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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 14, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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after an overall calm weekend heavy rainfall is on it's way. your morning commute will come along with a few areas of rain with increasing showers later in the day. skies will remain mostly overcast through the day with high temperatures staying cool in the 50's.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from
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the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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(robin) breaking news... p-g-and-e has announced plans to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. this comes a day after the c-e-o resigned... as the utility company faces a financial crisis.. geisha williams became first latina c-e-o of a fortune 500 company. and has been in that role since march of 2017. state regulators have recently called for management changes within pg&e. now an interim chief executive officer will take over. john simon has been serving as the executive vice president and been with pg&e since 2007. pg&e released a statement from simon saying... "while the board conducts its ceo search, our priority will be keeping the company focused on further improving safety while continuing to provide reliable service to our customers." right now
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pg&e is in discussions with lenders about trying to get permission to finance a package worth up to 5-billion dollars. this would allow pg&e to continue to operate while going through bankruptcy proceedings. pg&e faces several lawsuits from the tubbs and camp fires. . .
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one man dead and had to transport 12 people to thjesse had a mass casualty event also known as an mci. at one point we had six cpr is in progress." in addition to that, two chico police officers were taken to the hospital after they said they started to feel has not been confirmed but to poisoning from fentanyl, an opioid often mixed with heroin or cocaine.mike o'brien/chico police chief: "so every indication is that this is a mass overdose incident was caused from the ingestion of some form of fentanyl in combination with another substance, although that is yet to be confirmed."first responders administered naloxone and performed cpr for multiple individuals on site, a task which took almost every ambulance in the city of chico. jesse alexander/chico fire dept. division chief: "so at that point we ended up having six fire units and eight medic units committed to this incident at one time, so pretty much stripping -- very much stripping -- the entire city of all the apparatus we had."friends and family members of the people inside the home all eagerly waited behind police caution tape for any word on their loved ones. of the twelve individuals in
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the home, four remain in critical condition, and eight were treated and remain at the hospital.for now the home is being treated as a hazmat zone, but police say there is no immediate risk to neighbors. mike o'brien/chico police chief: "it's not a danger to the public at this time, but i do want to emphasize that but certainly in the processing of that scene we need to do that very carefully, because it definitely is a hazmat site at this point."for first responders, this incident was like nothing they've ever experienced.jesse alexander/chico fire dept. division chief: "for single-family residence to get this many individuals, especially all at one time, to walk in and have six cprs in progress ... that's a pretty big deal and no i have not experienced that many cardiac events all at the same time." (robin) the two police officers were treated and released -- officials say they are in good health. "and we are saying to the world that this tragedy wi stronger because when times are tough we come together and
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work it out." (robin) people in davis shared memories and prayers for healing in honor an officer killed in the line of duty. natalie corona was shot and killed last week. this weekend, her community came together to grieve, and to remember her. marc thompson has more from those who spoke about the fallen natalie, a sea of candles lit the night at central park to honor the memory of davis police officer natalie corona killed in the line of duty.-nats-boy scouts from troop 139 passing out candles.the same group that was holding a meeting in a nearby church when the shots rang out thursday night.mos: "and during the meeting we heard gun shots."dozens of officers and public officials in attendance including sacramento mayor darrell
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steinberg.mayor darrell steinberg/-d- sacramento: "she represented the best of all of our communities "-nats-natalie remembered through song and poetry.-nats-the 100 club of solono and yolo counties presented the family with a check for 20-thousand dollars to help with expenses.mos: "our deepest sympathies go to the corona family."but perhaps the most moving moment came from natalie's basketball coach at pierce high school -- -nats-ed martinez.ed martinez/natalie corona's hs basketball coach: "when she walked into the room it was like somebody lit the candles " her friends from hometown arbuckle sharing laughs and tears as they said their final goodbyes.mos: "this tragedy has really affected me for the
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past three days and i hope everybody learns from it and grieves as well and sends their prayers to the family" "and let your light of love shine forever, amen." (robin) the suspect believed to have killed natalie corona during that traffic stop -took his own life a short time later, after a standoff with police. (robin) a bay area broadcasting legend in san francisco was remembered over the weekend. friends, family and former colleagues of the late ray taliaferro celebrated his life at the commonwealth club along the embarcadero. the 79-year- old was found dead in kentucky last month after he went missing. foul play is not suspected. kron four's philippe djegal attended the event .. who tells us.. it reminded everyone just how much of an impact he had on so many lives. (philippe)nats- to say ray taliaferro left an indelible mark on the city where which he was born,
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raised and made a name for himself... is to underscore just how valuable he was to san francisco.ray taliaferro/nats- "i never varied. if a civil rights issue came up, i was right over there on that side of the issue. i didn't have to any modification -- i just told it like it was." and, that's without question how he'll be remembered. a straight shooter who loved to talk and engage in in-depth conversations... and, simply entertain the scores of ears glued to radios across the nation when he hit the airwaves overnight on legacy station kgo radio for more than three decades.barbara rodgers/former news anchor- "on the radio, he can be sometimes a bit bombastic, and i thought -- oh, this guy's gonna be tough, but when i met him in person, he was such a gentleman." barbara rodgers one of several accomplished broadcasters to share memories of the 79-year- old musician, artist, civil fou
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anchor at the commonwealth club in san francisco saturday. a 20-11 inductee to the national association of black journalist's hall of fame.john rothmann/talk show host- "i want to simpky say, that he was my friend, i miss him, and this really is, as gloria duffy described it, a celebration of life. not a time to be sad. in fact, i think the only regret i have is that ray is not here to enjoy this with us."raphael taliaferro jr./son- "one thing he was really good at was fundraising, and i know this because he, whenever i talked to him he would tell me how great he was a fundraisers." mickey luckoff/former boss- "his work for the leukemia radiothons, ray helped us, in no short order, of raising over 18 million dollars"ronn owens/radio host- "he was and will always be thought of as a real san francisco icon." and, in ray's honor, a final fundraiser at his celebration. dontations collected for the dementia ter in life. angela alioto/former he always i'll miss him very, very much, buthing: everytime i think of ray, i will never ever be sad. i will always be smiling." in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (robin) coming up next on
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the kron 4 morning news ... more details on the missing teen found alive after a man allegedly shot and killed her parents. (robin) and here's a live look outside... at the embarcadero.
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(robin) welcome back. checking in on your morning forecast. after an overall calm weekend heavy rainfall is on it's way. your morning commute will come along with a few areas of rain with increasing showers later in the day. skies will remain mostly overcast through the day with high temperatures staying cool in the 50's.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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the man accused of kidnapping a teen and killing her parents is set to appear in court in wisconsin. here's john lorinc with the latest. nearly three months after her abduction, jayme closs is back with her family......chris
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fitzgerald/barron county sheriff's department"in a safe house with a smile on her face, that's all i need, that's all i want for jayme." this is the house where police believe the 13-year-old was held captive before escaping last week.chris fitzgerald/barron county sheriff's department"when jayme wants to learn more about the case, we will tell her. we're going to take it at her pace."jake patterson is accused of taking closs after fatally shooting her parents. chris fitzgerald/barron county sheriff's department"it was a random act by the suspect, but it was very well planned out attack on the closs home."he's being held on preliminary charges of intentional homicide and kidnapping.voice of angela de andriano/jayme closs' cousin"my family is still mourning the loss of their sister and brother-in-law an so i can't even imagine being jayme."authorities believe patterson didn't have any help....and are trying to piece together what happened. chris fitzgerald/barron county sheriff's department"we're looking for receipts, where the suspect may have been over the last 88 days. did he take things with her? did she go with him to the store? did he buy clothes for her? did he buy food?"in the meantime, jayme closs' relatives are
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happy to have her back home. voice of angela de andriano/jayme closs' cousin "so we're just trying to come together as a family, a community, and as a country to take care of them."i'm john lorinc reporting ( robin ) a 6-hour long police standoff in a north bay safeway parking lot... ended peacefully sunday. according to novato police, the situation started at the 76 gas station convenience store on ignacio boulevard. police say the suspect - 40 year old juan roman -was angry that he couldn't get a fuel pump to work and that he was also upset about family issues. roman allegedly poured out gas and tried to set a fire at the gas station. he then drove to the safeway on nave drive and would not get out of his car. he was eventually arrestd on suspicion of attempted arson and vandalism. (robin) coming up in the next hour on the kron four morning news... an explosion in the middle of san francisco... and police
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say it shattered buildings and caused a panic (robin) live look outside... at the san francisco international airport.
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( robin ) now to bay area basketball... the warriors in dallas taking on the mavericks. it was a tight game all night long. but steph curry sealed the victory with a big night. he finished
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with 48 points. the warriors win by a final of 119 to 114. the warriors play again tomorrow night. they will be in denver to take on the nuggets. ( robin ) and while no bay area teams will be going this year... there are still three important things to look out for on super bowl night: the football, the commercials and the music. the offical performances were announced over the weekend.. maroon 5 is set to headline the halftime show and will be joined by rappers travis scott and big boi. super bowl 53 is now less than a month away. ( robin ) 13-thousand people braved the chilly tempatures to run for a good cause in golden gate park on sunday. they also were able to endulge their sweet tooth. the hot chocolate run raised 30-thousand dollars for the bay area chapter of the make-a-wish foundation. runners were given cups of hot cocoa and other treats at
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the finish line. a marin teen who recovered from a rare blood diesease spoke to the race participants at the starting line. he was granted a wish to make a public service announcement raising awareness about the bone marrow registry. you can find out more about his wish and the bone marrow registry by going to kron4- dot-com. ( robin ) coming up in just a few minutes... the latest on the dozens of clergymen accused of sex crimes right here in the bay area. ( robin ) and it's 24th day of the government shutdown... we have the details on whfor the ngt shutdo history. ( robin ) plus... wet weekend weather turns deadly... after this crash kills two teens. (ácommercialá)
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darya folsom..( james ) and i'm james fletcher. lets start the morning with a check of weather and traffic...
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after an overall calm weekend heavy rainfall is on it's way. your morning commute will come along with a few areas of rain with increasing showers later in the day. skies will remain mostly overcast through the day with high temperatures staying cool in the 50's.


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