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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 18, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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now at eight ... deported .... then returned.tonight we sit down with the bay area nurse who won her battle to stay in the u=s.(whoosh)thank my family, friends ... i mean the whole worldthe grieving father of a dying child finds a reason to be grateful.(whoosh) and get ready to dig deeper before crossing bay area bridges.tolls are going up everywhere ... with one exception. (ken) an oakland nurse who was
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deported to mexico last year is now home ... with her four children ... in the bay area ... just in time for the holidays.(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne. (pam) and i'm pam moore. we first told you about this on saturday.. when maria mendoza sanchez's flight landed at san francisco international airport. today -- kron4's michelle kingston met mendoza- sanchez at her house in oakland -- where she and her family are getting ready for the holidays. (mk)maria mendoza sanchez, oakland"i was very happy to, to be able to be home, sit down, just with the kids."it feels like a christmas miracle for maria mendoza sanchez ... to be home in oakland wrapping gifts for the holiday.maria mendoza sanchez, oakland "that's a gift that you cannot put a price to"20 years ago -- mendoza sanchez entered the united states illegally ... she raised a family here with her husband and became an oncology august 2017 - - she was deported back to mexico with her husband.camiel
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becker, attorney"despite trump's unfair, inhumane, cruel separation of this beautiful family, maria didn't give up. she persisted."but on saturday -- after almost a year and a half away from her four children -- mendoza sanchez was able to fly back to the united states -- with an h1b visa -- and go back to work at highland hospital ... and be home for christmas -- at least for now. the visa will eventually expire.maria mendoza sanchez, oaklandright now i just take it one step at a time. three years is better than nothing and that will give me the opportunity to send my oldest daughters back to college. mendoza sanchez has only been back for three days ... but says it's good to be home ... to be with her children ... to be in her house ... and surrounded by her neighbors.maria mendoza sanchez, oakland"i look around and say, am i really here? and yes, i am really here. i am really here."mendoza sanchez plans to take her children to disneyland for oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news
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say goodbye to her young son. (ken) after months of delays the state department issued a waiver of the trump travel ban ... along with an travel ban ... of the trump 4 newskingston kron michelle kingston kron 4 news
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was born two years ago with a genetic brain disorder.his american father was able to bring the little boy to the u=s last october.but his mother, a citizen of yemen, was stranded on the other side of president trump's travel ban.."he's about to die soon and the mother is just unable to touch him to see him even give him a kiss before he go."yemen is one of five mostly muslim countries whose citizens are restricted from entering the u=s.hassan says crucial support came from the staff at oakland's children's hospital.''...'taking care of my son abdullah. i can't imagine how thankful i am to them they were so nice to me. i would also like to thank my family, friends ... i mean the whole world. unbelievable. hassan's relief at being reunited with his wife is mixed with the grief over losing his son, now on life support.i can't imagine those days will come when i will have to thake the breathing tube out of him, take my son and go bury him. it will be the hardest day of my life.the muslim rights group cair took up hassan's cause after being alerted by the hospital."of course we're excited. but in this win there is still a loss. we just hope she can make it in time.
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the white house appears to be backing off of shutting the government down over the president's five billion dollar request for a border wall. white house press secretary sarah sanders says the president does not want to shut down the government. despite him saying last week he'd be "proud to" over border security. now one option circulating on capitol hill would be to approve government funding at existing levels and kick the issue into the next congress. a new study examines the impact of closing a major east bay emergency room.
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the 2018 rapid health impact assessment on the proposed shutdown of alta bates hospital in berkeley ... paints a grim picture for people who live nearby .. who depend on that hospital for health care. u-c berkeley -dr. jason corburn- spearheaded the study. today a coalition of east bay political, community and labor leaders held a press conference about the issue. the mayor of el cerrito, who happens to be a nurse at alta bates, gave an example of one cause for alarm should the facility close. in repsonse to the study sutter health released a statement: "by professor corburn's own admission, the study was limited in scope... and does not take in to account the current health care landscape, nor did it assess a larger view of the future state of the bay area. we are
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committed to the east bay area... and to developing a regional solution that works for all" a multi- million dollar settlement has been reached ... in the high profile death of a 13-year-old boy near santa rosa. today, sonoma county officials agreed to ápay the family of andy lopez, rather than go to court. our grant lodes is here with the details. (grant) there will be no civil trial to determine if the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed andy lopez, crossed the line. the line. lopez, crossed the line. the county will now pay the lopez family three million dollars to settle the civil case out of court. years ago, eric gelhaus was cleared of all criminal charges, and was promoted to sergeant in 20-16. it was the iraq war veteran who pulled the trigger
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in october of 20-13... at the time lopez was walking down moreland avenue south of santa rosa... carrying what looked to be an a-k-47 assault rifle .. in fact, it was an airsoft bb gun. sonoma county's sheriff says he hopes this settlement helps the lopez family heal. rob giordano/sonoma county sheriff: "the reason for a settlement is a 13 year old is dead and the right thing to do for the community to move forward is to settle the case." (grant) (grant) the sheriff says more people with fake weapons will continue to be shot. he says the only solution is for people to stop buying them and get rid of the ones they have. (ken) for the second day in a row... surfers are
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braving monster waves along the coast for big thrills. today surfers said the waves were smaller... but more conducive to catching a ride. and while the waves were worthy of the mavericks competition... that hasn't happened yet. still... surfers out there were happy. another big swell is predicted for thursday morning lawrence karnow: it was partly cloudy and cool after patchy dense fog this morning. storm clouds brought a tornado near seattle today causing damage to homes and trees. doppler is still seeing some rain in far northern california. on the satellite you can see the weak high pressure keeping the storms mainly to the north. dense fog will fill the bay and the valleys tonight and tomorrow morning before giving way to partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures tomorrow.
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highs will be in the 50s to mid 60s. it should be nice on thursday too before another chance of showers on friday and this weekend.weekend. friday and this showers on chance of another before thursday too be nice on 60s. it should the 50s to mid highs will be in tomorrow. temperatures and warmer temperatures tomorrow. highs will be in the 50s to mid 60s. it should be nice on thursday too before another chance of showers on friday and this weekend. the holiday season is in full swing ... and there are only 6- days left to get all your christmas gifts.(ken) but beware --- thieves will also be out looking to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san bruno with some holiday shopping safety tips. christmas is only one week away and that means people will be headed out to shops and malls to pick up gifts and shopping online and at any of these places, theive could be waiting to strike. if you haven't started your holiday shopping yet, youre not alone.sothaven't even
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started.sotnot yet.over the next week, christmas shoppers will be scrambling to pick up presents for family and friends. but experts warn that even the most safety consious shoppers should remember to take some basic precautions to keep from being a victim of theft.when shopping at stores or malls, don't overload yourself with items. avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying too much cash. and never leave bags unattended.if you drove to the store, it's important to rember to lock your vehicle and hide valuables. sotyeah, be care full put stuff in the trunk.natsthieves usually go for stuff they can see sitting in a car and it only takes seconds for them smash a window and make off with your stuff. so hide those valuables. and if the idea of going to the mall ior a store is just too much there's always online shopping but that comes with risks as well. when looking for gifts online, make sure your software or apps are up to date so they are as secure as possible. if purchasing through a website, make sure it has secure connection. and never use unfamiliar wifi networks when making purchases.and finally, if you have packages delievred consider ask for an in person delivery or signature
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confirmation . you can also have packages delivered to your work or a secure location, like an amazon locker. and finally, in san bruno, charles clifford kron 4 news. coming up at eight.. hollywood mourning the death of star penny marshall. a look back at her life and career. plus the products east bay researchers say may be tied to early puberty in girls. and next. your commute is about to get more expensive. which bridges are hiking their tolls.. and when..
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a heads up for commuters... bridge tolls are going up soon in the bay area.(ken) kron 4's gabe slate joins us live from the bay bridge toll plaza to break down how much it will cost to cross bridges after january first and what is going to be done with the money raised. the bridges in the bay area have a news years resolution get more money from motorists john goodwin, mtc, senior public information officer"all state owned bridges are going up $1 on jan. 1st" john goodwin with the metropolitan transportation commission, and the bay area toll authority, says don't blame them for these toll hikes this was a choice made by the people of the bay area.john goodwin, mtc, senior public information officer"this is part of measure 3 voted in by the people and will help improve roads etc" tolls are going up
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but it will still save you money to avoid crossing at peak times, and carpool when you can, or drive a clean vehicle that qualifies for the carpool lane.john goodwin, mtc, senior public information officer"the bay bridge is more complicated, depending on peak hours and carpool" now to our four zone forecast. four zone now to our carpool"
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forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. kron-4's chief meteorologist
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lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: it was partly cloudy and cool after patchy dense fog this morning. storm clouds brought a tornado near seattle today causing damage to homes and trees. doppler is still seeing some rain in far northern california. on the satellite you can see the weak high pressure keeping the storms mainly to the north. dense fog will fill the bay and the valleys tonight and tomorrow morning before giving way to partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures tomorrow. highs will be in the 50s to mid 60s. it should be nice on thursday too before another chance of showers on friday and this weekend. (pam) hollywood is
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mourning the death of popular actress and director penny marshall. c-n-n's stephanie elam takes a look back at her life and legacy. nat sound:as an actress, penny
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marshall was one half of funny girl duo, "laverne and shirley."nat sound:the "happy days" spinoff, became a hit of its own in the late seventies... marshall garnered three golden globe nominations for her role as tough-talking tomboy "laverne". penny marshall:"she would not put up with crap. she'd hit ya. and she was a realist." that spirit proved more useful behind-the-cameras as marshall went on to direct her own t-v episodes and feature lms. nats:marshall's 19-88 comedy "big" - starring tom hanks-- became the first female- directed film to gross more than 100 million dollars at the u.s. box office. nats: two years later, she directed the drama "awakenings" about a group of catatonic patients. it received three oscar nods including "best film."nat sound:her next project, "a league of their own," was a box office home run. penny marshall:"league, no girl wanted to write it. they don't like baseball!"marshall's depiction of an all-female baseball league during world war two was listed on the national film registry in 20- 12.through the years, marshall credited her success to her brother - legendary director, producer, garry marshall.penny marshall:"i wouldn't have a career if it wasn't for my brother. let's be honest, he's the one who pointed me in this direction, he got me parts."
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their playful relationship on display during a cameo for the 19-93 halloween fantasy, "hocus pocus."nat sound:in her 20-12, memoir "my mother was nuts," marshall recounted her upbringing in the bronx.she recalled two failed marriages, motherhood at nineteen, and a bout with lung cancer. challenges she overcame with an unassuming sense of humor. penny marshall:"i make people laugh and i move them in some places. my legacy is hope i gave you some enjoyment." enjoyment."
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spokesperson for her family says, marshall died monday night due to complications from diabetes.she was 75 years old. messsing with the wrong mom. a woman confronts a thief who broke into her car... and it was all caught on camera. and next. the trump administration releases its report on making schools safer. parents who lost their children to school mass shootings... react. ((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine...
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(pam) tonight, ten months after the deadly massacre at parkland high school, the trump administration is releasing its report on how schools nationwide can improve their security.(ken)kron-4's mark meredith is at the white house with a closer look. nat: "everyday i wake up wishing my little boy was here"
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max schachter lost his teenage son alex in febrary's parkland florida school shooting.he hopes parents nationwide will read the recommendations from president's school safety commission.."every school around the country should look at this report, and analyze all the recommendations" the report, released tuesday, suggests dozens of ways to improve school security...from adding mental health resources, to enacting stricter discipline policies and permitting some school employees to carry allowing law enforcement to take weapons away from potentially violent students. "15:22...stopping a tragedy before it happens, its our number one goal"the report says there's no one size fits all approach to improving school safety.instead, the commission suggests each community pick and choose ideas that might work in local schools. scarlett lewis lost her son jesse in the 2012 shooting in newtown, connecticut.she says she's thrilled that the report goes beyond simply improving physical security. "teaching kids how to have healthy connections, how to manage their emotions, skills and tools for resiliance" "nothng matters more than protecting our children"the president
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says the report is a challenge to communities nationwide and lawmakers, at all levels, to do more to keep kids the white house, i'm mark meredith. coming up at eight.. treated worse than animals. that's how lawmakers are describing conditions at the border, after they visit a facility where a 7- year old girl died. plus. dramatic video out of washington state where a tornado torn through a neighborhood. and next. east bay researchers reveal the common products linked to affecting the development of young girls.
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(ken) common chemicals found in toothpaste, shampoo and other personal care products may be linked to early puberty... and that exposure can come even before a child is born.... (pam) that is according to a new study by a team of researchers at u-c berkeley . kron four's terisa estacio talked with the lead researcher about the findings, and what it means for young girls. a special team here at the uc berkeley extension branch pioneered the study... the group with the center for environmental research and childrens health focused on whether in utero exposure to certain chemicals such as parabens or phtalates could lead to early puberty in girls... dr. kim harley, cerch. we found that it did, that women who used products had higher levels and those higher levels lead to girls going into puberty earlier then boys. dr. kim harley says the concern is that early puberty can lead to certain medical issues for girls. dr. harley. it can lead to
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cancers, reproductive problems. dr. harley says - the team looked at 600 women and tested their daughters between teh ages of 9 and 13. the study is still ongoing... dr. harley. we need to do more, but it is invaluable, it can be information that we can make better choices for us and girls for better health. in berkeley, terisa estacio kron four news. ## (ken) a surprising turn of events in a d-c federal courtroom in a d-c federal turn of events a surprising (ken)
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(ken) a surprising turn of events in a d-c federal courtroom today former trump national security adviser michael flynn will now wait until march to learn his legal fate. judge emmet sullivan had harsh words for flynn telling him " i am not hiding my disgust, my disdain for your criminal offense" and he told flynn he "arguably sold" his "country out" the judge also ordered flynn to stay wihtin 50 miles of the district of columbia starting january 4-th. meanwhile the white house is not backing down from its criticism of the
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f-b-i. saying they "ambushed" flynn in an interview. (pam) the national rifle association is "disappointed" with the trump administration's plan ... to outlaw bump stocks. the device allows semi- automatic weapons to fire continuously. now, there is a 90- day period, in which people who own bump stocks, have to turn them over or destroy them. the n-r-a says, the justice department should let gun owners who have bump stocks already... keep them. but the justice department says, bump stocks will be banned beginning in march. bump stocks were used most recently, in las vegas, where 58 people were killed ... and hundreds of others were injured. (ken) a "humanitarian crisis." that's the way lawmakers are describing the conditions at holding facilities along the u.s.- mexico border..(pam) that assessment comes after witnessing first-hand the conditions... where a 7-year- old girl from guatemala was being held ... when she died in u.s. custody. andy rose has the latest.
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rep. al green, (d) texas: "the spca would not allow animals to be treated the way human beings are being treated in this facility."some of the country's top democratic lawmakers.. say they're horrified and disgusted with the conditions that a seven- year-old girl from guatmela was forced to spend the last moments of her life.jakelin caal maquin, died while in u.s. custody along the u.s.-mexico border.. lawmakers say the conditions she was treated in are disturbing. sylvia garcia, (d) texas cong.- elect: "that small room.. so small i think my closet is probably larger."and after witnessing first-hand the conditions undocumented immigrants are being held in on the lawmaker said people seeking asylum from their home countries.. and the border patrol agents - - are both victims.rep. al green, (d) texas: "more than 100! men, women and children stacked closer than you are! lying on top of each other!" now, those lawmakers are calling on congress to launch an independent investigation.. veronica escobar, (d) texas senator-elect: "the families that we have seen today are people just like you and i. people who are looking for hope.. and who unfortunately
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end up finding almost as much misery when they cross our borders as they misery that they fled."i'm andy rose reporting. reporting. (ken) catastrophic. that's how the kitsap county sheriff's office is describing a tornado that touched down near port orchard, washington. that's about 2 hours west of seattle. it's unclear if there are any deaths or injuries from the tornado. but authorities say there are active power lines down and gas companies are checking for leaks. the national weather service will send a team to the area tomorrow to determine the strength of that tornado. it's believed to be just the second tornado ever to touch down in kitsap county. (pam) turning now to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.(ken) lawrence was it rare for a tornado to show up there
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lawrence karnow: it was partly cloudy and cool after patchy dense fog this morning. storm clouds brought a tornado near seattle today causing damage to homes and trees. doppler is still seeing some rain in far northern california. on the satellite you can see the weak high pressure keeping the storms mainly to the north. dense fog will fill the bay and the valleys tonight and tomorrow morning before giving way to partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures tomorrow. highs will be in the 50s to mid 60s. it should be nice on thursday too before another chance of showers on friday and this weekend. still ahead at 8 a close call on a california road.on a california a close call at 8 still ahead close call on a california
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road. what happened when a toddler ran out into the street. plus. a woman going blind .... goes missing in south america. details on the last moments she was seen. and next. scary moments for a family when a strange voice is heard over their baby monitor. ♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else. lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. what does help for heart fait looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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♪ the beat goes on. yeah! a terrifying
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moment for a texas family.the parents of a four-month old boy say, a man hacked into their nest wi-fi camera network, saying he was going to kidnap their baby. above his crib were two cameras with audio .... and the only voice they ever transmit is his.until late monday night, when the voice of a man came through .... threatening to kidnap their son.the parents raced upstairs ... only to find their baby safe, which is when his mother remembered a story she had heard about wi-fi camera hacking. "unnerving and unsettling. you have something that's supposed to make you feel better. and instead it makes you feel the opposite, makes you feel invaded and uncomfortable. ha." the family filed a police report, threw out the wi-fi cameras -- and are now only using an off-line, closed circuit camera. 'unbelievable dash cam video out of southern california shows a toddler playing in the middle of the road-- with no parent in sight.the little boy
8:42 pm
steps away from the path of several cars in tustin. luckily a retired police officer was driving by.darryl pang caught the frightful moments on his dash cam saturday.he made a quick u-turn when he spotted the toddler in a he inches his car closer the boy picks up his ball just as a driver speeds by.pang picked up the boy as he made it to the center of the road. next at 8 fed up and standing her ground. a mother confronts a man in the street. after what she saw him doing. still ahead in sports...the sharks were in action tonight...we'll show you what happened on the a whole lot more after the break.
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a would-be car thief got more than he bargained for-- the woman he tried to steal from-- fought back! at one point-- she even sat on him! (pam) and it was all caught on camera in new york.aundrea (aun-dray-uh) cline- thomas .. talked to that woman about why she refused to back down. it was the wrong day to mess with tihisha jones. that's her captured on cell phone video, taking matters into her own hands.tihisha jonesfought off thief"i just kept hitting him saying you're trying to steal my car, like really are you serious."this morning tihisha was preparing to take her son to school, when her five year old noticed someone was inside her car.tihisha jonesfought off thief"as i got closer i see the guy in the drivers seat bending down over like something was in there. i don't know what happened. i blacked out after that. i couldn't tell you. i just went into rage."the commotion got the attention of katie mack, herself a filmmaker and director..who was in her apartment and does not know tiesha.katie mackwitness"when
8:46 pm
i looked out the window i saw the woman pulling the guy out of her truck, throwing him to the floor and beating him." mack shot this video. police say the suspect is 19 year old bernardino santiago.tihisha jonesfought off thief"and then he tried to get away. he tried to take off his shirt. that's when i sat down on him."she sat on him until police arrived. it was hours before tihisha saw the video. most of it she doesn't remember. you see, her car had been vandalized twice in recent weeks.tihisha jonesfought off thief"i saved to get that car myself. i'm a single parent. i saved to get that."she has a heart condition and uses a walker- but her adrenaline kicked in. today she was not going to be a victim.tihisha jonesfought off thief"i just had enough. it's time to fight back. i don't think it's fair for people to work hard for your things for people to take your things away." (pam) (pam) according to police -- the suspect was "highly intoxicated." and
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apparently he told police he thought he was in an uber. he is facing a number of charges, including attempted grand larceny auto. (pam) there is a desperate search to find a detroit woman .. who is missing in peru.(ken) carla valpeoz (vell-pay-ohz) went to south america for a wedding... and has since vanished. valpeoz has been documenting her travels around the world. the latest---a trip to peru. she was last seen after she returned to a hostel from a nightclub in cusco. her roommate says she awoke to find her and her belongings gone. and security footage shows she took a taxi from the hostel. she later missed her flight home to the u-s. valpeoz is losing vision and was on a mission to see the world before she no longer could. now her father is on his way to peru... where he will meet with investigators and try to re-trace her steps (ken) many employees this time of year look forward to a holiday bonus from their employer-- and workers at one business in michigan have
8:48 pm
an especially generous boss. (pam) the owner of floracraft announced.... he is giving each of his employees a share of four- million dollars. as david lyden reports ... for some, that adds up to tens of thousands of dollars! nats "i was very happy knowing that he's doing that for everybody in the factory, i just thought it was a great deal." from employees who have spent a few years on the line to those who have spent upwards of four decades here at floracraft, every single one is preparing to celebrate christmas with the bonus of a lifetime--nat of announcement "make available $4 million." bert daines"i knew something was up, you kind of sensed that but it was a real shock, the fact that he did that for everybody, from the guys that have only been here a few years right on up, that was just incredible."the amount each employee takes home will be based on how many years they've spent at flora craft. employees like bert daines who've been there for more than 40 years will get around 60-thousand dollars.bert daines "everybody was just ecstatic, i heard nothing but positive results, people were just counting the money already in their mind, all the things they're gonna do with it, for me that's just slide it into the 401k for retirement."25 percent of the bonus will be paid out as cash, the rest as a 401k contribution.annie o'connor"i was overjoyed, it's
8:49 pm
truly touching that mr. shaner and his family are so generous to think about not only are immediate financial needs but our future."proof that sometimes the best christmas gift is simple, heartfelt generosity. new tonight at nine...a brawl between two high school teens inside a restroom..has gone viral. now, civil rights groups are coming forward demanding one of the teens be charged with a hate crime.that story... tonight at nine. warriors have the night off tonight after nine. generosity. new tonight at nine...a brawl between two high school teens inside a restroom..has gone viral. now, civil rights groups are coming forward demanding one of the teens be charged with a hate crime.that story... tonight at nine.
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warriors have the night off tonight after yesterdays evening full of statistical milestones for golden that means we can devote our full attention to the ice. the sharks on the back end of a two game road swing in minnesota...they already beat the wild once this season... and san jose head coach peter deboer appeared pensive before the game...working out his scheme perhaps...whatever he's doing it's working...a scoreless second period...martin jones turns away joel of jones' 26 saves on the night for his first shutout of the season...20th of his career... little bit later...lucas rah-deel feeds it to logan couture...he scores...sharks on the board first and they went on a little bit of a tear...less than a minute later...tomas hurdle with the long pass to joe pavelski who scores on the breakaway... 2-nothing sharksbut wait a minute...sharks fans always want to see more from logan couture and tonight he delivered...3rd period, sharks on a power play his second of the night and san jose wins this one 4-nothing. n-f-l pro bowl selections were announced today...niners
8:51 pm
fullback kyle yooz-check made the roster as a starter...tight end george kittle was named a for the raiders...two years ago they led the league with seven pro-bowl nods...this year, they were shut out. and as for next year, well, the team still doesn't even know where it'll be playing... the silver and black will debut their new las vegas stadium in two-thousand-twenty but are in search of a home for next season...owner mark davis said he would not attempt to renew the lease for a final year at the oakland levi's stadium and at&t park are among the sites being thrown into the conversation...but head coach jon gruden was emotional at the prospect of saying goodbye to coliseum. it's going to be a great atmosphere monday night, on christmas eve, the denver broncos coming to town. i get excited thinking about it. just raging in the black hole. rocking and raging down there after the steelers game. you're walking around and you see franco harris and lester hayes and you think about some of the battles that they had at that place. reggie jackson lighting the torch. there's a lot of things that happened in that stadium. next question, i don't want tostart crying about a stadium (laughing)."
8:52 pm
time for stanford fans to be sentimental about their own end of an era...the era of love...twenty-seventeen heisman runner-up bryce love announced he will sit out stanford's sun-bowl date with pitt...instead love will focus on getting in tip-top shape for the upcoming n-f-l draft... the cardinal running back was plagued by an ankle injury this season and held to only 739 yards...after rushing for over two-thousand the year before. so we've officially seen the last of love in stanford uni...looking forward to seeing him play on sundays.
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(ken) it's a story every couple cherishes-- their engagment. the how. the when. the where.(pam) for one couple--- the where -- marks tragedy and, now-- celebration -- all in the same spot. on sunday, lukas schnoor proposed to cassie oxley on the doorstep of where the couple once lived. then the 'camp fire happened. but through the devastation.... the two realized that they needed one another even more. now they say, the bond between them is stronger than ever. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this tuesday night. grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9...guys? ((grant))thank you pam and
8:56 pm at nine, the yemeni mother, banned from entering the united states because of the trump travel now just hours away from seeing her two year old son, who is on life support here in the bay the state department paved the way for come to the country, and when she will be reunited with her family.that's next in a live tonight at nine.if you have gifts to mail before christmas...listen up. time is running out.we'll take you to the very busy san francisco mail processing facility..where crews are working round the clock. ((grant))plus...the potential deal being discussed right now to avoid a government shutdown right before christmas. ((vicki))keep it here..kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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be honest i mean, even though it's too late but at least i'm getting her. she'll be here to say goodbye to her son."> (grant) less than 24 hours after a father's emotional plea for help... his yemeni wife has been allowed to come to the u=s to say goodbye to her two-year-old son, who is on life support and expected to die any day.(grant) thanks for joining us im grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki livakis... it's a story that has made international headlines and tonight it's being called a bitersweet victory... the united states granted her permission to enter the country earlier today.
9:00 pm
kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live from benioff children's hospital in oakland. j.r. you've talked with friends of the family. (jr)i have. they tell me that this boy's mother is in route to the area as i speak. she left cairo, eygpt earlier today and has stops in a couple of different countries. she should arrive at san francisco international airport tomorrow night. abdullah hassan turned two years old this past saturday. he is suffering from a genetic brain condition. his father, who is a u.s. citizen, flew him here for treatment on october first. his mother has not seen him since and his condition has worsened. he has been on life support for more than a month. sheima swileh is the mother who is on her way. this so she'll be able to be with her son one last time. it is likely he'll be taken off of his venalator after that unless there is a miracle. his mother hadn't been allowed in the states because of the travel ban in effect. today though an i-130 immigration visa was approved. abdullah's fa


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