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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 19, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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now at eight ... did you see it?what we are learning about the mystery light over the bay area(whoosh)we are live at s=f=o where the father of a little boy on life support is about to be reunited with his wife ... finally allowed in the country from her native yemen,(whoosh)a tesla model "s" catches fire not once but twice.we ask an expert why the popular electric vehicles keep bursting into flames. (pam) from san francisco to sacramento. eyes turn to the sky ... after a mysterious light appears... and it was captured on cameras throughout the bay area..(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. this was first spotted around
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5-45 tonight. since then pictures have been pouring into our newsroom from people wondering what it was. kron-4's grant lodes joins us...and grant there are plenty of theories about what this is do we have any answers yet? (grant) there are a (grant) there are a variety of theories - but one gaining tracking comes from the bay area's national weather service officer. they're saying it's a combination of factors. the agency tweeting that what was seen initially moving through the sky was a meteor. but that metor then helped form what's known as a noctilucent cloud. for a while earlier there was widespread speculation that what we were seeing was thanks to a rocket launch. there were scheduled launched at vandenberg air force base near
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san louis obispo. but that was scrapped... as was a space x launch. so thent he meteor idea started gaining traction. and people all over the bay area saw it... people calling our newsroom... sending us pictures and video... people saw this hundreds of miles from the bay. joining me know is our chief meterologist, lawrence karnow. nothing's confirmed, but lets just assume for a moment it was a meteor that created a noctilucent cloud... what is that and how does it form?
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happening now. the yemeni mother of a dying 2 year old boy... has reportedly just arrived in the u-s. we are now waiting to hear from the family the mother was initially blocked from entering the country. before she granted a visa to see her son at oakland children's hospital. tonight she has landed at s-f-o that's where we find kron 4's alecia reid tonight with the latest on the family reunion. alecia? we're standing outside the international terminal where this mother will be arriving any time now.right downstairs ... there's a sea of supporters ...that are rallying behind this family. there are mothers, fathers, children that are all
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downstairs waitin patiently to welcome this mother when she gets off the plane.this is a bittersweet reunion for a mother and her dying child. shaima swileh hasn't seen her son in months, and now she has been granted a visa so she can say her final farewell.the state department granted her a waiver after her son abdullah's story spread on social media.the toddler suffers from a genetic brain condition that continues to worsen.his father brought him here to california to seek medical treatment.abdulla and his dad ... ali ... are u-s citizens ....however .... shaima ... is a yemeni national,.... who currently lives in egypt.she was denied access to the u-s due to the muslim ban.ali says he was about to take his son off life support last week.and this gesture will help his family mourn with yemenese american activist i spoke with ... visited abdullah in the hospital last night and says he hasn't been able to sleep since.sot abdullah's mother has been flying for nearly 24 hours ... with multiple layovers.she lands here and will head straight to childrens hospital in oakland.the family is
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expected to address the media before leaving the airport. reporting life from san francisco international airport .. alecia reid ... kron 4 news. (pam) kron 4 news. (pam) concord police are investigating a homicide involving a homeowner and a possible intruder. it happened last night around 9-20... on phoenix street near placer drive. a homeowner told police, someone rang his doorbell. a few moments later they said .. someone began kicking the rear door.. then broke a
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window in order to get into the home. the homeowner--- in fear for his life--- shot at the suspect... who later died in the backyard. investigators believe the homeowner was targeted because he cultivates and distributes marijuana. (ken) a san francisco police officer has been arrested and charged with robbing a bank. according to court documents filed by the f-b-i.. rain olson daugherty is accused of robbing the east west bank in the sunset district of san francisco. daugherty allegedly handed a teller a note demanding money. then told her to quote "calm down... just do it." approximately 9-thousand dollars was stolen the officer is currently suspended without pay. and this is not the first time daugherty has been in legal trouble. he's among nine current and former officers who sued to keep the police commission from disciplining them for sharing racist, sexist and homophobic text messages in 20-11 and 20-12. the courts earlier this year...allowed that action to move forward. another big story we are
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tracking. tesla and the santa clara county fire department are investigating yet another tesla car fire... this time, the car caught fire not once, but twice. kron 4's dan kerman with the latest when is an extinguished car fire not extinguished... when it's this tesla model s. tuesday afternoon the car was towed to a los gatos tire shop... and within 10 minutes it caught fire... fire crews put out the blaze and contacted tesla for instructions.sot capt. bill murphy/santa clara county fire dept. :17cool the batteries with water and then monitor them within an hour, if we didnt experience that hissing noise or that burning process that meant the batteries had been cooled to the point where it could be towed safely.santa clara county fire officials cooled the vehicle over the course of 6 hours, and then it was towed to this campbell tow yard, and then it caught fire again.tesla says: we are currently investigating the matter and are in touch with first responders.tesla vehicles catching fire is not uncommon, but industry analysts believe it's overblown sot sam abuelsamid/navigant research analyst :49in general among electric vehicles tesla has a larger
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market share means there'sa higher probability something will happen and people will pay attention to it. sam uh bool-al sam-id is an automotive technology analyst with navigant research. he says electronic vehicles are actually less likely to catch fire than internal combustion engines. that said, he says it's not unusual for a ev battery to catch fire twice, as happen tuesday night.sot what can happen is if the heat from the original fire causes additional damage to the battery pack it can trigger another short circuit that can cause another fire or reignition afterwards.standup dan kerman/ 136for its part tesla says a tesla vehicle is ten times less likely to experience a fire than a vehicle powered by gasoline. dan kerman kron 4 news. (ken) in san jose...
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two women are in the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries after getting hit by a car early this morning. this surveillance video behind me shows the car barrelling down the street before hitting the women in the middle of the crosswalk. it happened at the intersection of 33rd avenue and berrywood drive at about 6:30 a-m. the incident happened in a school zone, and skid marks on the road indicate the driver was going well over 25 miles per hour police don't have a description of the car that hit the women and they ask that if you have any information, to give them a call. this is the second hit and run accident in three days. (ken) a north bay driver may have thought he was being creative to avoid paying bridge tolls. the highway patrol in marin caught a driver who covered up part of his license plates with a
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terriyaki chicken wing sticker. (pam) they suspect this was his way to avoid paying the tolls... and they cited him for toll evasion. kron4's michelle kingston spoke with the c-h-p today -- and michelle, is this common? michelleyes and no ... they see toll evasion a lot around the bay area because of all of our bridges -- but not exactly like this. (mk)officer andrew barclay, california highway patrol"i will say that is one of the most obscure ways we've seen people cover digits on a license plate, but it's not an uncommon thing to see people doing different things to try to disguise or hide their license plate."tolls are expensive in the bay area ... and some drivers -- according to chp -- are finding creative ways to get through without paying up.officer andrew barclay, california highway patrol"it's a big issue and we do see it around here. my area of patrols is both the golden gate and the richmond bridge so we do see a lot of toll evasion."on tuesday night -- an officer noticed something covering up a white mustang's
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license plate on 101. when he pulled the driver over, he noticed a safeway terriyaki chicken wing sticker covering the first two digits of the front and back license plates on the car.officer andrew barclay, california highway patrol"the driver was not exactly sure how those stickers got on there covering the exact same two digits on both license plates, but based off of our investigation, we are in marin county and this is an individual who actually lives in the east bay and so obviously they are traversing different bay area roadways, likely going over toll bridges somewhere along the way and again, you know we've seen toll evasion before by covering license plates. this is just a new unique way to do it." michellethe driver was cited for driving on a suspended license and having an obstructed license plate. his car was in marin michelle kingston kron 4 news coming up at eight.. san francisco's mayor makes a request to the governor... to help her brother ... who is convicted killer. plus. a thief caught on camera in the dead
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of night...stealing christmas decorations in the south bay... and next. a stunning new york times report... accusing facebook of sharing your user data ... with dozens of other companies.
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a new york times investigation revealed that facebook shared its users' private data, without its users' consent, with other tech giants including microsoft, amazon, spotify, and netflix.(pam)but facebook claims.. that is not what happened. kron 4's gabe slate
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joins us live from the newsroom to break this down. facebook is on the defense today again over privacy issues this time regarding some pretty scary stuff theallegation is that facebook gave their other tech company partners the ability to read, write and delete users' private messagesnow facebook says this new york times article is misleading.they have posted two blog posts including one just an hour ago explaining what they were doing and why it's not shady. the new york times has reported that it obtained internal facebook documents that show how the social media giant arranged to share data with more than 150 companies. the new york times says amazon got access to facebook users names and contact information through their friends on the social network, yahoo could look at user's friend's posts. while microsoft's search engine bing was allowed to see the names of virtually all
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facebook users' friends without consent.the times also said in their report, streaming services netflix and spotify had the "ability to read facebook users' private messages.sound from - adam schwartz is a senior staff attorney with the eff's civil liberties team"i use facebook and was alarmed" adam schwartz is a senior staff attorney with the electronic frontier foundation's civil liberties team, he says it's time for action to hold facebook accountable.sound from - adam schwartz is a senior staff attorney with the eff's civil liberties team"it's time for government to take action" a few of the companies named in the report have already spoken, amazon and yahoo told the times any data they accessed was used appropriately. netflix replied to the times on twitter that it "never asked for, or accessed, anyone's private messages."in a newsroom blog post facebook said --- "none of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people's permission,"and that "facebook's partners don't get to ignore people's privacy settings, and it's wrong to suggest that they do.facebook says they worked closely with four partners to integrate messaging capabilities into their products so people could message their facebook friends - but only if they chose to use facebook loginand in a statement sent to kron 4 news facebook said quote - "we know
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we've got work to do to regain people's trust. protecting people's information requires stronger teams, better and clearer policies, and that's where we've been focused for most of 2018. partnerships are one area of focus and, as we've said, we're winding down the integration partnerships built to help people access facebook."end quote in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news posted the full statements by facebook regarding this issue and links to their newsroom blog posts where they layout their case they claim debunks the new york times the newsroom gabe slate kron 4 news. (ken) san francisco mayor london breed is getting some heat after writing a letter to governor jerry brown asking for help with her brother's prison sentence.(pam) her
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brother - napoleon brown - was convicted of killing lenties white in 2000... by pushing her out of a car on the golden gate bridge. brown has served nearly two decades of a 46-year prison sentence. the mayor is asking the governor to commute her brother's sentence, and grant him an early release. the mayor's brother has a history of drug arrests and convictions... and she says, he needs help and treatment. breed acknowledges that she knew she would be criticised for writing the letter, but she believes it was an important step that she needed to take.
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happened last week in the willow glenn neighborhood and the thief was recorded on surveillance video. kron 4's charles clifford has details. well, christmas is less than a week away and the decoations are up on homes all over the bay area. the family that lives in the home behind me here put up their deocations just after christmas but there are a few things missing.this is is surveillance video from a home along gavota avenue in san jose. it was recorded just after 4 in the morning on december the video a shadowy figure can be seen walking onto the lawn and stealing 4 christmas decorations, including a mickey mouse, a mini mouse and a rudolph. in all the thief is in front of the house for just a few minutes and then leaves in a car.sothe knew right what to go fortim lund lives here with his family. he was upset to find that someone had stolen his decorations, espeically the disney ones which are his kids favorites. sotim angry and upsettim called police and filed a report online but so far, no suspects have been identified. lund says that many of his neighbors have also had their decorations stolen.sotwe have seen reports. two people who live around the corner had things takenwith christmas just a few days away, tim is doubtfull his missing ornaments will be returned but he says this won't dampen his family's holiday spirit.soti'm
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angry enough to want the individual to face some sort of correctinal action.sotyou bent my christmas but youre not breaking it. i still got the spirit.anyone with information is asked to contact the san jose police department. in san jose, charles clifford kron 4 news. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: cool fog slowly gave way to partly
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cloudy skies and cool temperatures. high pressure brought dry weather to the bay area today. on the satellite you can see high pressure sending the storm track north. clouds will increase by tomorrow afternoon with a chance of showers tomorrow night. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s. it should be dry into the first part of the weekend with a chance of showers late saturday night and into sunday morning.. more rain is possible christmas eve and christmas day. new ahead at 8.. a black man tries to cash his paycheck.... and the bank calls police. now he's speaking out about what he says was extremely embarassing. and what the bank is saying to him tonight. and next. and next. day.and christmas christmas eve and christmas day.
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new ahead at 8.. a black man tries to cash his paycheck.... and the bank calls police. now he's speaking out about what he says was extremely embarassing. and what the bank is saying to him tonight. and next. east bay kids get an early visit from santa... the toy giveaway for families in oakland
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christmas is right around the corner. and some
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families in need got a little extra help today... putting new, wrapped presents under the tree. new at 8 tonight, kron 4's justine waldman has the holiday cheer from oakland. nats you could get one big one or two small onesdecisions, decisions, decisions.which present to pick.... sot i feel like it might have the most better stuff insideif it is not a gift from here.. these kids might not get any under the christmas tree.nats shaking giftsot in past years we could not buy any presents because we did nt have enough money for everyonetables covered in colorfully wrapped presents greeted kids at the seiu local 1021 office.about 2500 donated presents - in all shapes and sizes- awaited them. for these two sisters, who do not have a home right now, this brings the gift of joy to their family.jameelah johnican /homelesssot it feels good i am going through a lot right now so i am grateful, thankfulnats 123nats hohoho merry christmasa smiling photo with santa...and a candy cane topped off the day.the kids walked around the room with an elf helper to make their selection,...and left with their arms wrapped around something new, special and all their own. sot sandra we need to remember that there are some families that can't do christmas that wont be able to give a gift to their child so if we can bring a smile to the
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face of some children it will be all worth itstandupall the presents got passed out.and based on the success, seiu wants to make this a holiday tradition.hoho merry christmas everyonein oakland with santa justine waldman kron 4 news. news.waldman kron 4 santa justine in oakland with santa justine waldman kron 4 news.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause.
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him. expert care for every new beginning. (ken) in less than two weeks we will be ringing out the old and ringing in the new.(pam)new.(pam) along with the new year.... california is getting a whole slew of new laws.catherine heenan explains how they might affect you. arf arfstarting january first, all pet stores will be barred from reselling dogs, cats and rabbits from breeders.assembly bill 485 is designed to crack down on abusive puppy mills. stores can still sell animals from shelters and rescues.the law does not prevent people
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who want purebred dogs from going directly to breeders. after the first of the year, the state issued green and white stickers will no lonr give you a free ride in the diamond'll need to get a red sticker instead.a=b 544 is aimed at easing congestion in h=o=v lanes. kachingcalifornia's minimum wage is going up by a buck to twelve dollars an hour for companies with more than 25 employees.most bay area cities already have higher minimum wages.on january first, san jose, san mateo and several other cities will boost their minimum to 15 dollars, and in mountain view it will increase to 15 dollars and 65 cents.and then there is this weird one. a=b 1217 allows liquor sales in a cemetery designated as a historic place by the city of los angeles.just one place qualifies: the hollywood forever cemetery, next to paramount you'll be able to drink a toast on the graves of celebrities ranging from cecil b demille and marion davies to jayne mansfield and dee dee ramone. (ken) the u-s is planning
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for a "full" and "rapid" "full" and ramone.dee dee mansfield and davies to jayne and marion cecil b demille and marion davies to jayne mansfield and dee dee ramone. (ken) the u-s is planning for a "full" and "rapid" withdrawal of u-s troops from syria. that has the president declaring victory against isis. but the department of defense says the campaign against the terrorist group is far from over. officials announced today they would be pulling all 2- thousand troops out of syria it sparked alarm and outrage from repubican lawmakers. florida senator marco rubio called it a colossal mistake and a grave error that's going to have significant repercussions. and despite president trump's tweet that isis is defeated... the defense department inspector general report says the number of isis members in syria and iraq could be as high as 30-thousand. (pam) the u.s. senate is taking action against racism..
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and a california senator helped lead the way. the members unanimously agreed wednesday... to make lynching a federal hate crime. in a tweet, california democratic senator kamala harris called the passing of the 'justice for victims of lynching act'.. a historic moment. lawmakers have tried for more than a century to make lynching a federal offense. the bill was introduced earlier this year by harris... and the chamber's other two african-american senators democrat cory booker and republican tim scott. (pam) governor jerry brown is predicting ... lawmakers from his own party will spend too much money in the upcoming year... and that his successor will struggle to control it. brown's remarks came tuesday. he leaves january after eight- years in office in this latest run. he helped democrats strengthen their grip on power, but also has kept lawmakers in check, by rejecting efforts to spend money, in favor of saving it ... to protect against a
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future economic downturn. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: cool fog slowly gave way to partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures. high pressure brought dry weather to the bay area today. on the satellite you can see high pressure sending the storm track north. clouds will increase by tomorrow afternoon with a chance of showers tomorrow night. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s. it should be dry into the first part of the weekend with a chance of showers late saturday night and into sunday morning.. more rain is possible christmas eve and christmas day.
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(pam) we are following breaking news tonight. the yemeni mother of a dying 2- year old boy in the bay area.. has just arrived at s-f-o.(ken) a spokesperson for the family just spoke on their behalf...let's take a listen.
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still ahead at 8 heart pounding video of two deputies racing to save a man in a burning car. plus. former first lady michelle obama reveals what was on her mind ... when she left the white house. and next it's the most wonderful time of the san francisco. how the holiday is drawing people from all over to experience christmas here in the bay area. ♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land
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♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (pam) you have likely
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noticed the holiday hustle. the traffic jams headed into the city, the crowded restaurants. folks looking for a dash of cheer. (ken) dine and dish's vicki liviakis found some festive food in the tourist mecca of fisherman's wharf. these young fellows came all the way from texas for a san francisco treat. their noses pressed up to the window - watching sour dough bread shaped into snowmen and crabs and turtles. they come for the clam chowder in a bread bowl. ...for for festive cocktails. visitors also flock here for the local crab in season. boudins in fisherman's wharf is a magnet year round for tourists with a
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taste for sour dough and sea food. and for the holiday's - it's dressed up and serving up specials - like this avocado crab roll for starters. chef misael reyes of boudin's bistro is partial to dungeness... served up cold in a this elegant crab salad or sizzling hot in this skillet dish with sour dough secret sauce. (now not so secret.) but there's roasted corn for corn chowder and this surf and turf lobster and filet mignon. this couple from la is celebrating the season with a taco twist... and a toast to the holidays for one and all. in san francisco, vicki liviakis, kron 4 news
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(ken) if you have a restaurant, cafe or bar that you would like to see featured on 'dine and dish... send an email to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com .... or fill out the submission form on our website. you can also check out our 'dine and dish' facebook page. next at 8 a black man goes to cash his paycheck...and ends up having police called on him we hear from him plus what the bank is saying tonight after the break --- can the warriors make it three wins in a row.....>we'll have the highlights after the break.....>
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a cleveland man says he was racially profiled at a bank when they called the cops on him for trying to cash a check.(pam) shannon houser spoke with the man .. and tells us how the bank is reacting to the incident now. paul mccowns told cleveland 19 news he went to the huntington branch inside giant eagle on biddulph avenue in brooklyn on dec. 1."i had got a new job. i worked there for about three weeks," he said.mccowns said this was the first check from his new job with an electric company.he was asked for two forms of id, which both he and bank employees confirm he provided.the bank said mccowns also provided a fingerprint, per bank policy for non-huntington customers who wish to cash checks.according to mccowns, bank employees started looking at the computer screen and questioning the transaction. "they tried to call my employer numerous times. he never picked up the phone," he said.the paycheck was for a little more than $1,000. tellers told him they couldn't cash, mccowns said he left the bank."i get in my truck and the squad car pull in front of me and he says get out the car," mccowns said. what he didn't know is that as he was leaving the bank,
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employees called 9-1-1 on him. cleveland 19 news obtained a copy of the 9-1-1 call and police report."he's trying to cash a check and the check is fraudulent. it does not match our records," said the teller to a 9-1-1 operator.the operator asked the teller: "does he know you called 9-1- 1?"the teller responded: "no." mccowns was handcuffed and put in the back of a brooklyn police cruiser.minutes after being arrested, police were able to get in contact with mccowns employer who confirmed the check was real and that mccowns is an employee."my employer said, 'yes he works for me. he just started and yes, my payroll company does pay him that much,'" mccowns explained.he said he believes bank employees were racially profiling him.brooklyn police confirmed to cleveland 19 news that there was no fraud. mccowns said he cashed the check the next day at another huntington location with no problems. (pam) in a statement, huntington bank said, "we sincerely apologize to mr. mccowns for this extremely unfortunate event." and "we accept responsibility for contacting the police, as well as, our own interactions with mr mccowns" (ken)
8:47 pm
problems. problems. (pam) in a statement,
8:48 pm
huntington bank said, "we sincerely apologize to mr. mccowns for this extremely unfortunate event." and "we accept responsibility for contacting the police, as well as, our own interactions with mr mccowns" (ken) it's unbelievable video--- from the body cameras of two texas deputies--the night they saved a man on fire by pulling him from a car just in the nick of time. the video shows them racing toward the scene of a violent crash. then they work to pull free a man who otherwise most certainly would have died. the heat was so intense... it even partially melted one of the deputy's cameras. still they dragged him free of the passenger's seat.
8:49 pm
more than that. they are heroes plain and simple. (pam) former first lady michelle obama is revealing what really was on her mind as she said farewell to the white house.... after president trump's inauguration. she appeared last night on the tonight show with jimmy fallon... and had the host cracking up.
8:50 pm
she also used the phrase during an event with oprah in november. the warriors were on the the warriors the warriors were on the road tonight taking on the utah jazz.....>utah has had a rough season.....but they are always a tough team to beat in salt lake city....>rody of the best defensive presences in the nba.....>we pick things up in the second quarter....steph curry doing what steph curry does best.....he knock down the thre to tie the game......32 for steph on the night....>near the end of the half....rudy gobert catches the oop from rubio....51-49 jazz......>4th quarter....joe ingles hits a three pointer to make it 93-82....ingles had 20 points on the night....> warriors down by six.....until kd knocks down the trey to make it a three point game......>warriors still down three....seconds left.....andre iguodala misses
8:51 pm
the trey.....steph curry chases down the rebound but they say it's off on curry....and warriors lose 108-103.....> the 49ers are coming off of their most impressive wins of the season.....>and they want to ride that momentum out for the rest of the season......> and big reason for them being able to get that win on sunday is because of the play of quarterback, nick mullens.....> mullens went 20-29 with 275 yards and a touchdown pass on sunday.....most importantly, he didn't turn the ball over.....>mullens play as of late has really opened up the playbook for head coach kyle shannahan.....> nick's been real consistent. there's definitely a number of times i haven't called a good play and it hasn't ended up bad. that's what allows you as a play-caller to be more aggressive. you always want to call the perfect one. sometimes, you've got a smaller chance of getting it, but if the risk isn't as low, then you feel a lot better doing it more."
8:52 pm
today, major league baseball just too a giant step forward.....>cuban born baseball players will now be able to sign big league contracts without defecting....this, of course, will make it safer for every one....but most importantly, the players.....>major league baseball and the cuban baseball federation agreed to the deal which allows cubans to sign contracts similar to those from japan and south korea....>this will help to eliminate dangerous trafficking that had gone on for decades.....>the deal runs through october of 2021.......>
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actor macaulay culkin may be all grown up...(pam) ... but he has reprised his star- making turn in "home alone" ... in a new set of advertisements for google assistant. take a look.
8:56 pm
aftershave moment." culkin's character - a grown-up kevin mccallister - is helped along the way by the various features available through the google assistant device. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this wednesday. grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))thank you pam and at nine, breaking newsthe yemeni mother who was banned from entering the u-s to see her dying son...has just arrived at sfo.she is now on her way to oakland children's hospital to visit her two year old...who is on life support.the message from a spokesperson about the red tape that prevented this family from being reunited earlier.that's next in a live tesla catches firenot once, but the electric car company is trying to figure out what happened.find out what once tesla employeed thinks may be the cause.standby for that story.((grant))and a mysterious light..across the
8:57 pm
bay area has everyone talking tonight.we'll show you some of the incredible pictures coming into our newsroom.((vicki)) keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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(grant)(grant) that breaking ns we're following tonight-- the yemeni mother of a dying two- year old boy... is back in the u- s.... you're looking at new
9:00 pm
video tonight of her arrival... and tonight a family spokesperson just addressed the media on their behalf... talking about what the family is calling a bittersweet reunion...(grant)2 shot bam thanks for joining us im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki livakis.... the mother was initially blocked from entering the country... before she was granted a visa to come see her son at oakland children's hospital.(grant) tonight she has landed at s-f-o that's where we find kron 4's alecia reid tonight with the latest on the family reunion. alecia? we're standing outside the international terminal where this mother arrived half hour was extremely chaotic and overwhelming ... a sea of supporters bombarded the family ...lawyers and advocates were able to speak to the crowd and the media. saying this mother .... shaima swileh has been requesting a


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