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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 27, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PST

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temperatures dropping a touch today taking daytime highs down into the mid to upper 50's with clear and dry skies overhead. windy conditions will be seen through the course of the day with winds gusting as highs at 20-30 miles per hour through the day and into the evening. expect cooler than average daytime highs not just today but to take us through the next few days with evening lows dropping to freezing if not below for some inland areas. no major hot spots. bay bridge
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wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. ( darya )(ááá2 shotááá) breaking overnight ... an inmate escaped from san quentin last night ... and now authorities are out in full force looking for him. kron4's sara stinson is live at san quentin state prison in marin county with the latest. sara? the 24 year old inmate was reported missing during an institutional count last night around 9:30 and he's been
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missing ever since. mendoza walked away from the out grounds support facility last night. a search of the surrounding area confirmed that mendoza had escaped. the inmate has activated an emergency operations escape pursuit plan. mendoza is believed to have carjacked a silver toyota rav four after escaping at a home depot just one mile from the prison. here is the license plate number on your screen 6stz502. san rafael police believe it could
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have been mendoza because the description from the victim was extremely similar to the missing inmate.the suspect said he demanded the keys and threatened to kill them. mendoza is a hispanic man with short brown hair and brown eyes, he is 5-5 and weighs about 177 pounds. mendoza was incarcerated from los angeles county last year and was brought to san quentin in april of this year. he was serving a five year sentence for using a deadly weapon during a carjack attempt and attempting to evade an officer while driving recklessly.there are just over four thousand inmates at this prison. if you see the missing inmate or have any information call police immediately. live at san quentin, sara stinson, kron four news.### ( will ) thanks sara.
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( darya ) a developing story we are following this morning... a data breach at bevmo may have compromised thousands of customers' credit card information. the concord based company says that somebody planted a computer code on its online checkout page... and that may
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have allowed the hacker to steal the credit card numbers of more than 14-thousand people. this affects any customers who made an online purchase between august 2nd and september 26th. the hacker may have also gotten away with people's names... addresses and phone numbers. ( darya ) happening today ... the man charged with stabbing and killing 18-year nia wilson is back in court. 28-year-old john lee cowell is accused of killing wilson and injuring her 26-year-old sister back in july at the macarthur bart station. today a judge will review his case to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial. last week ... cowell's lawyer told a judge that he suffers from severe delusions and paranoia. he is eligible for the death penalty if convicted. ( will ) in another big story ... investigators are closing in on the gunman who killed an police officer in stanislaus county. we first brought you this story yesterday morning as breaking news. the manhunt continues ... after the suspects truck was discovered
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less than five miles from where officer ronil singh was shot and killed. kay recede has the latest on the shooting. newman police officer ronil singh had sworn to protect this communityand now the city grieves for him(jose 'jj' fernandes, friend)'thatús the saddest part, that he was working on christmas eve, working for the community, something like this happens.' jose 'jj' fernandes is a close a friend...he says he last saw officer singh on-duty on christmasthe new father was missing his wife and 5- month-old son.(jose)'one of the last things i told him was, doesnút matter what you buy your kid, itús how much time you spend with him.'hours later the stanislaus county sheriffús department reports officer singh had been gunned down at merced street and eucalyptus avenue in newman. many deputies knew him as a friend.(deputy raj singh, stanislaus county sheriffús department)'somebody you know and our county, even though it is a large county, we still know a lot of the law enforcement officers personally/ so it definitely takes a toll, an impact.' investigators say this
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unidentified man is suspected of killing the 7-year department veteran during a traffic stop.he was seen on surveillance cameras buying two packs of beer and some cigarettes from newman foods. fernandes says the suspected murderer looks familiar(jose) 'i remember him telling me, maybe iúm wrong, that heús from the bay and he visits people up here, thatús what i remember.'friends say officer singh truly loved his job... cared about the families he served... and was compassionate.(art chavez, newman)'all the officers here at newman are great but he stands out the most for me and my family.'with their hearts broken... loved ones now seek justice.(jose)'this guy was an officer, he has a baby boy, a family. the least the community could do for him now is find this guy. we owe him that much.' ( will ) a statewide manhunt is underway for the suspected shooter. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. ( darya ) a man and his son are alive this morning
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after escaping an apartment fire in san rafael ... by tying bed sheets together to climb down a window. the fire broke out yesterday morning at 120 larkspur street. this is cell phone video of the fire. it was contained within 20 minutes after firefighters arrived. one family lived on the second floor. the father saved his son and got out using bed sheets. other neighbors heard their smoke alarms and got out quickly as < "i was just nervous, i was able to cry but it just got okay, we're really sorry for the people who lost their things and we hope it gets better.">( darya ) the fire damaged multiple apartment units ... and the red cross is helping 4 displaced families.the san rafael fire department believes an unattended barbecue grill on the front cause of the fire. a second person has died following a fire at a three-story home in san francisco's presidio heights on monday morning. the fire broke out just before 1 a-m at the home on clay
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street. officials have identifeid the two people who died as 83-year-old michael hooker and 69-year-old connie hooker. connie hooker was taken to the hospital in critical condition after the fire... where she later died. the fire started on the second floor and quickly spread to the third. the cause is still under investigation. ( will ) a tragic end to a case of a san jose teenager who went missing in arizona. sheriff's deputies believe the 14-year-old died from what appears to be an accidental fall at the horseshoe bend overlook. the body of the teen was found about 700 feet below the popular landmark. the girl and her family are from san jose and were visiting the area for the holidays. on monday afternoon ... the girl's family reported her missing from the overlook. a helicopter later spotted her body and recovered it tuesday morning. sheriff's deputies have not released the teens identity.
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( darya ) a family is looking for answers after a loved one was shot in her car on christmas eve. a 20-year-old mother was ambushed while her 2-year-old child sat in the car with her. kron 4's alecia reid has the story. patrick nodinewhile preparing for the christmas celebration, this young mother was ambushed in her car ...pkgchristmas will have to wait until emma nodine gets home from the hospital.she was hit in the shoulder, elbow, and grazing to her headafter backing out of her bluebill way driveway, and heading up the block, shots rang out.bullets came in from the driver side, missed the driver and hit my daughter emma was hit multiple times. her 2 year old daughter illiana and a 16 yr old were in the back seat. both escaped injury.i dont want to think about losing my daughter or losing my granddaughterthe 20 year old single mother is now out of i-c-u and recovering at the hospital. her father tells
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me, this random shooting is a shock. they've been living on this street for decades and have no idea who could've done this.they didn't recognize anybody, they didn't recognize the carilliana is being cared for while her mother gets well. but coming back home is a question the family will have to answer sooner than later.she's frightened. shes very concerned about her welfare, and her daughter's welfare. she just doesn't feel safe here and that's understandable. so now we're looking at options of maybe all of us moving out of the areathe family has set up a go- fund me page to help with emma's medical expenses.standup witnesses with information that can help this case ... are urged to call police. reporting from suisun city ... ar ... kron 4 news ( will ) ( will )( will ) coming up
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on the kron 4 morning news ... california's "real i-d's" may not meet federal i-d standards ... and it could mean more problems for people standing in line at the d-m-v. ( will )and... president trump and the first lady making a suprise visit in iraq. the latest on their trip right after the break. (ácommercialá)
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(james)( darya ) welcome back. let's get a check of the weather this morning... temperatures dropping a touch today taking daytime highs today taking daytime highs down into the mid to upper 50's with clear and dry skies overhead. windy conditions will be seen through the course of the day
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with winds gusting as highs at 20-30 miles per hour through the day and into the evening. expect cooler than average daytime highs not just today but to take us through the next few days with evening lows dropping to freezing if not below for some inland areas.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from
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the maze to sf. no delays on wb 580 at the tolls. accident in berkeley wb 80 at university blocks two lanes. traffic slows from buchanan buchananslows from lanes. traffic slows from buchanan
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( darya ) the federal government is requiring the california d-m-v to implement even stricter standards when it comes to the new 'real i-d". now people who already waited in line to get the new identification card are wondering what it means for them. kron 4's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more from sacramento. if you stood in line at the dmv this year for a real i.d.... don't worry---you don't need to go back anytime soon.. starting in april - the federal government will require real i.d. applicants to provide two proofs of address at the dmv.that policy is stricter than what had been in been place previously. ((jaime garza - dmv spokesman)) "what we've been doing is asking applicants to provide one proof of residency document when they came into the office, and the second proof would be satisfied when the real id driver license or card is delivered by mail to the applicant and return service is requested." beginning in october 2020 the new real id will be the only state identification accepted
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at airports and federal buildings.with the dmv already in the spotlight for long wait times and technology problems -- that's a concern for assemblymember jim patterson ((assm. jim patterson r- fresno)) "the bigger problem going forward is millions of californians are now going to rush the line for the real id between now and 2020 and my concern is the dmv is utterly unprepared for that large rush." ( will )in national news... the ongoing government shutdown is affecting some high-profile court cases related to president trump. the department of justice is asking federal judges to pause deadlines in some cases - because of a lapse in funding for department employees. yesterday ... a court agreed to pause an appeal case over new asylum restrictions at the d-o-j's request. it's still not clear how many court cases in total are being affected by the shutdown. (2-shot)( will ) troops got a
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christmas surprise wednesday.( darya ) the president and first lady quietly left washington christmas night -- to meet with u-s service members stationed in iraq.( will ) mary moloney has the details of trip. an enthusiastic welcome from u-s troops to the commander-in- chief.the president and first lady traveled to the al asad air base -- west of baghdad in iraq.president trump: "we came to al asad to share our eternal gratitude for everything you do to keep america safe, strong and free." the trip shrouded in secrecy -- more than 15-years after the american invasion -- -- due to security concerns. president trump: "if you would have seen what we had to go through with the darkened plane with all windows closed with no lights on whatsoever, anywhere. pitch black. i've never seen it."president trump: "so did i have a concern? yeah, i had a concern."the trumps remained on the ground for about three hours -- posing for selfies - signing make america great again hats --and thanking military members for their service.president trump: "the other reason i'm here today is to personally thank you and every service member throughout this region for the near elimination of the isis territorial caliphate in iraq and in syria."while the president recently ordered a withdrawal of 14-thousand u-s troops in afghanistan --and a complete withdrawal of 2-thousand troops from syria -- citing the destruction of isis,trump said he had no plans to pull troops from iraq. -nats-visiting troops overseas has become a presidential traditionafter the 2003
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decision to invade iraq -- president george w- bush visited the u-s military stationed there four times. president obama visited troops in iraq once.both men made multiple trips to afghanistan. this trip is the first time president trump visited troops in a war zone.president trump: "i want to just say great job " i'm mary moloney reporting.
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( darya )up next... a san francisco city leader is speaking out against the idea of the raiders playing next season at a-t and t park. what he has to say coming up in the next hour. ( darya )plus... a new study says that women are working more... but are their paychecks matching up?
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a new study says younger women are working longer hours and getting paid more than ever before. the pew research
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center found 78-percent of young adult women worked at least 50 weeks per year in 20-17. younger women are also getting paid more. average earnings for full-time female employees increased from around 37-thousand to 39-thousand-dollars between 2000 and 20-17. what apparently has not changed for women is their role at home. millennial households reported they wanted housework split equally... but the bureau of labor statistics found on an average day - 49-percent of young women reported doing housework in 20-17 compared to 19-percent of men. ( darya )still ahead... still ahead... an inmate escapes from san quentin ... now the search is on to find him. we have the latest details after the break.
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(james) welcome back to the kron four morning news... lets start the half hour with a check of weather and traffic... temperatures dropping a touch today taking daytime highs down into the mid to upper
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50's with clear and dry skies overhead. windy conditions will be seen through the course of the day with winds
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. ( darya ) we are continuing to follow the search for an inmate who escaped from san quentin state prison. department of corrections officials say 24-year-old shalom mendoza was reported
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missing at around 9:35 last night. they say he walked away from the out grounds support facility at the prison. mendoza was serving a 5 year sentence for use of deadly weapon during a carjacking in los angeles ... and evading police. mendoza has a tattoo on his neck ... and over his right eye...he has short brown hair and brown eyes. he is 5-foot-5-inches-tall and weighs 177 pounds. ( darya ) mendoza is believed to have carjacked a silver toyota rav four after escaping at a home depot just one mile from the prison. here is the license plate number on your screen 6stz502. san rafael police believe it could have been mendoza because the description from the victim was extremely similar to the the suspect said he demanded the threatened to if you see him ... or the vehicle... call immediately. in the north bay... a petaluma man is behind bars after police say he assaulted and threatened two officers. the man has been identified as 36-year-old brent taylor. on tuesday night ... officers responded to reports
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of a family disturbance at a home on webster street. when the arrived -- police say taylor violently swung open the front door and rushed towards them. police ordered him to stop-- but he started punching and kicking two officers. backup arrived and they were able to arrest taylor. he is being held on 10-thousand dollars bail. ( darya )sonoma county sheriff's deputies are looking for this man ... zachary yates. they say he has a warrant for violating his probation... and he's the suspect in a stalking case. if you have any information about where yates is located, contact the sonoma county sheriff. ( darya ) the california highway patrol relased its latest numbers from the recent maximum enforcement period over the holiday weekend. officials say at least 47 people were killed in crashes throughout the state. the c-h-p made more than 11- hundred arrests for driving under the influence.
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officers want to remind dirvers that you can even get pulled over if you have taken any medication or under the influence of marijuana. ( darya )(ááá2 shotááá) the oakland raiders are considering a-t&t park as their new home to play next season. but one san but one san francisco supervisor wants to take the ball park off the table. kron 4's haaziq madyun has the story the oakland raiders are considering the possibly of playing their last season in
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the bay area at at&t park in san franciscosotthe giants ballpark happens to be in san francisco supervisor-elect matt haney's district. he talks about some of the reasons why he opposes the giants opening their doors to raiders in 2019 sotthis 49ers fan says he remembers not feeling too good when san francisco lost its nfl team to a neighboring citysot
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a race to the bottom to steal teams from each other. we already have a bad history around that with the warriors. i think the least we can do in this instance is stand with oakland">for their part officials with the giants confirm that initial interest has been expressed in exploring the opportunity of the raiders playing at at&t park and that many details would need to be figured out. however supervisor-elect haney cautions the giants in making such a decision without considering the potential impact on the citysotcity leaders in oakland say the city's anti-trust law suit for breach of contract against the nfl has nothing to do with raiders playing the 2019 season at the coliseum. officials with the raiders see it san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news police in oakland say officer's s-u-v was stolen during monday night's raiders game. the ford s-u-v was taken during the game at the coliseum. officers later found the s-u-v with minor
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damage on elmwood avenue. that's near the nimitz freeway and fruitvale avenue. they say no guns were inside when it was stolen. no arrests have been made. ( darya ) a 1-point-4 billion dollar project to raise the height of shasta dam could be put on hold because of a tiny salamander. two environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the u-s fish and wildlife service ... because no one acted on a petition to put the shasta salamander on the endangered list. the salamander is found only in the shasta lake region.the center for biological diversity says if the dam is raised ... higher water levels could potentially destroy the salamander's habitat, and others as well. ( darya ) construction to raise the construction
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construction to raise the height of the dam is expected to begin in the summer of 2020. but lawyers for the center for biological diversity say the future of the project could depend on the outcome of the lawsuit. ( will )coming up after the break... one man says he's forever thankful to a couple... who returned his lost diaper bag that was filled with 5-thousand dollars. ( will ) and after the break ...a new change for hospitals in the new year... and it could make it easier to find cheaper treatment.
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(robin) no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. accident cleared in berkeley wb 80 at university traffic slows from buchanan for your health... price transparency is coming to u-s hospitals in the new year. a new federal rule requires all hospitals to post an online list of the cost of
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their standard services. patients will be able to compare prices before seeking treatment. some consumer advocates say even though those lists will be beneficial... it doesn't do enough to inform patients about adjusted and sometimes increased costs due to insurance and other factors. those prices are expected to be available online january first. ( will ) and here's a live look outside... richmond san rafael bridge. take a look at this.
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winter storms are crawling across the midwest ... causing travel delays and hazardous roadways. winter weather alerts are in effect for more than eight-million people ... and it could last through tomorrow. its making travel rough for the millions of people returning home after the christmas holiday. the national weather service says another winter storm will develop over the southwest tomorrow. (will) ( darya ) welcome back.
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let's get a check of the weather this morning... temperatures dropping a touch today taking daytime highs down into the mid to upper 50's with clear and dry skies
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overhead. windy conditions will be seen through the course of the day with winds gusting as highs at 20-30 miles per hour through the day and into the evening. expect cooler than average daytime highs not just today but to take us through the next few days with evening lows dropping to freezing if not below for some inland areas.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. golden gate bridge drive time less than 30 min from 37 to the toll plaza. accident cleared wb 80 at university sluggish from albany
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warriors are moving on.. taking on the trailblazers tonight.. that embarassing loss to the lakers christmas day is "in the past like a ponytail." remember klay coined that after the kay and dray drama.. if you like klay's wisdom and steph curry's look, you can find it online for 25 bucks. a reasonable price for a national treasure (says so right there). everybody wants to put that christmas day game in the past.. even lebron.. he'd like to move on from the groin injury.. they're calling it a slight strain.. he will miss the lakers-kings game tonight and probably at least a few more games. warrior turned laker: javale mgee missed the christmas game with pneumonia.. so he couldn't get his championship ring. they say he'll pick it up when the lakers come to oakland on
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february 2nd. a high school referee in new jersey is under fire for forcing a wrestler to cut his dreadlocks moments before his match. andrew johnson's hair was pulled back and tucked under a cover as the rules require.. but the ref said that wasn't sufficient and said andrew had to chop them off right then and there or forfeit the bout. he won the match.. but lost his hair and now his family and the school district are wrestling with the ref over what appears to be a gross misinterpretation of the rules at best.. or racism and abuse of power at the worst. andrew's parents are appauled by what happened but proud of their son. a young baseball player who just got drafted by the kansas city royals wanted to say thank you to his parents who've stood by him and sacraficed for him all his life.. so he gave them a christmas surprise.
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bank. also i've paid off all your debt as well. what! now instead of trying to save money every weekend to replace the savings account you drained on traveling to play baseball, you can spend it on yourself. >brady singer was taken 18th overall in the draft and got a $4.25 million signing bonus from the royals. his first big pay day and he pays off his parents debt.. we all know parents go to great lengths for their kids.. one ohio man went to great heights. his daughter just became a delta flight attendant and had to work christmas eve.. so he flew with her from new orleans to detroit, and then she told him to put his seat back in it's upright position for take off and landing from detroit to fort myers, back to detroit, and then to hartford. you know parents fly free but they have to go stanye so he
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was lucky he got a seat on every flight.. even first class on one of them. ( will )one california man is
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extremely grateful the couple who found his lost diaper bag went the extra mile to track him down.( darya ) it contained a lot more than diapers for his baby -- his family's passports and 5-thousand dollars in cash was inside. greg mills has the story. natsot"oh my god! i'm still shaking."for good reason. these good samaritans returned this man's diaper bag to him. inside they discovered a whole lot more than diapers. gabriel ruiz/found diaper bag "we saw the wallet, opened that up and then there was just a ton of money in there." this man doesn't want his name used, but this is his wife's wallet, which was inside the bag.natsot"this is her passport. and a lot of money." five thousand dollars inside. every penny this couple from vietnam has. this man is attending college here in southern californianatsot "that's got to pay for rent and my tuition for school and my baby."here's what he says
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happened. christmas evening, he, his wife and daughter came here to naples in long beach to take in the christmas displays.this couple happened to come here too for the same reason. he put his bag down to take a picture and says he forgot to pick it up.gabriel ruiz and gabriela jauregui took a picture at the same spot.gabriela jauregi/found diaper bag"we turn around there's a backpack on a seat." they waited awhile for the owner. when no one picked it up, they looked inside for id, saw all that money and spent the night trying to find out who it belongs togabriela jauregi/found diaper bag"the names are in vietnamese and everything and no address on the passports. we stayed up all night."they couldn't sleep. neither could he. gabriela jauregi/found diaper bag"i thought how can i get back to my country? how can i pay my tuition? my rent? cuz i already have baby."he came back and spent hours looking. he posted signs. came back to search in the morning. no luck.meanwhile, early in the morning, this couple found a secret compartment in the bag. gabriela jauregi/found diaper bag"there was a bunch of papers."satisfied, they finally fell asleep and called him in the morning. asking him first to describe the bag to make sure it was legit.he did. they came to the address they found to return the bag
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that they found.gabriela jauregi/found diaper bag"so happy we were able to find you. natsot"you just saved my life. can i have a hug please?.. oh my god." (darya) that's it for us this morning... our next newscast is at 5 o clock tonight. (will) don't forget, you can stay connected on our mobile app, kron four dot com and on our facebook and twter feeds.
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