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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 6, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> kevin, change >> let me assess. one month after stepping down, will he host after all? >> somebody has to take a stand. and -- >> hollywood, huh? >> only we're with the golden globe nominees before the show for a night full of surprises and serenades. ♪ happy birthday dear bradley >> plus new year, new babies on >> having kids is just, there's no way to describe it but it's we know about baby number four for kim and kanye. >> plus surprise, the pop star who just welcomed baby girl and the clue carry underwood's baby boy could come any day.
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>> and our exclusive with nick jonas. >> my life is very good right now. >> and hollywood's stepping up and saving patrick dempsey helping real-life cancer patients. we >> and how will farrell is change the world. our feel-good interview filled with plenty of laughs. >> it won't make on the air. >> oh, but this "entertainment >> hello everybody and thanks nice to be >> let's get right to the latest hollywood news. >> i called the kakd because i want to you oscars. >> ellen begged him to come back to host. joking it's a done deal. thisy host, kevin hart. >> the comedian stepped down in december after past tweets
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resurfaced. one of my biggest y son growing up being gay. a fea >> i don't joke like that it was wrong, a guy looking for laughs, it's stupid, i don't do that any more. kevin told ellen -- -- stand against the quote unquote trolls, you have to. >> right. they're going to win if you don't host the >> ellen facing an online ba fo. but stars in his >> he's he can handle whatever he wants >> he made me laugh so much i adored working i find him incredibly funny. >> i have no words to share at >> that's actress lauren dern at the international film festival
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gala. because i'm governor of academy i'm not supposed to share yet. we're all trying to figure out. >> let's move on. this weekend is all about the goaltending. -- golden globes. >> one ever the busiest times in hollywood and we're prepartying >> at the palm springs international red carpet, fans serenaded and he was honored at award. and mary hart had another ♪ happy birthday to you wow t >> make a wish. >> thank you for your energy, you come ten minutes in and bring it all the way it's not easy, year after year you do it. it's incredible. thank you so >> it's true. >> does doing this all now make
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daddy. everything's different >> everything's different when >> it was the 16th year in a row double duty. globe nominee melissa mccarthy was hon beyond a reasonable fo ever forgive me. >> i think if you asked me at 18 years old how a spotlight wasfa there's a good chance of a prison break gone wrong my parents are super shocked. surprised? >> oh, my gosh yes every once in a while they go it's just not the way we thought it would work out. and we also talked in the middle the noisy last minute t throughout the show. >> a lot offorklift action the. this is how they will do if
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speeches go too long, just start breaking down the set. >> when did you get the call this would happen and what was your reaction. it was a shock. i thought it was when we spoke i just thought fantastic. terrifying. >> hi i'm andy and my best friend sandra. >> crazy how they got the gig, producers say were impress bed by the duo's chemis >> what? why did you rip the envelope. . i was overwhelmed. did you kno auditioning when you were present agent the emmy's. >> yes, i was hoping when we walked this gig. climbing, always trying to leverage into the next thing. >> i mean, it's always fun to see who will win the next what's funner than going home with brand new statue. >> i was going to say landing on
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anyway we have a star baby boom. >> there's a kardashian baby boom. in 2019 we get another o number four? >> never know. >> sources say kim and kanye have expecting a fourth baby via s it's a boy, the first one went so well they decided to do one-year-old chicago is enjoying eight month baby girl after this, sources say they're most likely done having kids. >> i do want to make sure i have enough time for everybody because having kids there's no way to describe it but it's a lot. >> carry underwood is getting very close to welcoming her second son with husband mike ♪ >> she kicked off 2019 with three and half-year-old isaiah
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cuddling with this cuddling to a #letting it all >> guess whose adoreable new t. ricky martin and his husband joseph the parents ten-year-old twin boys announced the arrival of their first daughter lucya. andy cohen expecting theirs coming. you want to announce t of the child. and i can't wait to meet this >> >> meghan's baby bump is now on full display the 37-year-old duche duche duchess move, cupping her sister-in-law and many
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celebrity moms to be in the same we're told harry and meghan are going to rewrite the rule book when comes to raising a family, telling us, the children are expected to have regular jobs, have chores at home and brought up with respect. it's with batch lar aria and fiance who are expecting. next they have a wedding january 12th in hawaii. >> it's a good month because we underwood find his happily after. yes and his story has ay interesting twist. >> oh, boy i'm in trouble. 30 . 1 virgin bachelor on monday's premier episode. we counted 26 is jokes about the 26 years old virginity. i have
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since i was 12. >> nothing can prepare you for this. is it normal to date 30 women at one time. >> are you still a virgin zblx would you want me to spoil it for you. >> are you engaged. quick pivot. i'm exactly where i need to be in my life >> we know we'll see four women dog zblx do you get engaged to the slaw. >> the slaw likes to take things very slow. i don't think sloth will be ready. sloth takes thing slow. >> so do you colton you're virgin. and this season's firs villain. i walked away and he fourth times a charge. >> four time. unheard of. >> i do things my way and i change >> colton. >> jumping the fence, very real moment and my opinion was the most pivotal moment of the
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entire season and happened toward the end. >> everyone wants to know about the fantasy suite. >> it changed everything, changed whole direction of the show. it changed the the game. >> on the way our exclusive with newly zl wed nick jonas. >> my life is very good. >> plus tiffany haddish after her stand up show went horribly wrong. watch her defend her disastrous performance. learned. then. the new lion king movie setting could beyonce's liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. great news for anyone wh- uh uh - i'm the one who delivers the news around here. ♪ liberty mutual has just announced that they can customize your car insurance
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time now for him hollywood block. let's kick it off with tiffany r. kelly controversy. here's at >> shocking allegations of abuse and pred torrey behavior against r. kelly in the new life timeout six part docu series "surviving r. kelly". >> did he lock you up is that true. we sat with andrea in 20 but this marks the fuirst time she and many other women told also resurfacing, the infamous sex tape. >> he would never ask me if it was okay to be him and i both were actually having sex with her but i didn't know at the time that she was actually 14. >> what did you think while you watched the tape? >> i was disgusted. i skyped r
7:14 pm
collaborator who said she's certain her niece was the girl >> i want to see him get great help and then make a lot. >> the singers deny he was in the footage in 2008 and i was acquitted on all child pornography charges. >> i didn't do. >> among other allegations his relationship with 15-year-old pro pro whose mom called it but lies about the marriage surfaced. i had papers but a ls under age. >> was mentionsed to me she was pregnant and it broke my heart. >> wendy williams. john legend. >> r. kelly brought so much pain to so many people. >> and me too founder of the f
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docu series and r. kelly has veemly denied all claims and threatened to sue. tiffany haddish cleared the air after her disastrous new year's >> wa now admits partying until 7:00 a.m. the day of a sold out performance probably not the best idea. >> know what the best part i lt lesson learned. >> next stop on her tour las vegas january 25th, we'll see i. >> let's keep as you know the golden globes celebrate movies and televisions so talking about the haves and tyler perry has built a
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franchise people love. season five returns only we were with the cast who found love >> my >> we met on the set of the have and have notes and he made me laugh, we had a scene together, youknow, and i gave him my number. he didn't ask i just gave it he's an amazing father. i'm so lucky that he's in my life and that ella, my, our daughter gets to have a dad like him. our baby. >> her daughter is now two when she comes to the set the work stops. oh, i have to go to set work now. i just want to play with baby. >> ella's the star now, she th. she's like. i'm like okay. this is knno. little too much. >> we were with the cast as they shot a promo for the new show
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starting january 8th. you know what to expect. >> mayhem. >> crazy. >> me ask you something again twice. >> trashyness, it's a >> i want you. >> you want to trap me. >> john snyder describes it best. if you are driving down road and see a car on fire you're going to stop or at least slow down and stop we're that unusual tragic on the side of the road you can't help but stopnd gander at. >> check out the show and more stories on h >> straight >> i'm blushing. and it's been since "frozen". ♪ let it go, let it go we hav
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globes, all of the moments you didn't see on tv. spoiler aler >> from hot hollywood couples. >> hei'm just happy to find my great love. >> to the stars confession. i pick out this dress. >> i made that dress. >> get ready, it's "et!" at the golden globes. monday on "et!" it's so specta. such a beautiful i can't wait for people tofied after robin williams, you know, it's my own thing, you know, so i think people are going to love it. i think he's right matter
7:21 pm
fact i know he's right that's the first time will smith spoke about his role in the upcoming classic genie. >> i can't wait for this, the animal lover in me, the lion here's everything ♪ >> it was this first glimpse of simba in the live action remake that got over 224 million views disney trailer in rene will play ♪ simba talked about what it was like recording classics ♪ >> you know it's like, here's the i'm like i know the don't
7:22 pm
i was in fourth grade when it came out. >> the film will mirror the original 1994 ♪ >> but seth will bring his own spin to kumba the wart hog. >> it's amazing for many reasons, one because i'm a big fan of the lion king, two it's the most expensive movie i will ever have anything to do with, that's thrilling. it hits thea, toy story 4, began almost 25 years ago. infiny and beyond. >> there's new you can't believe how they expanded the story, and it's beautiful up, can't tell you how simple it
7:23 pm
is but how wonderfully emotionally. it's going to be a good, good toy story. >> good for us. but in trouble when forky shows up. i'm not a boy. >> and it's been five years since frozen but we still can't -- ♪ let it go, let it g ♪ >> so we have chills when it comes to the sequel in november. just go and play. >> all of the og californst and faces. >> there's a new character they an opportunity to do something >> the plot is on lock down but elsa will have more fun this time around. >> as for the music. >> i heard quite a few of the songs. yes. >> they're still in my head. >> let it go, i don't know something is going to outdo let. it might truly be the song of
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>> but there will be some ♪ cold never bothered me anyway ♪ the bar is incredibly high. >> absolutely. even if they gee bar i would consider that whatever happens frozen 2 will kind like the reunion that i know you and lot of people have been waiting 15 brady bunch together again. >> we were the to be with all six brady kids outside their former tv home, of course only the exterior was used on the show but all hands on deck for a very brady renovation. kids, lt remember this is not a game>> better than therapy. this is t >> i told them i'm great with a hammer and cutting drywall and i can fix the plumbing. we've be
7:25 pm
down and tearing things up. >> they've been at it for nine on day one we got to see brady bunch's first look at their colossal remodel. when i firsti was it's not what you expect. >> hi honey i'm home. >> hi honey. >> of course the brady interior were shot on the hollywood sound stage this house was only used >> i've only been here one time >> have you swung a hammer yet? >> no that's coming today. >> this planter which has an olt the one that was in the brady house was on >>as -- >> the
7:26 pm
it's got to be perfect. i had greg years ago in that closet. >> shh. >> the intent to recreate the interior exactly. in the bathr pas to have no >> -- and that famous staircase actually led to nowhere. stair show we would huddle because you couldn't go far and we had to try to hide from the so we'd flirt up there, our own brady type. so many you know, it's really strange being here without bob and florence and annie but there was us. florence would have been rolling up her sleeve right an
7:27 pm
would be there cooking lunch. >> up next, nick jonas revealing new secrets about his new bride. >> that was key. >> then. >> i'm cracking myself up. >> as globe celebrates carol brunette we flash back to our moments with the legend. >> closed captioning provided take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. so you don't have to stash antacids here...
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from the first loving touch everything that touches your baby should be this comforting pampers swaddlers, the #1 choice of hospitals, is 2x softer and wraps your baby in our most premium protection so every touch is as comforting as the first pampers the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses & parents here's top five stories. number five another kardashian-west baby. >> you neverknow. >> sources tell "et!" kim and kanye expecting fourth baby, a surrogate, and it's since the first went
7:31 pm
>> this week we're with the ro rolling out the red. >> lady gaga and bradley cooper are presenting. that leads to asinging, quartet. i don't sing. >> neither does bradley cooper. >> hey. >> they got the gig after producers were impressed by the duo's emy chemistry. why'd you rip the envelope zbli don't know i was in the moment. i overwhelmed. i was hoping wh out there we'd get this gig. >> number three tiffany haddish sets the record straight about her new year's eve show gone wrong. i ain't tripping, it's the first time i ever bombed on stage. this is crazy. i want to talk about stuff but >> you know what the best part myself, i shouldn't participaty
7:32 pm
before work. lesson learned two. >> olivia newton john. >> rumors of my zdeath. have been greatly exaggerated. >> she was going to lunch in her home in santa barbara. i'm doi. want to wish all of you the happiest 2019 as possible. olir the third time and grateful for all the love she's receiving. e thank you so much. >> around number one can kevin hart come back as oscar host. >> i called the academy because oscar. ellen practicically beg him on friday. the comedian stepped down after homo phobic tweets. >> i don't joke like that it was wrong. kevin told ellen the cr are out to destroy him. >> but they're going to win if
7:33 pm
you don't osteenn't the oscars. >> a decision is imminent. we't out. >> the new year off to a great start for thing jonas and his new wife. how can they top their 2018 weddi well kevin frazier was with himl bride. >> my life is very good very excited. lots of good things been a good year. >> that my friend is an understatement a month after the wedding to end all wedding they brought in the new year with a kiss in the swiss alps and during their whimsical get away quality time with the in-laws and holiday drinking games and lots of pbas. it is . walk through the good and bad w. that was key. i'm blushing now.
7:34 pm
>> while the 26 seems stress-free he's about taking preventative machieasure keep it that way. >> i'm type one diabetic and we have to start with the mind and body. he is partnering with fao be open with doctor to talk about everything, body and mind. >> they're all connected and when you get a grasp with all of it it's really i was on set soo wanted to spread some news. >> guarantee it's going to happen, we're all back in, myself tiffany, gina, we'jada we allin. >> jada be wanting to know too all your secrets. nothing left now with golden globes weekend
7:35 pm
upon us we know this lady is celebrating. carol burnett a proud recipient achievement award. >> and into one is more deserving, to prove it let's flash back to our time with the hollywood legend. >> ahhh! ha, ahhh. that will be my she can do the tarzan yell. >> the tarzan yell is iconic but when carol burnett show premiered in 1967 its namesake star was breaking down briers, the first woman ever to host comedy sketch show. >> i had a contract where i could do a variety show but the network want me to do one, they said, it's a man's game. king in me has been said the king and i. >> i never thought of as breaking through, i really
7:36 pm
didn't, i'm a crown, wanted to to. this trail blazers has a career over seven dia decades and "et!" has been her over sevenle decades. it's like bein. >> i never went into this to be i just wanted television was farthest thing in my mind, nothing i thought i'd wind up doing, i never thought about it. >> as the tv legend is being honored this weekend one other thing she's ready for, biopic about her life and already has a cast. it's obvious angelina jo who else. ha, ha. i'm cracking ha, ha. >> >> this is my charity i want to back in comedy. >> coming up on "et!"
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>> we're with patrick dempsey . >> it's always emotional for me >> and kevin's big
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7:47 pm
someone else a proud family man giving back, mr. kevin hart you know kevin uses his big thooheao pay it forward and "et!" has been there for every feel-good moment. now i'm in a great mood because i'm out putting smiles on people's faces and doing it with my kids seeing them embrace giving and understanding what it means to help others, that's what it is about, what you pass down. >> his generous spirit is not just at it in the holidays, he does it year round. inspiring high school students >> you will hear a lot of nos they make you strong, and prepare you for the one yes. you're working hard to hear the one yes. >> comedian is all about giving kids opportunity so he's. >> you can call me hart of the
7:48 pm
city. >> yeah i made >> this is a thousand dollar scholarship from me to you. >> right now this is investing e the pride and joy by standing up and saying my money went to a much more useful thing than what i would have normally done with it. he brightens lives kids fighting cancer. >> everybody wants to be part of something has a positive effect. ultimately it's not about me, it's about the children, the people in need and the people who just need a little boost to show they're loved. that's all this is. >> like kevin hart, will farrell
7:49 pm
uses his comedy skills to help others and when catching up with him talked about charityitable endeavo but first flashed back to snl. >> best part of your snl days. >> probably not throwing away the cow i tried it once earlier it didn't work at the read through and i brought it back and i ruined his career. used a litt more cow bell. >> he redid the cow bell sketch play's chris martin who one th charity close to will's heart, who was a two time cancer survivor. it force med to take inventory of my life at a young
7:50 pm
age to find out making in the world. >> that impact was major. events like this one raise $3 hope to go to college. a lot o resource for college. will's b cancer for college organization from the start and brought >> will was joined this year by jimmy kimmel and conan o'brien and we had to ask about his best moments. best part of making te elf. getting to wear yellow for 75 days of shooting. best ron burgundy. in the canadian finals ron got to do commentary with the real announcers. best part of being
7:51 pm
>> asking them times a day to clean up their clothes off they waste a lot of energy. >> my mom would say close that door you think you live in we almost did there well family also is patrick dempsey's priority. yeah it's since we said good-bye to grays anato and he talked with us about his next chapter. i real really inspiring. he's pouring o the dempsey center to help 3600 cancer patients a year, inspired by his mother who passed away after a 17 year battle. >> losing my mother to cancer made it a profound positive impact on the community and
7:52 pm
that's special. facility in ma home state provides yoga, meditati therapy and nutrition classes. you encounter someone who has been recently diagnosed and step off the elevator and come here for the first time. that's a profound moment for both people myself and the client coming in. >> he's not a real-life doctor emotional support on visits and sits sessions. i think people here, i like being here learn a lot every time i come in. patrick showed us around t center run by wendy. >> you need to do is walk through our doors and we'll help you. patrick oversees the demp challenge. everyone's here wit >> turnland out to raise funds for the took a while to realize baby
7:53 pm
brother was a major celebrity. on the tv i was shocked. >> he goes way back to can't bye me love and lover boy. >> it was a lot of fun, was a romantic movie all the way through. he's been gone from t for a while but very proud of his tv legacy. >> ellen pompeii s. paid you biggest compliment saying you're a tough act to follow, why here finding lover. >> that' thank u. there was a magic to our true l be another tv couple like them.
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two stars' birthday this weekend, bradley cooper is 44, kate mackinnonon 35 and diane keaton in 73.
7:57 pm
now which mad man actress left high school early to pursue career in model that was jones. turned 41 this weekend. "et!" for the golden globes from all the moments you didn't see on tv, couples, to the stars fashion confessions. i took al >> did you pick out this dress for her. >> i made that dress. >> it's get ready>> "et!" at the golden globes. >> monday on "et!" >> we're almost out of but for all the late breaking hollywood news go to our website >> before we go check out this song all of the stars featured in the blockbuster black panther, that movie up for best picture. one of my favorite so
7:58 pm
sure. enjoy everybody. ♪ tell me what you going to do (justine) a wet week is
7:59 pm
ahead. non-stop rain today... you can see from our bridge cameras the gray cloudy skies and rain coming down. the c-h-p responded to numerous crashes today because the rain caused so many wrecks.(justine) good
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evening, i'm justine waldman. (jr stone) and i'm jr stone thank you for joining us at 8. hundreds of flights have been cancelled or delayed at san francisco international airport due to the rain. we want to get right to meterologist mabrisa rodriguez in the weather center with a look at the travel problems for people coming home and some flood advisories that are now in place here in the bay area. expect warmer overnight lows thanks to the blanket of storm cloud cover with widespread 40s and 50s in the bay area. monday should be mostly dry, except for lingering afternoon showers with highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. clouds will increase tuesday as a low pressure system approaches from the west. models indicate most of the rain will be in northern california, with the north bay getting the bulk of the moisture. the low lifts northeast as it approaches


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