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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  December 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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(grant) a d-u-i prevention pilot program will now be the law of the land for d-u-i offenders statewide in 2019 good evening i'm grant lodes.(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. the technology was tested in 4- california-counties, over an 8-year period and has prevented hundreds-of- thousands of drunk drivers from starting-up their cars. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. nats/igntion interlock device take a good look. if you get busted driving under the influence of alcohol in 2019 a new state law will require you to have one of these ignition interlock devices in your vehicle that will prevent you from starting it upsot
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sot in fact in 2018 there has been a 20% increase in dui arrests statewidesotcalifornia democrat senator jerry hill authored the new legislationsot the device costs
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between $60 and $80 per month. there is also an installation charge that could run as high as $150 dollars. the new law does have a payment sliding scale for low income dui san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news (vicki) now to anther big story. the arrest of an alleged cop killer. the man authorities believe shot and killed newman police corporal ronil singh, will now be charged with murder.(grant) gustavo perez arriaga , who is in the country illegally, was captured in bakersfield last night. 5 other people, including his brother and a co-worker, were arrested on suspicion of helping the suspect elude authorities. lots of new developments to get to tonight... our justine waldman is tracking them all in our newsroom. (justine) authorities say gustavo perez arriaga came out of a home in bakersfield with his hands up after swat officers came to arrest him last night. this photo was posted on facebook, saying
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it is the suspect being arrested. two other men, 25-year-old adrian virgen and 27-year-old erik razo quiroz, were also arrested for helping arriaga escape after he shot and killed corporal singh. as the sheriff released new details today, we learned perez arriaga had two prior drunken driving arrests and known gang affiliations. and he was captured after authorities followed up on tips and used surviellence on the suspect. singh's brother could not stop crying as he thanked law enforcement for cathching his brother's suspected reggie singh/brother "he was my older brother. yes. he's not coming back but there's a lot of people out there that misses him. and a lot of lower enforcement people that i don't know who work days and nights to make this happen. i'd like to thank you for the bottom of my heart to break this happen."(justne) now
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we know from the sheriff, the suspect was in the country illegally after crossinghe border in arizona. and has been here for several years. the sheriff questioned if he had been deported, if the situation would have turned out differently. sheriff adam christianson / stanislaus county"lets go back to ron immigrant lawful and legal he achieve that goal that dream was taken from him we shouldn't politize but we should have a conversation about restrictive legislation that puts communities at risk." (justne) the stanislas county sheriff was vocal with expressing his frustration with "sb-54" ... or california's sanctuary state law. corp singh was
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33-years old. he came to america from fiji to become a police officer. he leaves behind a wife and 5 month old boy. (justine) the sheriff's office believed the suspect was trying to get to mexico. but he would discuss a motive. and we learned, arriaga was arrested wearing corp singh's handcuffs. (grant) the search for a missing san quentin prisoner continues tonight. police now have video of a suspect they believe to be the escapee... while he's carjacking a woman at a marin county home depot. kron 4's sara stinson has the latest details on the manhunt. (reporter intro)
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police say the carjacking happened around the same time of the escape during the nine oclock hour wednesday night. in the video you can see the suspect ... wearing light colored clothing ... walks up to the driver in a toyota rav four ...threatens to kill her and before you know it ... she backs off while he gets into her car and drives away.the victim called 9-11. and while police investigated this at the home depot ...they got word about the escape....the description provided by the victim fit mendoza.the 21 year old missing inmate has distinguishing tattoos with one above his right eye brow and another on his neck. authorities are now looking for the toyota rav 4 ... license plate number 6- s-t-z-5-0-2.police say they are still investigating to confirm if that is in fact mendoza carjacking a victim in the video.mendoza was serving a 5 year sentence for use of a deadly weapon during a car jacking, attempted car jacking, and evading a peace
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officer while driving recklessly.if you see the rav four or mendoza you are advised not to go near them and instead call 9-1-1. we still have a ton of questions about the escape including how he walked off of pson grounds. the warden has not commented on the escape san quentin, sara stinson, kron four news.### (vicki) taking a live look outside-- our sutro camera looking at the golden gate bridge. (grant) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.
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dry conditions with seasonable highs and chilly overnight lows will prevail through the weekend, and well into next week in the bay area. overnight lows will dip into the 30s and 40s. colder, wind- sheltered valley locations will likely see overnight low temperatures at or below the freezing at times. daytime highs will cool into the mid to upper 50s. chilly overnight lows will continue through the weekend.
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(grant) on day 7 of the partial government shutdown -- federal workers will receive their last paycheck until the government re-opens. (vicki) our washington correspondent jessica smith reports that for these workers -- and the rest of us -- the shutdown is about to get real. it's the last payday for 800- thousand workers caught in the middle of a partial government shutdown. friday's paychecks cover the days before the shutdown began. employees who are furloughed or working without pay don't know when they'll get their next check. office of management and budget director mick mulvaney: about 420-thousand employees
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are working without pay, including members of the coast guard, some tsa employees and correctional officers. another 380-thousand people have been sent home -- or furloughed.
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(grant) governor jerry brown will january seventh. he lead the state of california for a record 16 years. brown first became governor at age 36 and will leave office at 80. brown has been known as a global leader on climate change. he plans to retire at a ranch once owned by his granfather in colusa county. even during his retirement... brown plans on comntinuing to advocate for action on climate change and caution against the threats of nuclear annihilation on a global stage. (vicki) and if you find your self having a little too much fun on new years eve know your car will be safe. this year aaa is offering a tispsy tow service. rather than driving home after drinking aaa will tow your car up to 10 miles for free and anything more than that will be a standard towing charge. the towing service will start at 6 p.m. monday and end at 6 a.m. tuesday. of course aaa suggests you find a ride home before you go out on
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new years but if your plans fall through they want to make sure you have an option other than getting behind the wheel. aaa estimates that a first-time conviction for dui can cost more than $10,000 in fines, penalties, legal fees and higher insurance costs. (grant) recording their last moments. the one piece of paper that nurses are giving to family members that means so much. (vicki) facing deportation. one family who has been in america for years is blaming the u-s government for possibly having to leave. (grant) fall out over two migrant kids who have died ingovernemnt custody continues. but so does the presidents fight over the need for a border wall.
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(vicki) the trump administration continues to deal with fallout after two migrant kids from guatemala died in government custody. (grant) washington correspondent alexandra limon reports... as the department of homeland security secretary tries to do damage control... president trump amps up the fight with democrats on twitter over his proposed border wall. dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen planned to spend the weekend at the u.s./mexican border...starting in el paso, texas. back in washington president trump canceled his florida vacation because of the government shut-down...and continued to demand that congress provide taxpayer money to build the border wall. the president tweeted yet
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another threat to close the southern border entirely-- experts say that would cost the u.s. up to a billion dollars a day.mick mulvaney - white house budget director ...says the president is serious this time...mick mulvaney / white house budget directorall options are on the table - listen, it's the only way we can get the democrats attention.alexandra limon / washington correspondentthe border wall standoff caused parts of the government to shut down one week ago, and there's no solution in sight. lawmakers have left town.the administration blames soon to be house speaker-- nancy pelosi.sarah sanders / white house press secretaryshe's unwilling to actually do anything until she gets her speakership. she's more willing to protect that than to protect our borders than to protect american lives. president trump also tweeted a threat to cut off aid to honduras, guatemala, and el salvador--for not stopping migrants from leaving...joanne lin / amnesty international three of the most violent and deadly countries in the world, with some of the highest rates of murder, femicide and
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domestic violence.joann lin with amnesty international says cutting off aid would likely make conditions worse for people and could compel more migrants to come to the u.s. in washington alexandra limon. (grant) a florida family fighting to stay in the u-s-a. they've been here for years, have a successful business and pay taxes.(vicki)yet, they may be starting the new year in their native country.jeff patterson reports. jeff patterson/reporting "miguel torres-bruno and his family have lived in this country since 1993, but now they're worried in just a matter of days, they may be deported."juan miguel torres-bruno has been living the american dream.he was the quarterback for celebration high school football team.he came to this country with his parents when he was just nine months old..but now they are all facing deportation.juan miguel torres-bruno/facing deportation"it's kind of like a month to month thing. these laws, you don't know, everything is changing."miguel torres-bruno and his wife left peru because of terrorist activities at that time. torres-bruno and his wife built a successful business here.they employed people and paid taxes.. and other family members were granted legal status in the u.s.miguel torres-bruno/facing deportation "all of them applied for
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political asylum and all of them was granted."but something held their case up.. they went before a judge in 2000.. but now the government says they've lost part of their file.. and so their case was dismissed in 2009.miguel torres-bruno/facing deportation "we never find out until 2010 when the ice knocked on the door and take me to jail." they've been applying for exemptions every year to legally work things out.. but now they've been ordered to leave.miguel torres- bruno/facing deportation"we do everything single thing they request."jeff patterson/reporti ng"torres-bruno and his wife have an attorney and they're fighting to stay in this country, but they're worried they will have to leave in just a matter of days. jeff patterson, newschannel eight." eight."newschannel jeff patterson, matter of days. jeff patterson, newschannel jeff patterson, matter of days. leave in just a they will have to they're worried country, but they're worried they will have to leave in just a matter of days. jeff patterson, newschannel eight."
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(anchor) taking a live look outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez dry conditions with seasonable highs and chilly overnight lows will prevail through the weekend, and well into next week in the bay area. overnight lows will dip into the 30s and 40s. colder, wind- sheltered valley locations will likely see overnight low temperatures at or below the freezing at times. daytime highs will cool into the mid to upper 50s. chilly overnight lows will continue through the weekend.
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(vicki) all eyes are on new york city for new years eve. we take a look at how the new york police department is preparing to keep people safe in times square. (grant) a simple gesture. the final piece of a loved one... nurses are giving to familes who are mourning a devastating loss.
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(grant) nurses at inter-mountain medical center had no idea a piece of paper could be so meaningful. on it, late patients' final e-k-g... given to their surviving family members. (vicki)the nurses never knew a last heart beat would be the beginning of something so beautiful and spread to the rest of the hospital.surae (sue-ray) chinn has this story. registered nurse, tammy kocherhans will never forget the day they gave out their first heart rhythm strip to a
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family who lost their loved one at intermountain medical center.(tammy kocherhans/regist ered nurse) his 15-year-old boy held it like his lifeline. his heart was breaking. he was completely sobbing. there was nothing we could do for that patient. this poor little family was falling apart. it was heartbreaking.a simple strip of paper with a final heartbeat put in a know that he accepted that one last gift...held it so close was pretty was lisa beglarian a registered nurse on the respiratory icu at intermountain medical center -- who brought up the idea at that moment -- after she had seen what a family had done on pinterest. "and this is what we give to patient families"each tube has a note: (lisa beglarian/registered nurse) it says may my heart be a gentle reminder of the love i have for you -- then it has the ricu which stands for the respiratory icu unit. this was a way for us to let our guard down we care too and affects us too. it's hard on the whole unit when they pass away, it can be very emotional(tammy kocherhans/registered nurse) it's hard on the staff too because your heart is's the lasting gift we can give hug and we'd wrap you up in everything we could. i'm a mom and i wanted to hold these kids. i'm so sorry that
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was my last gift i could give. could give. (vicki) that was surae (sue-ray) reporting. beglarian's idea has been shared with fellow caregivers and they all now use the same practice.
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belgarian has even worked to collect expired lab tubes, so no resources are wasted. (vicki) a winter storm moves in on the east coast and could hamper some of you vaction plans. we take a look at the damage. (grant) and a man on a roof closed down an entire road this morning. we have a n update on where the man is now.
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tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local
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stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. (grant) a man has been brought to a mental health facilty after fremont police had to close fremont boulevard from peralta boulevard to central avenue. they were negotiating with a man on top of a building this morning. police say that officers were on the roof of a theater with the man, trying to get him down safely. drivers were asked to take an alternate route. by ten this morning ... ppolice tweeted out.. the situation has been resolved and fremont blvd has reopened. the male was placed on a mental health hold and has been transported to a hospital. (grant) a man died in a car crash and now police are trying to figure out how it happened. officers with the martinez police department arrived to howe road and tulip road on thursday at 10 p.m. officers located a 37- year-old man trapped in a car that slammed into a parked commercial vehicle. emergency crews had to removed the unresponsive man and then transport him to the hospital... there he was pronounced dead. (grant) police say th


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