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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  December 24, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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(anchors) now lets get a closer look at the conditions in tahoe with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is then expected into the weekend.
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(grant) also tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right
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now. (vicki) the 18th annual lefty's o'doul's last minute toy drive is going on right now at it's new location. kron 4's sara stinson shows us how this drive brings out the holiday spirit of giving in san franciscans. "i'm here at the new lefty's o'doul's it's moved to the fisherman's warf. during the process of moving to a new location their annual toy drive had to stop for a year. it's back up and running.. people here who have been doing this for years say they're trying to bring back the old christmas spirit."nat music: i wanna wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heart.""there are 12-thousand kids who could wake up with out a present, we're not going to let that happen right?"for 18 year's the lefty's o'doul's last minute toy drive has worked hard to make sure kids wake up witha present - it's tradition for many people like willie brown."to watch people come by, drop off a gift, get coffee, chat, sing and interact with eachother."" we
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need another bucket!"each toy gets dropped off by firefighters and others in neighborhoods in the city where many kids might not otherwise see a present under the tree.which mayor london breed says was the reality for her while growing up in the western addition area."i remember every year how i would look forward to getting those toys. it's incredible so we need to make sure that every kid in san francisco wakes up to something on christmas day."last year lefty's o'doul's was relocating and the toy drive suffered."it's sad when you can only give a kid one gift." but it's back and better than ever."we are going to put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces."you can either drive up and drop off a present - or you can stop inside and sing some christmas carols like me and really get into the holiday spirit.( nats)"i came and donated a present i was singing with everyone and i felt really happy."you have
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until ten tonight to come by and drop off a present - they will be making rounds and dropping off the presents all day. so come on down to jefferson street - 145 jefferson. in san francisco, sara stinson kron four news. (vicki) coming up... kevin spacey breaks his silence in an odd christmas eve video. what the actor is now saying about the sexual assault allegations against him. (grant) and next... rudolph might be on santa's naughty list after being caught on camera breaking into a business.
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take a look at this... one person in colorado certainly made it onto santa's naughty list. authorities in fort collins say they are looking for a burglar dressed in a "rudolph" costume. the woman, whose disguise was complete with - what else? - a red nose, allegedly broke inside a local business and stole numerous items early last week. the brazen crime was caught on surveillance camera ... you can even see her face when she briefly removed her costume. in a facebook post, police called the suspect "rudolph the red nosed criminal."
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(vicki) still ahead... penniless in an unfamiliar city. thousands of migrants remain at the u-s mexico border this christmas. we'll have the latest on their future-- after the break.
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(vicki) thousands of migrants at the southern border of the u.s. are spending this christmas eve with an uncertain future. (grant) it comes as a group of migrants dropped off at a bus station in el paso, texas last night raises new
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questions about what comes next. kristen holmes explains. penniless in an unfamiliar city-- just days before christmasthat's how more than 200 undocumented immigrants found themselves after immigration and customs enforcement dropped them off at a greyhound bus station in el paso texas sunday evening. carlos / migrant: "it worries us because we're not in our country, we don't know where we are. but we have faith in god that that everything will turn out well."according to el paso police--- the group includes families and children-- many left standing in the cold outside the small bus stop.roberto/migrant: "there's a lot of us. we have to stick together and see what happens."while authorities work on plans to relocate the group-- el paso residents are stepping in to help--joseph gainor/volunteer: "i brought some water bottles, some granola bars, some fruit snacks for the kids."several
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of the migrants saying they hadn't eaten and had no money to call their families or buy a bus ticket homejoseph gainor/ volunteer: "these folks don't have anything. these are the least, they're the last of us, and someone needs to do something about it."ice has not responded to requests for comment.i'm kristen holmes reporting. (vicki) actor kevin spacey broke his silence in a strange new video posted today... and it coincides with news that he faces a felony charge from a sex assault claim in 2016. the video, with the title "let me be frank," appears to bring his house of cards character, frank underwood, back to life --a character killed off in the latest season because of the allegations against spacey. take a listen. (vicki) listen.
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(vicki) it was revealed today
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that spacey is facing a felony charge, accused of sexually assaulting a teen at a nantucket bar in july 2016. his arraignment is set for january 7th. if you want to see the entire three-minute video, it's posted on our website at kron-4 dot com. (grant) lebron james has apologized for posting offensive song lyrics on social media over the weekend. james posted an instagram story with a caption quoting lyrics by hip-hop artist 21 savage." it read quote: "we been getting that jewish money, everything is kosher." james, who has more than 45 million instagram followers, told e-s-p-n quote "apologies, for sure, if i offended anyone." he added that it wasn't his intention to offend anyone. (anchor) taking a live look outside... at the san mateo bridge.(anchor) time now to check on our weather...
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with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is then expected into the weekend.
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(grant) next on kron4 news at 5... some officers in the east bay are helping a family in need this christmas. we'll tell you about their good deed in a story you will only see on kron 4.
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that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. (grant) police in the
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east bay are spreading some holiday cheer. (vicki) they brought in much needed gifts to families in antioch who could use a helping hand. kron4's michelle kingston has the story you will only see on kron4. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"the family tells me they were absolutely shocked when antioch police showed up to their house on saturday. antioch police tell me this is the second year that they've donated and given back to families in need and they say every year it gets better and better."áánats from videoááopening gifts a few days early ... denise cantrell and her daughter were surprised to find officers parked out front of their home in a giant furniture truck just days before christmas.
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denise cantrell, antioch"i was in shock and i'm still in shock"denise is involved in a lot of community service work in antioch ... planting flowers for veterans day and cleaning up the streets ... and now the city she loves ... recognizing her for all she does and all she needs -- her daughter has been sleeping on a couch ... her bed broken and old -- officers delivering new beds, mattresses and comforters for both of them and gifts for under their tree. denise cantrell, antioch"i didn't expect anything. i do what i do because that is how i am, that's who i am."antioch police delivered gifts to nine families this holiday season -- raising money through fundraising and receiving donations from local businesses.ofc. price kendall, antioch police dept"we do care about the community. so many of our officers are from anitoch, live in antioch and do things in and around antioch. we want the community to know that we are not just here to write you a ticket or show up on a bad day, but we are also there for support because it takes a whole
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community to make antioch the best place that it can be and we are here to just support and try to bless as many people as we can."in antioch michelle kingston kron 4 news (vicki) and up next on kron 4 news at 6 we are going live to what could possibly be the last raiders game in the oakland stadium. we speak with fans about if they will follow the team... and hear from representitives in oakland who say there is still a chance for a 2019 season right here in oakland.(grant) plus traveling on this christmas eve is a wet one. we take a look at the conditions for those last minute travelers and are tracking flight delays and cancellations for you. stay with us kron 4 news at six starts in just two and a half minutes.
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(vicki) it's christmas eve and whether you are heading to grandma's house out of the country for vacation or to work you are gonna see some rain today. we are looking at the roads from around the bay area and they are wet and foggy... you can still see some drops on the camera from showers throughout the day. good evening... i'm vicki liviakis.(grant) and i'm grant lodes. pam and ken have the night off. roads are definitely a major concern today... but we are also checking in on a live look at the san francisco international airport where last minute holiday travelers
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are trying to get to their destinations. ablib.... and for more on the conditions there and any potential delays or cancellations lets send things over to chief meterologist lawrence karnow who is tracking this storm right now. lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is then expected into the weekend. (grant) (grant)


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