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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 27, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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victim and tonight the woman's family is speaking out for the first time since her death. (grant) kron 4's gayle ong is live in san jose with a list of demands the family is making... gayle. some of those demands are:to see the body camera footage of the officers on duty,a federal investigation and an independant investigation outside of internal affairs. speaking through a translator,jenny vasquez's mother is demanding justice for her 24-year-old daughter who shot and killed by san jose police early christmas morning.vasquez's parents met up with the police chief after the press conference..then later at a vigil where their daughter died.. where a large crowd rallied for her in a press conference earlier in the day, police chief eddie garcia explains vasquez was mistaken for a suspect of a shooting tuesday morning but he says the officer's actions were
9:01 pm 2 a-m, police say they responded to 911 calls of shots fired near story road and clemence avenue..upon arrival, officers found two people suffering from gunshot wounds,and witnesses pointing out a white vehicle leaving the scene..vasquez was driving a white toyota camry around that time,with her friend linda bueno in the passenger seat.police say vasquez was driving a stolen car..when they tried to pull the women over,they fled the scene leading officers on a high speed chase, that lasted 7 minutes, police say vasquez crashed on a chain linked fence on fruitdale and leigh avenue. after further investigation, officers say vasquez is not connected to the initial shooting officers responded to
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and no weapon was found in vasquez's car, the san jose police chief says body camera footage will be released after the district attorney's investigation, which is protocal in that department,meanwhile, a shooter is still on the loose. live in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news (vicki) a judge has suspended criminal proceedings against the man accused of stabbing and killing 18- year-old nia wilson. 28-year-old john lee cowell appeared in court today. an alameda county judge says there is substantial evidence that cowell is incompetent to stand trial. he is accused of killing wilson and injuring her sister at the macarthur bart station back in july. cowell's attorney says it appears her client's
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delusions and paranoia were becoming more common. two doctors will now evaluate cowell. the judge is expected to meet with attorneys in february to discuss their findings. (grant) the hunt for an escaped inmate continues tonight .... california department of corrections has activated the emergency operations, escape pursuit plan in an effort to locate the inmate. authorities are also asking the public to be on the lookout for the man they believe carjacked a woman at a nearby store in marin county... after fleeing san quentin. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live outside the prison tonight with the latest on the man-hunt alecia? law enforcement across the state is on the lookout for this inmate.and with a car jacking right around the time of his escape ... police believe he is no longer on foot.pkgsan rafael police have released video of a car jacking suspect they believe is the same inmate that escaped san quentin wednesday night. the suspect ... wearing
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light colored clothing ... walks up to the victim ... exchanges words ... and before you know it ... she backs off while he gets into her car and drives away.the suspect displayed something under his shirt like a weapon or possibly a firearmand then also made a threat to the victim that he would kill her if she calledthe victim did call 9-11. and while investigating at the home depot ... san rafael police got word inmate shalom mendoza escaped from nearby san quentin that same evening. with very little car jackings in the city, detectives started tying pieces together.. the close proximity of where the carjacking occurred and obviously to where teh prison is located and also due to the tine factor. they happened really close to each other, thats definitely our priority lead authorities are looking for a toyota rav 4 ... liccense plate number 6-s-t-z- 5-0-2. the 21 year old ... who is 5'5" and weighs 177 pounds,
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fits the victim's description .... however police say the two incidents could still be unrelated and are investigating both possibilities.mendoza was serving a 5 year sentence for use of a deadly weapon during a car jacking, attempted car jacking, and evading a peace officer while driving our officers are looking for the outstanding inmate as well as investigating the carjacking standupit isn't clear if the suspect is armed ... authorities are urging .... if you see the suspect or the vehicle, stay away and call 911 right away.reporting live from san quentin ... ar ... kron 4 news. (vicki) another big story tonight... the newman police department mourning one of their own after an officer was killed the day after christmas. the officer was a husband, new father and immigrant - fulfilling a life
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long dream of being a police officer. we also learned today.. the suspect is in the country illegally. as kron4's justine waldman explains the department only has 12 sworn officers so the death has caused tremendous grief for the small town. chief randy richardson: "please remember the man. please remember the husband. please remember what he was well he came to this country to do. yes he was a police officer but more importantly he was a human being." with tears streaming down his face...chief randy richardson said corp ronil sighn is an american patriot. thirty-three-year-old singh is a native of fiji and came to the us to be a police officer, so he could serve his country. he has been with the newman police department since 2011. durign a traffic stop wednesday, the driver of a pickup truck without a license plate. shot and killed him. he leaves behind a wife and baby boy.sot he will never hear his 5 month old son talk, he will never see him walk. doesnt get to hold him hug his wife say good night because of a coward took his life. to find the
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killer, thursday night, dectectives from the stan sheriffs office searched a property in el nido in merced county. the suspect was not located and the investigation remains fluid. the sheriff would not name the suspect, but confrimed the suspect is in the country illegally.sot he doesnt belong here he is a crimina,president trump tweeted "it is time to get tough on border security. he ended the post "build the wall."officers have recovered the truck, and will stop at nothing to find this accused cop killer."stanislaus county sheriff adam christianson"we will relentlessly continue to hunt our suspect down and bring him to justice.(justine) there is also his police dog sam, who was there during the shooting, but was not hurt. the k9 will retire, and go live with the family. so they don't lose an other loved one. in the newsroom justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(vicki) police revealed the suspect in the shooting death of singh had paper plates on the car he was driving.(grant) but come 20-19 those temporary plates will change. the california d-m-v will require all car dealerships print out a serial number for cars driving off the lot. kron 4's ella sogomonian met with a dealer and has his take on the change. come 2019 newly purchased vehicles from a california dealership,lessor retailer or auction will have to drive off the lot with a temporary license plate number and be electronically reported to the d-m-v immediately. rmc motors owner roderick cho in san bruno says this won't make a difference in work flow.sot: roderick cho, owner rmc motors// "just another paper to be printed on the laser printer." 'the dmv gets notified right away so thats one more step that i guess its
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better for everybody becasue they car is automatically identified that it belongs to the buyer."california bill 516 explains the new law should help with regulating drivers who otherwise would avoid toll booth payments or even get away with a crime because paper plates as they are today make it harder to track them down.sot: roderick cho, owner rmc motors// "i ink its basically it's just the state closing up a loop hole and recooperating lot of the money lost in the toll booths peolpe running toll booths and stuff like that and i guess theres a little bit of crime that happens along the way with cars not being properly identified with paper plates and im sure that eliminates that problem as well."the temporary paper plate numbers are free from the dealership. they will not become permanent, car owners will have 90 days to get a permanent plate with a new number.or else they will be fined between 25 and nearly 200 dollars depending on the county.california will join ten other states already implementing this rule.the dmv
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estimates around 15 million dollars is lost annually by toll evasion. (vicki) strong winds and cooler temperatures are pushing through the bay area over the next day or so.. the easy bay is seeing some of the stronger gusts.. that's where we find kron4's dan thorn... he's live in pleasanton tonight with more.. dan? the high winds are causing people to have a tighter grip on the steering wheel and affecting some events around the bay area..people are also bundling up because of those colder temperatures.. a tree falls and blocks a popular san francisco street in hayes valley as weather officials issue a wind advisory..there was no one in the delivery truck at the time--but it serves as a warning as gusty winds move
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through the bay officials say the strong wind may knock down more trees or tree limbs and possibly knock out power. sot: the winds were pretty strong i just you don't always like wind when you have like hats and everything always getting off..dylan and his friend frank noticed the windier conditions also brought in colder temperatures..sot: it was pretty uncomfortable im not acclimated to this cold weather.. but it didn't keep them from eating ice cream.. sot: ice cream is good all the time..paul mcdermott and his girlfriend were dressed opposites as the temperatures above 50 degrees in pleasanton..she's bundled up..he's in shorts..sot: you can always put on more clothes--can't take them off. i'm sure some people would say he's a brave man..the wind advisory across the bay area continues into tomorrow officials forecast tonight's temperatures to drop into the the low 40s across the east bay..reporting in pleasanton dan thorn kron4 news. (vicki) it was a windy day across the bay... and it's only going to get colder... (grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with what we can
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expect as we get closer to the weekend. lawrence karnow: it was a windy day around the bay area. blustery winds made for a cool day. the doppler radar is showing mostly dry weather across the state. on the satellite you can see the high pressure building along the west coast while low pressure sits over nevada. the difference between the two is causing some gusty winds. tonight will be mostly clear and windy at times. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will start windy in the morning but the winds will subside by the afternoon. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. the weekend looks fair with a mix of sunshine and a few clouds. the weather
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pattern lookd dry into the new year. (vicki) in national (vicki) new year. (vicki) in national news tonight... in national (vicki)(vicki) (vicki) (vicki) in national news
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tonight... congress returns to capitol hill, but not for long -- and without any movement toward ending the stalemate between president trump and senate democrats over border security funding. (grant) the standoff has part of the federal government closed -- and many federal workers say they're growing more concerned by the day. from our partners at c-n-n karin caifa (prono: kay-fuh) has the latest from washington. no votes scheduled, and -- per an ally of president trump -- no end in sight.rep. mark meadows / (r) north carolina: "at this point, it looks like we coulbe in for a very long term shutdown."both the house and senate gaveled in thursday afternoon -- and gaveled right back out minutes later --"the house is adjourned until 10am on monday, december 31, 2018."
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-- amid a third attempt by a house democrat to get republicans to consider the government funding bill passed by the senate before the president insisted on attaching border wall money. democrats telling the president -- to stop the political games.rep. gerry connolly / (d) virginia: "the wall is a symbol for him and his base. it's not a serious proposal to deal with border security, and we don't want to play that game."the president, saying it's democrats playing the games -- tweeting thursday evening --gfx: this is only about the dems not letting donald trump & the republicans have a win.hundreds of thousands of federal workers are caught in the middle.more than 420,000 working without pay until the government reopens. another 380,000 furloughed.randy erwin / president, national federation of federal employees: "these are real family, real-hard working american people with real families and real financial obligations and they had the carpet ripped out from under them."and washington uncertainty -- not helping wall street volatility.after a thousand-point surge wednesday, the dow dropped more than 600 points thursday before a late-afternoon bounceback, to finish the day, in the washington, i'm karin caifa. (vicki) during his trip to iraq wednesday, president trump misled troops about military pay raises. he
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told them he gave them their first pay raise in more than a decade. it's a falsehood trump has repeatedly told. (vicki) military pay has actually gone up every year for more than 30 years. the two- point-six percent pay increase in the 20-19 national defense authorization act is the largest increase in the past nine years. (grant) criticism and policy changes -- after another migrant child dies at the u-s border. the head of u.s. border patrol says his agency needs a complete overhaul to adequately handle families coming across the border, kristen holmes has the latest on the crisis. a call for help from officials at the southern u-s border... after the death of a second migrant child in border patrol
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custody this month.voice of kevin k mcaleenan/cbp commissioner/ cbs this morning/wednesday: we need help from congress, we need to budget for medical care and mental health care for children in our facilities.the commissioner of customs and border protection - asking for more funding to handle the influx of migrants at the border.kevin k mcaleenan/cbs this morning/wednesday: our stations are not built for that group that's crossing today they were built 30-40 years ago for adult males and we need a different approach. his pleas - coming after an eight-year-old guatemalan boy died on christmas eve from what was possibly the flu. three weeks earlier - a 7-year old guatemalan girl also died. criticism is mounting in the wake of their deaths..mayor dee margo/ el paso, texas: we need a resolution. we're tired of dealing with the symptomatic problems that are just getting worse.homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen called their deaths quote -- 'deeply concerning and heartbreaking'd-h-s is now reviewing its policies- especially for children under 10..and is implementing new
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procedures which include...- secondary medical checks on children in border patrol custody- working on more transportation options to facilities better-equipped for families- and requesting help from the centers for disease control, department of defense and the u-s coast guard secretary nielsen is expected to review facility conditions at the border this washington, i'm kristen holmes. (vicki) a federal judge has denied a justice department request to pause all deadlines challenging the administration's asylum restrictions. the d-o-j requested the pause because of the government shutdown. the judge wrote those challenging the asylum restrictions.... view this as a case related to human safety-- and as such, despite the shutdown, deadlines for case filings remain in place. (grant) in less than two weeks, california's new governor will take the oath of office.(vicki) kron 4's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us the preparations underway for gavin newsom's inauguration. ((pkg))on the west side capitol lawn... the christmas tree is coming down.crews thursday cleared leaves and wrapped up christmas lights .. clearing the way on the side
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of the building where gavin newsom will take his oath of office((nats))a few blocks down... the golden 1 center is preparing for the "california rises" concert.this week, newsom announced the lineup for the fire victims benefit concert on the eve of his inauguration: pitbull is the headliner along with rock group x ambassadors, rapper common.((nats)) local butte county band.. cold weather sons will also perform. the group recently released a song in the wake of the camp fire. with thousands expected to come to sacramento for newsom's inaugural events... preparation will take several days.tag. (vicki) another mystery light in the sky... this time in the big apple.(grant) people all around the big city stopped
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and starred... grabbed their phones and started recording. once again... not aliens. but a blue-ish hue filled the sky... turns out... it was a transformer explosion at a power plant in queens. fires erupted as a result... they've been contained. nearby contained.they've been contained. nearby laguardia grounded all flights for a time to inspect its facility... operations there are back to normal. no injuries reported. (grant) coming up...chilling surveillance video shows a three-year-old being thrown from a three- wheeled motorcycle...
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details on how it all happened and the condition of the toddler... (vicki) plus... hear which generation shows women working more hours, earning more money and doing the majority of housework. (grant) and up next... it's the critical year-end tax deadlines... we'll tell you what you need to know to avoid unpleasant tax surprises next year... (lawrence) weather tease ♪
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whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back and you won't want to stop for anything else. [ barks ] ho! lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (grant) 4 your money
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tonight... 2018 was the first year under a new tax law which was the largest overhaul in decades. (vicki) and experts say if you don't prepare for tax day-- you could be in for a costly surprise. so here are four tax tips before you ring in the new year. number one- increase contributions to your retirement plan. it may be too late to max out your 401-k but experts say it's not too late for other savings accounts like your i-r-a... number two-- give to charity. the new tax bill doubled the standard deduction for single taxpayers to 12-thousand. number three-- calculate your tax liabilities... you can estimate how much you'll owe in taxes next year... and finally-- organize your financial organize your
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financial documents. this is the most tedious step, but it helps get you ready... and be sure to file well ahead of the deadline. (grant) j-c penney's stock price dropped below a dollar for the first time ever. the department store chain hasn't been profitable since 20-10, and the future looks bleak. it has four billion dollars worth of debt, a junk credit rating, and inventory and supply chain problems. what it doesn't have, experts say, is enough customers or a clear marketing plan. (vicki) a data breach at bevmo may have compromised thousands of customers' credit card information. the concord based company says that somebody planted a computer code on its online checkout page... and that may have allowed the hacker to steal the credit card numbers of more than 14-thousand people. this affects any customers who made an online purchase between august 2nd and september 26th. the hacker may have also gotten away with people's names...
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addresses and phone numbers. (vicki) ahead at nine... a person gets in a crash and ends up trapped inside a burning tesla... details on a good samaritan that came to the rescue... (grant) plus.. treacherous roads, emergency declarations and even a canceled football game... as a major winter storm is causing havoc across parts of the u-s. and more is on the way. (vicki) and up next... new year... new laws... what you need to know if you'r planning on buying a puppy and the changes if you drive in the diamond lane...
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(vicki) in just 5 days... we'll be waking up on new year's day to new laws. (grant) whether you are buying a puppy or driving a car, our legislators are changing the rules in 2019. kron 4's catherine heenan has more. arf arfstarting january first, all pet stores will be barred from reselling dogs, cats and rabbits from breeders.assembly bill 485 is designed to crack down on abusive puppy mills. stores can still sell animals from shelters and rescues.the law does not prevent people who want purebred dogs from going directly to breeders. after the first of the year, the state issued green and white stickers will no longer give you a free ride in the diamond'll need to get a red sticker instead.a=b 544 is aimed at easing
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congestion in h=o=v lanes. kachingcalifornia's minimum wage is going up by a buck to twelve dollars an hour for companies with more than 25 employees.most bay area cities already have higher minimum wages.on january first, san jose, san mateo and several other cities will boost their minimum to 15 dollars, and in mountain view it will increase to 15 dollars and 65 cents.and then there is this weird one. a=b 1217 allows liquor sales in a cemetery designated as a historic place by the city of los angeles.just one place qualifies: the hollywood forever cemetery, next to paramount you'll be able to drink a toast on the graves of celebrities ranging from cecil b demille and marion davies to jayne mansfield and dee dee ramone. (vicki) and there are even more laws you need to know about in 2019. coming up at 10 we will have part two of the series.
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(grant) now take a look at this -- whiteout conditions and crashes prompted the closure of a stretch of interstate 80 in nebraska today.the state department of transportation also closed part of highway 30 in north platte. the conditions caused semi-trucks to go off roads and at least one of them rolled onto its side. (grant) the blast of winter weather is crawling across the country..... john lorinc has more on those dangerous road conditions that are causing travel delays and hazardous roadways. for millions of americans.....20-18 will end on a stormy note.people in the plains and midwest should expect rough weather through at least friday.mos/no name given"it sucks, man! it's obviously not fantastic." winter weather alerts are in effect for more than eight-million people.some
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parts of northern, central and western minnesota could see a foot of snow before the end of the week.christopher o'brien/meteorologist"the temperatures are really going to plunge on friday, so whatever is on the road, rain or snow, it's going to freeze." that will make travel rough for the millions of people returning home after the christmas holiday.greg wax/mechanic"the first big snowfall of the year a lot of people lose track of how they drove last winter."kansas governor jeff colyer declared a state of disaster emergency wednesday, in advance of the blast expected to strike the western part of his state. texas is also expected to get hit hard with large hail, possible tornadoes and heavy winds.wednesday's first responder bowl, in dallas, was cancelled after less than 10 minutes of play because of a powerful thunderstorm.the n-c-double-a says this is the first bowl game to ever be cancelled due to for the south.....some areas could see up to four-inches of rain and possible floods.i'm john lorinc reporting. (vicki) the attorneys for boston marathon bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev, are asking a court to throw out his death sentence. they made the request in a new brief filed in a u-s appeals court thursday. the brief says tsarnaev did not have a fair trial in boston because the
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city was still reeling from the bombing. the attorneys also say tsarnaev's older brother tamerlan - who was killed by police - was the mastermind behind the attack. instead of the death penalty, the brief says the younger tsarnaev should get life in prison, without the possibility of parole. the bombing targeted the finish line of the boston marathon in 20-13, killing three people, and injuring more than 260- others. (grant) tonight we are learning about another instance of a tesla catching fire following a crash. three teens in new hampshire were hospitalized after a crash that happened last night. one of them has life- threatening injuries. the teens were in a tesla model x when it crashed into a tree... slicing it in half just before it burst into flames on perry road in rindge, new hampshire. the 19-year-old has taken to the hospital with serious injuries and the other two are not as bad. a couple -- who do not want to be identifed say they found a girl trapped inside the car.
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he and his wife didn't think twice about helping -- even though they say it was a dangerous situation. do."> (grant) the crash remains under investigation but police say it appears speed was a factor. (grant) it's every parents worst ngithmare... a three-year-old injured after she was thrown from a moving three-wheeled motorcycle in florida...(vicki) the toddler drove out in traffic -- and her father was dragged behind the motorcycle as he desperately tried to stop the vehicle. she was rushed to the hospital -- and is expected to be o-k. but the whole incident was caught on camera... reporter katrina bush shows us the chilling surveillance video.... family members say a three year old girl is still in the
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hospital thursday after a wednesday evening crash.the surveillance video that shows it all is tough to watch, so we've stopped it before the toddler hits the sidewalk. miami dade police say the man in the video is her dad.det. lee cowart/ miami-dade police: "the father sustained his injuries as he was trying to mount the motorcycle to render aid to her thus the motorcycle dragged him on the asphalt street."investigators say it happened around 5:30 wednesday evening when the father parked his motorcycle at a northeast miami-dade home.that's when something alerted the family that something was going on outside.det. lee cowart/ miami-dade police:"once he got outside the residence, he saw his three wheel motorcycle proceeding westbound on the street in front of their house being driven by the three year old daughter."that's when he took off after it trying to get on to stop the bike but was dragged until he fell off too.people who were at or near this gas station on ne 6th avenue and 163rd street coming to the little girl's aid before paramedics arrive and she's rushed to the hospital. the bike coming to a crashing
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stop at this barrier wall before being flipped over, loaded up and towed away.det. lee cowart/ miami-dade police: "it's preliminary right now in the investigation so not faulting the father, not faulting anybody at this point but it's a reminder to secure your vehicle, secure your motorcycle. lock your valuables inside, lock the doors, take your keys with you and we have a better chance of preventing something like this from occurring in the future." (vicki) that was katrina bush reporting... the toddler is still in the hospital tonight.... (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) coming up in sports, we'll hear from our bay area nfl
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they go into their final matchups of the season.. (grant) be sure to tune into kron 4 as we ring in the new year. justine waldman and i will count us down to 2019... capped off with a huge fireworks show over the bay bridge. it is the only live fireworks show in the bay area. new years live kicks off at 11:30 p-m monday only on kron 4...
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we'll open tonight with some nfl-- raiders fans in oakland, you can't be completely done with the team just yet. there is still one more game in 2018 and the raiders ending their year in kansas city... the silver and black finishing the slate with some positive momentum, given that the first part of the season was so tumultuous... they've won 2 of their last 3.. and in their first meeting with kc, they kept up with that chiefs high-powered attack. this sunday, the raiders have a shot to get in the way of their bid for the top seed in the playoffs. they realize that kansas city is leading the division and has a chance to lock up home field. they've got a very talented football team. we also know that if we didn't turn the ball over three or four times the last time, we were right there with them in the fourth quarter. i'm really proud of the way our guys have been playing."
9:41 pm
3 keys for the raiders sunday in arrowhead... first off, don't let patrick mahomes rack up the stats...he's an mvp candidate for a reason.. also, that kc offense is first in the league in yards... and points per game, minimize the big plays. finally, derek interceptions in the last 10 games...maintain the efficiency your mercedes benz keys to the game. --49ers going to l-a facing the rams... in their first meeting, l-a was red hot and took it to the niners... put together a 39-10 blowout... four 49er turnovers... cj beathard started that game and aaron donald sacked him 4 times. --so naturally, nick mullens knows what jumps out about that defense. aaron donald has had one heck of a year. he's a great player. suh up front has been a nasty player, is very aggressive. so, we're aware of their pass rush. then, their secondary, mixing in and out of coverages and things like that. they're a good defense and we're excited about the opportunity on sunday." coming up on coming up on kron4 sports at
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10, warriors are working the blazers in their final home game of 2018. we'll have the highlights. also, check in with the sharkies at the tank until then, more news after this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it can even warm your feet to he you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to make your resolutions, reality. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. (vicki) another year,
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another slew of viral stories and trends. from mystery audio clips ... self-
9:45 pm
destructing paintings ... to free-climbing raccoons ... (grant) reporter jeremy roth takes a look at what had people buzzing in 2018.. 2018 is ending, and with it, a slew of viral trendslet's wrap up some of the year's biggest ...(nats - laurel)do you hear it? do you?(nats- laurel)wait ... what do you hear? exactly. (nats - yanny)the fact that nobody really knows was the fuel that propelledthis bizarre audio recording to viral stardomis it laurel or yanny?-- depending on the pitch of the audio recording, opinions varied(nats- pitched) that no one could agree made it, basically 2018's "blue- gold dress"they say a picture is worth a thousand words... for these, it was more like thousands of tweets!in
9:46 pm
february, michelle and barack obama both had paintings unveiled for the national portrait gallerythe former first lady's was met mostly with praise, with one little girl's awestruck reaction going viralbut it was the former president's likeness shrouded in greenery that incited a meme explosion twitter outdid itself with endless renditions of artist kehinde wiley's visionit just proves if you give the internet something nice can expect something snarky in returnthey say one man's trash is another's treasure ...well in 2018, a treasure was literally trashed by its creator for all to seeat a london auction, iconic artist banky's latest work nabbed an impressive $1.4 millionand then, without warning, promptly self destructed in front of everyonethe whole thing turned out to be a stunt, orchestrated by banksy himself..who built a paper shredder into the artwork's frame and had a cohort trigger it on site.the art world was nevertheless stunned by the oh-so-unique and oh-so-banksy performancelet's face it -- this duck is hot ... and he knows itand now, so does the whole world.#hotduck, the colorful mandarin was first spotted in new york's central parkand became on overnight sensationwith pics popping up all over the internet -- on t- shirts ...even on ... dogs?ny magazine called him "new yor's most eligible bachelor"fans
9:47 pm
flocked to catch a glimpse of the dazzling duck locals call "mandi"but the internet dubbed #hotduckif you're a gamer or you know a gamer, then you've probably heard the name fortnitethe online multiplayer shoot-em-up was the game to play in 2018how popular was it? consider this ... a version of the game is actually free to download ...however, in april alone, in-game purchases, like extra outfits and weapons ... totaled nearly $300 million but, because we can't have nice things fervor led to things like schools banning the game, player threats, scams and arrestssigh ...these kids today.a tiny raccoon's epic journey to the top of a minnesota skyscraper ...became a viral sensation in 2018the critter was spotted scaling ubs tower -- one of st. paul's tallest buildingsthe little daredevil stopped short of the top -- taking a siesta outside the 23rd floorwhile the raccoon rested, the internet went bananasin no time, the
9:48 pm
furry free-climber's story was a top trending twitter topic later that night, the raccoon made it to the top...where animal control officials were waiting to trap, feed and safely relocate ...the furry little hero that 2018 needed, but didn't deservein atlanta, i'm jeremy roth (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at san francisco... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence
9:49 pm
karnow... lawrence lawrence karnow: it was a windy day around the bay area. blustery winds made for a cool day. the doppler radar is showing mostly dry weather across the state. on the satellite you can see the high pressure building along the west coast while low pressure sits over nevada. the difference between the two is causing some gusty winds. tonight will be mostly clear and windy at times. lows will
9:50 pm
be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will start windy in the morning but the winds will subside by the afternoon. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. the weekend looks fair with a mix of sunshine and a few clouds. the weather pattern lookd dry into the new year. (vicki) (vicki) 4 your health tonight... researchers say younger women are working longer hours and getting paid more than ever before. (grant) that's according to the pew research center... they found 78-percent of young adult women worked at least 50 weeks per year in 2017. and
9:51 pm
younger women are also getting paid more. median earnings for full-time female employees increased from around 37- thousand to 39-thousand- dollars between 2000 and 2017. what apparently has not changed for women is their role at home. millennial households reported they wanted housework split equally. ábutá the bureau of labor statistics found on an average day - 49-percent of young women reported doing housework in 2017 compared to 19-percent of men. (vicki) thinking about going gluten-free? cutting the mix of proteins from your diet is a popular move ... but experts warn it isn't for everyone. gluten-free diets are intended for people with celiac disease -- a condition where an immune system response is triggered when gluten is consumed. but if you don't have celiac disease, removing gluten from your diet puts you at risk of missing nutrients ... gluten-free substitutes can be lower in fiber than their gluten-full counterparts. and if you're ditching gluten
9:52 pm
to lose weight, you might be even worse off.gluten-free junk food is still junk food - - nutritionists say the caloric value might be just as high. (grant) pedialyte is out with a new product marketed towards adults. "pedialyte sparkling rush powder packs" ... the just-add-water packs come in grape and cherry flavor. the company is marketing the product as a convenient and portable solution to dehydration due to causes including exercise, illness, and heat exhaustion. the company says the powder packs replace fluids and electrolytes more effectively than sports drinks. (vicki) up next... find out who was named ap's male athlete of the year.... of the year....
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9:55 pm
(grant) nba star lebron james has been selected as the associated press male athlete of the year... for the ááthird time. this year he continued to excel on the court, opened the "i promise" school for at-risk children in his hometown of akron, ohio, and further used his voice as an activist who bristled at being told to "shut up and dribble." james went to the n-b-a finals for the eighth consecutive year. boston red sox star mookie
9:56 pm
betts was second and alex ovechkin of the washington capitals was third. (grant) a former first lady has bested another former first lady to become the most admired woman in america. (vicki) in a gallop poll released thursday-- first lady michelle obama was voted the woman most admired by americans this year. obama has been on tour promoting her best-selling memoir "becoming." the top spot was held by hillary clinton for 15 years. gallup noted clinton has appeared in the top ten more than any other woman. obama finished second to her three times before. clinton actually came in third place this year. oprah winfrey finished second... while current first lady melania trump took the fourth spot.
9:57 pm
(grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne is here with kron 4 news at ten....ken? (ken) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten...calls for justice tonight from the family of a woman killed by policeearly christmas morning in san jose. today a large group gathered to remember jennifer vasquez and demand the officers involved be held accountable. why the department is calling the shooting tragic...but justified.that's next in a live report. pictures and new details on the man authorities say gunned down a newman police officer in cold blood.tonight we've learned that suspect is an undocumented immigrant. and gusty winds across the bay area tonightour chief meteorologist has your forcast for the rest of 2018. don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. break.
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(ken) a family in the south bay is demanding answers tonight... after a deadly police shooting on christmas day. and tonight police are saying it was a case of mistaken identity. (ken) thanks for joining us im ken wayne.. (grant) and im grant lodes. the shooting happened christmas morning on fruitdale and leigh avenue in san jose. tonight the victim's family is speaking out for the first time since her death. (ken) kron4's gayle ong is live in san jose with the latest. gayle?


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