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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 21, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ tonight -- >> are we ready? >> mary poppins versus aquaman. who will win the holiday box office showdown? we're breaking down the must see movies of the season. >> i lied. i stole and worse. >> nicole kidman's transformation that frightened her daughters. >> keith kringle, nicole noel. >> plus, is bumblebee the best transformer ever? >> no big deal. then -- >> hey girl. >> will ferrell reunited with john c. reilly and taking over our jobs. >> this is a life long dream of
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mine to be a correspondent of the great "e.t." >> for me as well. >> these are the questions i always wanted to ask you. this is "entertainment tonight." the battle has begun, "mary poppins" versus "aquaman." who will wear the box office crown? >> this is a tough call. both of those movies are good. tonight we're taking you inside the big holiday movies and let's start with this weekend's showdown because jason mamoa is a great pick for "aquaman," but only one cast is practically perfect in every way. >> everybody is talking about this role, which really was written for you. how does that make you feel 'cause it's such an iconic role? >> it did feel like sort of a daunting undertaking. i knew i had my work cut out for me, but i just felt that there was more magic to be hatched, the next chapter. >> are we ready? >> ready. >> emily truly is magical as the iconic nanny, but as a mom she says there was a bitter sweet quality to the role. >> do you have a favorite song from the movie?
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there's so many beautiful ones. >> i do love the ballad. ♪ nothing's gone forever only out of place ♪ >> i think that song always really moved me and that the idea -- 'cause so many of us have dealt with loss. the first few times i sang it, i could never get through it 'cause i just think about my own children. >> meanwhile behind the scenes emily and co-star lin-manuel mirnada told us they were kind da awestruck getting to work with screen legends like meryl streep and dick van dyke. >> dick van dyke is 91 years old when we were filming this. the best part of it was that we were like so if you try this, try this and he just waved us all away and just like put one foot up on the chair and just did the thing. watch all of our faces during his tap solo. we're all like this. >> i understand she's actually really good at a face plant as well. >> did lin tell you about that? >> i heard about that. >> we thought she died.
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i mean, it was like she fell so hard. it was whack. >> it was blink and you miss it. she goes hey kids wanna see a prat fall. poof and she was gone. she was like she went from here to here and everyone screamed. >> she just like slammed face first onto the floor. vertical to horizontal and i was like that's it. she's gone. >> oh, her face. >> now let's talk about the movie that could swim neck and neck against "mary poppins," "aquaman." >> oh, boy. >> did you love this movie or what? >> jason momoa's muscles are on full display in this film. so, yeah, i loved it. so when i sat down with him i had to ask about his big aquaman make over. >> my parents made me what i am. boom. >> i heard you took a picture of yourself as aquaman and sent it to your babies. >> yeah, the moment i put the suit on, yeah. >> how did that feel as a dad to be able to do that for your kid? >> that's the highlight of it. it's not really for me. it's for the babies. >> what can be greater than a king, a hero? >> i'm cool right now. it's gonna last a couple more years and then it will probably be not so cool.
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>> actually jason is pretty cool to his extended family too. >> you had this really cool family day with your nephews and they had all the aquaman props. do you take something from every set? >> yeah. i'm a natural born thief for sure. so when i'm on set, i definitely got sticking fingers. already got one of those. >> jason's mom in the movie is nicole kidman. >> a new king will come. >> and at the film's premiere we got to see her as a mom in real life. >> are you bringing your girls to see it and have you already seen it? >> they're sitting in there eating popcorn waiting for me to come in and i have all the kids from the "big little lies" here tonight. >> and they all got to see nicole as a mother not to mess with. >> i wonder what's a bad ass move you got from your mama in real life. >> i think my brain. she's way smarter than me, but she gave me some of that. >> ha ha ha show off. oh, no ma'am. you're a b-o-s-s, boss.
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nicole kidman plays walkman's mom, but that's not the only transformation you'll see nicole make on the big screen. we talk about that, but first we talked about the holidays and wait until you hear how her and keith's daughters, 10-year-old sunday rose and 7-year-old faith want to celebrate. >> do you have any holiday traditions in your house that you do with the family? >> my daughters are really into bingo right now. so we have names for like the keith kringle jackpot, the nicole noel. >> that's not bad. >> christmas at the kidman/urban house sounds fabulous to us. but while nicole and the fam are playing bingo, fans of the aussie beauty will get to see her startling transformation in her new movie "destroyer." >> i lied. i stole and worse. >> what did it take to transform into erin? what all did you have to do? >> we did some make up tests and then we just kind of -- we did one at my house which was fantastic because when you do -- when it becomes in your home and you just kind of -- it's very gritty. >> what did the kids think of
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the transformation when they saw you? >> they were a bit scared. >> nicole earned a golden globe nomination for her role as an undercover cop in the dark crime drama, not a bad christmas gift. >> where were you when you got the golden glob nomination news? >> i had just touched down from australia. i had landed here in los angeles and turned my phone on and it was like ping ping ping ping just such a beautiful way to sort of receive that information. >> the good news is coming for that lady. >> meanwhile movies took a back seat for some real life holiday cheer for john cena and his "bumblebee" co-star hailee steinfeld. last night the duo joined some make a wish families to light up the empire state building. >> john is the first celebrity to grant over 500 wishes for the make a wish foundation and it's something lauren zima recently asked him about. >> the only reason the number itself is important is because when you reach an accolade like
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that people like you take notice which raises awareness for the charity. >> john helped 20 make a wish families light the empire state building in bumblebee colors. cena's known to clear his schedule to spend this kind of extra time with those in need. >> is there one story that sticks out in your mind over the years, one family? >> oh every single one. i can't tell you how much it's taught me about life. >> run! >> no, don't run. do not run! she ran. >> his movie's also giving back to the fans. the "bumblebee" reviews are in and they're overwhelmingly glowing. 94% positive on rotten tomatoes. >> it's always quite rewarding when you get a positive reaction. >> his newly 22-year-old co-star is certainly attracting younger audiences. >> you are the first female leads ever in the transformer's franchise. >> no big deal. >> yeah, girl. >> my character charlie is a total bad ass.
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she is a mechanic. >> bumblebee's origin story takes place in 1987, 20 years before the events of the first transformer's film and nine years before hailee was even born. she told us 41-year-old john kept her on her toes, even when cameras weren't rolling. >> he was always incredibly prepared which was -- well, me on the other hand i needed a little help in that department, but yeah, he was great. >> when big guys chase you around for a living, you tend to be prepared. coming up -- >> you have the friend who makes you laugh until you pee. >> jlo with her bestie leah remini. >> i hope she's dumb. >> then christian bale's incredible transformation as dick cheney. then inside james corden's most star studded karaoke ever.
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>> happy christmas everybody. but first, regina king's getling oscar buzz for her new drama "if beale street could talk." she says the role chose her. she just had faith. >> i've really trusted the universe. i really do and i really try to listen to that inner voice -- you know, sometimes that voice inside, it tells you no. well, i didn't listen. i usually try to listen to it. >> kiki layne makes her future film debut. her life's turned upside down when her fiance is accused of a crime he didn't commit. she was on her way to help a friend audition for the movie
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a lot of awards buzz for "roma. >>
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this is a fight. not to the finish.
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but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. i got beaten to within an inch of my life for no reason. >> steve carell gets serious in "welcome to march when" which opened today. it's about a man who creates a world out of dolls to help him heal. steve told us where he goes for comfort. >> my wife and kids for sure. when people talk about their happy places that's home and family for me. >> what did you have call steve again? >> he was a silver fox. >> and a snacky treat. >> he's pretty snacky.
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steve carell has two big movies this holiday season. "vice" opens on christmas day and it has some pretty amazing transformations in it. >> are you even more ruthless than you used to be? >> that's steve as defense secretary donald rumsfeld. >> i watched it happen firsthand and it's an interesting process to witness. >> we can make this work. >> hot damn. >> sam rockwell plays president bush with christian bale as his vice president, dick cheney, after four hours in make up. >> it was a long process. it's not like bang we just got it, but there was a wonderful team. >> amy adams is lynne who married cheney in 1964. >> when you have power people always try to take it from you. >> he had the lion share of the hair and make up and as a woman, i'm always happy to see a man have a longer time in hair and make up than me. >> yeah, right. i like that. another film out christmas day "on the basis of sex" stars felicity jones in an historic role. >> what did you say your name was? >> ruth bader ginsburg. >> has she seen the film? >> yes. >> what did she say? >> she hated it.
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no, i mean, she loved it. >> jones plays ginsburg as a young lawyer fighting for women's rights. >> she was really touched and she was commenting that no one would could have done her as much of a service as felicity did and that she feels like felicity really killed it. >> what does that compliment feel like? >> i know. >> another highlight for these actors, meeting the iconic supreme court justice at home. >> how did you get through that day? >> well, we were all so nervous. it was really intimidating at first. then we went in and met her and she was just charming, just very welcoming and couldn't take her eyes off armie. >> i'm sure. >> poor guy. still ahead dash zblash i think there's a little part of all of us that geek out about the royals. >> will ferrell's royal confession. then -- >> you always feel like do i belong here. >> jlo gets real about her
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insecurities. then -- >> i have a head for business and a bod for sin. >> "working girl" turns 30. our friday flashback. >> this is the first time i've been in bed with somebody in a movie. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ would you rather have jlo's butt or milo's butt? >> i think the girls would take mine, maybe the guys would take yours. >> king and queen of prom. >> the cast of "second act" played a fun "buzzfeed" game of who would you rather to promote their romantic comedy and only i was invited to join jlo and her bestie leah remini for a fun chat amongst us girls. >> you do it. >> y'all have been girlfriends for so long. do you remember the first time you met? >> it was one of those instant chemistry things right where you just feel like i have love this person. >> well, i was friends with marc anthony and then he started dating jennifer and he was doing
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a film "man on fire." i went to the premier hoping she was gonna be ugly in real life and then as i got closer i was like oh damn there's a lot of light right there and she looks really pretty. i even said that. i said damn, why are you so pretty? and i was like ugh hope she's dumb. missing a finger or something. i'm gonna find something and then i didn't. >> we fell in love right there. >> these ride or die friends definitely know how to have fun, especially promoting their rom-com together. there have been surprise screenings. >> really jennifer should be here. but she is here. >> and jlo has definitely brought her fashion game. 11 different looks in two days. our favorite, her massive hot pink gown. but with a hot cast like this, would you believe even jlo, leah, milo and vanessa hudgens insecurity sometimes? >> one of the themes is fake it til you make it. do you feel like your beginning in hollywood were, like, fake it
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til you make it? >> you always feel like do i belong here? am i an imposter? >> we always say it's only a matter of time til they figure out we're a bunch of frauds. >> it's a tough industry and if you don't have your armor on you can get knocked down easily. so you gotta suit up and get yourself out there and present yourself to the world the way you want the world to see you and soon enough you'll believe you are that person. >> another duo that can get a little slap happy? my favorite "step brothers" will ferrell and john c. riley. >> these two reunite in their christmas day comedy "holmes and watson" but they also just dropped a big clue about their next project, taking over my job. hello, everyone. this is will ferrell and i'm joined by mr. john c. reilly. kevin frazier should be here. i guess he's got bigger fish to fry. thanks, kevin, won't ever forget it. these are the questions i've always wanted to ask you. we've done a ton of movies together. how are we not sick of each other yet? >> i think because we genuinely
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like each other and we're careful not to outstay our welcome with each other. >> we both have demonstrative signals to each other like i've had enough. >> i can't even with you right now. okay. when you see this face, just turn around. >> will, can i go tit for tat and i ask you a question? >> what is the one question you have always wanted to ask me? >> oh, do you fancy yourself a sportsman at all? >> well, thank you for that question. that is a great answer. i just want to know what the question was. >> oh. >> so let's talk about this movies "holmes and watson." ♪ the boys are back in town why should people go see our movie? >> because it's ridiculous. >> what have you done with sherlock? >> why, watson, i never left. >> amazing. >> if you like sherlock holmes, we make all kinds of jokes about the stuff that is in sherlock holmes stories. if you don't know sherlock holmes or you don't like him,
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there is plenty there. >> your majesty, would you mind if we had a picture together? >> who's going to take the photograph? >> i will take it. hey girl, peace sign up. >> we're solving a royal family murder mystery in this movie. >> a murder in buckingham palace. >> do you personally geek out about the royal family in real life? >> i think there's a little part of all of us that geek out about the royals. to sneak into the queen's bedroom and put on some of her jewels and walk around in a negligee, right? sneak through the hallways. ah my word. >> did he say he walked around in the queen's lingerie? >> i did see him. can we talk about one of my favorite rom-coms of all time? "working girl." it just turned 30. i know, wrap your head around it 30, and we're celebrating the
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movie milestone with one epic friday flashback. ♪ let the river run >> well, i hope that this can be like the old fashioned feeling of going to the movies and having a great time and feeling like it's changed you a little bit. >> melanie was a secretary from staten island who worked for a wall street firm. she ends up a corporate star when filling in for her boss sigourney weaver and also finds romance with sigourney's man harrison ford. >> i have a head for business and a bod for sin. >> i think this is the first time i've been in bed with somebody in a movie. >> i don't think my career depends on me being thought of as a sex symbol. >> mr. and mrs. fabulously happy. >> sigourney told us harrison believed the movie was a kind of fairytale about a love triangle. >> he had a very strong idea of what this film was about. he thought it was about cinderella and the handsome prince and the ugly step sister and you can guess which part i played. i thought it was the
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misunderstood ugly step sister, but -- >> the movie also featured a young alec baldwin as melanie's hometown boyfriend. >> you look different. >> "working girl" was nominated for six oscars including a best actress nod to melanie. she lost out to jodi foster for "the accused" but told us the movie was a once in a lifetime experience. >> it was just one of those i'll probably never have a time like this ever again in my life. it's really special. >> why do you think that movie still resonates with so many people? >> cause it's a good movie. i watched it again. i was very pleased to see how well it holds up. >> the only thing i took from that is harrison ford still watches "working girl." the film is timeless. in fact melanie's daughter dakota johnson paid tribute to her mom's iconic role in "50 shades darker." >> i expect you to call me anna. i don't expect you to fetch me coffee -- >> unless you're getting some for yourself and the rest we'll
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>> make up as we go. >> i love that. like mama like daughter. coming up -- >> james corden's last joyride of the year. how he ended carpool karoake on a high note. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: in one hour the u-s government will partially shut down. what it will take to reach a deal to end the stalemate....and how long that could take. the stock market ends a brutal week on wall fears of a recession grow. a local economic expert tells us how it could all be turned around. plus...the holiday getaway is on....and it's the busiest day of the season for airports. the delays for travelers are facing i'm justine waldman i'm ken wayne. the news -- at eight -- is next. (justine) sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice
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we've run out of time. we have one more thing for you to check out before we go. >> have a great weekend everybody. happy holidays. >> james corden gave fans the last carpool karaoke of 2018 an all star holiday mash up of "baby please come home." ♪ please ♪ please ♪ come home ♪
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without a compromise on the border wall ... guaranteeing the third federal government shutdown of the year.(ken)good evening i'm ken wayne. (justine) i'm justine waldman. pam moore is off tonight. despite negotiations over the last 48 hours...congress remains at an impasse(ken) in a twitter video late tonight... trump said "we're going to have a shutdown" and there's nothing we can do about that because we need the democrats to give us the votes."(justine)trump says to "call it a democratic shutdown, call it whatever you want" while also saying lawmakers need to work on a bipartisan basis.nine of 15 cabinet-level departments and dozens of temporarily lose funding, including the departments security, transportation, agriculture, state and justice, as parks and forests.karen caifa is washington, d=c with the latest on president trump's fight for a border wall. after a dramatic day, the senate adjourned friday night -- without a deal to avert a government shutdown --but an agreement to keep working.sen. mitch mcconnell / (r)


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