for sending something using
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fedex's standard overnight, priority overnight and first overnight services. as for u-p-s - december 18th is the last day to ship using the u-p-s 3 day select for delivery by december 24th. and for the post office, december 14th, tomorrow, is the last day to send packages retail ground. and december 20th is the last day to send priority mail and first class mail packages . (vicki) ahead at'll be first of its kind in the east bay...but find out why many people in the area are already concerned over the new skyscraper in emeryville... (grant) plus... a state lawmaker charged with child abuse of his own daughter.... why he says it's all a big misunderstanding... (vicki) and up next... a burglary attempt of an east bay apple store... gone wrong... as thieves were stopped in their tracks.... how the plan was foiled after the break. ♪ toyland, toyland
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♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (vicki) in the east bay,
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police in berkeley are investigating an early morning attemptted burglary...(grant) the thieves tried to break into an apple store....(vicki) kron 4's charles clifford explains what stopped the culprits... according to the berkeley police department, this uhaul truck smashed into the front doors of the apple store along 4th street around 330 thursday morning. the collision apparently triggereed a buglary alarm and officers arrived a short time later but the driver of the uhual had
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already fled the scene empty handed.sotthe engine was still running. there's actually a gate inside the glass windows. the truck didn't penatrate that so the suspects left. they didn't get inside.this isn't the first time this has happened here. back in 2014, a car smashed through the front of the store early in the morning. in that case, the driver made it through the security gate and proceeded to steal several items. no suspects were identified in that thursday afternoon, the apple store had reopeneed. the broken glass had been removed and temporary wood doors were installed. the police department now says they are attempting to identify any suspects by tracking down who rented the uhual and by looking for surveillance video.sotwe are talking to other businesses to see if they have video surveillance or if anyone saw anything.they also say that even though no items were taken from the apple store, the culprits could face multiple charges.sotdepending on the evidence could be attempted burglary. could be vandalism (grant)mountain view police are asking for additional victims and witness to step forward after a sunnyvale man was arrested...accused of molesting a
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(grant) (grant)mountain view police are asking for additional victims and witness to step forward after a sunnyvale man was arrested...accused of molesting a young girl nearly two decades ago.the alleged victim, who is now an adult, came forward recently after she told a colleague about repeated assualts by jose contreras.contreras, now 43 years old, was the victims neighbor when her family lived on rich avenue in the early 2000s.according to the woman, contreras would molest her when she would take out the trash.this is not the first time contreras has been accused of been accused of
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molestation. (grant) a california lawmaker is being accused of child cruelty after he says he spanked his seven-year-old daughter... fresno police say they found evidence of an injury on the girl and arrested joaquin joaquin arambula. the father of three says he spanked his daughter for acting out.... and she went to school angry about the incident. the little girl reportedly told school officials her dad had caused the injury. and administrators called chld protective serives. police talked to joaquin and his wife about the incident and joaquin was arrested... the case will be send to the district attorney's office next week for formal charges. arambula is now scheduled to appear in court march 13th. (vicki) sheriff's detectives are looking for three men who stole an a-t-m from a gas station early this morning. it happened in rancho cordova... and it happened in a matter of about 30 seconds.... you can see the driver ram into the glass
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storefront. surveillance video shows one man push his way through the glass to get into the store. he then straps some sort of cable around the a-t-m... the driver then punches the gas and the a-t-m jolts through what's left of the glass. the three men load the machine into the truck before speeding off. sheriff's detectives are in the early stages of their investigation and believe this wasn't the burglars' first stop.burglars' first this wasn't the burglars' first stop. >(vicki) officials say crimes like this don't happen very often in rancho cordova... the owner says no one was inside the store when the bundrgla luckily no one was hurt. (grant) apple announcing today... it plans to build a one-billion dollar campus in austin texas. the company also says it plans to have facilities in seattle, san diego and culver city - near los angeles. each site
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would have about one-thousand employees. the cupertino based tech giant says the austin campus will start with five-thousand employyes. austin already has the largest population of apple workers outside apple headquarters, with more than six-thousand employees. the new austin campus is part of a 350- billion dollar, five-year plan. apple says it plans to expand operations in other cities like new york and boulder, colorado over the next three years. (vicki) the skyline in the east bay might be dramatically changing if the city of emeryville approves a proposed skyscraper off powell street right off the 80 east highway exit. kron 4's gabe slate talked with some locals... who are happy for the new housing the building would bring, but worried that it would make the east bay commute even worse. these are artist renderings of what the proposed 54-story skyscraper in emeryville would like. it would be the tallest
9:35 pm
building in the east bay. the tower would fill just under 4 acres, it would offer 638-residential units, 16 stories of the building would be dedicated office space, the project will include a new half-acre public park. here's a map of where this proposed skyscraper would be. it's just off highway 80 eastbound, the powell street exit, it's just north of the ikea in emeryville. here's a ground video look so here's highway 80 eastbound, this is powell street, the iconic denny's here right off the highway and then this is where the skyscraper would be behind this 76 gas station. part of the proposal is a built in parking lot with over 1,000 spaces with over 600 housing units and than many parking spots this building will add more traffic to the area. and if you commute through the east emeryville ducommute hours you know this is one of the worst traffic areas in the bay area already so i asked locals what they thought about this proposed project
9:36 pm
is the desperately needed housing worth the extra traffic ? sound from locals about this skyscraper in emeryville - a senior planner with the city of emeryville told me that the city manager's office told them no one from the city could do on- camera interviews about this proposed skyscraper, but they told me if it's approved it would groundbreaking would not start for another 2.5 years. also, they pointed out that this is not a done deal, the planning commission has 2-4 more study sessions to learn about this proposal. and, the proposal, could be denied outright or the city could make the developer make changes there will also be several meetings for the public to come and weigh in. in emeryville gabe slate kron 4 news. (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) just ahead in sports, high drama in
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regard to the afc playoff race... as the chargers and chiefs give us an epic division battle. highlights coming up
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this tells you everything about the afc west this season. while the raiders look for a temporary place to stay, the chargers and chiefs playing for prime --tony gonzales... the cal alum and chiefs great... getting the aarowhead crowd
9:40 pm
pumped before the game... --patrick mahomes... what a playlooks like he has nothing... then finds demarcus robinson from 5 yards out... mahomes with 2 td passes in the opening frame... but nothing after --8 seconds to go... chiefs up 7... philip rivers to mike williams... posting up for a 1-yard touchdown... and rivers says we're going for two points and the win rivers then finds a wide-open williams for 2-points and the victory... 29-28 chargers... victory... 29-28 chargers... they are now tied with the chiefs atop the afc west and the best record in the conference with 11-and-3 marks. unlike their division foes, the raiders are dealing with off field issues, like where they are going to play next year. major headlines this week.. reggie mckenzie fired as gm... the city suing the franchise... and barring any resolution between the team and coliseum authority, the prospect that december 24th against the broncos... may be the raiders final game at the coliseum is very real. "it's always something everyday here, isn't
9:41 pm
it? i enjoy see you answering all these questions. i want to play in oakland. i'm real sensitive like you would expect. it's where i want to play. we'll see what happens." "that is crazy and to me that seems weird. it just seems different to even have to think that way because i've spent five years playing in this stadium. we've had people talking trash about it or whatever they want, but i love it. it's ours. it's been fun and the fact that it could be the last is crazy, but when that time comes, we will enjoy it." 3 keys for sunday against the bengals in cincy...derek picks through the last 8 games...number 4 has to keep up the efficient ball also, bengals starting backup jeff driskel at qb...go after the 3rd year player.finally, jared cook... 100 yards in each of the last 2 games..feed
9:42 pm
the tight end.your mercedes benz keys to the game coming up on kron4 sports at 10, the raptors leave steph curry...practically speechless. why the mvp couldn't say much when talking about their most recent loss to toronto. until then, more news after the break.
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(grant) the organizers of the mavericks surf contest are getting close to deciding whether or not the big wave compeition off the coast of
9:45 pm
half moon bay will be held next week.... nare looking at the possibility of tuesday or the possibility of tuesday or thursday... this year this year the contest will make history because it won't just be fellas riding those monster waves... women will be competing for the first time. the swells are predicited to be 60 feet... and the water of the coast of pillar point can be a treacherous area... (grant) the surf out (grant) the surf out there isn't
9:46 pm
just dangerous for those in the water... back in 2010 a rogue wave swamped the beach injuring many spectators... so now as a precaution when the maverick's surf contest is on....the county closes off the beach and the cliffs to the public... you can watch the contest online.... or watch it in places like the mavericks surf shop or local bars and restaurants. (vicki) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...
9:47 pm
lawrence karnow: it was a gorgeous day with highs soaring well into the 60s under sunny skies. there was plenty of sunshine all the way to the coast. a few high clouds made for a beautiful sunset too. doppler radar is quiet now but that will soon change. on the satellite you can see a storm off the coast. we could see a few showers as early as tomorrow morning but
9:48 pm
the heavier. more rain is ready for the weekend. (vicki)(vicki) 4 your health tonight... in 2017, gun deaths in the u-s reached their highest level in nearly 40 years(grant) that's accoridng to a new analysis of data done by the c-d-c...and they found that nearly 40- thousand people were killed by guns last year. that's the the highest number of deaths
9:49 pm
due to gun violence in 38 years. researchers say the number of people killed by guns in 2017 represents a 10-thousand person increase from 19-99. the analysis also showed that nearly 24- thousand people used guns to commit suicide in 2017, which is the highest number in 18 years. (vicki) a federal appeals court has blocked new rules by the trump administration...which would have allowed more employers .. to 'opt-out' of no-cost birth control. the ninth u-s circuit court of appeals upheld a preliminary injunction against the rules... the ruling is based on the claim that the changes were proposed, without required notice and public comment. under obamacare - most companies are required to cover birth control at no additional cost. the trump policy would allow more categories of employers to 'opt out' by claiming religious objections. (vicki) the small community of rio linda in sacramento county is making a big splash as the high school football team will be
9:50 pm
competeing in their first ever title game...(grant) reporter mark demsky talked to people in the community to see how they are preparing for the state championship game this saturday.... the city of rio linda... population..just over 15-'s residents..spre ad out over only about 5- square miles...sot: john todd, resident -- everybody knows everybody here, and if you're not immediately related to know if you throw a stick in any direction you're gonna hit somebody you either know or are related to. but, for what they lack in size..the rio linda community is huge on pride..especially when it comes to the knights football team...sot: jack garceau, head coach -- we have that saying, 'once a knight, always a knight' and it really kind of rings true and it's kind of a town-sense as well. sot: kathy adams, football supporter -- the community and the i said, they're into the sports, but the football is their pride and joy. so to make it this far..yeah!'this far' saturday night's state championship game against san gorgonio high out of san
9:51 pm
bernardino..and for rio linda..the town....the fact that the knights will host their first state championship any sport ever..well, let's just say christmas came early here...sot: john -- we've not always had the best reputation, so something like this that focus on the good happening in our community..the rising tide raises all boats, you's going to be good for all of us. rio linda has had some big-time athletes in the past...darren oliver pitched in the world series, after pitching for the knights...and..jeff gordon may have been from vallejo, but he learned how to race on rio linda's quarter-midget dirt track... sot: john -- jeff gordon is an unoffical member of the rio linda/elverta community. he is one of our favorite sons.but nothing compares to this...sot: coach -- tickets, hats, shirts..can i get those? how do i get a field pass and all that stuff. it's kind of one of those things where you have to back up and direct them to some body else.sot: kathy -- i'm gonna go and cheer them on, and when we win..i'm not really sure what we are going (vicki) the school is hosting
9:52 pm
saturday's game and are expecting a crowd of around four-thousand people...(grant) (grant) rio linda will be going up against san gor-gonio from san bernardino... kick off is at 6 p-m... (vicki)(vicki) up next... italian food with a california twist. you're invited to experience the hospitality of che fico (kay- feeco) on dine and dish...
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(grant) there's a hot new italian restaurant in the city that's getting a lot of buzz these days.(vicki)2 shot so tonight on dine and dish - i went to see what the hype is all about at che fico. let's start with the name - it looks like "shay" fico, but it's che fico... "the literal translation means what a fig. the slang is "that's cool." this is not your red checker table cloth kind of italian eatery. matt and dave wanted to do something more... modern italian. "in italy when you're riding up on your new vespa and your friend sees you and says oh che fico! che fico is the hip newcomer to the neighborhood on divisidero. and this is about as authentic as you can get... from the old school loretta pizza oven to hand made pasta... painstakingly rolled and then sliced up into paperdelle. christopher the bartender will made you a cool cocktail that'll stand up to any dish. but the chef is fixated on salumi. so obsessed, there's even an
9:56 pm
in-house salumania and dave takes me on a tour... the salumi ripens for months in here. time for a taste test. you could say va bene - it's so tasty. or just che fico! (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... new york, seattle, miami and san york, seattle, ten....guys?kron 4 news at are here with and ken wayne pam moore hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam)(pam) fico! (grant) fico!or just che fico!or just che it's so tasty. say va bene - you could taste test. time for a taste test. you could say va bene - or just che (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and
9:57 pm
vicki.... next at ten... new york, seattle, miami and san francisco.just some of the cities to get bomb threats today. forcing police to sweep buildings and evacuate thousands of people. the emails.. demanding a ransom, that authorities say, turned out to be a big hoax. plus... the area around levi's stadium in santa clara will soon change.the major redevelopment project on the way, and the businesses who say they'll be left in the dust.(pam) and the first in a series of storms is just hours away.our chief meteorologist has your 'ten at ten' forecast.(ken) don't go away... hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ ((2shot))((ken))a busy day for
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authorities across the united states...and here in the bay area.thanks for joining us...i'm ken wayne.((pam))and i'm pam moore. emailed bomb threats triggered evacuations, and sweeps of buildings in a number of cities.. including locations in san francisco. but authorities say... it appears to have been a hoax. ((triplebox)) police were stationed at all the targets -- until things were determined to be safe. kron 4's justine waldman reports. bomb sniffing dogs were on the hunt for explosives... after threats demanding bitcoin payment came to almost 20 business in the san francisco by eml


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