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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 24, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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(grant) a big storm rolls through... dousing the bay area with rain... making for a wet christmas eve...(grant) thanks for joining us, im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki liviakis... ken and pam have the night off.... it was wet, windy and foggy for much of the day... and the rain causing slick roads across the bay area... (grant) we have team coverage tonight as we track this latest storm... kron4's alecia reid is live along the embarcadero with a look at driving conditions in the area...(vicki) but first we start with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence-- how long is the wet weather sticking around? lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some
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thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is then expected into the weekend. weekend.
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(grant) we continue our team coverage tonight as we track this latest storm hitting the bay area... kron 4's alecia reid is live along san francisco's embarcadero tonight with a look at conditions there. alecia? we got a good pounding earlier. and some folks are enjoying the wet weather.pkgumbrellas
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were a necessity on christmas eve ...i bought this jacket today because of the raineven with a steady downpour, some folks opted to go without cover.are you enjoying the rain? yes we're enjoying it a lotit did ease up a bit.we were gonna go to the beach today and then we didn't so ... so although it wasn't beach weather ... it was still fine to be outdoors.we're hanging out. we went to the exploratorium and now enjoying the scenery ... we gave in to itlots of families seem to have christmas eve plans. and didn't let the rain dampen their mood.we thought of going to the zoo and we arrived at 10am thinking it would not rain, but it did as soon as we got to the zoo. so this is plan b and it works because everything works in san franciscomore rain is expected throughout the night, so people are being urged to drive carefully on the wet raodways.we didn't know it would be pouring like it was. and actually a lady just crashed because of the rain. standupmore rain is expected later tonight.but the great news is that it'll be nice and sunny on christmas day.
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reportning live from san francisco .... ar ... kron 4 news. (grant) you can (grant) news. (grant) you can track the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 app. we have full forecasts .... interactive radar.. and rainfall totals around the bay area. just download the kron-4 mobile app (vicki) happening now... fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly blaze in san francisco.
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it happened early this morning at a three story home on clay street-- in the city's laurel heights neighborhood. fire officials say a man and a woman living in the house were trapped in a top-floor bedroom. the man was killed and the woman was critically injured. a firefighter was also injured when entering the burning home-- but is expected to be okay. investigators have not yet found the cause. (vicki)this could be it for the raiders in oakland. they're playing their last home game of the season tonight and it might be their final home game ever in oakland.. kron4's dan thorn is live at the coliseum tonight with reaction from tailgating fans...dan? the game is still going strong right now..and earlier tonight fans seemed to be making the best of their team heading out of oakland..the atmosphere was like any other gameday but of course this is not like any
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other game day.. raider nation does have it's members who are sad to see them leave. in the meantime, diehard fans were clad in their favorite silver and black..enjoying music, dancing and grilling food. many of them understand this is probably the end of the raiders in oakland..but they want the legacy of the team's history in this city to remain..
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(grant) the raiders are still in limbo when it comes to where they'll be playing next season. the once unthinkable is now a probability in the wake of the city suing the team, prompting the raiders to opt of next year's coliseum lease. they're looking at various options including a-t-&-t park, levi's stadium, reno, san diego, maybe as far away as wimbley stadium in london. the city of london. the city of oakland filed a lawsuit against the raiders, claiming - among other things - breach of contract and a violation of anti-trust laws. oakland city council member
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rebecca kaplan says the áoffer to play at the oakland coliseum is still on the table, but for that to happen, you'd have to convince team owner mark davis. ..... (grant) davis has said that all options are now on the table in terms of where the raiders might end up playing next year, and councilmember kaplan says that they should consider the oakland coliseum as well. (grant) happening now... a lot of people tend to over-extend their bank account during the holidays. but there's a chance to make up
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for all that spending. (vicki) tomorrow's mega millions jackpot now stands at 320 million dollars... and itll be extra special for the winner since it's on christmas... kron4's michelle kingston is live in alameda county...where people are hoping santa brings them the cash, michelle? michelleit could be a green christmas for one lucky lottery winner ...there's never been a winner on christmas -- but that could all change tomorrow night. (mk)"do you think you'll win? i hope so!"better watch out -- santa claus could be bringing you millions of dollars this christmas -- but only if you get your mega millions ticket before it's too late!alberto carillo bought dozens of tickets on monday for his familyalberto carillo sr., san jose"i am going to give them some lottery tickets and wish them lots of luck!"lottery tickets make a good last minute stocking stuffer -- and it seems many people in san jose were out buying them on monday in the rain ... a lot of people flocking to ernie's liquor store -- now known as a
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lucky store -- after selling a winning mega millions ticket earlier this year.the jackpot now sits at 321-million dollars with a cash option of 193-point-seven million. there's never been a winner on christmas -- but people are hoping that changes real soon. don ieto, san jose"do you know there's never been a winner on christmas? uh, that could change! that could change, that could be you!""i hope to be the lucky one!"if someone wins on christmas -- it will be the fifth largest jackpot won this one has picked all six winning numbers since october -- when the record 1.5 billion dollars was won in south carolina -- the winner has yet to claim it. back in san jose -- players tell me what they'll do if they win ..."buy a house and give to those who need some." "maybe it's my turn!" the mega millions isn't the only big jack pot ... powerball is at 294-million dollars in livermore michelle kingston kron 4 news
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coming up at eight... rain in the bay means snow in the sierra.... a whole lot of it and it's causing some problems on the roads... what you need to look out for if you're heading up to the mountains for the holidays... plus... find out how the community of paradise is working together to make sure fire victims are able to have a special christmas... and up next... a not so merry christmas as preisdent trump and democrats refuse to budge on government shutdown... details on president trumps latest tweet storm this holiday season... i'm kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break. ♪
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whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else. lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. the federal government is
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in the third day of a partial shutdown today--with lawmakers home for the holidays and the threat of political paralysis stretching well into the new year and the next congress. (grant) nearly a million federal employees are impacted by the shutdown -- some, including t-s-a and border patrol agents, forced to work without pay... from our parnter's at c-n-n reporter abby phllips reports on president trump's latest twitter storm... pres. trump/ friday:"we're going to have a shutdown, there's nothing we can do about that."with the government shut down around him president trump has spent most of christmas eve on his phone and áaloneá at the
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white house -- the first president to spend the holidays in washington since bill and hillary clinton-- 18 years ago.the president hasn't been seen anywhere for three days -- except on twitter, where he has been making grievance the reason for the season...tweeting..."i am all alone (poor me) in the white house waiting for the democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed border security....that message coming minutes before first lady melania trump was seen departing floridto return to the white house early because of the shutdown. trump's demand for border wall funding -- has even prompted some republicans to question whether the fight is all for show.sen. bob corker/ (r) tennessee:"this is a made-up fight so that the president can look like he's fighting. but even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure. it's a spectacle and, candidly, it's juvenile. the whole thing is juvenile." amid a government shutdown, stock market crumbling and turnover in his administration, the president is growing increasingly angry and isolated, according to the new york times--taking little pleasure in his job as leader of the free world, spending less time with old friends,
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and telling the ones he does speak to that he feels "totally and completely abandoned," the paper reports. with congress gone until thursday... hope seems slim that a compromise will be reached soon to reopen the government.mick mulvaney/ incoming acting white house chief of staff:"i think it's very possible that the shutdown will be on the 28th and into the new congress." even as the incoming acting chief of staff he acknowledged that trump's fight for a taxpayer funded wall isn't exactly what he campaigned on. mick mulvaney/ incoming acting white house chief of staff: "none of that is mexico paying for the wall. technically you and i both know it can't work exactly like that. i can't spend any money at the office of management and budget, the department of homeland security can't actually spend money from mexico. we have to get it from the treasury." (grant) thousands of migrants at the southern border of the u.s. are spending this christmas eve with an uncertain future. ice dropped off more than 200
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undocumented immigrants at a bus station in el paso, texas sunday evening - many of them left standing outside in the cold. until they're relocated, el paso residents are stepping in to help by bringing them food and water. as for the migrant children housed in shelters... the non-profit 'southwest key programs' says every child staying in its shelters will receive a gift -- and be treated to a 'carnival-style' celebration. (vicki) back here in northern california... people affected by the butte county wildfire gathered today in paradise for the town's first large-scale community event since the camp fire. kron4's ashley zavala shows us how a handful of churches came together to put on a special christmas eve service. ((nats))singing, crying, and messages of eve mass in paradise served as an emotional "welcome home" for camp fire survivors.((tim bolin - paradise alliance church)) "we're bringing hope to paradise. we can rebuild, and we can do this together."
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several pastors from across demoninations and churches put together the program at the paradise alliance church... each pugh packed with people. ((randy waring - paradise church community member)) "it's the first real, getting back together on the ridge. we don't live on the ridge but we worship on the ridge, our church community was on the ridge and our church burned. so we're really glad cma church had this."80 religious volunteers from across the country helped out.. including well-known evangelist franklin graham.(franklin graham)) "i couldn't think of any place i'd rather be, than to be worshipping with the people of paradise."fire survivors who came to the service also got a few christmas presents including 50 dollar gift cards ((bolin)) "we had meals donated from panera bread, and mike lindell sent 10,000 mypillows. chico state made stockings for the kids and filled it with toys."((nats)) survivors at the service say the highlight was at the end.. when hundreds gathered with glow sticks, singing silent night."we need this kind of stuff up here in paradise."
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((randy)) "it's nice to hear people talk about the hope that people have seeing this community spring back up from the ashes." (grant) if you have plans this new year's eve and you're worried about driving, bart is extending service that night. the special schedule begins at 8 p-m december 31st and trains will run until 3 a- m. there will be extra trains following the new year's eve fireworks show, and officials say some trains coming into and out of san francisco will skip certain stops to minimize platform crowding. rides aren't free so be sure your clipper cards have enough money for the evening. for
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more information on bart's special schedule, head over to our website at kron 4 dot com. (vicki) wet and windy conditions across the bay area as we take this live look outside at s-f-o.(grant) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is then expected into the weekend. ahead at 8... the search is on tonight for a thief on
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tonight for the search is ahead at 8...
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ahead at 8... the search is on tonight for a thief disguised as rudolph breaks into a business.... hear what police are calling the criminal.... and up next...stocks plunge during short christmas eve trading session.... hear what experts say may be the cause...
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(vicki) 4 your money tonight... the dow and the s- and-p 500 marked their biggest christmas eve declines ever today...(grant) and that's not a good sign as we are getting closer to the end of the year... but as alison kosik reports-- much of the ups and downs with stock markets downs with stock markets today... could be traced back to moves made by those in the white house. the trump administration's attempts to calm the stock market, backfired.. making a holiday shortened trading day, anything but sweet.-a tweet from president trump during the trading session, blaming the market meltdown on the federal reserve, accelerated the selloff during the 4 hour trading session.-the dow plunge comes after a weekend report that trump questioned if he has legal authority to fire fed chief jay powell. trumps treasury secretary steve mnuchin later tweeted that his boss wasn't planning to fire powell.-but it was
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mnuchin's calls to six of the country's biggest bank ceo's that unnerved investors.-the ceo's later said the calls came out of left field and were puzzling and largely unnecessary.-out of those calls came a treasury dept. statement saying banks have ample liquidity for lending to american households and businesses.-investors were left trying to wrap their heads around why at this time, the liquidity announcement was made.-and though it is normal for a the head of the treasury to exchange ideas and talk with bank executives, the timing. of the calls . days before christmas, during a government shutdown and while mnuchin was on vacation.. the timing, is not siting well with investors and raising the question of whether the treasury dept. sees something brewing in the economy that the market is missing.from the nyse, i'm alison kosik. coming up at eight... the death toll in indonesia continues to rise after a massive tsunami slammed the area over the weekend... why
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emergency officals fear another tsunami may be triggered... plus... certain sports may help you live a longer life... we'll tell you the top four activies that can give you a longer life expectancy and up next... it just got a lot harder for people trying to rent a home in south lake tahoe for the holidays.... details on the restraining order a judge just passed... ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the holiday storm storm is hitting
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th bayarea and that means snow in the sierra as we take this live look outside at donner pass... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low
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coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is then expected into the weekend.
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(grant) it was a tough drive for those heading up to the sierra... snow at the higher elevation caused headaches for drivers... as reporter lonnie wong explains there delays and even parts of interstate 80 had to close because of the conditions... for those headed through the mountains on interstate 80 today, it was rough going. visibility was poor on stretches as a steady rain fell through mid-day. brenda barajas joined many who braved the weather to reach holiday destinationsshe wanted a special white christmas for a group of family and friends. further up the road there
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was reason enough to change her mind. chain controls were in effect. . .a messy necessary evil. caltrans weren't letting anyone through without chains, unless you had four wheel drive. then i-80 was shut down just before noon because of heavy snow and multiple spinouts. traffic was frozen for up to three milesand chain controls caused a bottle neck eve after the road was reopened. conditions like this can cause accidents even when you think you're prepared. add to that holday traffic and you have to expect delays. (grant) you can track the you can (grant)
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(grant) you can track the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 app. we have full forecasts .... interactive radar.. and rainfall totals around the bay area. just download the kron-4 mobile app (vicki) a judge has temporarily blocked the enforcement of new restrictions on short-term vacation home rentals in south lake tahoe. a temporary restraining order was issued today-- and it prevents enforcement of the voter- approved measure for 30 days. the measure puts restrictions on the number of people who can stay in rental homes. it technically took effect last thursday. the ruling comes after local property owners filed a lawsuit saying the rules were unconstitutional. they also said it would wreac havoc with out-of-town families who plan to spend the holidays in south lake. voters narrowly approved the measure in november. (grant) in world news tonight.... the death toll in
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indonesia continues to rise after a massive tsunami hit the area saturday night.... more than 370 people have died... and more than 800 people are injured and at least two dozen others are áástill missing. reporter melisa raney explains how humanitarian workers are on the ground providing assistance as crews search for those unaccounted for. a desparate search for survivors --nat - shouting people left digging though the rubble after a tsunami hit the coastline of west java and sumatra, indonesia on saturday. the tsunami struck without warning --people ran for their lives as a towering wall of water slammed the pandeglang district ...destroying more than 500 homes and severely damaging hotels and restaurants.the waves caused a stage to collapse during a band's performance --ifan / seventeen lead singer: "our bass player ... and our manager ... passed away..." several of the band's other members are still missing .
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authorities typically have time to warn of imminent tsunamis ...the head of indonesia's national disaster mitigation agnency said there was no warning saturday night. tsunami's typically follow an earthquake --but experts believe this tsunami was triggered by underwater landslides caused by the eruption of a nearby volcano. now, teams of aid workers are on the ground ...helping in the cleanup effort and sifting through the debris -- hoping to find more survivors.i'm melisa raney reporting. (vicki) and as that same volcano continues to erupt, so does the possibility that it could trigger another powerful tsunami... this is according to the head of public relations at indonesia's national disaster mitigation agency... officials are warning people in the area to remain cautious and ready... as they are looking at whether there is a chance of another tsunami, following saturday's tsunami in the sunda strait... agencies are still continuing to analyze the root cause to why and how the tsunami happened. still ahead at 8... it takes a village to impress some people during the holiday
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season. but one couple's holiday decorating goes above and beyond and it took them over three months to build... plus... a car slams into a restaurant with people inside... and the incident was all caught on camera... we'll show you the moment it crashed into the building trapping people inside... and up next a teenager killed in a deadly shooting... details on what lead up to the gunfire...
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(grant) a 17-year-old killed in a deadly shooting in vacaville... and tonight a man has been charged with
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murder....(vicki) the 39 year old suspect was booked into the solano county jail. reporter pedro rivera shares the details on what led to the deadly gunfire... vacaville police say early monday morning, just after midnight, 39 year old diagnet montoya was sitting in his vehicle when he was approached by a group of 5 people. thats when some kind of argument began at some point, montoya left the argument and went into his apartment to retrieve his gun...the verbal match continued. a short time later, someone in the group threw a bottle towards montoya and thats police say when the 39 year old fired a single shot as for montoya, he has been
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booked into the solano county jail on murder police continued throughout the morning to gather evidence, neighbors say they are now thinking of a family dealing with a tragedy during whats supposed to be a joyous day in vacaville pedro rivera next at 8... nba star lebron james apologizing tonight for what he posted on twitter... what he tweeted that stirred up a social media constroversy... and coming up in sports, in what could be the final game at the coliseum, the raiders... give the fans a show. highlights ahead from oakland.
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(vicki) two people were injured after a driver smashes his car through a restaurant... it happened in northwest miami-dade over the weekend... witnesses say the driver stepped on the wrong pedal. reporter franklin white has video of the moment the crash happened. surveillance video sent to just one station shows the moment an suv came crashing through the window of a northwest miami-dade restaurant.jorge garcia/restaurant employee: "like a bomb. boom!"watch again as the video shows the car slam into the business while customers are eating.the impact even trapping a worker behind the counter.shortly after customers are seen
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rushing to her rescue. miami-dade fire rescue tells 7- news the driver of this s-u-v drove into building located on northwest 24th street and 27th avenue... leaving multiple people hurt.denis carballo/witness: "when the car entered the business, the impact caused everything in the business to move, including the main counter, coolers, and somehow everyone felt the impact. the crash shocked everyone inside."one victim rushed to jmh with unknown injuries.the driver-- also hurt-- seen here sitting on the curb before he was transported too.on the outside thousands of dollars worth of damage and on the inside shattered glass, mangled metal, equipment and debris scattered everywhere.denis carballo/witness: "there is damage to the main counter, broken beers, coolers, plumbing and damaged coffee machines. absolutely everything is damaged in this cafeteria."now as the victims recover, folks at the restaurant are hoping their business recover too.jorge garcia/restaurant employee: "were going to be closed for a while because, i mean, its going to take a while to fix all these things up and put it back again to work."
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(vicki) the driver reportedly stepped on the wrong pedal... causing the s-u-v to drive into the restaurant. no word on if he will face any charges. (grant) one person in colorado certainly made it onto santa's naughty list. police in fort collins say they are looking for a burglar dressed in a "rudolph" costume. the woman, whose disguise was complete with - a red nose, allegedly broke inside a local business and stole numerous items early last week. and the brazen crime was caught on surveillance camera ... you can even see her face when she briefly removed her costume. police called the suspect "rudolph the red nosed criminal." (vicki) as 20-18 winds down, it's time to start setting those new year's
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resolutions... and if you needed another reason to put fitness at the top of your list... here's one: longer life expectancy. reporter andy rose has more in today's health minute. a new observational study published in the journal mayo clinic proceedings set out to evaluate how participating in different sports could add more years to your life.the study followed more than 8- thousand people who engaged in various leisure activities between 1991 and 2017.the results?the participants who played tennis lived on average... 9.7 years longer! soccer was also associated with a longer life.. 4.7 years longer..cyclists tended to live 3.7 years longerswimmers and joggers lived more than 3 years longerand regular health club activities... 1.5 years longer.a study published earlier this year also found that adequate exercise played an important role in living a
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longer life, but added factors like genetics and a healthy diet were also vital. and in a surprising finding, a study published in the 'journal of the american medical association' found that a sedentary lifestyle could be just as harmful to your health as smoking, diabetes and even heart disease.i'm andy rose reporting. (grant) lebron james has apologized for posting offensive song lyrics on social media over the weekend. james posted an instagram story with a caption quoting lyrics by hip-hop artist 21 savage." it read quote: "we been getting that jewish money, everything is kosher." james, who has more than 45 million instagram followers, told e-s-p-n quotei actually thought it was a compliment, and obviously it wasn't through the lens of a lot of people "apologies, for sure, if i offended anyone." raiders fans raiders fans didn't expect to be at this moment so soon.
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there's a high probability that tonight was the final game at the oakland coliseum... and if that is indeed the case, the silver and black put together a proper sendoff. --let's head out to oakland, the raiders...bound for vegas in 2020, who knows where they'll be next year. --but in the meantime, the blachole, showing up in full force --we go to the first quarter.. just a wild play... broncos with a long punt... that looks to be downed at the one, but it's a fair ball and dwayne harris picks it up and books it 99-yards to the end zone. touchdown raiders, 7-nothing. --later in the half-- the ground game getting to work.. doug martin...rumbli ng to the house...24-yard strike. raiders go into the break with a 17-nothing lead, their largest since week 12 of last year --midway through the 4th, denver made it within 10... and then case keenum is picked off by marcus
8:50 pm broncos territory. one of 2 keenum interceptions late. that just about does it, -what a way to say farewell if this is it... and derek carr makes sure to go out and give thanks to the fans. 27-14 raiders your final. turning now to the warriors-- we are nearly approaching what's become a christmas tradition, golden state and lebron at oracle. --warriors coming off an entertaining win last night... steph curry game winning layup against the clippers in a 42-point performance. now, they'll be seeing an old friend... lebron james, but this time he's with a new squad.. the lakers..who are 4th in the west, 2.5 back of the warriors.. draymond green...gets right to the point on this next holiday meeting with james. "i really don't give a damn about him being in a laker uniform, that really don't matter to me. that's the team he's on and that's who we face. obviously bron is bron, so they're gonna be tough. tougn match on christmas day but we're always looking forward to it as a challenge."
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(vicki) it's that time of year.....when people decorate their houses for the holiday season...(grant)2 shot and while some people go for the "less is more" look, some go that extra mile. but as reporter tracy carloss explains then there is this ohio couple, who takes it to a whole new level. two months of name given"dennis and i, together, both love christmas....."14 trains..dennis hoert/ohio resident"christmas is about family and sharing..."and 356 name given"not always the same every year." this is hoert family calls it áhollydays village at the hoert resortá..nat soundit started 12 years ago with 12 name given"12 to probably 60 then to 120 it's gone up to 356 houses."the great room of this middleburg heights home now transformed into an elaborate village of days gone by..there is a post office, clock tower, pizza
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shop, even a news 5 tower... a casino, a football field, and an airport...and check out their "ocean"... with real the heart of the village is family... names of loved ones on train cars, houses of family members and..... dennis hoert/ohio resident"the gondola car each has name of grandchild on each car."and the loved ones who have name given"if someone has passed in our family put their picture by it's house. everyone who has passed we recognize."the village is never the same twice.. it changes each time it goes up which is now every other year..and the hoert family opens their doors to share their christmas magic. dennis hoert/ohio resident "it's awesome, everyone is friendly can see the christmas spirit and joy." (vicki) pope francis celebrated a christmas eve mass at the vatican monday night.the pontiff held the mass in saint peter's basilica. the service came at the
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front end of a very busy season for the pope. on christmas day, he is set to deliver his traditional "urbi et orbi" address from the basilica's balcony. his schedule also includes vespers on new year's eve... and a separate mass on new year's day. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(vicki) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this christmas eve.coming up on kron 4 news at 9.wild wet weather pounded the bay area a fierce storm rolled through the region.our chief meterologist has your holiday forecast, and we are live in san francisco where drivers are still navigating wet roads it the end of an era?the raiders dominate the broncos in what could be the very last game at the coliseum in oakland. highlights, and reaction from raiders in a live report.keep it here...kron 4 news at nine is next.
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((grant/live))a live look at san francisco this christmas eve..a strong winter storm is moving through the region..creating a mess on the roads.and the rain is still falling in some parts tonight. ((grant))thanks for joining us at 9:00..i'm grant lodes. ((vicki))and i'm vicki
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liviakis.we saw it all today...pounding rain, fallen trees and flooded roads.but it appears the worst of it is now behind us.((grant triplebox)) team coverage tonight.kron 4's alecia reid is in san francisco where there were plenty of umbrellas tonight. but we begin with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...that was quite a storm lawrence? lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is then expected


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